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  1. Kaze sat back, giving a sigh of appreciation at the meal laid in front of them. Something about being back on Lion land. It was nice. Especially after the events of the last while. Even if Ikoma's Eye was a bit more ostentatious than he was used to for Lion lands. Kageko looked a bit more relaxed as well, though he supposed that she would have been trained in the area, so this was a bit of a homecoming for her. Smiling at an offhand comment from Kageko, he quiets as the proprietor speaks. The offer of Crane sake was unsurprising, given the makeup of their table. He is in the process of shaking his head when Rin beats him to it. "Let's not overly alarm the man, Rin-san. I'm sure he has other guests to be seeing to and we would not want to keep him from his own duties." He turns a bright smile to Abun. "A few questions answered would sate our curiosity. We're new in the area and would like to learn more of where we will be staying for the next while. As far as alcohol goes, though, she has the right of it. I at least would appreciate some Well in the Stream, if you have it. Recently came across it and have developed an interest in it. Hard to find a good dry Sake outside of Lion lands."
  2. Their guest was an interesting study. Many clan members dressed themselves up in iconography and their clan colours, but this man seemed to be taking it to a bit of an extreme. Though one would never be able to mistake him as anything other than a Scorpion. Flicking a glance down to his Mon, he had to pause a half second. A Bayushi, clearly, but it was really odd seeing the mark of the Kakita duelling academy there. Although.... he watched as as Rin got up to leave and Zoyu continued talking. The others certainly seemed familiar with him. He had only ever heard of what occured during the championship second hand, but he did vaguely recall hearing about a Crane that had been removed from the clan and found a new home among the Scorpion. This was he, perhaps? What was a Bitter Lies duelist, though? It was not a school he was familiar with. The apology came as a bit of a surprise, but he had to give the man credit. Zoyu's words on the other hand..... she said she accepted the apology, for certain, and her tone indicated she was joking, but he hoped that it was enough to offset the almost literal slap to to face she had given the man. Whatever the truth of her words, and he accepted that it was unlikely that he would seek them out apropo of nothing, once the apology was given and accepted, there was little reason to continue wielding it like a blade. "Long overdue apologies" indeed. "Forgive my interruption, Bayushi-san. I am Kakita Kaze, currently deputy Jade magistrate." He offers the Scorpion a small bow from where he was seated, an apologetic expression on his face. "For all the indelicate manner she has brought it up, Zoyu-san would have the right of it, I imagine. Is there something that we might help you with? I hope you will forgive our bluntness, but yesterday was a very long day, and our work is not yet complete."
  3. Kaze nodded. "Kado was most forthcoming as well. He had a passing familiarity with the Sake I brought him, though only enough to be able to tell me that it was available in Ikoma's Eye. As for the Blades, the makers mark belongs to a Ronin bladesmith called Yasuragi, in a small Village called Tokoro, off the Beiden pass. In lands belonging to the Bear clan. He's apparently quite popular among Ronin and Ashigaru both. Will even re-wrap a Ronin's blades for him." About Kado's history, he remained silent. It had little bearing on the rest of their journey, and more to the point, it was not his place to mention it.
  4. While still a lot quieter than the city had been the previous day, it was beginning to stir more fitfully. Here and there some businesses opening their shutters. Children once more in the street where previously there were none. Most ignored the Crane in their midst, only paying enough attention to not collide with him as he made his way back to the Apple Blossom. It was strange to see how little the peasants had been affected by the previous night, most seeming to have already shrugged off the unusual events and returned to daily life. There was an admiration to be had in that resilience. Returning to the Inn, he and Rin arrived within minutes of one another, sitting at one of the tables and talking quietly of what they had found as they waited for the others to return. When she does arrive, he is somewhat surprised to see the Hatamoto's sword still by her side. He had thought she sought to return it. The why of it could wait however, they all had information to discuss. He nods to her, sketching a slight bow from where he was seated. "Welcome back Zoyu-san. Did you have any luck in your search?"
