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  1. 12:20, Nuclear-powered Trailer Sean glanced up from his phone towards the sun that was just starting to slide from its zenith. With his gifts, he could look at it without risking damage to his eyes, and to his vision, the sun was far more than just a yellow-white blob in the sky. It was a dancing, coruscating tapestry woven from the gamut of the electromagnetic spectrum. The sight had helped him model alternate types of vision - through technology or mutation - to ReGenesis, instead of just using the standard greenish darkvision. He had it, of course, but he had more, too. The voluptuous boy stood up, hands going to knuckle his back and stretch the strain from sore muscles when he paused, heterochromatic eyes widening in surprise as he looked down at himself. The lingering aches from facing Not-Cody and the deluge of monstrosities in the Blight had faded away unnoticed during his time of self-reflection and under the sun. He interlaced his fingers and stretched his arms over his head, then rolled his shoulders. Nothing, no strain, no pain. What remained was a faint, subtle, almost electric, thrum of health and vitality. It felt somewhat akin to the feeling of increasing and accelerating the bioelectric synapses in his brain when he overclocked it. Much, much, milder, to be sure - he wouldn't even have noticed save for the sudden realization of the absence of pain - but analogous. Were the scope of his powers starting to broaden- - his stomach gave a muted growl of warning hunger. Well, it was pass the start of lunch period. Sean brushed off the seat of his pants, gave one of the watching - but unseen - cameras a small, two-fingered salute, then began strolling back to his car. 1:30ish, Bunnee's A cheek resting on a fist, the crimson-haired electrokinetic dipped a crispy sweet potato fry in the small tub of paprika garlic aioli, his eyes on his tablet sitting on the chipped laminate of the booth table at Bunnee's. He was up to 87 units sold, creeping closer to triple digits. Tiny in comparison to AAA games selling millions of copies at launch, but he didn't have the advertising budget of the big publishers - just his own efforts online, and he was only releasing as digital downloads on PC. He could have cheated, Sean supposed, but he had pushed all his time and unfair advantages on finishing the game and getting it out there, rather than word of it getting out there. Besides, he didn't have shareholders he was beholden to, he didn't mind the game finding its audience over time. As long as it did find an audience. A quarter of a club sandwich remained on Sean's plate, next to the few remaining sweet potato fries he was absently finishing. A wireless earbud was tucked in his ear as he had continued to listen to IrønBjørn's playthrough over lunch, while occasionally responding to questions and comments on Steam and the II pages, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit. Either he was getting used to IrønBjørn or IrønBjørn was getting used to ReGenesis, but the Streamer seemed to Sean to be far more engaging and entertaining than he initially had been. With perfect timing or perfect serendipity, just as Sean finished the last sweet potato fry, Max showed up to replace his near empty glass of orange-lemonade for a full one. Sean looked up his tablet to nod his thanks, expecting the well-endowed waitress to give his plate a questioning glance, silently asking him if he were done. Instead, she slid herself onto the bench seat across from him. Sean blinked, cocking his head in inquiry. "Shouldn't you be in school, Sean?" Max asked idly. "Probably," Sean admitted in a drawl. He shrugged. "Not feeling it today. Charlie. Other stuff. Skipping a day ain't gonna hurt." He ran a hand through his hair, then frowned in self-recrimination as he picked up his phone. "I should probably tell my mom before the school calls." "I get it," Max agreed with a nod. "I've been hearing things-" "Only half true, at best," Sean interrupted hastily. "I won't ask which half." Max shot him a wry smirk. The busty waitress had always treated him well, treated him as he wished to be treated without ignoring or overlooking how he looked, and for that, Sean was grateful. It did help him accept his appearance rather than be shamed for it, and it helped her with earning bigger tips from him. "Just don't make a habit of it, right? At some point, somebody might end up calling the Sheriff on you for truancy." Sean rolled expressive eyes. That would be something, with what he knew and what the Sheriff knew, coming to get him about truancy. "No promises, Max." Sean smirked back and tapped his tablet with a forefinger, a joking tone in his voice. "I just released a new video game. Might end up a big, fancy indy developer making bank. Who says I need school?" "Yeah, about that. That's why I'm taking a minute to sit down with you, Sean. There's a guy been asking around about you..." Sean froze, almost dropped his phone, and stared wide-eyed at Max, thoughts of the assassination attempt on Jase shoving itself to the forefront of his thoughts. "Wh-who's looking for me? What he look like?" "He looks like he's from California, blond, kind of a surfer dude with a well paying job in tech somewhere. Wears an expensive suit but doesn't look stuffy in it. Drives the kind of fancy, ostentatious car the Jauntsen boy would drive if he drove a car instead of a bike. You can't miss it." "What he want?" For answer, Max pulled a business card from her apron and placed on the table in front of Sean, the rich cardstock making a crisp slap on the laminate. Sean leaned forward to read the card. It stated: Brad Stanton, EA Talent Acquisition, Senior Technical Recruiter, followed by an EA business email and a phone number. The business card looked expensive with a touch of gilding. Very American Psycho. Sean hadn't been sure people even still used business cards. "Huh." "He was looking for 'Sean Cassidy'," Max said, "for a 'mutually beneficial and totally sweet business deal', but I don't think he knows exactly who you are, or what he's expecting." "Why didn't he just email or send a private DM?" Sean wondered, more to himself than to Maxine as he picked up the card. After the debacle that was his attempt at streaming on Twitch, he kept personal information tight online, but he had business accounts for Intersectional Interactive on various social media sites. It might be conceited, but Sean had always assumed he'd get a call from a big AAA video game publisher or developer. He just hadn't thought it would be so soon. Certainly not the day he dropped his second game. He was thinking at least after his third, maybe longer, unless ReGenesis ridiculously blew up. "I got the feeling Brad thinks a personal meeting will make his offer, whatever it is, more appealing." Max gestured at Sean's tablet. "How's the game doing? Think Mr. Brad Stanton is here about that?" "Maybe?" Sean hedged. It's not like he had a ton of viewers and subscribers on his YouTuber channel about the making of ReGenesis and video games in general. He supposed he could have garnered some interest because of Annwn. But there was no way anyone would be interested in a new, untested IP. Then sent Marshalls, like real ones even if they were corrupt, after Jase. It would make sense to send a rep from a big video game publisher after him to put his guard down. "I'll have check this guy out online, see if he's legit. Thanks, Max." Sean waved the card then stuffed it into his satchel. I'll have to talk to mom after, too. Carolyn Cassidy might only work part-time as an account from home, mostly keeping the books for her husband, but she'd also helped her son set up his business. She was the closest thing Intersectional Interactive had to a CFO. Not like he'd ever sell anything to a company like EA. "No problem." Max stood and gave Sean a quick smile before heading back to the counter. "Just when you sell your game or company for big bucks, don't forget your favorite waitress at your favorite diner, okay?" Sean laughed, a genuine, feel good laugh. He hadn't had one of those in what felt like forever. "I won't." He took a sip of his orange-lemonade then picked up his tablet, minimizing the stream. Let's found out who this Brad Stanton really is...
