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OOC: L5R: Blood & Jade - Combat Thread

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Jorihime's Initiative

So I rolled this, but uh. Noir showed me how to format it

Noir] 7:02 pm: so keep the 5 + ref (3) + 
honor (3) for 11 total
[Noir] 7:02 pm: yep

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11 - Zoyu, Jorihime
10 - Kaze, Yuzo
9 - Rin
8 - Akari
7 - Bandits
5 - Toshi, Taka, Kageko


The situation....

The crematorium is half on fire and two walls have been mostly hacked through to reveal the interior The building looks to be in danger of collapsing soon into a flaming heap.

It is hard to get a solid count with all the chaos (fire and smoke, running/screaming eta, bandits running around intimidating the eta and so on), but there are at least a dozen bandits.


The Bandits...

The majority of the bandits appear to be more like peasant thugs than actual bushi. There may be a handful of ronin mixed in with them, but they are few and fare between. 

Most of the bandits have no armor and armed with a mixture or peasant weapons (sai, nunchaku, tonfa, kama, bo staves, jo sticks) and katana. TN to be Hit: 5 or 10

A handful of bandits have ashigaru armor (a stripped down version of Light armor) without helmets and poor to average quality katana. These bandits are more likely to be ronin, but this is my no means a guarantee.. TN to be Hit: 6-13 (1-3 points of armor)

There are at least two bandits inside the building. They have torn open the shrouds of the peasant merchants who were incidentally killed at the inn and Doji Isamu, rifling through his clothing. They just cut the hands off of the corpses of the peasant merchants after hearing somebody yell, "Use the bodies!".

The rest of the bandits that you can see are outside. They were mostly frightening the eta, but now about ten of them have formed a loose skirmish line between the Magistrates as the crematorium. There is clearly some fear among them at the thought of facing nine samurai (two of which are shugenja).


You all have time to draw weapons, select scrolls or nock an arrow as you approach the bandits. The bandits have had their weapons drawn since before you arrived (to help intimidate the eta).


NPC actions

Yuzo yells out an order to the bandits to drop their weapons and surrender themselves, which gets no response. He approaches one of the bandits in the skirmish line, with his katana still sheathed. The bandit attacks and Youzo responds with an even faster Iaijutsu strike.

The bandits inside the crematorium pick up the severed hands of the corpses and will each throw a hand at Zoyu and Yuzo (unless interrupted) . Remember, touching dead flesh (even it is was thrown at you) is a HUGE no, no. It makes you 'unclean'. As a samurai, if you die while your spirit is 'unclean', then spirit is screwed.

The the bandits in the skirmish line will attack unless they are interrupted.

Taka has his tetsubo on his shoulder and takes a swing at one of the armored bandits in the skirmish line 

Kageko will take a shot with her han-kyu (short bow) at one of the bandits inside the crematorium (or one outside if the ones inside are no longer an option)


So post your next actions and fluff and I will summarize as normal. If you have any questions, just PM me or ask me in chat. I can post a basic map if you would like or need.

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Zoyu will shoot a Watakusi Arrow at the bandit inside the crematorium that appears to be intending to throw a damned severed hand at her!

[Asarasa] 9:11 am: Zoyu's Arrow Shot - 6k3 (with Fine Bow and
Fine Arrows). Taking 2 raises for Damage
Asarasa *rolls* 6d10: 10+1+1+8+1+10: 31
Asarasa *rolls* 2d10: 4+5: 9
[Asarasa] 9:12 am: So, 14 + 8 + 15 = 37 To Hit!
[Asarasa] 9:12 am: Wow, was really expecting to miss
[Asarasa] 9:26 am: Damage 2k0 (Bow) + 3k3 (Watakusi Arrow ) +
2k0 (raises) = 7k3
Asarasa *rolls* 7d10: 2+2+10+9+4+10+6: 43
Asarasa *rolls* 2d10: 8+3: 11
[Asarasa] 9:28 am: 18 + 9 +13 = 40 Damage!

