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  1. "Yay, more infighting." Marissa slowly pumped her arms in a monotone, heartless cheer at Sean's input on the Courtney situation. "There," Devin pointed at the display of the prison, a small map of the underground complex with a series of colors and blinking icons that represented doors, whether they were locked or not, what level access was required to open them and the variety of security and safety measures in place on a small scroll to the side. Touching the door or security/safety feature opened an icon describing the condition of the selected object. "There's where Eddy is. That room." "You're sure?" Sean asked. "Mostly," Devin shrugged. "So, I've only done this once before and only with me. Trying to pop in somewhere I'm not supposed to be and that I've never seen takes," he paused searching for the words as he let out a deep exhale. "Focus, and it's disorienting, at least for me. Autumn folded her arms and glared daggers at Devin. Accusingly she inquired, "And just where did you go that you weren't supposed to be?" In the sudden silence everyone's heads slowly turned to Devin as he felt every eye upon him. He looked at everyone, suddenly at a loss for words. Finally he offered Autumn one of his puckish rogue smirks. "...we're gonna need some room." He went on, evading her question. "Last time, with just me, there was feedback, a lot of it." "What sort of feedback?" Jason asked. "The trip happens in an instant. It's like flying a plane that crashing to the ground though. I want to go somewhere, but the energy required to do so is fighting me because it doesn't know where 'somewhere' is. It lacks data." Cade nodded, remain stoic as tumbled through a million phrases of internal dialogue. "Like home, or school, places familiar to you." "Exactly," Devin pointed to him, giving him props. "Me building up the energy to make the jump is like the pilot wrestling with the controls to keep the plane on target so I can land it safely. As you may imagine, the landing isn't pretty. I'm collecting and holding that energy, sheathing us in it, and bulleting us through space with it. The release when we arrive, well, with just me, it was like setting off a concussion grenade. Like if Jase did a TK blast in a small sphere around him. With all of us?" "So it won't be quiet, and dropping in on Etienne might put him in danger." Charlie massaged his chin as he looked at the map. "Here," he pointed to the map. "There's a large room here, possibly storage, looks like a large enough landing site. From there to Etienne's room it's maybe, what? A hundred yards?" "Ninety one, in a straight line. Hundred and three if we include all the turns." The teleporter added. On the far side of the room Taggart looked up to Annette and quietly expressed his feeling on everything that was transpiring. "Are these children seriously planning and executing an operation to extract an HVI from a maximum security hard target, in seven minutes?" "I know Major," she watched intently as everything continued to be planned around them. "I'm just as intrigued as you are. These children are amazing." Sophia stood from her seat and approached the teens looking and and pointing at the holo-map. "So, if I'm hearing you guys right, you'll arrive with the force of a bomb going off, and have to make it a hundred and three yards into a locked cell while elite paramilitary mercenaries are closing in on your location with orders to terminate with extreme prejudice?" Sophia buried her face in her hand, "You guys are un-fucking believable. You'd have to be legally insane to think for a second that any of this is going to work." Devin and Jason just looked at each other, barely concealing their grins. "They have an army," Sophia protested. "We have a Charlie." Devin rebuked her argument flatly. "Fighting The Dark, surviving Shadow hordes from other planes, and doing the shit that no else thinks is a good idea or even possible? That's just our everyday, baby. Just kick back, let the magic happen." Devin motioned to Charlie while offering a nod to Sophia. "Feel free to use that later, bro. Now... where can we get some room around here?"
