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  1. "Are we really on a morality bend, still?" Marissa fumed. "None of you have any right at all to be appalled or put off by the use of powers being used amorally. Jason almost killed a guy and not a single one of you seemed at all put off by it. Etienne is working for Cook, and Cook is spying on us, invading our privacy. Etienne and Cook are both amoral and I don't give a damn about their rights. For all I care, Sara could leave him a drooling wreck the rest of his life, and I hope she does." "I'm not my brother, I'm not full of inspirational speeches on how to heroically use your powers. I'm the bitch that doesn't care what you do, but will damn sure remind you that you have no place to be pissed when that same treatment comes back on you full circle. You knew what Jase did, and none of you cared. That blood is on your hands, and yes, I'm judging you for it." She smirked evilly. "We need to understand that Cook and The Dark are not playing by our rules, they're playing by theirs. So we need to do the same. If Cook messes with us, we drop Etienne from a cliff. We burn his lab. We break his legs... hell, I don't care at this point. We visit every piece of twisted, mind fuck torment back on him that he's been putting us through. We're fighting The Dark, and he's in our way, Etienne too. I say snap them both like twigs."
  2. "I don't know exactly what my brother is capable of. I do know he can take people, because we went skydiving yesterday evening. Pretty fun." The Diva said nonchalantly. "I know he can take objects too, he warped, or beamed, or whatever his schtick is, his whole bike into the garage. He's so lazy. As for whether or not he'd be up for it, you'll need to ask him, and good luck, since you and him aren't exactly on speaking terms." "As for permanently having people in my head? Yeah, no thanks. I don't like you guys enough to offer you a ride to school, let alone trust you to be talking in my mind. Last thin I need to be infected with Jason's special brand of bat-shit crazy, and while I hate to say it," she sighed and rolled her eyes. "Cade is right. I think Sara's ability make a great tool, not a utility. Using it when we need it means we can lower the risk of someone else like her tapping in or The Dark assaulting us all. We don't know what these monsters are capable of, if they can track us or 'smell' our powers, but don't you think it's weird that they always know where we are?" "As Queen of Communication, Sara is our biggest asset. Nothing is more important than communication, but we need to be more cognizant of our enemies capabilities before we start opening up mental networks. These powers are cool, but let's not get out of hand. That said," she cooed mischievously. "If Sara feels like sharing all your dirty little secrets with me... that's different."
  3. "What the hell is a Hooli, anyway?" Devin said as he held the note up and looked at it while she tapped out her message. She glanced over at him, giving him a scowl that read 'I just asked you that, dipshit'. So lucky he was pretty. "Could it be like, maybe the dude who keeps texting us? I mean, it seems like it's helpful... even if a bit creepy." His face lit up with an idea. "Oh, what if he's spying on us? Like, all of us. I've got so many questions... like does Clara pee standing up? Does Jase sing in the shower? Does Charlie rub it out to Marissa's face book photos? Does Cade actually do anything? Does Lilly own a thong? I'm guessing no. Hmm, does Cass? Now I'm curious..." "It's amazing the insight I get into your thought process the longer we hang out." Lona chuckled. "You have one track mind. It's all sex, sex, sex..." "It is not," he protested. "Sometimes I just wanna lie back and objectify. I'm not some barbarian, you know." They both were a wreck of giggles and laughs, but he kept the note held up high towards his ceiling, looking at the name, 'Hooli'. "Hey, so... I was thinking..." He turned to face her, his eyes meeting hers. He gently kissed her once, more of an opener kiss to prepare her for what he was going to say. "We've like, been hanging out and texting, and kissing... and cuddling in bed now, it seems. So, I was kind of wondering if you would... like to go to Homecoming with me? As my date." A sudden reality washed over Lona... her and Devin were from completely opposite worlds. Sure, it would skyrocket her own popularity but it could seriously damage his own. Or was this all part of Marissa's grand plan? Was Devin just asking her because it was in the plan? Marissa looked at her phone as her and Clara walked through the halls. Clara feel the energy around her, the way just being around Marissa made everyone respect her just a little bit more. Was that Marissa's power? The Diva smirked and tapped out a reply. //Girl, who do you think run this school? I have your back. Watch after my idiot other half and I'll make sure we cover you here on the battlefield. Look in my dresser, bottom drawer, right hand side, all the way back... be safe. And for the love of God, enjoy it. You need it.// Clara's phone flipped up another message as she was reading Lona's first one. She looked to Marissa. "You know you sent that to everyone, right?" "Yuuuup." She declared in her best Lana from Archer impression. Clara didn't even know Marissa could be fun, let alone funny. "Clara, trust me, in a few minutes minutes, she's not going to care what a Hooli is, and since I don't know, I don't care. We'll confer with the brain trust later, figure this madness out then. For now, let's keep the focus on making you fabulous." "But, Marissa, I'm part of the brain tr-" "Shhh," Marissa cut her off. "No nerding right now. We're focusing on a more confident, less nerdy, slightly hotter you right now. Don't mess that up by nerding on my leg."
