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  1. While the twins were placing down the rules to Jason - which Charlie was secretly unsure of whether Jason would follow or circumvent in a rules-lawyering fashion (he still was trying to get a handle on Jason's psychology), Charlie got up and joined Sean, placing his hand on Sean's other shoulder. "You'll need the boost." Charlie softly said, focusing his Shine into a pulsing rhythm, giving Sean a sudden sense of the sheer life around, even in such a sterile environment. Charlie caught the look on Sophia's face, weirded out and still overwhelmed, and he winced. I am so gonna make it up to you.
  2. Charlie had taken his seat and listened thoughtfully. And watched thoughtfully too. Cook definitely was in the hot seat - the spot of Pepto-Bismol - indicated the obvious stomach upsets the Fellowship had been causing him. Jason felt a mental link curl out and politely offer to metaphorically shake his hand. Surprisingly, he recognized it as Charlie's. *If it helps to throw Cook off-balance, allude to his stomach aches.* Charlie's attention drifted away though, absorbed by the thrust of question and reveal - and Cook had left the room at Giles' orders anyway. Giles was calm, composed and very high fashion. She certainly seemed the example of a mysterious weirdness-investigating society that had seen it all - so to speak. Contrary to Marissa, Devin and Jason's pre-meeting assumptions, the Aeon Society sounded like people the Fellowship could work with. Sounded, yes, but the point was that the group wasn't dealing with a monolithic Project, with multiple different viewpoints and goals. But she had skipped over something that drew Charlie's interest. After she answered Cade, Charlie jumped in. "Moving back in the discussion, what was that experiment you were working on?" Because if the Dark had interfered, well, was it just for the energy or did it have an interest there too?
  3. Charlie turned his head to Sophia. "Psychic, actually." She gave him a disbelieving look - since psychics generally didn't turn into giant killing machines - but Charlie met hers back. "Hey, the others got the more classic powers. Wasn't like we got to vote." Then the conversation turned to the Dark with Sophia's confusion. "Evil force of evil." Charlie whispered to her. "But I'll never let it hurt you." Cheesy or not, it worked enough for Sophia to squeeze his hand and smile.
  4. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked Charlie paused and waited as the last spike-handed creature flailed ineffectually, because smashing it apart with a brisk one-two of the piercers. Casually kicking the guts and gore over to the side, the teen's armored form turned around to see if there was anyone else in need of assistance. Jason - for all that he might be an abrasive friend - was very often right. The mantis shrimp had been a great idea.
  5. Marias Medical Center - Team Fucked They looked like some undersea nightmare, in Charlie's opinion. If these four were charging them, he shuddered to imagine what might be heading for Sophia. No, he had to trust to Devin, and focus on the ones in front of him. Charlie took a breath and tried to find the positives. He'd grown since the encounter with the Coochiesaurus, being little more than instinctive claws and feral swipes. No. Since then, Lilly had taught him self-defense. It probably didn't mean more than knowing how to throw a punch, but that was fine. Because Charlie's real asset was the ability to shapeshift, and transform his body beyond human bounds. Jason had taken care to give Charlie some useful inspiration from the world of real life zoology. Like, for example, the mantis shrimp. Charlie did some more internet research and agreed. In another life or death throw-down against the supernatural, the mantis shrimp was a very good model to work off of. Now, he stepped up with Sean to the front, took the mental image and concentrated. Muscles and flesh contorted and twisted. Skin mottled and then warped itself into hard plating, a carapace engulfing his body. Next, they stretched out, a second set of limbs, ending not in hands, but in sharpened points. Emerging from behind the shoulders, these showed evidence of joints somewhat like elbows, giving them definite flexibility. Sean's ill-aimed lasers blew out the lights, but Charlie felt his bio-sense would give him enough to gauge. One, two, three... The monster that had dared to get closest to Charlie didn't see it coming. It couldn't have, as the pincers lashed out with the speed of a high-powered rifle and skewered deep into the Deep One-like creature's guts. It could barely let out a cry before the piercers lifted it up and dashed it to the ground. It lay still, burst like a goopy rubber tire, pungent dark fluids tinged crimson by the red emergency lighting spattering across the walls and floor.
  6. Team Fucked - Charlie Initiative: Gabe Roll: [9, 9, 7, 6, 5, 4] Result: 2 Action: Activating Chimera, and spending an extra Psi point (for a total of 3) to double the Weapons/Armor tag pool. Thanks to Favored Aptitude, Favored Mode and Strong Mode, Charlie gets a total of 5 Enhancement to the roll. Gabe Roll: [10, 9, 9, 8, 4, 4, 3, 1] Result: 4 WOOT. So with Enhancement, that makes a grand total of 9 successes - 1 difficulty = 8 to allocate! Also the Weapons/Armor tag pool is 8 points. ARMOR - Hard Shell: Complete 3, Hard 3, Soft 2 WEAPONS: Melee 0 - Enhancement 6 allocated (Mantis Shrimp style limb-piercers) BIOTECH MIMICRY: Grippers 2 allocated (allowing wall/ceiling crawling) Psi Points: 7/10 Defense: Gabe Roll: [7, 6, 1] Result: 0 Remains 1, but Charlie has Soft Armor 2, and two Hard Armor boxes to absorb injuries.
