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  1. "Don't thank me yet," he said with half a breath, one hand squeezing her gently as his other slid across her side and up her back, arcing her spine with a shivering glide upwards. Within the span of him touching her back and tracing over the strap of her bra it was undone. His grace and precision in the maneuver reminded her that he was far more experienced at heavy petting than he was leading her to believe. "Still plenty of time to disappoint or offend." He smirked. Without warning he gripped her tightly and spun her about, hefting her hundred or so pounds like she was nothing more than a feather and he was a breeze. it was her turn to lie on her back and thankfully the rich kids parent's sprung for the Queen-sized mattress or she was sure they would have rolled off by now. With a tug, he pulled his tank top off and Lona realized she wasn't the only one holding out on a fit body with loose clothing. Everyone knew Devin was a gymnast, but no one had ever seen him actually perform, but judging by his hardened frame, working out was a way of for this guy. Yeah, the thought returned, a month ago, she did not see herself making out with a guy like him... more many reasons. They both lost track of time in the flood of desires. She could feel how turned on he was and certainly all he needed was the green light, but the more involved she became, the more he met her enthusiasm. His mouth explored every inch of skin she bared to him, allowing herself to be lost in the waves of new sensations and drown, if only for awhile, in her passions. This, she knew Devin would agree, was living.Just feeling his skin on hers was as electric as any kiss or touch and it was simple to understand why Devin always had these sorts of thought on his mind, it was addicting. He kissed down her body, moving lower and lower, getting more confident with every heavy breath and soft moan his partner gave him. Her jeans were already undone but still on. That happened maybe ten, twenty minutes ago? Neither knew. Her stomach quivered and she laughed slightly as his kissing her lower tickled. Then her phone rang... They both sighed, Devin's head collapsed into her stomach and Lona rolled her eyes, groaning with the poor timing. "Sorry, thought it was on silent. Shit," she said looking at the screen. "It's Clara." "Answer it," he urged while taking a small nibble at the side of her tummy. "Or they'll know we're up to something." Avalon groaned with frustration through the tiny laughs of Devin' nibbling on her. "Fine." She feigned irritation and swiped her screen. "Hello? Hey." She replied to Clara. Devin could hear Clara's muffled voice through the receiver and Lona shot him a look as she tried to keep a straight face as he continued to kiss and nibble on her stomach, still slithering himself lower and lower. "No, he's okay. Still a bit bruised up but he's definitely up and active." Devin's lips rolled under his teeth and he bit down to stop himself from laughing. He glared at her as she smiled back devilishly, sticking her tongue out at him. "No, no... he just headed downstairs..." Devin collapsed on her, cupping both his hands over his mouth until his laughter was nothing more than compressed wheezes through his nose and back of his throat... like that dog, Muttley. "Yeah... sure. Call me if you need anything. I know. I know. We're not. Jesus, give me some credit." She clicked off her phone and Devin began laughing, burying his face in her stomach.
  2. Devin didn't show surprise often, but he wasn't expecting that. His eyes locked on her chest and his sudden loss for words told her everything she needed to know. He bra was light blue with a simple pattern of lace. Avalon was also lying to everyone, Devin included, and it would have hurt his feelings if it wasn't for the fact that under all the baggy clothes she was rocking on hell of a body. All the running and sweating on stage certainly paid off for her, and Devin wasn't about to complain. Her body tightened as he ran his hands ups her body and he wondered if all this was hers or had her powers sloughed off everything that was harmful to her and left her in perfect health. Her skin was smooth and free of a single blemish, body toned and hardened but still normal, if you didn't know that she had powers. His hands stopped, his thumbs tracing under the cups of her bra, sending a slight tingle through the material, teasing and reminding her that this was real. "Uh, wow," he said with a smirk. Staring at her 30B body with lust in his eyes and slew of ideas storming around in his brain. "Avalon, where were you hiding this body? Jesus..." He pushed himself up so he was sitting wrapping his arms around her he kissed her once between her breasts and trailed two more gently up her chest. He looked up at her, his arms wrapped around her tight. "Shortness of breath, swelling, lack of circulation to my brain... nope. I'd say I'm worse off Doc." He gently kissed the bottom of her chin. "What else y'got?"
