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  1. And now, my turn to bow out. Contending with a very nasty case of poison oak (complete with steroid injections that make me want to just kill everyone, and which of course in combination with the urgent care fees consumed my paltry bit of spare money for the trip).
  2. So... you two gonna get it going soon, or do I gotta play matchmaker and get it set up?
  3. Sounds more or less reasonable. Problem is, the issue between Swara/Sarah and Dec/August isn't reasonable. From Dec and August's point of view, Swara and Sarah are "moon crazy" and likely homicidal. From Swara and Sarah's point of view, Dec and August are "oath problems" with hair-trigger tempers. So unless Gary pulls a, "sure you can have my help, but only if August and Dec come along" (forcing Swara's hand since she needs this), I have a hard time seeing an invite happening that doesn't look like a kludge.
  4. Works for me. I'll see if I can't scare up the long-absent Dec while you... uh... do what you do with Gary. And one of the two can figure out if August comes along.
  5. Sarah was also none too amused by the situation. But this wasn't over, not by a long shot. ,, "We can fix the second problem easy enough," she said, holding up the wad of cash she'd just been handed. "And we might be able to fix the first problem, too." ,, Swara tilted her head. "How? They don't sell ghost translators at L'ecole Boutique, unless I was looking in the wrong aisle. Though they do have a really awesome pair of heels, with these little silver bangles right at the arch. Oh! And there's these earrings..." ,, Sarah held up a hand to fend off the rest of Swara's last window-shopping spree. "No, they don't. But we know a couple people who do talk to ghosts. And that," she added, pointing at Swara's own tidy sum of cash, "might be enough to get past the recent... unpleasantness." ,, Even Swara wasn't quite daft enough to miss the reference, and she scowled. "No. No way. Not after how that all went, and how Declan kicked me out." ,, "Kicked us out." Sarah replied quietly. "And I'm none too thrilled about it, either. I'm still pissed as hell over what happened there. And I sure as hell am not anything close to ready to go crawling back to Declan or August. But Gary wasn't as involved in all that. And... to be blunt, he likes money and tits, and you've got both." She peered into the envelope, and saw that there was a nice little cluster of invitations. "And we've got the spare invite. Give him a call?"
  6. "No," Sarah replied flatly. "This is where you provide my colleague with the information and we hand you this book." She glanced at the pair of ghouls, then back at the Ozzy wannabe. "And in that order. I want to be damned sure it's the info she was promised, before we hand you what you damned well know is what you were promised." ,, Beckett gasped in feigned shock, going even so far as to put palm to chest. "You mean you don't trust us to honor the deal?" ,, "Not even as far as you could run in the sun." ,, "And you really don't want to know what's so special about the book?" ,, "You assume we don' already know." ,, For a moment, Beckett drummed his claws against his coat. This wasn't the usual sort of fun he had with these meetings. Sure, the werewolf had poked at his bodyguard with a nice show of bravado, but this Sarah Dead-Wolf was just... not fun. And he said as much. "You're not very fun, are you?" ,, The most that elicited from Sarah was a lowering of her brow by maybe an eighth of an inch. "Nope. Now cough up the info if you want that book." ,, With a long-suffering shrug that bespoke resignation to dullness, Beckett looked over to the brighter of his property and told him, "Give it to her." Nodding, Tyler withdrew an envelop from an inside jacket pocket, took a few somewhat careful steps forward, and held it out at arm's length to Swara.
