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  1. Jaunt

    WS OOC

    If you wouldn't mind. After all you said 'a question' (singular) but then asked four. So if you're the one that taught her to count I can understand why you've got plenty left over.
  2. "Hey, we're putting people in comas and playing football with super powers... fuck standards of propriety and ethics, right guys!?" He threw his arms out in a shrug. "Yeah, I'm down. Whatever we gotta do, saving Shelly is too important to worry about a few laws."
  3. "So, let's clear the air. The more anyone here tries to clinically evaluate us or our behavior, the worse it's going to get out of spite. So keep rolling those dice. We're not telling you how to live, so leave us be. If you hate us, we stand to lose nothing." Marissa's look was one that dared them to keep pressing her. "Now, with that out of the way, let's continue. Shame too, I was all wound up in hoping to see you and Etienne together... now, just like that, I could care less. Almost like you excel at being blind when someone is extending an olive branch." She looked to Devin. "I see why you can't stand her." Devin just offered a 'told you so' shrug. "So, if I may, I think we should work assignments. With so many of us, we can't be trompsing around Shelly, we'd all look like idiots. So, I think we need to split up. Cass, this is your board. Before everyone has a moment to all speak up and talk mad shit about what they think they should do... I think you need to spearhead this. Pick the teams and tell us what we need to do, so we can get it done. We gotta start scratching some things off our lists."
  4. "I was considering talking with the tribe's elders," Devin said. He and Marissa offered up no acknowledgement, not even a smirk or frown, at Lilly's barrage before she stormed out and after had moved on like she was never there to begin with. "At some point they started telling their legends about the god or monster, entity,' Marissa finished Devin's thought in the weird thing they did. "Whatever it is. Going to the source might prove fruitful. As will possibly shining some light as to how it steps sideways between realms." "Legend is based some fact, somewhere. What could it hurt at this point?" Devin finished. "Also," Marissa spoke again, looking at Clara. "A touchy subject, but, your boyfriend, Etienne. Thus far he's shared bits and pieces of his side of the story with you and a few others. Why has he not stood before all of us? Your relationship aside, he is still responsible for willfully accepting money from Cook and willfully neglecting our rights and violating our personal privacies. His credibility as a human being is shot and I'm suspecting the only reason he's not in a coma with brain damage is because of you. He's spied on me, and all of you. Are those cameras in our homes? Bedrooms? How can we trust this guy? He's a sex offender, spying on underage, snooping through our medical records... he can't stay. He needs to be dealt with. I'm sorry Clara." "Not something anyone wants to hear, I know," Devin chimed up. His eyes scanned the room. "No malice, no venom, guys. Just the truth. It is what it is and while my methodology is vastly different than Jason's hay hook, blood on the walls approach, that guy peeped on my sister, my mother even, and since we seem to deliver justice ourselves these days, if he stays in Shelly, I'll personally see to it that his stay is not a pleasant one. I'm sorry Clara, I know you and I have beef, but this isn't about that. This is justice for what he did to my sister, to me, and my family. I will promise not to hurt him, physically. But his life is about to downward spiral unless he leaves. He's no longer welcome in Shelly. Again, I'm sorry."
  5. "She's right," Devin thumbed to Clara while addressing Lilly. "Hate to admit it, but Clara is right. It's about priorities. The Dark is a priority." He leaned in to Lilly to make himself clear. "You. Are not. Don't wanna eat? Don't. More for me. Wanna bust my balls over shit I said a couple days ago? Couple days ago I wasn't ass deep in Upsidedown Thunder with a vagina tongue trying to eat my dick. So save it. I'm not interested and I don't care. I'm not taking it back. We're not cool. I'm not cool with any of you right now. So suck it up buttercup. I do know though, that all of us? As messed up and hateful and spiteful and neurotic as we are... were brought together for a reason. We Shine and there is beast called The Dark coming our way. Do we need to get Cade's sister in here to do that math for us, or can you figure it out?" He stood and looked at all of them. "I don't have to like you to have your back when the sun sets. I don't have to like you to help you protect those you love. I don't have to like you to stand with you as a bastion of light between our world and a world of misery, despair and fear. I may hate this town, but it's still my town. I may not like you, but your still my people. So if that bastard wants Shelly? I say we get our asses in gear, stop with the bullshit, have another slice of pizza and do what angst ridden teenagers who all need to get over themselves do best..." he leaned onto table, resting on his arms as he looked around to all them. His face curled into a grin. "...let's go get our misbehave on."
