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  1. "Of course," he held her close and tilted his head a bit to rest on hers. He kissed her hair gently, then stepped away from her. "Okay, girl, the first thing you need to do is loosen up. Stop thinking in terms of good or evil, bad or good. The Shine simply is. It's what you do with it that's important. You are in control, but remember, there is a learning curve. You have power, you want to use it. It's like sitting down too long, eventually your body want you to get up and move, right?" "Yeah." She agreed, not really sure where he was going with his analogy. "Well, you're shine wants to move. You have untapped potential and it's trying to escape. Like a puppy, it's adorable and really wants you to notice it, but you keep walking past the kennel." He held out his arms and danced about with them held high. "Look around! You have nothing and no one for miles. Now, we both know, deep down, you've wanted to know exactly what it is your capable of. So? Cut loose." She shook her head nervously and Devin approached her. "Hey," he said with caring in his voice. "It's okay. I've seen powers like yours used before. Trust me, they're awesome and you will be able to do amazing things with them. I know it's hard, Tee. It's hard to be a bright light in a dim world. That's why I shine. So I can help and protect and keep people safe. The first step," he scoped up a few pebbles from the ground near a boulder. He held them up to her and took her hand, tipping his own he filled hers with the pebbles. "Is wanting to. Cut loose. Have some fun with it. We're all friends here, no judgment." He swiftly did a rapid series of jaunts, popping all over the place at least a dozen times in the span of a moment. "Let's see whatcha got, Blondie."
  2. "Because he didn't we existed," Devin said calmly. "Tee, our powers are new, only a few months and we're freaks too. The things we can do, I can do, aren't even documented by Cook and his cronies. We need help too. We need help understanding what it is we can do and why it's happened to us." He stood his ground, not trying to come any more closer to her than he had. He wasn't afraid of her so much as afraid of continuing to push her emotionally. "So, I sleep naked, right?" He started, gesturing with his hand to help tell his story as he paced back and forth. "Yeah," she nodded, not wanting to recall the day when she learned that little tidbit of information. "Believe me, I know." He smiled and continued. "So, I crash one evening, and Tee, I'm tellin' ya, I love my powers. Out of all of us I adapted faster to my abilities than anyone, I reveled in them. The reveling didn't help me when I woke up in Thailand, butt naked." She tried to conceal a smile but the attempt failed. "I was so wigged out I panicked and until I calmed down I couldn't... jaunt out." He used her words. They were starting to grow on him. "I'm pretty sure it was over some dream I had. So, you see, even I'm having problems with all this too, sometimes." "You're not throwing things around and setting things on fire, Deej." She wiped her eyes but it was obvious she wasn't done crying. "No," he shot back, a little more terse than he intended because there was so much more to his powers than jaunting about. "I make cars and people and things disappear, Tee. If I don't have focus they fall from ten thousand feet up, or end up stuck in a mountain or the ground. Just the headline I want to see one day, right? 'Dump truck lands on day care, possibly fell from transport plane.' Sign me up for that. Let me have that on my conscience, please." He vented a little, sure. Devin was a lot like his sister when it cam to the 'woe is me' department of human behavior. He certainly understood all of her concerns and they were all valid, but Devin didn't run from things, he charged forward and usually ended up causing more harm than good, but that was neither here nor there at the moment. "Look, screw Cook." He waved his hand as if to brush him aside. "Tee, like you, the others and I are still earning so much about what we can do. Let us help you. No labs, no ass hats like Cook. You're not useless, you're afraid and you have every right to be." "You don't seem afraid," she observed in the way he casually flaunted his powers. "Tee," he approached her and wrapped his arms around his best friend. He held her tightly. "You know me better than anyone. I'm scared shitless. All my bravado, my jokes, my quips... they're a mask to keep everyone else going so they don't see how impossibly lost in the sauce I truly am. But I face my fears head on. I'm an adrenaline junkie, I need that rush I get from owning my powers and not letting them own me. I've made mistakes. These powers though, Tee, I'm telling you with all the love I can muster girl, they are as horrible, or as beautiful as you make them." He knew she was scared, and he knew it was a risk, but he slid his perceptions off and with a shift in the atmosphere and a vacuous 'bamf' they were somewhere else. In the blink of an eye they were overlooking a gorgeous mountain valley in somewhere, overtheresville. She knew they'd moved, it was an obvious sensation to feel the ground shift under your feet. He was waiting for her reaction, and just took a moment for the scenery to set in. "Dr. Cook can't help you, Tee. He doesn't care about you. We do. I do. Let us help you learn, but the first step is to let go of all your fears. Our powers respond to our emotional outbursts, stress, fear, anger, desire. When my parents are yelling at me and all I want is to be somewhere else, I have to stop myself from not just disappearing right in front of them. It's a discipline and it take some time. But, constant fear, though, Tee. That's no way to live. Anywhere in the world is my gift to you, if you just give us a chance to help you out."
