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  1. //My new number. For the Fellowship only, please. Jason// The twins both looked at their phones simultaneously, polishing that twin stereotype of sharing just a bit of the others' thoughts. They looked to each other and Devin shrugged as Marissa rolled her eyes. "Great." She vented sarcastically. "Now he has my number." "I can see it now: 3AM texts... 'Hiker struggled, slipped, fell in wood chipper. Blood everywhere. Help with clean up. Dad will kill me'." Devin smirked as he dotted his arm across the air bouncing it with every word as he spelled his thoughts in pantomime. "I'm sure he told them all he loved them before he chewed them up into kibble, so that certainly makes it okay, right?" Marissa mused, smirking. "Oh," her brother nodded in confirmation. "Totally. He's really big on love." Holding up his phone Devin tapped out a reply just as Autumn's chimed up on both of their phones. //Groovy. Marissa said she doesn't buy it. Send n00dz.// A moment later she slapped his arm. "Asshole." Their parents were currently mingling with one of the teachers from the high school. Since Misti worked there anytime there was some form of social function happening anyone who worked at the school tended to find other members of the faculty and latch on to them. Unfortunately at the moment it was Devin's algebra teacher, Mr. McRiley. If the judgemental glares from his parents weren't enough to hint at the lecture he was going to receive later, the smug tone in Mr. McRiley's voice was certainly there to remind him up. Mr. McRiley went on. "He's smart, always has been, but so far this semester his mind seems like it has been everywhere but his class work. With that awful business over the summer between him and Chet, violent outbursts like his are certainly indicators of deeper troubles. I just think he'd do much better if he was a bit more focused." "Yeah," Devin mumbled. "And if you'd quit riding my dick." His parents both angled a look towards their son that border lined on psychotic rage that only parents at their wits end seemed to be able to call up. "What? It's true. The dude is a condescending prick. I know I'm not that good at it, but what I don't need is some smug asshole slipping little quips about shitty I am at it while thinking he's managed to mask them behind his superior intellect and fanciful wordsmithing." Mr. McRiley cleared his throat, a tell that he was anxious and possibly embarrassed at being called out. "Regardless of how much you don't like me, or my attitude," that's it Devin, play the system. "Your job is to teach in a polite, professional and respectful manner. If you don't like how I act, then my parents should have been notified by now, not turn it into some vendetta of yours where you get to be a prick and I walk away not learning anything." Cherry on top. "He looked to his mother with pleading eyes. "Tell me I'm wrong, mom." Mr. McRiley looked to Devin, then Misti, then Carl. Devin wasn't at school, he wasn't sitting in the classroom and he wasn't at the mercy of of the school's or Mr. McRiley's rules. They were in public on their personal time and this smug bastard decided he'd make it into some impromptu P/T Conference? Nuh uh. This was probably the last time they would get to spend with their parents and... friends(?) and Devin'd be damned if he was about to allow his Algebra teacher to screw that up and get his WiFi and phone privileges taken away on the night they were supposed to save the world. "Well, yes and no, Devin," she smiled at her son then addressed his teacher. "Mr. McRiley we are aware of how much of a handful our son can be. He's had a few discipline issues of late and has never really adjusted to life Shelly as well as we'd hoped. However if my son has one talent it his tactless acuity for calling it as he sees it. A talent I hope he can polish one day, but until then I'm in a position, as a parent, to listen to both sides of the story. So, why don't we revisit this conversation tomorrow in my office?" "That's sounds great," Carl chimed in. "We appreciate your concern, but this is not really how we planned on spending our Labor Day. We're very serious about our children's education and if there are opportunities on either side of the educational spectrum that need addressing we'll certainly look into that, but this is not the forum, Mr. McRiley. It was a pleasure to meet with you and we do hope you enjoy the rest of your time here today." The teenager's parents both pursed their lips in frustration at their son as Mr. McRiley pressed on to another family and greeted them with a warm smile and a handshake. It was like he was on a 'ruin Labor Day' mission for all the high schoolers. "Wow, Devin." Carl nodded and forced a insincere grin from his lips. "Not even twenty minutes. Twenty goddamned minutes and we are already getting spoon fed how much our son just doesn't give a shit. Going to look great in your transcripts for... technical school? Community college? Is that what you're going for, or was just lounging around the house smoking pot until you're thirty four more or less what your shooting for?" "Dad!" Marissa's tone of urgency caught her father's attention. "Look, he's not lying. The guy a real jerk. I mean, come on, of course Devin's grade sucks, we're only two weeks into the school year. And he's already got a tutor." "You went and got a tutor," his father asked him. "Already?" "W-well, yeah," Devin was quick to follow up, crafting his lie as swiftly he could. "Proactive, right? Jason Bannon. He's totally been helping me out, but, you know... long weekend haven't been to class...," he chuckled. "What can I do, right?" "Pass your next exam," his father's digit was stiff against the bone of Devin's chest. "I want it, in my hand, and it better be an 'A'. That Bannon kid supposed to be smart, you have until Friday to get like him. Phone. WiFi. Ducati. Gone. You hear me? I'm tired of being embarrassed by my own god damned kid everywhere I go." Their parents walked on ahead as the twins trailed several paces behind them, both on their phones. Marissa looked over to brother and mouthed silently the word 'sorry', then tilted her head as she noticed he had a credit card out and was tapping away on his phone. "What're you doing?" She asked aloud. Her brother shrugged and kept tapping away. "Fuck that guy. He's a pervert. The way he talks to me and they way he locks his eyes on the ladies in the classroom, the dude has issues. So, I'm helping him out." Devin held up a worn leather wallet for Marissa to notice then tucked it swiftly back into the pocket of his Under Armor hoodie. "Holy shit! Where did you get his wallet?" She whispered and looked about in a paranoid fashion. "What do you mean 'helping him out'?" "A little teleportation magic, aaaaand platinum access on every porn site I can think of." Devin smirked and kept tapping away. "He'll thank me later." "Fucking diabolical." she grinned evily. Mr. McRiley's wallet found its way randomly in one of the coolers of a random family who were just there to enjoy their day. Credit card and all were placed back where they were found and he made sure to purple bamf it to the very bottom where it could soak up all the cold water all day and hopefully ruin anything that was in it. The spiteful little sociopath had all of zero fucks to give when it came to caring about how well the rest McRiley's day was going to go. Grinning evilly at the other, proud of their little caper, the twins merrily went on their way. They hung in the back as the Jauntsen's managed to locate Carolyn Cassidy and they were waiting for all hell to break lose as Crolyn scowled at the twins in the back while also trying to