  2. "Was it good for you?" He said softly as his senses recoiled back into the bland and certainly not as interesting, limited expanse of the underground room. Cass managed a soft smile. Devin wasn't so bad, he had his moments, sure, but she was just as quick witted and outgoing in her ways so he really wasn't that big of a mystery to her. His jokes never really amused her much but he was almost charming when he wanted to be. There was a slight tinge of rose in her cheeks as the two teens once again shared a moment of awkward, personal contact. "My hand? Please?" She asked, sliding it out from under his. "Right," he offered her a grin. Marissa gave them both a vile glare and a pursed grin that told them both she was only looking to stir up trouble. "You two need a moment? It always seems like us girls are never interested until the guy is taken, huh, Cass?" "Knock it off Mari," the teen teleporter stepped in, defending his blonde friend. He sighed and tried to focus back on the room. He shook his head. "Trippy." Cass laughed quietly as she totally understood what he was feeling. She knew his senses had to be quirky, given his ability to know all the space and distances around him, but he wasn't kidding when he said he had Google Maps in his head and until now Devin had only experienced the cold, lifeless world of objects and how they related to to one another by distance and landscape... he never knew how beautiful the world was when you added the myriad of emotions and thoughts and how they interconnected on top of that. For the first time since acquiring his abilities, Devin saw the world as a living thing, not an object that was simply in his way as he tried to move from one place to the next. "You guys have to try that," she chuckled. "It's a whole new dimension compared to when we did it without him." "I-," he paused, lost in thought as he tried to hold onto the image in his head. He motioned to no one in particular, holding up his hand and moving it like he was writing something. He reached for the small stack of loose manila folders Dr. Cook entered with and as the doctor tried to stop him Ms. Giles stopped him and slid the folder to Devin. He promptly opened it and discarded the papers, spreading the folder open and laying it flat to award him as much space as it could offer. His hand still motioned like he was writing. "Pen..." Marissa said, her eyes widening with urgency. "Get him a pen," Autumn interjected swiftly. "He's an artist. Get him something to write with!" The room quickly devolved into a small panic as a pen was a lot less common these days than people realized, but thankfully the Sheriff slid on from his shirt pocket and slammed it down on the manila folder. Devin scooped it up, silently and in focus as he tried his best to hold the image of Eddy in his mind. "He do this often?" Ms. Giles asked the group. Everyone just shook their head. "Devin can draw anything he's seen with almost perfect clarity," Jason added with the analytical prose of a born genius. "But the image fades if he doesn't quickly enough. The more intense the stressors, the longer the image lasts. I assume he's trying to hold that thought and show us something." Devin's hand was moving a mile a minute as the black ink began to take form into some sort of picture. He didn't speak up, he just kept the pen moving, tapping the table twice with his knuckle and pointing to Jason. He doodles and disappears to places," the sheriff said as he watched the drawing form with an almost insatiable curiosity. He looked to Marissa and nodded at her. "What do you do?" "I could show you," she purred like cat up to no good. "But then you'd have to arrest yourself, Sheriff." Sheriff Alister promptly gave her a quick once-over, cleared his throat and let the question rest unanswered. A few minutes later Devin slapped the table and stepped backwards. There, on the folder was a near-perfect image of what he and Cass saw... with a lot less color. "Got him. I... think I can get us there." "Think?" Charlie asked. Devin was the picture definition of 'can do' spirit. He never thought about doing anything, he just did it and let the laws of nature pitch a fit about it afterwards. "This means there's good news and bad news." "Wouldn't be an adventure if there wasn't right?" Devin smiled and waggled his eyebrows at the shapshifter. "Good news. With Autumn's help, I can make Eddy our fulcrum, allowing me converge my jump onto his location. Easy day." "The bad news?" Cade asked. "It's a blind teleport." Devin said calmly. The collective D&D nerds all sucked their teeth at once. "That's bad, Devin." Sean added. "If you miss... if you're off by a fraction of an inch..." "We're jelly." Jason added. "There's more, isn't there?" "Well, I've jumped with one person, but two is a bit tricky. Six? Well... I'm going to need to prime up the juice." "Meaning?" Autumn pressed. "He'll need to 'charge up'. While Devin is focusing on gathering the power to get us out of there, we're not going anywhere." Jason folded his arms, already contemplating alternative options. "Typical 'protect the NPC' mission," Sean shrugged. "Hold down the fort, make sure the zombies don't get in while the NPC is doing whatever they need to do. You guys can handle that, especially with me monitoring things from here." "So." Devin looked at ll of them, then the folder. "That's the deal. Eddy needs an assist, we have the tools and the talent and frankly it's been a messed up day... so, what say you guys? You down to misbehave?"
