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OOC: L5R: Blood & Jade - Combat Thread

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rins rolls


a] 10:03 pm: fear check
[Lobby]: Noir has entered at 10:03 pm
Nina *rolls* 2d10: 4+8: 12
[Noir] 10:03 pm: swapped to tablet
[Noir] 10:03 pm: passed
     [Nina] 10:04 pm: initiative is reflexes right
[Noir] 10:04 pm: yes, and you are quick too, right?
     [Nina] 10:04 pm: nope
Nina *rolls* 2d10: 2+3: 5
     [Nina] 10:05 pm: rin will continue eating for a while apeaently
[Noir] 10:05 pm: I itiaitve is 1k1 with ref added to result. Quick makes it 2k1 with ref added to result
[Noir] 10:06 pm: reroll. it is just 1k1 +Ref
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 9+2: 11
[Noir] 10:06 pm: there you go

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Fear Test:

[Kaoleth] 10:43 pm: Fear first
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 8+10: 18
[Noir] 10:43 pm: the 10 explodes too
[Noir] 10:43 pm: but it does not matter
[Noir] 10:43 pm: you made it either way
[Kaoleth] 10:43 pm: Shhhhh.
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 3: 3
[Kaoleth] 10:44 pm: So 21. xD
[Noir] 10:44 pm: 21! "Fear? What's that? Fear is for the enemy."


[Noir] 10:46 pm: you are Quick, so Initiaitve is 2k1+Ref
[Noir] 10:47 pm: so 2k1 and add Ref to the result
[Kaoleth] 10:47 pm: Okieday.
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 7+3: 10
[Kaoleth] 10:48 pm: So going on 10.

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Okay, so Initiative is as follows.

12 - Zoyu
11 - Rin
10 - Kaze
9 - Oni
8 - Ronin
7 - Toshi
6 - Taka, Akari
5 - Kageko



The server girl (the innkeeper's daughter) is on the ground trembling with a chunk of wood through her chest. Her mother is screaming.

One Crane is laying on the ground either dead or bleeding to death. The oni is holding another Crane one-handed by the neck, above it's head as it rears it's free hand back to swipe at his abdomen. At the same time the third Crane is backing away on his hands and ass in abject terror as the 'tail' that extends off the back of the head of the oni starts reaching for one of his legs (the oni has multiple actions).

The oni seems to be paying no mind to anybody but the Cranes at this point. The peasant merchants begin to scream, run away falling over each other, or are paralyzed in fear.


Your weapons are in the alcove by the door, which is across the room from your private dining room. Reaching it means running past the oni. 

Right now you do not have a way to really gauge that the TN to hit the oni is yet, what it's Carapace rating is (if any) and/or if it has any form of invulnerability. That will change after you start attacking it.


Actions take place in initiaitve order, (but you can post in any order). And you get all of your attacks/actions on your turn. You can hold one or more action if your like, but you must state when you will act (like "before Toshi acts" or "if it tries to run" or "when the tree blows over" or whatever. You get the idea). 

So feel free to post your actions here in any order and include fluff. I will follow Nina's example in Thule and combine the actions into a single IC post for each round.


NPC Actions

A man in a simple brown kimono with his hair in a topknot (ronin), is on the other side of the oni (much closer to the alcove) is running for the alcove and will be reach it this round.

Taka yells "Oni!" and casts Tetsubo of Earth, which is an Innate Ability of his (so he does not need a scroll).

Akari is running to the girl to cast Path to Inner Peace (Heal), which is an Innate Ability of hers (so she does not need a scroll)

Kageko runs to the screaming mother to try and push her out of the way and away from the probable combat that is about to happen.

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All weapons, including wakizashi, jitte, knives, shugenja scroll satchels, are left in the alcove by the door when visiting geisha houses and pretty much any establishment that serves sake, be it an inn, sake house or what have you. Nobody wants to deal with a drunk and armed samurai, and it helps minimize any shame a drunk samurai may bring himself or his family/clan. Being drunk is generally ignored/forgiven (people know samurai need to blow of steam), but being drunk and cutting somebody down with your katana has to be dealt with.