Zoyu's delectable lips curled in a snarl of disgust as the bandits handled the dead bodies and even more dishonourably, seemed intent on using severed extremities as twisted missiles. Doji Yuzo maybe have given them a moment to surrender, though they didn't even appear to hear the command, but after witnessing their foul tactics, the striking Crane woman didn't even consider doing likewise.

Nock-Draw-Release came in one fluid, instinctive motion and the soft exhalation of breath. No sooner was there the sharp twang of a bowstring when a spiraling watakusi arrow buried itself into the base of the throat of one of the bandits inside the crematorium who was holding a severed hand to throw.

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Rin will rush the line shouting in her best "I'm gonna kill you"  voice "I am Mirumoto Rin! Stand and you will die! Run and you may live!"

She will cut down the nearest one that doesn't run away

i'll make rolls and edit when there is someone in chat later


  [Nina] 5:00 pm: ist action is against armroed with two raises for damage
[Noir] 5:00 pm: so TN 22
Nina *rolls* 8d10: 9+2+1+1+4+8+6+6: 37
     [Nina] 5:01 pm: 29
[Noir] 5:01 pm: keep 3?
     [Nina] 5:01 pm: keep 4
[Noir] 5:01 pm: ahh
[Noir] 5:01 pm: that's a hit
[Noir] 5:02 pm: so (Str)+2k0+3k2 damage
[Noir] 5:02 pm: 2 strnegth?
     [Nina] 5:02 pm: yeah
[Noir] 5:02 pm: 7k2 damage at 2 strength
Nina *rolls* 7d10: 7+10+9+3+8+2+5: 44
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7
[Noir] 5:03 pm: 26
     [Nina] 5:03 pm: 26
Noir *rolls* 2d10: 8+8: 16
[Noir] 5:04 pm: you cut his torso in half, if you like
[Noir] 5:04 pm: or describe it however you wish
     [Nina] 5:04 pm: we shall be gory
[Noir] 5:04 pm: regardless, he's dead
     [Nina] 5:04 pm: ok second guy will be the same 2 raises for extra damage
[Noir] 5:04 pm: the other bandit is TN 10 and he has a kama
[Noir] 5:04 pm: so TN 20
Nina *rolls* 8d10: 5+7+8+3+10+9+2+9: 53
[Noir] 5:05 pm: that's a hit
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 1: 1
     [Nina] 5:05 pm: lol
[Noir] 5:05 pm: 37?
     [Nina] 5:05 pm: 37
[Noir] 5:05 pm: yeah
[Noir] 5:05 pm: 7k2 damage
Nina *rolls* 7d10: 3+3+4+8+9+7+9: 43
     [Nina] 5:06 pm: 18
Noir *rolls* 2d10: 2+6: 8
[Noir] 5:06 pm: he is not dead (atm)
[Noir] 5:06 pm: but he is crippled
[Noir] 5:06 pm: and falls to the ground in a heap
     [Nina] 5:06 pm: ok
[Noir] 5:07 pm: he should be dead in a couple of minutes, at most
[Noir] 5:07 pm: probably less
[Lobby]: Nina has left at 5:07 pm
[Lobby]: Nina has entered at 5:07 pm
     [Nina] 5:08 pm: fucking chat
[Noir] 5:08 pm: you put him half way into his -4 wound level and his dicepool is not great
[Noir] 5:08 pm: so he is effectively out of the fight and on his way to his next life shortly. heh
     [Nina] 5:08 pm: ok I lost my rolls
[Noir] 5:08 pm: I got them
[Noir] 5:08 pm: and I seen them


Fluff for Rin feel free to edit it for your post as you see fit


Rin ran into the foul smelling area with the rest of the Magistrates swords at the ready. Sometime during the run she had drawn them but no one could say when.

She paused when she saw the bandits forming a weak line, but only for a moment. “I am Mirumoto Rin! Stand and you will die! Run and you may live!”                                                       Giving them no time to think, she stepped into the line her mind and body one with her swords her focus turned inward as her awareness opened outwards. An armored bandit slashed at her, Rin parries it easily and steps under his blow her own sword slashing down and across. The armor offered little resistance to Rin's razor sharp Katana and the bandits intestines spilled onto the ground as he collapsed to his knees dead and for all the world looking as if he bowed before the mighty Samurai.

