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World of Darkness: Attrition - WoD:A - Halloween Party

Dave ST

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We're currently taking interest in a Halloween thread. It will be in the form of a costume party and there will be further participation beyond the party for 3-4 players. This is not considered a 'main plot thread' but it will be considered a Moderator Sponsored event (meaning everybody gets goodies!). Mostly we'd like to use it as an opportunity to test a few ideas among us mods on how the three of us can accommodate and facilitate a regular posting schedule despite RL happening all around us.

OTN, Vivi and myself have been discussing this idea and the general plot now since the beginning of September in PMs so all of us are in the loop. We're hoping to get the thread started on the 1st of October and complete it on the 1st of November. That's one month to complete a full plot 'adventure' and frankly, I think we can do it. The Moderators' PCs may not participate in the plot thread, but their PCs will be present at the party and we encourage everyone to include their PCs even if they won't be participating in the main plot of the thread (participation nets you the bonus XP for plot based threads). If you play more than one PC and you are selected to participate then you must choose which of your PCs will be the participant (you cannot play both in the same thread, but both may come to the party).

For example, I play Lucien and Swara-Ann. Were I selected by the mods to be a participant then I would need to choose which of my two PCs would participate in the plot and which would remain at the party and enjoy their night. Once I made my decision, I could not change it.

There are a couple of rules:

1. Your PC must have a costume, no cheap tricks or looking for goofy ways around it. No name tags, chintzy dime-store masks you can just whisk on and off, no just wearing a skimpy outfit and claiming you're a bikini model/prostitute/centerfold, and so on; this is a bona-fide costume party, and attendees have to follow the dress code!

2. If your PC is not chosen to participate, don't take it personally. 3-4 characters will be chosen by random die rolls, with the remainder being involved in the party, but not pursuing the plot. They'll be considered "supporting cast" and receive XP accordingly.

We want this to run as efficiently as possible, so if you are interested, please post in this thread with the name of your PC, and the costume they will be wearing. This will help prevent someone from "stealing" another person's costume idea, and give the three of us a quick reference as well. If you consistently have trouble posting regularly, please do not offer your PCs up for plot participation. You're welcome to get involved with the party, but we will be working with a timeline on this so we're going to need our active participants to be, well, active.

We've got two weeks until this kicks off, which should be plenty of time to figure out your costumes and which (if any) of your PCs will be attending.

We're hoping this'll be a good time for everyone involved, so if you've got questions, let's hear 'em.

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Oneca, Lara Croft (well-made replica of the iconic outfit, including realistic water pistols and a nicely padded water bra ;) )

Is there any particular theme to party? Mostly, should costumes follow a dress code (say, a masquerade ball, as opposed to showing up as a video character....)?

Also, how does one get an invite? Is it open-door policy? Who is throwing the party?

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Oneca: For now, we just need to know who's planning to be involved, so we can get the mod side of things straightened out. Details like invitations and location will all be announced closer to the beginning of the fic. ;) As far as themes are concerned, it just needs to be obvious it's a costume, and not street clothes or a blatant attempt at getting out of dressing up (like the aforementioned name tags, or wearing a cheap plastic mask with regular party attire). I hope that helps, but if not, please let me know!

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Jim: Please see above. We're not handing out a lot of details right now; partially to keep you guys in suspense ;) and partially because we want to know who's interested before we lay everything out. A side bonus of our being mysterious is that since we're not giving you specifics, you're free to assume your PC can be there, and if you end up being one of the participants, we have to accomodate you :D

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Asarasa] 10:14 pm: (or whatever the number of peeps is)

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 54: 54

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 75: 75

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 5: 5

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 51: 51

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 93: 93

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 81: 81

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 41: 41

Velvet *rolls* 1d100: 44: 44

[Velvet] 10:18 pm: Okay. In order of sign-up:

[Velvet] 10:18 pm: Oneca: 54

Wakiki: 75

Romeo: 5

Kaitlin: 51

Triessa: 93

Aradia: 81

Sam: 41

Adrian: 44

That means, providing they can post regularly, that Oneca, Wakiki, Triessa, and Aradia will be handling the plot during the party. If any of you is unable to do so, please let us know, so the next person can take your spot instead.

The rest of you will still have things to do, and are free to get your party on. We may even volunteer people for specific things, depending on how the fic goes. :whistle: We'll be getting things rolling in the next day or so- sorry for the delay!

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Unfortunately it doesn't look like this will get kicked off. As Dawn stated the three of us have been hella busy with RL. That's not to say that a Halloween fiction can not get started, it just doesn't look like we'll be able to use the plot line we intended. I do apologize to everyone for not being able to get this started and I do hope my schedule opens up somewhere in the near future so I have more time to do these things.

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