You are also staying at the inn, so you may keep your weapons upstairs in your rooms (which is even farther away), and that is likely where any bows, arrows are kept. Polearms, no-dachi and such could be stored in your room or by the alcove if you wanted. Either is fine, so I leave that up to you.

In the alcove for sure are the weapons you had on you during the day. So Rin's, Zoyu's and Kage's katanas are all there, along with everybody's wakizashi. Toshi's tanto as well as any knives or other weapons carried by anybody else is there, such as your jitte. Taka's, Akari's and Kageko's scroll satchels are in the alcove as well. 

There is another full daisho in the alcove that none of you recognize (likely the ronin's) and some knives belonging to the merchants who are now mostly falling over each other to get out the door and not really taking the time to gather belongings.

So at the moment you all have your clothing, any odds and ends tucked into your obi or inro boxes hanging from it (like some money). Rin was getting work on her tattoo earlier, so she may have a healing potion tucked in her obi, for example. None of you have any actual weapons though, aside from Taka who is magically forming a stone tetsubo in his hand.

All of the fully appointed Jade Magistrates do have their jade orbs though (sorry Kaze). The orbs are around the size of tennis ball and fit pretty comfortably in the hand, so you could throw them or hold in a hand and strike with them.


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Rin spins at the sound and raises her right arm to shield her face as the wall explodes. She sees the Oni and the Crane on the floor the other in the monsters grasp. She rises to her feet in a fluid motion her hand falling to her obi almost of its on accord. Her hand comes up and in her grasp the badge of her office the Jade orb.

No thought, her mind and body as one, she hurls the orb with all her strength and skill at what she perceives to be the oni's most vulnerable spot.


[Noir] 1:44 pm: Rin is develping a new attack. The Jade Fastball!

     [Nina] 1:44 pm:     

     [Nina] 1:45 pm: its jade hopefully it will help save the poor crane

     [Nina] 1:45 pm: and Rin does beleive in using what ever is at hand

[Noir] 1:46 pm: throwing your jade orb is Agility+Athletics. On the plus side, the oni is a fairly easy target as it is big and does not seem to be paying you any mind and therefore not really keeping an eye out for attacks to avoid.

[Noir] 1:49 pm: though throwing a big hunk of a jade at an oni is a good way to get it's attention

[Noir] 1:49 pm: heh

Nina *rolls* 6d10: 1+4+10+7+3+3: 28

     [Nina] 1:51 pm: whats the keep and do 10 explode

[Noir] 1:51 pm: 10's explode

[Noir] 1:51 pm: you keep Agility

Nina *rolls* 1d10: 4: 4

     [Nina] 1:51 pm: 25

[Jeremy] 1:52 pm: You only have 3 Agility?

[Noir] 1:52 pm: so 14+7+4+3=28

[Noir] 1:52 pm: Rin is 4 Agility

[Jeremy] 1:52 pm: Yeah, so it's 28

[Noir] 1:52 pm: that's a hit

[Noir] 1:53 pm: lemme see what damage would be

     [Nina] 1:53 pm: oh the 10 stacks my mistake

[Noir] 1:54 pm: I will say throwing the orb has a DR of 1k1. So damage roll is (Strength+1)K1. Rin is 2 strneght, so 3k1

[Noir] 1:55 pm: you can spend void on damage if you like

[Noir] 1:55 pm: but with an oni, who knows what Carapace or invulnerability it may have

[Jeremy] 1:56 pm: Jade though

[Noir] 1:56 pm: jade is not the catchall all the time

[Jeremy] 1:57 pm: Ok, I thought jade was super-effective on Shadowland types.