  7. "You're tellin' me," Sarah quipped. "As luck would have it, there ain't much money in the whole undead schtick, unless you're one of those who sticks around for a few centuries playin' with compound interest an' shit. Or just plain steal it. Or both." She shrugged in her stolen jacket, sitting there in her stolen jeans, and sighed a deep sigh in her stolen T-shirt. ,, "So from the sound of it, you've met up with what's probably a Daeva - the hottie - what coulda been maybe another Daeva or possibly a Gangrel or Ventrue - the bald porn guy - an' Mr. Creepy's likely a Nos." She shuddered. "I am so not thrilled with the fugly Nos. Or really, the rest of 'em either." She gave the world's most dangerous Hooters girl a glance. "An' I still don't like the idea of trusting 'em with whatever the fuck is in that book." ,, The latest iteration of their debate on the wisdom of giving a dangerous tome to a mysterious cabal of vampires was cut short as headlights approached up Comstock Avenue, stopping at the southern corner of the park where Comstock met Club View. They twice flashed bright, then died to reveal the dark SUV behind them. Figures exited from both sides, the doors thumped close in the quiet night, and there they waited at the edge of the park. ,, "An' that looks like our party," Sarah said, standing. "Smart, too; they ain't just wandering into the park. You ready for this, blondie?" ,, Swara gathered up the wrapped book, and there was no mistaking the hope in her eyes. If this went well, she might wind up free of a curse she'd done nothing to earn beyond being born in the wrong family. Her heart was pounding loud enough for Sarah to hear it, and she replied with an uncharacteristically brief, "Yep." ,, Together, Dead-Wolf and Uratha started walking toward the meeting.
  8. Having a conversation with Swara was an exercise in confusion; she popped from one topic to another with astonishing rapidity. "Big Kahuna... what?" Sarah asked, then just shook her head. "I'll tag along; just don't expect me to chow down on a burger." ,, She looked around. The park wasn't exactly a model of fortification; aside from a couple of the larger trees that could be climbed, it was a lot of flat empty grass. And she had only Swara's word to go on that the muth luzuk on the way wouldn't just start spraying the place with silver bullets and take the book; it would, she rued, pretty much be par for the course with vampires who were finally getting something they wanted. ,, "So these leeches that're on the way. Whadya know 'bout them, aside from what they are and that they want the book?" She didn't really think Swara knew much about the soon-to-arrive vampiric contingent, but it didn't hurt to ask.
  9. There was really nothing for Sarah to do for that but chuckle. "All right, all right, let's find a Circle K." And off they trudged. ,, It turned out to be a helluva long walk to a Circle K. And during it, Swara regaled Sarah with descriptions of all the delicious morsels therein, from the fields of funyuns through the vast corndog ranches and to the arctic realm of the fabled slushie. By the time the illuminated red-and-white sign came into view, Sarah was almost hungry - in the plain old mortal way - despite knowing that everything in the store would taste exactly like ash to her. ,, Still she watched with amusement as Swara lay waste to the confectionery landscape, even to the point of helping the werewolf scrounge up enough change to cover her double-armed haul. As they headed out, Swara emitted noise around three powdered donuts. ,, "Ho e mee u eh hoo om, ai?" ,, Sarah stopped dead in her tracks. "What?" ,, "Ho ue meem u gem hoo om!" Swara replied, with pointed emphasis. ,, The Dead-Wolf sighed. "For the love of Luna, swallow, then say that again." ,, Somehow, Swara choked down the powdery mess, chasing it with a serious swig of her bladder-buster sized slushie... then went into involuntary convulsions.. "Ahhh! Brain freeze," she managed through clenched teeth. To her credit, Sarah left the obvious reply unsaid. Once the grimace passed from the Uratha's face, the vampire asked, "You were saying?" ,, "I was?" Swara replied in earnest confusion. ,, At this point, Sarah's face found its way into her hand, and she sighed a long, tired, world-weary sigh. She took a deep breath, and tried again. "When your mouth was full. You tried saying something." ,, Swara's eyes lit up. "Oh! Right! I was saying that we need to get you home, right?" Sarah blinked, and her companion pointed at the faint pink starting to show above the hills to the east. Now it was Sarah's turn to go wide-eyed. ,, "Oh hell! Yeah..." She estimated how far they still had to go, and shook her head. "Not enough time." She looked around, and noticed that there was no shortage of unkempt weeds under the freeway. "I'm gonna go to ground over there. Meet you back here after sunset?" ,, Swara did that curious-puppy head tilt, while Sarah climbed over the chain link fence and stepped into the weeds beyond... and then sank into the ground. Behind her, unheard, Swara exclaimed, "Cool!" and then tore into her foodstuffs with abandon.
