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  1. Yes. Also, midterms this week and the children's show opens, plus work. I owe some of you posts and info (not just in this forum), and I apologize. I've been trying to get to them, but my brain and energy are tapped. I promise I haven't forgotten, and if things move past the point where I might reasonably be involved, I completely understand. I will not be upset! I am going to do my best to address them all in the next 48 hours though, and thank you all for being so patient. I really appreciate it!
  2. Hey, just a heads-up that I'm working on a post for Maya, but it'll be a day or two before I'm satisfied with it!
  3. Hey, guys, just a heads-up: This is the last week of classes, and final exams are next week for me, so I'll probably be scarce (and not reading/posting) for the next several days as I super-casually try to write a pair of research papers and study for finals. Yee.
  4. So, I want to make sure I'm understanding correctly that Rachel is ignoring both Grim and Laurie and changing the subject. I'm not so much worried about her intention (because, hey, we're writing for entertainment and drama is part of that), just checking that this is the action other people are actually seeing.
  5. Laurie is still acting according to our previous discussion in her off-screen time.
  6. @Grim Do you have a preference? @Nina I don't think the dresses have anything to do with it.
  7. If, per the premise of the original post, I'm a telepath with those powers and my goal is to become incredibly wealthy, I'd start with gambling. Specifically, increasingly high-stakes poker. It would be easy to move up quickly when I could not only know exactly what cards my opponents were holding and what their strategy is, but influence that strategy. I'd use the money I made there at art and estate auctions, building a collection of legitimate assets and holdings by manipulating the auction house staff, agents, and bidders to my advantage, then re-selling them at inflated prices via suggestion and memory alteration. I'd work patiently, slowly, and methodically, over several years. Would it bother me, to use people for my own financial gain? Initially, yes, but we've already established that we're willing to accept a certain amount of self-justification and moral "flexibility" in order to achieve the stated goal.
  8. I've been looking at Merits and Flaws today, I'll find something that will work. I hadn't really intended on using them, since I couldn't think of any that I really liked for the character, but I can make it happen. Thanks for letting me know.
  9. Name: Maya Flynn Nature: Explorer Demeanor: Sage Concept: Frustrated Underachiever Age: 25 Physical: Strength ●●, Dexterity ●●, Stamina ●● Social: Charisma ●●●, Manipulation ●●●, Appearance ●● Mental: Perception ●●●, Intelligence ●●●●, Wits ●●● Talents: Alertness ●●, Athletics ●●, Awareness ●●, Brawl ●, Carousing ●, Empathy ●●, Expression ●●, Intimidation, Leadership, Streetwise ●, Subterfuge ● Skills: Animal Ken ●●, Crafts, Drive ●, Etiquette ●●, Firearms, Game-Playing ●, Larceny, Melee, Performance ●●, Stealth ●, Storytelling ●, Survival Knowledges: Academics ●●●, Computer ●●, Culture ●, Finance, Investigation ●, Law, Medicine, Occult ●, Politics ●, Science, Technology Backgrounds: Allies ●, Contacts ●●, Influence, Resources ●● Virtues: Conscience ●●●, Self-Control ●●●●, Courage ●●● Humanity: ●●●●● ●● Willpower: ●●●●● ● Background: Works at Yorkville Public Library, lives in a small furnished studio apartment on E 79th St., Upper East Side. Can drive a car (and has a license), but who drives in NYC? Smart people ride bikes. Studied Anthropology, had difficulty finding work after college and took temporary employment with the Yorkville branch of the NYPL at the request of a family friend. She’s still there, beginning to despair of ever accomplishing anything meaningful with her life. Saving up to travel overseas- she has a list of “must-see” places gleaned from magazines and friends who’ve actually gone. Had an opportunity to study abroad for a summer in college, but a family health scare caused her to miss out. Owns precisely one cat. Just one. She blames him for a lack of dating prospects. He doesn’t seem to care. Her social life is largely limited to reading aloud for the children during story hour on the second floor of the library, and helping her friend Mason create a weekly podcast about a lonely, fictional town in upstate NY. Has one sister, Leticia, 2 years younger, married to a financial analyst. Is occasionally called upon to babysit her niece and nephew on “date night” because, honestly, what else does she have to do? Sometimes screens her mother’s calls, despite concerns over her health, because she is tired of being compared to her more successful sibling. Lists her ethnicity as “colonial.” (Her family is of Irish, English, Kashmiri, and Maori ancestry. It’s complicated.) When in the neighborhood, stops by The Full Pot for an afternoon pick-me-up Bonus Point Costs Attributes: 5 per dot Abilities: 2 per dot (x6) Ability Specialties: 1 per dot (max of 3 per ability) Backgrounds: 1 per dot Virtues: 2 per dot Humanity: 1 per dot Willpower: 1 per dot (x3) 3
  10. Well, it was six years ago. Pretty sure he has the actual word doc if you want it, not sure what those other ones are about.
  11. Sorry, Hyo, Dave's computer is down, and we haven't had time to work out whether it's the PSU or the HDD yet. Neither of us have really been able to focus on games and fun-time in the last week or so.
  12. Thank you! That gives loads more insight into your reasons and perspective. I'm just very keen on seeing more forward progress for this, to get things moving on the forums a bit more and to get more people actively involved.
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