  5. Kado accepted the blade, each hand covered in a silk cloth, and set it down on a cloth atop the counter. He reached into his obi and withdrew a metal mallet with a pin tucked into the top of the head. It was a common tool used to remove the pin from swords, but generally only sword polishers and smiths bothered to actually carry them. While keeping the cloth between his hands and the blade, he disassembled it swiftly and with practiced ease, setting each piece down carefully on the cloth-covered counter until only the naked blade remained in his silk cloaked hands. "Hrumph." the ronin muttered as he inspected the craftsmanship and while disassembling it, and finally the maker's mark. "I have seen this mark before. It belongs to a ronin weaponsmith. He is known among the ronin for being one of the few that will sell to them, and hopeful ashigaru as well. And if a new ronin visits him, he will re-wrap their swords, free of charge, sparing them the reminder of their shame." Kado said simply as he effortlessly reassembled the sword. "His name is Yasarugi, and he can be found in Tokoro, a small town in the mountains, off of Beiden Pass Road, in the lands of Bear Clan. If you seek to question him, then be aware that many ronin and ashigaru owe him, and that he is beloved by many more." Kado said, offering some forewarning. The ronin looked at Kaze's mon for a moment and then back to the jar of sake thoughtfully. "Neither 'Well In The Stream' nor 'Flower In Winter' sake are made locally. I am not sure of the exact source, but both can be found Ikoma's Eye, the urban area around Kyuden Ikoma (Sacred Watch Palace)." the ronin offered as he looked at the bottle. "Or so I have heard." he added, looking once more at Kaze's mon as he handed the sword back to Kaze. Kaze nods, accepting the blade back once more and humming in thought. Yasarugi in Tokoro. At least they now had a name to look into. His popularity with Ronin was potentially troublesome. They would have to treat that particular meeting with care. While well within their rights to question him, alienating people while doing so, even Ronin and Ashigaru, was undesirable. "Troublesome, but thank you for the warning in advance. Earning the ire of so many is something I would hope to avoid. With luck, it won't come to that. And thank you for the information about the Sake as well." He had passed through Kyuden Ikoma on his way here. It had been where he had met Kageko in the first place. So there was reason to return there, at least, and not have it appear unusual. He would have to bring it up with the Magistrates once they all reconvened. He steps back slightly, offering the Ronin another bow. "You've given me much to think on. I shall not impose on your time any further than I already have. Please enjoy the Sake, and accept my thanks once again."
  6. Kado listened to the Crane, his eyes narrowed somewhat and focused, almost like a large, stalking, predatory cat as he took in Kaze's reaction and words. The Crane seemed to be honestly surprised, his reaction a bit too authentic, making feigned sincerity unlikely coming from a young bushi, even a Crane. A Kado considered Kaze's words for a moment, the young Crane could not help but notice somersetting about the ronin. Considering his reputation as the gatekeeper to the island, and the fact that weapons were forbidden on it, it was rare indeed that any even threatened a physical confrontation with Kado, so very few had ever seen him in anything approaching a combat stance, as Kaze was seeing now, even if it was somewhat subdued. But from the way the ronin turned his body just slightly, re positioned his feet, shifted his weight and a myriad of other subtle, minute adjustments the ronin made, apparently from muscle memory due to years of training, Kaze immediately recognized the stance the ronin took, and the source of his training, for it was something Kaze had intimate knowledge of. Kado was well-trained by the Akodo Bushi School. Kado relaxed just slightly, his posture no long threatening aggression, but still somewhat guarded. The ronin took in a slow, deep breath and released it, composing himself. "I apologize for my... shameful outburst, Kakita-sama. Please, forgive a simple ronin. I forget myself at times." he said with a bow. With his anger fading, Kado reassessed the situation, and tried to "Thank you for the gift. A simple ronin does not deserve suck generosity. You are too kind." he added with another bow and accepted the sake. Kaze let out a small sigh of relief, thankful that the promise of violence had dissipated. Something had been