  3. Devin laughed. He was still trying not to laugh when spoke. "Avalon, what are you talking about? We haven't done anything." "Everyone is going to think we're here, you know...," she made a gesture that seemed to emphasize that the universe would fill in the obvious gap. "Wow," Devin chuckled again. "You are new to this. Look, I can't account for the wanton slaughter that is my sister, but regardless of what does happen, if you want privacy, then I will simply say nothing happened. Just because you're give the location of the condom stash, doesn't mean we used it. I'm still a virgin, Avvie," he was son confident and unabashedly honest about things it made her wonder if either of the twins had filters, or it was just their California upbringing. "It's not like I'm raking in all kinds of booty, here." "So." He rubbed her back gently under her shirt, his thumbs tracing gently along with his fingertips, tracing gentle lines up her spine at the small of back. "Ground rules. One, no bragging. I assure you that, despite my sister, what happens between us stays between us. 'Nothing happened, we're not ready' is a powerful argument. Two, nothing happens if you don't want it to. Seriously, I didn't make out with half of Shelly by forcing myself on them. A lot of them just wanted to learn, to experiment, I did too. I'm as blind as the next guy trying to figure all this out. You women are complicated beings. Delicious, but complicated. Third, you don't have to be embarrassed around me, ever. If you wanna just lie here and make out for awhile, cool. If you wanna sink deep into your sexual depravity, or discover your sexual depravity, hey... I'm totally cool with that too." She collapsed down on top of him, her hands on either side of his head as she looked down at him. He raised up and kissed her, gently to reassure her that things weren't 'weird'. "So relax. Enjoy the now, and don't worry. You're safe with me and we can talk about or do anything you like with no judgements. Or, nothing at all. Either way I still get to spend the afternoon with a hot rockstar." He smiled and winked at her. "Although, I figured you'd at least made it this far. Okay, so like... how far have you gone with a guy, or girl, not judging, think it's kinda hot actually. Were you serious when you said you were never kissed before?"
  4. Devin shrugged, his hands inched upwards, slipping under the veil of her t-shirt and she could feel the tips of his thumbs now tracing her skin just above her waistline. Making out and being straddled by women didn't seem to be new territory for Devin. "Don't sweat it. I mean, you seem to have a lot of emotional stress you carry with you-" The look she shot him could have sniped him from a hundred yards. "Really?" Of all the times to bring that up, this was the moment he picked? "Chill," he smiled. "Come on, we're adulting, right? I'm not trying to be cruel, I'm just being honest. Work with me." His thumbs kept rubbing her sides gently, sending that soft sensation that border lined on a tickle. "I mean, come on, I've fooled around with half the girls in Shelly, I'm not really the jealous type. I assumed you had business or something going on and if you wanted me to be a part of it, you'd say so. It's not that I didn't care, I just... well, I wanted you to know I'm not the smothering type. You have business? Deal with it. If you need help, know I'm here to help. Less drama for everyone, y'know?" "Alexa! Reliant K, for Lona." He stated aloud. "Playing, 'for Lona', Devin and might I say, your abs are on point, as always." Alexa cheerfully replied back. "Why, thank you," he smirked with pride while Lona rolled her eyes. "...and I suppose you're right. My own pride aside, I do at least owe you an apology. I was a complete ass to you, and I am sorry. Don't tell the others I said that though, I'll deny everything."
