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  1. Cassandra, having watched the drama play out while feeling unsure about how to intervene...or even if she had the right to...finally piped up when Clara mentioned 'people like us.' Here was something that plugged into something else she'd seen today. "What if it's not just people like us?" she suggested. "Scientists test these kinds of things out on animals first, right? What if there's...super...animals out there?" At the looks she got, Cassandra scowled and looked at the sky for a second. "Okay, let me rephrase. There are super animals out there. Me and Cade met one. I don't know if it's because of this Proteus thing though."
  2. Cass, wide-eyed both from the visions and the cat's response, gasped and said, "I'm...I'm sorry. I didn't know you could..." she frowned a little and shook her head. "Communicate?" It wasn't speech exactly, and it wasn't what Sara did. She didn't know what it was. It was...weird. "I'm Cassandra. This is Cade and...we're just trying to figure all this out. Can you help us?" It wasn't lost on her that she was talking to a cat...but it was a really big cat. And, from what she'd seen, an old one. Like...really old. Egypt old. Maybe dinosaur old. Which...there weren't even cats around during the dinosaurs were there? She was pretty sure there hadn't been. But here one was, smelling like asteroid extinction event.
  3. Cassandra stopped on seeing the cat there, catting about like it owned the place. She'd been mentally poo-pooing Cade's words about how big it was, so seeing it was...shocking. And weirdest of all was that it looked like a housecat, really, just scaled up. A mountain lion had a distinctive body shape, it couldn't be confused for a domestic cat no matter how much you might zoom out. Wheras this...this cat could have been anyone's pet, except that it was bigger than Bacon, her dog. And Bacon was not a small dog. "Holy hell, that...okay...that is not what I was expecting," she said, giving Cade a nervous glance. "It hugged you?" At Cade's solemn nod, Cassie looked back at the feline, who was simply observing them warily. "So...yes, obviously there's more," she said after a second. "It's a giant cat that hugs people. Jesus. Uh, let me...let me try something." Cass inched closer to the cat, holding one hand out with her palm down, speaking gently in what she hoped was placating terms. "Hey there...hey big guy, just want to meet you is all...I'm Cassie, a friend of Cade's. No need to hug me or anything, I'm good, just wanting to say hi..." The moment she saw any tension in the cat though, she stopped. Hopefully that was close enough. She then closed her eyes and concentrated, seeing the cat in her mind and swaying a little as it sort of stretched into a cone...spraying forward in time in a dizzying array of possible futures. But its past...that was stable, a winding line that she could follow. She pried at it, opening it into a river of images showing where it had been before, who it had been near...
  4. With a shrug, Cassie nodded. "Actually, I need to check something out after school...and I'd really like some company while I do it, because it feels kind of, um...trappy? So if you come with me on mine, I'll go with you on yours. How's that sound?"
  5. "Jeez, Sophia," Cassandra couldn't help but remark. "It's a school play, relax. I don't think Charlie's even casting it." Then she glanced at Charlie curiously. "Are you?" Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Cade and became even more curious. What would distract a teenage boy from ginormous boobies being bobbled in his vicinity? "Cade? Everything okay?"
  6. Earlier - Between Classes The cement factory...it's about the story... What the mother...what?! Since when did Dylan of all people care about 'the story?' And the whole, nervous side-eying, phrasing things obliquely like he thought they were being watched thing...what was that?! So Beth, usually joking around was all morose now. And Dylan, usually chill to a fault was acting like a stressed out whistleblower in a Tom Clancy novel. Was everyone else crazy, or was Cassie, and it just looked to her like everyone else was? Maybe she was the unreliable narrator in this piece of prose? Or maybe...the others had been talking about how the 'dark' had been hounding them. Was this its way into her life? It seemed kind of...lame? Like, Beth seemed a lot better now, and Dylan was just...Dylan. He'd get over it. He always did. Of course, he's asking me to go alone to a super secluded place after school that no one knows about besides us. Cassandra wasn't afraid of Dylan in the least, but if she took that part out, the set up did sound kind of...well, bad. Whatever was waiting there didn't have to be him. It could have gotten to someone, or something else, and was just using Dylan to lure her there. He might not even realize it. ...he hadn't actually specified she should be alone, either. There'd definitely been that kinda vibe going, but he hadn't said it. Okay then. The bell did indeed ring, and she hurried off to her next class. Later - At Lunch Cassandra was just about to see if someone wanted to come with her to Dylan's 'dead drop' when Sophia butted in. That took her aback for a second. She had no real contact with Sophia...parallel but entirely separate social circle there. "Are you into the school play now?" she asked out of genuine curiosity. "I didn't know you liked acting."