  4. The two girls watched all of Shelly High go about their lunch break. Laughing, talking, oblivious to the worries and woes of the Dark. Marissa knew better, as did Clara. Less than a year is all they had to siphon strength from the Dark. Less than a year to weak an near-divine entity into a shell of mortality so that it might be destroyed for good. These were dark times, indeed, but in the darkest of times is when the people needed leadership the most. The students and population of Shelly, Montana needed the Fellowship... ... ... God that was a stupid name. She had poured blood, sweat and tears into her great creation, a unified Shelly High under her directorial greatness. These separatists, these... 'shades'. They would be eked out and dealt with, but first, she needed warriors. "Did I ever tell you the story about my brother and I? When we got here this school was a cadaver. Popularity was a joke at this. Popularity, Clara is capable of doing many things for the teenage socialite. It was just the trick this school needed to be raised from the dead." "I've never been popular," Clara said. She was neither ashamed of that fact or, particularly proud of it either. She's always wished she'd understood people better, but, not having people around meant she didn't risk embarrassing herself. It had always been a win/win for her until her hormones began demanding the company of others. "Is there a secret? Can I learn to be popular?" "Not," Marissa looked at the doe eyed disaster that whose presence seemed to a walking anti-popularity vapor. "From a Xanax." She would be Marissa's opus. She would be the crowning perfection and defiant declaration to all of Shelly High that if Marissa could do the impossible, to catch a star in a jar... to make Clara... Clara... Cl... whatever her last name was her protege than there was no decree of higher social education she could not make manifest. Together thy would quell the shades. Together they would look out over Marissa's grand and orderly empire of Shelly and the Dark would kneel before them. Shelly would kneel. Never again would she ever feel like the Sean's or the Clara's or the Lona's. All the cliques, all the faculty, all the bro codes and meetings and functions and everything, she would rule them all. "My house, tonight. But first... Clara needed training. The two ladies stepped away from the railing, the breeze capturing their hair just right and it danced and swayed in their eyes making it difficult for others to make out which girl was which. Slowly and step by step they walked down the steps of the bleachers side by side. Shelly didn't need to notice them yet. A storm was coming and all Shelly High needed to know was that there were always two. Two who set themselves to a higher standard of social excellence and orderly education. Always two: The Master ...and the Apprentice.
  5. "Simple," Marissa smirked. "We crowd source. First though, we make you marketable. We need to sell you to this school if you're going to run it." "Run it?" Clara looked at the Jauntsen sister like she officially had flown off the reservation. "Well, yeah," she ever so slightly shook her head like the answer she was hoarding in her mind should have been obvious the whole time. "We need to take Shelly High into new directions, Clara. We have a year to turn things around, and who better to lead us and our school towards those new values, than you, Clara..." she paused and it was obvious she had no idea what Clara's last name was. It was right out of a movie! This girl was unbelievable. She waved her hand about to brush away her lack of recollection and pressed on. "Whaever, Class President. I can teach you to be assertive and in control without being 'mean, as you put it. I'm just mean because it's fun. I have so much sarcasm to share and people give me so much to work with, I see it as a waste to not use it."
