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  1. Marissa, Week of Labor Day/Ep. VI: Off-Camera: Marissa will be memorizing and practicing the cheer playbook for the Homecoming game. At school she will be behind the scenes using her special brand of rumormongering to slowly repair the reputations of Sean, Laurie and Lilly. Her plan is elevate their status by the Homecoming game, at the minimum (and if the team wins, it might further help Lilly and Laurie.) School and After-School Vignettes: Wednesday: School. Burgers after school with Jacob Lilly. Thursday: No school. Charlie's funeral. Nothing planned, but Marissa will take to doing her homework down in the Branch-9 facility where it’s quieter and more friendly than her home. Mostly after hours when only the watch staff is on duty. Friday: School. Marissa will be searching for her brother, wondering if anyone has heard anything from him. Homework in the Branch-9 base, where she will stay as late as she can before returning home. Saturday: Marissa disappears. Sunday: Marissa is gone. TBD: Work with both Annette and Taggart on developing a proper training regiment for herself and her brother. Get tested to discover her capabilities and limitations regarding her abilities. Save her post before talking to Annette about the Library of Shadows side-quest so she can reload and learn the most beneficial conclusion.
  2. If people were talking Shelly’s Queen couldn’t hear them. The sullen melody of music that played through her iPods all but drowned out those of lesser she status she passed by in the halls but she still noticed how they pointed, whispered and watched her as she walked past. The battle with Not-Cody had placed a lot of things into perspective for the gorgeous starlet of the small Montana town and the fight with her mother last night had certainly cemented more and more of her changing ideas as she retreated to her bedroom last night wracked with anger. She had argued with Devin last night too, she was certainly still mad at him, but regretted some of the things she’d said and knew that the two of them would need a few days to calm down. She loved her brother and while he was never against her he was also never truly on her side either, always willing to give her the tough love she needed to crack the crystalline blur of her own spite and pettiness. She loved him for it, but that didn’t make him any less of an asshole. She swiftly keyed the combo to her locker using the school combo keys she and her brother bought of Amazon. Students were not allowed to own them, obviously, but they were a hell of a time saver. Benjamin Burnley continued to sing in her ears as she selected first few books and accessories, she’d need for the first few hours of classes as she hated making continuous stops to her locker. “So,” Tammy slithered up to Marissa’s locker. “Guess who stood down from the Cheersquad last night? Katie’s mom called and told my mom that she’d decided that cheer leading might be a bit too dangerous for her and that leaves us an opening. I thought I’d be the first one to tell you.” Marissa plucked the iPod from her ear that closest to Tammy. “What?” With a sigh and a roll of her eyes Tammy repeated herself. “Guess who stepped down from the cheersquad?” “Katie did.” Marissa said simply, having already known the answer. “I spoke to her yesterday and she agreed to step down from performing any of the more complicated cheers.” “Wait, what?” Tammy sneered. “In return, I get her spot on the squad, and she is still an honorary member of the squad, goes with us to all the games and is permitted to cheer the team on, in uniform I might add, keeps her accreditations in the chance she wants to attend a university later.” The Ice Queen of Shelly’s voice was to monotone and matter-of-fact that it sent a chill down Tammy’s spine. There was something off about Marissa today, her composure was on point but her words, her posture… her everything, just seemed hollow and empty. “Um,” she pressed her palm into her chest, addressing herself as she spoke. “I don’t recall agreeing to any of that. If deals are going to be made, as the head of the cheer squad, I have a right to know and frankly, I say no way. No offense, but if you want to cut deals, you should have come to me first. We’re not-“ “Already done.” Marissa replied with all the mirth of Wednesday Addams. “I spoke with the principal and the coaches already. They think it’s a great idea. It shows the school is accommodating to students with special needs, allows Katie to keep participating in something she enjoys, and avoids any unfortunate lawsuits should she attempt to perform beyond her capabilities.” She closed her locker, having slid the last few books she needed within her designer school bag, plucked the other iPod from her opposite ear and slipped them back in their charging case before dropping them right in the bag along with everything else. “Oh, and she sits at the cheer table during lunch with us for the rest of the season.” Tammy’s jaw dropped in abject horror at the notion of allowing Uggo-Katie sit with the cheer team at lunch times. “Why are you doing this!? She’s a fucking freak, Marissa and-“ “And what?” The empty, icy glare in Marissa’s eyes carried the same weight of certain tall, lanky junior at their school who was fond of hay hooks and wonton violence. She leaned towards Tammy causing the cheer leader press backwards into the lockers until she couldn’t press any further. He head hazy, heavy almost as Marissa’s voice seemed to vibrate in her skull instilling her with doubt, worry and fear. “I’m a freak too? Because I don’t want the crown anymore? Because I hang with nerds? Katie is alone and surrounded by people that, no matter what, are always going to hate her. I know what that’s like. Now,” she slung her bag up over her shoulder and turned away. Tammy was too shaken to notice he pinkish-violet shimmer the cascaded through Marissa’s eyes. “I’ve something to go take care of. If anything about that deal doesn’t strike you as acceptable, just pick a hill to die on and I’ll meet you there.” With that Marissa was already on her way to meet up with Cade, leaving her mojo to swirl and stew in Tammy’s mind.