  3. "Um, honestly, Mrs. R, I don't." He admitted. He'd been preoccupied with his own life problems at home and Avalon that'd really hadn't checked in with Tawny at all. That pang twisted in his stomach as he chided himself mentally for being a horrible friend. "I've sort of been on lock down by the parental units after the hospital thing the other day." He lied in fluent 'manipulate parents' speak. "I kinda feel bad now, I didn't even realize she wasn't around, I'm sorry, Mrs. R. She's my best friend, I dropped the ball." "Don't beat yourself up sweetie," Tawny's mom replied. Devin couldn't ever recall his own mother calling sweetie, it seemed nice to hear. "Do you know where she might be? Do you two have any secret lairs or drug dens you frequent? I know how you teenagers are." Devin laughed, after three years of having him over dinner or movie nights, his brand was humor was pretty well known. Her dad didn't appreciate it too much, but her mother always understood that they were always kidding. He always was looking out for their daughter and they knew, one day, those two would find love and make a perfect pair. "Well," his tone was flippant and obviously he wasn't being serious. "The meth house got raided, so that's out. She was selling my body to fuel her growing heroin addiction, so I could try a few dives and see." He took a deep breath and got serious. "Look, we have a few secret spots, sworn on friendship, so I can't tell you unless I'm positive she's in trouble, but I'll give them a look." "Please, Devin, that's all I'm asking." Her mother was desperate, like any mother would be. She didn't want to say it, but everyone knew how weird Shelly was, especially when it came to disappearing people. "Hey," he consoled her in the best charm he could muster. "She's okay. Don't worry, I'll find her." He ended the call and threw his back pack over his shoulder as he ran to where Marissa was near her car, talking to Cade and actually seeming to be smiling about it (yuck). The dude couldn't possibly have any game, how was she enjoying talking with him? "Hey," Marissa smiled and greeting him as he approached, quickly noticing the serious expression. "What's up? Everything okay?" "Hey guys," his hands were occupied but he elbow bumped Cade as a greeting as he approached. "So, either of you seen Tawny in the last couple days by chance? Her mom called and she's not been home and her phone was left on her desk in her room." "Sorry, I haven't seen her," Cade shrugged as he suddenly felt the same guilt Devin did a moment ago. Marissa shook her head and shrugged. "Me either, she seemed a little out of it the other day, I assumed she needed space. Do we need to start making calls?" Marissa may have acted like she hated Tawny on all levels, but the girl was the closest thing to a sister she'd had her whole life. Having actual friends like Autumn, even if only for less than a week, was already seeming to bring some positive changes in the resident mean girl. "No," The teleporter raised his hands to stop any of those sorts of thoughts from gaining traction. "No, not yet. Let me look first, and I'll keep you guys apprised of the sitch. Don't go all neighborhood watch on me." He rolled his pack off his arm and held it out. "Can you run this home for me? I'm gonna go look and see where she is." "Yeah, sure," his sister took his bag and immediately handed it to Cade who accepted it with a slight eye roll. "Keep us posted!" She yelled as he ran back to his motorcycle. ---===[]===--- It didn't take him long to find her. He has a close connection to her and like him, she had Shine. By focusing on that, mingled with his connection to her and the bond they shred as friends, he knew she was about six miles away and three hundred or so feet higher than the elevation of the school parking lot. Crockers Hill. The map in his mind immediately told him where the location was, just not where she was in relation to it. It didn't matter though, it was one of their spots. One of their most important spots, because it was where she kissed him and he broke her heart by rejecting her affections for him. The grass was tall and swayed in the dusk of Summer's visit to the countryside of Montana. There were still numerous flowers still as tall as the grass, although far less now that season was waning. He remembered the day they had their picnic here and they rested in a sea of white flowers with not a single blade of green anywhere to be seen. Tawny was there, sitting in the spot they sat earlier that summer, looking on over all of Shelly, silent with a distant look in her eyes. "You're Mom's worried about ya." He said calmly as he approached her from behind. She spun about starteled and stood up swiftly. "Jesus! Deejay, you scared the heck out of me!" She clutched her chest, wrinkling her white tee shirt that had some logo for a place neither of them had ever been. "You were quiet. Where's the pop? I though you always made a popping sound when you... that thing... you're jaunting thing..." He laughed. "I walked, beautiful. 'Jaunting?' I like that." "Is that what they call you? Jaunt? Short for Jauntsen?" She nervously pried into his secret covert life of powers. He laughed again, shaking his head. "You know, I don't think any of us made that connection, Tee. Good catch." He took a few steps forward and he noticed the way she stepped away. She either didn't want to be bothered, which made sense, or there was something about her best friend she didn't trust anymore. "So, tee, you gonna tell me what's going on? Your mom is worried sick. It isn't like you to do something like this. What's up? I'm your best friend, whatever it is, I want to help." "Best friend?" She scoffed. "Am I? Am I really? Because, it took you two days to even notice I was gone and let me guess, my mom reminded you I even existed. What's wrong? Lona keeping you occupied with make out sessions?" This level of venom was not something he was used to from Tawny, in fact, he didn't recall her ever being anything less than polite and sweet in all the years he'd known her. He'd never even heard her swear before. "Well, enjoy it while you can, because she's moving. Whole family. Yup, bet you she cared so much that you already knew that thought, right?" He didn't know, and if it was true it was a discussion he'd have with Avalon later. Right now his friend was obviously hurt and needed him. "No. No I didn't know, but I'm not here for updates on Lona's Facebook status, Tee. I'm here for you. Okay, maybe I've not been the best of best friends lately, but none of us are perfect. I'm here now because I love you Tee, and something isn't okay right now. So please, talk to me, let me help you, okay? I'm trying here."
