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  1. "If by give me your message you mean 'Fingerbang is looking for you', then yes. Yes he did." Marissa snapped, already annoyed and obviously the butt end of a joke or rumor she was not yet aware of. That didn't sit well with her at all. "Homecoming, Sophia. What? You're on the committee, I'm not so what do you need to fix for you? It's obvious your bra isn't filled with double D brains, so what did you screw up? I literally handed you a list, how did you screw it up?" Tawny stood patiently at Marissa's side, looking at the other students while Sophia received what was one of many verbal lashings from Marissa. "Uh, M-Marissa... why's everyone snickering and eyeballing us?" Marissa eye rolled as she turned her attention away from Sophia. "At the moment, I don't care. I mean, seriously, have you noticed your fashion choices lately?" "But, I like paisley," the attractive teen blond looked down at her blouse. "If only paisley liked you," Marissa snarked with venomous annoyance. "We'll solve one thing at a time and get you back on Antique Roadshow before you know it," like an annoyed mother trying to juggle two children she turned her attention back to Sophia. "What is the problem, Sophia? Come on, I don't have all morning."
  2. //Hey. I'm worried. Stop being a jerk and talk to me, please?// She typed out to her brother on her phone as she made her way down the hallway of the school. She noticed Jase in the office, so decided not to go that way. Several other moved out of her way like she was parting the Red Sea of Retardation as she moved down to her locker. She paused as her phone vibrated and she stopped to check it. //I'm fine. Just a lot on my mind. BTW call or find Sophia Fingerbang, she needs you for Homecoming.// "Homecoming?" She asked herself out loud as the realization that she had completely forgot sank in. "Shit." Tawny approached as Marissa was distracted by her phone. "Hey." She startled Marissa, which there seemed to be a lo of that going around these days. "Woah, sorry, you okay?" "Fine," Marissa snapped. "What do you want? Devin is off somewhere else, he's not with me so go be clingy away from em, please." "Wow." Tawny leaned away like she was trying to dodge the flames spewing from the mouth of madness. "What's got you all riled up. I mean, geez, I just borrowed a pair of sweats." "Oh, that's right," Marissa sneered at her with the sudden reminder that Tawny helped herself to her clothes regularly during her stays over. "Stay out of my sweats drawer. Christ, bring your own clothes over." "Uh," Tawny folded her arms and rest her weight on side of her hip. "You still have my purple hoodie, that pair of jeans, and that trashy top you bought me for my birthday which we both know you bought for yourself since you borrowed almost immediately and still haven't returned. Ringing any bells?" Marissa tapped her phone to her chin gently. "Oh, that's right... I did borrow those." She smiled evilly. "Still, stay the hell out of my drawers." Tawny exhaled and let her hands drop to her sides. "Emjay-" "Don't," she raised a finger at Tawny. "Call me that. You're not my brother." "Fine, fine," she raised her hands in defense. "What has you so mad? I mean, I've seen you mad, but... is everything okay?" "No," she said softly. She fell back let her her back hit the wall of lockers. She let out a sigh. "Everything is not okay. For the first time in a long time, Tawny... I don't have control. I don't have control and it's scaring me." Tawny smiled and folded her arms. "How can I help fake, sis?" Marissa glared at her. Solid daggers of pure malice. "Come on, Marissa. You and Devin are trying this whole new leaf thing right? Come on. Let me help you. Trust me, please. Let me in, I want to help." "Fine." She huffed. "Help me find Sophia Fingleman. We have to start Homecoming, oh, and by the way, I have to promote the Fellowship to the rank of popular..." She gripped Tawny's hand and drug her along down the hall. "Wait," Tawny stumbled to keep up. "We gotta do what? Is that really wise?"