  3. He slid his thumb across the screen as he rummaged through Sean's room, forgoing the text Sean sent so he could answer his phone. "What's up, Cass?" He pinched the phone between his ear and shoulder as he opened the bottom drawer at Sean's work desk. "Nice. Sounds like a gamble since I wasn't there for all your happy hand holding fun time, but we can give it a shot. Let me get this laptop to Sean and we can give it a go." He spun around, laptop under his arm when he came face to face with Laurie Cassidy who'd come to inspect why there were strange voices coming from her brother's room. "Because," he continued without giving the redhead much notice. "He can still monitor security for us and unlock doors." He laughed. "Yeah, you're assuming I can hit the bullseye. Always have a plan 'B'." The Cassidy sister pursed her lips and scowled at him, fists resting at the ready on her hips. "I gotta let you go, Laurie is looking at me like she wants something." She raised her brow at his audacity. Devin tapped his screen, ending the call then looked like Laurie like she had broken into his house. "What?" He asked. "The fuck you mean 'what', Jauntsen. This is my brother's room, what the hell are you doing here?" She pushed him, knocking him back a few steps. "Slow you're roll there, Ginger Cringer," she tried to push him a second time but he blinked out and violet stream of noetic energy traced to where he reappeared in an instant. "Sean needed this, he sent me to get it. So chill. We're in the middle of something important and I really don't have time to explain. We'll fill you in later." "What do you mean-" he vanished in a purple splash that shimmered slightly dull in light of Sean's room. Her eyes narrowed and her fists clenched tight at her side. "Ugh! That's getting annoying!" The air seemed to 'pull' near Autumn and in an instant Devin filled the area near the pull, suddenly pushing out all the air in the space he now occupied. The noetic 'scar' around him sealed itself instantly as his body settled into its new space. Autumn jumped slightly. Yes, the popping in and out was getting very old, not that Devin minded the look on their faces, and they wondered if he was doing it on purpose (duh). Devin set the laptop in front of Sean, whose phone beeped with an incoming message at that precise moment. "Here, and that's Laurie I'll bet. Tell her I'm in a relationship and to stop being such a try hard we're still on for this weekend, underwear is optional. Get set up while Cass fills me in." "Christ Jauntsen," the Sheriff looked at Devin like he was some sort of freak show in a circus as his mind tried to wrap around absurdity of what these teenagers were capable off. Even after witnessing it, it just didn't seem real. "That is impressive," Ms. Giles said politely to the young teen. "How far can you go?" Devin smirked and simply replied, "How far do you wanna go?" The master of innuendo retorted before he broke away from everyone to settle his business with Cass. Give them a show, but don't tell them anymore than they needed to know. "Will Devin ever stop flirting?" Cass asked with a soft smile decorating her lovely features. "Now there's a headline." "But a short article. 'No'." He mused. "So, how's this work?"
  4. Devin was as quiet as Devin could possibly be while Cook finished digging himself a hole. Finally he looked at his assembled 'friends'... they were a complete mess, the Society was a complete mess, and this Kline guy seemed to be the equivalent to their Jason: scooping people up and eating them to fuel his own mystery. He sighed, letting go of his sister and leaning on the table. "We can't leave Eddy to Kline." His own personal sense of 'protect everyone' began creeping to the surface as his fears of The Dark and what it was like to be alone and trapped with evil hardened his expression. Devin didn't have many positive qualities... ...but damn could the kid lead. "No one deserves that, we all know it." He looked around. "We can't go home yet, we need to rescue eddy, and in order to do that we need to know where he is." "Devin," Marissa huffed in protest, unable to grasp why he, or any of them, should care about the near rapist. When her brother's hard stare caught her and she realized he was as serious as a heart attack, she sighed as well, and calmed herself. Her words and tone shifted dramatically. "How can I help?" "The prison is a lead, but we don't know for sure. Cassie," he looked at the pretty blonde reporter and she was almost moved by his sense of urgency. "I need you to go to the last room Eddy was in, concentrate, focus and do your read thing. Follow their route, listen to every word. From the room to the van, we need to know everything. Sean, I'd put money on these all having their cell phones with them. Ping their IMEIs. They arrived here at a certain time, they left at a certain time, and they subscribed to every tower along a