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  5. Devin Devin's gone soft. He went from running this school with his sister to hanging out with nerds. What is up with that? If you want to run this school, now's the time to make a move. I heard from Stacey, who heard from Janice, who heard from Caroline, who was talking to Haley about Devin dating Avalon Wilson. Can you believe it? What does he see in her? Devin doesn't have a date for Homecoming yet, he better not ask Lona. Dating or not, he totally deserves better. Devin made out with my sister, then threw my bike in the river. Okay, not a rumor, but it's true and he's a dick.
  6. Lona's fingertips gently glided down the strings of her guitar as a melody of boredom and confinement filled the air of the pool house her and her 'sister', Clara lived in away from the main house. She'd only been grounded for 24 hour hours, but it had to have been the longest day of her life. The 'bamf' sound behind her brought an immediate smile to her face and she stood and spun about in a single motion to wrap her arms around her boyfriend, Devin. It still hadn't sunk in yet when she thought about it. Not only had she lost her virginity to him, she was now dating the one guy in all of Shelly that she positively hated just a few weeks ago. Underneath the mask of cruelty and bullying he seemed genuinely kind and decent... if still an incorrigible flirt. Life didn't make sense sometime. “Hey there beautiful,” he laughed as he hugged her back. A brown paper sack crumpled in his hand as he waved it about. “Micky D's? Thought you might be hungry.” “What did you do?” She pulled away and crossed her arms, giving him a playful smile. The teenage teleporter raised his hands in defense. “Nothing, yet, I swear.” “Yet.” Her grin widened as she snatched the bag. “Sorry you got grounded,” his words seemed sincere enough, but it wasn't until he kissed her gently on the lips that she decided she'd believe him. “I Missed you.” Avalon opened the bag and looked inside, grabbing out the hot fries (one advantage of having a boyfriend who travel instantly, was your food was never cold) and walking over to the coffee table to spread out her meal of fries and a burger. Walking away helped her hide the soft rose color her cheeks were adopting. “Deej, does,” she paused looking for the right words. “I don't know... does this seem weird to you? Us, I mean. ” “Hell yeah it does,” he laughed. “I totally way to good for you and yet I find myself seriously liking you, like, a lot. It's almost surreal.” “Such a romantic,” she replied in a monotone voice. “I know it sounds dumb, I don't know, I just... I'm genuinely, moderately happy for the first time in a long time. Don't take this the wrong way, it's just you're not really the guy I expected to be happy with. But all day... I missed you too. Make sense?” “It's kind of awkward, I know,” Devin sat down across from her as she nibbled her fries while trying to maintain her attention on him too. “But it's only been twenty four hours, trust me, I'll disappoint you soon enough.” He smirked. “Oh, no, it's not that, you've been disappointing me for three years now.” Lona laughed at him as he took on a hurt expression and gripped his wounded heart. “Thank you. For the food.” He waved her off. “Eh, you don't have to think me, just taking care of my girl.” Her cheeks flushed a bit redder as she added to her statement. “...and turning out to actually be a decent guy.” “I just needed a reason,” he said with that irresistible charm of his. “I should be thanking you.” She rolled her eyes, not buying his charm for a moment. Thankfully she knew Devin well enough to know that while he was sincere, he was also a consummate flirt. Still, she knew he was serious and for having him as a boyfriend for only one day so far... eh, he wasn't bad.
