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  1. Marissa stood, folding her arms to rest under her chest as she approached the monitor and tilted her head, examining the shimmer/smudge. “It's Enterich.” She answered confidently, but not fully sure. “They don't use the front door, it's bolted shut. No one else was in building. Myself, Dale and Marshall, plus Enterich. Unless this invisible person was in there whole time and I just didn't notice them.” “Do have any senses that would have alerted you to a presence?” She was always ceaseless in her inquiry into what powers they all possessed, she could help it, the children were fascinating, yet today, she asked more out of hope than curiosity. “Ms. Giles, I don't possess any powers. I mean, I have this sort of preternatural sex appeal thing going, but that's not a power, its just sort of, I don't know, always there? I mean you saw how I rocked that skirt, right?” Her eyes darted upward and she sighed in admiration of herself. “I think that's my new favorite skirt, and is Marshall not hot, or what?” “Let's focus, Marissa,” Annette offered her a smile. “So 'no' on the detection, so whomever that was it may have been someone other than Enterich. Let's not rule out the possibility.” “We could have my brother check out that alleyway. If he just disappeared, there might be a portal or something, a spatial tear, perhaps?” The Æon representative smirked softly. Marissa's curious look in her direction pried a response from her thoughts. “I'm sorry, it's just how casual you said that just now. Sometimes it's hard to forget you're all just teenagers still trying to figure things out. You're all so amazingly resilient.” She stood to meet the young woman by the displays. “Do you think we could do that without your brother catching on to our activities? I know you wanted the others kept out of this, but maybe it's time to-” “No.” The Queen of Shelly shook her head, her hair dancing elegantly across her shoulders. “If the Fellowship finds out my brother and Jason will rain devastation down on Crossroads until they get Enterich for him even making the suggestion to harm one of our families. It's like you said, we're kids, still fumbling in the da-,” she paused, a part of her mind refusing to utter that word here. Her hesitation didn't go unnoticed by her host. “Still fumbling about. We're stupid, and we're impulsive.” She stared long and hard at the blur on the screen. “If this man has powers, or truly wasn't there, I might know a god who can help me figure this out.” “I-I'm sorry,” her tone certainly indicated that she was still processing what Marissa had just said. Her voice was still a bit of a chuckle as she dared to ask: “Did you just say a god?” Marissa smiled to Annette from over her shoulder. “Ms. Giles, I told you my contact list was in full-on beast mode. When are you going to start believing me?”
  2. It was a difficult thing to want to be loved so much yet be unable to allow people close to her. She was over joyed and thrilled that Cade had asked to Homecoming and her stomach fluttered with butterflies as her teenage mind swam through the cluttered mire of all the possible things he could wear to match her dress or the dances they'd dance, or the absolute thrill that he would be showing up at her home to get her and her parents would see her leaving all dressed up with a handsome guy... it felt so, real, like her novels and television dramas. Yet, no matter how often she appeared to be there in the emotional moment, her mind simply couldn't commit to the idea that happiness was simply a trite, made up fantasy for people who were too simple or weak to know any better. Everyone in the world was out for themselves, it was just a matter of when and where, choice versus circumstance. When hungry enough, any animal would turn on others of its kind and humanity had never ceased finding new ways to be hungry. For Marissa it was control. She hungered for absolute control of her life and everything in it, be her lovers to her aspirations, to her business dealings. If she wasn't on top, she would grind and fight until she was. After all, hunger was about survival and when it came to surviving, there were no rules. The small pocket on her thigh vibrated and as she read the text on her phone and quietly cursed to herself. She grumbled and suddenly walked away from Cade. “Baby, I have to go. Can you tell everyone I said bye. And tell my brother to text me, please?” “Is everything okay?” He was concerned and the way his eyes narrowed told her that he was silently scrutinizing her sudden desire to depart. She offered him a reassuring smile but kept slowly distancing herself. “Fine,” she said calmly. “Just family business. My mom is being a pain, is all. Typical 'now that you have your license you can run all the errands' lazy parenting B.S., that's all.” “I know how that goes, I'll pass it on to Devin.” His laugh was sympathetic, after all, what teen didn't know the age old irritation of doing all the driving once their license was in their hands. It was like parents slipped into lazy mode now that the kids could do it all. “Text me later?” She spun on her heels, her chocolate hair whipping to fall over her opposite shoulder as she offered him one of seductive smiles. “Sure,” she tightened her tummy and ran her hands down until they stopped just short of her thighs in a teasing gesture he was sure she stole from a dance number. “Text me your favorite color, Lord knows you earned it today.” With a sultry wink and a 'you-know-you-want-me' smile, she spun back around and headed off to her car. Her lover still was trying the process the fact that he'd seen Marissa-freaking-Jauntsen naked today, let alone had had sex with her too. On that same note, he was still trying to process that it was certainly possible it might happen a second time. Like most guys he had a 'preferred' color, not a favorite, but he knew why she wanted it. She was going to send him a few images later of her in whatever color he sent her... now... all he had to do was decide what color he wanted to see her in so he could make that his new favorite thing, ever. Sex. Hot girl sending him lewd pics. Possibly more sex. Plus, badgers. It was so good to be Cade Allister right now. ---===[Marias Medical Center]===--- Thank God for tinted windows. It wasn't the first time she'd changed clothes in her car, but there was something about the act she just didn't care for. Still, the text seemed urgent so running home to change didn't seem viable. Within ten minutes after arriving in the parking lot of the medical center, her hiking heels, simple denim skirt and a black and white top that fell off her shoulders was once again exposing her midriff so she could she proudly brandish her navel piecing of a glittering black stone in the shape of a heart. Her hair was brushed and redone and her makeup back on fleek, as was proper for a diva of her station. Dr. Cook's old office was still completely furnished, which the young woman assumed was the doing of either Æon or Branch 9. Today, as she entered the comfortable office of the now detained sociopath, Annette Giles was waiting for her. Marissa noticed something in the atmosphere almost right away, as her keen shine immediately processing the myriad of social cues, body language, and micro-expressions that were red flagging all over Ms. Giles. A normal person would have almost certainly missed them, however Marissa's strange social cognitive perceptions allowed her to quickly read the scene with the speed and talent of a seasoned professional. “Marissa, hello.” Her smile was warm as she extended a hand in greeting which the young woman accepted with a curt smile from freshly applied glossed lips. “Is everything okay?” The diva's voice was calm but still weighed heavily on the side of concern and skepticism. Something seemed off about this scenario already. “Your text seemed urgent.” Under her normally calm exterior there was turmoil of a sort, an anxiety crawling just under the surface of her skin. “Well, it is, come with me, there is something I need to show you. There's been... a development. Please,” she extended her hand, motioning to the secret elevator that slid open as she gestured, inviting the young woman down to the secret Æon/Branch 9 facility below the medical center.