[Noir] 1:57 pm: some oni have invulnerability that means anything but X does 1 point of damage

     [Nina] 1:57 pm: she will spend one void since its jade an the only one she has need to maximize if possible

[Noir] 1:57 pm: it generally is, but not always with oni

[Noir] 1:57 pm: usually with oni, but not always

[Jeremy] 1:57 pm: Ah

     [Nina] 1:57 pm: but we don't know that it isn't

[Noir] 1:57 pm: so Jade may wreck it, or it may mostly ignore it

[Noir] 1:57 pm: you are about to find out

[Noir] 1:57 pm: heh

     [Nina] 1:57 pm: so whats my roll now

[Jeremy] 1:58 pm: Ok,so 4k2 then Nina

[Noir] 1:58 pm: so spending a void adds +1k1, making damage 4k2, yes

     [Nina] 1:58 pm: rolling

Nina *rolls* 4d10: 9+8+10+10: 37

[Noir] 1:58 pm: LOL

[Noir] 1:59 pm: damn, that was a sweet roll

[Noir] 1:59 pm: the 10's explode

     [Nina] 1:59 pm: sweet

Nina *rolls* 2d10: 10+6: 16

[Kaoleth] 1:59 pm: Christ.

Nina *rolls* 1d10: 4: 4

[Jeremy] 1:59 pm: lol

[Noir] 1:59 pm: and keep exploding

     [Nina] 1:59 pm: bet it notices rin now

[Noir] 1:59 pm: so reroll that 10 too

[Kaoleth] 1:59 pm: 40 Damage.

[Kaoleth] 1:59 pm: She did.

[Jeremy] 2:00 pm: She already did

[Kaoleth] 2:00 pm: It rolled 4.

[Jeremy] 2:00 pm: 24 + 16

     [Nina] 2:00 pm: 40 total

[Noir] 2:00 pm: 16 and 24

[Noir] 2:00 pm: wow

[Noir] 2:00 pm: Yeah, it sure notices Rin now

[Noir] 2:00 pm: You got the oni's attention! Hooray!

     [Nina] 2:00 pm: and yes rin now has a new signature attal lol

[Noir] 2:01 pm: lol

[Noir] 2:01 pm: I guess practicing throwing the wakizashi paid off

[Noir] 2:01 pm: hehe

[Jeremy] 2:01 pm: "Mirumoto Rin. Placed 2nd at the 11XX Topaz Championship. Jade Magistrate. Killed an oni by throwing her jade orb of office at it."

[Noir] 2:02 pm: she spent a void, so for a brief moment all the elements in her body were in total alignment

[Dave] 2:02 pm: Sometimes it's all about adaptation and improvisation.

[Noir] 2:03 pm: 40 damage from throwing your badge. that's crazy

     [Nina] 2:04 pm: lol thats rin crazy


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[Kaoleth] 12:13 am: OKieday then. Step one, barking orders at the Ronin. 5k3.
Kaoleth *rolls* 5d10: 3+9+8+2+5: 27
[Kaoleth] 12:13 am: 22. Not bad.
[Noir] 12:13 am: 22


[Kaoleth] 12:37 am: All right. Full attack shove with a void, for 7k4+3. Free Raise to Strength. Extra raise to knock it ass over teakettle.
[Kaoleth] 12:38 am: So TN. 20.
Kaoleth *rolls* 7d10: 7+2+4+8+8+8+4: 41
[Kaoleth] 12:40 am: Keeping four of those.
[Noir] 12:40 am: yep
[Kaoleth] 12:40 am: 34 kept all told.
[Noir] 12:40 am: 31+3 for 34
[Kaoleth] 12:40 am: Including the increase from my honour.
[Noir] 12:40 am: nice roll

Kaze's voice cuts effortlessly through the din, resounding over the confusion "Ronin-san! Toss us our Blades!". Already moving before he is finished, a sense of calm steals over him as he inhales sharply, sprinting fully at the Oni. He launches himself bodily at the creature, ramming his shoulder into it, sending it staggering. He was not looking forward to the purification that he would have to perform after this but if it kept it away from the wounded and unarmed, it would be worth it.