make polite conversation with two prominent members of the town's PTA. Great. The Carolyn Cassidy and Jason's dad... and the Jauntsen parents all there... all available to talk each other in a neat little circle of friendship... this would not end well, considering Gar knew their dirty little secret and the Cassidy's hated them... hell, their own parents hated them. "Hey, Deej," Laurie's voice cooed pleasantly through the static of their parents' nonsensical B.S. and polite banter when all they really wanted to was tell the others how much they didn't like them, or their weird-ass kids. "Red," Devin smiled a bit, letting just a hint of his charm show. "Hey, how's things?" "Things are... thing...ing, slowly along." She was year younger than the rest of them but there were still times in the girl's mind where her brother and the others were like giants to her. The difference a single grade made to the narrow scope of a teenager was amazing at times. "Marissa." She added in as polite of a greeting as she could. Marissa scared her, not because Laurie was easily bullied, in fact quite the opposite, but there were still those people out there who just knew how destroy a person with a few words and no matter how tough their exterior was, they carried those wounds inside for days or weeks while they healed. Marissa was one such gifted individual, able to cut people down and revisit them in a few weeks to restore her dominance... like mowing the grass of people's egos and self-esteem. She was woven from bitterness and dyed with spite into the blackest sackcloth from which only malevolence and darkness could sieve its way through. Plus she was always really well dressed and super pretty, so she supposed she hated for that too. Probably more that than the darkness and evil thing... but was mean! "Wow," Marissa snarked at Laurie's desperate attempt to make conversation with her handsome and obviously irresistible brother. "Smooth, Cassidy. So, where's your brother? Haven't seen him around yet? He lose another bet and waiting for his dress to dry?" Laurie rolled her eyes and sighed only to be met with Marissa resting a hand on her shoulder and smiling with pride. "Oh, honey, don't misunderstand, I'm not putting you down. I'm praising you. Making your brother wear a cheerleader outfit to a school game in small town dominated by small minds and religious doctrine? "Ugh," she rolled her eyes and grunted in pure praise. "You single handedly destroyed your brother's social life in a single evening. You have talent, girl. Why aren't you in my camp?" "I, didn't-" Laurie stammered suddenly realizing the perspective Marissa had put on it was accurate, if not tactless. "Oh, I remember why you're not in my camp," she grinned viciously. "Half the school wants to wreck your brother for being some freak, their words, not mine, who decided to embarrass our school at a home game by being a self proclaimed 'guy' who wore one of our cheerleading outfits, but wasn't a cheerleader. The other half wants to wreck you for thinking you could just dress your brother up in a school uniform he didn't earn and embarrass the team and the school you play for all for... what? A silly bet? Didn't consider that, did you? It's a uniform. You don't wear it if you're not in the team. Those are earned, not just tossed on because you want a giggle. You're both pretty screwed, honestly. Coach is pissed and didn't find it funny at all. So, yeah, good plan, pleb. Can't wait for the sequel." A bit slack-jawed at the revelation she looked to Devin who could just shrug solemnly. "I hate to say it, but she's right, in her own eloquent, evil way. You may have been better off walking into a church and using a lit bible to set fire to the American flag. The Coyote's are laughing stock right now and the team wasn't happy that it was one of their own who set it all up... I mean, I hate it, I do, because people around here are ignorant and closed minded, but... we have no control over how other people react to things." "But, I'll bet we totally bullied you into doing that when you go crying to mommy though, right?" Marissa folded her arms and scowled at the little redhead.
  2. The movers had already left the day before and were well on their way to Avalon's new home in Canada. The Wright house was down to only what they needed to get by for one more evening before they all said goodbye to Shelly for good. It would only be about another hour or so before they hit the road but Devin had made it his his personal duty to make sure his soon to be ex didn't leave Shelly without first having a proper goodbye. The Wrights didn't care for Devin, so when his Ducati purred as he cut the engine after pulling into their driveway, he didn't much acknowledge their glares at him. The Wrights were having some sort of sorted love trist with Lona's mother at the expense of Lona being treated like a non-existent entity or an inconvenience in her mother's life. The last thing those abusive freaks needed to be doing was cast judgmental eyes on Devin. They continued to load things into the vehicles as he walked past and towards the side gate that led to the pool house where Clara and Lona stayed (it kept them out of the house and out of way, parents of the year). “She's still grounded,” Adele had the nerve to say to Devin after he passed her. The side gate was always locked, but that never stopped him. With a leap and kick off from the house, Devin soared and rolled over the gate with a practiced gymnast's grace. Furious, Adele turned towards the house and gave pursuit to the pool house with all haste but when she stormed inside all she found was Clara, hair in a tight ponytail, finishing some last minute packing and planning. “Where's Avalon?” Adele asked. Clara only shrugged and shook her head. “I haven't seen her for twenty minutes, maybe? She went to get breakfast she said.” Again she shrugged and stuffed a few travel distractions in her bag. She nodded to towards the house. “I figured she was in there with you guys.” Lona laughed as her hands hit the table of the Waffle House. Seattle seemed to be where they were enjoying this morning's fine dining. “Oh, I am so grounded for life. Slick, Jauntsen, slick.” She looked at her phone as it lit up where it was resting on the table. “Clara says we made it by half a second. And my mom is currently going on a tirade. You excel at pissing people off.” Devin shrugged and smiled wide. “Not my finest work, but I think given the time crunch, we totally nailed it.” They laughed and joked for the better part of a half an hour or so as they ate their greasy spoon hash browns and eggs. Neither broached the subject of the inevitable departure and Devin knew that soon he would have to take her home. It was what it was, however and until that moment came he chose to focus on nothing but her. It was amazing, his thoughts wandered, how he was able to meet someone who was just as messed up as he was, but inspired him to be a better person. At the beginning of summer someone pitching the notion of he and Avalon Wilson dating would have garnered some of the strangest looks and laughter not only from Devin, but his sister as well. She wasn't exactly the sort of girl he'd have considered being caught dead around with her leather jacket and shaved head and whole host of attitude issues. Yet here he was, dreading the moment she'd be out of his life. It was almost storybook the way they held each other's hand by nothing more than curling their pinkies around the others. Now, they were back in Shelly, walking the nature trails of Montana's more scenic vistas that overlooked the mountains and plains still untouched by human ambition. It had only been a few minutes of silence as the view