  6. "No." Marissa voice was the tersest she'd ever heard. "Get up," She out stretched her hand, even waggled her fingers to speed Clara up. "Come on. Walk with me." Clara saw how others were watching them as she stood. Side looks and smirks and mumbled judgements as Marissa the Good Samaritan helped out one of her fellow freak student. She was such a good person. Yeah, Clara knew better. She knew it though. This was it. Marissa was taking her out back behind the old equipment lockers near the football field and putting two in the back of the head of her high school career. They walked around and joined those outside who were eating and talking on their lunch hour. Not a single person didn't stop to wonder why, if only for a moment, Clara was getting personal treatment from Marissa. No entourage, no other friends or clique members... a one on one with Marissa was like... well, you either did everything right, or it was time for a public execution. "Devin and I used to be like you." She said simply. "We were raised in Malibu, surrounded by celebrities and politicians, seriously rich people. Which meant we went to school with their seriously rich children. By Shelly standards, sure, we're loaded, by Malibu standards, we were dirt floor poor, I think the saying goes?" "Rule one, Clara. Never let them see you cry." She handed Clara a tissue from her handbag. "We were destroyed daily in our school because our parents weren't rich by Malibu standards and our mom was always putting us in pageants and competitions and anything she could do in the hopes that we'd get a part in some commercial or television show. Child actors, Disney Channel, it's a California thing. Do you know what that made us at our schools? Jokes. They were all fantastically wealthy and we were trying to get there by acting like idiots on stage hoping to get lucky. It was like stumbling around in the dark, hoping to find a million dollar light switch." They passed a picnic table filled with jocks, a few of them were Lilly's friends but more of them were sorts that even Lilly had trouble liking. The TurBros. Clara found it almost intoxicating how as they passed the guys shut up and quit whispering as Marissa and her passed, like the Queen of Shelly was due her moment of silent recognition. How did this woman do this, especially to chromosomally-challenged idiots like them? "Rule two. You do not make requests. You state expectations." She pointed off to her right and the girls turned, continuing their walk. "We were abused, tormented, beat up, laughed at and since we were always at some stupid show or rehearsal or class for some new stupid talent, we didn't have friends. We had each other. We never associated with kids our own age, never learned social cues or anything like that. Then we moved here." They walked out towards the bleachers and with the echo of their shoes on the aluminum, made their way across and up to the very top where they looked out towards the school and, most of Shelly... the place was a marble in a fishbowl, it was so small. "Rule three. It's all about you. Do you see all these people, Clara? Fuck them. Only forty percent of them are going to go to college, and only two of them, two, not two percent, are going to leave Shelly to do it. None of them are going to succeed. I've seen their test scores. Why do you give a fuck what they think of you? Their words, those that can mingle more than two into a sentence, cannot hurt you. You walk into a room, you own it. Don't look at a room of your peers, it's a room of your employees and Clara... you're the C.E. fucking O. of your life. Run that shit. These are the morons that will be delivering your pizzas while you're cramming for your Masters Degree." She turned to face Clara and crossed her arms. "You don't need Xanax, girl. You need self-confidence. You don't need to take control of people or the world, you need to take control of your life and trust me, the people will crawl over broken glass to deliver you the world."
  7. With Clara's exit Lilly folded her arms and looked at Marissa. Silently she judged. Marissa raised a hand, daring Lilly to talk to it. "Don't say it. I know." "Didn't say a word." Lilly said in a calm tone that was laced laced with 'you know what you did' that the passive aggresive silence warmed the evil twin somewhere in the sub-cockle region. She took a deep breath and rubbed the bridge of her nose. All that talk of making Shelly warmer and nicer and she was barreling through it like... well, herself. "Sooo..." Lilly rocked back and forth on her heels. "Fine." Marissa huffed. "I'll go talk to her. Fuck." It didn't take Marissa long to find anyone in her school. A couple requests for 'have you seen Ginger Snaps' and she was pointed in Clara's direction. Sure, it wasn't the classiest way to do it, but, baby steps. With her face buried in her knees Clara didn't notice Marissa's approach until the gloss of her expensive ankle boots gave her away. Here it was. Round two. Clara wasn't sure if she could suffer another barrage from Marissa... this girl mastered snark like Bruce Lee mastered Jeet Kune Do. "It's not often I say this," Clara closed her eyes tight and really wished she had her medication. "I crossed a line, Clara. I'm sorry. In my reminding you that we all have problems, it escaped me in my tirade that you are one of those people among us who also have problems. It was... in poor taste." Never one to fully concede the battle she amended with, "Shame too, it was one of my better salvos."