  3. Within seconds the door swung open and Marissa stood there with an annoyed look on her face. Then again, she always looked annoyed, so it was hard to tell of it was her 'hello face' or her 'you're late face'. She was in a pair of solid color maroon leggings and a pull over hoodie of their high school's team, the Coyotes. She was wearing make up, with her trademark maroon lips and even while 'bumming around the house', the girl made low fashion look expensive. "You're late," she said flatly and with that telltale tone of superiority. Autumn knew it was later than she intended, but felt she had a solid defense. Still, the girl was intimidating. "But... you said 'whenever'. I got caught up in a few-" "Whatever," she rolled her eyes. "Come in. Welcome to Casa Del Dysfunctional." She stood aside and waved Autumn in. The inside of the home was as amazing as the outside, with a log interior and was about as rustic and 'Montana' as a ranch home could get. The living room was cozy with a working fireplace and all manner of trophies on the walls and skins on display, even a bear on floor in front of the fire. The kitchen was as modern as one could expect, with tons of room and an island in the center for prepping food and one of those fridges that when it lit up you could see through the doors and it ordered groceries. From the kitchen was the dining room that led out to a massive back deck that looked down over the huge pool. On railing was a faded sign that read 'No diving into the pool, Devin.' underneath the writing in parenthesis was a handwritten note that read (We're serious. Stop it. You're going to get hurt.) Marissa noticed her reading the sign and smirking and rested her chin not far of Autumn's shoulder, startling her slightly. "Yeah, he's an idiot. Can't be left unsupervised." She walked off to the kitchen. "I was going to order pizza, you okay with that? You're not like, vegan or whatever, right? I'm just curious, i never paid much attention to you, aside from knowing all the hippie stuff you do like hiking, and... hiking." "Is Devin here?" Autumn asked. "No. When left on his own he is a torrential storm of anarchy and constant frustration for other... so I turn him loose whenever possible. Besides, we're twins, we need a break from each other sometimes. He's not been home all weekend, now that he's learned what he can do, he's seeing the world. And, I wouldn't try floating that boat, honey. He's kinda got a thing for Lona, they're 'talking'." She air quoted. "Alexa!" "Yes, Queen Bitch? How might I be of service in your domain?" Alexa's voice answered from the base on the kitchen counter. Marissa smirked at Autumn. "What? You can program her to say all kinds of things, might as well have fun with it, right? Order pizza, please. My usual." It didn't escape Autumn's notice that she didn't wait for a confirmation of Autumn's dietary habits. "Hope you like pepperoni." "Your pizza is being ordered." Replied the house's internet service/servant. "C'mon, I'll show mine and my brother's domain. Our parents generally keep to the upstairs, we hang in the basement, our rooms are on the second floor but we can do all this hair stuff down there, it has a full bath." Marissa led her downstairs into the basement and it was the of a house in and of itself. Huge living room, massive television, xbox, ps4, a kitchenette and two more bedrooms with a full bath. One wall of the basement was a massive patio door underneath the deck on the first floor that led out to the pool that was massive and obviously very expensive. Beyond the pool she could see the workout equipment and gymnastics set up out in the yard. "Alexa, lights. Pool's heated if you want to borrow a suit, unless you brought your own." The basement lit up as the sun strained to keep the their side of the world lit. "So, do you want to just jump right into this, or are we supposed to bond or something? I'm sorta new to this whole 'friends' thing."
  4. "I'll run it by the theater department," Charlie said with a chuckle at the prospect of being Hoggle. "I like the idea of getting the other grades involved. That would make for a lot of costumes, though." "Halloween is coming. Afterwards everything will be like, a dollar. Snatch them all up, mix and match, add some, take away some, resize, and there you go." She countered. "Just think about it, okay? I think you'd do great at it." "Wait, you do? Marissa Jauntsen, was that a compliment?" Charlie leaned in his head to the side cracking an inquisitive smile. Marissa's cheeks rarely flushed, but then again, she rarely made social faux paws either. She conceded a single, momentary smile to clarify her statement. "And what is so surprising? Just because I believe you all to be incompetent at everything else, doesn't mean you can't be good at one thing. I wouldn't say Lilly is terrible at football, just everything else. Same with you, you don't suck at theater. Just everything else." "By all means," Charlie shook his head laughing. "Shower me with praise." She made a playful face at him, somewhere between sticking her tongue out and trying to look mean. "You'll get over it, I'm sure. You're young, you have time." She checked her phone and tucked it into her handbag. "Look, I need to get going. I have a lot to take care of today before Jason's little get together." She fumbled in her bag for a moment and set a ten on the table. "I'll cover the tip." "That's generous," her breakfast date noticed. "It's only a twenty dollar check." "Just because I give Max a hard time, doesn't mean I don't like her, Charles. She's a hard worker and good person. She deserves it." She slid out of the booth and stood up. "Thank you for breakfast, it was nice to get out of the house for a bit. I'll see you around."