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[Asarasa] 8:01 pm: Will take 1 raise for more force to bring down
the Crane, roll = 4k4
Asarasa *rolls* 4d10: 7+1+1+3: 12
[Asarasa] 8:02 pm: Sigh... of course
     [Nina] 8:02 pm: ugh dice betrayal
[Asarasa] 8:02 pm: Everyone else rolls like 3 10s
[Noir] 8:08 pm: you can succede without the raise if you like. Up to
[Noir] 8:10 pm: it just caught a jade fastball to the face and got
tackled so it is not exactly trying to keep the Crane in hand away
from you. it has other things to worry about
[Asarasa] 8:10 pm: kk
[Noir] 8:10 pm: Sportsball!

The misshapen Oni burst through the wall, but Zoyu would rather the Fortunes abandon her than allow her surprise and fear to show or cause her to hesitate. She found her feet in a fluid motion, her mismatched eyes taking in the circumstances of her clansmen in a moment, and she dashes forward, her long hair streaming behind her.

"Ronin-san! Toss us our Blades!" Zoyu called out in sharp control and in unintentional unison with Kakita Kaze.

A blur of jade flickered in the corner of her eye as Zoyu leapt and there was a dull, hard thwack! as she grasped the man in the Oni's claw around the waist, trying to pull him free.

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Due to the number of combatants involved, Initiative will continue in the same order as before.

12 - Zoyu
11 - Rin
10 - Kaze
9 - Oni
8 - Ronin
7 - Toshi
6 - Taka, Akari
5 - Kageko


Round 2

The situation....

You managed rescue the Crane from the oni's grasp. A Crane is still laying on the ground bleeding and the other is still backing away on his butt, eyes wide in terror.

The oni is back on it's feet, apparently hurt a bit and now well aware of you.

Zoyu and Kaze are now within melee range of the oni.

Toshi will reach the alcove this round and be able to throw swords next round.

Everybody else is still in the private dining room.

The merchants will likely be out of the building this round or the next.


NPC actions

The ronin tosses a sheathed katana to both Zoyu and Kaze which they can use this round. Kaze gets his katana and Zoyu gets the katana belonging to one of the other Cranes. (Even though it is out of turn I will allow it because he is not making an attack and helps with the story. Heh..The same will go for Toshi next round if he tosses swords.)

The Oni is going claw at Zoyu and Kaze (if they are both on range) and try to grab the Crane Zoyu rescued by the legs with its tail.

Akari will move to the downed Crane along side Taka as he closes to oni, tetsubo in hand. (If one of the bushi ask, he will toss them the tetsubo instead. The skill to use it is Subojutsu and you all know Taka is skilled with it.)

Kageko will move to the girl and try to drag her out of the line of fire as well.


So post your next actions and fluff and I will summarize as normal.

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Rin is going to move into melee range of the oni and shout for toshi to toss her some swords


Looking around Rin could see nothing that would serve as a weapon however she did see Toshi almost in the alcove. Choosing her path carefully she darted into where her friend, Zoyu, was already in mortal combat with the hell-beast. "Toshi! Toss me some swords." She called out to the Scorpion.

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Akari tries to remain calm.  It's clear she's at a serious disadvantage, what with her scrolls being out of reach, all she can do is heal.  she looks at Taka and then the injured crane and nods, examining him.  

She's not sure if he's dead or just barely alive, but gets ready to attempt to heal.