Rin stepped thru the line slicing her sword across the next bandits back as she completed her turn. He screamed as blood sprayed and he fell face down arms writhing uncontrollably, his spine nearly cut through. Should he survive, which was doubtful, never again would his legs function.


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A bit of a wall of text...

[IronLady] 6:00 pm: I think Jorihime will go after one of the armored bandits
[Noir] 6:01 pm: that would be TN 12
[Noir] 6:01 pm: and then any raises you want to take
[Noir] 6:01 pm: if any
[IronLady] 6:02 pm: I uh, don't think I want to take any raises
[Noir] 6:02 pm: really?
[Noir] 6:02 pm: you roll 6k3+3
[Noir] 6:04 pm: no worries
[Noir] 6:05 pm: Your sowrd will ignore his armor, making the base TN to hit him 10
[IronLady] 6:05 pm: Ok
[Noir] 6:06 pm: a TN of 15 would be better than 95% chance for you
[Noir] 6:06 pm: that would be 1 raise
[IronLady] 6:06 pm: Ok then, one raise
[Noir] 6:06 pm: TN 20 would would be around 85%
[Noir] 6:06 pm: which would be 2 raises
[Noir] 6:06 pm: raise for damage?
[IronLady] 6:07 pm: Yeah
[Noir] 6:07 pm: So 6k3+3, TN 10 with 1 raise for damage, making it TN 15 since your sword ignors the armor
[Noir] 6:08 pm: the chat mechanic is /d 6d10 or /d 6d10+3
[IronLady] 6:09 pm: I was actually just about to ask, thanks!
IronLady *rolls* 6d10: 10+6+2+3+3+10+3: 37
[Noir] 6:09 pm: the 10's explode
[Noir] 6:09 pm: so you get to roll them again and add them to the 10's
[Noir] 6:09 pm: so /d 2d10
IronLady *rolls* 2d10: 6+2: 8
[IronLady] 6:09 pm: so 16 and 12
[Noir] 6:10 pm: so 37
[Noir] 6:10 pm: 16 + 12 + 6 + 3
[IronLady] 6:11 pm: Ok
[Noir] 6:11 pm: so that is clklearly a hit
[IronLady] 6:11 pm: yeah
[Noir] 6:12 pm: damage is 3k2 for the katana + 3k0 for strength + 1k0 for the raise making it 7k2
[Noir] 6:12 pm: well, 7k2+3
IronLady *rolls* 7d10: 1+5+2+1+5+1+7+3: 25
[Noir] 6:12 pm: so /d 7d10+3
[Noir] 6:13 pm: eww
[Noir] 6:13 pm: 16
[IronLady] 6:13 pm: no good?
[Noir] 6:13 pm: 15, rather
[Noir] 6:13 pm: for that dicepool, it was a poor roll
[Noir] 6:13 pm: only broke a 5 once
[Noir] 6:13 pm: still 15 damage though
[IronLady] 6:14 pm: traditional Iron luck
[Noir] 6:14 pm: which almost fills his -3 wound level
[Noir] 6:14 pm: oh wait
[Noir] 6:14 pm: you get +1k0 from Large
[Noir] 6:15 pm: so roll that too
Noir *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9
[Noir] 6:15 pm: grr. the command would be /d 1d10
IronLady *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9

Noir] 6:15 pm: that changes things
[Noir] 6:15 pm: that's 19 now
[Noir] 6:16 pm: that almost fills his -4
[Noir] 6:16 pm: so he is at -4 dice and therefore crippled
[Noir] 6:16 pm: not dead, but will be in a minute or two with this huge gash across his chest

Jorihime unwrapped the cloth around her right hand once more, revealing the Okimoto mon as she charged one of the armored bandits, swinging her sword in a savage cut across the chest, the blade took on a small bit of light and sliced through the Bandits armor. Rending him.