  6. "What's to be jelly of Ripley? You could totes own on Grey's Anatomy. Wasn't for you Hotlips, I wouldn't be walking at all." He winked at her. Oh there was definitely something going on here. Pet names, flirting, Lona turning a bit flushed when she saw Devin and him smirking like a boy while he pretended not to notice. Plus there was the texts. Lona was practically buried in her phone back at the house. As things weren't tense enough between Devin and the others, Clara had to deal with her 'sister' possibly falling for the one guy Shelly no one could stand and he couldn't seem to stand any of them. Because why not, right? Laurie made a valiant attempt and was brushed aside. Devin smirked and shook his head, she was adorable... trying so hard. "Laurie, just stop. Seriously, I know you mean well, we all do, but there's no point." "We're teenagers, Red, we thrive off drama, and this group can't get enough. Jason doesn't care about what he did, if given the option he'd do it again. Eventually, hurting people won't be enough and that's when good people, decent people, will put him down." His tone was cold, but so matter of fact in almost could have been a threat. "Right now, The Dark is tearing a swath through our town. It needs to be stopped. We handle that, then you can all get back to your drama and story times. I don't have the room in my life for it right now, there are bigger things to worry about." "Don't you even care what happened to Lona?" Laurie snapped at him. Lona has people who love her and care for her," he remained calm although it was obvious the Cassidy was already irritating him. "If Lona want's to talk to me, she knows I'm here. Until then, it's her business, and we all know I'm not going to say anything you guys and everyone else haven't said already. I care, she knows that. Whether or not the rest of you think I do, isn't relevant, I don't answer to you." He sipped his coke and smiled. "Marissa said she'd be by in a bit, her and Charlie are on a date, something about exploring autoerotic asphyxiation, I dunno. She said she has an idea, or theories about the Dark she wants to share. And no, she's not happy with any of you, not she's high up on your Christmas lists. All that matters is she, like me, wants to bring this thing down. Now come on guys, I brought it for everyone, eat up. Get your grub and, let's find this shadowy son of a bitch and pump some shine up its ass. Prison yard rules, bitches!" "No plates, get in touch with your inner savage. Hands only, like the ancient greeks had to when they killed these pizzas with nothing but debate and math for weapons, in ten feet snow, uphill, both ways! Ah, you crazy greeks... so silly... damn you and your wild pizza herds..." He scooped up another thick slice and took a bite, savoring with an ecstatic moan in an attempt to childishly upstage Lona's porno moan.
  7. "So far, anywhere I've tried to go, I've made it," he said pridefully. "The farther I go seems to require me to concentrate or charge up, or something, I dunno. Except home. Here in Shelly, I can pretty much dip anywhere in a few moments... like... I'm bound here." He shrugged and shoved his pizza slice in his mouth, letting it dangle as he raided Jase's fridge for something to drink. "Oh...'" he said with a mouthful. "Pictures help. I can, 'aim', but it seems linked to distance... the farther it is, the longer the warm up. Like vacation foreplay." He popped open a coke and swigged it. "Gonna see if I can't crank this blinking shit up to an 11 at this practice Jase has planned. Become uber fast. We'll see. If we're gonna beat The Dark, we have to be at our best. Which is the only reason I'm here, by the way. To help find a way to stop that thing."
  8. There was a sudden implosion of air in Jase's kitchen and Devin blamm-o'd his way out of nowhere with four large, thick pizza boxes in his arms. It was enough to give them all heart attacks as it sounded like and air rifle going off on 11. "Time to eat, bitches!" He dropped the pizzas on the table. On the boxes it said 'Athens Pizza'. "Athens? Where is there an Athe-" Cass paused mid sentence and looked at Devin. "No." "Yes." He smiled, flipping up a box top. "Athens, Greece, baby. Hong Kong, Summit of Everest, Australia, Saint Lucia... guys... this blippy thing I got is the tits." He took a bite a pizza and moaned in delight. "Ugh, so good. Where's Av-... Lona?"
