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  1. Charlie had already put his hand over Kyle's mouth. "He's going to suggest you ask about the play I've decided on and then ask if you can be the lead role, because he thinks it would fit you perfectly. I disagree, sorry. I've put my foot down on the matter." Ironically, acting was involved, behind the polite, apologetic smile Charlie used to deter Cade further.
  2. "We're fine." Charlie said, knowing how Cade had been in the dumps over Cora leaving. "Come on. We've got class." Kyle nodded. "I heard about Cora. It sucks dude, I know. But nothing you can do. Maybe you should ask-" "No." Charlie interrupted. Somewhere along the line he'd let slip that Lona had been crushing on Cade, something which was not necessarily true any more, but Kyle had become convinced they would be a great couple. Not that Kyle had anything against Cora, but it had been an aberration in his worldview of the great high school tapestry of couples. Charlie didn't want to be presumptuous, especially in matters of the heart. "But!" "Just drop it." Charlie groaned. Cade looked confused. Charlie shot him a 'don't ask' look. "Let's go."
  3. Children, calm down. Mommy and Dad still love you both.
  4. Charlie watched as Jason exulted. He was happy. Not in his normal dry Jason way, but with a surprisingly innocent glee. A childlike pleasure at discovering the secrets of the universe. And it brought a smile to Charlie's face. This - something like this was why he didn't believe Marissa, why he had faith in Jason. Well, carpe diem, cry havoc and let loose the testing of Shine! Charlie raised a hand. "I'll play ball. Bring out the booze." Jason nodded and got up. "There's some inside the house. I'll be right back." After a short while, Jason was back with the good bourbon, and proffered it to Charlie. Charlie popped the cap... and suddenly started gulping down the bottle's contents like there was no tomorrow. "Charlie?" Jason asked with a tad of chiding, and Charlie stopped, sheepishly. "Well, I figured this way we won't have to wait too long to begin the test." He handed back the bottle but there was only a thin line of booze left at this point. A sudden worry struck him that he might have to pay for it. On top of covering Marissa's breakfast bill, this might be a problem. Charlie stepped back and sat down. "So... who wants to go ahead while my blood alcohol content skyrockets?"
  5. A brief ripple of shock flowed across Charlie's face upon hearing Jason's reveal, before it vanished. He'd always known Jase thought differently from everyone else, but never something like this! His mind moved back to the breakfast with Marissa, and wondered if she'd known about this already. It didn't matter though, Charlie quickly decided. Obviously the overlap of terms represented a confusing welter, but what Charlie recalled about the garden-variety sociopath/psychopath was that they were unable to truly empathize or care about others. Jason did and he was a friend. So whatever things like Liam had happened, Charlie was sure there were lines he could trust in, that Jason would not cross. So having reassured himself, he took Jason's hand and assume the cross-legged sitting position. Breath in, breath out. Empty the mind. At the edge of his awareness, that glow-sense that detected life picked up but Charlie tried to shut that down. Just the Shine. Just the Shine.
  6. Max delivered their food, and Charlie began cutting up the eggs. "I'd worked it out with my father. You, I guess I hadn't yet gotten it all worked out. But since you're so self-aware, if you would please answer a question. Why are you still hanging around with us then, if we're so toxic in value and worth nothing?" "The Dark." Marissa responded. "It's bigger than all our problems and we need a unified front." "Mhmm." Charlie nodded and took a bite of corned beef hash, chewing thoughtfully before he swallowed. "Then what does Jason see in you?" "Ask Jason." Marissa replied, as if the question was completely meaningless to her. "Did you see how he reacted to the neck thing? He was thinking about going all... Liam. Clearly he must think of you very highly." "Jason protects his friends." Marissa retorted. "He almost killed Liam for hurting Lona. He's dangerous and I don't think it's safe to associate with him anymore. However, The Dark is a threat and he's a very effective weapon, so, I'll make do in his company for now." "So you're his friend?" Charlie picked up on the wording in the first sentence. "I was. What he did to Liam is frightening. He could do it to anyone of you next. I suggest you keep your distance. He's abusive and violent and men like that can't be trusted to not harm friends and loved ones." Marissa ground out. On the one hand, it sounded convincing. On the other... "I'll admit it's a bit of a shock. But I've known him for far longer than you have. So I'll take the risk. One more thing. You were a friend. So you did get some value out it." Charlie observed.
  7. "I did work that out you know." Charlie responded, but with a smile and no edge to his words. "But yes, it is excellent advice all the same. Thank you. Perhaps it might help to apply it to yourself? Because let's face it, you have been letting your situation control you and Devin for a long time. And I'll admit it, you and Devin have been working on it, but on a certain level it hasn't still sunk in." "I think I've been doing just fine." Marissa replied, but Charlie shook his head. "Actions, maybe but not words. I know what Jason said, but here's a lesson I've learned from the stage. Words are a form of action. They can be meaningless, or that they can carry far more force than a single punch. You know it's true. You didn't master the art of cutting people down verbally for no reason. But I think you can heal and inspire people too."