  2. Sean's Jeep ground to a halt and he blinked, realizing where he was. He pulled the keys from the ignition, a finger through the keyring as he held them in his fist and leaned back in the seat. He'd been driving aimlessly, not sure where to go, sure he didn't want to head back to school or back home yet. But he hadn't expected to end up here. He sighed, rubbed his fingers through his rich red hair, then climbed out of his SUV. His scuffed red sneakers shuffled across the old bridge to the improvised party ground Sara and Jase had cleared what felt like forever ago instead of just several weeks. Sean looked about as he walked through it. It didn't feel so much as abandoned as reclaimed, few signs of the party that had taken place here. A few logs used for improvised seats. Scattered stones that might have been used to ring a fire pit. Very little litter. Summer parties like that hadn't been something Sean had much interest in. Truth be told, he still didn't. He'd come at Jase's urging, mostly. It seemed like all the craziness had started here, this was where it had begun, where the lives of the Fellowship had irrevocably changed. Sean felt his eyes grow tight. Where for at least one of them, it had led to an early end. And it suddenly felt like a really dumb idea that he'd come out here, alone, in the middle of nowhere, just after one of his friends had been targeted for assassination. Well, it wasn't quite the middle of nowhere. He frowned, then shrugged, and began ambling down a faint path through the trees and up the hill, dirt and gravel pattering down behind him on the occasional steeper slope. The technokinetic sensed the recording devices - or rather, their signals - before he saw them, let alone the old abandoned trailer. He could turn them off, or spoof them so they wouldn't even acknowledge him, but what was the point, Sean thought. He didn't particularly care if the Project knew he was poking around about here. He continued up the hill and through the screen of trees into the clearing. A part of him was mildly surprised to find the trailer still there. Shifting his vision into a different spectrum, he could tell the miniature fusion reactor was still there too. Seems like the Project didn't have time to collect this stuff with everything else happening. He paused, then shrugged again, and continued towards the trailer. The metal steps shifted under his weight, the foot biting into the dirt. The door creaked open at a touch. The trailer smelled musty, but not as bad as it first had. It didn't seem to have been disturbed since the others had collected the files. Sean climbed inside, idly looking around, though he didn't expect to find anything that had been missed the first time around. He did have the weird radio back home, still trying to figure out how it worked. He was beginning to suspect its retro appearance was just a false front hiding the real components that gave it seemingly near infinite range. Maybe it worked using quantum entanglement? He was as interested in the fusion reactor, though he would feel better studying that in more controlled circumstances. He could do something about the radioactive rays it was emitting, but still... radioactive. His phone vibrated and Sean smirked to himself as he nabbed the message through the air. His digital chicanery seemed to be working, someone in the Project monitoring the area alerting others that he was there. Good. He pulled out his phone, swiped to a page. 66 total sales for ReGenesis. 69, 70. A slight uptick as the sun climbed towards its noonday peak. After poking about the trailer for a bit, Sean took a break, sitting on the top step. It was funny. Jase had just started revealing his mental acumen at school instead of flying under the radar, and here he was, barely able to care about school. Not just today, it was getting hard to even consider thinking about school for the rest of the year with everything else going on. Even his ideas for college, if he even decided to go, were shifting. It felt like something so far away, especially when it was possible he wouldn't be alive to go. And now, there was potential it wasn't just his own fucked up genetics that might end him. He couldn't see why Enterich would only target Jason, unless Marissa really did have something to do about it.