  7. Etienne disappeared in a flicker of distorted space, making nothing more than a 'pop' sound. Devin's hand glowed a soft violet light as he lowered it, no longer focusing the energy of the cosmos through it. They paused and look at him, like they expected something more. "What?" He shrugged. "Really, it's that easy. The familiarity makes the difference, trust me. Now come on, let's go get the cat." "You were supposed to go with him," Autumn said. "Your horrible assessment of how my powers work aside, Granola," he smiled at redhead. "You said 'and whoever wants to leave'. Well, I don't wanna leave. We ride together, we die together. I'll get us all out of here, kitteh included." "You're already looking a little worn out, are you sure?" Asked Jason. "If you don't have the strength-" "-then I'll find it." Devin said flatly, but calmly. "No one gets left behind." "Good enough for me, let's go," Cade nodded and stormed out of the room with the entire team in tow. They made it back to the vivisection room and Devin jaunted to the other side of the locked door, opening it from the inside. "Same deal as before, give some time to muster up the juice." Devin nodded to the others as he approached the poor, suffering animal. "Good kitteh..." "Muster quick," Charlie said. He rolled his shoulders like he felt a change coming on. "Lots of people coming this way. I think security is on to us." Devin cursed under his breath as he looked at Autumn. "The things I do for a make out sesh. Remember his shit when I'm single again. I'm not sayin', just sayin'." With that he began focusing his energy. "Cade, need you to whip the pussy, please. I don't she's too keen on me helping them out." The area around the teens began to waver and distort. The process had begun, but if Devin was summoning up the strength to send them home, he was going to need time... more time than they had it seemed...
  8. The graceful gymnast swiftly moved up behind the three who exited the room. He crept and tiptoed until he got the doorway, sliding him foot to jam the door just inches before it closed and, he assumed, locked itself tight. If he were a cat he would have been dead 9 times over, as the boys natural curiosity and penchant for poking his nose into any situation that would inevitably lead to causing trouble, was nigh legendary. The team looked at him, their eyes swelling wide with warning and low, soft whispers in a jumble of 'no', c'mon', 'don't' and a variety of other appropriate warnings that the teenager undoubtedly ignored. He shushed them and offered them all the 'I'll be one second', finger and poked his head into the door. He slid his phone from his pocket, swiping the camera on to snap a clicks. If Annette was going to fall madly in love with him and throw herself at him in lustful inappropriate ways, he was going to need to impress her. Snagging some intel on this place could certainly do that. Distracted by maneuvering into the room and looking at his phone to prep it for pictures, the young man finally raised his head and took a look at what he'd stepped into...
  9. Devin tilted his head as his eyes met those of the pretty redhead holding his arm. "Get back." He said softly to her. He was suddenly very serious and a part of Autumn told her she could almost like Devin is he could act more like whomever this serious persona of him was. "Stay down, stay out of the way." "Charlie," he whispered loudly. "Small corridors. Something simple, something your size. You and Cade are the muscle, I'm the distraction. Jase will keep them off balance. And Jase-" "No killing." Jason finished his sentence for him. "I got it. I gave my word." Devin still glared at him for a moment, like a part of him didn't trust Jason as far as he could throw him. The teen pulled his hood over her head and plucked airpods out from his pocket. "Bixby, let's show these mercenaries how we roll." He picked up a mop handle, solid and thick and reached for the door knob. "Hope your watching Granola, in case me and Lona don't work out, prepare to be impressed. On three. One... Two..."
  10. "So, uh," Devin limped about, holding his side trying to shake away the disorientation. "You think they heard that?" Slowly everyone just looked at him in silence as chips of brick from the walls fell loose and the light fixture on the ceiling fell with a clang and its sheet metal construction made them all close their eyes in an attempt to not strangle their ride home. "I'm uh... I'm pretty sure Lona's uterus is looking this room about now, oh, by the way, we're dating now." he snarked. He crossed his arms and shook his head as he admired his work. "I am all kinds of impressive." He smiled, pleased with himself. "C'mon, let's go save Canada."