  3. "Okay, okay," Carl waved his hands about, shaking his head. "Coyote, bubbles, protection, magic powers... I am so lost. If this Coyote guy is a god, how come he doesn't just do something. Why give our kids magical powers?" "Are we really supposed to sit here and swallow that 'aliens' are real and they trapped a demonic in an alternate world or some such nonsense?" Misti scoffed at the idea, shaking her head and dismissing the idea. "Because he's tired, Dad." Marissa answered her father while looking at him, then turned her gaze to the rest of the assembled parents. "Imagine a long time ago. Humanity is still understanding fire and down from the sky come these people. Aliens, to you and me, sure, but to those back then these people manipulated fire, lightning, were stronger, faster, and wielded technology that would even seem magical by our standards today-" "-now read a few myths groups of these people settle in various corners of the world and lo' and behold, civilizations springs into being." Her brother picked up on the heels of his sisters line of thought. "At the center of each civilization appears to a pantheon or cloister of ancient, powerful beings who strangely enough almost all possess the scarily similar origin stories and their 'people' all seem to build surprisingly similar structures all across the world, despite never having met. They all have magical tools and weapons that defy explanation. Magical smoking mirror portals, hammers the explode with lightning, helmets that made them invisible." "Devin has taken to calling them 'Antes'. Short for antecedents, but he can't use words that big." With a playful grin Marissa slapped down the middle finger her brother put up to her face. "Or precursors, or forerunners, whatever they were, Coyote was one of them a long time ago. Whether there were hundreds or just Coyote and his brother a long time ago, we don't know. Fact remains, that the Dark has grown powerful with age and by feeding on all the suck in the world. Apparently humans don't mesh well with Ante DNA, it's a slow process but over generations he introduced Ante-genes into the populace and kept them deluded to prevent things like birth defects. An immortal I can only assume that took like, a hundred generations, maybe? Once saturated, he brings those populations together and effectively controls the allele frequency, forcing genetic mutation among humans." "And how did he do that?" Carl asked, still trying wrap his head around his daughter speaking so intelligently. "Sex, Dad." Devin happily provided the answer. "Lots of sex. Like sooo much sex. Sex on sex. Breakfast? Sex. Lunch? Sex. Peanut butter and jelly? Not before sex. Walk to the Seven-Eleven? Prolly gonna involve sex," he shook his head sighed. "Man, it is so cool being a god." He took a moment to wink at Annette. "Anyway," Marissa smirked at her brother. "Coyote needed more Antes to battle the Dark and it's taken him years to foster us, but we're imperfect, at best. Failures at worst. Rest assured that there are answers on that ship, but we can't do anything with it if it's out of phase like that." "Piece of cake." Devin scoffed. "Dimensions are my specialty, and I already have a plan. Which comes after we rescue the people trapped in there. Since the facility was built by Aeon and the government a long time ago, I'm assuming you guys have access to the blueprints? I mean, I would hope. All those people there need to eat and sleep and to their research, so it can't just be a cave in a mountain with a ghost ship in it. We'll need those." "Absolutely not," Misti shook her head scoffing and laughing at once. "You two are not running off to assault some government funded terrorist organization. You are all forgetting that you are minors and what this organization has been filling your head with and having you do is highly illegal." Devin nodded, pursing his lips in understanding. "Sorry, Cassie, Ms. Allen. We'd love to help you rescue your father," he gestured to Cassie's mother. "Your husband and bring him home safely so you can be a family again, buuut our mom says we can't help make that happen for you. Sorry." His mother scowled at him with a look that said she might evolve laser vision right there o the spot. "That is emotional blackmail, Devin." "Don't tell me," he shrugged. "Look them in the eyes and tell them that. Oh, and I learned from the best." "Aww," Marissa hugged her brother, smiling lovingly. "You said a nice about me." The teenage teleporter relaxed in his chair and met his mothers glare with matched intensity and gestured for her to look in the direction of the Allen's and deny them assistance from the Jauntsen family in front of all of Shelly's other parents. Devin certainly played at being dumb, but it was moments like these that showed he an incredibly proficient grasp on how the Game was played, all he needed was the proper setting and the right reason.