  3. So, of course, after dragging the entire cooler over from the barn by herself Jason felt it was certainly a good enough idea to make use of the convenience. It would figure that he was to lazy to do it on his own, but then again, why should he? He was Jason Bannon and everyone was just part of his grand experiment in becoming a real person one day. Be that as it may, Marissa had been sitting long enough. After her conversation with Lilly, which wasn't bad as far a socializing with the Nerd Herd went, she decided to it was time to at least get serious and attempt to unfuck some of the bad karma she'd levied on herself over the course of this weekend. Amazingly enough, she didn't have a scrunchie but she didn't really care at this point. With a simple shake of her head her dark brown hair she gently primped it with her nails as she approached the gangling serial killer in training. Sill, regardless of her personal feeling on the matter she didn't want to see him dead because of Enterich's thunder-wood getting so hard that he just had to kill something because 'he was the boss'. She wouldn't mind him being broken and mangled in the same way he left Liam but she sure the Fellowship would claim that it was somehow not right than some monster would treat their poor Jason that way, completely missing the point of the irony... and that was no fun. “Last stop on the apology tour?” She asked him as she approached. Ever-spectacular in her appearance, the alluring Diva really only had that as her ice breaker since already being this close to him made her skin crawl. “So, food for thought, since your the thinker and self-proclaimed genius,” she looked down the cooler he didn't consider for his guests. “Obviously.” Her hair usually appeared black, but in the brightness of the afternoon sun it's dark brown hue shimmered here and there in the sun as she continued. “Right as we get this whole Enterich name seemingly plucked from a vision and Cody's location practically handed to us for a face-off, lo and behold, the return of Lilly. Now, were this just high school drama, Jason your ashes would already scattered, your lands burned and your fields salted, but this is not high school. I've had a bad feeling for some time now, a pang in my gut. Something, and I don't know what, just doesn't feel right. I was talking about it with my brother, so, I figured it only proper to discuss it with you too.” “My point is, be careful.” Her voice was sincere and caring enough but she could fake emotion ranges the same way Cade faked being interested in what Cosmo said about his and Marissa's compatibility. “This is just a bit too convenient, at least from my perspective. We know Shades aren't always violent and we have no proof that none of us are immune to Dark influence. I mean, what Olympic try out? She's trained her whole life and no one even knows what Olympic event she was going for... and what Olympic hopeful risks injury by playing high school sports and goes to a public school? Now, all of a sudden, in our darkest hour enter the Lilly. Might be paranoia, might not. Just food for thought.” "Interesting point of view." Jason fixed her with a stare as, head tilted slightly, he considered her words, filing away the 'high school drama, ashes, burning and salting' for later review alongside Devin's earlier statement that Marissa was unhappy about him and Autumn.. also comparing with the tone of sincere care in her voice as she warned him. Another contradiction. He wasn't sure why the rancor, or why Marissa would even care who he dated: it ceased to be her business when she turned him down. But then, she was right - whatever 'logic' led her to being mad at him was less important than the Dark and its agents. "You propose Lilly was lying about the tryouts - that should be easy to determine. Competitors are registered and their events logged somewhere. Olympic hopefuls are not too low-profile for a half-decent web search." "As for Enterich being seemingly plucked from a vision..." he went on calmly. "I have no reason to disbelieve Cassandra. If she says she saw something, then until I have good logical reason to believe otherwise I shall go with that fact. Her vision might have been fooled - but to what end? To divert us from tackling Cody? We go after him tomorrow evening anyway. This Enterich, whoever he is, is secondary to that." He took another drink of water from his recently-appropriated bottle, pale green eyes on her still. "I will take your words into consideration, though." he admitted as he lowered the bottle once more. "If something does not feel right to you, then I will treat that with the same gravity as I treat Cassandra's visions." "Sure, because Sean's never faked a document in his life, go ahead, look that up, I'm sure it's legit." She rolled her eyes. "I'm not doubting Cassie, nor Lilly. I just, I don't know. My worry-dar is off the charts and right now no one seems to really want to listen to reason." She paused and sighed. "Okay, maybe I am doubting everyone... but this world we're a part of now is insane and everyday I'm just waiting for people to just peel their faces off like this whole city is one messed up Scooby-Doo episode. I just can't even, most days. I don't have powers, all I can do is worry, so I worry. A lot. Not that anyone listens, but hey, whateves." "Anyways, just stay alert," she offered in a tone that almost seemed like she cared. "Devin's going to patrol the city tonight, make sure nothing is out of the ordinary... whatever the hell that means in this town. He'll text if there's a problem, I asked him to include you in that as well since you seem to have some sort of bromance going." "Thank you." He nodded slightly. "And... for what it may be worth, I don't dismiss your intuition, Marissa. You claim to have no powers - but you do Shine. Perhaps your worry-dar is part of it. Or maybe you just have good instincts." He gave her a faint smile, the edges of his eyes crinkling slightly. "If you have a concern, I will listen to it." He paused, his smile turning a little wry and lopsided. "I might not act on it, but I will listen. And I'll stay alert." She shifted her posture slightly, a bit relieved that Jason had agreed to remain alert, but that seemed the extent of tells the her composure was willing to gift. "Well, that's it." She said tersely. "Have fun or whatever you do and enjoy the new girlfriend. If things get weird tonight you'll know." Her arms went out from her sides and fell against her scarlet sheathed hips like a girl with nothing left to say. "If you need me for anything, Devin can let me know." With that said she began walking away. For a moment, he considered asking how she and Cade were doing, perhaps trying to converse with her as the friends they had been, a week and a lifetime ago. He weighed the apparent rancor she held against the apparent sincere care she had for his life and limb - a confusing set of equations, the math not adding up. She was a study in contradictions, and he was not sure whether she liked him or disliked him. He wasn't even sure she knew. "Marissa." he called softly, watching as she looked over one finely-shaped shoulder at him. His emerald gaze was expressive for a moment, a question flashing a fin in their depths before the waters stilled once more. "Thanks again." was all he said, his manner sober.