  3. Sean's fingers drummed agitatedly on the wheel as he drove Cassandra back home, his jaw tight with anger as he nodded when she pointed the way or told him where to turn to get to her place. That utter bitch! kept scrolling through his mind. Personally, Devin had been a greater devil to the intersexed boy than Marissa had been, if only because they had interacted more often. But since all the psionic shit in Shelly started, he seemed to be making an effort at making amends. He even seemed to regret his prior actions, some at least. Marissa, not so much, at least from what he'd seen, but she hadn't appeared to be actively hostile. He'd barely recognized her when he'd seen her in passing at the hospital. Sean never even had an inkling Marissa would do something like hire hitmen to target Jase, or make some sort of deal with someone who had sent those Marshals after Jase, or whatever she'd done. Whatever she'd actually done, it was still a betrayal, especially after what the Fellowship had gone through together in facing down the thing Cody had become and the Thing behind him to rescue Sophia and Tawny. Whatever else, the meeting tonight was going to be explosive. She'd better not squirm out of any consequences with her silken words this time. He also couldn't help but feel another spike of guilt. While Jase had been recounting his encounter and Cassie had been doing her thing rewinding time in her mind's eye to find out how the encounter had been incited, Sean had been tapping into the communication network of the Marias campus, and thanks to the listening devices, into that of the Project's base hidden below. Being able to psionically grant himself better than admin access was pretty awesome, way more discrete and efficient than mundane hacking. He should have tapped into all the major authority or emergency agency comm lines. He should have mirrored everyone's phone when he had voodooed them. He might have had a hint of Marissa's duplicity. But digital snooping aside, Sean did believe people had a right to privacy. He didn't want to play Big Brother. More to the point, keeping himself open to every electromagnetic signal and communication flying by would drive him to paranoia and insanity. Then again, was is paranoia if someone was out to get you and your friends? The Grand Cherokee Trailhawk ground to a stop outside the Allen household. The head of a German Shepherd nudged aside the curtains and peered at them through the front window, tongue lolling. Sean smiled tired at Bacon, giving the dog a two-fingered wave. He still preferred cats, himself, but he could understand the appeal of dogs. His smile turned contrite - walking and running with a dog every day would have helped him with cardio. Cassandra hopped out of the Jeep SUV, nudging the door closed with a hip, then giving the hood a rap with her knuckles. "Thanks for the ride, Sean." "No probs, Cass," Sean replied. "If you need another, in case biking it is too far, text me. Might have been good for me to keep up the biking, but, well, car. I... I don't know where I'm going now. Just... I need to puzzle this out, but don't want... y'know?" "I get it, man, I do. Trust me. I'll keep the offer in mind. See you tonight, I guess. Unless, well, something else happens before then." Cassandra gave his car another rap, gave Sean a nod, then turned around, fishing out her keys. Bacon's head disappeared and Cass smiled, almost hearing the skittering of his paws as he raced towards the front door. Sean waited until Cassandra was pushing open the front door before putting his vehicle in gear and driving away. Not that he was sure where he was even going. Home? School? Back to Marias, in case Jase and/or Autumn decided to take pre-emptive action, and whether to help or forestall. He didn't know. For now, he just drove with the potential for the situation improving when he didn't have a destination in mind. Last night, they had won, and not even a day later, it felt like they were already losing.
  4. Core Values Achievement: When Sean really sets out to make something, he wants it to have an impact, whether personal, or on a grander scale. From something as simple as the satisfaction of putting together a well working drone or helping his dad on improving the Barn, to seeing his players engrossed and having fun during a gaming session, to having a video game being well received, both in acclaim and with sales. Creativity is the process, Achievement is one of the measures of how successful the process is. Failure is something to learn from, to push towards future success. Autonomy: Sean has his pride. The middle child often left to his own devices, and an outsider at school - at least initially - Sean learned to rely on himself. If he really needs help, he'll ask for it, but can't help be affronted or irritated when others just assume he needs help with something he can do himself, even if its something he might struggle with, such as when Lilly went to put his bike in the back of her pick-up. He prefers having control on anything he's working on, so that he doesn't have to worry about others making a mistake that he has to fix. This lends itself to taking effort to delegate even if doing so would be for the betterment of all. Psionic powers make a massive difference, but his video games could be even better if he'd been willing to seek out more help. Creativity: Sean takes great comfort and enjoyment in building things, creating things. Programming a video game, writing a role-playing game campaign, making art and music for his games, building a drone or sweet gaming PC, putting together a spectacular Halloween costume, baking a new pastry, and more, he immerses himself in turning his ideas into reality, most for his own interests and amusement, partially as a means of escapism from his personal issues and problems. And if other have fun, that is a very awesome bonus. However, Sean can get lost focusing on his creative pursuits to the detriment of more pressing concerns, such as group training for an encounter with an entity of primeval darkness, or still working on a D&D campaign when half his players are gone and psionic powers are a real thing. Knowledge: Sean loves taking things apart and putting them back together, and trying to figure out how stuff works, tangible and intangible alike, like new software or helping Jase in figuring out the fundamentals of nascent neotic science. It's a companion value to creativity when making something new with his own take and/or personal stamp on it. That curiosity can also lead him to searching into places he doesn't precisely have leave to do so, causing him to see things he probably didn't want to see in the first place or to get otherwise distracted. Loyalty: Bullied and mocked by many, Sean doesn't make friends easily, but family and the friends he does have he holds dearly, willing to go to bat for them, and help them however he can. However, taken to an extreme, this can result in him overlooking the questionable actions of those he holds close or not holding them as accountable as much as he should. He also tends to nurse the hurt from those he feels have betrayed him or done him wrong, especially if they haven't done anything to make any sort of amends in his mind. Other Values Inner Harmony: Intersexed, and even an outlier in that small demographic, bullied, mocked, and teased for it, Sean has had a very difficult time how he perceives himself and how others perceive him. It's a turbulent river, and it might a life-long struggle, but he wants to find the balance, the acceptance of who and what he is, even if he doesn't know what that quite is, yet. Developing psionic powers has added new ripples to that river. Integrity: He might fudge things here or there, try to paint things in a better light at times or keep things to himself if he thinks its for the best, but Sean thinks of himself as relatively honest and truthful. Holds himself to a high standard in his professional pursuits, whether building a website, a computer, or a video game, he doesn't stint on effort, materials, or design, and gives a full service, not trying to squeeze out every dime, and he expects the same in turn. He hopes he'd have the wherewithal to resist accepting a ludicrous buyout from a company he holds in low regard, say if one of his games turns out to be a breakout hit, but doesn't honestly know. He can say he'd turn it down flat, but there could be an awful lot of zeroes... The guilt and shame he felt when he buckled to bullies and either did their homework or fudged their grades was real and stabbed deep. How he looks and how others treat him about it and how he reacts or is resigned to it also tangles his certitude and integrity. Help Society: Sean would like to see some of his achievements and goals make larger impact than just the satisfaction he gets from them, particularly in areas of great interest to him. He loves video games and tech, but in many cases, innovation is being stifled and greed growing rampant. It might be modest in the grand scheme of things, but if he could help improve the video game industry, it would be one of his proudest moments. And as he designs and makes more things of significance - if he does - and the dangers and threats the Fellowship encounter, the scope on how he might help society at large will develop. Leisure: Components of Economic Security and Time Management are rolled into this. It's not that Sean wants to earn all the money and have all the control, but enough to keep him in comfort, make sure his parents have an easy retirement, and have the time to pursue his hobbies and interests, which in turn he hopes he can make his livelihood. Having fun doing what he enjoys and getting paid for it, one feeding into the other. Recognition: Achievement is a personal measure of success, Recognition is a measure of success from others, and he values that, but really, Sean wants to be able to point at something and be known for that instead of only being known as the boy that looks like a girl with big tits.