  5. "Oh, that's easy, I don't," Devin said with barely a thought on the matter. "But Jason bet me a hundred bucks there was no way you'd say 'yes'. So say 'yes', and we split it, fifty-fifty." The way Devin delivered lies was so natural to him. The tone, the confidence, anytime he opened his mouth is was impossible to tell if he was being serious or not and this time he sounded dead serious. Lona's mouth fell open in a state of shock that translated to 'how could be so casually cruel and tell me that!' She pursed her lips and smacked him on the chest, hard. "Ow!" He winced and broke into laughter. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Oww." He rolled over away from her and kept laughing, clutching his chest, before rolling back. "That wasn't funny, Dev!" She protested. Hitting him again, because... well, he's a dick. "Come on, I'm trying to be serious and you're always screwing around." "Okay, okay," he slowed his chuckling and sat there still for a moment, obviously trying to choose his words carefully. Being serious didn't come as easily as snark and witty quips did. "Avvie, what does it matter anyway? I mean, do want me to be honest with you?" She raised one eyebrow at him and offered him a deadpan expression. "Uh, duh." "Okay," he shrugged. "You're right, I could probably ask any hottie in Shelly to go to Homecoming with me and she'd prolly say yes. I'm good looking, I've a great body, sexual stamina for days, I'm rich, I'm morally flexible, I'm rich-" Lona rolled her eyes. "You forgot humble." "What's that?" He asked. "Never mind," she shook her head and sighed. "Get to the point." "Popular opinion is the greatest lie in the world, Avvie." He said calmly. "If I wanted to go with those girls, Avvs, I would have asked one of them, but I don't, because I asked you. Since we've been hanging out and talking and texting, it's like... I don't know. Like I know the person I used to pick on and... and I am now totally humbled," he winked at her because he did know what the word meant. "By how wrong I was about you. You have strong convictions, an amazing voice, so much talent and you're... well you're just fun. People don't, as a rule, enjoy being wrong but I'm so glad that I was." He was just lying there, staring up at he ceiling as he expressed his thoughts. Devin, for all his lack of seriousness was quite capable of being charming, although he usually had no idea he was doing it. "I know I cant take back what I did and said to you. I'd like to say I'm sorry, but at the time, I was in the zone and messing with people, well, that was my jam and I was good at it. I've never been one to just take people at their word, I need them to prove it to me. So, that's why I'm not apologizing, Lona. Spewing platitudes and apologies after I bought you a few gifts, well, that just looks empty, like I'm trying to buy being a better guy. See, you think that me asking you and not some popular girl is strange, but it's the opposite, Avvs. I don't deserve you. I don't deserve to be your date. I don't deserve to be your friend because you are luminous and amazing and I am an entitled little douche. So, I'm trying. I'm trying to prove to you and the others that despite all the bad, I'm still capable of being a decent guy. I'm not doing you a favor by asking you to Homecoming, Lona. You're doing me the favor by giving me the honor of taking you." He turned his head and looked towards her. "That make sense? I'm not really good with words. Unless I'm insulting somebody."
  6. "Is that rhetorical?" Devin said, sitting up with only a slight wince. "He's that black guy who had awesome songs, now he sings country. Don't you listen to music?"
  7. Okay, so, they were just sitting there, eating sandwiches... but ask any devout Christian, that's exactly how the first baby ever was made. They both looked up at the ceiling, because for some reason that's what people do when a doorbell rings... they look up, like the door is installed on the roof. "I'll get it." Lona set her plate down and got up from the bed. He noticed how quick she was to just do everything for everyone. It was sweet, but it had to be exhausting. "Unbutton your pants, and tussle up your clothes." Devin said in the tone of serious sarcasm, where you could tell if he was joking or not unless you knew him. She gave him a grin that told him it wasn't going to happen. "What? I'm taking the day off, I need people to know it was worth it! Totes cover story, we can't tell them I was demon napped and almost demon raped." "I'm going to go answer the door now, jack ass." she walked away while offering him a smile as lovely as her namesake. "Mess up your hair, too... oh, wait..." He shot her a sly look with just a dash of scrunched up lips. Lona spun around and walked backwards dealing him a double deuce as she exited his room and danced down the stairs. "I spit on your sandwich!" she yelled from halfway down the stairs. "Delicious!" Devin shouted back. The hardwood floors were so polished in this house she could have slid all the way down the hall to the door in her socks. A part of her committed to doing just that, after the door situation was handled. Gently she opened it, let it offer no more of a view than half her body in width.
  8. Two bottles of water flashed into existence above the bed, dropping into his lap. He visibly winced from their appearance and that's when Lona pieced it together that every time he used his ability it was causing him discomfort... and like an idiot, he kept using it. "S'cool, I got it. No big." "Devin, stop," she said, sitting down next to him on the bed. "Every time you do that, you're hurting yourself." "We needed water," he groaned. "And I would have gotten us some," she slapped his shoulder. "Why are you so damn pig headed?" "U'dnno..." he said through a mouthful of sandwich. "Just am. Wanna stay and nap with me?" "Honestly?" She offered him a grin. "I'd love to, but you know I can't. I have to get to class after lunch." He sat there like a sick kid ready for a story that would never end to be read to him, eating his turkey sandwich. "I know. Still, I don't really want to be alone. Think someone can hang out with me or... take shifts or something? Still kinda creeped out, y'know?" He did still seem really freaked out. Physically he'd heal, but mentally she was certain that Devin would be caryying this day with him and the fear of being something's prey with him for some time. "So, what're doing for Homecoming?"