  4. Lilly found a spot to sit a think a little, somewhat out of the way, but not really apart from the others. She enjoyed watching them, the sight bringing a smile to her face. As she sat there watching the others though, she noticed somebody doing much the same as herself; Marissa. For her part Marissa did not seem to be enjoying herself nearly as much. It dawned on Lilly that Marissa probably felt rather out off place among the rest of the Fellowship, for various reasons. With a final swig Lilly finished off her bottle of water and headed back to the cooler, discarding her empty bottle with the others before collecting two more bottles. After all, approaching with something of an olive branch would not hurt, right? With bottles in hand Lilly walked off took a wide arch around the perimeter of the makeshift training area to approach Marissa from the side, like she were some predator while on safari. The analogy was not that far off, to be sure, but still Lilly hoped she might catch her a little off guard and more real, rather than giving her extra time to develop snarky comments as she approached. "Hey Marissa." Lilly said as she drew near. "You got a minute to talk?" she asked, offering her one of the bottles of water. "If not, that's cool. We can talk whenever, if ever, you feel like it." she added, giving her the power by leaving it in her hands. "Lovely," Marissa said with a mixture of a sigh and breath of unfeeling emotional tension. She covered her eyes with her hand, her taloned acrylic nails were a matching shade to her skin tight yoga/super heroine/desperate to be noticed red workout attire and she mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen by massaging her temples for a moment. "Suppose it was only a matter time before your sparkly, righteous compass brought you in my direction," oh, the vitriol was there. Lily knew snark after two years in high school and right now Marissa's tone was at an eight, and rising. "Let me guess, realized you're going to be stuck in this ass end of nowhere town for the rest of your life now and decided it would be wise to patch things up in case your certificate from a technical college isn't enough and you need to come to me for a job when I own this dust bomb? Sorry, sister, I plan on dozing the whole place to the ground." She turned to Lily and looked her up and down. "I could use a personal assistant." She swiped away the thought with a flick of her wrist. "No. Ugh, what do you want? It's bad enough I have to deal with Tawny, the last thing I need is your 'love can save your soul' idealism." Lilly rolled her eyes and sighed with a faint grin on her lips. Well, that was about as best of a greeting as she could have reasonably hoped for. Strangely, with what Lilly had heard about Marissa being there for, and support, the rest of the Fellowship, she had a different take on her. Her snark lots much of its sting now that Lilly say her more for who she really was, so it did not bother her all that much. Twisting off the cap of her own bottle, the athletic teen took a seat near Marissa and took a sip of her water while she took a moment to think about her. Brushing aside Marissa's opening salvo, Lilly forged on "I just wanted to apologize for what I said and how I acted before. I was too caught up in the past and what you did and who you were that I could not see you for who you are now and what you were doing. That's on me. Everybody can change, but I was took caught up in my own shit to see it. I didn't give you a fair chance and for that honestly I'm sorry. You were trying to help, in your own way and with your unique and finely honed communication style." "Like, I didn't mean to cut you off the other day. I was just trying to help too. Honestly, it felt like, I dunno. They were my friends and then you came in, and though you were trying to help, all I could see was the person you had been for years, and now you were here, with my friends and..." Lilly shook her head and sighed. "No matter what had happened in the past, the important part was that you were there and trying to help, and I did not give you a chance. And for that, I'm sorry." she added and then reached up and undid her ponytail, shaking her hair out and letting her long, dark locks fall about her back and shoulders, a sight rarely seen, even by her friends. Slipping the scrunchy over her wrist she continued, "Your were trying help us, even me, and I trampled all over whatever trust or good faith you might have had for me. I'm sure that me apologizing now isn't gonna fix it either, but in all seriousness, I do hope it's not too late for us to maybe be friends one day at least. And if that off the board, then that's my bad and I would at least hope we could put our shit aside for the sake of, well, everybody else, and at least work together." "I'd rather have a friend, but I understand if that's not an option for you anymore, and I guess I'd just have to live with it if that were the case." Lilly could see the similarities in the twins, especially as Marissa's expressions and body language was nearly identical to her brother's as she listened through the apology. She could tell the teenage beauty queen was stuck on tumbling a few of the harsher things she had planned on saying and replacing them with more 'scathing retorts', which was a considerable downgrade in Lilly's favor. She adjusted uncomfortably, as sentiment and kindness were like sunlight to Tim Curry's Darkness. Her sharp nail caught some of her hair and she brushed up passed her ear on the side of her Lilly was speaking. Why a girl needed claws for finger nails, Lilly couldn't guess. As a fashion statement they had some measure of sex appeal, but they sure didn't seem practical. "Well," she adjusted uncomfortably again, search for something cruel to say. Her standards made it difficult this time, however, since Lilly had really given her nothing to be cruel about. Any attack now would make Marissa the villain, and that just wouldn't do. She resigned with a loud sigh of discontent. "Fine, look, whatever." "I suppose I can't fault you," She wasn't about to bring up that Lilly actually took a moment to realize that Marissa was trying to help the others, even if they didn't realize it. They were so wrapped up in hormones and unearthing secrets, that they didn't seem to pragmatically see the forest through the trees. Which was where Marissa assumed she could help them. "Watching these lemmings is much akin to chimps flinging their feces. It's comical at first, but after the novelty wears off you begin to wonder what it is they're actually trying to accomplish. That's not on you. In your absence they were still stumbling and bumbling about." "I've never had friends," she admitted. "Autumn is supposed to be my bestie and I don't even know what that means, we're kind of bumbling about too. My point is," she sighed again like she was bored with the conversation, but it was easy to tell it was just how she was. "Maybe not everything is your fault. So... it's... it's fine." Lilly blinked for a moment, fairly taken aback by Marissa's response. 'Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst' was advice she had tried to take to heart in this situation, but in all honestly Marissa had responded much better than she had even hoped. No insults, accusation, jibes, or snarky comments and what that actually a hint of understanding and actual forgiveness? Whoa! And then something Marissa had said fully hit her. "I've never had friends" The very thought made Lilly feel for the girl that had been such a terror on campus and, if she was telling the truth (and it certainly seemed like it), it gave Lilly a little more insight into Marissa. "Well look," Lilly began, "...if you ever want to add another friend, I know I'd be honored. And I mean that seriously. The others might have missed it, but from what I heard about last week, and what I have seen for myself, I know there is a lot more to you, Marissa Jauntsen, 'Oh Great and High Queen of Shelly High', than this 'Stunningly Beautiful, Cold-Heated Queen with impeccable fashion sense and better hair and nails' mask you wear around." Lilly said with small, warm smile. "And really nice outfit, by the way. The red look really good on you." she added, motioning up and down Marissa with her water bottle. "Everything looks good on me," she said with the assuredness of Tarantino and the taste of his coffee. She returned Lilly's once over of appraisal. "Speaking of, we have Homecoming coming up. I've taken it upon myself to make sure we Fellowdivas look amazing, because, well, the Fellowdivas are amazing. Frankly if I'm going to be a part of this collection of misfits and microbial infection modern medicine refers to as 'hormones' and 'growing up', I'm not about to let any of you embarrass me. If I can make Cassandra look like more than the cast off spit bucket of hand-me-downs one worn by the Manson women, then I'm almost positive I can do something with," her finger waggled up and down, signifying Lilly in her entirety. "This whole sweat and muscle morality Paladin who's looking to finish high school as a virgin, thing you have going on." Once again she gave her the once over, then shrugged. She lifted her loose hair up an played with it for a moment. "I mean, maybe, I don't know. At least you seem to know what a brush is... I might be able to Edna Mode the shit out of you in time for Homecoming." Several times as Mari was speaking and making her evaluations of Lilly and her hair, Lilly had opened her mouth as to say something only to close it again. Once