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  1. I think this is it. Sad - it showed a lot of promise.
  2. Understand Malachite. I've been there and it is amazing how much time a baby takes. Best wishes. Gabe - are you going to be able to take over? If it means the difference, run by live chat and I'll drop out. I'm a bit worried we're dead in the water
  3. Sorry to hear you've been sick @Malachite. Sick children = worse than being sick yourself :( I'm really glad to see this though. I logged in today with the expectation the sudden quiet meant the game had died. Very excited to see how wrong I was!
  4. Damnit! Retyping my post after I lost it. Now much briefer. So - if we do go more table-top style, I've got some ideas. If one of us gets an investigative (Sherriff, Scourge, Secret Strix-hunter) position, they could drag the others in. Hendrick is new, but I thought the Farm would often contribute low level muscle to groups, and he could be just another Farm boy. He does have a link with Jeacques, and I think most of us do. In this case we could do a thread for Court (where there is no combat!) each month, and another thread for the next month's investigation. This takes advantage of the PbP ability to have two scenes at once. Potentially individual investigation or court scenes could spill over to chat - I've a feeling that organising a subgroup will be much easier than organising everyone. Potentially one GM could run court, the other could run investigations. That way both would get to play and run without much worry about overlap.
  5. Sorry, I've been furiously refreshing the other threads, didn't see this one until today. I think that's just learning curve for me though - now I get there's a new thread per month I'd be okay with it. I'm probably not going to be able to do much live response. I'm in Australia, I've got kids, and while I am on the computer most of the day it is difficult to get a solid block of dependable time. If it is IRC chat I might be able to do something occasional. Wordsmith pretty much covered everything, but here's my 5c. I'm in a bunch of other PbPs - albeit pathfinder ones over at Paizo - so am going to pretend I've got some experience. To be honest, I wasn't sure how a LARP like game was going to transfer over to PbP. I thought everyone else had more experience so I just figured I'd shrug and see what happened. Seems like we've got a group of approximately tabletop size. Even if we were actually meeting up and doing this live I would question how well the game could work in solid PvP (character's primarily interacting only with each other). Additionally, I think Blood & Smoke has a lot of good things when PCs work together, not so many when they're antagonistic. A Strix chronicle where one or more (or possibly less) of us is possessed at any time, and we're hunting down Strix with the court as backdrop could work. I'd suggest I'm unlikely to post more than 1/day. I see there'd be a lot of relatively mechanical scenes then, and those tend to be pretty easy to do. Another possibility is to set up multiple scenes at once. There is the problem of what to do if Hendrick dies in scene 1 while still being part of scene 2, but if everyone is prepared to be mature usually that sort of thing works out. Does help if people try to avoid poking the bear of causality. Other than that, I understand if you decide that this needs to go live. It does mean I'll have to bow out - which is a pity as I really liked the way this game was going. Tim Smith Au2000100323
  6. Alright, 'Rick is up and ready to go. Don't know he's going to have many connections outside the Farm, but I'm willing to try! Other Gangrel would be the easiest, I think.
  7. All good, he's fixed me up! Turns out the name was problematic.
  8. I gather we make a new profile? There's not some special alias tool or something? Edit: Aha! I tried the register alt tab. Keep trying, don't seem to be able to login as the alias. Tried creating a new sign in afterwards and it still said the Alt username was available Edit2: Figured I might as well try to get the diceroller figured out as well... [roll]10d10[/roll]... okay, I did the special BB code. selected roll, got the dialog... what am I doing wrong with this please?
  9. I've just realised I need a character picture. Any suggestions? If I can get some time I can probably knock up a costume, but it seems like that's going about it the hard way. Do we need to be careful with licencing and stuff? Sorry for only just getting this :|
  10. Is anyone else looking at Deborah's lineage?
  11. I know Requiem Addenda II.V.8 and II.V.9 says status does not cost EXP. That doesn't answer the question of how high you can start though. Tim Smith Au2000100323
  12. Hey, almost finished writing up my PC. A couple of questions: Can a non-Invictus swear an Oath (mechanically) to an Invictus? Does this refer to the x-again component only, or any benefit. ie If you have Trained Observer does it stack with Acute Senses? Are Afrikaans, English and Dutch 3 languages for the purposes of the Language merit? Is there a special approval to be in Deborah's Linage (as per the Lineage merit?)
  13. Well, unless there was a local 'covenant' of outcasts that later joined the Crone en-masse. My understanding is that how the Crone formed (from small disparate groups joining into a larger international covenant). The Crone would then be claiming the deeds of the proto-Crone as their own. The VSS would stand.
  14. Thanks Jess, I did know about that, but I'm more interested in the dynamic than the cheese One of the things I like is that now the bog-standard combat disciplines are *actually* better than what you can get by carefully hunting for cheese in the various books.
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