"Let it be known an Okimoto is your doom today Bandit" 

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Kaoleth *rolls* 7d10: 10+9+10+5+6+6+2: 48
[Noir] 12:21 am: lol
[Kaoleth] 12:21 am: Rerolling the extra 10s.
[Noir] 12:21 am: 10's explode
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 7+5: 12
[Kaoleth] 12:21 am: Jesus.
[Noir] 12:21 am: 41+ honor
[Kaoleth] 12:21 am: 41 to hit.
[Kaoleth] 12:21 am: 44 all told. xD


Noir] 12:22 am: So (Str)k0 + 2k0 (raises) + 3k3 (no-dachi)
[Kaoleth] 12:23 am: 8k3 Dices.
[Kaoleth] 12:23 am: +honour
Kaoleth *rolls* 8d10: 3+2+9+1+5+7+6+3: 36
[Noir] 12:23 am: yep
[Noir] 12:23 am: 25 total with honor?
[Kaoleth] 12:23 am: 26 damage all told, I think.
[Kaoleth] 12:24 am: No, you are right.
[Kaoleth] 12:24 am: 25.

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Toshi will take on one unarmored/uninjured bandit.
[Noir] 7:51 pm: TN 10
Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 5+8+6: 19
[Jeremy] 7:52 pm: 14, it hits
[Noir] 7:52 pm: so (Str)k0 + 2k2
[Noir] 7:53 pm: so 4k2 IIRC
Jeremy *rolls* 4d10: 8+3+1+6: 18
[Noir] 7:54 pm: 14 damage. not bad
[Noir] 7:54 pm: that puts him well into his -3 wound level

Toshi sniffed, as the line of bandits came to grips with the Jade Magistrates and allies. Desperate, amusing in their attempts to drive back the samurai with the pelting of dead flesh... pathetic. But under the situation, curious all the same. They would need to spare a few for interrogation. Not the first one within range of Toshi's wakizashi, as he sliced through one bandit's belly.

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There are 6 bandits running away.

#1-2 are roughly heading toward the Wretched Gate (which leads to the Fisherman's Quarter).

#3-6 are heading into the eta village.

Yuzo chasing #6

If any of you are going to chase any of the fleeing bandits, just state which bandit you are chasing here.

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rin will chase after 1 and 2, if she is close enough she will practice her wakizashi throwing :P


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Thus far the bandit chases are as follows...

Bandit #1 is being chased by Rin.

Bandit #2 is being chased by Kaze

Bandit #3 is being chased by Toshi

Bandit #4 is being chased by Jorihime

Bandit #5 is being chased by ?

Bandit #6 is being chased by Yuzo & Zoyu


Akari still has to decide which she will chase (if any)

Since Akari did not get to cast her spell (she was only 1 round into the 3 round casting time) the spell slot is not used.


Taka and Kageko will chase anybody who is not being chased. If all the bandits are being chased by PCs, then they will remain at the crematorium to mop up/deal with the situation and head to the inn when done.

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If there are no L5R posts before Monday, then I will assume all of the PCs stand there dumbfounded as they watch the oni-spawn and continue with the scene. There are 6 players, and by that point it will have been a week with no posts from anybody.

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Toshi draws his wakizashi, and will wait for one of the bushi to draw the attention of an oni-spawn before attacking it from the side.

[Jeremy] 8:19 pm: Kenjutsu 3k2
Jeremy *rolls* 3d10: 8+7+1: 16
[Jeremy] 8:19 pm: 15

Apply it vs. whatever oni-spawn say Zoyu or Rin chooses to attack.


Whatever Toshi had been expected, a spell, sleep and a group of oni-spawn wasn't it. And yes, they were indeed searching for something in this estate. But there wasn't much benefit in letting them go on like this, lest they turn their attention to the samurai. So he drew steel. The Scorpion would have to sting in battle.

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Jorihime drew her Katana and let out a guttural roar, the thrill of battle made the hair on her back stand up as she smiled before charging the Oni-Spawn who was, violating the honor of the maid, dropping her blade down into a hard cut, she let out a fearsome slash. 