  11. The teens all gathered around Devin, waiting for his instructions. While they did so they could see where people from inside the compound were all gathering behind the Major. Some of them had dedicated their lives to the study of this noetic science and still had barely scratched the surface but today these kids had come along and were about to prove to them that none of their time had been wasted. These kids were going to defy the laws of physics and laugh in the face of the modern sciences. There was a small army gathering in the small square windows of the loading bays double doors. At the commands of the Major, none of them dared enter any closer. "Okay," Devin started. "Last time I did this it was like trying to control a plane while it was going down in a hurricane. There will be a lot of shaking. There's nothing you can do. As the energy surrounded me last time, I can only assume, since you're going with me, it's going to do the same to you. You're only job is to not let go." He held out his hands and like a football team calling a play everyone reached in the center of the circle they'd formed and locked wrists with whomever they could. "W-what if we let go?" Autumn asked. She really didn't want to know, but like everyone else, so also really wanted know... "Then your individual energy will be hurled away from the whole," he shrugged, completely guessing. "You could probably end up anywhere. Like, inside a mountain." "There a seriously more encouraging ways to get me to hold your hand," she joked with him, trying to brush away the cob webs of doubt being spun in her mind. He silently laughed took in a deep breath. "Maybe I like the chase." He said as he exhaled. As the team formed a '*' Devin began to focus, finally closing his his eyes and picturing Etienne in his mind. In the center of them all was a sight that left them at a loss for words. The small jump-scars that Devin always seemed to leave behind temporarily after he jumped began to waver and shimmer in front of them. Like three dimensional oil on water, with a vaguely violet hue, a rift in space began to enlarge and surround them. As predicted the energy was volatile, warping and wefting them as it consumed them in its cloak they all began to twist and distort like animated funhouse mirrors. They felt only mild discomfort, not unlike motions sickness as one moment they felt like they were frozen in place and another they pulled off at light speeds. Parts of them 'smeared' in random, impossible directions and as the anchor to it all they felt Devin trying with all his will to hold them all together. They coudl feel the pull as his power wanted to slingshot them off into somewhere, because that's what Devin's power was 'programmed' to do, but this time, it had no destination. It had no target, and the laws of the universe dictated that if you are to go... it must be somewhere. 'Guessing' was not part of that natural order. You ither knew where you were going or you didn't and Devin, currently, didn't. So his power tried to send them somewhere, anywhere, just like he was telling it to. He convulsed as he explained to the laws of universe that 'anywhere' whether you knew it existed or not, was relative. Wider and wider the scar extended, consuming them like a violet, gelatinous, tangible energy. They gripped each other for dear life at this point, wondering if maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Droplets of blood dribbled from Devin's nose as the stress of this many passengers was pushing him to his physical and mental limits. Finally Devin opened his eyes and within them they saw infinity. Black with shimmering nebulas and a trillion glimmering stars just as the energy around was suddenly sucked in to their center, and exploded outward like one of Jango Fett's sonic charges going off. The sounds was unlike anything the spectators had ever heard. The team, however, was gone. The storage room they arrived in exploded with the concussive force of air punching into the room not unlike the pistol shrimp's natural defense. The sound ruptured the walls and shelving in the room flinging toiletries and cleaning agents, and mops and anything not nailed down, all over the place. The team was no exception. They arrived in a boom that pushed and pressed outward from their entry in a perfect, spherical 'crater' in all directions. The floor caved in, the walls pressed outward and the ceiling was threatening to collapse. The team lay all about the room, feeling like they'd just been kicked off a ten story building and belly flopped into an ocean. They were knotted around shelving, covered in loose debris and definitely having a bad trip. Except Devin who was lying in one corner, riddled pain but still managing to giggle like an idiot while being covered in loose rolls of toilet paper and paper towels with one of his legs resting up on a fallen shelf. "That..." He giggled with madness. "Was awesome!" He tried to move beyond laughter and decided that was a poor idea as he collapsed back into the bed of loose paper rolls. "Ow."
  12. "Yay, more infighting." Marissa slowly pumped her arms in a monotone, heartless cheer at Sean's input on the Courtney situation. "There," Devin pointed at the display of the prison, a small map of the underground complex with a series of colors and blinking icons that represented doors, whether they were locked or not, what level access was required to open them and the variety of security and safety measures in place on a small scroll to the side. Touching the door or security/safety feature opened an icon describing the condition of the selected object. "There's where Eddy is. That room." "You're sure?" Sean asked. "Mostly," Devin shrugged. "So, I've only done this once before and only with me. Trying to pop in somewhere I'm not supposed to be and that I've never seen takes," he paused searching for the words as he let out a deep exhale. "Focus, and it's disorienting, at least for me. Autumn folded her arms