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  1. "Welcome aboard." Devin welcomed her with no air of ulterior motives or locked and loaded snark ready to be fired. Courtney narrowed her amber eyes, studying him for signs of a sudden, but inevitable, betrayal. "You can not be serious, Deejay." Marissa protested, turning her brother to face her while motioning towards the ginger in question. "You just witnessed how quickly he sold Cook down the river," he smiled at Courtney, lacing her contention with mean girl diplomacy. "No offense, we all get he totally deserves it, but she is loyal only to herself. Given the first opportunity she will stab us all in the back and leave us for dead." "Says Shelly's number one, self-centered bitch." Courtney hissed across the table that was, thankfully, separating the two alpha females. "Symptoms of extreme antisocial behavior and poor impulse control, including sexual mania, passive-aggression, panic attacks, mood swings, megalomania and narcissism." Devin repeated before the cat fight began. As he rolled off the list of Dr. Cook's assessment of the young redhead she recoiled only slightly as the adage of the truth hurting gave her mind and body pause. It was always hurtful to hear the truth out loud. "Have you met us, lately, Em? Any of us? Look around this room. Sean can't go one day without begin reminded he's different. Jason is one bad day away from murdering and cooking hikers in his basement. Cass has so many issues in dealing with her own problems that she has to go write articles about everyone elses'. Then there's us, sis. Our family is so fucked up, our parents have messed us up so bad that we have to around to other people and ruin their joy and happiness just so we can feel something other than this emptiness that is churning in our gut." "And now we have super powers? We're the freaks." He said. He motioned to Courtney. "She's no worse off than any of us. Just one more powered teen being used and lied to and stuck in a world where no matter how she tries to find herself her family or friends just fuck her up more. We're all we have guys. We're a ll quirky and we all have something about us that annoys, or scares or frankly just creeps the rest of us out... but we're still a Fellowship. So, if Red needs a side that's gonna have her neurotic, nympho back then we need to stand with her. It just seems like there's a whole lot of lies, conspiracies and planning been going on and the only we can trust right now are the people under eighteen who don't have agenda." He offered Courtne one of those smiles that moistened panties. "Regardless, Red. I got yer back." Marissa sighed, waving her hand as if swatting away her thoughts with a roll of her eyes. "Fine. Whatever. When you wake up with an STD, Lona hates you, and everyone else won't talk to you because this was your idea, remember that I went on record by stating: 'she's a triflin' ass ho'." She looked to Courtney and smiled. "Welcome to the Nerd Herd. Thankfully, I'm not with them. Enjoy being one of the losers, Courtney. It's about time you accepted your place."
  2. "No killing." Devin's glare and tone were laced with authority. "Regardless of what they have waiting." Marissa added, folding her arms and staring daggers into Jason.
  3. "Do you now?" Marissa's lips twisted in a vile smile. She crossed her arms and glared as her posture shifted to something akin to a snake preparing to strike. "Good. The he's all yours." "You guys can delude yourselves into thinking anything you like, but Jason has shown constant abusive and violent tendencies since we've started hanging out with him. Maybe he's messed up, maybe he just enjoys putting hay hooks to people's throats or smashing them around their own homes while masquerading it under altruistic intentions, I don't know." She shrugged, shaking head. "Frankly, I'm done caring. I'm not required to stay around, nor can I be forced to be around him. I choose to be as far from him as possible because I don't want to be in the room when he finally does decide to start ripping out people's hearts and freezing their genitals. I choose not be associated to a person who thinks, acts, and talks that way." "Picking on people is one thing," she said. "It wasn't until hanging out with Autumn that I realized how horrid of a person I am, but I've never wished anyone the level of pain and misery that Jason finds casually amusing. He's sick and needs help. You do what you want, live your best, but I'm done with him. I've talked to him I've tried to understand him and he always goes right back to this... what you just saw and heard. That's his baseline, and frankly it's demented. So, he's all yours New Girl. Have at it."