IronLady *rolls* 6d10: 5+2+9+1+3+7: 27

IronLady *rolls* 7d10: 1+9+1+2+10+8+10+3: 44
IronLady *rolls* 2d10: 8+7: 15
[Noir] 11:40 pm: 10's explode
[Noir] 11:40 pm: so 18+17+3= 38
[Noir] 11:41 pm: That is an insta-kill
[IronLady] 11:41 pm: Wooo
[Noir] 11:42 pm: and your sword ignores their Carapace rating (though you rolled high enough to ignore it anyways)
[Noir] 11:42 pm: so you can describe it how your wish if you like

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[Asarasa] 8:09 am: L5R Attack - Agi (4k4) + Iaijutsu (3k0) + Fine Katana (1k0) = 8k4 [one free raise for greater Initiative from Method - increasing damage, taking another raise for damage - +5 to TN)
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 5+4+8+2+4+10+3+7: 43
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 4: 4
[Asarasa] 8:11 am: Attack = 33.

If hit, damage is Strength (2k0) + Katana (4k3 - Immortal Steel) + Raises (2k0) = 8k3
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 7+1+6+3+5+8+9+2: 41
[Asarasa] 8:11 am: Damage = 24

Zoyu flowed to her feet, shaking off the imposed drowsiness, her mismatched eyes tightening and a faint frown on her exquisite lips as irritated fury rushed through her balanced control. Always, the Maho-Tsukai seemed one step ahead of them, with them no closer to finding him or his foul demon and ending their lives. She had no idea why he had not had the oni-spawn end their own lives while they had so easily been incapacitated from an unknown and unseen source. Perhaps, he had not had the time, but if so, she assumed the sorcerer must still be close after casting his spell.

While the large and loud Lion charged the oni-spawn accosting the maid, the elegant Crane glided forward on graceful and silent feet towards the one destroying the pillows. Her blade slipped its saya with a whisper and slashed upward in a flashing arc of steel and dark blood.

As she did so, Zoyu called out in calm yet emphatic command, "Shugenja, seek the threads of this spell and he who cast it. If he had not the time to end us, he may not yet be far."

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Rin chases the one upstairs. fluff to follow


Shaking her head to clear it She watches as Zoyu and Toshi approach the tiny - oni flanking it, and at the other which Jorihime  charges. The scraping clanging sound draws her attention up and she sees the legs and the tip of a blade vanish onto the upper floor. With a flurry she whips her swords out and dashes across the room and flies up the stairs after the little monster.

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Akari, shaking off what knocked them out, grabs her scrolls 


[Noir] 2:00 am: the spell's duration is likely over since you guys are awake
[Noir] 2:01 am: your best bet is making a Spellcraft check
Sunstar nods
[Noir] 2:05 am: Int + Spellcraft
Sunstar *rolls* 7d10: 7+3+4+4+2+7+8: 35
[Noir] 2:06 am: TN 20
[Noir] 2:06 am: as long as you keep at least 3, you got it
[Sunstar] 2:07 am: pretty sure I can

She raises a eyebrow.  "I do not believe this was a spell per-say"  She said recognizing the effects more than likely were from either a nemuranai or a Tsangusuri .

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Seeing Rin rushing upstairs, Kaze draws his sword and moves to follow. The situation was well in hand down here, but Kami alone knew what might be waiting upstairs. Rin had proven herself a capable warrior, but there is only so much a single person can manage when potentially outnumbered.

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There is an oni-spawn by Rin, one by Kaze, at one the end of the upstairs hall by the stairs (for anybody who comes up the stairs to encounter). By the sounds of it, some more are in the other rooms (the room off of the open space at the top of the stairs and the room on the left side of the hallway) as well.

The room on the right side of the hallway is the source of screams, followed immediately by projectiles (vases, painpots, clothing) at anything that passes by the doorway.

Rin and Kaze need to roll initiative vs their individual oni-spawn as well, but they both get a +2 bonus to their initiative result (since they get a slight drop on the spawn as they sprout).