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To Hit:

[Kaoleth] 10:52 pm: So. Grand total 6k4+3
[Kaoleth] 10:52 pm: Soooo 1 2 Ridibick shoe.
[Noir] 10:52 pm: yep
Kaoleth *rolls* 6d10: 10+8+7+7+4+10: 46
[Noir] 10:52 pm: lol
[Kaoleth] 10:53 pm: That'll do.
[Noir] 10:53 pm: 10's explode
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 8+1: 9
[Kaoleth] 10:53 pm: 44 all told.
[Kaoleth] 10:53 pm: Oh.
[Kaoleth] 10:53 pm: 47
[Kaoleth] 10:53 pm: Sorry.
[Noir] 10:53 pm: so 18+11+8+7+3
[Noir] 10:53 pm: that's a hit

[Noir] 10:54 pm: you did not declare your free raise, so I will assume it was for damage
[Kaoleth] 10:54 pm: Oh.... yeah.
[Noir] 10:55 pm: so 7k2+3 total if 3 Str
[Kaoleth] 10:55 pm: Kk.
Kaoleth *rolls* 7d10: 9+1+7+8+5+5+9: 44
[Kaoleth] 10:55 pm: 20 all told.
[Noir] 10:55 pm: so 21
[Kaoleth] 10:55 pm: No, wait.
[Kaoleth] 10:55 pm: 21.

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[Asarasa] 10:33 pm: Will just apply the raise to damage
[Noir] 10:33 pm: You can spend void if you like too for a +1k1
[Noir] 10:34 pm: Okay
[Asarasa] 10:34 pm: Rolling 8k4
[Noir] 10:34 pm: So that is going to give you a +1k0 to damage.
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 1+9+7+2+4+6+7+3: 39
[Asarasa] 10:34 pm: So... miss
[Asarasa] 10:35 pm: I can't roll a fucking 10 on this dice roller, so
never exploding dice
[Asarasa] 10:35 pm: 29
[Noir] 10:35 pm: Aww
[Asarasa] 10:35 pm:    
[Noir] 10:35 pm: No bonus to attack from rank 1 Kakita?
[Noir] 10:35 pm: Just initiative?
[Asarasa] 10:36 pm: Kakita get no bonuses ever to any
attack/damage rolls

Zoyu caught the sheathed blade tossed her way in a fluid motion, then spun, interposing herself between the Oni and the Crane that had been freed from its grasp. Zoyu's striking face was smooth and serene as she slipped the sword from its saya with a sibilant sound and slashed at the sinister savage in the same, sleek step.

Though of similar balance and curvature to her own blade, as soon as her hand caressed the hilt, Zoyu instinctively realized it was not hers. The horrific Oni was large but surprisingly fast, recoiling obscenely and causing her strike to fall short of its foul hide. When she saw the results of Kakita Kaze's strike, his blade cutting only the thinnest of lines on the Oni's flesh, her dual-coloured eyes narrowed slightly, the faintest of frowns tugging at her full lips.

"My blade, if you would," Zoyu called out to any still in the alcove with a disconcerting calmness without taking her gaze from the terrible Oni towering over her. "The one with sakura blossoms on the saya."

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12 - Zoyu
11 - Rin
10 - Kaze
9 - Oni
8 - Ronin
7 - Toshi
6 - Taka, Akari
5 - Kageko


Round 3

The situation....

Kaze has taken 9 points of damage from the oni's claw attack.

Zoyu, Kaze, Rin, Taka and Akari are no in melee range with the oni.

The oni now has it's tail wrapped around the legs of the Crane it just held and it pulling him close.

Akari is now beside the wounded Crane.

Toshi is now at the alcove.

Kageko is still in the Private dining room with the mother and daughter.

The merchants are now out of the room aside from one who is still sitting at a table totally petrified with fear.


NPC actions

The ronin grabs his sword and tosses Zoyu's sheathed katana to her at the beginning of the round. (Even though it is out of turn I will allow it because he is not making an attack and helps with the story. The same goes for Toshi if he tosses swords.)

The Oni is going to claw at the Crane it has grabbed with his tail and at Zoyu again.

Taka is taking a swing at the Oni with his Tetsubo of Earth.