  4. "No need," Devin said before anyone had the chance to even considering 'thinking it over'. "Because Site B is going to happen. It's not a negotiation or a hope or a 'maybe sometime when we have time' scenario. Cassandra's father is being held there and we're going in to get him." He shrugged and looked to Annette. "Tell us or don't, but rest assured between Cassie's sight, my long reaching reconnaissance and Jason's penchant for murder, we're getting him out out of there." "Devin, calm down." Marissa said. If she was bothered Autumn's exit she didn't show it. At this point meetings weren't complete unless someone stormed out but she was considering asking Devin if he could place portals on the exits of the next meeting that just dumped everyone right back into the meeting room if they tried to pass through them. That'd be fun. "I am calm," He chuckled, shaking his head at the lunacy that while one of their family members was being tortured the Project wanted to talk about clearances and read-ins. "I'm just tired of people talking like we're not just going to do it anyways. We're sixteen, for crying out loud, adding all the tension-building caveats or warnings doesn't dissuade us in the slightest. We're gonna go. We're gonna bring Cassie's dad home and when were done, we'll decide if the government or the Project have the proper clearance and read-ins to be briefed on what we saw and did there, kay?" "So yeah, talk it over if you like, I guess." He looked to Cassie and offered her a warm smile that seemed to apologize for how he acted earlier. "I'm going. With or without you guys. If Cassie's dad is out there, he deserves to be with his family. That's why we're here and that's what we'll do." From her handbag Marissa took out a small notepad and pen and slapped them on the table before sliding over in Cade's direction. "Write that down. Take notes. That's how you impress a woman."
  5. "But you would have," Devin said softly and without malice in his tone. "That's the point of what Marissa was saying. Collectively the Fellowship is dangerous and seems to feel that it can operate with impunity and dispense justice in any manner it sees fit without worry or concern of repercussions. You lack leadership, oversight and accountability. My sister is worried that your continued, collective actions is going to end with our family being hurt as a result of the bad press you don't seem to care too much about. At no point should I ever have had to argue with anyone about the importance of not killing people. Our sidebar Jason, it was a debate. You were literally trying to justify killing people to me. Me. A dude in high school who just wants to get laid and barely skate by then blow all of my parents money on eight years of college so I can live in their basement until I'm fifty." "Put a gun in Cade's hand, he'll shoot dead anything that gets in his way, because grandfathers no one has ever seen before taught him how to be some Montaninja. Even Charlie, the forms he took were on your suggestion and they were chosen for their raw ability to eviscerate. Not to protect, but to destroy. Today it was monsters, but he listened to you, trusted you, and upgrading to people would have been no problem because he shared the same look in his eyes that you have in yours when dying time's near. That because abundantly clear after he tried to strangle Marissa in our kitchen. Dude had some dark thoughts, and they weren't always there until this mess came along and you started reinforcing his need to kill instead of protect." Devin slid back, relaxing in his chair. "Look, I know we're beating a dead horse with it Jason, but once again, you escaped lying by simply omitting the truth. Do you think we don't notice when you do shit like that? You didn't 'just attack someone because' and we all know what you did to a defenseless person who had no chance against you. You weren't protecting Lona that evening Jason, you just wanted to hurt something and she gave you a most convenient excuse. I know, because we risked a felony to keep you out of juvie." "It's pointless." Marissa shook her head in frustration. "Fact Check True: One of you geniuses wanted to blow up a bridge. Fact Check True: Devin had to actually convince you guys that killing is wrong. Fact Check True: Jason followed Liam to his home, hung out outside his window and then proceeded to bounce him off of every wall in the house until nearly every bone in his body broken. We still don't know to this day what actually happened because Lona isn't talking and Liam is still eating through a straw. Good job, hero. Not a single soul in this room is counting the two who tried to kill you this morning Jason, it was self-defense. We might not get along, but that doesn't mean I want you hurt, or worse, despite my conniving, backstabbing nature," she sneered. "That was him?" Carl asked. "That whole mess with the Liam kid?" The Sheriff nodded his head through pursed lips. Often times he really wished Marissa, for as beautiful as she was, would just stay pretty and stay quiet. "Christ," their father added but honestly didn't seem to bothered by the news. "Poor kid was folded like a pretzel." "He was in our house, Carl, with our daughter!" Misti didn't seem to take the news as well as her husband did. She shook her head and buried it in her hand while rubbing her temples with her thumb and middle finger. "Jesus. You two are going to be grounded until you're three hundred." She looked to Gar. "And I'm sure you're just peachy with all of this, right?" "No, no, Mom it's okay." Marissa consoled her. "Jason has given his word that he would never, under any circumstances, ever hurt me, or any of us." Devin looked over to his sister. "Oh yeah, you mean how it's impossible for him to lie, yet he can use any manner of subtly and subterfuge to avoid being anything close honest?" "Yeah, that's it!" Marissa said cheerfully. "So, see? We have absolutely nothing to worry about! Everyone is safe." There wasn't a scientific word for how fast her false smile straightened into a scornful expressionless visage. "Like I said... this is pointless. Let the Fellowship do as it pleases, they're Annette's problem. The Dark needs to be dealt with and we're the only ones who can do it, so, as it stands, Branch-9 and Proteus need us, all of us. So we'll do our part. I would recommend a very short leash for them though."