The oni-spawn Kaze is facing can be seen down the hall from the top of the stairs, Rin's cannot (she and her oni-spawn are on the outside balcony).

Anybody coming up the stairs will need to roll initiative vs the oni-spawn found there (until it is killed).


The oni-spawn act on their initiative of 7, attacking Rin, Kaze and the first person to come up the stairs.

So please roll initiative and/or post your actions.

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Noir there is no one in chat and i have a work related thing tonight so I do not know when i will be in chat to roll initiative. Would you roll for me.

If i win initiative I will do an all out attack on the monster If it has initiative I will not all out but will use a wasp for an extra attack if needed.

again I don't know when I will be on again with this thing tonight and the holiday. If you need to go ahead and roll for me and i trust your fluff :)



If i dont see ya have a great Holiday.


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No problem.



1k0 + Ref + 2 = 1k0 + 4

Noir *rolls* 1d10: 5+4: 9


Full Attack against the oni-spawn
Agility + Kenjutsu = 8k4 + 2k0 (Full attack) = 10k4 vs TN 25 to hit the oni-spawn

Noir *rolls* 10d10: 8+2+5+7+5+9+4+2+1+5: 48

8+5+7+9=30 to hit

Damage roll
Strength + Weapon DR = 2k0 + 3k2 = 5k2

Noir *rolls* 5d10: 8+10+1+7+10: 36
10's explode
Noir *rolls* 2d10: 2+9: 11

12+19=31 damage



Rin was taken slightly aback at the glimpse of the man in the moonlight. She knew full well what he was, but further still the apparently Crane sword on his back just added to the confusion. Her confused musing was interrupted as legs and talon burst forth from the glob of flesh. The newly created oni-spawn hissed at Rin and tensed to leap at her. Rin was growing annoyed with the oni, it's spawn and the general confusion of the night. In the same instant as the creature tenses, Rin stepped forward and and threw caution to the wind, fully committing to her attack, and dispatched the oni-spawn with a single pass of her katana.

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[Asarasa] 8:27 am: Kakita Zoyu's Initiative
Asarasa *rolls* 2d10: 2+2+6: 10 = 8 (Balls!)

If the first one up the stairs and can still attack, Zoyu will attack the Oni-Spawn

[Asarasa] 8:31 am: Attack Roll 8k4 (+1 Free Raise from Higher
Initiative, plus taking another raise, both to increase Damage)
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 9+7+7+5+8+6+10+5: 57
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 3: 3
[Asarasa] 8:31 am: Total = 9+7+8+13 = 37
[Asarasa] 8:32 am: Damage 8k3
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 4+10+5+7+2+9+5+7: 49
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 6: 6
[Asarasa] 8:33 am: Total = 26+7+9 = 42

Zoyu looked down at the oni-spawn in disgust, flicking the dark blood from her blade with a deft motion then sheathed it with fluid and instinctive skill. But no sooner had she done so when she heard a terrible, discordant roar, one she recalled from earlier in the night. Full lips tightened as she dashed up the steps after her Dragon Comrade, the Lion in step with her, even as Yuzo suggested they do the same.

At the top of the stairs, yet another oni-spawn crouched. Without slowing or even a hitch of her breath, Zoyu's blade struck like lightning, parting it in twain, as she continued towards the balcony where Rin fought an opponent she could not see around the edge of the opening.


At the top of the stairs, Jorihime cut down the oni-spawn crouched there. Without slowing to even give it a glance of dismissal, Zoyu continued towards the balcony where Rin fought an opponent she could not see around the edge of the opening.

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[Kaoleth] 1:01 am: First though I need to roll initiative.
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 10+8: 18
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9
[Kaoleth] 1:02 am: So going on an initiative of 22, adding in my Ref of 3.
     [Nina] 1:03 am: samurai lightning
[Kaoleth] 1:03 am: =3[

Kaoleth] 1:04 am: So with my Katana, I think I'm rolling 7d10 for this attack.
[Kaoleth] 1:04 am: Ref 3, Ken 3, with the Fine bonus applying a further +1 to Ken rolls.
Kaoleth *rolls* 7d10: 3+4+10+1+2+10+9: 39
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 2+8: 10
[Kaoleth] 1:06 am: So, 39 all told, to hit. 

