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The Rumor Mill [IC Resource]


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Shelly is a small town, and everyone is up in everyone else's business.  Especially in school: nothing gossips and spreads shit like a bunch of bored small-town teens.

This thread is for people to post rumors and gossip that are told and re-told about their characters and NPCs as well as those of other players - though your focus is meant to be your own character and NPCs first.  Feel free to add ones that have come up in fics as well as perhaps make up a few you think would be fun / interesting to have included.  Bear in mind that once these rumors are out there, any player or the GM can use them.  

Also bear in mind that something doesn't have to be false to be gossip...

GM Note:  I'm making this a mini-Project for everyone.  It won't be a lot, but XP will be added as a bonus at the end of the current Episode.

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Jason Bannon

  • Bannon is the Quiet Kid from all the Quiet Kid memes.  One day he's going to shoot up the school.
  • He sells firecrackers, weed, adderall and meth to people around Shelly.  Word is he will get anything you want for the right price.
  • His car, a sweet 1970 Dodge Charger, has secret compartments for carrying drugs and illegal firearms.  He rebuilt it himself.
  • Bannon works for a cartel.  That's how come he's never been busted for dealing.
  • People he doesn't like disappear or wind up dead.  Like that one dude, whatsisname, you know?  A few years ago?
  • His dad is a member of a crazy militia group and is friends with Hank Graskle, a dude so crazy dangerous he's on an FBI watchlist.
  • Jason is one of those super-brained autistic types and can divide by zero.
  • The eggplant is real!  Courtney told Chloe who told Leigh who was overheard by Lori... so it must be true!
  • Jason and Sean Cassidy are secretly lovers.  That's why Bannon doesn't date.  Also, Sean is the bottom.
  • Jase sells a brand of weed called Lucifer's Reserve.  No-one's heard of it before, no-one can find reference to it anywhere.  But those who have tried it insist it's the mellowest, strongest high they've ever experienced.  It's expensive as shit, though.
  • Jason's dad killed his mom.  That's why he went to jail and can only find work as a janitor at the prison now.  He's also an alcoholic.
  • Bannon is crazy.  He threatened Chet, Todd and Cody with a knife / sickle / hayhook at the County Fair and if Clara Wright and Avalon Wilson hadn't come along he'd have gutted Cody.
  • The reason Cody is missing is because Bannon finished what he was going to do at the Fair.
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Autumn Keane

  • Autumn Keane and Jacob Crocker broke up because they found out they're related. Gross.
  • Autumn has a crush on Lilly Pryor.
  • She broke Curtis Denicott's leg or something because he was messing with Jason Bannon at school. No, there's no punchline.
  • She's only making friends with Marissa Jauntsen so she can get back at her.
  • Autumn's addicted to Adderall. Seriously, the girl can't sit still for 10 seconds.
  • Autumn is either a witch, or part of some weird military training project, or something. Nobody spends that much time in the woods "just because."
  • When society collapses, Autumn and Cade Allister are going to be the last ones from Shelly High to survive. RIP humanity.
  • Her parents were apparently going to buy her a car, but she turned them down. Who does that?
  • She used to party a lot more, but after the Halloween bonfire last year she was up for three days straight and quit taking designer shit completely.
  • Autumn's dad is gone all the time because he has someone on the side, probably another family.
  • Autumn's mom has been sleeping with Nathan Crocker while her husband is away.
  • Nathan is Autumn's real dad.
  • Autumn's grandfather had a secret prepper bunker on his property, which is why her family won't sell it.
  • The Kavanagh and Crocker families are part of a cult going back to the founding of Shelly.
  • Caroline Kavanagh's stroke was a cover-up for the fact that she was murdered.
  • Yasmeen, the movie theater manager, sells Autumn weed at a discount in exchange for favors.
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Sean Cassidy

  • Sean is part of Anonymous, or is Anonymous, or part of some other hacker collective. He's hacked the NSA, the CIA, the Pentagon, the KGB, Sony, Disney, 7/11 and who knows what else. He has to be on at least as many watchlists as Jason Bannon.
  • Sean can build you the sweetest gaming rig for a great price, but he also builds in a backdoor to any system he builds. So weigh one against the other
  • That hack for _____ Video Game? Sean made it.
  • Sean can access at least half the security cameras in Shelly, and there are way more than people suspect.
  • Sean is actually sitting on a fortune of bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency.
  • He's earned at least some of those bitcoins as a cam-girl/cam-whore on the Dark Web. He has it, and flaunts it... in secret.
  • He knows more about bras than anyone in Shelly High, and has spent more on them than any girl in town. Also, hidden in his closet are a whole bunch of slutty cosplay costumes and more racy lingerie and high heeled shoes than even Marissa Jauntsen owns.
  • Sean boobs are real - we've all heard about gym class in grade 5, right, when Courtney went ballistic? - but not real real.Y'know, he has that thing where he changes testosterone into estrogen? Well, he took the stuff his beast of a sister Teagan was taking to get so jacked, and it did the opposite, so that's why he's almost built like a real life Jessica Rabbit.
  • Sean has been taking hormone supplements to transition into a girl since he was ten.
  • Due to a Cassidy family curse that goes back to the founding of Shelly, his parents have been forcing Sean to take the hormone supplements so there isn't another male Cassidy.
  • Sean is part of a cabal with the other big boobed chicks in town, like Sophia Fingleman, Kimberly Kiebler, Max from Bunnee's and others, whose purposes are unknown and sinister.
  • Though both are gamers, Sean and Sophia don't get along because neither can stand the other rivalling them as a the bustiest redhead in Shelly.
  • Sean and Jason Bannon are secretly lovers.  That's why Sean doesn't date... among other reasons.  Also, Jason is the bottom when they aren't making eggplant and melons salad.
  • Sean's dad stole his mother from his uncle, who hasn't been seen in Shelly for over twenty years.
  • There used to a lot more Cassidy's in Shelly, but around the turn of the last century, something happened and most of the branches of the Cassidy family ended under mysterious circumstances.
Edited by Sean Cassidy
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  • 2 weeks later...