niggling at his thoughts since Kado had squared off and it was only those final movements that he had managed to put it together. He had to wonder though. The Akodo were honourable to a fault. And many would sooner commit seppuku than see themselves dishonored or become Ronin. He had to admit some curiosity as to how it was that this one came to be a Wave-men. IT was none of his business of course, but he couldn't help it. Either way, knowing that now, he was even more thankful that he would not be coming to blows with the older Samurai. All Bushi were lethal, but of all of the schools, there were few that garnered his wariness quite like the Akodo or the Mirumoto. He himself was well versed in the blade, but he knew better than to think that he could withstand someone so much more experienced than himself. He shook his head "Think nothing of it, Kado-san. Were I in your situation, I would likely smell something amiss as well. The Kami are clearly taking some amusement at my expense." He shrugs easily, leaning against the wall they were standing beside. "Though, if you will permit me to impose on your time for a few more moments, there is something that I believe you would be able to help me with. As I said earlier, I have been investigating in the city. While the problem that originally interested us has been dealt with, I find myself at a loss to progress any further. Over the course of it, we found several blades. I do not recognise the makers mark, nor the style, but felt that if anyone were able to at least point us in the right direction it would be you, as you are probably the person best placed to recognise any given sword." He slides the peasants sword out of his obi and offers it to the guard. He offers a self deprecating smile. "The Sake too, is of interest to us, if you could tell us where it was made and if "Flowers in Winter" is also made locally so that we could find who originally bought it. A stroke of good luck among the misunderstandings, I'm sure you'll agree." He suspected that the Sake was probably a product from the Lions lands, given his own suspicions on where the masks were made, but you never know. At the very least, it might give them a hint on where to cast their gaze, if not narrow down their own searches.
  7. Kado stood and listened, emotionless as was standard for him, giving away little to nothing. As he listened he looked down at the sake and his eyes narrowed slightly. "Mmm.. my favorite brand..." Kado said, inspecting the bottle more closely. "Where did you get it? This sake is not available Ryoko Owari." he inquired curiously. Then Kado's brow slowly furrowed and he lifted his gaze from the bottle and back to Kaze. "And how would you know to go out of your way to get this for me?" he pondered aloud as he subtly shifted his stance. "Is this some kind of joke? A threat? What do you know? Who are you?" Kado asked, his voice firm and very serious with a hint of anger to it. There is a moment of surprised silence as Kaze's thoughts grind to a shuddering halt. That.... was not the response he had been expecting. Guarded suspicion had been about the worst he had expected. This level of anger took him completely unawares. "Ah. No. No joke, Kado-san. I seem to have trod on a sore spot for you. It was not my intention. As I said, I am Kakita Kaze. This is neither joke nor threat. The Sake was confiscated as a part of an investigation and being unneeded to further the investigation, it was felt it would make an adequate gift. It is pure fortune that I selected this one to bring along. Though whether good or ill remains to be seen." That reaction was telling in and of itself. He had to wonder to himself if this particular brand of sake had had some hand in his becoming a Ronin in the first place. It would certainly explain the alarm Kado was displaying, as well as his thinking that it might be a threat. He silently cursed that this was the bottle that Rin had handed him, though she was not to know either. "Please, peace, Kado-san. I offer you no ill intent." He raised his hands in a placating gesture, taking care to keep them as far from the hilt of the katana at his waist as possible. It was unfortunate that this was the reaction he was garnering, but if Kado could be persuaded to calm down, there was opportunity here as well, given he knew of the Sake brand intimately. He just hoped the sincerity and honesty of his words would resonate with the ill tempered Ronin. The last thing he wanted was to get involved in a fight. He briefly wished that Yuzo had come along. He would probably know best how to defuse the situation.