(Actually 42. Forgot to add my honour)

[Kaoleth] 1:07 am: Regular Katana is 3k2? or 2k2?
     [Nina] 1:08 am: i dont know noir has to tell me everytime
[Kaoleth] 1:08 am: Me too. T_T
[Kaoleth] 1:10 am: I believe it's 3k2.
[Asarasa] 1:11 am: 3k2
[Kaoleth] 1:11 am: Ty Asa.
[Kaoleth] 1:12 am: So I'm rolling 3k0(Str) + 1k0 (raise) + 3k2(Katana)
[Asarasa] 1:12 am: yes
[Kaoleth] 1:12 am: For a grant total of 7k2.
Kaoleth *rolls* 7d10: 5+2+3+3+8+3+5: 29
[Kaoleth] 1:13 am: Oh, I should have been adding my honour. Not that it matters on the last couple rolls.

[Kaoleth] 1:16 am: Heh. So my Hi is actually 42. And my damage is 16, I believe.

Kaze lashes out like lightning, flesh and chitin parting easily beneath his blade, the creature yowls it's irritation to the room, lunging at Kaze who sidesteps the attack with ease. It's second lunge is met with the flat of his blade, the meaty thwack sending it tumbling a foot, where it stops in a tangle of limbs. Regaining it's feet in seconds, screeching it's fury all the while.

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Notes on Safusa's shop

The street the shop is on is somewhat removed from the current festivities. An occasional reveler or two might wander down the street, but by and large it is pretty empty and devoid of civilians.

The door to the shop is only partially ajar. The opening is large enough to look inside, shoot an arrow through or maybe stab through with a spear, but if one wishes to enter the door must be opened, somehow removed, or simply burst through.

The shop is small, the use of large weapons (polearms, No-dachi and the like) inside the shop will be rather difficult.

In the faint light, with all of their movement and the general mess and chaos of the shop, it is difficult to get an exact count on the lesser oni, though it looks to be roughly a half dozen of them. A Perception  roll (TN 15) can be made to try and get a more accurate count. If trying to count once combat starts, then the difficulty goes up to TN 20.

The Oni is nowhere to be seen. A blind Perception roll can be made by anybody who wishes to take a full round to thoroughly look around for the Oni.


Any other questions can be asked here or in chat.

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Rin is attacking the 'happy/excited' oni with the mask by throwing her wakizashi at it.



  [Nina] 5:: what do i need to hit it?

[Noir] 5:: they are not actively avoiding attacks (as they have not noticed you yet it seems), so it is a fairly easily roll

[Noir] 5:: you are throwing at the 'happy' one with the mask?

     [Nina] 5:: k then i will take 2 raises for damage

     [Nina] 5:: yes happy mask

Nina *rolls* 6d10: 9+1+10+7+6+

Nina *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7


[Noir] : keep agility

[Noir] : that easily hits with 2 raises for damage

[Noir] : even with the narrow opening to throw through and the clutter of the shop

     [Nina] : hehe

     [Nina] : i don't remeber what to roll for damage

[Lobby]: Long6 has left at

[Noir] : lemme check

[Noir] : (Str+1)k2

[Noir] : so with your raises it will be (Str+3)k2

     [Nina] : kk thanks

Nina *rolls* 5d10: 8+5+7+2+


[Noir] : and all the dice are higher than it's carapace rating

[Noir] : so that's good. no reduction

[Noir] damage? that's a good throw

[Noir] : it's not dead, but does look badly injured

[Noir] : not to mention it now has a wakizashi sticking through it


Okay, Rin has alerted the lesser oni to your presence with her well-aimed attack and therefore initiated combat.

Everybody needs to roll Initiative and post the results here, or roll it in chat and let me know some other way.