  9. "Oh?" Devin smirked. "Like what do you remember?" He pulled aside his covers, which looked like he just pulled them over the bed before he'd left this morning and called the bed 'made'. He crawled in and pulled the blanket up. "There, happy?" He smiled at her and tried to get comfortable. "Look, I appreciate you coming. I do really hurt all over, but... truth is, I'd rather not be alone." "I can only do so much," Lona chuckled. "You are bruised everywhere." "Oh!" He looked up at her. "It's lunch, run down and grab some grub. Help yourself. I know you can't stay, so, let me know when you wanna leave and I'll send you back."
  10. "Ugh," Marissa roller her eyes. Looking from her conversation with Lilly to establish a proper mocking glare. "Get a room, you two." "Kay," Devin smiled and there was a blast of air, followed by a flash and they were gone. Marissa reflexively sighed and closed her eyes in a calming expression that read 'goosfraba' at ear bleeding decibels. "He's already annoying me with that damn, popping." Lona hadn't teleported before. The shift in scenery was so fast that world seemed to move like a light-speed slide show and before she registered it, they were standing in Devin's bedroom. To say the teen was a talented artist would have been an understatement. There were no bare spots left on his walls as his entire room was covered, literally with wallpaper of his own design. Sketch after sketch on all manner of different sizes and types of paper from line to graph, from legal to college, from torn to old school assignments... if it had a drawing on it, it was on his walls... and ceiling! "Wow," she paused to catch her breath. "A little..." "You get used to it," he smiled. "Kind of like bracing for the water when you dive. Uh, welcome to my room." He swept his arm out for her to take it all in. Just like she imagined, he was a slob and it smelled like dude. "Uh, I'm gonna text my mom and let her know what's up, and get changed. Have a look around, welcome to my room." He chuckled awkwardly, like he didn't know how to entertain a guest, and in a sudden pulse he was gone, having teleported to some other place in the house for a moment. The monsters he drew were everything from nightmarish to cartooney. The women he drew were classy and attractive to downright whorish. It seemed there was nothing he couldn't draw. She saw the section near his drawing desk where he'd drawn the nightmares of the Dark, still lying there unfinished on his drawing table. Not far were more drawings and with a slide of a page she noticed... Clara? She tugged the page and up popped lovely sketch of Clara laughing in the hallway at school. Another was Jason sitting alone under a tree near the school, smoking a cigarette and reading a book. Lilly stretching on the track. Cora and Cade smiling at one another. Charlie and Marissa laughing over what looked like breakfast at Bunnies. Cassie hiding behind her smartphone's camera. She couldn't help but smile, seeing a side of Devin that was tender and... calm? He was always going a hundred miles an hour and here, it seemed is where he found stillness. Stealing away small moments in time and stopping them so he could recall them in his million-miles-per-hour hyper active life. She slid out another and it was of her. She remembered the moment, exactly. It was the moment right before he kissed her on that night he took her to Great Falls. It looked so lifelike and looking at the drawing made her see the world through his eyes... and, he made her so beautiful she could scarcely believe it was her. There was sliding sound and a tap as one of the sheets hit the floor. She knelt to pick it up and saw that it was a collage of all of them standing in some really poses like they were on some television show from the CW. Devin was hunkered down in front while everyone just sorta stood around him looking cool as hell with serious faces. Dark clouds swirled overhead and menacing eyes loomed from the shadows. In a fancy scribbled font it read: One equal temper of heroic hearts. / Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will. / To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield. Thursdays @ 9/8 Central. New to the CW... Weird Stuff. Because here in Shelly... shit gets weird. There was a sudden pulse in the air and Devin reappeared. She set the pictures down, feeling a bit embarrassed that she was going through his stuff. "Sorry, um..." "No, no... it's cool." He smiled at her. He was now in pajama pants and a tank top. He tossed his phone atop his dresser, which was covered in clothes and... stuff. "Seriously, I don't mind." He smiled and pointed to the one of her. "You can keep that one, if you want. Aside from Emjay... I don't think I've ever had anyone in my room before, now that I think about it..."