  8. Marissa rubbed the bridge of her nose. That special gesture she and her brother shared that was reserved those moments wen it became an increased possibility that someone might be getting cut, prison style, very soon. "Well, since we're sharing, let me tack of a few check marks, Clara... my brother came to you and mentioned that you and Lona running off half-cocked wasn't how friends did things. He was concerned and worried and he wanted you two to be safe, because believe it or not, he cares. Poor little Clara doesn't like two bullies and isn't appreciative of my brothers approach so tells him, plain and simple, 'then were not friends'. Yet here she sits, being treated like someone who is not my friend, who obviously wants nothing to do with me and my brother, and has the gall to tell me what her biggest issue with me is? Nobody wants to call on you Clara, because you're a giant pain in the ass." "Of course you're willing to move past the past, Clara. We had barely shared ten words before you threatened to hurt me. Someone's child is out there is lost or possibly dead and you find that fact to be giggle and high-five worthy?" Marissa motioned with her hand allover her body. "This? This is a front, Clara. I put this attitude on to keep people away, and I am one hundred percent aware of it because I'm the one who constructed it. It's mine, and I rock it like my Gucci er'thing. You though? The over bearing, control freak, sociopath vibe you've got going on? That's all you, sweetheart. Whether it's the kid who burdened with high expectations," she motioned to Cade. "Or the guy who's not sure where he fits in," she motioned to Charlie. "Or the girl who realized she's worked her whole life for dreams she may have to give up on," She motioned to Lilly. "Or the girl who's emotionally damaged and no one's bothered to ask why," she placed her hand on her own chest. "We're all broken in some way. So please, Clara... before you kick down my door and tell me how to arrange my fine China, get your own fucking house in order." She spun her head so fast the hair whip was magical. She faced Lilly. "I'm kicking Jase out at seven and I'll need at least thirty minutes to shower and get presentable... so, my place tonight, seven-thirty." She spun back to Clara. "And I'll stop talking down to you when you get on my level." She glanced to Lilly again, "Bring the train wreck if she feels like it," Lilly knew she meant Clara. "Frankly I don't care one way or the other. Now, can we get to lunch please?"
  9. "Points for effort," Marissa said calmly. "I applaud the attempt, but you do realize that your interrupting me has no bearing on why my brother and I are pissed off at your little gaggle of mental and social degenerates, right?" She sighed and shook her head. "Look, it is fine. Apology accepted in the spirit of the apology. He and I aren't the easiest to deal with, so I understand why there is frustration and irritability. So, let us all just... move on."