  6. "Now that's a load of crap," Marissa snorted. As the attention all turned to her she looked up from her phone. "When Devin vehemently demanded a no killing rule you clowns had the audacity to actually argue with him about it. Now, this was only after you psychopaths had already racked up a body count, what with Jason shattering people's bones and Charlie slicing everything in his path to ribbons. It wasn't until the prison and after a lot of arguing that you guys agreed to my brother's 'no killing' rule." "Dirty laundry aired," she paused and repositioned herself in her chair, crossing her legs. "I bring that up because we're teenagers. Yes, we have super powers, cool, super powers are tight, I'm with you. We, however, are not the military, nor the police. We are not judge, jury, nor executioner and some of you more than others have a hard time grasping that fact, while others can't even grasp it at all. If Taggart and his boys want to run through Crossroads shooting and blowing things up, fine, that's their job. They're sanctioned to do that. We, are not. Frankly I don't want America showing up on my family's doorstep and dragging us out into the night to beat us and burn us at the stake because one of you morons couldn't keep it in your pants and branded 'our kind' as violent, unstable... what's the term? 'High functioning-psychopaths'?" "Monsters are one thing," she sighed calmly. "But people? Killing people isn't our style, Annette." "Our." Devin swirled his hand about a bit, symbolizing that Marissa was referring only to the twins. "How the Fellowship chooses to handle their business is on them."
  7. "Jason is correct," the lovely brunette's voice rose up just moments after he'd finished speaking. "But I feel more clarification is in order. The dark, lowercase, like radiance, is simply a force of nature. The inexorable pull of entropy and we all possess it within us as well. The Dark, capitalized, is an entity, a being that uses that force of nature against us and this world, possibly even others. As we use Radiance against it, it uses Darkness against us." "And what is this 'entity' exactly?" The sheriff asked. "Not to get ahead, but it was once a being of flesh and blood, like you or I. It succumbed to the corruption and I guess just transcended, becoming for all intents and purposes, a god, and no, I'm not using that term lightly. That is exactly what this creature is. Simply put, The Dark, capital, corrupts the dark, lower case, and uses that fundamental force of the cosmos against us. Those of us with radiance can push back, or even cleanse that corruption, near as we can tell." "Like the tales of the Devil, The Dark doesn't seem to be able to outright force people to do things. It prefers to corrupt them, over time, but the choice has to be theirs, it seems. I knew Cody very well, and he may have been a sleeze-ball but he wasn't that far gone. I could see conflict, the boy he was, wrestling with the creature he'd become." While her thoughts ventured back to last night, back to what Cody had become she rubbed the bridge of her nose to calm the influx of emotions rising behind her eyes and words. "We call people manipulated by The Dark, 'Shades'. Problem is, we have no real means of identifying who is normal, and who isn't until the corruption begins to change them." "Change them?" Dana asked quietly, looking at the images rotating in the room. "We'll get to that," Marissa, in an attempt to not take things too far ahead politely dodged her best friend's mother's question. "I just wanted to clarify that radiance and darkness are not, in and of themselves good or evil. We could use our radiance for all manner evil if we so chose to, that wouldn't mean we were suddenly tapping into some darkness-" "-we'd just be colossal jerks." Devin added. "Exactly. Evil isn't born, it's made," his sister agreed. "So, for clarification, we are generally referring to the entity we call The Dark, and as Cassie weaves more of our encounters for you, you will hear the term more often, as it has a tendency to show up at the most inopportune of times."