Initiative is 1k1 with your Reflexes added to the result. Some advantages and techniques add to it, such as Quick which adds +1k0.

Rin: 7

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[Kaoleth] 6:59 pm: All right. 2d10 + Ref
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 4+1: 5
[Kaoleth] 6:59 pm: Ouch.
[Kaoleth] 6:59 pm: Plus my ref of three leaves me with an initiative of 7
[Asarasa] 7:00 pm: yup

Going on Initiative 7.

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[Asarasa] 9:26 am: Zoyu's Initiative 2d10+6
Asarasa *rolls* 2d10: 8+2+6: 16 = 8 + 6 = 14 Initiative

Action - Zoyu will move into the shop swiftly, moving towards the 'excited' Oni-spawn before it gets away with the Mask. She'll attack it if it's not dead, otherwise she'll pick up the mask.

[Asarasa] 8:29 am: Zoyu's Attack Roll (If necessary) - If won Initiative,
gets a Free Raise, applying to Damage
[Asarasa] 8:29 am: 8k4
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 4+8+9+10+3+1+6+1: 42
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9
[Asarasa] 8:30 am: 19 + 9 +8 + 6 = 42

[Asarasa] 8:30 am: Damage 6k3
Asarasa *rolls* 6d10: 3+3+10+8+9+8: 41
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 7: 7
[Asarasa] 8:31 am: If Free Raise Applies -
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 5: 5
[Asarasa] 8:32 am: Total Damage = 27 + 9 + 8 = 44

With a sigh of long suffering exasperation, the sleek Crane flowed into the ransacked after Rin's impetuous action. Hand close to hilt, she arrowed towards the oni-spawn that had screeched in triumph upon what seemed like finding a mask, intending to retrieve its treasure or end what it called life.

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Rin bursts through the door with her long sword at the ready and race a cross the room toward the rat-oni she had skeward with her short sword.

"Kill the others I want this one alive!" She shouts back over he shoulder at Zoyu



let me know if i need to roll anything

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With the lack of a dice roller at the moment, I will narrate things based on your chosen actions, skill levels and so forth. The story is the most important thing here anyways. ~ Noir



Zoyu - 14

Rin - 7

Kaze - 7


The shop door is partially ajar, enough to stab or shoot through. To enter the shop the door must be opened, removed or even burst through (paper and a few strips of wood is not that much of a barrier to a determined bushi).

The shop is a mess with debris, trinkets, knocked over shelving and even money on the floor, making footing less than ideal and swift movement generally difficult. 

Of the 5+ oni-spawn ransacking the shop, only two seem to remain; the one impaled by Rin's katana (badly wounded), still grasping the mask, and the other one that tried to take the make from it and caught a broke vase in it's face courtesy for Kaze for it's troubles (barely wounded).



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Rin slams her hand down on the pommel of her wakizashi impaling the oni-spawn driving the point into the floor, pinning it in place.

At the sound of the vase shattering she spins to slash at the only other oni-spawn in the room!



Assuming pinning the first to the floor is an action Rin is set up to take two actions the second to strike at the remaining oni spawn in the room if Zoyu does not cleve it in two first :)

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59 minutes ago, Mirumoto Rin said:

Assuming pinning the first to the floor is an action Rin is set up to take two actions the second to strike at the remaining oni spawn in the room if Zoyu does not cleve it in two first :)

The Fully (or near fully) healthy one that got hit in he face with the vase and was trying to take the mask from the one you wounded?

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A faint, serene smile on her lush lips, Zoyu smoothly glanced around for anymore of the Oni-spawn as she glided up to guard Rin's back. Seeing not other oni-spawn offering threat, her blade flicked from its saya to slash at the oni-spawn trying to retrieve the mask from its pinned companion.


Attack Roll 8k4 (+1 raise for Damage from greater Initiative, taking another 2 raises for Damage)
Manual Rolling 8k4: 15, 8, 8, 6, 6, 5, 2, 1 = 37

Damage 8k3 (Applying 3 raises to Damage
Manual Rolling 8k3: 19, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 2, = 34

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