Kageko now moves out of the private dining room and pulls out her jade orb.


Post your next actions and fluff and I will summarize as normal.

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Toshi can toss two swords or one scroll satchel. 

Taka is currently armed with a Tetsubo of Earth that will last for roughly 8 more rounds, so he does not really need to be tossed a weapon.

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[Kaoleth] 12:26 am: Rolling, free raise for a targetted body shot.
Kaoleth *rolls* 4d10: 7+7+9+1: 24
[Kaoleth] 12:27 am: 26 including my bonus.
[Kaoleth] 12:27 am: Miss.
[Lobby]: Jeremy has left at 12:27 am
[Kaoleth] 12:27 am: Damn.


Eyes narrowed in a combination of pain and irritation, Kaze easily flows from one strike to the next. He could feel the wound tugging, the sharp sting pulsing with every movement. He grunted as his sword bounces off the creatures hide, leaving no trace of a wound behind. Kami forsaken wretch. He found a new appreciation for the Crab growing, if this was what they faced daily.

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Snatching her swords out of the air she shouts as loud as she can "Zoyu! The tail!" He volume is as much so her companion can hear as it is to draw the Oni's attention. Her swords, still sheathed struck and struck as fast as she could weaving a web, touching the Oni here,there, everywhere. Not to damage the creature but to keep it's violence aimed at her giving her companions time to kill the beast, placing her faith in her skill and her ancestor.

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[Asarasa] 12:23 am: Spending Void. Get a raise on te slower Oni,
need to do another raise to target Tail
[Asarasa] 12:23 am: TN is 35
[Noir] 12:23 am: with your free raise, that is still 1 raise for a TN 35
[Asarasa] 12:23 am: Rolling 9k5
[Noir] 12:23 am: yep
Asarasa *rolls* 9d10: 9+8+8+8+2+4+9+3+4: 55
[Noir] 12:24 am: wo
[Noir] 12:24 am: Woo!
[Noir] 12:24 am: so now damage
[Noir] 12:25 am: remember the damage bonus from Immortal Steel
[Asarasa] 12:25 am: So, Katana is 4k3 and I add 2k0 from Str for a
total of 6k3?
[Noir] 12:25 am: yep
[Asarasa] 12:25 am: Damage, 6k3
Asarasa *rolls* 6d10: 2+3+8+8+9+7: 37
[Noir] 12:26 am: 25?
[Asarasa] 12:26 am: Man, Zoyu barely ever rolls 10s for exploding
[Sunstar] 12:26 am: ....
[Asarasa] 12:26 am: 25 damage, yeah


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12 - Zoyu
11 - Rin
10 - Kaze
9 - Little oni things
8 - Ronin
7 - Toshi
6 - Taka, Akari
5 - Kageko


Round 4

The situation....

Rin has taken 10 points of damage from the Oni's claw attack.

The Oni has bugged out and left two little oni things in it's stead.

Zoyu, Kaze, Rin, Akari, Taka and Kageko are in melee range with the little oni things at the moment. The one moving to the Crane in the corner will be out of melee range once it moves.

The Oni's severed tail is wrapped around the the Crane it had previously held and and is contracting, still holding/binding/grappling his legs.

Toshi is at the alcove along with the ronin..

The merchants are out of the room aside from one who is still sitting at a table totally petrified with fear.


NPC actions

The ronin is now moving to Crane bound in the Oni's tail, katana in hand.

One of the little oni things is moving toward, and will attack, the Crane bound in the severed tail.

The other little oni thing is moving toward, and will attack, the Crane that has been backing away into the corner. It will be out of melee range once it moves.

Taka is taking a swing at the little oni moving/attack at the Crane bound in the tail, with his Tetsubo of Earth.

Kageko will swing at the same one Taka is attacking and yells, "We go this one! You bushi get the other!"


Post your next actions and fluff and I will summarize as normal.