  8. "Excellent," Misti said with a smile that lacked and and all caring for the proceedings. "Well, as you all know, I'm Misti Jauntsen and this is my husband Carl. He's a Federal Wildlife Officer, and I work for the school's administration department, so I know you all quite well, if only by reputation," no one missed the side-eyed glance she offered to Gar, whose reputation as a drunk was not unknown. "While I'd love to say he and I have been fully able to grasp the happenings of the last few days, I unfortunately cannot. We've agreed to listen with as open of a mind as possible, considering some of the things we've seen," she offered her son a glance. "So, who wishes to start?" As their parents eyes fell on the twins the two looked around the table and smirked evilly and simultaneously. They leaned back in their chairs, Marissa crossing one leg the other and Devin resting an ankle on his knee. Devin shrugged. "Good question," he said. "Who would like to go first? We always used to, but now, it's not our circus-" "-not our monkeys." Marissa finished as the two sat and waited to see who would pick up the mantle of spokesperson for the Fellowship.
  9. In the interim the twins tapped away on their phones, sliding through their social media accounts, and pausing only to lean to the other to angle their phones to smirk or chuckle at each other’s choice of memes. They spoke quietly amongst themselves in hushed tones, sharing with each other their opinions of the content but by and large kept to themselves. While his children made small-talk Carl leaned over a bit and addressed Gar as quietly as one could across the Arthurian-sized round table. “Hey,” he opened, getting Gar’s attention in a voice that was not particularly low. As silent as the room was, even the twins’ hushed conversations about Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa and the direction of their music. “You and Hank end up with anything over at Verden the other day?” Gar shook his head. “Hank’s good at hearing about the ‘best spots’, not so good at hearing about the ones that actually have fish in them.” Both men chuckled. “I appreciate what you did the other day, by the way. I knew I had re-applied.” Carl offered a dismissive curl of his lip and waved a hand. “Eh, two days is nothing. There are bigger crimes in the world than a two-day expired license. Oh, I talked to Tammy, too, she cleared it all up. Your new application was on the bottom of the stack. They’d bumped several locals down to process al the new licenses for that small mouth tourney coming up.” “That’s right,” the gruff man nodded, his finger bouncing along to the invisible thought in his mind. “Forgot about that. You managed to talk Tammy into bumping up an application? People been trying to get her to do that for years.” He mused. “Her daughter is sweet on Devin,” Carl smirked. “That helped. The rest is smiling despite wanting to unholster my sidearm and end myself.” Gar nodded with another chuckle. “Yeah, she can be a handful.” “Try Holden’s Hollow,” Carl tapped his finger on the table. “Busted a few guys there about a week back and they were dragging in bucket loads. About eleven-hundred in fines all told.” “Was it edible?” He asked. Carl offered a shrug. “Got me. I don’t fish. I’ve kept my interest more in the regulations than the sport-” “-or pulling disgusting, unwashed things from the water when you can get them filleted and clean from the store.” Marissa chimed up with a look of disgust in her expression. Her distaste for nature and things that happened outside the radius of her WiFi connection were nigh legendary. “Thank you, Monkey.” He smiled but didn’t look back his daughter, who wouldn’t have seen him anyways through her phone as she fumed at his calling her his pet name for her that she thought was retired when she was... six. "She’s not really an outdoorsy type.” “I gathered,” Gar politely nodded and decided not to press the matter as Marissa’s eyes darted from Jason to Cade and then narrowed in suspicion as they were the only ones present who knew she’d been taken fishing. “Yes, well,” Misti interjected in a volume that filled the small room swiftly. It appeared that there was warm conversation taking place and that could lead to people possible be cordial and pleasant with one another and the black void that pumped ice-water through her veins just couldn’t cope with that possibility. “We’ve certainly better things to do than sit here in silence all night.” She was addressing no one in particular, but it seemed like Annette was intended to take the brunt of it as this meeting place was what she’d offered. “If the others are not going to bother to show up, I see no reason to waste our time-“ “You get used to it,” Devin mused with an eye roll and a chuckle as he scrolled his phone, never bothering to address anyone specific. “It's like this every time. That’s why I wanted this at the house, so when they ghosted us, we weren’t stuck with a drive home. Cassie’s probably out taking pictures of raccoons in Bunnee’s garbage and in a few moments, she’s going to realize ‘oh my god, that was today?!’ and start peddling as fast as she can. Kat’s was most likely on her way but saw a butterfly and wandered out into the wilderness, and Sean doesn’t show up to anything unless Jason personally drags him to it. Autumn is just late for everything. We’re fairly sure that’s her superpower.” “I thought you were exaggerating, Devin, dear.” Misti sighed in frustration. “But so far, I concur: they do appear hopeless.” “Told you.” Marissa said with a huff, never taking her here eyes from her phone. "'Five more minutes," their mother said calmly, but matter-of-factly. "Then we either begin, or we're leaving."