  7. I could have died. Too much was going on, Cassie decided as she hiked through the halls towards the cafeteria. It was all a mush in her head. Things that should have knocked everyone down just washed over them now, out of sheer necessity. If they let a little thing like Tawny suddenly being introduced to the hidden ocean of secrets, or how Cassie had almost died apparently, then they'd just stand around shellshocked all day every day, it felt like. And yet, she couldn't quite erase the feeling like these things should matter. The fact that it didn't bother them...bothered her. She didn't understand her powers. What she could do, or how. They'd done some practicing, but it was really hard for Cassandra to do that kind of practice. Unlike most of them, her powers were almost completely subjective. They had no easy way to tell when she was doing anything. Or verify that she'd done anything. Worse, her powers were kind of...boring? It was natural the focus went to people like Devin and Bannon and Sara, who's abilities were immediately impressive and could do practically magical things and...oh god was she jealous? She, Cassandra, had gotten magic psychic powers and she was jealous because other people had gotten better ones? Jesus Christ. Way to prove the old people, with their constant bitching about how entitled kids were these days, entirely correct. Do a disservice to her whole goddamn generation! Maybe her powers didn't lend themselves to 'danger room' training, but that didn't mean she couldn't practice. Today her inexperience with her abilities had almost killed her...Cassie was sure that if she'd approached that bracelet more carefully, or more skillfully, she'd have been able to either disconnect from it herself, or maybe even sneak past however it had realized what she was doing. So what was she doing here? Still at school? Schlubbing for a stupid lunch, and then after that there'd be math and...who cared? I could have died. But then again, was it smart to just assume that these powers took precedence? They appeared completely without warning...who said they'd always be there? And 'being psychic' wasn't something employers looked for on a resume. You could probably make a living off of it, but only in a few ways. And did she want to be uneducated and dumb, relying entirely on magic to survive? How do you balance all this out? Get what you need to make powers work, while not just throwing normal stuff out with the trash? Cassandra sighed. She should ask Clara. There was a girl who had her shit together. Maybe a bit too much even, but even a fraction of that organization would help her out right now. Lunch first though. Getting some food and water, and some rest because her legs did actually feel a little shaky, would be wise before trying to talk to someone.
  8. Cassandra managed to get back to her feet, sensing the time to move on was well nigh here. "Okay. Lesson learned about trying to look into weird things from other worlds, I guess. Thought I might be able to get a feel for the lady who gave it to you, Dev. Sorry that didn't work out." She nodded at Tawny and added, "Welcome to the madhouse. I'm sure Devin will explain stuff, but...if you want to talk to someone about it, you can always get in touch with me. I'm a bit more of a 'third party' around here than most." "Anyway, glad you're okay, Devin. I'd say something about being more careful but...that'd be a kind of dumb thing to say, since none of us knows what the hell is going on, and even if you did...you wouldn't be careful. So be good." She paused in the hallway and looked back at Devin. "You know, I might be able to get a reading of her off of you, come to think of it. But only if you promise not to try to kill me."
  9. Abruptly Jase felt Cassandra stir, and the Shine strengthened. She turned her head sideways, breaking contact with his, and inhaled deeply...then coughed and opened her eyes. For a second she didn't seem to know where she was, looking around, wide-eyed...then she glimpsed the bracelet on the floor where it had fallen, and THEN she realized Jase Bannon was holding her in a sort of classic 'cradle' posture. "Shit," she gasped. "I musta...blacked out or something. It's alive. The bracelet is...it's alive somehow. And...it's big. Really really big. Oh my God. It was like looking into forever." Cassie reached up to pat Jase's arm. "Thanks."
  10. "Probably for the play," Cassandra explained, then made grabby hand movements towards the bracelet. "Let me borrow that for a second?" When it was put in her hand, she backed away from the group and leaned against the wall just to one side of the closet the gaggle was goggling in. Heh. Devin in the closet. Hafta remember that. Headline material. Then she closed her eyes. And opened her inner eye...just...a tiny...little...bit... Standing too near the Fellows was like standing next to a bunch of thousand watt kleig lamps, but she could start to focus past them and concentrate on the twisted quasi-circle of copper in her hands. It was easier than she'd thought, because IT was bright too. Stories churned in little rivulets, trapped in the metal, and she did her best to tease them out one by one...