and glared daggers at Devin. Accusingly she inquired, "And just where did you go that you weren't supposed to be?" In the sudden silence everyone's heads slowly turned to Devin as he felt every eye upon him. He looked at everyone, suddenly at a loss for words. Finally he offered Autumn one of his puckish rogue smirks. "...we're gonna need some room." He went on, evading her question. "Last time, with just me, there was feedback, a lot of it." "What sort of feedback?" Jason asked. "The trip happens in an instant. It's like flying a plane that crashing to the ground though. I want to go somewhere, but the energy required to do so is fighting me because it doesn't know where 'somewhere' is. It lacks data." Cade nodded, remain stoic as tumbled through a million phrases of internal dialogue. "Like home, or school, places familiar to you." "Exactly," Devin pointed to him, giving him props. "Me building up the energy to make the jump is like the pilot wrestling with the controls to keep the plane on target so I can land it safely. As you may imagine, the landing isn't pretty. I'm collecting and holding that energy, sheathing us in it, and bulleting us through space with it. The release when we arrive, well, with just me, it was like setting off a concussion grenade. Like if Jase did a TK blast in a small sphere around him. With all of us?" "So it won't be quiet, and dropping in on Etienne might put him in danger." Charlie massaged his chin as he looked at the map. "Here," he pointed to the map. "There's a large room here, possibly storage, looks like a large enough landing site. From there to Etienne's room it's maybe, what? A hundred yards?" "Ninety one, in a straight line. Hundred and three if we include all the turns." The teleporter added. On the far side of the room Taggart looked up to Annette and quietly expressed his feeling on everything that was transpiring. "Are these children seriously planning and executing an operation to extract an HVI from a maximum security hard target, in seven minutes?" "I know Major," she watched intently as everything continued to be planned around them. "I'm just as intrigued as you are. These children are amazing." Sophia stood from her seat and approached the teens looking and and pointing at the holo-map. "So, if I'm hearing you guys right, you'll arrive with the force of a bomb going off, and have to make it a hundred and three yards into a locked cell while elite paramilitary mercenaries are closing in on your location with orders to terminate with extreme prejudice?" Sophia buried her face in her hand, "You guys are un-fucking believable. You'd have to be legally insane to think for a second that any of this is going to work." Devin and Jason just looked at each other, barely concealing their grins. "They have an army," Sophia protested. "We have a Charlie." Devin rebuked her argument flatly. "Fighting The Dark, surviving Shadow hordes from other planes, and doing the shit that no else thinks is a good idea or even possible? That's just our everyday, baby. Just kick back, let the magic happen." Devin motioned to Charlie while offering a nod to Sophia. "Feel free to use that later, bro. Now... where can we get some room around here?"
  13. "Was it good for you?" He said softly as his senses recoiled back into the bland and certainly not as interesting, limited expanse of the underground room. Cass managed a soft smile. Devin wasn't so bad, he had his moments, sure, but she was just as quick witted and outgoing in her ways so he really wasn't that big of a mystery to her. His jokes never really amused her much but he was almost charming when he wanted to be. There was a slight tinge of rose in her cheeks as the two teens once again shared a moment of awkward, personal contact. "My hand? Please?" She asked, sliding it out from under his. "Right," he offered her a grin. Marissa gave them both a vile glare and a pursed grin that told them both she was only looking to stir up trouble. "You two need a moment? It always seems like us girls are never interested until the guy is taken, huh, Cass?" "Knock it off Mari," the teen teleporter stepped in, defending his blonde friend. He sighed and tried to focus back on the room. He shook his head. "Trippy." Cass laughed quietly as she totally understood what he was feeling. She knew his senses had to be quirky, given his ability to know all the space and distances around him, but he wasn't kidding when he said he had Google Maps in his head and until now Devin had only experienced the cold, lifeless world of objects and how they related to to one another by distance and landscape... he never knew how beautiful the world was when you added the myriad of emotions and thoughts and how they interconnected on top of that. For the first time since acquiring his abilities, Devin saw the world as a living thing, not an object that was simply in his way as he tried to move from one place to the next. "You guys have to try that," she chuckled. "It's a whole new dimension compared to when we did it without him." "I-," he paused, lost in thought as he tried to hold onto the image in his head. He motioned to no one in particular, holding up his hand and moving it like he was writing something. He reached for the small stack of loose manila folders Dr. Cook entered with and as the doctor tried to stop him Ms. Giles stopped him and slid the folder to Devin. He promptly opened it and discarded the papers, spreading the folder open and laying it flat to award him as much space as it could offer. His hand still motioned like he was writing. "Pen..." Marissa said, her eyes widening with urgency. "Get him a pen," Autumn interjected swiftly. "He's an artist. Get him something to write with!" The room quickly devolved into a small panic as a pen was a lot less common these days than people realized, but thankfully the Sheriff slid on from his shirt pocket and slammed it down on the manila folder. Devin scooped it up, silently and in focus as he tried his best