  10. "Ooookay," Marissa widened her eyes. "Why you guys feel the need to vomit up everything you're capable of, every chance you get is beyond me." "You have abilities too, Marissa?" Tawny asked. "What can you do?" "Tawny, sweetie, there's two things I've never discussed with anyone but my brother: my business, and my next move. You want to be regaled with ego, but all means, ask the room and watch as they bore you to tears with their problems, their defects, their deficiencies, their powers... it's a wonder they get anything done." Yup. She was still mad at them. "Well, if y'all don't like each other, why you all in here?" The blond needed to know what precisely was going on. "Because the evil we're facing is more important than our petty squabbling." Lilly offered up to Marissa, trying to ignore the harpy, but she made it so damn difficult. "Truth," Marissa agreed. "It's a union of necessity, I assure you." Devin stood up, Lona helped him as he wobbled and it was obvious he wasn't at a hundred percent. "Yeah, Devin, no. I get what you want to do, but even if you could take all of us, you'r ein no shape for adventures right now." Nurse Lona had his back and politely put her foot down. "I'm labeling these, 'artifacts'." He started off. It's not 'alive', it's a machine. It's programmed with a sort of psionic program... a NOONite app." He smirked at Lona and she dug her elbow into his side to get him back for picking on her. This one has been programmed for me, I don't know why, but... if anyone tries to use it, it'll try to kill them." He took a breath and continued. "It wouldn't do you guys any good anyways. It's a dimensional anchor. It keeps me from accidentally jumping sideways into Notaworld if I'm near a weak spot in the Veil. You guys don't do subatomic lateral transmissions, so you have nothing to worry about." Not a single person missed the incredibly big phrasing Devin just used. "On the up side, if we can find a space where the Veil is weak, I can use this to transmassion us through." Again with the big words. "Down side... it can't detect where these rips are. We need to find them on our own. And they're sort of random, I think." He looked to Lona and offered her a smile, a weak one, but it was there. "Avvie's right though. I'm not in any condition to play hero. Like you all said, we need to play it smart. Rest up, get our shit together, plan. Then we show the Notaworld monsters how we roll." "For now, maybe you should head home and get some rest, Deej." Marissa rubbed his back lovingly. "I will let mom know you left sick." "No," he shot her a look. "Last time you told her I had explosive diarrhea and possibly syphilis." Marissa chuckled evilly and spoke in a long, satisfied sigh. "Yeah, I did. Go on, let us see what she comes home with tonight. It will be fun."
  11. Marissa's face was one of pure irritation as she looked at the soulless Cassidy girl. "New Zealand?" She asked the question in the tone that demanded an answer from someone even though she already knew it. "And just why would my brother have any interest in New Zealand, Cassidy?" "For real," Tawny said. Looking at her phone she'd looked up the cost of airline tickets. "It's a red eye flight out of Great Falls, what the heck is going on?" "She doesn't know?" Laurie point to Tawny while looking at Marissa. "Apparently not," Marissa replied, looking at Tawny the whole time and speaking in a uncaring tone. "Christ," Laurie folded her arms, now irritated herself. "That just like him to leave others to clean up his messes." "Right!?" Marissa replied in complete agreement, which caused both of the ladies to pause and make eye contact for a brief moment as they awkwardly realized that somewhere, the occurrence resulted in either an angel getting its wings, or losing them. "Tawny, no time to explain," Marissa said. "You know my brother almost as well I do. Assume he's doing something stupid, and we'll fill you in later." "Fair enough," the perky blond tucked her phone away. "He can't have gotten far though," she didn't notice the look Laurie and Marissa gave each other. "I mean, how much trouble can one guy get into on his own?"
  12. Marissa was off like a rabid hound set loose on a ginger fox. Her skirt swayed and dared more than a few eyes as she passed through the halls in a swift, regal stride that denoted someone was about to lose their head. Everyone knew that look on her face. She was hunting for someone and looking to crush a spirit, to grind a good day into powder for they were the weak and she was the wicked. Finding Cassidy was no difficult task, she just followed the scent of cheap shampoo and faint scent of desperation that read she was going to die alone in a small apartment filled with cats and her computer games while she collected disability checks for a thyroid problem she didn't really have but she needed someway to make ends meet after she had a complete mental breakdown in college because someone addressed with the improper pronoun. What? Marissa is a vivid thinker. Laurie was resting against the lockers outside the class, sliding swiping through her phone, knowing the only reason Marissa asked was because she felt the need to come by and hara- Marissa stopped like the roadrunner in heels, violating way more than a bit of Laurie's personal space. "Aw, Amazon-ing a new skirt to dress your brother up in? Adorable. Now where's my fucking brother?" Bingo. Called it. Laurie sighed and rolled her eyes. "Back up off me, Kardashizard." She took a few steps away. Marissa looked worried, and it was rare that the Queen of Shelly looked anything other than in one hundred percent in control of her crazy. Laurie kind of admired her for that. "Last I saw him he walked me to class last period." "You sure, hon?" Tawny asked. "Because he's not replying to any texts. He say he was ditching, or anything?" "Nope," Laurie shook her head. "Thought it was just me. He's not replying to me either." Tawney folded her arms and 'harumphed' in thought. "Do you think he lost his phone?" Both the girls looked at her like she'd just proclaimed Santa Clause was real.
