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  1. The spirit of the gnarled woman let out a loud laugh at Kamiko's command. "You think I will tell you anything, you half-gaijin fool? How your Clan tolerates you is beyond me. You know the saying, 'If you lay with dogs, then expect fleas'." she cackled at the Scorpion. Kageko narrowed her eyes at the spirit of the woman and leaned forward slightly to make sure she was heard. "You clearly know little of the Sodan-Senzo, witch. I could speed you along to your fate in Jigoku, or maybe I could ensure you linger here, unable to move on, forever trapped between worlds, between lives..." she threatened. The spirit's laugh stopped and she looked closely at Kageko, her beautiful face a passive mask of serenity with just the faintest upturn to the corners of her delicate lips. "You had better hope you never meet him. If the fortunes favor you, then you may find your death before you have any sort of chance to." she scoffed, apparently not yet willing to test Kageko's abilities.
  2. The small Lion nodded her head beneath her large hood. "Yes, you will comply.." she then said to nobody in particular. "You may have tainted your soul with the touch of He Who Shall Not Be Named by your foul use of accursed maho, and be awaiting his gnarled grasp to drag you down to Jigoku, but I am a Sodan-Senzo of the Lion Clan, and until that time you are well within the reach of my magic." she said, but not to Kagato or any of her fellow Magistrates, her eyes seemingly focused on somebody who was not there. "We are Jade Magistrates, hand picked by the Son of Heaven himself to serve the Empire and root out foul magics and maho-tsukai such as you, and you shall not defy his will." she said firmly as she reached into her stachel and removed a scroll. Kageko unrolled the scroll and looked it over as she nodded a time or two. "Ah. Then you are aware of our work, as the light and blessings of Amaterasu do indeed still shine down upon Journey's End City." she then replied , though nobody was speaking to her. It was odd to Kagato, and only slightly less so to the pair of Scorpions, as Kageko appeared to hold a conversation with somebody who was not there, for many of other clans had at least heard of the Sodan-Senso of the Lion clan, but few outside the clan ever got to meet one. And yet before them stood one, apparently speaking with the spirits of the dead that others could not see. Carefully Kageko knelt down and withdrew a small, rectangular, lacquered wooden box from her pack and opened the hinged the lid, revealing that it was full of a fine gravel. She sat the box down and then withdrew a rolled up piece of cloth, which she unrolled revealing sticks of incense, three of which she removed and with a small prayer and soft blowing on the ends began to smolder and release their scent. Once lit, Kageko stuck the ends of the incense in the gravel of the box, holding them like at a shrine, and began to cast a spell from her scroll. A soft blue wave of light washed out from the incense, and as it pass by and through each of the rooms occupants, they could see two more among them... spirits of the dead. Their forms were a little hazy, made of a translucent blueish light or vapor. The man looked the same as the body, except the crescent tattoo on his arm shone so brightly it was almost difficult to look at. He sat by his body , murmuring a prayer, while the spirit of the woman stood, hunched over before Kageko, snearing down at her. The woman's spiritual formed looked little like her body. She was virtually bald, only sparse strands of hair hanging from her head, much like her corpse, while the rest of her body was gnarled and twisted with large sores and boils dotting her skin, so of which were open and oozing. One eye was nearly forced closed by a large boil on the eyelid, while the other eye was obscenely wide open, bulging out almost like that of fish. Kageko turned to the others and asked, "What would you like to ask?"
  3. Kamiko carefully looked over the corpses, using a knife dropped by one to avoid touching the dead flesh, thereby rendering herself impure. The dead woman did indeed have a scroll satchel which Kamiko cut off of her and slipped away to inspect. Though the dead shugenja appears to be ronin, the majority of the scrolls she carries seem to be written in a cipher. Being a shugenja herself Kamiko's eye can recognizes them as spells, even if she cannot determine which ones without attempting to break the cipher The dead man and woman each had an aiguchi (knife), which they each dropped when they were killed, and a dozen koku in various coins between them. Found on the man is a small set of keys, piece of flint and another key made from a piece of obsidian with the back end in the shape of a crescent moon. On the inside of his forearm is also a tattoo of a crescent moon, the mark of the moon cult. The woman, perhaps strangely, lacked the tattoo of the man, but her hair turned out to be a wig, hiding her shaved head, though close inspection would seem to indicate that she was loosing her hair anyways, judging by the sparse stubble that had begun to grow back. Rin's inspection of the crates revealed ceramic tea and sake sets of fine quality, each one nice, but not overly so. Though on the bottom of the tea pots, sake bottles and cups, faintly stamped is a mark Rin has seen before, stamped into the zombie masks in Royoko Owari. A further search of the crates reveals nothing else by more sets in small wooden boxes and packing straw. "Though they are dead, we can, still speak with them for a short while, at the very least." Kageko offered. "Or at least I can., though their compliance I may have to force." she added. The mark on the tea and sake sets...