particular route within that time. If they went to the prison, then their IMEIs will be pinging off the towers near the prison." Everyone offered a blank stare at Devin as to how he suddenly became an expert on espionage. "What," he shrugged. "Has nobody seen the Mission Impossible movies?" He clapped his hands. "C'mon people, move like we have a life to save." "Devin, my powers don't work like that." Cassie tried to explain. "Make them work like that," he replied with a tone of confidence not commonly possessed by the snark pot. "They're yours. MAke them work how you need them to. Adapt. We need to find Eddy before Kline adds parts or melts his brain, or... makes him a brony. You're our best shot at the moment, CeeAy." "Devin," Sean stood up and glared at his tormentor, crossing his arms under his ample [insert descriptive for breasts here]. He sternly protested Devin's idea. "What you are asking me to do is highly illegal." "So?" Devin shrugged. "Which laptop will you need?" "My blue one. With the bull horns sticker on it." He said without missing a step. "I'll have it to you in five," Devin nodded. "You have three," Sean smirked. "What about us?" Cade asked Devin. "We're the acquisition team. We can't do anything until these two do their work. Jason, you're our artillery. Cade, muscle. Charlie, you're our tank. Autumn, you're our compass. I'm the ride." Devin smiled wide, his adrenaline was pumping like mad as the thrill-seeker in him was rattling the bars of its cage. "All kinds of impressive, people. That's what we are. So let's show up and show out." Marissa gripped Devin's arms and spun him to face her. She was not talking quietly. "Devin, this is nuts. You're talking about possibly breaking into a maximum security prison over Etienne? They guy almost slept with Clara. Please tell me you're not doing this just to impress Ms. Giles? Your sixteen, she's like, forty, she's never going to sleep with you. You don't have to impress her." "Uh, first, I don't have to impress her, because, well... look at me." He motioned down his body, demanding the assembled take it all in. He leaned back to get Ms. Giles in his field of vision where he promptly winked, smirked and gave her one of those 'how you doin'' nods, before turning his attention back to his sister. "Second, look, Eddy was kinda rapey, sure, but not a bad guy. None of us are perfect and it's not our place to judge. Hell, you were blowing a nineteen year old last summer," Marissa raised her hand and massaged the bridge of her nose, already furious at her brother spilling her personal dealings. They'd never seen Marissa embarrassed before, but at this moment her composure was completely shattered as her her cheeks flared red with fury and embarrassment. "...and that's no one's business but yours and his. That shouldn't stop us from helping him, he didn't do anything wrong except poorly choose his employer, but that shouldn't mean he's out of allies. Besides, Clara loves the guy, who are we to take that away from her?" "Do you even hear yourself sometimes?" She fumed, her breathing was slow and her chest heaved as if she was going to choke him out. He was right though. The hopeless romantic that lie caged deeply in the frozen caverns of her heart knew he was right. Who were they to take love away from someone? She met his eyes but the rage never left the expression on her face. "Go. This isn't over." In a hazy blur of violet Devin shimmered out and was gone with a 'bamf' as the air filled the vacuum left by his sudden departure. She turned and faced her 'associates'. Her glare was stern and empirical. It was obvious she was not playing games. "You will all forget you ever heard my brother say that, or they will never find your bodies." "You mean the part about-" Autumn said with a poorly hidden smirk. "Ah, tut-tut..." Marissa cut her off, flailing a hand to swat away the words Autumn was speaking. "About the-" Cade folded his lips inward trying to hide his smile. "Shh!" Her fingers all touched the tip of her thumb as she poked in Cade's direction, giving him the Dr. Evil treatment. "Zip it!"
  5. "No," Devin said calmly. "We'll settle up later." They all knew referring to taking Autumn's advice and handling their affairs on their own time. "For now, however," he held his sister close and she sort of fell into him with the piece of mind of knowing they could leave in a heartbeat if they needed to. "I'd like to hear Cook's point of view as to why he thought sending a twenty four year old to seduce a sixteen year old high school student in order to get access to her parent's research, or records, or whatever was a such a great a idea. Not that I'm frowning on getting involved with an older women, just throwing that out there," he shot Ms. Giles a wink. "But the girl you targeted was already damaged, dude. That was just cruel." "I mean, seriously Cook, what's your deal, dude? How messed up is you?"