  8. It was surprising to think Marissa cared that much, at least in the sense that she was willing to pay attention to what was going on. And he was reminded that he and Lona weren't the only ones with home troubles. Eye-opening enough that home troubles was a phrase related to the Jauntsens, but then it did explain a bit. A bit. He hadn't turned into a Charliesaurus Rex biting everyone's heads off. "I'm surprised you didn't notice why." Suddenly Charlie responded in a perfect mimicry of Marissa's voice. "We didn't have it all, but we had enough to be happy. Our parents actually loved each other, we had good times." Then he resumed his normal voice. "The difference in my case, is that his vice turned out to be a blond bimbo decades younger with big boobs and booty. My mom is the one out of the house, staying at a friend's while the divorce goes through and he is planning on marrying the tramp while trying to get custody despite the fact that he should go die in a fire." "And that," Charlie summarized, putting strawberry jelly and butter on his toast, "drained away much of the energy I had until I was able to accept, unfortunately this is going to be my life for some time, leaving aside the worst case scenario, and worked out how to adapt. I was considering bringing back the poetry, but then, Shine, Dark and Spooks happened."
  9. Still here, still playing.
  10. "A decent personality goes a long way." Charlie observed. "People like partners that aren't going to tear off their heads after sex. Anyway, so you resent living here, recent that you had to come here than whatever glorious California beaches you used to live on. And you think making the best of this situation is ruling the school with an iron hand and making people miserable. Including yourself." It sounded somewhat like a modern version of Beauty and the Beast, but Marissa was Belle only skin-deep. He cocked his head at Marissa. "Why did your family come here?"
  11. "Deal." Charlie agreed, waving Max over. "Ok, Max. Please gimme eggs and corned beef hash. Marissa?" "Waffles, strawberries, whipped cream, orange juice." Marissa ordered, teeth flashing. Charlie sighed. "I suppose I would take advantage of that if I were in your place." Fortunately, Lucius Cole had gotten the idea he could buy back Charlie's respect, much less love with a greater allowance. "For the record, I have lost my virginity." Charlie added, raising a finger when Marissa opened her mouth to call bull. "Emily Florence, last year. We are actors. People who deals in deep tales full of passion and emotion. Anyway, we decided it was a one time thing and better off staying professional about it. D&D didn't get in the way of that. But ok, it's not your thing. What do you do for fun?"
  12. //See you there.// Charlie had no issue leaving, as once again, Lucius was out at work. Possibly due to Charlie's immediate brushoff the moment he'd come home. At Bunnee's, Charlie secured a booth for two and was waiting when Marissa arrived. "Figured I'd wait for you to be here before ordering." Charlie said. Glasses of water were out already, and he took a sip. "All right. We moved past this, or that's what I thought. But after last night, I didn't realize how genuinely scared you were. When I... we... hands." "You mean you got excited by choking me." Marissa commented with a hint of the Bitch Queen smirk. "That was Sara's worst way of explanation, ever." Charlie groaned. "Look, just because I was pissed off at you didn't mean I had any real intention of hurting you. If the line was that stupidly fragile, someone would have done it long ago and there would be literally too many suspects. Seriously, even when you guys are trying to mend fences and be friends, you just make it so freaking difficult."
  13. [This takes place simultaneously with Marking the Trail] What had happened was a sleepless night for Charlie, facing the fact that he couldn't contact Jason to warn him off and hoping that this didn't end with Liam in the morgue. Also, how Lona was holding up, if she was going to report it, or if not, would someone else in the group? After some thought, he concluded that he should back up his words from earlier. If nobody else did, he would talk to the Sheriff tomorrow. Come the morning, and hearing the news from checking in with the others, it became clear that yes, someone did tell the Sheriff, and Liam had been hospitalized by an unknown attacker. Now, there was no hard evidence it was Jason, but it totally was Jason. Charlie knew it, even if he wasn't planning on saying so to the authorities. Jason, he did want to have words with, but truth be told, Charlie wasn't feeling up to confronting his scary friend at the moment. But this left him with some other thoughts. With all that had happened, he hadn't really thought about Marissa before. Previously, he'd filed everything under complete freak power thing, the strangulation accident. But in hindsight, that wasn't a good set of words to use, and seeing Lona traumatized had forced him to consider how Marissa felt. Mari the Mantis. A frightened teen girl - this was still not an image one associated with Shelly's Queen Bee. But now Charlie had to, and he really needed to make up for it. So he tapped out a text for Marissa. Free to meet up t-day? Would like to talk.
  14. "Dark or not, it's sick shit he tried, and what if he tries again? On Lona or someone else? Doesn't matter, something has to be done and..." Charlie drew certain dots together. Jason had left, and apparently he'd looked ready to stab Charlie with a fork over the Marissa incident and Charlie was his friend. And before that, the hayhook. Charlie sucked in a deep, suddenly very worried breath. "Nobody went with Jason. Do we know that he's actually heading home?" And still didn't have a phone so they could call and talk him out of this.
  15. With remarkable timing, this was when Charlie entered Bunnee's. "Sorry, I was caught up with Kyle for a bit." It didn't take a genius to pick up the tension in the room. Why did he go into acting when there seemed to be a complete soap opera around him and his friends? And Marissa. "So is there anything I can do to help, or should I just stand outside the splash zone?"
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