  8. Kaze offers her a nod "I would be happy to go and speak with Kado-san, though I should probably bring one of the blades in as close to a complete form as possible. A mark is telling, but every smith will have their own style that can express itself in anything from the wrappings to the patterning on the blade itself." To one side, Yuzo offers his own agreement. "Further, the best evidence one can provide is always the evidence itself. The sword will be better than just the blade, which would be better than a copy, and so on. It behoves all magistrates to offer the best evidence that they can. Thankfully, with this many blades on hand, using a single one for this is of little concern." He accepts this easily enough and hunkers down by the blades, taking one and with practised ease sliding it back together before standing once more and tucking it through his obi with his own Daisho, the Saya resting on the opposite hip to his own blades. The added weight felt strange. He turns to Rin, who is already holding out one of the Jars of Sake to him. He accepts it with a small smile and "Arigatou" before he moves off, looking down at the jar in hand. Well in the Stream. Not a brand he was familiar with. He just hoped it was of a quality that would appeal to the man. He pauses by the door just before leaving. He turns around to once more face the magistrates. "I do not know how long it will take to acquire the information from Kado-san, but once I do, I will return to the Apple Blossom and will meet you there, once your own avenues of investigation are resolved." receiving the nods of confirmation, he offers them a small bow as he turns then and leaves the building. The walk through the streets was much quieter than any of the journeys he had undertaken so far, and with far less frantic running about on his behalf. The majority of the citizens had retired after the end of the festivities, and only a few die hard souls still awake and performing their duties. He felt a certain kinship with them for that. The food and drink he had taken in had helped his equilibrium, but he had still been awake for in excess of a full day of intense activity. He was looking forward to being able to sleep properly once he dispensed with his own duties. The couple of hours he had staved off the worst of it, but he still felt weary from the previous day. The empty streets did have the advantage of him making good time to the docks, though he took his time in the walk, enjoying the solitude and the cool breeze that ran down the near empty streets, tugging at his white strands as well as the tassels on his sword. It was nice to be able to just walk to his destination, rather than the frantic sprint of the last 24 hours. The docks themselves proved slightly more troublesome, with many of the ferrymen asleep, but he eventually found someone willing to bring him across. The ride was uneventful, neither side feeling particularly inclined to break the peaceful atmosphere. On reaching the other shore, he stands, stretching. Turning back to the ferry man, he hands over some money for the trip. "There will be more if you are still here when I return. I shouldn't be too long." Accepting the thanks he turns to face the Island once more. If the rest of the city was quiet, then Teardrop Island was practically dead, not a sign of a single living person outside. He supposed it wasn't that strange. Given the normal business hours of many of the establishments of the Island, he wouldn't be surprised if they normally kept much different hours to his own. Shaking his head to clear it, he strides towards the gatehouse. He seemed to be in luck. Whether he had yet to sleep, or had returned to his post after catching a meagre few hours remained to be seen. The Ronin stood straighter as Kaze approached, a look of curiosity crossing his face, followed by a vague sort of recognition. He had no doubt seen many faces last night, but comparatively few Crane likely came through in the rush that he had been. "Kado-san. Apologies for disturbing you. I am Kakita Kaze. We met briefly last night when I was in quite the rush. It shames me to say that my haste may have appeared quite rude. As such, I wish to offer my apologies for last night, as well as my thanks for the care you took of my blade in my absence. It would please me greatly if you would accept this as both token of apology and thanks." He offers the burly guard a bow, holding out the Jar of sake.