  5. "That's more for me to decide, isn't it?" She popped a fork full of waffles into her mouth and rolled her eyes back in delight. "Ugh, so good. Total carb load, but so worth it. Guilty not guilty. Your theory is cute, in a friendship is magic kinda way, got a pony name picked out?" She finished her first fork full and changed the subject. "Oh, so, I decided on your production." "More Dora?" Charlie mused and largely uninterested considering how much help she was before. "Can't wait to hear it." "Very funny Flutter Fuckwit," she shot him an annoyed expression has he mocked her. "You ever hear of Labyrinth? It's an old musical from the-" "Yes, Marissa, trust me, I've heard of it." "Well, there you go. Le Miserables, sorry to burst your bubble, was a dumb idea. Do you think the people of Shelly even give a shit about that level of culture? Dude, no way. We need to cater to the audience, Charles, not you. Labyrinth is a fun production, all the costumes are easy to make, the songs are short and easy to learn. And at the goblin fight at the end we can get some of the elementary kids to dress up and run around and have fun. It will involve our connected buildings, every parent will love the idea of involving the younger students, and it's cheap and easy to produce. I already downloaded the score, with and without the lyrics. You're welcome." She smiled and by this time had most finished her waffles before getting through all that. "And, you can get Nerd Herd to help. I've seen the drama club, you're not a group of lookers... you'll need an attractive brunette for the lead." "Will we now?" He smiled. "And where would we find one of those? He glared at her, an attractive brunette. "Me?" She raised her hands. "Hoooo, no. Uh uh. I don't do performances on stages. A little public speaking, but I don't sing, dance, none of that. Honestly, I was thinking Lilly. No one quite fills that 'it's not fair' self-entitlement niche quite like she does. Oh, Sara can be Ludo and Cade and Cora can be rocks. Jason can be Jerith, he seems to love showing his bulge off. You're obviously a Hoggle. See? I solved your crisis." She smiled. She genuinely seemed happy and 'normal' for only a moment and in that small window she was positively lovely.
  6. "Oh, you worked it out huh?" She looked at him with puzzled expression. "My neck would argue differently, Mr. Repressed Anger Issues." "And," she turned her mug of coffee about so the handle was where she preferred it before raising it for a sip. It didn't surprise Charlie that she took her coffee bitter and black, like her soul. "I am this way by choice, Charles. I'm aware of how messed up my home life is, and how I treat people. I possess one skill that my bother and I took a very long time master: self-awareness." "People everyday want to mess up everyone's life with lies. See, if you want to really fuck with them? Tell them the truth and watch them lose their ever loving mind. I do inspire, Charlie. Simply because you and your little band of social deviants and sociopaths can't see it, doesn't make it less true. I'm was not trying to be friends with all of you, my brother was. I've spent the last several weeks tagging along on your little adventures and I have realized that between the self-righteous foot stomping, constant drama, and murderous intent... you guys add absolutely nothing of value to my life. Why would I want to be friends with people who behave and carry on like you do? You're trouble, and it would only be a matter of time before you got me in trouble, and I don't want that. I have plans for my life. I don't need you guys with your spy-fucking, assault, and your autoerotic asphyxiation fetishes screwing up my good vibes." "This is me, Charlie. I'm mean, I'm pretty, and I crush goals like a fucking beast. That's all you see, it's all you'll know." Marissa smiled politely and sincerely. "Asking me to not be who I am is like asking you not be in drama. You were born to act. You're a rock star at it. We can't change people, Charles. We can only accept them as they are and watch them evolve into their potential. If I liked you idiots, I might treat you differently, but I don't, so I don't. It's no big mystery to be solved, Chuck."
  7. "I wasn't judging Lona." Marissa reiterated in a calm tone. "It's done, and this experience is a tool to learn in case you ever have an incident like this again. I'm not one to belive in God, Lona, but with what we've seen, I don't know. I do know that all of you have been blessed with amazing abilities and now you have a tough choice ahead of you. Hero? Or villain? I don't envy the weight on your shoulders, girlfriend." She sighed and with a sudden shooing motion dismissed Lona, "Now go on. Charlie was my bonding limit for the day and you're stinking up my car with sad songs and suicidal guitar solos... go on, shoo."