still amazed them enough to capture their tongues as their hearts were sifting through possible farewell dialogue. “I'm going to miss you,” Devin finally managed as they looked out on the fields where early morning mist still clung to the canopy of trees a few miles away before dipping down into the greens and yellows of the tall grass in the neighboring fields. “I'll miss you too,” she smiled but kept her gaze affixed on the valley below. “So... is this the part where we profess undying love and swear that we'll be together again soon, or... how's this supposed to go?” “We both know how it's going to happen. I'm pragmatic enough and you've performed and written enough love songs to know how this'll all go. We'll swear some pact to never forget each other, but we will. We'll swear that we'll find each other one day, but we'll bother either married with a butt load of kids or too busy with our careers to make the time to make it to the spot we agreed to meet at.” She chuckled silently, as he wasn't wrong. Movies and song were pretty far from accurate when it came to the successful ratio of high school kids and their lost crushes finding one another later in life. “Look, Avvie, all I know is that where ever you go don't go there thinking about the next time we'll meet or hold onto the hope of when that day will come. Just go knowing that right here, right now, in this moment, I love you.” Disney Princess tears were not what formed in her eyes, but raw emotions had certainly found its way there and hey eyes met his with inquisitive wonderment as she, despite who she was talking to, could feel the honesty in his words. “Really?” She asked, a part of her wanting to hear him say it again, desiring to know that somewhere in her messed up life of insanity and mourning and negative feelings that somewhere in it all, some guy actually manged to fall for her. Flaws and all. “I guess,” Devin shrugged. His smirk was forced as she could sense the lack of the usual bravado he typically carried like a trophies on his shoulders in the shape of a golden devil and silver angel. “I know that when I'm with you I'm elated. I feel joy, happiness, wonderment... all the things that describe someone feeling love... I've only ever been in deep shit before so this is kind of new. But, I don't want to be one of those guys that tethers you to a promise or a hope and you give up on being you in order to wait for that hope to happen. You're amazing Avalon, I regret never seeing it sooner, but you have two more years of awesome Canadian Boarding School-” “Ugh,” she grunted and rolled her eyes. “Don't remind me.” “-and then four,” he gave her an appraising once over. “Probably six, years of rebellious college years and I don't want you wondering or thinking about me and the big 'what if'.” She sighed, loudly and defeated by the situation. “I know, but, that doesn't make it any less bullshit. We didn't even get a chance, Devin. It's not fair.” “Believe me, I know,” his voice faltered as he, like her, was pushing as hard as he could against the slowly bursting dyke of his emotions. “But, we both know this is going to happen, so I just want you to go knowing that you make me feel like love. One big, heaping pile of quivering confusion and happiness. I want your heart to know and feel like mine does right now for you, I want your songs to say all the things your heart can't and I want you to never forget that you've inspired me to do and be greater than what I was. To be a friend, a leader, a boyfriend... so, thank you and if you ever stop to think, whether tomorrow or years from now, whether or not I ever think of you from time to time, the answer is 'yes'.” She smudged away a tear from her cheeks with the ball of her palm. “God, for a jerk, why do you have to be so good at wording?” She sniffled. “Just... just c'mere...” she pulled him close and they kissed passionately under Heaven's watchful eye. After several moments of heart wrenching bliss she broke off the embrace to smile, telling him: “I love you, too. Or time was short, but you've been an amazing guy and I know you can be even better. I hope, hope, that one day we can maybe see how hot we can burn without the chains of parental authority holding us back, but, you're right. Let's live our lives, git gud, and be awesome and if that time comes, so be it. If not, we have now and our first time? Well, we never forget that, right?” “Right,” he smiled lovingly at his soon to be one-that-got-away and kissed her gently on her lips. A few carefully placed texts managed to get Avalon smuggled back into the pool house. As Devin left the parents of the home threw a fit the moment they saw him. Adele followed him, yelling something, but he didn't pay her any mind, after all, what were they going to do? Not move just so just they could stay and hate Devin? Not likely. They'd get over it, but him not even offering her a glance or motion that revealed he cared anything about her or what she had to say only drove into a larger fury. By the time he got on his bike and drove off she was telling him something cruel and vindictive about her daughter never seeing him again. That was fine. She had to live with the damage she was causing now and even the most devoted daughter could only tolerate so much before she would eventually turn her back. He knew Avalon would be just fine and no matter where she went, he'd always be there for her... literally in the blink of an eye.
  3. "Alright, well," since standing in a kitchen while everyone just glared at one another in rapt fascination wasn't really his gig, Devin finished his Coke and tossed the can in the trash. "Guess this is, uh, pretty much done, so I'm gonna go. If you guys need me, text me or call me." "Good job today guys thanks for showing up and keep at it. Practice makes perfect and all that. Let Jase know I'll see him around." Devin stepped out of the door and skipped down the steps that would take him to his ride home.
  4. "After my run-in with demons there, I keep a back pack loaded with essentials." Devin waved off the coke. After loading up on grease and carbs from the pizza he's decided that he'd at least forego the extra three hundred crunches it would take to work it off. "First-aid, foldable knife, food, water fire starters, etc. Also, think about portability. It probably isn't a good idea Cass for you to rolling all over town with gas tied to your bike. That tends to get people asking questions, so please, guys, be smart about it. Jase doesn't need the law up here causing his family issues because all the local kids are carrying gas to the Bannon farm." "Also," he grew a bit more somber in his tone and expression. It wasn't something he wanted to talk about, but it needed to be said. "Say your good-byes. I know no one wants to think about it, but the reality is simple: we might not all make it back. For some or all of us, this will be a one way trip. Tomorrow is the Carousel, take that time to be with your families, loved ones, whomever. Say what you have to say, do what you need to do. If you feel they need to know what you are and what you're going off to do or you just want to keep it secret and ride out your luck, that's entirely on you. I'm not here to tell you there's some magical 'right way' to say 'I hope I don't die in an alternate dimension so I come home after I've saved the world'. "I will say this, though," he forced a half smile. "Please don't ghost them. Make sure they know how important they are to you, just in case. Because I for one am planning like I'm staying, but I'll be fighting like nothing can keep us from home." After that... he really needed that coke. He collected it from the table and popped the top for his first drink. "S'all I got."