  6. "And you wonder why I don't want to be alone in a room with you," Marissa sneered at Jason, obviously irritated and beyond upset with his speech and admission of being capable of unspeakable acts of torture upon another human being and not even show any sign of concern for them. Yet all of his friends were supposed to sit around believe that he would never do that to any of them were he suddenly rubbed the wrong way. "You're a lunatic, Jason and frankly I'm afraid of you. Not that it matters, since my being afraid of you means less than nothing to you. If the others in this room aren't scared of you, then they are either stupid or have no sense of self-preservation." "No," she raised her hands in surrender. "I've no further concerns other than the fact that we're all locked in a room with that," she pointed a perfectly manicured nail at Jason. "So can we please wrap this up before he decides to regale us with more bragging about the levels of barbarity the great and powerful Jason Bannon is capable of?" "Not cool, dude." Devin shook his head. "We've been over this, and apparently you don't listen or just don't care. We are not here to threaten, harm, and intimidate people. If all you can think of to do with your abilities is throw people around homes and threaten to inflict harm on others, then say the word, bro. We can start dancing right now. That shit though?" He pointed to Cook, unconcerned with the people in the room at the moment. He looked to Hank and Jason's father. "That shit isn't gonna fly. Get your house in order, because this boy need Jesus or Tony Stark, or something, because we all know he's one hundred percent in control of everything he says, and he doesn't lie. Which means there no excuse for this sort of behavior. Every few days he's either scaring the shit out of us going off on some power fueled rampage that ends up with people getting hurt." It was Devin's turn for an icy stare directed at Jason. He could handle a few passive threats but Jason always took shit too far, like he was some kind of a super badass, but he wasn't. He seemed to be nothing more than a bully, like Devin not long ago, so he understood the mindset. He could tolerate a lot of antics, but keeping his sister living in fear from day in to day out all the time... that shit needed to stop. "Unfuck yourself, Jason. Or just say the word and we can start the war right now. Because this shit is like every fucking day with you, man." Marissa stood up, standing near her brother. "Devin, don't. Let it go. Just... it's just not worth going over it with him again. He doesn't get it, and never will. That's the sort of person he is, and it's not our fight, let the military deal with him. He's not your problem anymore." "Yeah, fine." Devin nodded, never breaking gaze with Jason who just glared at him like that damn cat in the memes. Jason didn't care. He never cared. He couldn't care. Sure he'd tell everyone differently and swear up and down that 'he would never [fill in the blank]' but he'd also be ding it with a straight face, a steady heart rate, and a smile while he was unraveling someone's organs. "Good luck, people. Just think, you're trapped six stories underground with him." He looked to the Sheriff and smirked. "Enjoy."
  7. "Oh my god!" Devin huffed, rolling his eyes and thrusting hands out to the rest as if offering them a fresh plate of 'what the hell'. "I said that like a week ago. You guys were supposed to go visit the Wumpum people while Cade, Lona, Cass and I were breaking into the prison, aaaand I probably should not have said that out loud..."
  8. "Long enough that is has something to do with this," Devin showed them the copper bracelet on his wrist. It was the only relic they had at this point that seemed to have any connection with the strange energy The Dark manipulated. If it could disrupt its abilities to pull Devin through to other worlds, what other powers were hidden within it. He didn't like the idea of them having access to it, but it killing them if they tried to take it was a definite deterrent for thievery. "It's... how would you guys put it? Aether infused. We call it shine, but you get the gist." "What is it?" Ms. Giles asked as she reached a finger to trace along it's surface. "Don't touch it!" Cass shouted in a panic, extending her had to Ms. Giles and prepared to pull her arm away. "For some reason it only works for Devin." Ms. Giles recoiled her hand, curling her fingers into her delicate palm. "It's a dimensional stabilizer," Devin added. "Near as we can tell. It's stabilizes me, anchors me here so The Dark can't yank me back to the Land of Upside Down Thunder." Taggart fumed, shaking his head. "Every time one of these kids opens their mouth they give us another page or questions. What the hell is an Upside Down Thunder?" "Uh... it's sort of... it's hard to explain," Cade interjected. "It's where The Dark was banished to and the place is all sorts of messed up." "Like a dark mirror of our world." Charlie piggy-backed. "Not a pretty place, and until that bracelet, it could swipe Devin and steal him away to its realm." "Why you?" Taggart asked. "Because," Devin sighed. "...I can travel between dimensions." He didn't want to tell them per se, but, it gave the eggheads something to faun over while the others looked around the Project. 'Dazzle the with a light show and all that', seemed to be his plan. "Extraordinary." Ms. Giles said softly. "You kids are... generations ahead in anything we've researched so far." "Yeah, that's great," Devin smiled softy. "My point in showing you this... was... maybe you have the technology to analyze it. Perhaps date it? Knowing roughly how old this is, might give us a starting point for a timeline. Cass is great at timelines, she can arrange the data, Autumn can help or go forage for berries or something. Marissa can organize the intel and Sean can source historical reporting using the interwebs. Jason can hang out and be all expressionless and morose until we need something smart said or done. If you wanna fight something, you start at the beginning. Search for clues in the past, work to the now. This thing was banished, this much we know. Which means someone kicked its ass once." "What about you, Charlie and Cade?" Autumn rested a fist on her hip as she glared at him, knowing he was up to something. "Uh," the teleporter looked at her like she should know better than to question the great and powerful Devin. "My idea, Aykay. I don't have to help, I thought of it. Since I'm such a nice guy, and we've already established this in the past... I am on pizza duty. You're welcome. These guys are gonna help me carry, because we'll need drinks too. And no, I'm not getting you granola on your pizza, Hippie."