  5. A brief video tour of a very dark house. Beautiful dice, beautiful dice trays, bizarre shark-rays, and a strange humming … Cypher Chronicles, vol. 12-2021 The post Cypher Chronicles, vol. 12-2021 appeared first on Monte Cook Games.
  6. In which Eddy and Dixie talk to Ian A. A. Watson and Daniel Lauzon about Adventure! The Onyx Pubecast and Boner ExperienceTrinity Continuum: Adventure!Origin storyUpdates to the materialDixie wants cool powersDaredevils, Stalwarts, and MesmeristsSelf-contained Trinity gamesInspirations for Adventure!Weird (and real) scienceIt was Mercer all along!Adventure! is Danielle’s favoriteComparing editions Links: Adventure! Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/200664283/1808519165?ref=e3c765&token=6607fb77Bonus Experience: https://bxpcast.com/Kicktraq: https://www.kicktraq.com/Coyote & Crow Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/connoralexander/coyote-and-crowMax Planck: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_PlanckIan: https://linktr.ee/vonaetherOnyx Path YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOnyxPathOnyx Path Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/theonyxpathOnyx Path Discord: https://discord.gg/5uckcBk
  7. With an elbow braced on a knee, other foot bouncing in anticipation, Sean watched IrønBjørn's Stream of ReGenesis, flipping back to his video game's page on Steam and Epic and the marketplace page for Intersectional Interactive's direct site. Only 7 sales on II, but not unexpected. He would have sold it exclusively on his own site so he could keep a full cut of each sale, but the digital distribution sites simply had a far greater reach, their cuts worth the extra sales. Huh, Annwn has two recent sales. Cool- Sean jumped to his feet in shock when Devin's text popped up on his phone, his thermos bouncing down the aluminum bleachers with a metallic ting-tang. "Crapfuck!" he cursed as he chased after his thermos down the bleachers, trying not to fall into a full tumble, sending back his own text with a though rather than his fingers. Chet, Kieran and his fellow cronies snickered at Sean scrambling down the bleachers, his hoodie not hiding the animated bobbling beneath it. Bets were taken whether the abnormally, over-endowed boy would trip and fall, unable to see his feet, and break himself on the bleachers or give himself a black eye. Packing up and getting ready to leave the field, Laurie heard them mocking her brother and scowled. Looking as though she was taking one last kick, she shifted her aim slightly, making it look she'd fumbled it and sending the football towards Chet and the sniggering seniors. She missed - she'd been aiming for Chet's stupid face - but got close enough to make Kieran duck. "Watch it, Cassidy!" Kieran growled heatedly at Titboy's smug, uppity sister, though he moderated his tone, slightly, when Cade looked back over his shoulder. "Might be dangerous on the field in a real game, if someone were to get through when you're prepping for a kick." "Get the ball, Cassidy and get ready for class," the football coach called out tiredly. First Lilly, now Laurelei Cassidy. The ladies were sure talented, he had to admit that, though the Cassidy girl still needed a lot more practice and conditioning, but he still wasn't sure having girls on the team was worth the trouble. Sean barely noticed, giving his sister and the football hooligans a sharp glance as he hustled towards the student parking lot in something between a quick walk and a slow jog. As the bell for first class rang, he sent Cassie a text while looking around at things only he could see, the fireflies of electromagnetic communication signals. They were always around him, many and more, he couldn't pay attention to them all the time, not even to a tiny fraction of them. It would be like paying attention to several conversations at once. Still, if he hadn't been so involved with his own, personal projects, he could have done something to alert himself and the Fellowship, if certain keywords popped up on pertinent communication networks. He couldn't write the programs on the fly, but might be able to voodoo some virtual agents to keep ears out and to update him while he did work on the programs. It should work, though he wasn't entirely sure he could tap into the Project's network without them noticing something amiss, eventually. He might have to rely on the psionic semi-autonomous AI program there. Sean jumped on the running board of his car and climbed in behind the wheel. He eased out of the parking spot and drove out of the lot, slowing when he caught sight of Cassie waving between some other cars. Neither slowing nor hastening her pace, the blond proto-journalist hopped onto the running board of the passenger side of the off-road ready Grand Cherokee Trailblazer - the rugged vehicle not something Cassie expected from the intersexed technophile for all he seemed inordinately proud of it - just as it came level with her and swung herself into the seat. "Hey." The red copper haired boy gave Cassandra a tired grin, though his turquoise-and-jade eyes were grave before he turned them back forward and pulled out of the parking lot. "We couldn't even get a single day off after saving Shelly from the Dark, eh? You need to stop anywhere before we head to Marias?"