Charlie Cole

  • Charlie didn't really hook up with Emily, he just made up to cover for his homosexuality.
  • Sophia is riding the casting couch with Charlie to get the lead role in Labryinth!
  • Charlie is trying to steal Jason Bannon from Sean Cassidy, the slut!
  • No, dimwit, he's dating Sophia to make Sean jealous.
  • Charlie is banging his dad's girlfriend out of revenge for the divorce.
  • Charlie's only pretending to be upset about the divorce - it's the ultimate drama show, y'know?
  • Charlie has a bunch of body costumes, that let him pretend to be anyone from school. You'd never know the difference.
  • All this stuff lately, with Cody, Bannon, and everyone else at school? Charlie's orchestrating it all, to make his own real life soap opera. He's got the script he's made hidden somewhere in the school.
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  • 1 month later...

Catherine Barras

  • See that child hanging out with Sean this morning ? I heard he's his little brother, but the parents abandonned him in the woods cuz they didn't want another male in the family.
  • Catherine is some super-smart French boy who's actually, like 12, but skipped lots of grades.
  • Are you sure he's a boy ? I could swear it's a chick. Must be a Cassidy.
  • Catherine is a midget.
  • Catherine is dating Sean.
  • Catherine's dad is some freelance merc hired by the government.
  • Catherine's dad is a serial killer. He's been here for a dozen years, he looks cool but doesn't speak a lot about himself. I bet Tess is his next target.
  • Catherine is a leprechaun, when he is old enough he'll start to grow a beard.
  • Catherine is Ms. Kyleson's nephew.
  • Guys, where have all the cafeteria snacks gone ?
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Cade Allister

Cade is on steroids, how else could he have set the records he set in track practice?

Cade is the latest victim of the Terror Twins, the Jauntsens.   Their debauchery has claimed one of the last innocent souls in Shelly High.

Cade is dating Marissa to make Lilly Pryor Jealous.

All the squirrels in the area are slave to Cade's will.
Cade's actually a genius, he just chooses to only apply himself to sports to give everyone else a chance.

Dating women is a sham, Cade is secretly in a forbidden relationship with Mr. Bancroft.

The Allister family has "A Past"

Mr. Bancroft is a criminal mastermind, living off his last big score.  Hiring the son of the sheriff is just ironic camoflage.

Ian Allister isn't Cade's real dad.

Cade's mother learned something she shouldn't have, this is why she died.

Cade's actually a superpowered alien hiding his power in a small Montana town.

Cade hired the guys who beat Liam Day


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Cassandra Allen

Cassandra records and keeps copies of every interview she ever does so she can collect dirt on everyone.

Cassandra isn't even really a high school student. She's a narc who infiltrated the school like that one movie.

Cassandra smuggles merchandise around for Jase in exchange for product she and her stoner friends share.

Cassandra's not into dudes; she hasn't been on a date since she broke up with that loser she went out with as a freshman.

Cassandra's dad isn't dead; that's a cover story so no one finds out he's actually in prison for molesting his clients.

Cassandra's dad was killed by her mom who was trying to collect on his life insurance policy.


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  • Devin's gone soft.  He went from running this school with his sister to hanging out with nerds.  What is up with that?  If you want to run this school, now's the time to make a move.
  • I heard from Stacey, who heard from Janice, who heard from Caroline, who was talking to Haley about Devin dating Avalon Wilson.  Can you believe it?  What does he see in her?
  • Devin doesn't have a date for Homecoming yet, he better not ask Lona.  Dating or not, he totally deserves better.
  • Devin made out with my sister, then threw my bike in the river.  Okay, not a rumor, but it's true and he's a dick.
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  • Some sort of power play is happening.  Marissa is dating Cade Alister, and talking with Courtney again.  Something's not right.  Prepare.
  • Marissa was helping Charlie Cole with his play for school, then he started dating Sophie Fingleman... now Marissa is dating Cade?  Marissa hasn't dated anyone in three years... I bet it's a jealousy power play... but why Charlie Cole?  OMG... do you think they had some secret thing going?
  • Marissa, being nice to Autumn Keane?  She's never nice unless she wants something.  Watch out, she's planning.  She's always planning.
  • A guy I know in Great Falls, he said that h knows a guy that guy said Marissa buys like, a crazy amount of drugs off him.


The Twins (Collectively)

  • The Jauntsens are part of some weirdo cult or secret society.  They started drinking the nerd Kool-Aid and now are part of the cult.  Killing Cody Sikes was their part of their initiation.
  • The Jauntsen twins 'share' their partners.  It's why neither of them dated, until recently.  Wonder what changed?
  • The Jauntsen family as a whole is all kinds of messed up.  Dysfunctional AF.  I've heard some things... like, some seriously messed up things.
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  • 1 year later...

It shouldn't take long after Devin and Tawny's blow out on September 4th for the rumors to begin as to the reasons why.  More than likely it will center around Tawny finally dating someone (which is in line with Marissa finally dating someone too), so there's no telling what the student body will come up with.

Fellowship shouldn't have any trouble getting word that Devin and Tawny had an apocalyptic blow out and are no longer friends.  Especially with Tawny currently dating Jacob, Autumn's life long friend.  Whether they care or not, is on them.

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