  8. "It's not my place to tell you that, Lona. It's your friend's, a detail that I don't recall them bringing up, but then again, I left in hurry. Not for your sake, but for Liam's. Besides, you have momma Clara looking out for you, you'll be fine." Wow, vitriol much? "Liam?" Lona asked. "I dont... oh." "I don't have magical mind powers. Neither does Liam, and we're living in a town where monsters happen. I can't look at someone, anyone and just say they're bad. I don't know, if they're messed up, bad, or just having a bad day or The Dark has made them a Shade and they're just being driven to stupidity. I'm not defending him, but in a way I am... I hope that he did what he did because he's not the piece of shit he made himself out to be." "You fed him to Jason, Lona. Not a judgment, just a fact. You need to be careful what you say around him. He's an animal and I had to get to the Sheriff before Jason got to Liam. That's why I'm mad at him. Jason had plenty of time to think about his actions and how to handle the situation. It wasn't 'heat of the moment' or a 'crime of passion'. Malice aforethought, Lona. Look it up. He knew exactly what he was doing and did exactly what he wanted to do. Watch your back is all I'm saying, drunks always say they'd never hit their kids... until they do. How long before one of you push the wrong button for him and his big brain decides you're just another meat puppet for his telekinetic assault and battery practice?" She set her phone on the console and it lit up on the induction charger built into the car. Must be nice, Lona thought. Having all these fancy toys. "I'm sorry that it was you, no person should have that happen to them, for what it's worth. And... you're welcome."
  9. "I don't sound like that," she crinkled her nose and shook her head, despite it being a perfect impression. "Oh, I knew," she said honestly in reference as to why he changed. "The whole town knows. I wanted to hear it from you. You're an authority on your life, you don't need me rehashing your business. It's also the polite thing to do, that was your option to tell me you didn't want to talk about it," she swept her hands wide. "But here we are, in a conversation. Funny how that works." "Friendly advice?" She didn't wait for him to accept or decline, she just moved on as people generally do when telling one their business. "You're in a place where you have the opportunity to keep being a good guy. We can't fix other people. We can't fix who they love, or who they don't. You're angry, and rightfully so, but your anger keeps you from excelling. Instead of you controlling the situation, you've allowed the situation to control you. Your grades, your mirth, performance on stage..." "There is nothing wrong with my performance," Charlie defended himself unit Marissa snorted a laugh. "Yeah, never heard a guy say that before," she said with a smile. "You're letting what your dad did, control you as person. His actions don't define you, Charlie. You can't undo what he did. Be there for your mother, lover her, and be the man of the house your dad decided not to be whether she is there or not. Instead of letting the situation bring you you down, take control of it. Own it. Sometimes parents teach us how to be our best us showing exactly how *not* to do something. Like Quaaludes and Adderall. Be the best you, Charlie. You can't fix other people, but you can inspire them, and you did. Just saying."
  10. Marissa stopped. Right now she hated Jason, not for what he did to Liam (though she'd not admit it), but for he did to her to get to Liam. Their problems would have to wait, however. "I could leave," she said without turning around. "I'm not wanted, and I assure you that's not a complaint on my part." She spun around slowly and faced everyone again. "We're not friends. Remember? I think that's the disconnect here in that you think I'm shooting for friendship. I made it clear, to all of you, that this was my brother's idea and I was just along for the giggles. Bet a few of you forgot that along the way, didn't you? Shame, you're supposed to be such a smart, attentive bunch. I guess that's just on your Saturday night character sheets, huh? My only hurt in all this is that you disappointed my brother, because he really did like all of you, why, I've no idea, and now? It doesn't matter." "This isn't about