  11. Jaunt

    WS OOC

    Just so everyone is on the same page, in CHASING DEMONS. Devin is checking out for the rest of the day, so he will go home, Marissa will apply her special brand of social magic to let him get away with it, and all will be well. So if there is anything else happening at school, pertaining to plot, Devin will prolly miss it, but Marissa will be there to finish out her school day. Lona may join him for some time, if only to share awkward time together and build a bit of character dynamic. Also, strictly OOC, Devin can commit a point of Psi to the bracelet to allow people to handle it without it trying to kill them, but that's a feature that's not quite been explored yet. Thing didn't really come with a manual so, we'll need to mess with it. This excludes Devin. Devin has 'Telepathic Resistance' and can never possess any dots from the whole telepathy power suite.
  12. "Well, I mean," he smiled in that way he did. Annoying as he was, Devin had this undeniable charm to him... and it mostly just irritated the women around him even more since they couldn't figure out why. "I'm all for getting felt up by a hot blond. Seriosuly, though, can we later? I'm really tapped. Text me in a bit and I'll jaunt you over." "You can do that?" Cassy asked. "Just woosh people to you?" "Yup." He said lazily. "Clothing optional." "But you have so many years ahead of you," Cass smiled, her snark obvious. "Hate to see you throw it all away. I'll text." She finished up, sounding more serious towards the end.
  13. "I considered that," Devin said softly, still concentrating. "But... I need to go back. We need to help her. No one deserves to have to live like that. Maybe we can help them." "Maybe they can help us,too," Sean replied, keeping his tone level, trying not to distract Devin from his efforts. "Rough that place may have been, but from the way you've described it, seems like the lady knew what she was doing and was handling herself just fine in addition to helping you." "True," He replied. "But surviving is not the same as living." "Also true." Sean agreed.
  14. Surprisingly Devin didn't really react much to the chaos that resulted from the bracelet. Not because he wasn't interested, but because he wasn't really invested in reality right now. In all the madness Tawny slipped over and knelt near Devin. "Deej, the heck is all this? I'm scared." "It's just as they said," he replied as Jase and Lilly helped Cass. "Been meaning to tell you, in all the weirdness I forgot that I hadn't. We have... abilities, Tee, but look, please, just bear with us and I'll give you the full run down later. Lona's right... we're the good guys," he shrugged and smiled. "Most days." When Clara presented him with the box he raised his hand, like he didn't want it. Around his wrist swirling motes of light coalesced and tightened then bonded into the shape of the bracelet around his wrist. He removed the bracelet from the box and simply ported it back to his wrist. He looked at it like it was his Precious, like he could see something within it that no one else saw. Maybe Cassidy was right. Maybe it was formatted and custom made for him, in which case he was honored. It was nice to know hotties in other realms worshiped him and expected his arrival long before he knew it. Made sense though, like, for real... he was kind of a big deal. He relaxed and gave Tawny a calming wink and a grin. "Strap in, Tee... things might get weird." "When are they ever not," Marissa huffed with a lazy, annoyed sigh. "W-what's 'Notaworld'?" Tawny whispered softly to Marissa. Marissa shot her a once over that conveyed that now wasn't the time for 'talky'. "It's where paisley comes from. Shh." He closed his eyes, taking Cassidy's advice he reached out with his new senses. He'd try it this way first, see what happened, and if it went sideways, he'd recruit the others and really juice this puppy up. He focused on the bracelet. He let his senses extend to the shimmering luminescence of the torcs other persona, just beyond the veil of human perception. In his own way he reached out to the artifact and made a psychic phone call...