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Rin will ignore her wound and instead launch and all out attack at the little oni thing heading for the crane in the corner. she will use wasp. if she can drop the short sword and iajustsu draw the long sword with out losing an attack she will do that, if she would lose an attack she will just used the sheathed swords as bokken. she will be attempting to damage though.

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Zoyu will attack the oniling going after the Crane still caught in the tail, slashing with her blade.

[Asarasa] 9:24 pm: They got a lower Initiative, so I get a free raise,
will apply it to damage. Rolling 8k4 to hit
Asarasa *rolls* 8d10: 3+10+2+9+2+9+3+2: 40
Asarasa *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8
[Asarasa] 9:25 pm: 39
[Asarasa] 9:25 pm: Hit
     [Nina] 9:25 pm: it has a 3 carapace for damage
[Lobby]: Nina has left at 9:25 pm
[Lobby]: Nina has entered at 9:25 pm
[Asarasa] 9:28 pm: So, Damage is 2k0 (Str) + 4k3 (Magic Katana)
for 6k3. Spending Void on Damage for 7k4
Asarasa *rolls* 7d10: 9+4+5+1+2+6+6: 33
[Asarasa] 9:28 pm: Dammit, wanted at least one 10. Damage = 26

Deep in the serene surety of the dance of blades, no surprise or anger broke through the calm smile on Zoyu's face as the tailess Oni fled. Her eyes tracked it for just a moment before dismissing as she made another graceful spin and brought her gleaming blade down on the Oni's spawn scuttling for the Crane struggling from the Oni's tail in an elegant strike.

The glittering edge bit clean through its crusty hide, severing the Oni's spawn in half. Black blood, putrid organs, and a terrible reek spilled forth from the halves of the Oni's spawn.

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Rin curses the Oni as it flees but the threat is still here. The Cranes for what ever reason are still under attack and it is her duty to do what ever is in her power to protect them. Dropping her short sword she steps to the nearest nightmare creature and as it races toward the cowering Crane she grasps her saya with her left hand and with a cry of fury whips her sword out and strikes in a single motion!

The blade strikes cutting but the beasts hard skin resists the edge. Saya in her left hand she uses it as she would the short sword for defense as she makes a reverse cut upwards putting all her strength into the blow, gritting her teeth against the pain across her chest. Her sword meets softer flesh and cuts deep. She reverses and strikes but the pain is too much and her blow falls short as the thing skitters away trailing ichor.