again, this was far beyond what the reaction she had even hoped to get from Marissa. On one level, it was odd that this level of snark and jibes from her was considered 'better than expected', but then again, things are best taken in stride. "Uh, thanks?" Lilly-half said and half-asked as Mari evaluated her and toyed with her hair. "You know, I was thinking about dying it blond for Homecoming. What do you think?" she asked, combing her fingers through her hair. "I think it's your hair," she shrugged. "Lord knows we have enough 'natural' redheads around here. You'd think this place was where all the Irish fled to during the 1920s. Look, as long as you have outfits to go with it and you feel comfortable in your own skin? Don't worry about what I think. Do you. Screw what Shelly and masses think. It's what I do, and I'm the hottest girl in school, so I must at least be doing something right." "If you don't have a decent dress for Homecoming, let me know." Marissa took a drink from her water and tried not to make it look like she was being nice. "I have several and there's no point in spending money on a dress when we both know mine will look way better and maybe even get a guy to notice you." "Well, I don't yet. I was maybe gonna to go dress shopping this week, in Great Fa-" was all that Lilly got out before Marissa cut her off. "Off the rack?" the three words left Mari's lips dripping with disgust and a hint of surprise. "Oh no. You're not going to show up wearing some generic, mass produced, ill-fitting, burlap sack that some other girl might be wearing. No, no. You are a Fellowdiva. Come by and we'll have one of my dresses tailored. 'Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.' Coco Chanel said that." "Huh. I guess that makes sense." Lilly said, contemplating if that was one of Mari's 'Rules To Live By '. "You know, now that I think about it, I know that you always do look impeccably dressed and smokin' hot, but I can't say I remember too many of the outfits. It's more of just an impression of you in my head, that you are always stylin' and hot. Huh. That's kinda interesting." she said thoughtfully, idly wonder if might of it might be some gift of Marissa's, but then remembered it way baclk to years before the bonfire. "Ugh. I have so much to teach you before the dance." Marissa said with a mildly irritated or frustrated sigh. Lilly reached over placed a hand on Mari's thigh as she looked her in the eyes. "Everything aside, thank you, Marissa, for listening and understanding and for your help, not just with the dance, but with everything with all of them too." she said, motioning over to the others with a tilt of her head. Marissa almost seemed sentimental for a moment but before the veneer cracked completely she composed herself and shrugged. "Lilly, families fight. My brother and me go at it at home. Name calling, insults, trying to get the other in trouble with Mom, fighting, but matter what I know my brother loves me and he's always there for me. That's just how family is." There was an implication there she simply let hover in the air. "Now go," like her brother, she waved Lilly off. "I can only tolerate so much kindness and display so much charity before the evil enchantments begin to fade. It's tears and sorrow that keep me beautiful. Go harass people about your dice games and protein shake recipes." "Speaking of dice games... Maybe one day you'll tell me what you play, or played at least. I'm guessing Sorcerer, but who knows." Marissa blinked at Lilly in either surprise or confusion. It was hard to discern. "I mean, generally people our age don't toss around terms like 'Paladin' unless they are D&D gamers, or they are talking about self-propelled artillery. So maybe one day you'll tell me what you play and, who knows, maybe even join our table. Until then, your secret is safe with me." Lilly said with a grin and a wink as she rose to her feet. "And yeah, families fight. So what I hear you saying then is that we are sisters. Got it." Lilly added with a nod and bigger grin as she plugged her ears and stated going, "Lalalala Can't hear you! Lalala." and ran off with a laugh.
  5. "So, what are we doing exactly?" Tawny asked while Cade set his bag of targets and practicing gear down with a low rattle. Jason's farm was huge and they had acres on which to sprawl out and be typically average teenagers. Like all teens they did the usual stuff like fly, open warp gate into the school's swimming pool, oh, and practice their knife throwing on target that were held aloft by the power telekinesis. Yup. Average. "You hold up the target, like so," he held one of the thick wooden planks to his chest. "And then I throw knives at you." "What?! No!" She protested, looking at him like he was a lunatic and wanted nothing to do with his idea. Cade was laughing and stacking the planks up to set them aside when Marissa stepped to her lover and later her nails gently scratch his back to notify him she was there. "He's screwing with you, Ms. Christian Summer Camp." The dark haired vixen rolled her eyes at Tawny's never ending supply of gullibility. She always took people at their word was too sweet to assume someone might be toying with her, except Devin and Marissa, whom she'd grown accustomed to. "I think he intends for you to make the targets move about with your mind and he's going to throw his junk at them." She gently kicked his bag of stuff. "Phrasing," Cade smirked. "Mmm," his girl smiled and moaned slightly. "Look at you, coming out of your shell." As he stood she wrapped her arms around him and looked up into his Caribbean hued eyes. Seductively she smiled and held him tighter. "Kiss me and tell me I'm pretty." Cade smiled and kissed her softly. "You are gorgeous," he said softly as he broke their embrace. "And distracting. As into this as I am, I need to throw some knives... now, come on seductress, let me focus." Marissa resigned to share her bae's with... well, himself, and released him so he could finish getting things prepared. As he rummaged around in his equipment bag Marissa collected all the targets and brought them to Tawny who was under the impression Jason would be helpeing her and she'd not be doing this alone. It took a few moments but Marissa had calmed her down and she agreed that she could, at the very least, try it solo. After all, Marissa would be here to help her relax. One of the targets was spinning slowly in her hand as she concentrated on it. Cade ran back off to his jeep to get something he'd forgotten, leaving the ladies alone. Marissa tapped the spinning target trying to get it to turn counter, but it just slowed and kept spinning in the same direction as she commented on how weird it was. "It's nice seeing you in love." Tawny said with her infectiously cheerful voice. "Woah there, sister," Marissa laughed and gave the perky sweet blonde a crazy look. "I am not in love. My family has money, I can make do without love." "You can't buy love," Tawny said in a tone that practically scolded Marissa for being silly enough to think love had a price tag. "No, but you can pay heavily for it." She shot back with a quick rebuttal of her own and picked up a couple more targets, one in each hand, if only to give her something to while tolerating Tawny's insufferably kind spirit. "Men are pigs. Look at my bother for example and you're practically stalking him. He's a player. He'd sleep everyone of those women over there, right now, knowing how you feel about him, while you watch. They're only as loyal as their options and all that crap you see on TV is just that, Tawny, crap." She recited a quote from her her many and varied interests in literature. "Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared with love in dreams. That's Dostoyevsky." "He that weird guy that hangs out near the public library who looks like he has pepperoni nipples?" Tawny asked. "Seriously weird dude, and he needs to put a shirt on." "No, Princess Sparkle Magic Dumbass, he was a Russian journalist and philosopher." She shook her head and fumed, wondering how one person could be so dumb until she was reminded that she had a brother. "Yeah? Well, so you know what humans would be without love, Marissa?" The target spun her hand as little tiny sparks of fire began to dance and orbit the wooden square. Marissa rolled her eyes and huffed. "What? Happier?" The little dancing flames exploded into the shape of hearts that spun as they orbited the target. "Rare. That's Terry Pratchett." Marissa looked to Tawny and then over to her brother then, back to Tawny. An evil grin purchased real estate upon her perfect lips and she asked the blonde a simple question. "How's that working out for you so far?" The hearts flickered out as Tawny's vibrant and joyous smile cracked and shattered to pieces leaving only a sorrowful expression of want and desire for what she could not have. Her work done, Marissa turned to face her returning lover, never for a moment letting the victorious evil grin leave her features. "Sorry!" Cade ran up. "I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached." He dropped a few more throwing implements near the bag. "No worries," Marissa said, her voice full of mirth and good cheer. "Tee and I were just girl talking, ain't that right?" "Yeah," Tawny said softly like a puppy who'd just been kicked. She passed Marissa, knocking shoulders with her to intentionally display her displeasure with her adopted sister but Marissa's twisted grin only grew wider as she jerked from the impact. Without another word Tawny set about helping Cade set up his throwing practice.