  15. Devin and Lilly still weren't cool. It was no secret. Today though, he just wasn't in the mood to fight. He gave her that 'this doesn't change anything' look almost all teens are famous for and accepted it. "Lona hit me with a pick me up when she hugged me. Girl's like a walking Red Bull." He smirked and Lona bumped him, playfully accepting his teasing. He twisted the cap. "Thanks." He took a drink and frankly it could have been bleach for all he cared, he was parched. He looked to his left, where Lona was, offered her a warm, slightly embarrassing smile, then he fell back, his butt planting squarely on a stack of mats like Jason was sitting on. He wasn't hogging the bracelet, for those that wanted to hold and look at it, he offered it. "So, I walked Laurie to her first class this morning," he started. Marissa folded her arms and stared daggers at Laurie. "Oh, did you now?" "Yeah, she was strangely nice to me this morning, which led me to believe she might be out to kill me," he pressed on. "That's understandable," at least three of the present young women all said at the same time. "Ha. Ha. You're all a riot. Leave the wit to me, it's my thing." He popped his collar with a smirk. "Anyway..." Devin told the tale exactly as it happened. Truth be told, most in attendance would have expected him to embellish the whole thing, but he remained pretty true to the actual events. "...I felt like my insides had been ran through a blender. It was chasing me for... oh, I don't know, an hour maybe? I hid where I could, tried to stay as quiet as possible, but... it always found me and I had to keep moving." "So, somehow you made it there by attempting a teleport, but then you couldn't leave?" Jason asked. Devin shook his head. "Nope. That bathroom became my new spawn point, and when I tried to cross the boundary, it was weird..." "Weird how?" Clara asked. "Well, picture our two worlds side by side," He held up his hands. "Now imagine that thin place in between... that void, that nothing... when I teleport I fold space, making point A and point B... simply zero. Well, this was different. It was like I was trapped in the infinite thinness of the Zero point... and it felt like I was in a blender. It wrecked me. So... I was running right..." He pressed on with his tale, explaining the appearance of the school and the demon and every thing he could remember. He slowed down. Devin rarely slowed down, but his eyes were lost back the moments he knew would haunt him. He just sat there and stared for a long awkward moment in complete silence. Marissa slowly walked over, passing Lilly without so much as a sneer or an eye roll. There was a silent understanding that personal issues would be resolved in a different forum at a later time. "Deej," she sat next to him on the mats, crossing her legs and lamenting that every time she wore a short skirt or tried to look nice the drama train always seemed to place her somewhere that wasn't practical for short skirts. Her voice was sweet and compassionate, not the usual Marissa but for the most part they were used to her being kinder to him than them. "You okay? Where'd you go?" He shook his head and inhaled, waking him from his day trip to wherever. "I... I won't lie guys," they all noticed the slight tremors in his wrist that made the Gatorade ripple in the bottle. He didn't notice and that only made them worry a bit more. This was what shock looked like, and for all his bravado, the more he remembered, the more his brain reminded him that it was real, it happened, and he could either accept it, or let it break him. "I was terrified. I had almost given up. I had no weapons, no way to escape. It had ran me to the point of exhaustion. I was hunkered under the lab tables." "Where the text said to go?" Lona rubbed his arm with a bit more affection than she intended but it helped to show her support. "Yeah," Devin nodded. "I was done, guys. I was about to write out my last words. No joke. Something to let you all know how I felt in case you ever found it. I was ready to die." He pressed on, filling in the parts about the gas and the texts, even spinning his phone about to show them the text convo. "I honestly thought it was one of you guys...," he continued with his story... "So, let me get this straight," Marissa chimed up. "You knew that the first time you tried to leave it almost tore you apart... so your dumb ass goes and does it a second time?" "Had no choice," Devin shrugged. Marissa smacked him in the arm, giving him the 'you're a reckless idiot' face. "The means by which we achieve victory," Jason finally said after remaining relatively quiet. "Are as important as the victory itself." "I did what I had to do, I don't need a sermon," He snapped. "No sermon. It was ballsy. Reckless, but asking you not to be is an exercise in futility." Jason smirked. "And, that's when the armored girl appeared?" Cass said. "You did your thing, at it made another play for you and she shot it with a crossbow, or something?" "Yeah," he nodded, confirming her story. "I was spent. As she approached me she injected me with something, world got all spinny and I woke up in here... two and a half hours-ish later, judging by text time stamps. The bracelet, it was on my wrist when I woke up. I think she gave it to me." "What did she inject you with?" Cass asked? "An injection," Devin said with a bit of snark. "Wasn't really in a position to stop and read the label. My insides were transdimensional pudding at that point." "This is bullshit," Charlies said with a huff. "Don't get me wrong, I'm really glad you're okay, but I can't even get Max to give me extra strawberries on my waffles and now even women in alternate universes are sending you home with promise bracelets... I mean, come on... is every woman, everywhere just attracted to assholes?" "Well..." Devin said calmly. "Yeah," everyone said in unison like Charlie was the only one in all the multiverse who wasn't up on that bit of truth. Devin smiled as he embraced the joke, his nerves weren't calmed, not by a long shot, but everyone knew he retreated into his wit and sarcasm instead of dealing with problems head on.
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