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  1. ||gauwasi feels the sting of competitors who were willing to fight back with joy. It is not an appropriate test of his skills if those he faces do not put up some struggle. Just as the African kindred pauses, thinking all is over the electric static of a final poacher echoes in the night. As the man begins running, ||gauwasi pursues. He stretches his legs and breaks into a sprint, the sprint of a wild animal pursuing its prey. In short order the panicked man ahead comes into clear sight and then ||gauwasi is upon him. The man's scream rips through the night moments before the kindred's teeth rip into his neck. After quickly glutting himself on blood to replace the vitae he has spent in the fight, ||gauwasi grabs the final figure and circles back towards the camp. The other poachers may have been notified either by the gunfire or the fleeing man and there may not be much time to cover the less mundane signs of attack. If the camp is not already swarming, the African hunter plans to use a knife or machete and hack away at areas of the poachers' bodies that might otherwise display signs of bite marks. Should the other poachers already be clearly approaching... well, that is unfortunate and will no doubt be held against him in the tabulation for the midnight safari.
  2. The Beast growls deep inside ||gauwasi as he carefully approaches the smaller encampment in the north. The late Spring/early Summer wind blows from the southwest so that the kindred can smell his prey, but they have little chance of catching his scent. While the primal nature within wishes to fling him forward, his rational mind remains in control as he slips behind a guard. A swift, unarmed blow to his throat leaves the guard unable to call out and then the African kindred is on him in earnest, his lean body bearing his target to the ground. The ground is soon soaked with blood as ||gauwasi's fangs tear into the target beneath him. Some of the hot, coppery liquid gushes into ||gauwasi's mouth and he feeds. All too soon, the target ceases to struggle... and there are others to prey upon. Quietly, methodically, and brutally, ||gauwasi works to eliminate the poachers in the small northern encampment. He keeps an eye out for the other kindred he has sensed, to see if they will join in the hunt, or merely observe. The African kindred does not hide his martial prowess as he tears through the mortal men with hand and fang. Unarmed combat Strength + Brawl + Specialization (Musangwe) = 12 dice. Plus things like Martial Arts for targeted strikes and ignoring bits of armor, and some brutal uses of Vigor. Happy to have an overall roll to cover how things went.
  3. I've been mostly waiting to see if anyone else turns up and looks likely to engage with the less-social event planned for the opening gathering. I figured I'd kick things off though and see if others want to tag along or not. I owe you an updated sheet with CCD-earned XP points spent. That'll be coming in today.
  4. After observing the gathering for a time to see whether any will organize themselves into an effective squad for hunting, ||gauwasi shakes his head in clear disappointment. The native figure had clearly and openly been looking forward to some form of challenge from others. "It seems that there will be little competition in this hunt," he says caustically for any who might overhear in accented Afrikaans. "Then I will track some of these poachers myself and see what threat they are capable of posing." The native African kindred pauses long enough to see if his disdain has brought out any others who will either be competitors or seek to join him in the hunt. Once the lines are clearly drawn, he leaves with a hint of blood lust clearly rising at the notion of the hunt. Tracking Poachers Wits + Survival + Specialization (Hunting) = dice pool of 6. Not sure what the target is in an extended challenge, so I'm leaving that to you!
  5. As the evening's festivities commence, a seldom-seen figure arrives: a kindred of native African heritage who has, over the past couple of years, occasionally participated in the affairs of the local court. Often distant and never entirely welcoming, he marks himself as an outsider both by his appearance and his temperament. This evening, at least he is dressed in modern, if cheap, clothing. Those who don't speak Khoekhoegowab or a related language might have difficulty with this kindred's name: ||gauwasi. ||gauwasi makes no effort to circulate. He makes no effort to approach those who exercise dominion over Cape Town and its surrounding lands. He listens to the details of the hunt that no doubt drew him to attend this gathering and... smiles. That smile lingers a touch too long before subsiding. He watches the other kindred present to see what form and combination his opposition might take this night. And... of course, if any dare approach and partner with him.
  6. As members of the court are defined, I would like to see it posted somewhere. We seem to have a few already from the opening scene.
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