  10. “I’m not coping, Autumn,” the gorgeous brunette replied as she dropped the shoe box on her bed. With a twist of her waist, she looked at her bandages in the mirror she began peeling off her clothing, heedless of Autumn’s presence. One thing was certain, Marissa wasn’t shy. “I’m legitimately sorry for what happened to Jason and as hard as it is for people to understand, I feel guilty as well. But Jason isn’t capable of doing people the curtesy of caring so I no point extending that same curtesy to him. The best I can do for him is to see that it doesn’t happen again.” She slipped into expensive lingerie as she spoke to her best friend, a fancy white ensemble that would have served as better dental floss than underwear, never concerning herself once for how Autumn might feel about being in a room with a naked Marissa. “I don’t understand why when Jason is uncaring and unfeeling everyone is okay with it, yet when I get that way, suddenly I’m ‘just coping’.” She sighed as she slid over her sweaterdress and admired her tussled in her mirror with a glimmer of amusement in her cheeks as did so. “I’m totally down with hanging out with you, Autumn. Been down with it for days now, but you’ve had other priorities.” She began brushing out her hair a bit and twisting it this way and that as if trying to decide on a hairstyle for the evening. “We’ve been bust lately, I know. Still are, I suppose, as it seems like we never have a spare moment. Again, I’m not mad, I understand we’re all busy. So instead of making plans, which I’ve tried to do and been blown off a dozen times, you just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll meet you wherever. Okay? That way I’m not interrupting anything you already have going on. You’re my bes-… my only friend, Autumn. Of course, I want to hang out.”
  11. “Am I not?” Marissa replied with a dreadful calm in her voice. “Did I not bleed for all of you? Did I not give Enterich misleading information on all of you when my parents lives were at stake? Did I not make concessions to reach out to Jason and speak with him at the training session and yesterday, even today? Do I not consistently reach out to remind you about all the homecoming things I want to help you guys with? Do I not wear a smile as my best friend fucks the guy who told me he loved me?” She turned and faced Autumn, arching her back a bit to work out the tape on her skin. “Autumn, I’m not mad, I’m tired. I’ve dealt with quite a bit, from Sean not even being able to give me a proper greeting in my own house to knowing that Jason feels it’s just my nature to sell all of you out to save my own ass. Even Cade’s only hanging around because I promised I’d fuck him again once I’m feeling better. It’s obvious you guys don’t like me and that’s fine. I can live with that, at least it’s the truth.” She walked away from Autumn, heading over to her walk-in closet where she disappeared for a moment before walking to her bed with a shoebox in her hands. “These are the shoes I was talking about, for Cassie. They’ll look fantastic on her I’m sure, a modest heel too, to add that formality to her outfit, unlike mine which make me look like every dance is a reason to go clubbing.” She offered a smile mingled with a light laugh that showed how truly emotionally detached she was about everything she’d just said. “If you could get those to her, I’d appreciate it.”
  12. “Several,” she replied calmly. “If you’ve come all the way up here, there is no doubt a conversation on how ‘my storming out never solves anything’ on the way. You’re welcome in anytime, Autumn, you don’t need to knock like a stranger.” Marissa’s room was every bit the ‘princess palace’ Autumn remembered. White curtains, a huge four-post, queen-sized bed, that was home to numerous stuffed animals, a few looking quite old and well worn. Her large vanity was just to the right as one entered, the makeup she owned was organized with care across its surface while various pictures were neatly framing the large mirror where the teen did put on her face each morning. Her bed was just a few steps across from her door, and she stood at the foot of it still debating which outfit she going to wear. “So,” she held up her sweaterdress in one hand, and her skirt and half-turtleneck up in her other by their respective hangers. “Be honest, which do you think I should wear? I love the sweaterdress and we’re kind of all secret agenty now, so I can totally pull of the Lana vibe, but there are some really hot military guys in the hospital playing at being orderlies or something, and this skirt and top will really get their attention, I know it.” "It'll probably also get your parents' attention, too," Autumn pointed out as she stepped inside the veritable shrine to femininity. In flannel, denim, and old sneakers, the redhead felt distinctly out of place; but then, that would've been true anywhere in the Jauntsen home, probably. "The dress looks more... Hm." Frowning a little, she glanced from the gorgeous brunette to the outfits she was proposing. "Professional, maybe? And no. I'm not here to talk about you leaving. It's your house, and I'm going to need at least until tomorrow to stop screaming internally after-" Glancing