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  1. After thinking about it, not makeing him a dragon. So if that was keeping anyone from playing a mekhet dragon, go for it
  2. Nope, not in the Navy. (And probably will be for life. Ohhhhh ladadidydaaaaaa, ladadidydaaaaaadummmmmm)
  3. I'm thinking about playing a Mekhet Dragon. He will have been embraced in the last 100 years, I'm thinking around the end of WW2. He's in the very early stages, the dreaded white sheet of paper, but I am looking to make character ties. Hit me up off list if interested. Nate Carter gwb2005127065
  4. Greetings, I'm Nate Carter. I've been larping since 2005. I live in a small town in Missouri, and am really looking forward to this. (my "local" game is 8 hours away) I've been a VST for Requiem twice, an ADST, and the GGST for Requiem in SPI (until my life imploded). Things are back to "normal" and I'm ready to start gaming again. I look forward to playing with all of you. Nate
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