  9. Kaze wanders through the rooms, inspecting each in turn and noting the blood now firmly dried into the boards. The pools themselves were large enough, but not of a size to implicate that the person responsible for them was in the room when they were killed. They had likely been killed elsewhere and then brought in afterwards. He had to wonder, though, if the people that were used as Zombies had all been taken over the course of the night, or if it had been the work of several to acquire them all. The lack of any obvious rotting or smell meant that all of the bodies had been alive until very recently. It meant that if they had been taken over the course of days they would have had to be kept somewhere. He would have to ask the Thunder guard if there had been any increase in missing persons reports for the last while. It wouldn't do him much good, either way, but it might give him a feel for how these people operated. Taking people over time, once you have the methods to ensure their silence would imply a certain level of cautiousness. Taking everyone in a single night runs the risk of alerting people. For a moment, he cursed the fact that the Zombies melted away once the Maho animating them ran it's course. Just being able to confirm identities would be so very useful for giving them something to work with. Unfortunately, the black slime all of the corpses has rendered down to would answer no questions that they could ask. Shaking his head, he follows the sound of voices back to the other magistrates, raising an eyebrow as he arrives to find them perched over a pile of disassembled Katana and two jars of Sake. Still. It was far from the oddest sight he had seen all night and he joined them by the small pile with a small mental shrug. "Nothing much of interest." he responds, pinching the bridge of his nose to ward away the fatigue. "The people animated by the Maho were taken here once they were killed, judging by some of the blood I found. But I couldn't find any pools big enough to hazard a guess as to where they were actually killed....." he continues to appraise them of his thoughts on the matter, idly taking up one of the disassembled blades and inspecting it. Once he's done, he frowns at the blade in his hands. "The Moon Cultists blades?" he asks, looking to his the other Crane. Seeing her incline her head in agreement he frowns again, humming in thought as he notices the stamp on the nakago. "I'm surprised someone was willing to put their mark to blades like these. Their quality is poor at best. I've yet to make any Katana myself, but I've made enough other blades to recognise shoddy workmanship. Looks to me like someone was working with sub par materials. Maybe some softer Iron or some such." he turns the blade over again, looking down the length of the cutting edge. "Or perhaps someone is trying to recreate something that they only witnessed peripherally and they do not understand the reason some things are done. This looks like the Yake-Iri (clay mask) was poorly applied. You can see it in the way the steel warps slightly along it's length." He looks up and flushes under the raised eyebrows of the Magistrates. "Ah. Forgive me. The creation of Arms and Armour is something that I find great enjoyment in."
  10. Kaze nodded his acquiescence to the other Crane, "That seems prudent, Zoyu-san. The Caravan that the masks were travelling on, from what I recall, was ambushed on the border between the Lion and the Scorpion. I have been thinking, and while there is nothing to intimate it to be the case, Lion lands would be rather more ideal for our Quarry than the surrounding territories. We all know that the Lion tend to favour a more martial approach to Bushido and life and, while not shirking the responsibilities they hold to the Emperor, of all the clans in Northern Rokugan, they would be the easiest to hide amongst. With their dearth of Shugenja, few enough among them might recognise the masks for what they are at a brief glance. Of course, this is, for now, just a suspicion. One final suggestion, though. Shosuro-san and the others are already sitting on top of the Maho-Tsukai Scorpion. Orimono's house currently has no-one. Of all our leads, I feel that has the highest chance of going cold, should it be left before investigation. If Orimono's.... acquaintances get to it before we do. I merely present this to you that you might consider it before making a final decision. His house may prove lucrative in terms of information for the hunt." He takes a final sip of his drink, setting it down with a small clink and sits attentive. Ready to move, whatever the magistrates decide.