back toward the door, she gestured vaguely in the direction of back there. "-After whatever that was. You and I have plenty of stuff to talk about, but not tonight. I think we can probably at least agree on the fact that it has been a whole day, and I'm kind of over it. So, for now... peace?" "For now," she shrugged, dropping the skirt/turtleneck combo on the bed. "Although, I don't know what you're expecting to change from now until then. So," she strolled to and opened up the massive walk-in vault she called a 'closet' and proceeded to select a suitable belt and the the suede boots she had in mind for the sweaterdress. Tan knee-highs that probably had a price tag on them that could pay for Autumn's first semester in college. "What's on your mind?" Honestly, I don't know what I'm expecting to change, either, Autumn grumbled internally, leaning back against the wall next to Marissa's makeup table instead of sitting in front of it, or on the edge of the bed. Some instinct in the back of her mind urged her not to stray too far from the door, despite the other girl's eerily calm demeanor. Sure, she'd said she didn't have to act like a stranger, but... wasn't she, really? "Well, for starters, you said you talked to Coyote, so I kind of wanted to know what's up with that. Like, how did you get in touch with him? What other stuff did he tell you, about Enterich and this Library, or whatever?" She paused for a moment, blue eyes studying the self-proclaimed Queen Bee's perfect profile as she emerged from the closet. It was hard to tell if Marissa was upset, offended, or just hiding everything behind that mask of hers. Or, realistically, whether she even cared at all to begin with. Marissa placed three belts on her bed next to her selected outfit, all of varying thickness, and plucked up the outfit she wasn't planning on wearing and hung it back up in her closet as she spoke to her bestie. "I shouted," she said simply. "A lot." She came out from her closet and addressed Autumn. "Honestly, I had no idea how to get a hold of him, so I simply drove over to where everything started, the bridge Sara wanted to blow up, and just screamed his name and damned him for not having a cell phone, until..." she shrugged, obviously not able to accurately describe her thought. "There he was." "He told me a lot of things, like the only we're getting through this is together, all of us." She peeled off her crop top, exposing a couple of gauze squares that each had dime-sized red stains from wounds that hadn't fully healed yet. Puncture wounds from the various teeth that somehow, she survived instead of being torn apart. "Coyote gave me a good cry, and I needed it. He helped me realize that I was a part of the Fellowship, be it by choice or circumstance, and even I had my part to play in keeping Shelly, and all of you safe. Aside from that, he only mentioned the library by name and hinted that one of our benefactors might what it is or its location." She winced slightly as she faced her mirror and reached behind her, pulling at the tape of one of her bandages. "Mmm," Autumn nodded. Most of those statements she wasn't touching with someone else's arm holding a 10-foot-pole; right now, anything to do with feelings, teamwork, friendship, cooperation, or even just being 'part of something' was off the table, as far as she was concerned. The Jauntsens had already made their stance clear and arguing about it right now wasn't going to change anybody's mind. Even later, as Marissa had pointed out, the result might be the same. And... In fairness, even Autumn had only sort of considered herself loosely attached to the Fellowship, rather than an actual member of the group, and even with admonitions that they needed to work together in the back of her mind, in the forefront were more immediate and pragmatic concerns. "So, if we really need him, yelling works, I guess. Good to know." As she watched her implausibly beautiful BFF (?) grimace, a twinge of empathy twisted in Autumn's stomach. Neither of the Jauntsens had wanted help with their injuries after the fight, no matter how much she'd tried to convince them, but it was still hard to willingly let them walk away with the bare minimum of aid. "Looks like you're healing pretty quickly," the redhead added quietly. There wasn't any unusual redness or swelling that she could see, which was a good sign; if Marissa had wanted help now, the young vitakinetic wasn't sure she could do much about it, after giving Dale her life back. "It doesn't look like you've got any kind of infection or anything. How does it, um... How does it feel?" "I was almost devoured by a demon, Autumn, and it tried to chew me," her voice got flat and showed a mild tone of annoyance. With the last square peeled away she folded them up and tossed them in the small brass wastebasket alongside her vanity. "How do you think it feels? It hurts. I scheduled an appointment with Branch-9 to run some tests, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with me." She prepped more gauze, daubing the little squares with something that looked like Neosporin. She offered two to Autumn while she pulled her long, dark hair up over her shoulders. "Would you mind?"