  4. "Look, maybe this was all just a bad idea." Marissa said, staying close to her brother now in case Jason decided to start being the man he really was instead of the promises he thought they were all believing. "Perhaps it's best if we just tell these people everything they need to combat The Dark and we go on about our lives, especially if Jason is involved in this. He's already made us an accessory to attempted murder." "I think manslaughter would be more apt," Charlie attempted to correct her. "No," she crossed her arms. "Through Jason's own admission to me, everything he does is done while he is in full control of his faculties. He could kill us all and his heart rate wouldn't climb, even a fraction. You guys are welcome to trust him, but I don't. It's tiring explaining to him why he shouldn't say or do certain things, and it's only a matter of time before he does kill someone, maybe even one of us. I'm sorry, everyone, but I can't be in a room with him and not feel like I'm trapped with some cannibal, rapist, or murderer." She looked to Jason's father, practically pleading with the man. "He needs serious help." "I've tried." She said calmly. "We have all tried. We all know he's too smart to not 'get it', which means," she motioned to Dr. Cook in referring to the litany of threats he rattled off a moment ago. "Those sorts of things that he just said. The heart, the burning, the freezing, the not caring one iota about Dr. Cook, or you, or anyone else. That's Jason Bannon. If you're smart, you guys will distance yourselves as soon as possible."
  5. "Totally not going to do the prison thing..." Devin shook his head slowly then slyly winked one eye and nodded very slowly to Cass. "Go near that prison, Mr. Jauntsen, and yes, you will be doing the 'prison thing'." Sheriff Allister smiled ruefully in the young annoyance's direction. "You're not my supervisor." Devin smirked. "We got government backing now, dude," suddenly his eyes swelled with a thought. "Holy crap, Taggart, dude, when do we get launch codes? Because the Target in Great Falls is total shit. I got a new game from there and it was scratched, and I was like what the hell, dude? So I took it back and they told me they couldn't even exchange it for the same copy because I'd already opened it. What kind of crap is that? So, yeah, I wanna ghost the whole place, can we do that?" "You can't be serious." Taggart huffed, already massaging his temple with his thumb. Sheriff Allister smiled for the first time since they entered the room. "They're all yours, Major. You think whatever is coming from this thunder place is bad, spend a week with the Jauntsen twins and you'll be begging for it all to end." "Aw, Sheriff," Marissa pouted. "What's wrong? Knowing two people who aspire to more than screeching their lives to a halt at mediocrity like you did make you feel uncomfortable?" Again the Sheriff looked at Taggart, seemingly unphased by the adolescent troublemakers. "Enjoy."
  6. "Hey," Marissa gently massaged her nails on Cade's scalp, speaking softly and thumbing though his dark hair. "Do not let him get to you. Okay?" "And when did this happen?" The Sheriff waggled his finger between Cade and Marissa to place their sudden intimacy under scrutiny. "Sheriff, I understand you're upset, but your son is right," Marissa expressed calmly. Her voice was the calmest they'd heard it all night, save for when the weirdness began happening and she started giving orders. "And yes, Jason did mess Liam up pretty good. We all tried to intervene and stop him but, we failed. While I agree that we have laws in place for a reason, I have not lost any sleep for the would be rapist that is Liam Day. You should also know that we dealt with Jason ourselves. Given our unique situations, locking us up if truly go off the reservation is not really an option. No cell could hold any of us for very long. So, we policed ourselves. We addressed the issue, and put Jason on trial, as it were." "Did you now?" Sheriff Alister asked derisively. "Let me guess, not guilty?" "No," Cade spoke up. "We all found him quite guilty. We almost turned him over to you, but knew he'd be out in a matter of days, the moment he got bored." "He's a special case," Charlie spoke up. "Look, none of us were on board with what he did, but also, none of us could sit there and claim that were were perfect people either. It wasn't a rando act of bullying, Liam tried to rape Lona. All of us wanted to do the same thing Jason did, we just..." he took a deep breath. "We just didn't have the courage to act on it." "We were all a bit lost and confused because it was the first time any of us really felt the sheer gravitas of the responsibility of having these powers." Cassie interjected, following up Charlie like the twins when they finished each other's sentences. "We were all shocked, confused, and most of all, scared. It opened our eyes to the fact that even the simplest ways in which our powers touch the world could have a serious impact in the immediate or long term future. Needless to say we couldn't turn him over, but we had to