  4. The shugenja reaches for her knife, pulling it from her belt at a sharp angle, clearly intending to drag it across her own neck as she chanted something. Rin could feel a cold wave wash over her body, her skin crawling as the other woman chanted, joined by the rotund man as he drew he blade across the monk's flesh. Drawing on the power of her tattoo, the wings of the wasp fluttered as Rin drew her wakizashi and then brought her katana across the belly of the woman causing a wet, disgusting, splash of intestines on the floor as she fell to the ground lifeless, her foul magic halted. The man lifted his blade up by his head and swung it down on at the helpless, bound monk as Rin spun, bringing her sword back around to the man and across his back, severing the spine as his blade slid across the monk's flesh harmlessly, as if he were trying to cut a crab's hard shell. His eyes went wide and then life drained from them as he was cut in half, managing to stand for just a moment before his top half tumbled over and to the ground, followed a moment later by the other half. The warehouse was silent, except for Rin's breathing and the death rattles of the slain, though new shafts of sunlight shone into the warehouse where the laborers had managed to open a door and flee out inside the streets.
  5. Boss man cuts the monk. Monk is bound, so TN to hit him is 5. Boss man rolls damage 2D10 => (1 +6) He keeps the 6 for 6 damage! The crab tattoo reduces all damage by 6 So he takes 0 damage. Summarizing the round.
  6. It is the Rin show again then. Ball's in your court.
  7. Round 2- warehouse fight Roll initiative! Rin: Shugenja: 6 - Cutting her own throat and casting a spell. Kagato: Boss man: 6 - cutting the monk. Laborer #1 & 2 are effectively out of combat, going last, as they work to open the door and flee.
  8. As soon as Rin noticed the spell being cast. Rin's ancestor, Mirumoto himself, spoke to her, and though she did not exactly hear him, she knew what he spoke of, sharing with her the secrets of his style, and its connection to the shugenja. Rin could not just see the magic being cast, but could also sense the attention of the elemental kami on her, intuitively understanding how to encourage, or in this case, dissuade them. She did with with a thought as she darted across the distance to the other woman, trusting that the added complication would foul the shugenja's spell. "Should have listen to me." Rin plainly said as, in a single, fluid motion, she drew her swords and brought the katana down across the shugenja's chest, slicing open her brown kimono as the steel bit deep into her flesh, leaving a narrow, river of crimson diagonally from her shoulder to hip, sending a spray of blood onto the floor. The woman screamed and staggered back, but kept her concentration, no focused through a lens of anger and hate. She reflexively clutched her chest with one hand as the other outstretched toward Rin, elemental energy spiraling down it. A small breeze blew inside the warehouse at Rin as the Dragon bushi felt a strong and sudden fatigue wash over her, pulling her toward slumber, despite her prior discouragement of the elemental kami. Rin focused and pushed through the curtain of slumber that was slowly descending on her, clearing her head as she heard what she assumed to be the two laborers fumbling with a door.
  9. that puts the shugenja in her -2 wound level. So her spell will be +5 TN and she is -2 dice for the roll.. 3D10 => (10 +10 +10) = 30 10's explode 3D10 => (6 +5 +10) = 21 10's explode 30+21 = 511D10 => (8) = 8 so 16 + 15 + 28 = 59!!!! She REALLY wanted to cast that spell! It was like her life depended on it! Rin still gets a resistance roll though. Rin can make an Earth vs the shugenja's Air x5 which means TN 15 Rin's resistance roll... 2d10o10 25 So Rin resists! That is it for the actions this round, so I will summarize in the main thread
  10. Rin: 9 Shugenja: 8 - Casting a spell on Rin Laborer #2: 6 - RUN AWAY! Kagato: 6 - Holding action Boss man: 5 - draw knife and run to the monk Laborer #1: 4 - RUN AWAY! It is all Rin's show now since she had initiative.