  8. Now available in advance PDF from DriveThruRPG: Time is Come Round: The Contagion Chronicle Jumpstart for Chronicles of Darkness! The world suffers from illness. It shivers and shudders as the Contagion takes hold. In Houston, Texas, a woman has gone missing and you’re the ones to find and rescue her. But all is not what it seems. Prepare to draw back the curtains and peek backstage. Welcome to the Chronicles of Darkness. A world like our own, but uglier, more brutal — infinitely more dangerous. This world can’t survive long against its disease. Perhaps you can provide a cure. Time is Come Round includes: Rules for playing mortals caught in the supernatural webs of the Chronicles of Darkness.A complete adventure for you to play right out of the book, with four full, pre-generated characters.A preview of rules from the Chronicles of Darkness 2nd Edition core rulebook. Also available: Rich Thomas’ Peoples of the Crossroads Continent is now available in print! Welcome to the Crossroads Continent! The Crossroads Continent is a vast land with marvelous diversity among its people. This book introduces a collection of folk who hail from the Crossroads Continent, providing new takes on familiar peoples while adding folk specific to the Crossroads Continent. Each entry provides not only game traits, but also an overview of that people’s history, culture and settlements. The peoples in this collection can be used in your favorite 5e setting, or used to begin your own adventures in the Crossroads Continent using the rule set for the world’s most popular roleplaying game!Peoples of the Crossroads Continent contains: 11 distinct peoples to draw your character from, presented with information on their history in the Crossroads Continent29 heritages to refine your character’s history and upbringing7 new regional backgrounds and 8 new cultural backgrounds to fully flesh out your character’s backstory. Sales We’re Rolling into Spring with Indie Press Revolution: all our dice sets are 40% off until March 28! This includes Scion, Scarred Lands, Vampire 20th, Changeling 20th, Pugmire, and Monarchies of Mau! It’s also March Mystery Month on DriveThruFiction! Save 25% on a number of Onyx Path fiction titles until the end of the month! Crowdfunding Update Our Indiegogo for Mage: The Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition: Victorian Age launched a month ago, and ends tomorrow! We funded in just under 21 hours, and we’re already at 270% with $94,820 of our original $35,000 goal, thanks to our 1146 backers! We’ve reached the following stretch goals thus far: Backer T-ShirtVictorian Mage Jumpstart: Jumpstart scenario, plus Instant Mages x2Penny Dreadful fiction (2004) added to backer rewardsVictorian Mage digital wallpaperBizarre Tales and Unusual Characters: Expanded Bizarre Tales, Expanded Unusual Characters x2Victorian Age: Vampire trilogyVTT Tokens and AssetsArt budget increase! Our next Kickstarter launches tomorrow, on March 25th, when the VicMage Indiegogo ends: Trinity Continuum: Adventure! Did you miss one of our previous Kickstarters? The following Kickstarted products are still open for preorders via BackerKit: Scarred Lands: Dead Man’s RustScion: Scion: DemigodThey Came from Beyond the Grave!: They Came from Beyond the Grave!Trinity Continuum: Trinity Continuum: Aberrant Legendlore: LegendloreWorld of Darkness: WoD: Ghost HuntersVampire: The Masquerade: Cults of the Blood GodsMage: The Ascension: Technocracy ReloadedChronicles of Darkness: Deviant: The RenegadesChronicles of Darkness: Hunter: The Vigil 2nd EditionChronicles of Darkness: Mummy: The Curse 2nd Edition Community Spotlight The following community-created content for Scarred Lands has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last week: Ghelspad: Troubadors & Tenders of the Grove, Pugilists and Pact-MakersYour product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell? The following community-created content for Realms of Pugmire has been added to Canis Minor in the last week: Your product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell? The following community-created content for Storypath has been added to the Storypath Nexus in the last week: Scion: Easter BunnyYour product could be here! Have you considered creating your own to sell?