  5. Devin didn't rightly feel like moving right away. He'd sacrificed a lot for his skills over the years, sprains, pulled muscles, even serious neck injury scares and a concussion one or twice, but never in all his years of training had he ever experienced pain quite like that. A part of his twisted mind almost wanted to ask her to do it again, just make sure it was was real. It was intense and despite feeling like he was about to die, he'd hadn't felt more alive in quite some time. "So," he said through a ragged breath that was swiftly returning as his brain gently stopped hyperventilating. "So... that was a thing. One," he wheezed through a short laugh that ended in a few coughs as his lungs weren't quite recovered from the panic yet. "You have very calloused hands, my sister can recommend some lotions." Autumn rolled her eyes and sighed. Before she could go off on him again, he raised a hand to let her know he wasn't finished. "Two," he grunted as he managed to push himself up to a sitting posture. He sighed, still struggling a bit for breath as he looked at her. "The thing with a spar, or any fight, is energy. Obviously, you want to hit the hardest to end it as quickly as possible. Now, I'm no Kung Fu guru guy, but what Jase and I did, that was both offense and defense: wanting to hit and finish it while not being hit in return. You? You seem to have a luxury we don't: the ability to transfer pure pain with a touch. See, you don't need to hit someone, just touch them. Were I you, that's where I would start. I'd work on my ability to evade, dodge and train myself to look for openings in my opponents offense so that I could sneak in a touch that would disable them." He seemed a lot better in a short period of time. He didn't appear to have any desire to walk and his voice was sounding a bit raspy, but for the most part he seemed to be alright. "Devin," Autumn started, a bit of worry still in her voice. He may be the source of most of her annoyance, but she certainly didn't want him hurt. "I'm sorry. I didn't know... I mean, I knew, but I didn't exactly think it would... I'm still figuring it out." "Don't," he shook his head, smiling. He reached out and took her hand, a small act that was more for the display of showing he wasn't afraid to touch her after what she did to him, but also because almost dying kind of puts things in perspective, even for a sixteen year old boy. "You've nothing to apologize for. I said don't hold back, you didn't. We're cool." He shifted and laid back down into the grass. "Marissa and I have been practicing at home, mostly YouTube videos, but we Amazon'd some headgear and padded gloves and all that. You're welcome to join us any evening. As for today, give me about ten, maybe fifteen minutes and we'll work on for awhile on you avoiding attackers, but," he looked at her and grinned. "Can we turn that down to a pinch and not 'turning your insides into liquid Kanye on autotune'? That'd be great, thanks."
  6. "Fair enough," Devin said, processing all of that and letting it go before he just made it worse. "You let me know when we are there. Until then, you're right, plants and bugs don't fight back, so show me what you have." He stood a few steps away and tapped his chest. "Hit me with your best shot. No teleporting or blinking away or none of that."
  7. “Yeah, some,” the teleporter replied to Kat as she and Courtney approached. He left what was there as he and Autumn collected what was trash and prepared to leave. “Could ladies excuse us for a second?” He added with a smile as he left the two girls to eat. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk, but Autumn had confided in him for something and he didn't feel right it was right to put her business out there for others to be involved in, that was her call to make, not his. Pizza boxes, napkins and paper plates were carried in as many ways as possible between the two teens as they walked towards Jase's barn where a larger city issued bin was to discard everything. He didn't say much as they walked, taking it step by step and considering her request as things between them slowly built more awkwardness with each passing step. He was certain she didn't like him, and he didn't blame her, but she had a point, if her and his sister were going to be friends that would mean they would need to find some common ground or avoid each other completely. He held up the lid of the massive blue bin so Autumn could hoist her armful of pizza boxes and discard the concern for having to do it later. Neither wanted to party at Jason's house and leave him to clean it all up. He swung up the small garbage bag filled with plates and whatnot and let the plastic lid slam closed. “So, did you mean, like now or...” he let his words hang in the air before deciding to move on. “I mean, it doesn't matter to me. We've a full gym at the house, weights and all that, plus the gymnastics gym too. I've been doing a lot of practicing in the evenings, nothing major, just like staff tricks and stuff and helping Marissa get her fight on too. We're both horrible at it, but still it helps to have a sparing partner. YouTube is a big help, also.” He stopped and she followed suit, turning to face him right as he was meeting her green flecked eyes. “I'm cool with coaching, no problem there, but, I'll be honest with you Granola, I don't even know what you can do. I know you have Fondler's First-Aid, where you touch people and heal them, but that's it. I can help unless I know what I'm helping with. So, look, no pressure but, what I can help with out of the gate, and I'm not trying to preach, is I'm not afraid. My powers are amazing and I can use them for all manner of mischief,” he grinned. “I can even teleport people into the sky and let them fall to their death.” “Comforting thought,” Autumn huffed out half of a laugh as she listened, curious of where he was going with this. “Right?” He grinned again, raising his eyebrows. “But I can go to sandy beaches, and take you, my friends, with me. See the world in ways a television screen could never do justice or just in way I never knew existed. No matter how I use my powers, I can't be afraid of them. The how is up to me. If you want to master your abilities, you have to embrace them. I realized early that my mental frame of mind played a great deal in controlling or learning to control my abilities.” He gestured up and down his body with his hands. “I sleep in the buff,” she rolled her eyes, suddenly no longer interested in where this was heading. He laughed and raised u pa hand to pause her rising desire to just walk away from him. “Hold on now, hear me out. When I woke up naked in the back yard, it was because I was having nightmares about the Land of Upside Down Thunder. Hell, I still have them. It wasn't me losing control of my power though, it was my power trying to protect me my reflexively getting me out of harm's way. Like when you lift your arms up and flinch, or wake up just before something ad happens in dream. We might think we're fine, or have accepted something, but deep down our minds know differently. If you're afraid of something you can do, it won't mature and can hold back from understanding your limits.” “It's not that easy, Devin,” she looked at him. Her thick, coppery locks bounced as she paced in the sunlight of the mid afternoon. “It's not some 'well, just get over it' sort of thing.” “Sure it is,” he shrugged. “But, I think differently than most, so I'm not going to say either of us is right or wrong. Simple math, Granola. Jason has fire, but he also has ice. Sean electricity, but also light. I'm able to bring myself to the world, but in time have learned to bring the world to me. My guess is, if you can put a body back together, you can rip one apart, can't you? That's what has you spooked, isn't it? A little Molester's Massacre to go with your Fondler's First-Aid?”
