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  1. I'll go with a Togruta Gray Jedi, but I have to work around a decent custom template yet (it'll probably fit Noir's "poorly trained jedi" idea since I don't want no OP character, where would be the fun ?)
  2. I've been a bit busy these last days, but I'll work on a post for sure. Looks like weird stuff is happening, I can't miss that.
  3. I feel you. I spent my whole childhood reading books, gaming and being a roleplayer without really knowing what a roleplayer is at the times. There is nothing as wholesome as a good story/game scenario. Hell, I cried at the end of AC:Brotherhood. Even the stupid stuff Rexzilla uploads on Youtube, him and his buddies fooling around in Star Citizen, moves me sometimes.
  4. I mostly played Elite:Dangerous and really like the Frame Shift Drive concept. Eats a bit of fuel and basically drives you from stellar system to stellar system, locking on the highest mass (generally the biggest star).
  5. I didn't quite see if this has been answered. I read real quick through all of this thread though. From what I understood, we kept the same Earth for before the Storm. What comes after ? Political changes in-game to allow us to keep our heads cool ? I don't care much about politics if you ask me, so I can take whatever comes, I'm just being curious here.
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