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  10. Laurie padded silently downstairs on fuzzy bunny slippered feet, summoned by the smell of banana chaffles, bacon, and coffee after her morning shower. She'd slept fitfully, her eyes still felt a bit grainy, but feeling anxious and wired, she'd gotten up early to get ready for school and morning football practice. She might just be the kicker, but the coached still insisted for fairness sake. She wasn't even sure she could bring herself to go to school today after last night. She might have gotten up early, but not as early as her brother it seemed. She found him puttering stiffly around the kitchen, nibbling on a quarter of bacon-laden, three-cheese banana chaffle grilled cheese, and sipping from a big mug of coffee. Judging by how much was left in the pot, it was far from his first. His eyes were sunken and ringed by dark bags. Collecting her own life saving mug of hot brown morning potion, Laurie glanced around the kitchen. Sean must've made enough food to feed at least half again as many as lived in the house. The waffle-maker dinged and Sean fished out the pair of perfectly browned chaffles, adding them to the stack kept warm in the oven, along with the other half of the grilled cheese and a pan of bacon. She cocked her head, then looked down. She could hear the soft whir and thump of the dryer in the basement. Sean had done at least one load of laundry. He'd been busy. Laurie sat down at the kitchen table, inhaling the rich nectar of life before savoring her first sip of coffee in the morning. There were place settings already set out for her and their parents. Sean's plate held a few crumbs and dabs of cheese from the other quarter of chaffle grilled cheese he'd eaten, along with a sliced apple and sectioned orange. "You sleep at all?" she asked, her voice low in the house, more from habit than necessity. When she'd gone to take her shower, she'd heard mom and dad still talking. She was pretty sure they hadn't gone to sleep at all. "Some," Sean said, and Laurie took it to mean barely. He took the other half of the grilled cheese he'd made out of the oven, showing it to his sister balanced on a spatula and arching a questioning brow. He slid it onto her plate, scrunching up his nose as she began drowning it in maple syrup. Syrup on waffles, sure, but on a grilled cheese? Ugh, especially when he already put a bit in the batter. And she ate it with a knife and fork! "Philistine. You want another? Or just more chaffles? Eggs?" "'Nosher pwease!" Laurie said around a mouthful, point at her plate with her knife. "We've got two-a-day practice." Sean nodded, finished off his quarter of grilled cheese, took another sip of coffee, then fished out two more chaffles, buttered them, then started on preparing his sister a full banana chaffle grilled cheese sandwich. Grating some more sharp cheddar, monterey jack, and provolone, trying to lose himself in the mundane activity, as he'd been since the wee hours of the morning. He glanced over at his phone sitting on the counter. 26 sales for ReGenesis, mostly European. He hadn't thought about localizing the game yet. Honestly, he hadn't expected to be done before graduation, really. It would take some research, but afterwords, tasking a semi-autonomous program, he should be able to get it done. For some languages anyway. Could talk to Jase about-- "Mom talked to dad and me," Laurie commented. Sean grunted. He knuckled his back, stretching. He'd gotten off lighter than most of his friends, and Autumn's help notwithstanding, he was still sore, if not at bad as before his scant bit of troubled sleep. He really did need to get in better shape. Some at least, last night proved that. All he'd really done was run, fall down, and dive out of the way. Jase's teasing/not-teasing aside, he wasn't fat - except where most girls wouldn't mind some extra, curvy padding. What he was, was lacking muscle tone and even meager athleticism. Teagan had tried a few years ago, but she'd been a bitch about it, pushing him hard and he'd resisted through sheer contrariness. Jase or Cade wouldn't judge him if he asked for help, Jase would even approved in his understated way, but what worked for them wouldn't really work for him and seeing the disparity would just make him feel disheartened. And his pride wouldn't let him ask his younger sister for help, despite her getting taller, and more athletic as she practiced for the football team. YouTube maybe, or there might be someone else he could ask for help... "I'm really sorry 'bout Charlie, Sean." "I don't want to talk about it," Sean muttered. He reclaimed his sister's plate, flipping the grilled cheese onto it, then slid the plate towards her as he sat down across from her at the kitchen table. He stared blankly down at his mug of coffee, spinning it in his hands as Laurie profaned the chaffle sandwich with syrup. If Charlie wasn't his best friend, he'd still be a good one. A player in his games since the beginning. His loss hurt. That they hadn't been able to do anything to stop it before it was too late hurt even more. But what hurt the most was the shame he felt that he wasn't the one who'd been killed, been torn to pieces, the sense of relief he was still alive. Which seemed perverse, since he was the one who's life was ticking away faster than anyone else's. Into the leaden silence, Carolyn and Jack joined their children. Sean went to get up, to make his parents breakfast, but his father clapped him on a slender shoulder, gently, but firmly, forcing him back into his seat. "Stay seated, Sean. Finish your breakfast. You've done enough, we'll take care of the rest." Carolyn went to the coffee pot, pouring a cup for her husband and for herself, then started brewing a new pot. Jack took over breakfast duties, murmuring with his wife, starting to cook some eggs for the both of them as Carolyn started putting things away and cleaning dishes. Despite seeming having not slept at all, only a bit of redness about their eyes, the elder Cassidys appeared to be less affected by lack of sleep than their children. Over her mug of coffee, Carolyn watched her children. Laurie shoveled food in her mouth the way Teagan had when she'd had one of her bigger growth spurts and had really started working out, staring at her brother almost angrily. Sean looked sullen and resigned, absently eating apple and orange slices, glancing from his near empty plate to his phone and back. "I think you two should stay home today," Carolyn suggested. "Missing one day so early in the year, and considering yesterday and Cha - and what happened, I'm sure everyone will understand." "No!" the siblings said in sharp unison. Laurie hadn't been sure at first, but as soon as her mother suggested it, it was the last thing she wanted to do. "Coach has us on two-a-day practice this week and I'm not going to let them say the girl can't keep up!" "I... just need something... normal," Sean said over his sister. He gave a bark of bitter laughter. "Whatever 'normal' means now. If I stay home, I'm just going to seethe and wallow and think too much 'bout last night. I don't need - want - that." Their mother gave them a wan smile. "If that's what you want, kids. But if you change your mind, give me a call, and I'll authorize you guys leaving early." She wasn't under any delusions that both of them had never skipped a class before, but she wanted to cover her bases. And if it let her know where her kids were, all the better. After last night, she and Jack had really considered insisting on Sean and Laurie having tracking apps on their phones, but it was a battle they knew they wouldn't win. With what Sean could do, and even before his... abilities, they couldn't have gotten away with it anyway. "We won't," Sean and Laurie claimed again in unusual synchronicity. Carolyn sighed. Jack grunted. Talk about the kitchen turned to feigned normalcy, asking about football practice, the launch of Sean's new game - Carolyn had helped her son set up the business for his indy game studio Intersectional Interactive when he had developed Annwn - and what they wanted for supper. The meeting tonight and anything smacking of it was studiously, if obviously, avoided. Sean took his load of laundry from the dryer and brought it back to The Barn, shrugging into his freshly cleaned hoodie with the tree on it, tucking the loaner from Autumn under his arm. Laurie got her gym back and practice uniform and the siblings met up at Sean's SUV, who them drove them to school. A bit of the feigned normalcy turned real as Laurie reached for the radio, her other hand slapping Sean's away when he went to stop her. He sat back, flashing her a taunting smirk, as with a thought, he simply took control. His car, his rules, but it never stopped Laurie from trying to claim dominion over the radio. She huffed and folded her arms as Sean synched his phone to the SUV, listening to a playthrough of his game that was already streaming on Twitch. The Twitch Streamer... wasn't good, even Sean admitted that despite earnestly wanting to hear the early reactions to his game. It didn't help that the Streamer had a really thick accent, Scandinavian, Swedish maybe? 29 units sold. Laurie bolted out of the Grand Cherokee almost before it came to a complete stop, running for the field to join Cade and the rest of the football team, her gymbag bouncing on her shoulder. Sean followed more slowly, watching and listening to the Twitch Stream, hoping a more talented Streamer would start streaming ReGenesis in the next few days. Not wanting to go inside yet, Sean took a seat at the far end of the bleachers at the top, letting the fading chill of morning wash over him. Shelly High might be surprisingly well funded for a small rural town in Montana, but it still had shit coffee. Sean took a pull from the thermos he'd brought from home. Another day. Still alive.