  9. "Wait," Devin snapped up, suddenly interested. "Tawnsters is a glow bug like the rest of us?" "You know her?" Anette asked. "Yeah, she's like, my bestie." He replied. "Something like that." Sophia said dryly. "More like she's totally in love with you and believes you two are destined to be together. Christ, you can't be around her for five minutes without her talking about you. It's enough to make me want to swallow a bullet. She's so sweet about it too, makes it almost impossible to hate her." "No," Marissa butt in. "It really doesn't. She is a canker. A pox on my personal living space. She over so much it's like she lives with us. It's bad enough I'm linked genetically to this boob," she thumbed to Devin. "I certainly don't went an extra pair in the house stealing my sweats for sleep overs." "Aww, maybe if you had friends," Devin teased. "They'd let you borrow their clothes for sleep overs." "Ew!" Marissa recoiled away in an abject disgust. "Have you seen what these people dress in around here? The only fashion line available to these dregs of human existence is Mugato's Derelicte' line straight out of Wal-Mart's homeless couture catalogue." "Aaaand, we're right here, Marissa." Autumn pointed out, opening her arms as if to say 'here we are'. "Oh, no," Marissa waved her hand up and down as if excusing Autumn. "Not you. We shared a pizza, girl. You're good." "Joy." The redhead half rolled her eyes back and shook her head as if hoping to shake loose whatever logic Marissa was using so Autumn could better understand it. Sophia folded her arms and crossed her leg over her knee while shaking her head. "Un-fucking-believable. If that's what being pretty is like, just kill me." "Why kill you?" Marissa eyes narrowed like dagger. "You're not pretty." "Oooooh-Kay." Devin interjected as Marissa smiled razors and Charlie used his arm to block Sophia from getting out of her chair. "Good talk. See? We're bonding, bringing people together, learning and sharing. Awesome. See? We're breaking new ground. Now onto wonton violence to one another. Great breakthrough, but your hour is up, ladies. Kill each other on your own time." The adults present were either amused, irritated, or a combination of both as the teenagers reminded everyone that, well, they were teenagers. After a moment, once Devin and Charlie were sure the girls they were monitoring weren't going to leap at each other start raking out eyeballs, he asked Annette a question that had been burning in his mind for quite sometime. "So, I've a question." The way he said it made the words seem to carry more weight than he intended. All his jokes and snide remarks carried a certain tone and now all that was gone and all that was there seemed to be Devin if chose to act like a regular sixteen year old boy. "These guys can all do really cool things. They share certain abilities, crossover, I guess. Marissa didn't get powers, but she's obviously not human," his sister punched him in the side and game him a look that screamed 'hey'. "Not in a bad way, I'm just saying, humans don't do what we can do. But... how come I can't do what they can do? Where's my fire and lasers and... Cthulhu powers? A-and why can't they do what I can do, or what my sister does? What makes us different?"
  10. Devin leaned forward at the table. He'd been tapping out messages to Lona but as he finished one he set down his obscenely expensive smart phone. His demeanor changed as it seemed the twins and Jaybee were being left to field this interaction. "I do." "This ought to be good," Miss Giles, he hoped it was 'miss', dropped with a hint of both humor and snark in the delectable accent of her. "Oh, you wait," Devin smiled. "I'm all kinds of impressive." He met her eyes and the smile left the curl of his lips as Devin took on the expression all of them had become familiar with by this by this point. The young man was either running on insanity or treading water in the lake of his ice cold, competitive, 'get things done' mode. Right now, it appeared things needed to get done, so he'd shelved his jokes for the time being. "What did you do? Do you even know what it is you're messing with? Any inkling as to what your project is disrupting, disturbing or awakening or... whatever this thing is? Because I do. We do. It is something that spans time, space and it bends ever law of metaphysics. The chaos today? Those were the special bus kids bouncing and drooling all over your shit, but I assure you that the roid raged football line-up is waiting for its opportunity to smash through. Not even we have weapons for what's next, not yet. It is Darkness in every malefic way you could define it and you geniuses woke it up. So I'm curious to know, what did you do?"