  11. Golden Pony Inn "Of course, Shosuro-sama." Abun said in reply to Kamiko, nodding. "Whenever you wish, simply let me know." "The Empire?" the little girl asked wide-eyed, in awe of the responsibility placed on her shoulders. "Hai!" she said enthusiastically. "It is not far." she said, eager to lead the Magistrates from the inn.
  12. Ceramics Warehouse Eyes widened as as Rin announced herself to the warehouse. Instantly the others looked to the fat man. He met the shugenja's gaze and gave her a slow, almost imperceptible nod. The shugenja looked to Rin and smiled cutely, slowly removing her hand from the satchel, showing her that it was empty as she took a slow, cautious step back, holding her empty hands at roughly her head height to ensure the Magistrate could see both hands were empty. The man then met the eyes of the two laborers, inclining his head ever so slightly toward Rin as his gaze intensified. The two men, though trying to be subtle, had clearly lost any subtlety to fear, which made the shaking of their heads in the negative far more obvious than they had intended. The large man rolled his eyes and then looked to Rin, managing a faint smile. "Arrest? Of course, Mirumoto-sama. But I assure you, we are just simple ceramics merchants. There must be a mistake somewhere. We are simply packing up the rest of our wares to take to the road." she managed to say, not only with a straight face, but even managing a hint of supplication. The man did speak a bit loudly though, which masked the woman speaking softly for a moment before Rin's ear caught it. She held no scroll, but the woman was indeed casting a spell! When Rin's attention shifted to her, she began to speak more loudly, causing elemental energy to swirl around her.
  13. Those in the ceramics warehouse can roll initiative! Everybody can roll, even Kagato (though he may or may not be able to do much. We'll see). Refresher Initiative roll = 1k1+ Reflex (meaning you add your Reflex as a static bonus, not dice, to the result) The "Quick" advantages adds +1k0 to the roll. Rin: 9 Kagato: 6 Shugenja: 8 Boss man: 5 Laborer #1: 4 Laborer #2: 6
  14. The men inside the mostly empty ceramics warehouse all looked toward Rin as she kicked in the door and spoke. The two laborers both took a step or two backwards, away from Rin in fear, their shaky hands each moving toward the knives in their belts. The more rotund man seemed more surprised than scared, with perhaps a dash of outrage mixed in as well. Just as quickly his expression shifted, his eyes showing a bit of pleading with a tinge of fear. "I- I am afraid I do not know of what you speak, Dragon-sama. Magistrates? We are just simple ceramics merchants. We know nothing of Magistrates." he said, bowing quickly and deeply to draw her attention. The crashing of the door caused the woman to to jolt awake and snap to her feel, inadvertently kicking back the stool she was sitting in. She took a step towards Rin and to the side, blocking her view of the tattooed monk bound to the post behind her as her hand casually drifted into her scroll satchel. "If you are looking for magistrates, one of my workers can lead you to the palace, perhaps?" the rotund man suggested. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "If you like, I could have my son guide you there." Abun offered and then looked over his shoulder, motioning his daughter over, to whom he said something a little more softly and difficult to hear over the noise of the dining room, causing her to nod, turn and walk away quickly, exiting the inn towards the stables as a small peasant girl came running in, cradling a jitte in her arms. She stood just inside the doorway, looking scanning the diners until her eyes fall on Zoyu. She quickly walked over to the magistrate's table and knelt down, holding out the jitte. "P- please excuse me, samurai-samas." she said first, a bit scared, as she addressed the table. She then turned slightly to face Zoyu more directly. "A tattooed Dragon woman, a magistrate, told me to hurry here and bring this to give you, her fellow magistrates, and tell you that she was at the ceramics artisans, and told me to direct you there, if you wished." she said, lifting her gaze to peek out from under her bangs at Zoyu.
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