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  1. Rin, after recognizing the markings, takes a cup over to Zoyu, "Same as the masks," she shrugs. "Kageko-san, make them speak, please."
  2. "Togashi-san there," Rin points out the little girl peering in around the broken door behind the newly arrived samurai, "that is the one you owe your debt to for with out her I would not have stumbled upon you.' Then Rin faces Zoyu with a big smile, "Ah Zoyu-san, I had hoped to find clues and we may still., this one, is Togashi Kagato, a clansman, with an interesting story that we may wish to pursue. And these offal you see on the floor and two that fled, were holding him captive and would have done terrible things with his death I believe." She nudges the woman's corpse with her shoe, "This was a witch, its bag has Maho, and you may want to strike its head off just to be sure it is dead." Rin walks over to the little girl and crouches down to her level, " Domo, you did very well child, I Mirumoto Rin, am in your debt."
  3. "We will await my companions they should be here soon, then we will see about this thing who dares wear the skin of our clansmen. Perhaps he knows something of our other goal." She smiles at the monk obviously admiring his tattoos, "I welcome the chance to have a clansman at my side. much more pleasant than some of those I have traveled with." She tilted her head gazing as he fitted the hat. "I like that."
  4. "Hmm, I am Rin, and how nice of a coincidence for I am a searcher of truth myself, among other things." Rin moves to the boxes that were being filled and knocks a lid aside with her foot and peers in at the contents. "What was this all about if I may ask." Kagato notices that the swordsman is wearing a second Katana on her back and a single jitte is in her obi along with her Daisho. the dark hair is shoulder length on one side and shaved on the other and a Tattoo of a dragon decorates her skull in the shaved area from above and in front of her ear with the tail curling down along her neck.
  5. Rin looks back at the open door and sniffs loudly then with a casual flick of her wakizashi she slices the rope binding the monk to the post and sheathes it in one deft move then crouching she finds an unsoiled portion of the boos mans robe to clean her long sword before standing and sheathing it as well. Rin waits for the monk to take the rope from his mouth, while she waits she nudges the witches body with the toe of her shoe. Hmm wonder if i should cut the head off just to make sure...
  6. Rin will spend void to fudge up the spell if it is at her. she will dart across the room at the witch waiting to the last second to iajutsu draw on the witch iajutsu attack: 6d10o10 32 she will keep the 10 and 2 of the 5s for a 20 if that 1s a hit damage is damage: 5d10o10 28 Keeping the 8 & 7 for 15 damage "Should have listened to me"
  7. Rin's head tilted not missing the hand dipping into the satchel, she swiftly slid into the room taking a martial stance from which she would be able to launch and attack in any direction, her hands grasped the hilts of her swords, her eyes never leaving the woman. "Witch, withdraw the hand from the satchel empty, or die, open your mouth you die, anyone moves, you die. I am Mirumoto Rin, Jade magistrate and you are all under arrest. Resist and you die."
  8. At some Warehouse in Ikoma's Eye Rin straightened and look up and down the ally she motioned for the child to follow quietly and surveyed the remainder of the perimeter of the warehouse spotting the exits. When satisfied she took the girl a short way away. Pilling the Jitte from her obi she asked, “Do you know what this is?” The little girl nodded furiously wide eyed. “Good you know where the Golden Pony Inn is?” Again, the girl nodded and this time said, “Hai!” “Good, ‘ Rin handed the girl the Jitte, “ I want you to take this to the Golden Pony there you will find a Silver haired Kakita woman she is magistrate as am I. Give her this and tell her where I am and if she ask lead her back to this place. Can you do that for me?” The little girl nodded furiously as she took the jitte, “Hai! Samurai sama, Hai!” “Good now go hurry.” Rin watched the girl run off the way they had come, and she stood, sniffed and rolled her shoulders flexing, checked her weapons and then strode to the door into the part of the warehouse where she had seen the bound monk. Gently so as not to make any noise she tried the door. It was locked. Rin stepped back and with a mighty kick smashed the door with her foot near the latched, the door flew opened slammed against the back and hung by one leather hinge the other having broken. Rin stepped into the warehouse and looked at those assembled. “Now what was it you were saying about Magistrates?”
  9. Rin frowned at the interruption, but said nothing instead she leans toward Zoyu. "You seem to have a better handle on this. I will go and see if i can find my usual source of information." she said as she tapped the dragon tattoo on the shaved side of her scalp. With one fluid motion she stood sketched a meager bow toward her companions and spun and walked away from the table. She gathered her daisho and the long sword and stepped out into the sunlight. Daisho in obi and longsword across her back with her half shaved tattooed head Rin made quite a sight and it was hard for any one to not glance at the imposing samurai. She watch the throng and in short order found what she sought, a group of children running and playing underfoot as they were wont to do. Shrugging her shoulders she marched up to the children and singled out the one who looked oldest a girl with big brown eyes about 10 or so. "You come here." Rin called Several of the children ran away but the girl stood her ground. then approached the samurai and bowed. "Your brave and mannered unlike some of your friends. I need your help. I am looking for a place that does tattoos," she laid a finger on her dragon tattoo, "do you know of such a place?"
  10. "No, do you have this sake," Rin gesture to the Scorpion sister who had the empty bottle indicating that she should show it to the inn keeper, "If this is a brand you keep, bring us each a bottle and one for yourself so that you may join us."
  11. After they leave the boat Rin pauses and and gestures for Shosuro Kamikoto join her. She reaches into her Obi and pulls out an empty sake bottle, which she hands to the Scorpion. She taps the embossed front showing the brand of Sake, nods and winks, then whistling a sea shanty walks off to join Zoyu.
  12. Rin smiled at the Captain. "It has been a good voyage and I thank you for all that you have done for me. I count you as a good friend Michiyo-san." She bows "I will send word of where we are staying. I do not know how long this afffair will take or where we will be going after. If you find you need to sail do not delay on our count, but do let me know when you are sailing I may have messages I would like you to carry for me if you are going to where i need to send them." She smiles broadly and clasps the good captain on the shoulder. Then departs the ship to join her companions at the horses. "So here we are. Do any of you know where we go now to finish this?" Rin asks of her fellows.
  13. Rin smiled at her friend, the familiar rocking of the ship welcome to her senses. She could get used to this, in her mind she saw herself throwing away all the things which weigh her down and becoming a sailor maybe even captaining her own ship. A fantasy, but a nice one. "Hmm, Michiyo-san we are probably going to Ikoma's Eye, but I will check with my companions and seek their input before the final decision." She sniffs loudly, "I will let you know. Now where do you want me? I won't be carted around the empire without pulling my own weight. So, up in the lines, or on the oars?"
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