  6. Marissa rolled her eyes at Cade. "There won't be a next time, dingus. Come on, you honestly think she didn't throw her try outs? She, thinks her abilities would give her an unfair advantage against the other competitors." "Well, doesn't it?" Tawny asked. "If she possesses abilities beyond the norm she has a moral and ethical responsibility to graciously stand aside and allow others to compete in an arena that is equal and fair." Courtney, Marissa and Devin all slowly panned their heads to the petite, spritely blonde. Marissa scoffed and simply shook her head. Courtney snorted a laugh. "You can not be serious." "Totally serious." Tawny shook her head. "I think having the courage to take a step back from your dreams and sacrifice them for the bigger picture is admirable." Cade massaged his temples while Marissa, Devin and Courtney fell into fits of laughter. "What?" Tawny asked, looking at them and trying to get a straight answer amongst all the giggles and shortness of breath. "What? What did I say?"
  7. She smiled warmly, but lazily. She rest her head on his shoulder and looked up at those azure eyes of his. "I'm fine," she said softly. "It's sweet of you to check up on me though." With a tilt of her head and a shift of her posture, she kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you." "It went well enough," she shrugged. "Typical argument though, since my brother and I were bullies our observations and concerns amount to nothing so it is what it is. It doesn't seem like our friendship has a very bright future ahead of it, but, I don't blame her considering all I did to her. Some things 'I'm sorry' just doesn't solve, I guess." Her bae's eyes sort of awkwardly avoided her as he pondered what she was talking about. "Uh, okay. I meant... the attunement thing. Did you two have a fight?" "Hm? Oh, no, quite the opposite in fact. We taught each other a great deal," she smiled weakly. "It was, I don't know... wow. I could feel everything going on around me, like I don't know. I could feel life. I've never felt something so pure, so peaceful, so... radiant." "Me too. Felt good, huh?" "No," she said quietly. "It felt horrible. It hurt. I'm so horrible that my Shine felt like it was flickering out. Like, I could become one of those things, or like Cody." The lump in her throat refused to be choked back as she huddled closer to her lover who shook his head. "Hey, no. You can't think like that." His arm wrapped around her and he gently stroked her arm. "Won't lie to you, Marissa, you have a lot of karma to burn off, like, slightly less than Hitler. So you're third..." He raised his hand and displayed it as if he were setting each name in the sky for her. "Stalin, Hitler, Marissa Jauntsen." She elbowed him in the side. "Dick." "Just, look at it this way, Marissa," he paused and looked out to the field where everyone was just being teenagers. "As long as you have that Shine then something within you is screaming to be more, do more, help more. It's hope. As long as you keep that, as long as you don't throw in the towel and give into all the cute and fuzzy bunnies of the world-" she leaned away from him and glared at him like he was a stranger. "Sorry, there was a John Cusack marathon over the weekend. Even an ember can grow into a roaring, radiant blaze. Just don't let yourself get discouraged by the past. You can't do anything about that. Tomorrow, however... well, that's on you." "That was," her tone was flat. "Mildly inspiring." Still, she kissed him again and rest her head against him. "Now... go. I'm fine. Don't coddle me, I'm just resting. Go be a dude and do dude things." As he stood up and finished his water she looked over the field and watched as her brother entertained Courtney and Tawny laughed as he tormented the redhead who couldn't catch him with all his blinking about. She couldn't be a part of this merry little band. She was a spy for Enterich and a spy for Annette and she was selling them out to the enemy for a hundred grand a pop. She knew Autumn's words didn't apply to her. That people fuck up, they could learn from it, and friends were supposed to forgive each other for that. She knew there would be no forgiveness for her. She sat and watched everyone enjoy themselves as her hope deep within, dimmed just a little bit more.