  13. There were ways to summon demons from the bowels of the Infinite Abyss that involved long, drawn out rituals and sacrifices and offerings to dark powers. The simplest way though? Ask Marissa Jauntsen for her honesty. "Cassidy was full of shit." Marissa said bluntly. "That kid isn't interested in understanding his genetic condition, he's only interested in talking about it and flaunting it every opportunity he gets because he's a sniveling little attention whore who gets off on wearing women's clothing. That's why he has his sister dress him up like her personal Barbie doll and tries to giggle it away as a bet he never had any intentions of winning. He's pathetic. I mean, it's current year and I totally accept his transvestite lifestyle, I mean, you do you, right?" "Seriously, this town is only three thousand people and he's lived here his whole life, everyone knows about his condition and, spoiler alert, no one cares! Yet he claims he can't take two steps without getting cat called? Puh-lease. Me, and I can name a list of at least ten other girls, who are way hotter than him, walk in public all the time and we never get cat called at all so he's obviously just placing himself in situations where he can continue to garner sympathy and pity and attention for his condition or he's making it up. Okay, the peer group is a bit rough, but he did offer to expose himself to another student, which is a crime, so honestly I think the kid has serious issues piled on top of genetic mutations. I'm from California, I know intersexed people, we were doing it before his special snowflake ass thought it was cool, and even they tell me he is like a walking Ru-Paul's Drag Race and every episode of keeping up with the Kardashians all rolled into one: total drama that will suck away minutes of your life you can never have back." She finally paused and folded her arms, resting her weight on one leg. "Honest enough for you?" "Dear, God child," Mrs. Forster leaned back in her chair and folded her arms as well. "You're like a tornado of words searching for the trailer parks in everyone's soul." Marissa help but smile at the compliment. "Maybe I misjudged you, Mrs. Forster. Thanks for the job, I'll see you tomorrow." Marissa spun about with a twirl of her skirt that really could afford a twirl today, and walked out from the classroom. "Marissa," Mrs. Forster called back to her. Again the teenage fashonista spun about to address her teacher. Mrs. Forster smiled. "Cute skirt." Marissa beamed with pride and joined the ocean of madness that were the halls between classes.
  14. "Of course, Mrs. Forster." Marissa replied eloquently and yet blatantly uncaring of the fact she'd just been caught. Her brother was 'missing' and that bothered her. Even when he was sulking or brooding, as teenage boys were wont to do, he would at least send a reply, something to just let her know he was safe. Especially these days, more than ever, they needed to stay in touch. She sighed, worried, and set her phone face down. The moment she did, her smart watch vibed a pulse on her wrist. She looked a her wrist. Lacey Heath: //Hey, Mari. Lilly Pryor said you and Jason Bannon had a thing going. When did you start dating?// Did she now? Marissa seethed internally. It was one thing to have a problem with her. Mari could go her whole life and not say a single word to Lilly and find her years enriched for the better, but spreading rumors? The twins were content to leave bygones bygones and for the most part they avoided the Nerd Herd and didn't speak to them if it could be helped. The last thing she expected was prim and prissy Lilly Pryor to turn around and vengefully spread rumors the following Monday all because of what? No one followed her out of a barn after she threw a hissy fit? Some people. She filed away destroying the Juice Tart's life for now and focused on the problem. Marissa: //Jason Bannon and I do not have a 'thing'. I do not date. I do not 'hook up'. I know him. We've talked. We're acquainted. Now, since when has my personal life been the concern of anyone in this school but me?// Lacey Heath: //Wait, so you're not dating him? Is he available? Lori really wants to go to Homecoming with him, but is too shy to ask. Lilly said she'd talk to him, but... if you're closer to him, could you? Please? Pretty please?