me, or how I feel about all of you. It's about a monster coming to feed on our identities and frankly, even if you don't like me, you have to agree with me when I say, that plain sucks." She approached the table slowly. "All of you are direct ins to every clique in the school. Lona, the music crowd. Charlie, the drama kids. Sara the impoverished," she raised her hand to halt complaints before they started. "It's not a shot, it's an actual demographic. Jason, the outcasts. Cade, sports. Sean, technophiles... and cross dressers." There was an awkward silence... "Okay, that was a shot. Clara, the overachievers. My brother, the mysoginist bros who think they're funny, but not." She raised a finger. "Aaand, shot." "We can't kick down the doors and beat Courtney at her own game. We need to be subtle. I honestly hate the bitch, but she's gotten bad, people. Real bad. I think she might be a Shade." "A Shade?" Jason asked. "What Devin and I call people who are... infected, for lack of a better term, by The Dark. I'll back all of you. Essentially I can make you popular by proxy. The result will be you becoming kings and queens in your respective domains, overnight. That means you can begin to shift the social paradigms subtly. Be more inclusive, be leaders, be people others can look up to and respect. In essence," she sighed and let her persistent evil smirk fade to a mournful frown. "Be everything Devin and I weren't. Courney will be forced to either conform to the new popularity standard, or she'll wig the hell out and we'll know she's a Shade." "Athletes are already popular," Jase offered. "True, but even their popularity can be bolstered. Just as mine can by the support of other cliques. We're not talking me ruling the school while you serve the queen, I'm proposing helping you all get your foot in the door, then once there I let other see me supporting you, then you work together to unify Shelly and its students. It'll take time, maybe later than Valentine's Day... but we can control the school and stop Courtney and her goons before they hurt someone else." She straightened and crossed her arms. "No promises, but we might be able to manage a slow motion walk down the hall looking like bad asses while everyone on the sidelines looks like they wish they were us. If you control the cliques, you control the school. It'll be messy and all out war, but for those of you who don't know how... I can teach you to be popular... and stylish. Concessions will have to be made, like getting some of you prettier." Her gaze turning to Clara didn't go unnoticed. "Ten percent of Shelly's population is the High School class. Twenty percent are their parents, another ten percent are younger siblings in lower grades... we pull this off and set a standard, we can have thirty or fourty percent of people willing to listen and help their kids make their neighborhood a nicer place to live... and if I repeat that, I may vomit." She paused and exbaled slowly. "That said, the thought of you guys being in charge of anything makes me dryer than Cass's ashy elbows," she looked at Cass. "Seriously, girl, it's called lotion, look into it, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Now, my brother is waiting for me, so think it over. Oh, and Lona, you've been eyeballing me all night. I'll be in my car for five minutes checking my social media. The passenger door will be unlocked. The rest is on you. I'm really leaving this time." She turned to leave and slid her slid her phone from the thigh pocket of her leggings. Tapping away at keys as she left.
  11. Marissa was about answer Jason when when Lilly swept in and took over the conversation like common politeness and decorum were aging, useless concepts. "Well, she has it all figured out and I'm sure by the time it's done she'll even say it was her idea all along. 'I was gonna suggest that anyways', or somesuch drivel. Well, you guys enjoy, this is obviously her show now. We'll be on our way if there is nothing else." "Meet you at the house," Devin said to his sister and in a blast of distorted air and a shimmer, he was gone. Marissa made her way to the door, her 'hiking heels' (which she still swore were a thing) echoed on the cement slab of the barn's floor. She raised her hand and waved without looking back. "Later losers. Good luck in your struggles. You're gonna need it."