figure out some way to keep ourselves in line." The Sheriff shook his head. "That's not an answer." "I'll kill him." Devin said calmly. When the adults all looked at him the teens all sort of looked away, like none of them wanted to speak the truth out loud. "The agreement was simple. Jason screwed up, but if he, or any of us, get out of line and use our powers to abuse or hurt people, then the rest of us are bound by a code to rise up and take that person down. Since no cell can hold us, and leaving us free to roam isn't an option, putting us down is the only alternative, Sheriff. For now, Jason has apologized for his actions, and we're all content to accept that answer because frankly, rapists and child molesters deserve to die anyways. If you don't agree, keep in mind you're being silently judged." "That's incredible," Ms. Giles shook her head. "You've already established your own set of bylaws and a system of accountability for the abuse of your abilities?" "There has to be order," Marissa said. "Granted, I feel it should be my own self-imposed rule, but I was voted down." She ended the phrase in a dry monotone. "The point is, Sheriff, that I understand where you are coming from, but there is no black or white at the moment. This," she shook her head searching for the right word. "Entity, refuses to play by rules. It can command people. It was not until after Liam," she lied. "That we learned that it could force people to do things against their will. Now, Jason has to wear that guilt the rest of his life." She gestured to Jason to present him as an exhibit of the guilt he was wearing, but Jason was on channel Jason which was expressionless, deadpan Jason all the Jason time. "Okay, well, trust me. He's feeling it..." She waved a hand in his direction. "Somewhere." The lovely teen turned her attention back to the Sheriff, addressing his concerns. "We all get it, Sheriff. Things are scary. My brother has the scars to prove how messed up things can get, but your son and the rest of the Fellowship have been protecting this town, it's people, and each other since the end of summer. We're on your side. We want to help you, not fight with you. Sure, we've stumbled here and there, but you should be proud of Cade, Sheriff Alister, not yelling at him."
  7. "You are correct," Marissa said with her usual air of superiority with a slight adjustment for diplomacy. "Trust is in very short supply. After all, behind the suit and the words and the smiles, you are an employee. You answer to someone. I'm positive it keeps you living well and offers you the means by which you can continue to live comfortably. Which means to keep your job, their job, and not maintain a solid working relationship with the government," she gestured to the Major, "You'd no doubt sell us all to circus some... what Devin?" "We're currently six stories below the street, comprised of a ninety six room complex of which a third of those are labs of some sort, living areas and maintenance. Pretty evenly distributed but the security is shit, and not enough exits if there was a major fire or interdimensional viginasaur invasion." Devin shook his head in disappointment at the lack of security and he let the entire map of the facility fade from his mind as his awareness of material world him faded. It seemed like he was texting Lona again under the table when suddenly there was a muted 'pop' and he produced a large Starbucks cup and set it on the table by Annette. He slid her rejected coffee aside with an ugly face, shaking his head as he looked at her as if he wouldn't dream of her having to drink such swill. "Let's just get this out of here... yeah... hospital coffee, ugh." Somewhere in Great Falls a man was arguing with a barista about not receiving the coffee ordered. "You don't even drink coffee, stop trying to impress her. She's like, thirty something, she's not gonna sleep with you." Marissa fumed on her idiot brother. Devin rolled his and winked to Annette as he leaned back and lifted his phone to text his girlfriend. "Says the girl dating a mannequin. Do you stick your hand up his ass to make him talk? How does that work?" "I hate you." Marissa hissed at her brother in a flat monotone devoid of emotion. Were it not for her brother it would would be easy to see Marissa as a woman far older than she was and these humbling moments that reminded the world that she was still young, immature, and still a kid. "While I and my associates," she swept a hand to the rest of the people at the table, everyone took note that Marissa was careful not to say 'friends'. "Are certainly willing to assist you in stopping whatever this is, after all, the enemy of my enemy. I think you currently have a room full of parents who want to talk their kids and kids who have battled chokers and a coochiesaurus in a hospital and would really like a shower, some rest, and an opportunity to explain to our parents what the hell is going on. We need time, Ms. Giles. Perhaps the weekend? We have school tomorrow and, frankly, we're all very tired and need to process. At least, I need time to process."