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  12. Cup of coffee held absently in his hands, Sean sat silent and sullen with ache and regret on one of the examination tables, one foot swinging idly to thump lightly against the base. The shame of the worry and anger he had caused his parents still stung, all the more that he couldn't promise them or himself that he wouldn't do it again. That he was doing it right now. A tremble rippled up the fingers of his right hand towards his elbow and before it made his cup of coffee shake, he let it go, shifting slightly to sit on his hand. He wasn't sure what he thought about the Jauntsens' father. Carl Jauntsen had taken the correction about his gender rather easily, surprised but not much issue of it, unlike most in Montana in Sean's experience. Misti Jauntsen on the other hand... Like most of the guys at Shelly High, he had considered the Jauntsens' mother just about the hottest member of the faculty. Not anymore after the display he just witnessed. Weeell, Devin's mom's a bitch, she's a big fat bitch, she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world... Okay, she's far from big and fat, but she's still a bitch, and explains a lot 'bout the Jauntsens. As concerned parents and their children began leaving, Carolyn Cassidy turned her eyes from her son to the sophisticated woman who appeared to know a lot and had offered to explain nothing, a frown coming to her lips. "I would like to speak with Dr. Cook, if that is possible." Annette just shook her head, smiling faintly with disapproval. Carolyn harrumphed. I don't think I like that woman. "If you could see about arranging authorization for that, it would be much appreciated, Ms. Giles." Carolyn gathered her husband and children with a glance, and started collected the supplies they had brought that hadn't been used. "And I suppose we should be getting on our way as well." Her tone turned as wry as her expression. "It's still a school night." Sean hopped off the table, stifled a groan with a stretch, then helped his sister and parents with the things they had brought. "Er, I still have to collect my car..." ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ Jack Cassidy parked his truck near the Old Town Hall. Sean climbed out, but when Laurie went to follow him, Carolyn stopped her, reaching back to place a hand on her forearm. "You stay with Dad, honey. I'll ride with Sean. He hasn't even taken his mother out in his new vehicle yet." Jack gave his a questioning look, nodding towards his son, who stood a ways away, hands shoved in the front pockets of his hoodie as he stared at the dilapidated Town Hall. Carolyn shook her head, giving him a wan smile before leaning to brush his shoulder with her lips, then got out to join Sean. Sean gave a start when his mom stepped up in line with him, grunting at his own surprise, then led her towards his Grand Cherokee, looking more black than green in the gloom. They were quiet as they followed Jack's Ford F-250 by several cars length back to the Cassidy residence. Carolyn glanced at her son as he drove with an assurance that belied his experience, noticing the rust of dry blood behind his ear and down part of his neck. She reached out to brush off the flaking blood, her eyes growing sad when Sean flinched away from her touch. Some of her anger towards her son abated. Her son had demonstrated his abilities to her and Jack and Laurie - some of them at least - days ago, told them much of what was going on, if not, evidently, everything. Obviously, others knew, but finding it out personally had made everything her son had said and shown that much more real to her and Jack, and made their concern and fear for him that much more acute. "Was it bad, Sean?" Carolyn asked gently. "I'd like you to tell me what you can. I'll share with Laurie and dad so you don't have to again." Sean's jaw tightened stubbornly, eyes tightening in the way they always did when he refused to cry and Carolyn didn't push it. With his issues, she and Jack had given their middle child as much space as they could. She could only imagine how bad it was. "Yeah..." Sean finally ground out, his high voice hoarse as he stared straight ahead, barely seeing his dad's truck. "It was a nightmare. Really, a nightmare, but real." "Tell me. You don't have to hold onto it alone." Sean gave his mother a quick glance and the sheer sympathy and empathy on her face almost broke him. The anger was still there, but the understanding was far stronger. "Okay." He told her. The place beyond this place, the place of blood and bone, terror and misery. The thing Cody had become, the creatures borne of that place. He had told her about The Dark, but it had been a nebulous thing. This was more concrete, visceral. They had won, but the wound was still there. That they would have to head into danger once more to try and seal the wound between worlds, or at least help it heal. And this time, he would tell her when he went, despite the worry it would cause his mother, if she insisted. She did. About the Aeon Society, though that was little enough, and the splinter group that Dr. Cook had been part of, if perhaps unwittingly, or unware of to what degree. Sean still couldn't bring himself to tell his mother just how bad his condition was though, and the other reason he needed to go to Site B. He knew his parents sometimes blamed themselves for his condition, though they and he knew it was in no way their fault. If he told them it progression would lead to an early death, they'd blame themselves even more. It was one thing to tell them he was heading into mortal danger, it was another to tell them regardless of what he did, mortality was coming for him early. By the time he finished talking, he'd been parked at home, idling in the driveway, his dad and sister already inside the house after watching him and his mother for a long moment. Carolyn was quiet for a long time, watching her son, trying to figure out what to say. Finally, she leaned over and hugged. Sean stiffened at first, then relaxed into the embrace, hugging his mother back. "Don't think you're off the hook, Sean. We're all still figuring out what all this... this is, what it means." Carolyn sat back, giving her son's shoulder a comforting