  12. There was a long pause, quiet pause after laid out the plan. The twins listened and Devin offered up a roll of the eyes as Cass announced him to team up with Cade... who once again, couldn't be bothered to show. "Finished?" Marissa asked. Cass looked at the board and noticed a few new bullet points. "Well there is the matter of-" "Good," Marissa cut her off and stood to face everyone, addressing the group as a whole she stood with the poise of someone bred for public office. "I wanted to talk about yesterday. Despite completely losing my shit and somehow asking Autumn to hang out with me sometime," she shuddered visibly. "My brother had a long talk-" "-what she saw, what I saw," Devin cut into the verbal dance the twins excelled at. "And all the screaming and yelling and near loss of a national treasure aside," no one missed the way he adjusted himself at the mention of 'national treasure'. "Emjay came up with a sound theory. It's just theory... but we have fuck all else at the moment." "I saw the tree." She continued. "It is Shelly. Meaning, spirituality, that it and Shelly are connected. It didn't dawn on me until I was eating breakfast with Charlie this morning. He's miserable. All of you are miserable in some fashion. We all have problems. All of Shelly has problems... this place is where happiness goes to die." She stood straight and started to communicate as much with her hands as she did her words. "Shelly isn't a town, it's a trough. This entity is feeding on our misery and most of all, our fear. When we were attacked Jason and Deej were doing pretty well, but when we freaked out, it moved faster, recovered swifter, it *healed*. Then everyone else shows up and now we're all freaking out, and rightfully so-" "-big vagina faced monster. First for all of uss," Devin shook his hands to symbolize fear. "Very scary. Not faulting anyone, we can't all be the heroes like stoic Jason and Cade... one who can't be bothered and another who celebrated with shakes and attempted murder! Yaaaay!" Marissa scowled at Devin and cocked her head with an insulting smile. "Do mind?" "No, no... not at all..." Her stepped backed and swooped his arms forward for her to retake the stage. "Please, continue." "Thank you. Asshat." She sighed and composed herself before looking back the crowd. "The more of us who were there,scared as hell, the faster it healed. Our fears made it impossible to beat that thing. Except Jase, but for those of us who are normal, functioning members of society and not part of Dexter fan club, we're screwed... unless." She paused for effect, then continued on. "We beat that thing at it's own game. Shelly is miserable and bland because this parasite is attached to it, seeping out all the decency and joy. We have one year-ish. We need to fix our town. We need to engage it's people and get this place living again. Turn it back into a community where people aren't afraid to live in fear of what's lurking in the shadows waiting to murderdilate them and throw them through plate glass windows. We need to make..." she looked away like she was going to be sick. "...and I can't believe I'm about to say this... a happier place live." Devin stepped forward. He patted his sister on the back. "I know, I know... sunshine and rainbows... your poison, take it slow... breathe." He addressed the group. "Essentially, we poison the tree at its roots. With a bit of community gatherings, fund raisers, events... all things to keep the city a bit less moodier." "Start with the school," Marissa sighed. "You all, believe it or not, are respective leaders in one of the various cultures or subcultures within our school... come on, its 300 people big, we're not proposing rocket science. With my clout and popularity I can raise you god like status so you can remove the Courtneys and Chets and Liams from being a problem to other students. Defend the weak, shelter the sad... all that dumb morality shit you nerds are into. With the quality of life improved, we should be able to pick out the poisoned minds among us. Then, the work begins on Shelly. 3,000 people are not hard to manipulate if you know how... I interned with the mayor so thankfully, I know how." "It won't beat this thing, but it might weaken it. We have a year to break a centuries old cycle... and time's ticking." She stepped from the table and sat back down, crossing her legs the CEO she believed she would one day be. Devin applauded. "Still has my vote for 'who never accept an apple from', folks. Woo!" She flipped him off and smirked. "It's all theory, but it might work. We're not dealing science, we're dealing... with something else. We're trying to think outside the box, here."
  13. "I am far from miserable," she chuckled. "But I do hate it here. It's so drab, and boring and the snow? Oh my gawd, I hate snow." She stirred her water with her straw. With a tilt of her head she decided whether or not to tell Charlie, or simply brush him off. Hell, he was buying breakfast... certain rules of decorum did apply. At the very least a few answers in return for his courtesy. "Deej and I were thirteen. Mom amd Dad just said we're moving, and now we're here. Our dad was an investment banker in the Malibu area, apparently he's like, super smart with money. Our mom had just opened her behavioral therapy practice... then, poof. We're here with no warning." She leaned back in her seat and folded her arms while crossing her legs beneath the table. A classic postured of one wanting to protect themselves when feeling threatened socially. "We didn't have it all, but we had enough to be happy. Our parents actually loved each other, we had good times. Now? When the last time you saw my dad?" "Uh," Charlie was caught off guard by the sudden question. "To be honest? I think maybe last year? Dropping you two off before you had your licenses. Like, maybe once?" He guessed honestly. "Exactly." She huffed. "He's never home, and when he is he's drunk and passed out as far away from our mom and us as possible. Our mom? She hates him and us. She's only making it through the day because she's on more prescription medication and cocaine the Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wallstreet." She leaned in and unfolded her arms, tapping the table with a glossy maroon fingernail. "This town is a life suck. It's where souls come to fade away. It's gloomy, dreary, nothing ever happens, and all people do is meander about pretending and lying about how fucked up they really are." She motioned her hands in circles then tightened into fists close to her her heart. "This place is cursed, Peck!" "Oh, speaking of cocaine, I thought of a school play for you," she smiled. You're welcome. I'll tell you while eat. Until then, c'mon..." she motioned to him to come forward, but they were at the table. What she meant was for him give up something, now that she'd spilled something about herself. "Out with it. What's your malfunction? Besides your style. Your grades took a dive last year, you quit being the life of the hallways between classes with your lame Shakespeare readings and occasional poetry." "You noticed all that?" Charlie asked with a chuckle. "It's my school. I notice everything," Max slid past them, dropping off a small platter of toast slices with a smile moved on once she dropped off their coffees too. Marissa's eyes looked the server, obviously not appreciating the interruption, but said nothing until she left. "So, what gives? People actually liked your little poetry sessions, why take them away?