  8. After finishing her impromptu lesson with Cassie, Lilly walked over to the cooler and withdrew a bottle of water. Twisting off the cap she looked around, a small smile on her face at the sight of her friends, and hopeful friends, all sparring, training, playing around and laughing. It was good to see them have this bit of levity and camaraderie. After what they had been through, especially in the last week, she was sure they needed it. There was more that was needed too though. More that was due, regardless if they were going to take the fight to the Dark or not. Some figurative wounds had been opened and festering too long, and needed to be addressed. Lilly owed some apologies, regardless if they were accepted or not. With that thought, Lilly noticed that Devin was not around joking with Jase or hitting on any of the girls or the like. Glancing around, looking for him, she spotted him laying out on the grass, shirtless, his toned, gymnast's body still covered in a sheen of sweat. Lilly paused and thought for a moment, nibbling on the side of her lower lip as she was apt to do when thinking, and took a swig from her bottle, enjoying the refreshing water for just a moment before twisting the cap back on. She began to half walk, half stroll over to Devin, making her way through the grass which easily announced somebody approaching him. She came to a stop, standing beside him and leaning forward slightly, blocking the sun with her head as she looked down at him, casting a shadow over part his chest and head. "Hey Devin. Nice moves back there. You and Jase have really been working hard to master you gifts." she complimented honestly. "Hey, uh, do you mind if we talk for a minute?" she asked somewhat pensively. "Eh," Devin smirked, squinting less now that Lily was in his sun. "Jay-Bee ain't got nothing on me. I was going easy." He chuckled. With Lily in his sun he was able to look up at the hard bodied, athletic female and appreciate both the creation of leggings because of what they did for a woman's butt, and lament that they took the place of exceedingly loose and short track shorts and that was why Lily wasn't wearing any and he couldn't see up them from his currently perfect point of view. She sounded serious, which meant he knew what this was about or he was about to accused of something he was probably guilty of and just wasn't aware he'd done it yet. He sat up with a grunt and his body complied with a series of tightening muscle groups Lily could probably name and easily tell that Devin, for a slacker, didn't miss a work out. "Yeah, sure. Claim some real estate." He reached to one side and collected his bottle of water that was covered in clippings of grass as a sweat of the bottle collected anything that would stick to it. "What's up?" Lilly crossed her ankles as she stood and lowered herself down to sit Indian style by Devin. She took a moment and nibble on the side of her bottom lip again, but for just a moment. "I just- I just wanted to say I am sorry. For how I acted before and what I did. I was caught up in what you had done that I couldn't see what you were doing. You were trying to help." she said in a somber, sincere tone before adding with a small, lopsided grin, "..at least in your own way." The grin faded and she looked to him, her gaze finding his eyes and looking into them. "Seriously though. You were trying to help, we all were, but it was like too many Indians and no chief, for one. I was- I dunno. The rest of us were friends and then you and Marissa came in and were like.. you know. They were my friends and you had always been-" Lilly stopped and sighed, a frown draping across her beautiful face. "I'm sorry I didn't believe you when you said you saw the stuff in the woods the night of the bonfire. I am sorry I said the things I did and got all pissy. All of it." she said as she looked down at the ground in front of her feet and tugged at the grass. "But most of all, I'm sorry I did not give you a fair chance. I was wrong for doing that, regardless." she said as she lifted her head and looked into the depths of his eyes again as she idly toyed with a blade of grass she was not even looking at. "I was half way across the country when you guys needed me the most, but, and I almost can't believe I am saying this," she said with a hint of a grin before her expression went somewhat more serious again, "thankfully you were still here." "I know damage was done. And I am sure that me saying a few words now won't fix it, but I hope it is not too late for us to be friends, at least in time." Lilly looked down at the blade of grass she had been toying with in her hands and sighed softly. "And if that ship has sailed, then I hope we can at least put shit aside and work together. I mean, I'd rather have a friend than just a co-worker or whatever, but I understand if I did too much damage to your trust and things are too far gone. If that's the case, then that's my band and I just have to live with it and hopefully learn from it." He listened. Nodding a few times as she listed off the accounts of the numerous times they butted heads. After she finished he pursed his lips and bobbed his head about in silent judgment. She knew some smart assed comment was coming. "Eh, not bad as far as apologies go. I have some notes, however... like it could have been delivered in a bikini..." he laughed as she groaned. He turned himself in the grass to face her, adjusting himself so he could look at her more directly. "Look, in all seriousness, I'm the last guy here who needs to be coming down on people because of their behavior. I'm the guy still dolling out apologies for making people miserable for three years, that's almost a quarter of my ever impressive life." He tapped her knee with his knuckles. "Things take time. If you're cool, then I'm cool and we can just go from there and," he paused looking out at the field for a moment before returning his attention back onto her. "Don't carry that 'wasn't here for us' stuff with you, Lily. We've been through some shit, sure, but all that matters is you're here now. You had obligations, a life's dream you had to intentionally cast aside for the greater good so you could be here and be a part of something bigger than yourself. Some of these guys don't know what it's like to dedicate themselves to anything more than goofing off, reading, or hunting and fishing." He offered her an understanding glare, from one dedicated athlete to another. "It's hard to let go of all that hard work and walk away from something like that. You don't owe me, or anyone else here an apology for that." Lilly's eyes began to twinkle a bit with moisture as Devin not only gave her a pass for last and week and told to let it go, but also acknowledged what she had done... The sacrifice she had made. Yeah sure, some, or most, of the others certainly realized that she had to have intentionally tanked her trials, and even did so be here, but few probably fully grasped what she had given up, or how it had to feel doing it. But here, Devin, of all people, not only understood, but even.. acknowledged? Appreciated? (honestly she was not sure what the right word was) what she had done and give up. It was more than she would have expected of him minutes, much less days, ago and showed how she had misjudged him. "Thanks dude." was all she said, mustering a weak smile as tears made silent, wet trails down her face. She knew she did not really even need to say anything more, as Devin understood, from one dedicated athlete to another. Her eyes were misty and moistening up from the feels, he could tell. She looked at him, forcing a smile. "If I hug you will you try and cop a feel?" "Most definitely." He grinned, offering her a reply pure Devin honestly. Her smile was accented by a roll of the eyes as she leaned over and wrapped her arms around his bare body, braving the possible objectification of the unrepentant manwhore. He returned the embrace and after a few moments they parted and he waved her off with a playful gesture. "Alright, I'm tapped out of sentiment, go play with your friends and be back before the streetlights are on, I mean it young lady." Lilly rolled her eyes with a smirk and a small laugh. "Thanks for listening, dude." she said as she rose to her feet, adding, "And understanding." Lilly turned and then paused, then turned back to Devin. "Hey, uh. Do you, by any chance, have any pointers on how to approach Marrisa? I owe her an apology too, after all." "With plate glass between you two and maybe some raw meat you can distract her with?" He shrugged. "We both know she's difficult. At home, I find it best to just to let her vent, talk all her bull shit, and feign some measure of being offended... then speak my piece. A lot has changed in a week though, Lils, for all I know, she'll take you to bed as much as try to kill you." He took a breath and stood up. While brushing off the grass he continued. "Just, don't get mad. That's how she wins. It's what she's trying to do if she starts in on you: get a rise out of you. That's how we tormented the school for years... because people let us torment them. Keep calm, party on." "Thanks dude." Lilly said with a nod and faint smile as she turned away again and brushed some of the grass from her ass that looked like it had been poured into her skintight leggings. "And don't worry. Marissa can bitch and be snarky all she wants, it doesn't change that she's been here for everybody when they needed her. That's what's important." she said, looking over her shoulder back at Devin as she walked off, taking a swig from her bottle of water.