  8. While Autumn displayed the one hundred and one ways to be a sore winner, Marissa rolled her eyes and made her way to the barn. None of her muscles ached, in fact her post-coital 'stress' seemed to have went away, a small cure from Autumn's vitakinesis that was left unspoken between them. What she felt instead was complete lethargy. Drained of energy and suddenly yearning to do nothing more than nap... and she never napped. She stomped up the stairs and by the time she was done an urge to just sit down and relax swam through her thoughts but she knew that's how baby naps were born. She rummaged around and rolled her eyes as she looked up to the heavens after locating a cooler Jason had and drug it over to the fridge and began loading up with waters. "Friggin' genius, my ass." She fumed as she threw water after water into the cooler with the force of a tantruming child. "Hey guys, wanna come over for dinner?" She sneered in a very poor imitation of Jason's voice. "Great. Once you get here, you gotta go back home to get a plate though! Ugh!" More waters hit the cooler and she finally felt satisfied enough to slam the door. "How hard is it? If you're working out outside, simply have a cooler of water prepared? But noooooo, all we care about is ourselves, not our guests. You're all here to watch us snog and be all grossly incandescent." It seemed the rage set her lethargy on pause and felt good in a number of ways. It seemed her strength was slowly returning but still, a nap had never sounded better. With a cooler filled with water bottles, Marissa drug it behind her until she passed the table they were all sitting at just a half hour or so prior. She glared at it a long while and sighed. Walking to where Jason sat earlier she set down on the table a small perfume bottle that he would recognize well. "Goodbye, and be happy, you needn't worry. Take her hand and you will see, that I was never your destiny." And just like that the chapter of Jason Bannon was closed in her life. Grabbing the cooler she hoisted it up and drug it behind her because it weighed like a million pounds. Slowly she drug it back to the others who were marveling at the wonder that was Kat who was working honest-to-god 'magic' on the old plough. With a thump the cooler slammed into the ground with a rattle of plastic water bottles. "There." She smacked the work of her hands with a clap. "Now, I know you're like super smart and all, Jason, but I went ahead took the liberty of taking care of grabbing water while you were showing your girlfriend more care and concern than your guests. Standards of propriety, genius. Look it up." "You're welcome, minions." She addressed everyone with her hand raised as if expecting worship. It was hard to tell if she was serious or back to being a bitch. With Jason, it was obvious, but the others? "Your Queen has once again seen to your needs. You're welcome." Lazily she plopped down in the grass and just sat there as the world spun about in front of her. Maybe she needed more rest than she thought.
  9. As Cassie and Marissa's conversation was cut short by the interruption of her brother and the now the horde of mouth-breathing barbarians that were somehow selected to protect the world, she touched Cassie's arm and reassured her, "We'll revisit this later. Take your time, collect your thoughts. I'll leave you be." She approached her brother as he was walking back to bring her her keys. "You're in Jase's driveway, miles from anywhere. The hell you lock it for, sand trap?" "Eat shit, spooge goblin." She snatched her key from him and acquired her own gym bag from the passenger side. Devin was already gone by the time her eyes once again crossed over the roof of her expensive car but she made sure to chirp the alarm just in case he was in ear shot still. Dick. By the time all was said and done, Kat was already up in the loft and could hear the thumping sound of Marissa's very familiar heels on the steps. Finally the dark haired beauty entered and she immediately saw Kat and offered a smile. "Hey, Kat." She remembered her name? "Not changing down there either? I don't blame you, my brother is a pervert, my boyfriends giving me hungry eyes since he got here and Jason... well, is Jason. Thousand yard creeper stare, all he needs is a trenchcoat." It became readily apparent that Marissa had no qualms about changing in front of others as she was undressing while she spoke. Most of it went in one ear and out the other as she marveled at how the entire changing session was executed with practiced precision, like she'd actually done lightning fast changing rehearsals in her life (which she had, but Kat knew absolute zero about the Jaunsten twins, so far). Kat was silently still in the process of getting ready when MArissa's gymbag zipped closed and she slung it over her shoulder. "See you down there." Behind the barn at the 'practice site' seemed like just one more reason for the Jauntsen Twins to remind everyone just how perfect they were. Money. Looks. and now they were flaunting their perfect work out bods for everyone to groan and roll their eyes at. Devin hit the field in a full compliment of UnderArmor work out attire that cost him around a hundred and thirty bucks so he could roll in the dirt in it. Long work out shorts with a pair of compression shorts and a sleeveless shirt sporting the 'UA' symbol that were all the deep purple and black. Marissa was wore her red workout outfit and if Autumn didn't know any better, she might say it was as much for Jason as it was for Cade that she flaunted her tight and toned athletic figure. It wasn't all totally groan-worthy, the twins had both worked incredibly hard at getting to where they were athletically and neither felt any need to hide that fact. Still, neither were particularly subtle about flaunting it. No one was quite capable of making people feel like that cheeseburger two weeks ago was a bad idea like the Jauntsens in their half naked work out attire. "I thought you didn't have powers," Tawny mentioned to Marissa as the young glam goddess dropped her bag near where Devin's was lying. "I have the ability to engender love and desire in people with my voice," Marissa said, already bored with the blonde clothes thief. "Which means, all of," she motioned to the area all around them. "This, really isn't for me, it's for you guys and your can crushing and pebble tossing and whatever. I figured while I was here, though, I may as well use the time for a core workout and some stretching. You're welcome to join me." "W-wait, back up..." Tawny's hands were up and she was trying to pump the breaks of the crazy train. "You can seduce people and make them love you, with your voice?" Marissa shrugged like it was her everyday now (which, in fairness, for all of them weird was the new norm). "Well, I think all of me can do it, I mean, let's be real, look at me." She panned her hands down her frame. "But, yes. I get the mojo flowing and people simply want to adore me, or whomever I want them to adore instead," her voice dropped into a low seductive tone akin to a contract waiting to signed. "Anyone?" The lovely blonde asked. Marissa's lips curled up in predatory delight. Al she needed was for Tawny to make, simple request and she could ruin her. She wasn't as pure and innocent as everyone believed her to be. Marissa knew that under it all she was just as barmy as the rest of them, not the innocent, selfless, kind hearted girl next door she played at. "Anyone." "Um," she nervously began, obviously unsure how to broach a budding topic newly formed in her thoughts. "Would you ever consider using it on..." "On...?" If she could have coiled around the nervous girl she would have. "Missy Turner?" She scrunched up her face like she was worried about speaking the girl's name out loud. Marissa's face melted into disbelieve. She'd never even heard of this Missy girl and why the hell would Tawny ask about her instead of asking Marissa to whammie her brother so he'd be with Tawny, finally. She shook her head, already unable to recall the name. Lazily he asked, "Who?" "Missy Turner." Tawny said with more confidence (since Marissa asked, after all). "See, Dan Delling has had a crush on her for the longest time, and wants to ask her to Homecoming but isn't sure how to go about it because they're both really shy. Maybe you could... help him out? He's a great guy, and she's really super nice, but they are both so incredibly awkward they'll just keep stumbling about instead of just going for it. What if they're meant to be and never find happiness over something as trivial as simply being scared to ask the other out?" Shelly's Queen glared at the sweet ray of selfless sunshine. "Get away from me. I'm not helping some incel losers find love so you can feel better about yourself. Go lift rocks." She dismissed her with a frustrated wave of her hand. "And I want my top back, tonight."