  14. "Gotta give us something more than that Clara, I'm sorry." Devin shrugged. "The only thing we have for evidence are the people telling us lies. You feel me?" The moment Jason addressed her Marissa's eyes narrowed like knife edges. It was obvious there was some drama there, but Marissa tucked her crazy back in it's cell. "Perhaps a compromise?" She stood up and leaned on the table like Devin had in the kitchen earlier. "Sara. Sara links our minds with his and allows us to see the truth. Memories don't lie, and considering he's working for the piece of shit whose tossed our privacy aside, I'm not too concerned with his at this point." Her maroon lips curled into a smile and he voice became compassionate. "Clara, I get it. I do. We've all had crushes and Etienne is great looking, charming, and you don't have a lot going for you." For a moment it almost seemed like she'd make it the whole way without being catty. "Letting go of something like that is hard. Believing they're not as good as the pedestal you've placed them on is even harder. No one wants their heart broken." "Do you even have one?" Cass asked the Mantis. Everyone kinda gave her a look. "What, I'm serious, up until now I've been going with a cyborg theory. I need the data. "I did," she replied, smirking as Cass's comment. "Then I learned that the best way to not be hurt is to beat people at their own game. To be better than them. Clara, you like him. I don't blame you, he's great, but love doesn't require second guessing. Love is trust unconditional and it is not a secondary thought after a foundation of lies has crumbled. I'm not going to tell anyone in here what to do or how to live their lives... mostly because you spiteful little shits would do the opposite just to spite me." Her smile seemed genuine. "Let us help you Clara." She continued. "Solidarity. We all meet with him, Sara shows us the truth, and we can let it all go. Frankly, you guys are proposing a war with another dimension. I'd prefer you had allies, not more enemies." She stood and shrugged. "But what do I know? I'm just the bitch?"
  15. "Aww, arts and crafts time," came the mocking sneer of Marissa's voice from the back of the room. "How adorable. Had I known I'd have brought milk and cookies for everyone." "We got pizza," Devin pointed out. "But I could go for some cookies..." "I'll pass, thanks." She smiled at him sarcastically. "Where in the hell have you been?" "Where haven't I been, Emjay. It's a long story, I'll tell you later. Right now we're trying to see how everything connects, get our bearings so we can take the fight where it needs to go." "You can't be serious," she chuckled as she spoke. "You saw that thing, all of you did. Devin it almost took your leg off." "If not us, than who?" He stood up from where he was leaning and took a step towards her. "With Lona's heals, Jase's fire, Lilly's strength and my speed... we might have a chance. Everyone here is getting stronger by the day. Developing, understanding, accepting what we are, Marissa." "And just what are all of you? Hmm?" Her words were terse and tactless. It was obvious she didn't want Devin getting hurt. "Idiot kids looking to get yourselves killed!?" "Hope." Devin said softly. "We're all this town and it's people have. We need you Marissa. You said you had a plan, a theory. We need it, we need everything we can because something, someone, somewhere... may have the key to beating this... thing. We can't rule anything out." Marissa sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Devin... I can't stand here and watch you and these idiots kill yourselves." Her brother exhaled. His face was the picture of disappointment but it was obvious he understood why she felt the way she did. "Because I'm in heels today," Devin looked at her and a glimmer of hope shone in his eyes. "And my calves are already burning. So I will sit and watch all of you idiots plan your destruction." She sat down in a chair and crossed her legs elegantly and folded her arms. "I'll say my piece once all this..." she waved her hand at the board. "Done."
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