  8. "Major, sir. Doctor," Marissa looked at each as she addressed them. "Mysterious woman who enters a room and does not introduce herself. Love your shoes, by the way." She paused long enough to nod her approval to the woman as she appraised her fashion sense. "Before questions, let's start with a simple, easy to follow statement: whatever it is you are doing, you need to stop. You are meddling forces you don't understand and it's going to ruin you and this town. God only knows what it will do after it is finished here." She leaned back in her chair, crossing her arms and legs. "You have a choice. You can ignore our warning, keep doing what you are doing, and get a stern 'I told you so' while it is devouring your hopes, dreams and large portions of your face. Or, you can stop, and we'll all live happily ever after once it has been dealt with. Bee Tee Dubs, we are the only ones who can stop it."
  9. "Sean, it's the same the same plan, you're recommending less 'fuck with them' and more 'wait for them to screw us over." Sean's ex-bully pointed out. "See, you're use words tells me more than I need to know. 'Allies' is not a thing with these types. They are going to screw us over. They are not 'friends', or 'allies', or 'Saturday poker buddies'. The moment you think of them as 'allies' is the moment you're programming your brain for trust, and that's when they blindside you. We are here to use them. They are a tool to be used and cast back in the box to be forgotten when we're done." They all knew the Jauntsens were messed up and Devin's appraisal wasn't something that overly shocked any of them. He was a decent enough guy most of the time, but he was still a bully who enjoyed the torment of others to amuse himself. To hear it out loud though. To hear him put into words how callous and cruel they could be or how they could simply consider people nothing more than carved figures on thier personal chess board of fun and games... well, it wasn't easy. Whether it was something all of them had considered at one point, or whether or not others were as in touch with their own personal levels of cruelty was all on them. As always however, Devin had a way of saying what some were already thinking... they just lacked the lack of filters and moral decorum to voice their thoughts. Like trying to live with and raise lions, the twins were perfectly reasonable... until one forgot they were both evil and rotten to their cores. That's how people ended up mauled and the twins' well fed. "It's true," Marissa cut in. "Look, we specialized in manipulating people at the school. Make them think a few trusting thoughts, implant certain buzzwords, a few polite gestures, and in no time people were ready to do our homework, buy our lunches for us, give us the answers to quizzes. Look, Sean, I know what you mean, and I know my brother does too, but he's right. Never think of these people as anything more than what they are: people who want to use you, experiment on you, and exploit your abilities. You guys practically burst into tears and threw fits and cried as you sped away on motorcycles over just a few of my more scathing comments, I assure you that I have little to no faith in your ability to properly gauge the mental or emotional level of fuckery that these people are capable of. Trust my brother and I on this. Being manipulative, dishonest, and horrible people is sort of what we do. Handle it however you like, but never make the mistake of building any sort of bond with these people. Believe it or not, we're looking out for you guys."