  10. "God damn it." Devin fumed. As he stood Marissa did as well, gesturing with her hand for him to sit back down. She looked at everyone and sighed. "I got it. This one's on me. I should fix it." The look her brother (and possibly a few others) gave her was skepticism mingled with a pinch of confusion. Marissa never felt herself accountable for her own actions, let alone was willing to make amends for them. "She's right. All I'll do is go home and pick my school outfits for next week while you're all off getting killed. I'll go talk to her." The soft thumping of her heels on the wooden floor grew softer and softer and softer as she descended the stairs to look for Cassie. She wasn't hard to spot among Dexter Bannon's murder menagerie of convenient plant-based poisons and sedatives. Yeah, he was a totally normal, one hundred percent date-able, non-shady sort of guy. Sneaking was next to impossible in Marissa's choice of everyday footwear and at her approach Cassandra had already rolls her eyes and prepared herself for round two. "Cassie?" Marissa said softly, like she didn't want to disturb her after the tapping of her hiking heels had announced her presence ten paces back. "Let me guess, you're sore and cranky?" Cassie huffed. "No, no, well, yes," she amended with a diplomatic finger raised in point of order to the ceiling. "But, no. You are right. I don't belong here. I don't have powers, I can't fight or protect anything, I just sort of... tear down walls and burn bridges. I'm scared, Cassandra. Just like you I show up to these and it's just a reminder that we're ticking down a clock to someone not making it home. I honestly don't even know why I'm here because it scares the hell out of me every time we do one of these things." She closed the distance between herself and the frustrated blonde. "Thank you," she said calmly. Cassandra wasn't expecting that and simply looked at her with a perplexed look. "For doing everything you can to keep my brother safe. I didn't quite do the math until you pointed it out up there-" "-and you blew up on me for no reason at all?" Cassie glared with an expression that demanded an apology. "We're getting off topic, focus." Marissa smiled her diva, do-no-wrong smile. "Like everyone, you are doing your damnedest with a situation that was, quite literally, dropped in our laps. My brother is all I have," Cassie detected a strange pause akin to a lump in one's throat. "...besides you guys. I get bitchy when I'm worried. Forgives?"
  11. "Stop looking for Enterich." Marissa said flatly. Possessed of superhuman composure, the dark haired young woman sat up in her chair, since all eyes immediately turned to focus on her (where they belonged). The thought of Enterich being somehow in league with The Dark didn't surprise her in the lightest. Everyone was always after Dr. Jone's treasure, so why not some international occult terrorist organization? The thought of him children over to that monster though made her sick to her stomach. As always, she hid her crazy towards the thoughts of just setting loose the Fellowship on Enterich right then and there. She needed him to find out who was really threatening her family and give Annette and Branch Nine more to go on. "What I mean is, Cassie, when you find a name, please stop Googling the shit out of it and searching online data.... whatevers. We're dealing with mad men and lunatics and supernatural forces and you're making it public knowledge we know who they are. You saw the security those Crossroads goons had, you think they don't have internet scrubbers or hackers, or whatever?" "So, the last time we did this is was reveal, then talk, then reveal, then... what?" She shrugged and looked around the table. "We took managed to screw around for the last week and now some kid and a lot of cats are dead. "Look, I lover these little get togethers guys, I do, it let's me show off new outfits, but by the time we finally get around to striking at the Dark, half this town is going to be dead. We don't need a 'wild Enterich hunt'. We need to cross over, challenge this thing, defeat it, and wasted off our asses at Homecoming." "The wall, the throne, the tree. We know where it's hiding. We've known for awhile now... Why don't we just have Deej pull us all over to the other side and we Pennywise this thing with copious amounts of blows to the head. Cadums... I mean, Cade plays baseball, he has bats." "Can we borrow some bats, Cadums." Devin asked, smoothly. Cade just smirked, nodding at the reality that Devin was never going to let that go. "Aw, I think you embarrassed him," Courtney giggled. "We're just playing, Cadums." Marissa covered her growing smirk with two of her fingers. Tawny shook her head with an infectious smile. "Don't let them bother Cade, I think it's sweet that she's given you a pet name." "Great," Marissa said lazily. "Because Tawny's approval is what I live for. Also, that's my top." Tawny pulled her sky-blue flannel over to cover up the white cammi top she was wearing under it. The way it enhanced the love struck blonde's frame Marissa assumed she borrowed it to try and impress Devin. "I'll give it back later, geez." Tawny rolled her eyes and huffed like a younger sister.
  12. Marissa, Week of Labor Day/Ep. VI: OH EM GEE, Superfans! I have so much to gossip about! Off-Camera: Homecoming! Oh, my god. You don't even know. It's right around the corner and I still have not even begun to get all the Fellowdiva's dresses, makeup and hair styles picked out for them (can't let Autumn dress herself, we all know that). It's a nightmare! Anyway, I'll need to see them all at some point to make these choices so we can just assume lots of annoying texts are sent between my time in the episodes (because people tune it for me, let's face facts, people). Thanks to these super powers, I don't have to work out as often as I used to, so I'll be with Deej maybe four nights a week, so totes hit me up if you wanna do something! School and After-School Vignettes: So... yeah, Deej and I get into this big ol' spat over something, totally not Jason related, trust me. In a fit of uncontrolled emotion, I kind of whammie him with my love powers, and all manner of problems erupt from there. Let's face it, he's a bit of a manwhore, so he certainly has this coming. Check out the poll on my OnlyFans and vote which of the Fellowdivas slaps him first! Most of my after-school time will probably be spent with my Cadums. Now that I've had a taste I just want to gorge myself. Which is convenient and totes works out in my favor because all guys ever want is sex and if all we're doing is having sex, we don't have to talk or get too involved with each other (hellooo less complicated!). Trust me, he is not going to mind. It's the perfect escape route for me with all the problems I have going on in my life so it'll be nice to just lose myself in the sex and the pharmacy in my moms purse than face the horrors of reality (Jason and Autumn, seriously!? Its still makes zero sense, ugh! What were the producers thinking!?). Sunday: Sunday is a bit of a wrap for me, honestly. After the whole Enterich thing (creeper), and my Cadums making everything all better, I'm pretty sure I'm good. I think I'll head home after the whole training thing and hope neither of my parents are around to bother me. My god, if my Mom or Dad found out I had sex, they would lose their minds! I have a few outfit ideas for the annual Carousel event going on, so I'll snap a few pics for my bae and see which he thinks I should go with. Also! Check out my OnlyFans and vote on the one you like best! Monday (Labor Day): This is going the worst day of the year. I can handle the holidays because were all at home, but for this I will actually be with my family, out in public (I know, right?!). My father is sobering up for it, because appearances and my mom? Well, she's going to be well into her 'social events' pills by the time we arrive and no doubt will be a complete bitch to everybody in her own 'holier than thou' way. I'm glad Deej will be there (kisses big bro!), he's my rock. Hopefully my family will bump into Cade's. Once my Cadums sees how messed up my family is, he'll break out of his funk