  9. "Yeeeeah," Devin said, standing up. That's all you Cassie, I'm gonna limber up for the match with Jay Dogg." "I'll help," Marissa offered in an obvious ploy to simply not be sitting there anymore. There was still some bad blood apparently and instead of the possibility of causing more, the twins thought it best to simply get up and get themselves away from past problems before something was said or done that caused another dramatic storm out for the day. Ever get together only had one Dramatic Storm Out available per session and Cassie had already used it... something Marissa wasn't to thrilled about because she had her all planned and ready. Next time Cassie, next time! As Courtney stood up and followed them Tawny looked to her left and right, her ponytail flailing about her shoulders to keep up with her growing concern. "Hey, whe-" "Bad blood," Cade said quietly, shaking his head as a message to just let it go. "This group has more issues than National Geographic, most of them unresolved." "If... if we're all fighting, how are we going to beat the bad guys?" She asked. He took a bite of his pizza and chewed as he shrugged. "Now that... is a good question."
  10. Tawny slid closer to Devin, leaning in as Lilly and Jason had their brief talk. "Does she have," the blondes eyes bounced around a bit with silent inquiry. "You know." "Yes," Devin said quietly, but he left it at that, not seeing any reason to recant the litany of bad blood he and his sister had with her and Clara. She seemed visibly relieved, no longer fearing that she might say or do something that could put the group at jeopardy. "What... what can she do?" "When she flexes she over saturates an area with idealism." Marissa chimed in with her never ending supply of vitriol and sarcasm. "She's like Cade, a Spartan. Daddy taught her all about guns and knife fighting, which almost makes Jason's home life look stable, but hey, Montana, right? Land of savagery." "Not helping," Devin sung softly with a bit of sarcasm of his own. "But, yeah, something about military dads around here, it's a bit messed up. Truth is we don't know what she can do, we just know it's not brain magic." "Huh," Tawny took another bite of pizza, now a bit curious a to just how many variants of magic people were living out there in the world. "Neat." She said with her typical saccharine sweet perkiness.
  11. Tawny was straddling Devin's back as lay face down in the grass flailing his arms and legs in a mock tantrum to the rhythmic beat of the cheery blonde gently playing his head like bongos. He was laughing but sounded like crying and shrieks for help. "No one is coming to save you. Say it!" "Never! I will never submit!" He over-dramatically declared as she playfully beat him about the head and neck. "Who is the greatest?" She asked. "Accept me as your one true god, Deej and I can make this all stop!" Her hands slid lower and to his sides where she threatened him with a few jabs in places she new he ticklish. "Love me, worship me, do as I say and I will be your slave." She added with a bit of mock drama of her own in her best Bowie impression. Things suddenly got serious. He stopped flailing tensed up his muscles all over. "Don't. Donchu dare..." He failed about in laughing shrieks that Jason's considerably distant neighbors may have heard as the Fellowship was introduced to the fact that Devin Jauntsen was ticklish. So much so in fact, that his usual witty, jovial bravado seemed melted him into quivering pool giggling idiot. Tawny laughed evilly. "That was just the left side. See? Am I not merciful. Saaaaaaaay it...," she sung to him in a rather melodic tone. Several yards away Autumn approached Jason. She crushed her water bottle and tossed in the now forming 'water bottle pile'. "So, you spend an hour teaching her to focus and harness her powers and she uses them to tickle-torture Devin?" Her face tightened into a frown followed by an approving nod. "I couldn't be more proud." Jason said with feigned pride. "Here," his girlfriend smiled as she wiped away a non-existent tear from his left cheek. "Lemme get that for you." He looked at her and smiled. "You're the best." "Devin, Devin, baby... sweetums... pookums..." her telekinetic 'fingers' destroyed another series of nerve cluster. "We're not even at the 'woman scorned' level yet." She stood up as Devin rolled about in laughter. She giggled and gave him a moment to recover. He tried to get to his knees, but made it to all fours before she pushed him back onto his side with her foot. "Next time, you better have some lunch money, punk." ""So... so not right..." he laughed. "So not fair..." He just sat there in the grass laughing as Tawny retreated from her bullying and offered both Autumn and Jason an enthusiastic wave and glowing smile that could have made the grass greener and the flowers blossom out of season. "Ugh... wimenz... wimenz be cray yo..." With a groan he sat up, face flushed past laughter. He was brushing off grass as Kat sheepishly approached him. He offered her a smirk in greeting and then held up his hand, palm flat with the ground. "Sorry, New Girl. Gotta be this tall to ride." Kat rolled here eyes and turned around in a voiceless 'forget it' motion when Devin appeared in front of her in a violet 'bamf'. He made storm outs so difficult, these days. "Woah, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. Lighten up some, c'mon, we're all having a good time. What's up?" "Courtney said you mentioned something about food." She implied without really asking. "Actually," he nodded. Kat had pulled the string in head that lit the bulb reminding him he was hungry. "That's an amazing idea. It's about lunch time. Jay Bee!" He yelled across the field. "Lunch! I'm taking orders... so... that thing... maybe an hour?" Jason nodded. "C'mon, you can help me carry."
