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Cape Town Requiem VSS

Jess OOC

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Organization: SPI
Domain: Cape Town (Online at rpgpost.com)
Genre: Vampire: The Requiem
VST: Malachite Drake (PM me on the forums to get ahold of me)
VSS Publication: 03/31/2015



Physical: 3
Mental: 3
Social: 5
Action: 3
Character Development: 5
Darkness: 4
Drama: 4
Intrigue: 4
Manners: 3
Mystery: 3
Pacing: 3


Each of the above operates on a scale of 1-5 . 1 means that the element in question will rarely be present, 3 meaning it will regularly be present, and 5 meaning it will always be present.

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  • Old Guard vs. Modern Kindred
  • Intricate Schemes
  • The Consequences of Power




Pre-colonization (Distant Past-1652)

Kindred have existed in the Cape Town region long before European colonization came. The Circle of the Crone in the area claim that Cape Town was a Kindred stronghold long before Romans ever stepped foot in Africa and certainly well before the time of Longinus. This is, of course, heresy to the Lancea Sanctum, whom maintain that the Cape Town area was originally settled by a faction of outcast Kindred that were exiled to the farthest point of the Dark Continent for some unspeakable crime by one of Longinus' disciples. The Crone enjoy coming up with wild tales of what their so-called outcast forebearers could have done to have rankled the Sanctum, but most just to annoy the local priests when they're bored.

The Dutch (1652-1795)

Once the Dutch were firmly established in the region, the Lancea Sanctum followed in the shadows of the deeply religious colonists. They spent nearly a century converting or killing the native inhabitants of the area, targeting the isolated cults in order to weaken the hold of the pagan Kindred over the area. This war had bloody costs on both sides, though most of the direct fighting was done in the borderlands around the colony. The few Invictus that had travelled with the Sanctum were there as military support, a House and several Thorned Wreath vassals, intent on ensuring a new foothold of Invictus/Sanctum power in Africa. Some whispers still persist to this night that thier "noble" calling was an escape before exile or execution in Denmark for unspecified crimes. 

Rule Britannia (1795-1989)

The shift from Dutch to British control of the Cape Town colony was marked also by the destruction of the original Invictus House that had settled the area. The Crone, citing cultural lineage through the original cults in the area, and Carthians alike claim credit for the Blackest Night, the one night in 1804 when every Invictus and Lancea Sanctum member within a hundred miles of the Cape Town colony was destroyed. For the next decade, European Kindred from a number of countries, most notably Holland, France, and Britain, would pour into the coastal town, attempting to reassert control. Finally, a British member of the Invictus, a Gangrel sent from London to quell the chaos, managed to do just that. She brought with her nearly a dozen progeny spawned in a careful expansion of her power over a century, and the brood hunted the night until the debt of vitae from the Blackest Night had been extracted in equal measure from the entrenched Crone and the newly prominent Carthians in the area. After over a century more of terror, the Crone retreated completely from the area and the Carthians surrendered all domains within the colony save for those areas that exclusively housed slaves or freed non-whites. The colony settled into a mostly peaceful dictatorship under the iron fist of Prince Deborah.


The New World (1989-Present)


Prince Deborah finally surrendered herself to the need for torpor shortly before the official end of apartheid. Many whisper that this was more to do with her refusal to adopt the modern mortal morals and ideals of equality, others simply hold that she had been active for nearly three centuries already and her blood was dangerously thick. Either way, her torpor had a number of unexpected effects on the Cape Town principality. The first was her appointment of a Ventrue Invictus, Baron Victor del Mar to the position of Prince, instead of one of her own numerous brood in the region. Del Mar was, in fact, imported from London only a few years earlier at the Prince's request. He has officially ruled Cape Town for a quarter century now, but the true heart of Kindred power immediately shifted away from the throne the moment Deborah was in the earth. The Carthians have managed to regain much lost ground in the city since Del Mar's ascension and even the Crone have made cautious appearances at both Court and other Elysiums in the decades since the Gangrel Prince's retirement. 


At the turn of the century, the Dragons finally made (an official) appearance in the South African tip as well, petitioning del Mar for a large domain within the city to establish an academy. Del Mar granted the request and has been a staunch supporter of the Order's efforts, creating a strong personal alliance with the newest Covenant in the Cape Town.

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The history here is still a work in progress. I've tried to put up most of the broad strokes but leave lots of room for the players to insert their PCs or important NPCs from their backgrounds into the fabric of history for Cape Town. Please post up any questions, suggestions, or requests and I'll update the history as we go along. Once we hit go-time for the game, the history will be set. Any additions or modifications after that must be able to fit within the posted framework.

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Quick query. I had been under the impression that the Circle of the Crone as a covenant only formed within the last two centuries as a direct resistance of the Lances pressure on Kindred. Just that it makes it sort of hard for them to have been killing crone Cults for a century 30 or 40 Years before the Crone actually began as a Covenant. Is the Crone in this instance just referencing non Lance Natives that were later on Lumped under the umbrella of "Crone" or ?


EDIT: Wing. Jinx. :P

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My only problem with the history is it places the Crone in South Africa before they came into existence.

The Crone are the second youngest of the covenants, less than two hundred years old.

Sure, it's conceivable that a handful of Crone would have risked the journey to Cape Town, but as a newly established Covenant; they would have to be politically suicidal to attempt violent coup so far away from their tentative power base in central Europe; it's contrary to what they were doing at the time (which was acting as an underground rail road).

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Wing - Did the Crone get a reflavour in 2.0? Cause in 1.0 they were the oldest covenant.... even predating the Invictus...



In the 1e, they were around during the fall of Rome (well, Crúac was, it absorbed Veneficia).


But both Crúac and the Circle are new in 2e, coming from the Lancevictus oppression of outsiders and heathens and heretics.

Which is why my concept of "Crone before there were Crone" is a doable thing. It's an approval, particularly in my case, but it's doable.

The only 1e Cam character that I am aware of that was Crone before there were Crone was The Anima.

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Sorry guys! I didn't catch this change (and I think it's kinda dumb), but I'll adjust the VSS sometime in the next couple of days.


No worries. I'm still adjusting to 2e myself.

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Sorry guys! I didn't catch this change (and I think it's kinda dumb), but I'll adjust the VSS sometime in the next couple of days.

Well, unless there was a local 'covenant' of outcasts that later joined the Crone en-masse. My understanding is that how the Crone formed (from small disparate groups joining into a larger international covenant).


The Crone would then be claiming the deeds of the proto-Crone as their own. The VSS would stand. 

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Maybe, and maybe not. Which is why I was asking for a clarification. I know Wing needs to know this stuff so that he can finish writing up his history. As we said, just wanted clarification or something. =)

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I suppose the best question in this instance is actually to ask what more you were expecting? The court itself, beyond the Prince is undefined at the moment, but if you want anything further clarified, just ask. And I'll be looking forward t playing with you. :)

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