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  1. Sorry, I've been following this but the recuperation process for this surgery has been a little slower going than the last one and I've been frogetting to reply every now and then with "looks good" or the like.
  2. Thank you for your forebearance, expect normal ST services to resume on Monday.
  3. Sorry to extend this. This may take another week. I will post a follow up by the end of the week.
  4. About five more days and I'll be out of the house for exercise. About two weeks and I can finally start looking for work again, no long-down-time post operation recovery operations for the forseeable future. Thank you.
  5. So either way you're getting three extra points of totem. Two from Aaron who will be *around in times of emergency and won't talk about where he's been or *off fighting the besshies or azzies somewhere for a character story appropriate reason you will all know because I'll tell you One from Okpere because he'll be part of the pack regardless of where Aaron is.
  6. They do not.They get five free merit points. They may use a maximum of one merit point to buy their maximum one point of totem. That's fine. I'm actually still in the post-operative recovery phase, not the "now I get to go home and take the <sarcasm>super happy fun time</sarcasm> Tylex pills for a week. So the Spirit will be very ell devellopeed. Now. My PC is currently not sanctioned. Which means my wolfblooded (who has a point of totem) cannot be placed at pack disposal and you can't count my two points of totem yet. I'm sorry, it's tied up in the cross venue above dawn's level. My PC is not an ST PC. It is a PC that is being played in a different venue primarily who happens to be played by the ST of this venue. I have applied to play in another venue, but until I get that approval I'm not mentioning officially what or why. If I don't get the global approval then he will actually be a character only in this venue who is off fighting solo against the azlu or besshies. I can't ST for myself; I've always personally found the idea repellant. But if I don't get that approval, his wolfblooded will be at the pack disposal too because he's not taking them off web or tail hunting. It's not a great fallback position for Aaron, as a player, but it's all I can do.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, pack construction is part of the game and therefore you have been playing. So beats will be awarded. And biscuits. Gluten free biscuits for all. Though they don't post well.. Plot cookies it is. Truth be told, I have given some of them out to players already. This was not done in order of preference, I swear I am a very very impartial ST. FWiW I come off the morphine at some stage to day and go onto the oxycontin, which is less potent. Then the tylex for about a week (which will be good for the Elodoth, I already have some amazing Spirits who are just the neutral side of open war with each other). Thanks for all the words of support. And the understanding. Gamers are awesome people.
  8. My recovery may take a little longer than usual. They're going to put me on oxycodone, which is very strong, for a while because there were a few complications in the post-op recovery. Nothing to worry about, I'm well on the mend in the best hospital in the country for this particular illness. The drain is out. The epidural will come out in the morning. I'll almost certainly be home on Monday at some stage. But the home recovery time is probably going to be a week. I will likely be on during that week, but I may be as coherent as a badger.
  9. Don't forget that your Wolfblooded also get five dots of Merit, but they can only have one dot of totem. So you can reasonably double that. Don't see why it should. No different from having territory in a city. There will always be Herd around
  10. Hi all. I'm Éamonn "Wing" Kearns, but literally everyone outside of my immediate family calls me Wing. Including my last two contract employers. I am a Forsaken afficionado, it has always been my favourite of the genres and while there are aspects of 1e that I will miss, on the whole I prefer 2e which is why I am only to happy to run the game. I have a cat called houdini and a fiance called Bart, because Ireland did the right thing. I think my least favourite part of writing Forsaken games is the Cahalith prophecies, because they have to be vague but useful, and my favourite part is mapping out the Spirit Courts. My hobbies include programming, software engineering, data modelling, speaking cryptically, watching good shows with good friends. I very seldomly drink and when I do it's good wine (but only one glass because the tannin gives me migraines otherwise) or good whiskey. I am a loudmouth. If I have an opinion about something, you can be damned sure I'll share it. I've normally considered it a lot before hand, which is not to say I'm never wrong or that I'm seldom wrong. I'm wrong a lot of the time. I'm ok with that. It's how we learn.
  11. I'm off for surgery, there was a cancellation in the surgeon's queue so I will be going under the knife tomorrow. I'd apologise for the short notice, but I'm too busy being grateful. The recovery time on this one is about a week, three days in hospital, four days at home afterwards. This is a relatively routine surgery, and I have my age on my side so there is no need to be concerned. It's a lot more straight forward than the last one.
  12. I realise there's not really much I can do, at this stage, to help with the pack formation. I am on hand to answer any questions about Totems or if you want to have loci in the territory, drop me a line.
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