  13. Marissa tossed a sweater dress on her bed next to a skirt and top she'd already picked out, she craned her head to judge which of the two outfits she liked more. The white sweater dress would go great with the knee-high suede boots she liked, but hadn't had the chance to wear yet, but the red skirt with the black half-turtleneck top would really make her hips and butt pop when she walked. Then again... tight, like the sweater dress, really showed off her figure and it drove the uptight parent's of Montana out of their minds when they saw her out and about. Decisions, decisions... she looked down at the bed as her screen lit up with a text from Cade. "Alexa, mute the kitchen." She scooped up her phone and read. A slight smile crept across her face. Cade was sweet, in his own adorable way, and tapped out a reply, biting her lower lip as her thumbs tapped away at her screen. [[I'm not mad, Cade, it's okay. If he wants to just 'decompartmentalize' (and then claim he's not, I guess? I don't know...) people out of his life, that's on him. I've school, college, saving the world and Homecoming on my plate. Trust me, he won't notice the vacancy, so there's certainly no reason I should. Thanks for checking up on me though, it was sweet of you. ]]
  14. "Well," Marissa shrugged. "Since the discussion is over, you're all welcome to leave. Good talk." "I will see you all at the meeting later, for which there will be snacks, sodas and pizza. Now, if you'll all excuse me I have to go get ready. I'm hoping to try and look halfway decent tonight despite how I'm feeling," she padded from the kitchen and from there they heard her swiftly step up the stairs. Her voice was muffled from the top of the stairs when she she called down. "See yourselves out, if you don't mind."
  15. "Then I'm wrong, Jason." Marissa said flatly, shrugging. "We're at war Jason. We can't always control the outcome and sometimes we have to put our faith in the people around us and their abilities. I know it's hard for you to grasp, Jason, because you don't know what it's like to be wrong, but for the rest of us sitting down in class who don't remember that article we saw in the dentist's office six years ago about the silver crested wabbajack are most likely not getting those points towards their grade." She seemed to be keeping her cool, despite this was usually the point where the two of them would devolve into an argument. "'What if I'm wrong' is something I live with everyday so it's no surprise you actually consider that, what with you thinking you control every situation and every outcome with a cold stare, arms crossed on your chest and a simple 'this is how it's going to be' attitude." "What if I'm wrong and he kills my parents anyways? What if I'm wrong and he just kills me instead? What if I'm wrong and he finds out I told Annette and Taggart?" She shrugged, looking from one hand to another as she gave each example. "My last several days has been nothing but walking on eggshells and pondering 'what if I'm wrong', so please, spare me which end of your ass you pulled that logic from." "And I do get to make that decision, Jason, because I did and if I have to, I'll do it again. I was in the wolves' den and I didn't have time to simply launch off texts of consent. I went to Annette and Taggart because Dr. Cooks notes, which contained details details on all of you, happened to be the property of Branch-9." The lovely brunette seemed unreasonably calm as she explained herself, while her words may have seemed harsh or blunt, she didn't in anyway seemed to be particularly angry or being cruel for cruelty's sake. "I didn't need your permission to use their resources and risk letting you guys know so that you get my parents killed and offer Devin and me nothing but a stoic glare and empty apology before you all just went on about your day. You're smart Jason, we all know you are, but in the really-real-world where everyone isn't a psychopath and we have feelings, and emotions, and social skills, we do things like call the police, call the FBI, call the U.S. Marshals, or go to the local underground secret military base and you address professional enforcement officials. You don't go to the psycho down the street and hope for the best." She pointed out the window towards the street to accent her statement. "I'm willing to take risks, Jason and be wrong, because all I have is average intelligence, an above-average body, and I'm surrounded by people who have consistently displayed an inability to provide me with the level of competency that I required in my time of need, so I outsourced. If a situation like this arises in the future, I will assess competency at that point and make a decision I feel is best to direct the outcome in a way I consider favorable." "I've already expressed the extent to which I can be trusted," she seemed distracted for a moment as she noticed the polish on one of her nails was chipped. With a disgusted expression at the imperfection in her usually flawless appearance, she sighed and shook it away, pressing on. "No situation can be perfectly accounted for. I've already said I'd warn you to the best of my ability, but frankly I'm not trusting any of you with things as grave as my family's lives, simply because you're part of the club. Those were my parents, my call, not yours. I am not some variable to be controlled." "You're seeking to promote people who can't do the job simply because they work for the company instead of seeking to hire those more competent and capable who don't work for the company." She smirked. "I mean, okay. You guys feel free to do as you please, but unlike Jason I can't control every scenario or it's outcome simply by standing there and telling people how it's going to be and if I don't get my way I'll shut them out because I don't get what it's like to be a flawed, scared, normal human being. I made a call and if I have to I'll make the same or other calls too if that's what the situation demands at that time. You wanna hate me? Hate me. You wanna compartmentalize me out of your life? Feel free. After all, there are only so many Radiants and our numbers have already dwindled by five in three months, so if you think turning your back on your limited allies is the intelligent thing to do, by all means, I won't stop you." She addressed everyone holding her arms out as if inviting a challenge. "I wasn't put here to live up to your standards, nor you, mine. So do whatever you feel is best, the war will still be here tomorrow."
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