to hold the image of Eddy in his mind. "He do this often?" Ms. Giles asked the group. Everyone just shook their head. "Devin can draw anything he's seen with almost perfect clarity," Jason added with the analytical prose of a born genius. "But the image fades if he doesn't quickly enough. The more intense the stressors, the longer the image lasts. I assume he's trying to hold that thought and show us something." Devin's hand was moving a mile a minute as the black ink began to take form into some sort of picture. He didn't speak up, he just kept the pen moving, tapping the table twice with his knuckle and pointing to Jason. He doodles and disappears to places," the sheriff said as he watched the drawing form with an almost insatiable curiosity. He looked to Marissa and nodded at her. "What do you do?" "I could show you," she purred like cat up to no good. "But then you'd have to arrest yourself, Sheriff." Sheriff Alister promptly gave her a quick once-over, cleared his throat and let the question rest unanswered. A few minutes later Devin slapped the table and stepped backwards. There, on the folder was a near-perfect image of what he and Cass saw... with a lot less color. "Got him. I... think I can get us there." "Think?" Charlie asked. Devin was the picture definition of 'can do' spirit. He never thought about doing anything, he just did it and let the laws of nature pitch a fit about it afterwards. "This means there's good news and bad news." "Wouldn't be an adventure if there wasn't right?" Devin smiled and waggled his eyebrows at the shapshifter. "Good news. With Autumn's help, I can make Eddy our fulcrum, allowing me converge my jump onto his location. Easy day." "The bad news?" Cade asked. "It's a blind teleport." Devin said calmly. The collective D&D nerds all sucked their teeth at once. "That's bad, Devin." Sean added. "If you miss... if you're off by a fraction of an inch..." "We're jelly." Jason added. "There's more, isn't there?" "Well, I've jumped with one person, but two is a bit tricky. Six? Well... I'm going to need to prime up the juice." "Meaning?" Autumn pressed. "He'll need to 'charge up'. While Devin is focusing on gathering the power to get us out of there, we're not going anywhere." Jason folded his arms, already contemplating alternative options. "Typical 'protect the NPC' mission," Sean shrugged. "Hold down the fort, make sure the zombies don't get in while the NPC is doing whatever they need to do. You guys can handle that, especially with me monitoring things from here." "So." Devin looked at ll of them, then the folder. "That's the deal. Eddy needs an assist, we have the tools and the talent and frankly it's been a messed up day... so, what say you guys? You down to misbehave?"
  14. He slid his thumb across the screen as he rummaged through Sean's room, forgoing the text Sean sent so he could answer his phone. "What's up, Cass?" He pinched the phone between his ear and shoulder as he opened the bottom drawer at Sean's work desk. "Nice. Sounds like a gamble since I wasn't there for all your happy hand holding fun time, but we can give it a shot. Let me get this laptop to Sean and we can give it a go." He spun around, laptop under his arm when he came face to face with Laurie Cassidy who'd come to inspect why there were strange voices coming from her brother's room. "Because," he continued without giving the redhead much notice. "He can still monitor security for us and unlock doors." He laughed. "Yeah, you're assuming I can hit the bullseye. Always have a plan 'B'." The Cassidy sister pursed her lips and scowled at him, fists resting at the ready on her hips. "I gotta let you go, Laurie is looking at me like she wants something." She raised her brow at his audacity. Devin tapped his screen, ending the call then looked like Laurie like she had broken into his house. "What?" He asked. "The fuck you mean 'what', Jauntsen. This is my brother's room, what the hell are you doing here?" She pushed him, knocking him back a few steps. "Slow you're roll there, Ginger Cringer," she tried to push him a second time but he blinked out and violet stream of noetic energy traced to where he reappeared in an instant. "Sean needed this, he sent me to get it. So chill. We're in the middle of something important and I really don't have time to explain. We'll fill you in later." "What do you mean-" he vanished in a purple splash that shimmered slightly dull in light of Sean's room. Her eyes narrowed and her fists clenched tight at her side. "Ugh! That's getting annoying!" The air seemed to 'pull' near Autumn and in an instant Devin filled the area near the pull, suddenly pushing out all the air in the space he now occupied. The noetic 'scar' around him sealed itself instantly as his body settled into its new space. Autumn jumped slightly. Yes, the popping in and out was getting very old, not that Devin minded the look on their faces, and they wondered if he was doing it on purpose (duh). Devin set the laptop in front of Sean, whose phone beeped with an incoming message at that precise moment. "Here, and that's Laurie I'll bet. Tell her I'm in a relationship and to stop being such a try hard we're still on for this weekend, underwear is optional. Get set up while Cass fills me in." "Christ Jauntsen," the Sheriff looked at Devin like he was some sort of freak show in a circus as his mind tried to wrap around absurdity of what these teenagers were capable off. Even after witnessing it, it just didn't seem real. "That is impressive," Ms. Giles said politely to the young teen. "How far can you go?" Devin smirked and simply replied, "How far do you wanna go?" The master of innuendo retorted before he broke away from everyone to settle his business with Cass. Give them a show, but don't tell them anymore than they needed to know. "Will Devin ever stop flirting?" Cass asked with a soft smile decorating her lovely features. "Now there's a headline." "But a short article. 'No'." He mused. "So, how's this work?"