  11. Kaze paused after Rin's little speech and couldn't help but wince internally. He supposed now might be as good a time as any to bring up the Mask and his own thoughts on the matter. If Zoyu's response earlier was any indication, she would likely not be pleased with some of the conclusions he had come to. But still, it would keep a few minutes more as Tisuri began his own story. It was the sort of story that the courts lived for. He could only imagine what the gossip would have been like at the time it was actually happening, lips curving into a slight sneer before he schooled his expression once more. His own distaste for the Courtiers power games coming to the fore. They had their place, to be sure, but it didn't mean that he enjoyed it, and wouldn't avoid it like the plague if he could manage it. But he was getting distracted. For Eiji to have not only met an apparent Gaijin woman, but to go so far as to bring her to your home, let alone marry her. That would have sent the entire hive into an uproar. Both within the clan and beyond. There was a certain respect he could have for something like that, to go so blatantly against the clans wishes took some steel in ones spine. He could feel a certain respect for that. Though he still felt slightly conflicted about it. He wondered what he would do in the same situation? Something to be thought on later. No point in borrowing problems where they did not currently exist. Either way, he could admit to having some pride in being able to call both of them ancestors. He would need to take some time over the next while to properly thank them. The festival had been unfortunately interrupted, so he hadn't gotten the chance. Usually, no aid was required in offering thanks to ones ancestors, but perhaps Kageko would be willing to help out once she was rested. HE wanted to do something a little more official to demonstrate his thanks. "Well, I find myself somewhat thankful that they were less than successful, all things considered." he silently toasted Tisuri, a wry smile adorning his features "But thank you for sharing with me. Given what you've said, I doubt I would have found the truth anywhere else." his smile fades "Though this talk of Magic leaves me with much to think on." He could still envisage the word after uncovering it in the courtyard. It had felt clearing the clay from a Katana after it's quenching. So much of the blade covered by the mask, but once removed, the patterns practically dancing along it's length. It sat even now in the back of his head with a strange, almost stark clarity. With some regret, he turned his thoughts to other matters. There would be time enough to contemplate his own being later. "Thank you again, Tisuri-sama. AS I've said, you've given me much to contemplate, but for now there is still much to talk about." his head turns slightly, focus now on Rin. "I cann't help but feel that you may be more right than you know, Rin-san. While you and Zoyu-san were otherwise engaged, we came across something somewhat alarming." he reaches down to the satchel that has been sitting beside him up till now. Reaching inside, he sets out a small pile of scrolls and an object slightly larger than a dinner plate, wrapped in cloth. He lays a hand over the scrolls "The Scrolls that the Moon cultists leader was carrying on him. They're done in a cypher, but Kageko-san said she recognises it enough to, while unable to translate, is at least able to say where it is from. Apparently it is the same style of Cypher that is used by the Isawa school of Shugenja, within the Phoenix. Not surprising, but it does confirm Yasuki-san's ledger, which claimed to have sold the Masks to one Isawa Orimono. In and of itself, that's not particularly worrisome, if they were planning to enchant them upon arrival. The issue occurs when the caravan that was carrying the Masks was raided before it could arrive and was taken into the Custody of the Scorpion we have all had such pleasure dealing with tonight. Given the lengths that Orimono was willing to go to to get the masks back, we can probably safely assume that they were enchanted already. Which means that someone, somewhere, is set up with enough capabilities that they were able to send entire crates of the wretched things. And Kami only knows how far that rot extends. On top of this, we have the Scorpion resorting to crudely replicated Maho in order to Summon an Oni in order to hunt down and retrieve the masks that the Moon cultists were demanding back from them." he takes a sip from his now cooling tea, grimacing in distaste. "So, with all of these things, I am afraid that I must be once again be the bearer of ill tidings, Zoyu-san. But our work here may not be nearly as done as we may wish. Arguably the easiest, we will need to talk to the Scorpion and find out where they acquired that Maho from and follow up there as much as possible. Secondly: Orimono was an Isawa. Just by dint of his family, his connections will need to be looked into, to see if he might have spread his corruption among the clan. Third: the Caravan that was originally holding the masks. If this is to be pursued, we need to know who it was that owned it and sent it. The Yasuki at least seem guilty of nothing more than being a Merchant, thought she seems to have paid the price, if my suspicions of the identity of the corpse in the moon cultist house is correct. This seems to be much more than a single isolated incident, this looks coordinated beyond what a single cell would be capable of. This being said, there is one thing of a more immediate concern." he pushes the wrapped package closer to the centre of the table, and gingerly flips open the wrapping to reveal the mask "It was among Orimono's scrolls. Tisuri-sama didn't smash it and I was somewhat apprehensive of trying to destroy it myself in the face of that, not knowing what it was or how it was activated. For all I know, it could be holding something horrible inside and destroying it would only send us chasing yet another monster through the city. I was hoping the Shugenja could take a proper look at it, and at least see if they can figure out if it can safely be destroyed. Something needs to be done about it, though. It radiates Maho and I desire it gone as soon as possible."