: rin is counting on the little oni thing 1) dying or 2) single mindely going after the crane
[Noir] 5:32 pm: heh
[Noir] 5:32 pm: they are not ignoring you, per se, but do seem more about attacking the Cranes
[Noir] 5:32 pm: so base TN to hit them is 25
     [Nina] 5:34 pm: does the all out bonus apply to the iajutsu roll?
[Noir] 5:34 pm: so first attack would be Agility + Iaijutsu TN 25 + any raises. the Full attack bonus counters your wound penalty
[Noir] 5:34 pm: yep
     [Nina] 5:34 pm: ok
[Noir] 5:34 pm: essentially, you are focusing so much on the strike that you are dropping your guard
Nina *rolls* 7d10: 7+4+9+9+4+10+3: 46
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 9: 9
[Noir] 5:35 pm: wow
     [Nina] 5:36 pm: 44
[Noir] 5:36 pm: that's a hit
[Noir] 5:36 pm: lol
[Noir] 5:36 pm: now your wound penalty does apply to damage
     [Nina] 5:36 pm: i'll do the other hits
[Noir] 5:36 pm: well, 1 hit could be enough
[Noir] 5:36 pm: so you prolly wanna roll damage
     [Nina] 5:37 pm: ok so katana is 3 right
[Noir] 5:37 pm: if you kill it, you could attack the other one, unless that doesn' t matter to rin
[Noir] 5:38 pm: katana is 3k2, so the wound cancles out your strength, making it 3k2 (instead of 5k2)
     [Nina] 5:38 pm: yeah thanks
Nina *rolls* 3d10: 2+4+3: 9
     [Nina] 5:38 pm: 7
[Noir] 5:39 pm: actually, 5. They have 3 Carapace
     [Nina] 5:39 pm: then 4
[Noir] 5:39 pm: Carapace means any damage dice equal to or lower counds as a 1
[Noir] 5:39 pm: so you do 5
     [Nina] 5:40 pm: oh ok
[Noir] 5:40 pm: Rin gave it a noticeable wound, but it is still very much alive
[Noir] 5:40 pm: so attack #2 can be Agility + Kenjutsu
[Noir] 5:41 pm: Full attack cancels out your wound penalty
     [Nina] 5:41 pm: next hitshe will do one raise for damage
[Noir] 5:41 pm: so roll your normal dice poll.
[Noir] 5:41 pm: so TN 30
[Noir] 5:41 pm: since you raised
Nina *rolls* 8d10: 2+5+4+8+10+7+2+2: 40
[Noir] 5:41 pm: lol
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10
Nina *rolls* 1d10: 6: 6
[Noir] 5:41 pm: LOL
[Noir] 5:42 pm: 41?
     [Nina] 5:42 pm: yeah
[Noir] 5:42 pm: that's a hit
[Noir] 5:42 pm: so with a raise for damage you will 4k2
[Noir] 5:42 pm: *roll
Nina *rolls* 4d10: 7+2+1+9: 19
     [Nina] 5:42 pm: 16
[Noir] 5:43 pm: 16. nice
     [Nina] 5:43 pm: same with one raise
Nina *rolls* 8d10: 8+7+2+5+2+5+1+1: 31
     [Nina] 5:43 pm: miss
[Noir] 5:43 pm: that was a very nice wound, but it is still alive
[Noir] 5:44 pm: Rin hurt it a lot
[Noir] 5:45 pm: it has thick, black blood and it is now staggering/stumbling toward the Crane in the corner, but still coming at him
     [Nina] 5:45 pm: hopefully the ronin can finish it off
[Noir] 5:46 pm: the Ronin is sppending his action moving to the Crane wrapped in the tail
     [Nina] 5:46 pm: oh i misread that sorry
[Noir] 5:46 pm: So hopefully Kaze can finish it
[Noir] 5:46 pm: heh
     [Nina] 5:50 pm: ill put up some fluff
[Noir] 5:50 pm: cool



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I whiff my roll on 24 out of 25. I'll manage to hit something. SOmewhen. I promise. :P

Kaze pursues Rins target, pushing himself into another swing. He winces as the blade passes within a few milimeters of the creatures back. Sometimes practicing against human opponents can come back to bite you. The smaller and faster target proving much more of a challenge to hit.

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Akari wastes No time getting some healing in on Rin with Path of Inner Peace

Sunstar *rolls* 3d10: 5+2+10: 17
[Sunstar] 3:09 am: ....
[Sunstar] 3:09 am: Keeping that Five and that 10
[Noir] 3:09 am: 10's explode
Sunstar *rolls* 1d10: 10: 10
[Sunstar] 3:10 am: ....
[Sunstar] 3:10 am: HAHHAHAHA
[Noir] 3:10 am: and keep exploding
[Sunstar] 3:10 am: Thank you Die gods
Sunstar *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8
[Noir] 3:10 am: so 5, 2, 28
[Noir] 3:11 am: keeping 2 would be 33

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[Noir] 10:18 am: be safe
[Kaoleth] 10:20 am: Okieday. Rolling initiative.
Kaoleth *rolls* 2d10: 7+1: 8
[Kaoleth] 10:20 am: So 10, adding in my ref of 3.
[Kaoleth] 10:20 am: Which, I';m fairly sure is exactly what I rolled the last time. xD
[Noir] 10:20 am: so 10?

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