  11. Cassandra frowned. Skipped class. That sounded like Dylan all right. She texted back, //my class is over in fifteen, meet me there when it lets out...av room//. On her way back to the room she got his reply; a simple 'k.' By the time she got inside and replaced the hall pass and sat down, Cass was trying to piece it all together in her head. Was this the 'dark,' trying to get to her through her friends? It didn't feel...aggressive enough? The other Fellows reported having some fairly harrowing experiences sometimes. Having a friend feel like you were neglecting her when you were, in fact, guilty of neglecting her was not all that harrowing? And Dylan's texts did sound a little wound up, but he didn't seem mad or anything. Just kinda...in a rush. Which was a little out of character for Mister Chill. But not scary out of character. By the time the bell rang, Cass was actually very curious to hear what was going on. A lot would be determined on if he'd actually bothered to show up. She gave it even odds. But he beat them. When she pushed through the door with the crowd, she spotted him standing there across the hallway almost immediately. He looked pretty much exactly as she remembered him...like a sixteen year old determined to stay a thirteen year old. His expression though...that was new. Dylan looked like he was really anxious. "Hey," she said, going over so they didn't have to yell over the clamor. "What's wrong?"
  12. Cassandra was last to arrive, having had to go clear across campus after making a lame excuse to get out of class. When she got there...it looked like a freaking White House Press Corps event. Everyone crowded around to the point she had to get in close to see Devin...with Lona wrapped around him. "What the hell is going on?" she asked. "I was going to open with 'are you okay, Devin' but it looks like you're doing just fine."
  13. //Heyya Cassy, been a few. Look knowthings been off wit us for a while but we need to talk..// Cassandra was starting to text //you mean YOU need to talk...// when she stopped herself. Dylan didn't deserve that. It wasn't his fault that this was a really bad time. First Beth, now Dylan though? With Beth she could at least understand...she HAD been wrapped up in all this for weeks now, hardly coming up for air. But there was no expectation of contact with Dylan. They'd broken up. That's what that meant. //hey dyl whats up?// she texted back. //kinda busy these days but i can talk...everything ok?// As she waited for the reply, Cassie got up and went over to grab the hall pass, then left the classroom as if just heading to the bathroom. Hopefully this wouldn't take too long.
  14. Cassandra was taken aback by the sudden appearance of voices in her head, and it took her a hot minute to adjust to that. It was, fair to say, kind of uncomfortable at first...though she realized quickly that it didn't seem to be 'listening' to her thoughts. It was more like 'press to talk.' Which helped. A little. "Are you okay?" Beth asked quietly, noticing that her friend seemed a little spaced-out. Cassie looked back and nodded quickly. "Yeah, fine. Just kind of zoned. Probably need more sleep." <I don't really know anyone to put on the...list? That's kind of an ominous thing to have, guys, just saying. A list of enemies? But I mean, I'd have put Devin and Marissa on that list before I got to know them. We should be a little careful here. Leila down at the school paper gives me shit sometimes, but that's kind of her job so I can't really get mad about it. I'm kind of leaning towards a more case by case basis here.> Beth frowned. "You haven't been sleeping?" "No, I just...a couple of nights I got wrapped up in online searches, fell down rabbit holes, you know," Cass temporized. "It's not a health issue or anything, I just need to...pay attention to the old clock, you know?" Her friend nodded hesitantly and finished off her lunch. <Agh! She knows too much! She's onto me! Destroy the planet! I repeat, destroy the planet!>
  15. "Labyrinth...is that the one with the little girl, and the big guy with antlers or horns or whatever?" Cass wants to know. Beth leaned towards her and said, "That was Pan's Labyrinth. They mean the one with the little dwarf guy and the 80's glam star and Jennifer Connelly? Remember? The..." "...muppet one!" Cass said, brightening. "How are you going to do that here? Are you going to have puppets on stage?" Then she glanced for a second at Clara and shrugged. "I never played anything like D&D. Sure, I'll give it a try. Why not?"
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