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  1. Charlie Cole was an excellent actor. That required understanding, not simply how to emote, to bring those emotions into a fully convincing persona, but to recognize them, and recognize from people's expressions, voice, tone, and the totality of it all what might be beneath the surface. But the truth was that Jason, though a friend, had always been a hard read. Charlie had simply attributed it to Jason's extremely standoffish nature. Hearing Jason admit he was a high-functioning sociopath had been a bit of a shock. But Charlie realized he hadn't fully understood what that meant. Difficulty with emotions perhaps. Not wanting to let this end there, Charlie semi-consciously reached out and rapped on the car. Jason whirled around, locking Charlie with his own gaze - a flash of freezing cold. And now Charlie saw. Jason truly meant what he said. Arrogance? Extreme self-confidence and reliance? It all blended together in so potent a mixture Charlie couldn't guess where one part started and left off. Jason was brilliant. Jason was determined. Jason had psychokinetic powers. Jason didn't have shame, uncertainty or hesitation. It did remind him of the classic media portrayal of sociopaths, ala Lecter. It made you wonder why Jason bothered with their company. Jason saw the world so differently, and Charlie was frightened, unsure of how to deal with him. "You've earned more than enough, Jase. Safe travels." A brief pause, because there was something else there. If Bannon was a normal person, Charlie could say this with certainty. Instead this was a guess, but Charlie would go with it. "When you want to talk about what happened today, I'm here to talk." "What happened?" Jason asked with that calm, impassive tone. Charlie looked back at him with a sad smile. "Something happened, something that hurt you. Something that helped push you towards snapping at Sara. I don't need to read your mind to tell that."
  2. Charlie let out an exasperated noise and went after Jason. This was getting a bit ridiculous. "Jase, please. I get it, you and Sara have some significant disagreements. But we're not going to get anywhere with people storming out of meetings. Is it really too hard for you to show some forbearance and agree to disagree on the subject of ethics and focus on the practical. I get it, Sara could just have said she doesn't prefer to intrude into people's minds. But please, this is getting tiresome."
  3. Charlie watched Sophia go. Had she suddenly found a passion for drama and a desire to be the leading lady, or was this a form of the Dark being a plain troll? One mental side, one that sounded like Jason said: "Don't compromise your integrity over her flirtations." The other side, that sounded like Marissa, replied, "Dude, the pool's not that large and it's not really going to make a difference who gets the role. Bang her." Charlie needed something to clear his mind... and the text he received from Mari wasn't. One, it probably was directed at Lona, two, he really didn't want to think about what she was referring to there. Cassie and Cade staring at a cat. Yes, that would kill an incipient boner. "What are you doing?"
  4. Lunch Room "Wait." Charlie finally found the words he was looking for, mouth a little too wet. You might think that having punched his V-card and being a male teenager, Charlie would not have so much surprise and hesitancy about having a girl up in his personal space. But in truth he was caught between the sudden surprise of this massive shift in Sophia Fingleman's behavior, and the very distracting, jutting pressure of her Finglebazongas. Hormones were up against logic and the Drama! part of Charlie's brain here. "So Mr. Abraham already picked it?" "So I hear." Sophia inched in closer. "Well?" "Ah..." Charlie tried to get his head in order and his eyes at a respectful height. Sophia had apparently decided to open up her shirt. "Well, Labryinth doesn't have a lot of female roles. There's the Junk Lady, the Stepmother..." "And Sarah. I bet that it, isn't it?" Sophia had already decided apparently on what she had in mind. Charlie wanted to protest at this presumption, to uphold the integrity of drama, but his eyes kept sliding over her massive boobs. Just so he could memorize this bodily setup if he needed to shapeshift into a woman, right? "Maybe you'd be up to the challenge?" It was the best compromise he could offer between the warring sides of his brain, vague enough to let the listener interpret as they pleased. Was she actually thrusting her chest in his direction?
  5. Shortly after stepping out of the classroom, Charlie got a chance to review his texts. Seeing the ones Devin sent made him groan and start heading for the shed. When Charlie entered, he took in the scene, Devin holding the bracelet, Lona clinging onto him, Tawny around looking confused, and prepared his most dramatically deadpan look. "What did you do, Devin? Yes," he preempted Devin's obvious response, "I know the text says, but I will insist you did something on principle." "He hasn't explained to me what this is about!" Tawny burst out. "Or whatever you're all talking about." Charlie sighed, before his head morphed, taking on the features of Rachel Maddox and her voice. "In breaking news: psionic powers is real, there is an extra-dimensional force of evil called the Dark active, and the town of Shelly, Montana is run by a secret government project. And now the weather." Charlie's looks snapped back to normal like a rubber band. "So what exactly happened, Devin?"
  6. Mr. Abraham's Desk "Of course." Charlie agreed, smiling sweetly, echoed by Andrew just moments later. Mr. Abraham gave them a knowing look, then accepted their rivalry would not get in the way of their professionalism regardless of the outcome. "Good. I'll get back to you with the answer in a few days. Have some free time. I suggest you use it to prepare for both options."
  7. Mr. Abraham's Desk Suck up. Charlie knew by now that Clara considered Andrew Berk a rival for accomplishments. Charlie could have told her that he was indeed a Berk. This overachiever and Charlie butted heads because someone had to be the primo uomo, the first man of the stage at Shelly. And it irked Charlie that a part-time dilettante would presume to take that role. Yes, grudgingly Charlie acknowledged Berk had talent. But jack of all trades meant master of none, and Charlie aimed to remind Berk of that. "My proposal is Labyrinth." Charlie explained. "Like Nightmare, it's never been adapted to stage, and it's a classic hit. However, this one allows us to incorporate the elementary school students - which will really pull in the families as a result. And unlike Nightmare it'll be a lot more family friendly. Kidnapping Santa? All those toys rampaging and attacking people? What happens to Oogie Boogie at the end? The parents might be a bit uncomfortable with the younger kids seeing that." Charlie looked back at Andrew with a totally unsmug face.