and not feel so bad! Tuesday: I can't wait to get back to school! Courtney and I have so much to do to get Homecoming ready, that includes getting the lead out with the Fellowdivas and getting their heads in the diva game! (Cassie says thanks to all the Superfans who posted comments, but the whole my bro and her thing hasn't been decided so we can't talk about it! Very hush-hush around here!) ???: I'm not sure what side Annette is really on, but at the moment she's all I have to keep my family safe. I can't tell the others. If they all knew Jason and my brother would turn Shelly into a smoking crater looking for whomever threatened me or my parent's lives (aren't they the sweetest? Thanks guys!). I guess until the cat's out of the bag I'll have to keep working with Annette while working with Enterich (so complicated!). Hopefully I can keep subtly manipulating the playing field by directing Enterich into the Fellowship's path so they can expose him and hunt him with legitimacy without blowing my cover. To do that, I'll have to be extra shady and I don't think any of them are going to appreciate me for it once it's all said and done. My parents will be safe, so, many regrets, but no apologies! (Oh! Thanks so much Superfans for all the Marshal Marshall feedback! We haven't decided if he's ever going to call, but he's so hot, amirite? The producers are mulling it over, so we'll see!) ???: Wow. Charlie, huh? I can't say I saw that coming. He was so sweet and kinda goofy and all kinds of fun... I guess I should have told him that when I had the chance. Did you know I had crush on him? Yup, totally did. I only joined the school play to get to know him a little better, that's why I went to breakfast with him; to see if there was anything between us. Shame he didn't seem into me. But, hey, then, I'd be dead too! Bullet, dodged. Wait until you see the dress I picked out for his funeral, I ordered the shoes for it about twenty minutes ago and together they are to die for! So wow! Was I totes serials, or what? Keep it locked in on Weirder Stuff because have soooo much planned and we're just on Season 1!!! Keep those likes coming and from me and the rest of the Fellowdivas, kisses! Stay weird(er). #Fellowdiva; #Stayweirder; #Gingerfwooshing; #Manyregretsnosorrys
  13. Marissa stopped to think, more to process, then shrugged. "Yes? I mean, I guess. I don't know. I was pissed at Autumn because she went after the guy I was crushing on and didn't even tell me. That's a serious violation of the Girl Code. After all, I totally got dibs. Things were totally cool between Jase and I. We were doing a little flirting, but I was under the impression he knew it was all playful. Then he gives me a gift and after that he just kisses me, just all in my space, his lips on mine, telling me he loves me, and shit just got weird and I was doing my best to keep my composure at that point. You might think I'm over reacting, I mean if Charlie or Cade had done it, I may not have been so wigged out, but Jason doesn't take well to negative feedback. He holds weapons to people's throats and shatters every bone in their body and he threatens to rip out organs. I know you guys are willing to gloss over that and giggle and think it's all okay, but I don't. Behavior like that scares the hell out of me and there he was making me uncomfortable in my home and I'm faced with the worry of if I tell him no will he snap all my limbs and hospitalize me? Then the rest of you would just be having pizza with him like everything was okay. I may have forgiven him for Liam but that doesn't mean that he didn't do those things or that I am any less terrified that he will again should something around here not go his way. Thankfull I told him to leave, and he did, but it could have gone very differently and I wouldn't be here right now, I'd be in his freezer waiting for Monday Marissa Chops night." She took a moment to catch her breath. "Which brings me to Autumn. I was pissed, sure, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that should be concerned, not angry. We're bestie's, right? So, I think she should be warned, at the very least, that Jason is a super-powered, emotionless automaton with murder on his mind." She checked her phone and held it up like it was going to somehow get a better signal. "Ugh, hate this farm." As an after thought she perked up. "Oh, sex with Cade was amazing, I totally recommend him. Five Stars, would ride again."
  14. "Really dark," Marissa said, bored. "Great. Do you think I don't notice someone running interference while Jason and Autumn go upstairs to make out?" She raised a sharp, manicured fingernail. Cassie had always wondered why she selected those claw style acrylics. They did look pretty cool, but also scar-... oh, right. "Good effort, Cassie, but I'm not mad about it. Really. It is what it is and all that." "Okay, really, what is wrong with you?" Courtney asked, placing her arm around her friend. "You do seem pissy about something." Marissa rolled her eyes and sighed. "Cade and I... you know... a little while ago and I'm just really sore and really cranky." She didn't dwell on it any more than necessary, instead shifting her attention back to Cassie. "Cassie, I don't know what they've told you, if anything, but yes. Yes, I'm a little pissed at Autumn. I did have a thing for Jason and it stings that he went after her, but not for the reasons you might think. It's not jealousy, it's worry. Jason displays all the classic signs of an abuser. I'm not with Cade because I'm crushing on Cade, I'm with him to get Jason to leave me alone. He scared me, in my own home no less, and I needed some sort of a buffer to keep him away. Now, he's just moved on to Autumn and doing it all over again." She shrugged. "So there, now you know my side of the story. Go write a slam piece or whatever you do with people's private business."
  15. The familiar black Mercedes crunched the gravel of the Bannon farm's driveway and came to a halt not far from the barn where the driver knew Jason parked his car (which she took partial credit for restoring since her and her brother supplied the pizza). Even after the car was in park they all knew she was still in there, checking her makeup even if they couldn't see her through the black tint of the windows. Jason recalled her last visit here, where Hank and his father complimented on his choice of women as Alice Cooper's 'Poison' blared loudly when she opened her door. Talk about an omen he didn't catch. Things were less than stellar between the two teens but what he lacked in his friendship with Marissa he'd seemed to have found in his relationship with Autumn and that suited him just fine. Music assaulted the air as Marissa stepped out of her car. Her hiking heels were a statement punctuated by a simple denim skirt and a black and white top that fell off her shoulders and exposed her midriff where she proudly brandished her navel piecing of a glittering black stone in the shape of a heart. Her car oor closed and she approached the rest of them, side eyeing Autumn with what could be described as 'seething irritation'. "Jase," she greeted their host with nothing more than a single word that was as much a brick wall to block any of his responses as it was a hello. "Minions." She greeted everyone else. "So, big news," Courtney's smile grew wide. "According to your brother, we're gods. Like actual gods. Road trip plot bombs, am I right?" "Yeah, I know." Marissa said with a shrug. "I was born to be worshiped, sister. Where the fuck you been? I did not need road a trip to tell me that." It was here in front of Marissa that the other saw the old dichotomy between the two. For some reason or another, Courtney was uneasy or even fearful around her 'friend'. Like no matter what she would never be worthy of Marissa's company and the evil twin lorded it over her. She was being shitty and it was obvious but it was also known that apparently her and Autumn had beef that was yet uncooked. "Please tell me you brought back something other than that. I can't handle another series of cryptic riddles and ancient stories that are vague and unreliable."
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