  9. Tawny had fallen asleep twenty minutes ago. Her head lay gently against his chest as his arm gently rubbed her shoulder. She was a cuddler... that was certain. Most nights she stayed ended up with one or the other passing out on the other. He wasn't really watching the movie himself anymore, his head was getting heavy and he was a breath away from nudging Tee and going up to his room to crash. When Halestorm's "Daughters of Darkness" played on his phone, he was wide awake. 'Daughters of Darkness, sisters insane... running on evil goes a long, long way!' He smirked and read the text. //Everyone says weird shit about you. I started half the rumors last year, myself. Sorry about Bunnee's, I'm just not feeling very welcome.// He sighed and let his recline back on the couch. Tawny made a cute whimper and cuddled closer to him. He looked at her and to his phone and scooped it back up. //...Missed you too.// He smiled and relaxed... then sent another... //// He shifted and nudged Tee. "Hey, c'mon... crash time..." "Can I stay?" She moaned lazily. "My mom assumed you were, she left everything out." They started making their way upstairs when Tawny asked if he was okay. "Yeah, fine. Just a lot on my mind." He crashed on his bed as Tawny went to grab shorts and a tee shirt from Marissa's room to sleep in. Devin raised his head up enough to tap out another message. //Don't worry about Liam. Marissa is reporting it to the Sheriff, she text me. She'll fill me in the morning, no doubt, what's going on?//
  10. Jaunt

    WS OOC

    So, at this point it's probably best to simply write Devin and Mari (even though she's an NPC and obviously doesn't count) out of anything plot related if it involves Clara or Clara is present, until she apologizes. Whether she thinks Devin deserves one, or not at this point isn't even relevant. If she at least made an effort, he'd certainly apologize too. I'm kinda done dealing with the prideful brick wall of 'say anything we want to any PC and not apologize for it because plot will force them to hang around'. At this point I would rather not associate or even play the game than keep dealing with this level of drama. It seems Clara and Lona can't go 12 minutes without a boyfriend problem, parent issue, attempted rape, emotional trauma, end of the world, etc... where do these two even find time to breathe? The game has become oversaturated with their issues and doesn't really seem to include much of the other twelve players and their lives anymore. It's plot, then go to Bunnee's and see what new horror befell Ginger Snaps and Polly Prozac in the last [checks watch] six hours. Just because a leg is healed or a boyfriend is called to give them a ride to the camp site doesn't negate previous behavior. Devin's a shit, we get it, but the character has done more and been more all-inclusive than most of the other PCs and never once has the concept of 'kick this person out of the group if they don't like something' ever, or would it ever, be part of the PCs arsenal. These games are supposed to be all inclusive, drama and all, and Clara's attack was simply a 'my way, or leave' comment and I was stuck there having to deal with it because the GM didn't want us wandering off. I'm sure the rest of you see it differently, and that's fine. You can post a million replies under this pleading your case. That's fine to. I've stated my expectations so fume and foot stomp all you like. I won't lose sleep. I'm kinda done with always being the one who has come back take every side of the blame.
  11. Devin wandered to where autumn and his sister were approaching. Marissa sped up her pace and passed the ginger to hold her brother tight. " You ass, you had me so scared" she squeezed him. "Don't you ever do that again. I'm serious." "No promises," he smiled. He looked to Autumn as his sister let go. The two stood there with their arms around eachotherclike an inseparable pair. "Whaycha got Granola?" Since she didn't want him caller her Red. "You guys found the tree? What, that way?" He pointed to the direction they ran off in during the battle. "Um, not exactly," Marissa said, uncertain or unable to form words. She looked at Autumn with a 'help me out here' glare.
  12. The familiar purr of Devin's Ducati slid up into Bunnee's lot and it's single light dimmed and cut out. Lona raised up in her seat and peered outside to notice Devin dismounting his 'baby' with... Tawny. Perfect, sexy, gorgeous, everything in all the places and proportions... Tawny. FML she thought. The two entered and were like peas and carrots... because Lona thought Devin was retarded and Tawny was kind of a slut. She couldn't back that up, Tawny was sweet, but she was currently an obstacle and spite knew no mercy. So, slut. Oh, and she was in perfect little form fitting leggings with the sheer see-thru black mesh going all the up from her ankle to her hips. They hugged her frame, mostly her perfect butt, perfectly... slut and a skank, fuck it. The two were giggling and Devin was explaining something with his hands and Tawny was cracking up, a moment later Devin did too. They stopped and talked to Max at the counter, Devin must have charmed her because she rolled her eyes and turned about to get a bag of food from under the heat lamps. They pain and collected their bag and was jeading out when Lona decided to stop him. "Hey, Devin," she approached, smiling, awkwardly. She was pretty sure gave her a side look of jealousy that kind of said 'excuse me, I'm with my man'. "Um, aren't you staying? I thought we were all meeting up later for burgers, remember?" "Yeah, you guys were." He said matter-of-factly. He wasn't being, she could tell, he was just being unabashedly blunt. "Look, today, all of us, what we did was pretty damn cool. But it doesn't erase what was done before that. You're sister was quite clear," he moved his hand between the tow of them and swept in the circle in the direction of the Fellowship's booth. "We're not friends. My sis and I were encouraged to pack our shit and GTFO, so we did. And honestly, I already told ya Avie, at the end of the day you gotta have my back. I had hers. She spat in my face. And if she doesn't speak for everyone, then put a muzzle on her, because all she's doing is costing you friends... and chances for survival." "Survival?" Tawny asked, looking confused. "She knows I mean," Devin deflected. "That's... Devin, that's not fair. That's bullshit and you know it." Lona shot at him, not believing he was still mad about this morning. "Sounds like a Fellowship problem, not mine anymore." He held up his bag. "Food's getting cold, movie's on pause. We gotta get going. Nothing personal, text me sometime." They walked to the door away from Lona and Devin's parting comment of 'send n00dz' shouted from the entryway and a part of her heart wanted to break as they both laughed outside and Tawny slapped him in the arm, telling him something like 'behave' or 'knock it off'. They laughed as he got back on the bike, they seemed happy, he seemed unphased by the act of casting people aside but... who was to blame? Clara for lashing out or Devin for giving her exactly what she asked for? With a click the Ducati purred to life and roared on down the road towards the Jauntsen estate.
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