  12. Devin broke away from his games with Courtney, who refused to chase him anymore given she hadn't dressed for athleticism. He approached his sister and opened up the cooler, amused at the little things that irritated the hell out of her, like having to walk to the barn for water. He didn't mind so much, like Jason chilling his own drinks, Devin distance wasn't really factor for the teleporter so he'd just bring the drinks to him. "You okay?" he asked his sister as he collected a couple more waters. She nodded in the affirmative but didn't offer much, if anything, in the way of an explanation, just a few short words to keep his mind at ease and after displaying his concern he disappeared in a violet blur. He tossed Kat a water. "Nice work, New Girl," he winked at her. "Quite the bag of tricks hidden up there." He pointed to her forehead and left her to her business. It was collectively, the most words Devin had said to her since she'd started hanging out with the Fellowship. She knew his reputation as Shelly High's bully on a redemption path to try and grow up a bit. He didn't seem so bad, a bit intense sometimes, but not so bad. "Did you know?" Jason asked, as Devin approached imbalanced companion. His words were meant for just Devin and his low inquiry carried no more concern or urgency as any phrase that passed his lips. "Of all the things to help my dad save some money, Devin, the plough?" The teleporter grinned, then shrugged. "She doesn't talk much. When she does she doesn't seem to have listened to what's said or understand simple slang or twists in vernacular. She stares off into space a lot, lost in her own thoughts, where things make more sense to her. Classic ADHD, Jase. I wasn't a hundred percent sure, but I took a shot in the dark. Gave her a puzzle, gave her something that was broken, run down and complex and... well, just let her mind work at its own speed. Explanation would have only gone so far with her, she needs to do things and be engaged on her own terms." He hit Jase in the chest with the back of his hand. "Leadership stuff, dude. Gotta understand your people. Can't manipulate an entire school for years without understanding how teenagers function." "That's mildly disturbing," Jase added, as the corner of his mouth inclined slightly. "You can read all the medical journals, dude, understand what all those fancy afflictions are and what they do and mean, but sometimes the path to the cure lies in bedside manner, bro. Empathy." Devin shrugged. "It's not so much what people say-" "-it's what the don't say." The lanky psychopath finished. "Bingo." Devin tipped his water back and then twisted the cap back on after a large swig. "We'll work on it. If you're gonna step up with me, like we discussed, we gotta get you peopling. Granola can help." His gaze set on something off in the distance, away from their conversation. He raised his hand and pitched his empty water bottle off and up into an arch. It swiftly 'bamf'd out of existence only to reappear and bounce off Tawny's back. She spun about to look who threw it and there was Devin making faces at her as she took off in a full sprint towards him to take him down. "Gotta go. You and me, fifteen minutes, sparing match." Devin bolted away as Tawny passed Jason as a blur of golden hair and the scent of fruity shampoo.
  13. "Nope, totally crushed it," Devin said with a shrug of confidence. "Still can't get over that whole feeling so small in a big world kinda feeling I get when doing it." "I don't know about 'crushed it', he's being nice to me." Courtney wrapped her arm around Devin's waist and rest a head on his shoulder in a sort of hug. At this point she was only harassing Tawny. She knew how she felt about him and could both sense and feel her love and desire for him so close to the surface it was like a beacon begging her to play with it. She nuzzled her cheek on his shoulder while casting a glance that barely managed to catch Tawny's eyes with practiced accuracy. "He's a great teacher, though." Her tone was laced with the seductive coo of the Red Crested Strumpet, not common to these parts of Montana, but it's migratory patterns were unpredictable. Courtney offered a slight, almost imperceptible smirk at Tawny as the lovable blonde's eye narrowed. "What is that, anyway?" The amorous redhead asked. "It felt, I don't know, like I was a part of but separate still from all the life around me... not just the life, but like, the rocks and things too. Does grass get depressed? It felt like the grass was depressed?" "I think that was me, genius," Devin smiled that charming smile at her. "Lona's leaving tomorrow, so I'm not really feeling a hundred and up today. She frowned at him. "Oh, right. Forgot about that, sorry." Her brow creased as she mocked shame for possibly bringing up a bad memory on what was supposed to be a day of fun. She executed the maneuver with deadly, assassin-like accuracy. "You know, if you want to talk or anything, I'm available. I know how much she means to you, and I know you're going through a time, right now." Make it all about him, adjust for needy hanger-on blondes in the vicinity who always make it about their wants, and... fire. She shrugged and half smiled. "Just a thought, no pressure, I know you like to handle things on your own. Just, know you have options if you need to vent." "Thanks," Devin's grin was genuine. Tawny's cheeks flushed as he took the bait. "I appreciate that. However!" He clapped his hands, shaking away all that sentimental mumbo-jumbo. "Let's take a break. If people are hungry, I can do a Bunnee's run! C'mon people! We're training to big damn heroes here, let's bring it in! Hydrate, defecate, fornicate... do what you gotta because we gots training to get back to! Woo!" Courtney pressed the tips of finger to her chest and did a mock swooning impression. "Uh, he's just so classy. So classy." "Water?" He asked his partner. "Please," she said in that flirtatious way that told anyone who'd ever had a crush that she was on the prowl. As Devin ran off to get them she turned to Tawny, whose own water bottle was slowly compacting in on itself. "I have to admit, I like this side Devin. Noble, honorable, all upright. Totes yummy." "Honorable and upright are synonyms of 'noble'," Tawny said deadpan. "He's noble, noble, and noble? You're crushing on a law firm, Courtney. Bravo. I know what you're trying to do, and it won't work. I might have been spared your bullying because Devin and I are neighbors, but don't think you're going to goad me into an emotional outburst. Everyone knows how I feel about him, even him. That why it won't work. I have no lies buried inside, but you? They're all that's holding you together." "Oh, kitten has claws," the cheerleader narrowed her eyes at Tawny's appraisal. "The sass adds flavor to the meat." "That's enough," Jason said simply. "Both of you." "Toodles," she waggled her fingers in a wave as she turned to meet up with Devin who was running back with waters for the both of them and... "Hey," he skipped past Courtney and handed Tawny a water as well. "Running low there, hotness. The more we push ourselves the more thirsty and hungry we get. Won't lie, the munchies are kind of fun." She giggled and accepted the water, offering Courtney a neutral glance. To Jason it was like witness mental Tai Chi and the harder Tawny's opponent came at her the swifter her opponent defeated herself. Courtney didn't seem irritated, but it was obvious she wasn't expecting fade away from Devin. "You. Are. Awesome." she replied in that adorable and lovable way of genuine sincerity and a smile that could bring peace to a nation. "Looking forward to the munchies." Devin handed Courtney her water and twisted the cap off his own. "You know, Jase, we could probably fix that thing up," Devin pointed to the farm machine that Gar had declared deceased. I mean, we have super powers. As a thanks for your dad hooking us up with all this space, least we could do is save his pocket book by finding ways to recycle this old stuff."
  14. "Woo!" Devin raised his hands and clapped a few times. "Told ya! I want deets when you get freaky with those later! Plus, you're prettier than Jason. Waaaaay more marketable when one of us finally screws up and shows the world what we can do!" "You are such a perv!" She half smiled and half stuck out her tongue out at him. He turned his attention back to Courtney, offering a smile that apologized for the interruption. "Sorry. Where were we?" "Getting freaky?" Courtney raised an inquisitive eyebrow at the charming teleporter. "Pray, tell." "Oh, something the TK people do, I guess. They have like these invisible magic hands or fingers or whatnot that they can touch things with." He shrugged, vaguely remembering how Jason described it in his garage that one time he and Marissa visited while he worked on his car. "Oh, god, I'd definitely be getting freaky," Courtney laughed. "Right?!" Devin leaned in and the both started laughing like fourth graders. "I'd be like a one man orgy in the shower. Smacking my own ass... 'Harder daddy!'" They both fell over laughing, rolling in the grass as an uncontrollable fit of giggles overcame them. Whatever it was they were talking about it seemed like they were having an amazing time of it.