  7. Charlie briefly responded to Jason's summary with a sheepish "my bad". Had Kat not come in with Sean, he would have made a quick recap of the three players now active in Shelly. The Fellowship didn't count, since they were trying to figure things out - and since all the other sides seemed to not care about their game board being comprised of a whole town of people - find out how to stop them. Even the fact that they were probably being recorded wasn't an issue, because it's not like he'd be saying anything Cook didn't know. Even if Cook and his spooks didn't know about the Dark, Etienne would have filled him in, right? Etienne couldn't screw that up, right? Anyway, Charlie would have simply commented they had plenty with the Project - hands-off as they currently were - and the Dark driving people to attack them without: assuming it didn't try something new. Instead, Kat had come in, and the byplay had passed for a few moments before Charlie realized he should ask Sean to introduce her, so she didn't feel uncomfortable and rudely ignored. As such, the universe would lose a great moment of drama. Instead, it would settle for making the shift sensation that much stronger. Charlie was instantly worried about Sophia, but Jason had a point. "So we have to draw them after us, away from everyone else."
  8. Sean Cassidy stunk. That was Sophia's opinion of her fellow big-breasted gamer. Why, was a subject of the usual teen gossip and rumor, for Sophia had never shared the motivation behind her dislike of Sean to anyone, not even her newly-minted boyfriend Charlie, whom was friends with Cassidy. But that was at most, a 3 on the Bothering Scale. No, the real problem was Jason Bannon. Bannon was shady as fuck, a criminal and Sophia had heard about the Hayhook Incident. Being assaulted by seniors didn't give him sympathy points with her, not for a dope dealer whose junkies turned on him. But it made her wonder why sweet Charlie was friends with Jase, much less sitting worriedly with hands clasped in the waiting room with her. This was the start of a relationship with her crush, so Sophia wasn't going to give him a hard time, and even came along with him. But it was weird. Almost as weird as what happened when Mark Belcher grabbed Autumn Keane and she grabbed him back... assuming her eyes hadn't played tricks on her. Cade came by and nodded. "Jase's looking forward to seeing people." Charlie smiled and got up. "Glad to hear it." His smile dropped itself briefly as he caught the last portion of Marissa, Devin and Jason's conversation. "Looks like you're recovering well if you're back into Sherlock form. I'm happy to see that, but a little miffed too. This is my first time hearing of a Man in Black unrelated to The Princess Bride, but definitely not yours. I'm sure you had a good reason for not saying, but it would have helped to have known." Charlie blinked off the images coming to mind. "Especially if he wasn't so merciful."
  9. Charlie Cole Charlie didn't really hook up with Emily, he just made up to cover for his homosexuality. Sophia is riding the casting couch with Charlie to get the lead role in Labryinth! Charlie is trying to steal Jason Bannon from Sean Cassidy, the slut! No, dimwit, he's dating Sophia to make Sean jealous. Charlie is banging his dad's girlfriend out of revenge for the divorce. Charlie's only pretending to be upset about the divorce - it's the ultimate drama show, y'know? Charlie has a bunch of body costumes, that let him pretend to be anyone from school. You'd never know the difference. All this stuff lately, with Cody, Bannon, and everyone else at school? Charlie's orchestrating it all, to make his own real life soap opera. He's got the script he's made hidden somewhere in the school.
  10. Well, that was the six-million dollar question. Charlie didn't have feelings for Sophia per say, but he supposed it could happen. Similar interests - and from the teenage male side of things - very attractive. So was he prepared to give this a shot? Sophia was right, there was always going to be something else going on, but she had no idea just what. What did Shakespeare say about romance, Charlie tried to remember - Shakespeare made a great many memorable lines. Never mind, he needed to decide for himself. Charlie hadn't dated before - maybe now was the time to try. Charlie took her hand. "I'm not sure, but I'm willing to give this a try."
  11. "No, they aren't." Charlie realized that it had been a really insulting way of asking, given the reputation Sophia was already dealing with. "I'm sorry Sophia, I shouldn't have said that." Charlie let out a sigh and looked away. "Things are going on, and I don't think right now is a good time for me to consider dating." Charlie admitted it felt evasive, but what could he say? My friends and I have psychic powers, the town is a government experiment and I was honestly wondering if an entity of evil was influencing you - since it's done so to several people at our school. After Tawny? Nooooo sir.
  12. One thing Charlie absolutely, positively was sure of: women don't make sense. So Sophia had a longstanding crush on him but apparently assumed he was gay, because of theater stereotypes, and not say, busy, and now apparently did the sudden 'I want to cast on the couch' routine... to get close to him? "So what was the Jessica Rabbit act for? Were you actually interested in the play or just an excuse for this?" Charlie made a general gesture around the car. One piece of information at a time, because Charlie wasn't used to the concept of people crushing on him. People crushed on Marissa - before they got to know her. They crushed on Cade. Not Charlie, the amiable drama nerd.
  13. Charlie and Sophia "Just a chocolate shake." Charlie decided. Frankly, he was more focused on waiting for the other shoe to drop. Was this some kind of inscrutable female seduction strategy, swinging from boob flaunting to wholesome talking about common interests and shakes? Finally he set a mental timer in his head. If this went on for five more minutes without a clear answer, Charlie was going to ask.
  14. "Neither, to my knowledge." Charlie replied. "We're satisfied with our group games. Have you done either of those?" What he was really tempted to do was outright ask what was going on here, but considering jumping the gun had left Tawny a bewildered wreck, Charlie felt prudence might be a wiser choice.
  15. "Nowhere else I'd rather be." Charlie assured her with a smile. "You look great in that costume." Sounds like she's up for roleplay, the Marissa-voice snickered. Clearly, the Jason-voice surmised, she is demonstrating interest that extends beyond merely securing the lead role. You can use that as a justification for taking advantage of the situation without making any commitments you will not fulfill. Oh right, he'd used Jason as some kind of representation of an angel - or avatar of self-control. "How did you design it?"
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