// Marissa's face twisted into an evil grin. Oh, this was too delicious. Lori Heat wanted Jason? He'd ruin her for all men for the rest of her life. She was all in. The problem though was that Lacey was tugging the one string Marissa seemed to have: she was, under all the rage of the storm, a hopeless romantic, like her brother. If Lori really wanted her chance, Marissa was honestly glad to help her out. Marissa: //No promises, but if Lilly isn't timely about talking with him about it, I'll ask on her behalf. Lilly's known him longer, I'd prefer to let her deal with him first.// Lacey Heath: //You're the best! Anything she needs to know?// Marissa smirked and tapped a response. Just a moment later, from the far corner of the class came an audible gasp and Lacey Heath said, as her face turned a beat red, "Oh, my god." Realizing everyone just heard that she snickered to herself and set her phone down quickly. Slowly, after a few moments, she tipped her phone back enough to see again what Marissa had sent her:
  15. "Fine with me," she shrugged. Marissa pulled out one of the chairs near the four person table by the patio door and patted the back rest. "Sit. Wait. I shall return. And take everything out of your hair. Bobby pins, scrunchies, berets... you know the drill." Autumn sat down while Marissa disappeared down the hallway into the bathroom. She could hear a ruckus, like her throwing items in a basket, or tote. A part of her swore that if Marissa came out with a kaboodle she was going to cut her losses and run for her life. She looked around as she took the scrunchie from her hair that held her hair back and out of her eyes. These two really did have everything. Tons of video games, movies, their own fridge, probably filled, a small dining area, even a small kitchenette with a island to separate the dining area from the food prep. Spoiled didn't even begin to describe this level of personal wealth and freedom. These two lived like kids you'd only see on television... "Okay," she came back out carrying a small tote of products and styling gear. Autumn was already dreading this. What if this was just a prank like in all those teen dramas where the mean girl was only pretending to be her friend? Marissa stepped up behind her and began with brushing her hair. She surprisingly gentle. "Wow. Just, wow." "I know, okay? You've already told me how bad it is. I get it." Autumn huffed with a bit more attitude than she intended. Only afterward did she realize she was being rude in Marissa's house, to Marissa... which she was pretty sure made her a legend, a dead woman, and possibly a martyr all at once. She relaxed and let out a breath. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to sound-" "-bitchy?" Shelly's fashionista finished her sentence. "Chill. It's okay. We're friends, right? Friends get bitch privileges." "Really?" Autumn chuckled, a bit relieved. "Still though, it's not me. I wasn't trying to be snippy." "Autumn, it's fine. Really." Mari kept brushing her red hair. "We're all under a lot of stress. A day doesn't go by I don't nearly bite my brother's head off. Honestly, I was going to say your hair is actually gorgeous. I know I give people a lot of shit, but your hair isn't really that bad... I wish you'd take better care of it, but we're going to fix that tonight." It was like a punch to the face. Marissa Jauntsen was being... nice. And since when did Marissa ever say 'chill'? There was easily maybe three or five more minutes of brushing in awkward silence. The nervousness hadn't quite passed, but there was an awkwardness that hung in the air that said 'what do you talk to this girl about?'. She could feel her hair already feeling different, unable to remember the last time she'd brushed it for longer than two minutes, let alone the seven or so Marissa was going on. She was like a pro a this, and she really seemed into it. "Girl, look," Marissa finally said in a flat, monotone voice as all her attention seemed focused on Autumn's brilliant red hair. "You're gonna have to work with me here. Talk. Tell me something, ask me something, whatever. I know it's awkward, I mean, really, have you met my brother? King of awkward situations. I assure you, you can't offend me or catch me off guard, but it is mandatory that if you're in the chair, you have to talk. Floor is yours, speak your mind, get into my business... whatever. You have cart blanche to open that mouth of yours, like spin the bottle without the bottle, or the dares. Just listen for the door, pizza will be here soon."
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