  8. "I appreciate all your offers and I'll keep them in mind." Charlie said, slotting the different suggestions into different mental file folders for the grand drawer marked The Play. When some of the others indicated an interest in the D&D game, he gave Kyle an encouraging nod. "I agree. You'll enjoy it." The only issue he would have observed would have been if it put too much pressure on Sean as GM to handle the increased numbers, but Sean seemed to have no objections. <High odds are the Dark's going to prod Sean's tormentors to be more aggressive. Aside from Courtney, who else should we watch out for?>
  9. "After much review and debate with Marissa Jauntsen..." This drew eyebrows from Kyle and others. Mari the Mantis involving herself in the drama business? Charlie actually putting up with her that long? Charlie did a dramatic pause. "Labyrinth. So we'll probably be drawing in some of the elementary school students for this. I hate it say it, but she was right. This town really needs just good simple fun."
  10. Charlie had already put his hand over Kyle's mouth. "He's going to suggest you ask about the play I've decided on and then ask if you can be the lead role, because he thinks it would fit you perfectly. I disagree, sorry. I've put my foot down on the matter." Ironically, acting was involved, behind the polite, apologetic smile Charlie used to deter Cade further.
  11. "We're fine." Charlie said, knowing how Cade had been in the dumps over Cora leaving. "Come on. We've got class." Kyle nodded. "I heard about Cora. It sucks dude, I know. But nothing you can do. Maybe you should ask-" "No." Charlie interrupted. Somewhere along the line he'd let slip that Lona had been crushing on Cade, something which was not necessarily true any more, but Kyle had become convinced they would be a great couple. Not that Kyle had anything against Cora, but it had been an aberration in his worldview of the great high school tapestry of couples. Charlie didn't want to be presumptuous, especially in matters of the heart. "But!" "Just drop it." Charlie groaned. Cade looked confused. Charlie shot him a 'don't ask' look. "Let's go."
  12. Children, calm down. Mommy and Dad still love you both.
  13. Charlie watched as Jason exulted. He was happy. Not in his normal dry Jason way, but with a surprisingly innocent glee. A childlike pleasure at discovering the secrets of the universe. And it brought a smile to Charlie's face. This - something like this was why he didn't believe Marissa, why he had faith in Jason. Well, carpe diem, cry havoc and let loose the testing of Shine! Charlie raised a hand. "I'll play ball. Bring out the booze." Jason nodded and got up. "There's some inside the house. I'll be right back." After a short while, Jason was back with the good bourbon, and proffered it to Charlie. Charlie popped the cap... and suddenly started gulping down the bottle's contents like there was no tomorrow. "Charlie?" Jason asked with a tad of chiding, and Charlie stopped, sheepishly. "Well, I figured this way we won't have to wait too long to begin the test." He handed back the bottle but there was only a thin line of booze left at this point. A sudden worry struck him that he might have to pay for it. On top of covering Marissa's breakfast bill, this might be a problem. Charlie stepped back and sat down. "So... who wants to go ahead while my blood alcohol content skyrockets?"
  14. A brief ripple of shock flowed across Charlie's face upon hearing Jason's reveal, before it vanished. He'd always known Jase thought differently from everyone else, but never something like this! His mind moved back to the breakfast with Marissa, and wondered if she'd known about this already. It didn't matter though, Charlie quickly decided. Obviously the overlap of terms represented a confusing welter, but what Charlie recalled about the garden-variety sociopath/psychopath was that they were unable to truly empathize or care about others. Jason did and he was a friend. So whatever things like Liam had happened, Charlie was sure there were lines he could trust in, that Jason would not cross. So having reassured himself, he took Jason's hand and assume the cross-legged sitting position. Breath in, breath out. Empty the mind. At the edge of his awareness, that glow-sense that detected life picked up but Charlie tried to shut that down. Just the Shine. Just the Shine.
  15. Max delivered their food, and Charlie began cutting up the eggs. "I'd worked it out with my father. You, I guess I hadn't yet gotten it all worked out. But since you're so self-aware, if you would please answer a question. Why are you still hanging around with us then, if we're so toxic in value and worth nothing?" "The Dark." Marissa responded. "It's bigger than all our problems and we need a unified front." "Mhmm." Charlie nodded and took a bite of corned beef hash, chewing thoughtfully before he swallowed. "Then what does Jason see in you?" "Ask Jason." Marissa replied, as if the question was completely meaningless to her. "Did you see how he reacted to the neck thing? He was thinking about going all... Liam. Clearly he must think of you very highly." "Jason protects his friends." Marissa retorted. "He almost killed Liam for hurting Lona. He's dangerous and I don't think it's safe to associate with him anymore. However, The Dark is a threat and he's a very effective weapon, so, I'll make do in his company for now." "So you're his friend?" Charlie picked up on the wording in the first sentence. "I was. What he did to Liam is frightening. He could do it to anyone of you next. I suggest you keep your distance. He's abusive and violent and men like that can't be trusted to not harm friends and loved ones." Marissa ground out. On the one hand, it sounded convincing. On the other... "I'll admit it's a bit of a shock. But I've known him for far longer than you have. So I'll take the risk. One more thing. You were a friend. So you did get some value out it." Charlie observed.
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