  15. Courtney strode up to Devin with a sultry sway in her hips and devilish smirk. "Looks like it's you and me, Blinky." "I prefer Jaunt," Devin smirked back. "If the others got a hold of 'Blinky' I'd be doomed." Like every field exercise at school they all paired off and separated themselves from the other groups so they had space all to themselves. They sat in the grass, crossing their legs and then looked at one another awkwardly. "Sooo..." The redhead smiled, darting her eyes around as if she waiting on Devin to incant some ancient wisdom that would make all this make sense. "You know, if you wanted to get me alone for a picnic, all you had to do was ask." "Focus now," he grinned at her. He held out his hands, waiting for her accept them. "Flirt later. So, I've only done this once, but, it's pretty simple once you get the premise. We touch, focus our abilities in a sort of link. We attune, is the word that everyone seems to use." She accepted his hands and gently tightened. "So, flirting is on the table then. Good to know." She winked and smiled that crimson smile of devilry of hers. "So, we hold hands and focus? How does that work? Focus on what?" "My mind is never quiet." He said honestly. "I've always been in constant motion, full of energy, ready to tackle anything. So, I don't know exactly. I think that's why it's hard for you read my thoughts or get feedback on me. The last time I did this, we just kind of relaxed and tried to quiet our minds. Cass showed me how, but, I'm not really a good teacher. Just, quiet your mind and focus on... well, everyone else. Listen, don't see. Reach out with that part of your abilities that perceives things no one else can see." "Like, people's minds?" She asked. "Yeah, I guess. If that's what you have, go for it." He replied. She canted her head and offered a crimson smile at him as she mulled over a new question for him. "What do you 'see'? Like we all apparently have these perceptions, but, no one does what you can do. So, what do you see?" "Everything," he said calmly, not quite sure how to describe it. "I see how things relate and connect. Distances and trajectories, angles and slopes. I know myself in relation to everything around me and how I impact the world in which I exist." "How Zen Buddhist." She smirked. He shrugged. "Sounds deeper than it is, but I think I'm the only one of the Fellowship who revels in my power. Everyone else is full of doubts, or afraid of them or sees them as nothing more than another science project to be understood." "And," she squeezed his hands gently. "What are they to you?" "Me." He shrugged again. "They are who I am. I will not be ashamed of any part of me. My personality, my body, my way of thinking. I may not be perfect, or always right, or even really annoying sometimes, but I refuse to be ashamed of anything that makes me, because, well, I'm awesome. I love me." She flushed slightly and giggled as his sincere admission sounded like an arrogant boast. "I wish I had your confidence. I just wish people weren't so fake, you know? I see it so clearly now. Who is lying to me, who really likes me, who doesn't... it... I don't know, it hurts. I actually always thought Marissa hated me... I was really shocked to see that she does kinda care under all that mean." "We're all just stupid and confused." Devin said. "I've been all over the world and the more places I see, I've come to realize one, stupid little thing we all tend to forget. Everyone is pretty much the same. Simple people trying to do the best they can with what they have. Kids pick on other kids. Teenagers are lost confused. Adults forget what fun is and hate life. People aren't fake, Courtney, they're just afraid. Afraid that the person they are isn't good enough for you. Cut them some slack. Well, most of them, anyway. Some people do just suck, after all." She knew he was trying to be sweet. It didn't take a genius to see that, but he was, in his own way, charming when he wanted to be. She did feel like fish out of water amongst the Fellowship and it's apparent closeness. They really were like one big, dysfunctional family all struggling with the weight of their gifts and conflicting personalities and past traumas. Cook had promised her all manner of things yet only returned her efforts with ridicule and chastisement. Her own insecurities were too many and varied, coupled with her insatiable libido she'd always felt like some sort of freak no matter where she found friends... and now, she'd learned that most people were not the friends they claimed to be. She tried not to express her feelings as she was sitting there, holding Devin's hands. With practiced discipline, she hid her crazy, and got comfortable, still holding his hands she tried to quiet her mind. She felt better after him say that, more relaxed and more comfortable being there arond all the other freaks and geeks who were thrust into the unfortunate situation of having to save the world from old spirits of evil or monsters or... whatever. Then, it happened. Her mind simply expanded, was the best way she could explain it to herself. Her best comparison was it felt like she was suddenly underwater as the sounds of the world muted and dulled. What she could hear though were the faint whispers of... everyone? Well, everyone except Jase, of course. All of their surface thoughts sudden;y came pouring into her minds and it was almost too much for her to bear. She winced and her face scrunched in pain as the she remembered the first few months of realizing she had abilities. The flood of voices almost drove her insane. Hold on to it. Devin's voice was stern and filled with concern in her mind, cutting through the static. She twitched. Devin? Y-you're in my head! No. You're in mine. He smirked although both their eyes were closed. Distance and space my little slice of weird. So, when we link up, I can expand the area and distance your powers can reach. Instead of a few minds around you, how about the entire school? Devious. She smirked also. It's too much though, too many heads to sort through and everyone has sooooo much baggage! It's about focus. Devin opened his eyes and looked at her. His eyes shimmered with a misty, glimmering purple sheen, like violet oil on water. He spoke aloud. "I woke up in the back yard a few times after getting my powers. Kept reflexively teleporting, it was hilarious. Your powers are a part of you. Like walking or talking, that are not your heart, or your brain, they are voluntary and will respond to you. That includes everything that goes in it, like people's voices. You are the one in control, Courtney." "Gray sweatpants? Seriously?" "Relax. Focus on the now. Talk to her later, sort the mess out. For now, focus on the training session." "Oh, goody, we can get this thing sorted finally. I can't believe she went off on her like that. Totally uncalled for." "My back hurts. Those nails of her are killer." "She seemed nice. Every said she was so mean." "..." "Lona leaves tomorrow. So what if they're holding hands? He has a type. There's no way he'd ever go out with her, it's just training..." "Wow." Courtney chuckled and smiled. "Apparently Marissa is on everyone's mind at the moment. Pretty much pissed the whole group off." Devin laughed. "Yeah, that's her super power, that and appropriately timed theme music." Really wish she'd smile more often, it's beautiful. Courtney's cheeks flushed a shade of crimson and she bashfully slid a stray strand of hair back behind her ear as more reflex than it needing an actual home... She didn't hear that, right?
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