  11. "Privacy?" Devin asked. His phone slid back into his pocket with the methodical grace of a cobra preparing to strike. "When have we ever had privacy in this town? You have cameras everywhere. You've been spying on us for years. Cook's grand 'pod children' experiment," he air quoted. "So, no. I hope whomever is doing it also blows out every camera you have in this spunk stain in a dirty t-shirt town. Not that I know who it is, I've never seen these people before in my life." He testified. Half the table rolled their eyes, the other half smirked as they Devin was going to make this into amateur improv night. "You, on the other hand," Devin smiled and looked at the mystery woman. "Hel-lo. So, you're new here, and hot, total plus." He smiled wide. "You got a man or are you married to your ork because I'm thinking we should totally get together, maybe Netflix n' chill... play some skiball..." "Your girlfriend?" Marissa leaned over to Devin to remind him. "Oh my god, she and I were like," he paused like he was adding up years. "Until-she-walked-in ago, move on, Emjay, I have." He met the eyes of the new woman and turned on that 'charm' of his, radiating snark, sarcasm and general resistance to everything before anything had started. "So, Friday? Pick you up at six? I'll wear my Naruto boxers, just for you. Just hit me up with what sublevel of the evil lair you're living in... I'm assuming closer to Earth's core so the heat can keep the black void that's pumping ice water through your veins at a decent temperature so you still appear human when you're pulled away from your feedings to mingle with us common folk." "Devin," Sheriff Alistair spoke up, looking at the teen with a stern, authoritative glare. He just shook his head back and forth, warning Devin not to continue. "And you," Devin looked at the Sheriff. "Protect and Serve. If I find out you knew about this and let it happen, there will be a reckoning." He pointed to the military and scientists. "These people I can only fault so much. Like children, they don't know any better. Hurting and exploiting people for their own personal gain isn't something they can help. They're monsters and they'll never be anything else. They don't know how." Marissa's lips quivered into a slight smile as she followed what her brother was doing. She quietly folded her arms and observed. Devin continued. "You, however. You swore an oath to protect this community and serve it by upholding the law. Yet here we are, you riding bitch while we're being fed to these people and the monsters they're creating. Pray I don't find out you had a part to play in this." "That's my dad, Devin, chill," Cade shot to the young teleporter, looking none to happy with him. Devin shrugged. "Then you can join him, my sister can do better anyways." Dissension among the ranks never hurt. He planted the seed so they'd look to see who among the teens could exploited to sell out the others over petty grievances all the while Marissa observed the faces and body language of the adults for signs of any legitimate guilt as Devin called them out on what they had done and who they were. Shelly High's masters of manipulation were already hard at work.
  12. "Copper," Devin said suddenly. All eyes were suddenly on him, waiting for him to finish that train of thought. "Okay, so, we go along with this project thing, right? Fine, but do you guys remember in that Mastermind movie? What did the Metroguy do? He claimed copper was his weakness and faked his death, right?" "This had better be good," his sister said flatly. "We know they're going to screw us over, but we need a means of measuring the how and when. Copper. All of us can easily 'let slip'," he air quoted. "That there is something; a stimuli a mineral, a frequency that that keeps our powers from working. Maybe I can't teleport into a place lined with asbestos... maybe Jason can't use his powers in certain extremes, maybe Cass can sense things through copper... maybe Sean can't focus at a certain frequency... maybe Cade can't commune with pit bulls, then we wait and see how they adapt. If the walls are lined with asbestos all of a sudden... we know their planning containment. If Sean keeps hearing the same frequency pitched through the air... or suddenly their safes are lined with copper we know what rooms they don't want us in and what safes have the loot in them. When they start having more pit bulls on the security team..." He felt his point was being made. "Everything they do will be subtle and calculated. We need to be no different. The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies." "Napolean," Jason looked up nodded slowly at his friend. "Didn't know you knew who he was." "Everybody does, dude." Devin shrugged, giving Jason the 'duh' face. "He was like, in the Canadian army or something then retired and made that ice cream." "Thus the expert in battle moves his enemies, and is not moved by him. I see where you're going with this. Plus, you get to fuck with them and see them lining their walls with asbestos..." Marissa finished with the real reason Devin proposed the plan. She gently rubbed Cade's arm with her thumb and seemed to cuddle closer to him the closer Autumn got to Jase. "Well, no, that shit'll kill, but you guys get the gist. Fucking with them is just the bonus, I see no reason we can't have fun with this." He smirked. "The point is we need to look out for each other," he glared at Cass, opening his eyes wide to make sure she knew he was talking to her. "And control the environment."