  10. He stood silent as a few of the assembled looked at him after the touching embrace he and Autumn had just shared. He knew his mind was resistant to Sara's prying, like Jason he possessed such a strong sense of self that reading his thoughts and feelings was borderline impossible for someone like them. His thoughts raced with a thousand and one whys and hows but through it all he came up with nothing. Autumn shouldn't have some ability to read his thoughts and feel his fears. The possibility that he wore it on his face and she'd reached out and connected with him emotionally with something as simple as basic empathy never occurred to him. The Jauntsen twins had never had much in the way of practical experience in the realm of empathy, aside from their bastardized applications of it to suit their own needs. "What?" Devin said a bid harshly, looking at everyone as he projected his mild embarrassment of Autumn getting the emotional one-up on him this time. "Woman can't can't keep their hands off me. We all know this. Shows over," he paddled his hand out to shoo them all away like they should be looking somewhere else. "Go back to being losers." "Well, as my bae has pointed out," Marissa spoke up as she gripped Cade's arm and snuggled up close to him, interrupting her brother before he had the chance to start a brawl over a veiled symbol of peace of acceptance. She side eyed him though, a bit bothered by the fact that Autumn had seen something she hadn't when she was supposed to be the closest person to him. "Let's look on the bright side: the paramilitary contingent of soldiers and scientists who have been conducting unsanctioned collection on U.S. citizens and conducting decades long genetic experimentation on children... isn't going to bother us as long as our parents don't sign the permission slip they are no doubt going give us at some point. We're saved!" Her voice was perky and energetic like one of the cheerleaders back at school. It was obvious how her appraisal was nothing more than a tactical nuke of sarcasm directed towards her 'bae'. She splayed open her hands, fingers wide apart and got a super happy smile on her face. She shook her hands and very quietly celebrated. "Yaaay." Cade slowly turned his head towards her, his eyes narrowed in that 'really' expression. Around the room everyone's lips were pursed, tightened into a line that made them all wonder if Marissa was intentionally using her powers of persuasion or if it was a voluntary response. The faces they were making were all Kodak moments as they all turned various shades of red to keep from doing the inevitable until Devin finally broke the silence. His lips were pursed so tight in an awkward smirk that he eventually snorted a soft nasally sound that only rose up when trying to hold in a laugh. Like a snowball down a mountain peek they all just burst into laughter. For a moment they were teenagers who may have come from all corners of society, all with their own problems, but in those few seconds there was just the laughter. It was possibly the only thing they could all say they had in common, but it was enough. For now, it was what they needed. It something to remind them that their light burned brightest when they were simply together, being themselves, and making each other miserable in their own fun and special ways. Cade nodded slowly with his face twisted in a tense frown trying not to laugh but still giving in with a few chuckles. "Okay. Okay, I deserve that. Sounded better in my head." "Aww," Marissa cooed all pouty as she cuddled his arm. "You still have me." Her boyfriend looked at her with no expression in his eyes. With a dead pan splaying of fingers she shook them and quietly celebrated. "Yaaay." Marissa smiled playfully and slugged him in his thick bicep as another round of laughs made its way through the room.
  11. "That's a wonderful idea AyKay," it seemed that Autumn had earned herself the initialed title that that siblings seemed to share. Her brother looked to Autumn and then to his sister before frowning acceptance and nodding as if to say 'AyKay it is'. Apparently having one's name abbreviated to only initials was a phase of acceptance for the twins. It definitely seemed a 'California thing' though. "But we've had a million plans before and done nothing with any of them." "Aykay?" Autumn asked. "Would you prefer 'Ack'?" Marissa mused as she stood up. She needed to stretch her legs and move a bit as her 'boyfriend' seemed to be lost in his own thoughts for a bit. Seemed fair enough though, a lot was going on and everyone processed things in their own way. She smoothed her jeans took a moment to groom her perfectly styled hair in her reflection on the glass of a picture hanging behind where her and Cade were sitting. "I'm not saying I don't agree with you, Autumn," she said before turning around after she was content with her preening. "I'm just saying, to everyone: when are we going to stop having ideas and start acting on them? We're fumbling here, people. Autumn is right. Do we even really know what this things is or are all of us just happy to wrapped up in some bigger than life adventure?"