squeeze. "But no matter what danger you and your friends throw yourselves in, we, your dad and I, we want to know. We'll worry, I can't promise we won't try to talk you out of it, but we'd rather know than not, okay." She waited with motherly patience until Sean relented with a reluctant nod. "Do you want to stay in the house tonight?" She didn't turn her head away from Sean, but her eyes flicked towards the Barn. The Barn, dark at the moment, that Sean lived in as his own apartment, even if it lacked a few amenities. For just a moment, Sean was sorely tempted, but he refused to bow to the fear he still felt from the encounter with Not-Cody and the Tree and the other residents of the Otherside. He gave his mother a tight smile and an awkward shrug. "No. It's okay, I'll be fine. I... I just need some time alone and a shower so bad. I'll pop in to grab something to eat though." "Okay, hon." Still disappointed, Carolyn understood. She opened the door to the Grand Cherokee. "I'll speak to your Dad and Laurie." Carolyn slipped out the SUV and headed toward the house, hiding wiping her eyes from her son. Sean stayed in the car for a while longer, taking several deep breaths, trying to calm himself, before he ease his vehicle over to the gravel driveway by the Barn. He turned the key in the ignition, turning off the vehicle, and holding them tightly in his hand, he shuffled to the place he considered his. As he opened the door to the Barn, he couldn't help himself but bring up the psionic potential for lasers and tasers, shifting his eyesight to perceive parts of the spectrum beyond human capability, just in case anything lurked in the gloom. The only thing in the Barn was Turing, his grey cat, his eyes reflective orbs up in the loft where Sean's bed was. Turing let out a plaintive meow and Sean released a breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. "Shitfuck, get a hold of yourself, Sean." With a thought, the Barn came alive with light and Sean entered his room. He took off his filthy boots, new no longer, leaving them by the door, then hopped around as he pulled off his socks. He wasn't even going to try and save them and just threw them in the trash. Despite Autumn's much appreciated ministrations, he still ached, and slowly shrugged out of his hoodie, shirt, and pants as he trudged towards the small bathroom that had been added last year. He was sore enough, that he hadn't so much difficulty taking off his bra since he'd first started wearing one. He stared at himself in the bathroom mirror, trying to see if there were any visible signs of what he'd endured. Specks and spatters of blood and gore here and there that his earlier efforts at grooming hadn't caught. A few bruises that were already yellowing thanks to Autumn, but not gashes, slashes, or other wounds. His eyes were still wide, showing white all the way around. For some reason, he thought he'd look older. He felt older, but his face was still the pretty girl's face he'd been inflicted with, that he'd grown accustomed to as his. He stripped off his underwear and slumped into the modest shower stall. He hissed at the bite of cold water hit his head and back, turning into a moaning sigh as the water warmed up, hot as he could bear it. It was barely enough as he scrubbed vigorously, not sure if he'd ever get the taint of that Place off. He shook, he trembled, slamming a palm against the tiles, then went back to scrubbing. They'd won, for fuck's sake. They'd defeated Cody, saved the girls, and now, he was breaking down?! Under the hot shower easing his aches, he couldn't feel the tears mixing with the water. ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ Sean went inside the main house just to grab a hefty sandwich before retreating to the Barn. He ate mechanically, barely tasting the smoked meat and sweet mustard and pickles, eating out of remote necessity than any desire. The aches permeating his muscles and tendons had lessened, replaced by flesh still stinging from the heat of the shower and the harshness of his scrubbing. He didn't know what to do with himself. He felt both exhausted beyond belief and wired to the gills. ReGenesis was being released at midnight - it should have been exciting, thrilling, but all it felt at the moment was a chore he couldn't be bothered with right now. After pacing for a while, then staring blankly at the steam page for ReGenesis, Sean gave up and stumbled up the steep steps to the loft and fell into bed, tucking himself tightly into the blankets, though he didn't expect he'd fall asleep anytime soon. He was wrong. ~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~+~~ He was running, always running, running away. But the harder he ran, but more he struggled, the slower he went, the ground turning to mud, turning to blood. He sunk to his ankles, knees, waist, was wading through sickly sweet and warm pudding-like blood, feeling weaker with every slurping step he took. There was a tremendous weight on his chest, something rasping against his smooth chin, like someone taking a file to his face- Sean woke up with a gasp, hair and nightshirt soaked with sweat, and sitting up, felt something tumble from his chest to his lap. One hand on the mattress, the other scratching through his matted hair, he looked down. Passed his breasts, Turing looked up at him with what seemed like reproach. He scritched him under the chin, Turing leaning hard into his fingers and purring. Sean bit down on a giggle. Nightmares waking and sleeping. Great. He looked over at the clock. 2:47am. Wonderful. There was no way he was going back to sleep. He collected his phone, shifted Turing to his shoulder, and carefully navigated the stairs back down to the main floor of the Barn. He started a pot of coffee, splashed his face and hair with some cold water, changed shirts, then settled on the couch, absently petting his cat as he watched the metrics on ReGenesis, more out of professional duty than any real desire. He had wanted to be awake for the first sale. ReGenesis was up to 18, now 19, units sold and he could barely care. It was just something to watch instead of the nightmares hounding him waking and sleeping. It was going to be a long night and even longer day.
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