  13. "You went down there? Alone?" Devin suddenly became a mixture of visibly concerned and obviously irritated. "Jesus Christ, you two, what the hell were you thinking?" "Uh, we were thinking we didn't need to ask permission from you." Cass snapped back, getting a little defensive at his tone towards them. "You guys don't..." he paced back and forth, his arms tensing as he tried not to explode with all the thought in his mind. "You just don't get it... do you? I've seen the ones that haven't come through yet. I was pulled from this realm into theirs. If it can do it to me, who says it can't do it to any of you?" His expression was one of absolute worry, of fear. They didn't understand, they couldn't understand. They'd never been hunted by something like he was. Weaponless, powerless, and running until their legs burned like acid and their lungs gasped at only dust and dryness. "Stop running off and not telling people. How can I come get you if I don't know where you are?" He asked, glaring at the two of them like an angry parent. In a way he was. None of them had ever been the victim before. Bullied, maybe, but never were they ever so trapped in a situation where they'd considered a violent end to their of life as a means of escaping the terrors that chased them. He made it sound awesome, but Devin didn't expect to survive that blast that the creature that day in the Land of Upside Down Thunder. He was prepared to die to escape whatever horrors the beast might have in store for him. "We don't need you coming to get us Devin," Autumn interjected before him and Cassandra got into a shouting match (which would not have been the first time). "No? You sure?" He swiftly began undoing his pants, an act that suddenly left the whole room wondering what the hell had gotten into him. He dropped his jeans exposing a very vibrant pair boxer briefs that depicted what appeared to be a two women making out where his junk was cradled. Classic Devin. Then he drew their attention to the vicious scar that spiraled up his leg and the 'X' like scar on his thigh where the creature's 'tongue' had bit into his flesh. Lona had perfectly healed the damaged muscle tissue, but her skills were not quite on par enough to repair the skin as well. Maybe with some more time and practice she'd told him, but for now it served as a humbling reminder that it wasn't a game they were playing. "No, go on. Look." He urged them. "Look at what those things do to people. End up on this side of one Autumn and tell me you don't need someone coming for you." He pulled up his pants and tightened his belt. "I don't want you guys to go through what I had to," the frustration seemed to fade away as worry and concerned took its place in his voice. "I don't do minds or shoot fire from my dick or heal lepers or choke out my sister from ten feet away. I do one thing. One thing and I do it well." "Talk a lot?" Cass asked. Autumn looked at him with confused look. "Be a jerk?" "Download porn?" Marissa chimed up. Devin sighed, shaking head. "Those are all facets of my many talents... but I meant be there for you. Guys, I don't want you to endure what I had to. I was never so alone in my life. Please. Please stop running off and taking risks without letting me know. I can't help you if I can't find you." It was obvious from the sheen of sweat forming on his brow that his time spent alone in the Upside Down Thunder had messed him up pretty bad. "Stop running off."
  14. "No sweat," Devin half-laughed. "If there is one thing I excel at it's disregarding the whims of adult laws and supervision." He looked down at his phone and shot Lona another text. They'd been exchanging messages every few moments since they arrived in the room. "Great," Marissa tossed her arms up and let them smack down on her denim sheathed thighs. "Anyone have any great ideas on how we get my idiot brother to not show all his cards at once? We all know he's the epitome of excess and the loudest braggart in three states." "I am not!" Devin protested, as he looked at his phone and paced about. He laughed at the screen and tapped away a reply. "Oh man, she wants this 'D' so bad. Girl's a freak." Marissa motioned with her hands as if to present exhibit 'A', her idiot brother. "I rest my case." "Hmm?" Devin obliviously looked up from his screen. "Nothing," his sister smirked and shook her head.
  15. "Careful Charlie, don't go making promises you aren't sure you can keep." Devin cut in. "You haven't seen the bigger ones. Trust me, if the Dark wanted her, it'd have her." He turned to Sophia. "Breaks down like this Fingerbang: something our there, a Darkforce, something supernatural is feeding on the misery and life force of the people of Shelly. Been doing it for a long time. The indians knew bout it, but it's not like the movie... we don't have some mystical jar and ritual to trap the evil glowing balls in. We have our gifts, and... each other. That's it." He shrugged, still in motion as he hadn't slowed down the entire time, like he was one big wound up ball of unlimited energy. "Fact is, it has us by the short and curlies. I agree with Cass," Devin motioned towards the aspiring reporter. "We need to go after this thing, but my sister is right," he motioned to Marissa who was resting her head on Cade's shoulder. "I don't think we have the artillery." Marissa lifted her head and looked to everyone. "What if you all 'linked up'. I mean, Deej is right, all we have is each other. One team, one fight. Separately we're a force unto ourselves, together... you could lay waste to that thing, I know it." "That kind of power, Emjay..." Devin's voice was worrisome and he finally stopped moving to lean against the wall and cross his arms. "The backlash could kill us, and we don't even know it would work."
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