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  1. I know that something we used to do on RPG-Post sometimes was to get together in chat for a brief time to sort of outline a scene, and then embellish on that outline with forum posts. It helped pick things up, in part because that outline allowed people to post quicker (since they weren't trying to suddenly adjust for odd turns, could write out a combat scene based on a brief exchange in chat, etc).
  2. It's now June 1st in the easternmost part of SPI, and as such the NWoD Second Edition chronicle is now live! Thank you to everyone -- and dear gods, there's a lot of you! -- who put in the considerable effort to make this possible! And have fun! Game on! - Jess
  3. Alrighty, I've decided: I want to play a Demon-Blooded. That said, Samuel would prefer that there be an in-game parent. So who wants to be Mommy or Daddy to an Offspring (Heirs to Hell p 17)?
  4. It's looking very much like this is going in the direction of a dockworker. Saw a rat scurry down a mooring line one night (not uncommon), then saw the rat turn into a man (decidedly uncommon) and attack someone on the dock (semi-uncommon). Went after it with large wrench and bashed its damned head in, and that was his introduction to the Vigil.
  5. I'm strongly considering The Union. I simply like the concept of Joe Sixpack with a heavy length of pipe doing what he can to keep the streets save from Things That Shouldn't Be ™.
  6. From the look of it, just the Hunter the Vigil game. Nobody really showed much interest in a pure Mortals game (or at least, not enough to make it happen).
  7. So Hans Dekker, Hotelier to the Strange, is pending approval by the VST. Presuming he's approved, the following little bit are the ground rules for the Hotel St. Jude..... Welcome to the Hotel St. Jude. The following are the House Rules: 1. The Management reserves the right to deny lodgings to anyone, for any reason of the Management's choosing. 2. The Guests are inviolate; bring no offence to a fellow Guest. 3. The Guests are confidential; speak not of fellow Guests outside this establishment. 4. The Guests are private; pry not into their particulars without explicit invitation. 5. Respect the establishment; prompt recompense shall be requested and required for any damage to the Hotel. Thank you for observing these Rules, and please enjoy your stay. - The Management
  8. I'm giving serious thought to an Ithaeur Bone Shadow. For whatever reason, it's just starting to click.
  9. Re: peripheral pack: that whole pack-creation section on pp 89-92 is sanctioned. Indeed, "Others" sidebar on p 90 is a sanctioned Optional Rule. Re: lodges: right now, they're pretty much just that: thematic. Down the road, Onyx Path will release some actual mechanics, both for those packs presented in the core book and for others yet to be introduced. Re: II.D.1. and Favoured Form (p 106): yes. Re: stacked trait bonuses from Totem (p 92) and Embodiment of the Firstborn (p 106). yes, though (1) it's cheesy min-maxing and (2) I dearly hope your local ST would make sure that the EotF drawback was applied to your character in full. If you go this route, you'd best have the backstory and character details to support it.
  10. The core focus is more on the hunt; ghost-children are no longer a thing; werewolves are murderously effective in combat (with Rahu in particular as walking blenders); etc.
  11. It is my distinct pleasure to announce that the Forsaken Team has completed the Forsaken 2e Addendum: on time and under (page) budget! As always, find it here.
  12. ...and now it's fixed. See Universal Addendum III.A.6.
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