  12. Kaze shot Rin a concerned glance. While far from Gregarious usually, she did at least tend to be slightly more animated. Her expression stated unequivocally that she didn't want to talk about it. Perhaps it was fading battle rush, or maybe just how the evening had progressed. Whatever it was, though, it was clearly troubling her. Perhaps she would feel better after she had rested, or maybe even just when she had time to withdraw with the other magistrates. Either way, he would not be dragging her into conversation when there were strangers nearby to overhear it. Reluctantly, he move on, his own thoughts churning. Facing the Kenku once more, he spends a moment just watching the disguised swordsman. Even in his human guise, he exhibited some of the habits of birds. That cock of the head as something interesting caught his eye. That look in his eyes as he led them to their own answers, only occasionally actually answering something himself. He found himself apprehensive of the next question he knew he had to ask. He had said they, all of them sitting there, had unusual blood. And given the exacting skill the bird had wielded his words with, as precise as any sword, that meant that he too had had help beyond the norm. But Dragons, Kenku and Kitsu. He was apprehensive of having the attention of something like that resting on his shoulders.Different to the thought of failing the city over the course of the night, it still left his stomach almost tying itself in knots. It didn't help that Seiobo, while she had been present had passed so utterly for human that he never would have anticapated that she was anything but. Even now he found it hard to believe. But then, maybe she wasn't.... maybe she.... there was no point in mentally chewing it over any more. The answers were right in front of him, only his own apprehension stopping him from finding out if she was just human, if she was a servant of something else, or if she herself was something else. A lull in the conversation provides him with his opportunity and he takes a quiet breath to fortify himself, smoothly exhaling and finding his centre. "Tisuri-sama. You said that, much like Tendo-sama, you knew Seiobo-sama, but that you had not seen her for some time. What can you tell me about her? Her name is, to my regret, not one I am familiar with, either among the more well known among the clan, or among my own families more immediate ones." And there. it was asked. Now he was just unsure what he wanted the answer to be.
  13. Kaze blinked at that. That was..... well. Wow. He was somewhat glad he wasn't eating right then, as he had the distinct feeling that he would have ended up choking on something. "A Dragon, a Kenku and a Kitsu, huh? I feel distinctly under dressed now."
  14. Kaze sat quietly, listening to the back and forth between Kageko and the now disguised Kenku, steadily making his way through the food that had been laid out in front of him. He hadn't quite realised how hungry he had been, but barring the quick bite or two they had at dinner, and on the barge, the last time any of them had eaten properly had been lunch the day before. Bad enough, but with running all over the city all night, he suddenly found himself famished. Pausing at the Kenku admitting that it had followed them all night, he couldn't help but feel a bit conflicted. He could understand the Kenku's perspective, even if it didn't necessarily please him. A Samurai's actions were always their own. Even when following their Lords orders and fulfilling their duty, it remained the choice of the Samurai to do so. Because of this, the consequences of their actions were always theirs to bear, whatever may come and that gave them a weight and significance. If he had just negated the consequences of their actions, it would have been like saying "Your decisions do not matter. There is no significance to them.". He couldn't articulate it any better than that, even to himself, but the thought of being the cause of an entire cities destruction and possibly worse sent a small shiver up his spine. Consequences indeed. Mentally shaking his head he returned his focus to the table. He gently sets his chopsticks down across his bowl, sitting back fully on his knees as Kageko worked through what had happened. "So rather than writing a letter inviting one, you lit a beacon calling to all?" Kageko pauses for moment "It's a... crude Analogy, but for what it was, is fairly accurate" he nods in response, though a second later he cocks his head in thought, eyes drifting over to Rin and Zoyui briefly wondering. "Though I must offer my apologies. Despite the aid they rendered, I must have missed Zoyu-san's and Rin-san's Ancestors in the chaos of the courtyard." he frowns briefly "You said that you had been following us all night. Why did you decide then and there to help us, after everything else that had happened this evening? I'll admit I'm a bit confused, though I am thankful for your intercession."
  15. Kaze let's out a brief chuckle. He supposed that was his own fault. "Then I am glad that you were able to see them once again, after all this time. And thank you for sharing their names with us. I'm afraid I was slightly pre-occupied and did not get the chance to ask her myself. By what name should I call you, though?"
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