  12. "Cook and the others?" Devin pushed himself off the wall and motioned to the door like Cook and the military people were waiting outside. "We can't trust them, Sean. All people like them want to do is give abilities like ours to people they can weaponize and toy with things they don't understand and then cover it up after the body count rises because they don't want to admit the shat the bed." "No," he shook his head. "We have to do this on our own. The more they know, the more they'll take control, use what we gave them, and then shut us out. In the end, we'll be stuck cleaning up their mess, we all know it. It's only a factor how big do we want their mess to get before we step in." "Facts." Marissa piggy backed Devin's comments, agreeing with her brother. "But, we have nothing to go on, Deej. They've technology, research, hell, protection. We're flying blind out here. We all know they'll screw us in the end, but at this point, what choice do we have?"
  13. "So, like a taproot." Marissa added. "It's in the... other place, while it spreads it's secondary roots into our world." She sipped her soda. "Not to cast a shadow over all thi, but it's great you can sense it, Cassandra, but we don't need to sense it, we need to destroy it. So we go there. Then what?" "We have no idea what they did, or how powerful this thing is, or if it can even be destroyed, not to mention none of us have anything to fight it with. I'm no gun toting amazonian warrior... not all of us got lasers and fire."
  14. Marissa rolled her eyes and shook her head as she scooped up a couple sodas and few snack packs of chips. She wasn't a fan of either, but everyone knew she could eat like there was no tomorrow. If that was any reflection on her metabolism, she had to be famished. She sat back down next to Cade, giving him a drink and bag of corn chips. "Waiting on others?" Cade said. His tone was inquisitive and laced with a hint of mistrust since it'd become his impression that she only did things for others when it served herself. "You take a blow to the head when I wasn't looking?" "Very funny," she snarked with a hint of pouting in her voice. "I'm not always a bitch, Cade. Right now I just don't have the energy for it." Her faux boyfriend accepted her offering and cracked open the chips with a loud crinkle. He pinched out a few chips and was was half halfway into his third bite when he realized she was looking at him, had been looking at him the entire time. His eyes slowly angled to meet her. "What?" "Nothing," she smiled innocently shaking her head. When he stopped eating and gave her all of her attention like a man who knew 'nothing' meant 'something' he saw a hint of color flush in her cheeks. "It-it's stupid." She shook her head. "Tell me." The top of his soda can hissed as he opened it. "Earlier you were... I don't know... gallant. I felt," she sighed, unable to form her thoughts and feelings into words. "Safe? Like, no matter what happened you would actually be there to protect me. It's not something I'm used to from people who aren't my brother, you know?" She leaned in gently pressed her lips to his cheek, kissing him softly. Cade whispered to her while she was close. "I don't think we need to keep up appearances here of all places." She smiled and thumbed away the lipstick mark she'd left on his cheek. "I'm not," she whispered back to him. "You earned that one." She shot him a parting wink as tore open her own bag of chips and pinched out a few for herself. A moment later she handed her can of soda to Cade so he could open it for her so she wouldn't entertain the possibility of breaking a nail and things seemed back to normal.
  15. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked Cade stood as a barrier between Marissa, Kat and any harm coming their way. Maybe it was the lost, hopeless romantic in her or the fact that she, like her brother, was borderline sociopathic, but the exhilarating scene unfolding before made all the people she'd come to see as incompetent or moronic seem more... awesome. Even Cade, whom she she considered nothing more than a masculine doll to be led around seemed so alive and, wow. "Oh, I have got to get into politics," she mumbled to herself as she ducked low and puller her and Kat away as Sean's LumiDiscs sliced through the air. "I am so good at this. C'mon girl," she pulled Kat away from the conflict. "Let's let hem do their thing."
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