  15. Devin was as quiet as Devin could possibly be while Cook finished digging himself a hole. Finally he looked at his assembled 'friends'... they were a complete mess, the Society was a complete mess, and this Kline guy seemed to be the equivalent to their Jason: scooping people up and eating them to fuel his own mystery. He sighed, letting go of his sister and leaning on the table. "We can't leave Eddy to Kline." His own personal sense of 'protect everyone' began creeping to the surface as his fears of The Dark and what it was like to be alone and trapped with evil hardened his expression. Devin didn't have many positive qualities... ...but damn could the kid lead. "No one deserves that, we all know it." He looked around. "We can't go home yet, we need to rescue eddy, and in order to do that we need to know where he is." "Devin," Marissa huffed in protest, unable to grasp why he, or any of them, should care about the near rapist. When her brother's hard stare caught her and she realized he was as serious as a heart attack, she sighed as well, and calmed herself. Her words and tone shifted dramatically. "How can I help?" "The prison is a lead, but we don't know for sure. Cassie," he looked at the pretty blonde reporter and she was almost moved by his sense of urgency. "I need you to go to the last room Eddy was in, concentrate, focus and do your read thing. Follow their route, listen to every word. From the room to the van, we need to know everything. Sean, I'd put money on these all having their cell phones with them. Ping their IMEIs. They arrived here at a certain time, they left at a certain time, and they subscribed to every tower along a particular route within that time. If they went to the prison, then their IMEIs will be pinging off the towers near the prison." Everyone offered a blank stare at Devin as to how he suddenly became an expert on espionage. "What," he shrugged. "Has nobody seen the Mission Impossible movies?" He clapped his hands. "C'mon people, move like we have a life to save." "Devin, my powers don't work like that." Cassie tried to explain. "Make them work like that," he replied with a tone of confidence not commonly possessed by the snark pot. "They're yours. MAke them work how you need them to. Adapt. We need to find Eddy before Kline adds parts or melts his brain, or... makes him a brony. You're our best shot at the moment, CeeAy." "Devin," Sean stood up and glared at his tormentor, crossing his arms under his ample [insert descriptive for breasts here]. He sternly protested Devin's idea. "What you are asking me to do is highly illegal." "So?" Devin shrugged. "Which laptop will you need?" "My blue one. With the bull horns sticker on it." He said without missing a step. "I'll have it to you in five," Devin nodded. "You have three," Sean smirked. "What about us?" Cade asked Devin. "We're the acquisition team. We can't do anything until these two do their work. Jason, you're our artillery. Cade, muscle. Charlie, you're our tank. Autumn, you're our compass. I'm the ride." Devin smiled wide, his adrenaline was pumping like mad as the thrill-seeker in him was rattling the bars of its cage. "All kinds of impressive, people. That's what we are. So let's show up and show out." Marissa gripped Devin's arms and spun him to face her. She was not talking quietly. "Devin, this is nuts. You're talking about possibly breaking into a maximum security prison over Etienne? They guy almost slept with Clara. Please tell me you're not doing this just to impress Ms. Giles? Your sixteen, she's like, forty, she's never going to sleep with you. You don't have to impress her." "Uh, first, I don't have to impress her, because, well... look at me." He motioned down his body, demanding the assembled take it all in. He leaned back to get Ms. Giles in his field of vision where he promptly winked, smirked and gave her one of those 'how you doin'' nods, before turning his attention back to his sister. "Second, look, Eddy was kinda rapey, sure, but not a bad guy. None of us are perfect and it's not our place to judge. Hell, you were blowing a nineteen year old last summer," Marissa raised her hand and massaged the bridge of her nose, already furious at her brother spilling her personal dealings. They'd never seen Marissa embarrassed before, but at this moment her composure was completely shattered as her her cheeks flared red with fury and embarrassment. "...and that's no one's business but yours and his. That shouldn't stop us from helping him, he didn't do anything wrong except poorly choose his employer, but that shouldn't mean he's out of allies. Besides, Clara loves the guy, who are we to take that away from her?" "Do you even hear yourself sometimes?" She fumed, her breathing was slow and her chest heaved as if she was going to choke him out. He was right though. The hopeless romantic that lie caged deeply in the frozen caverns of her heart knew he was right. Who were they to take love away from someone? She met his eyes but the rage never left the expression on her face. "Go. This isn't over." In a hazy blur of violet Devin shimmered out and was gone with a 'bamf' as the air filled the vacuum left by his sudden departure. She turned and faced her 'associates'. Her glare was stern and empirical. It was obvious she was not playing games. "You will all forget you ever heard my brother say that, or they will never find your bodies." "You mean the part about-" Autumn said with a poorly hidden smirk. "Ah, tut-tut..." Marissa cut her off, flailing a hand to swat away the words Autumn was speaking. "About the-" Cade folded his lips inward trying to hide his smile. "Shh!" Her fingers all touched the tip of her thumb as she poked in Cade's direction, giving him the Dr. Evil treatment. "Zip it!"
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