  10. "My territory?" Trying as hard as possible to ignore Swara's delaration of biological imperatives, Sarah focused on the upcoming meeting. ,, "You do know that's likely to be a problem, right?" ,, With a questioning hair flip that was straight out of Earth Girls Are Easy, Swara asked - in utter innocence - "Why? You're a vampire, they're vampires, all good." She smiled the smile of one who had just answered all questions in neat and clean fashion. ,, Sarah frowned. "It's not that simple. I don't play their happy vampire games. They don't officially recognize my territory; they stay away from it because I tend to kill 'em when they don't." She stopped just outside the exit, and looked over to the blonde Uratha. "Haven't you figured out that I don't get along with leeches? I chose the People. That came at a price." ,, Still frowning, she looked down at the bundled-up book in her hands. "So, did they happen to say why this thing is an affront to Clan Gangrel?"
  11. Looking more or less like a deer caught in the headlights, Sarah just stopped for a minute. "I, uh...." she uttered, not entirely sure what to say. ,, "Um, it's not a normal leech thing," the vampire finally answered. "It's a Dead-Wolf thing, that whole tie-to-Luna deal in my blood. And I, uh, didn't know I could really do it 'til now. Heard like half-rumor stuff about it before, but... yeah, I sort went dalu. In a totally Lon Chaney kinda way. Guess I just had to get mad enough." She neglected to add on the bit about how she herself had been on the edge of losing it, and had pulled a neat little trick called "riding the wave" to focus the anger - much like, she now realized, Swara had done with her own curse. ,, Desperate to change the topic, she looked around the carnage until spotting the object they'd come to retrieve. "Oh hey, book of doom." She stepped around the puke and gore and meaty chunks to the ramshackle altar and hefted the large tome. "So who are the fucking leeches who want this thing for your spirit info?"
  12. To be honest, Sarah wasn't far behind the poor guy; if she'd retained the biological ability, she might have pooped a little too. She'd seen her share of werewolves in assorted shapes, and had fought beside them more than one in their feared war-beast form, but had never seen anything like what Swara had become. It was pure murderous rage in physical form, and even as she clawed through the last of the strap, even as the stark white monster crushed Mr. Pooped Pant's face to pulp, she had to wonder: once the room was cleared, would she be next? ,, But there was no time to further ponder; whether or not Swara was a danger now, the immediate threat was from the denizens of this nest. Popping her hands free with gleaming claws at the end, she growled and look straight at the speedsters. Somehow, despite the giant monster in the room, she caught their attention. The calculation in their minds was quite literally visible: ,, 1. She's stronger than us. 2. She has claws. 3. Her friend is a twelve foot killing machine. 4. We're not paid enough for this. ,, With a brief glance at each other, they took off like a flash, dashing away from this horror faster than even Father Wolf's Speed could have matched. ,, The humans in the room were hopeless; those that weren't screaming for their mothers were huddled in the fetal position rocking and hoping that this was all a nightmare. Neither approach really helped, of course, but you couldn't blame them. It's one thing to be promised eternal life, but quite another to watch those who made the promise get torn to kibble by tooth and claw faster than a Wachowski Brothers film. By and large, they were ignored except when they stumbled blindly into the way of something sharp. ,, Of the bunch, Cormick was the one who genuinely tried to stand his ground. It was idiotic, really, but he'd devoted himself to protecting the book, and by god or devil, he was going to do so. Unlike so many of the young fangers, he wasn't a complete slave to his Beast; the Uzi that he brought to bear as Sarah leaped at him proved that much. The burst caught her square in the chest, costing her a bit of momentum and a damned fine denim jacket. She didn't land on the boss, but right in front of him, glaring. "That. Fucking. Hurt." Her vision went red, and her voice told of one who wasn't exactly in full control anymore. And then, she changed. Cormick had seen Gangrel shift before. He knew that they took animal forms of one sort or another. But he'd never seen this before. The feral vampire grew a good foot, fur sprouting from her face and arms even as a hint of a snout pushed forward, a mouth full of wolf-like teeth beneath it. While body parts few about the room from Swara's rage-fueled slaughter - and the occasional stay bit of meat or blood spattered across the two vampires - Sarah became something seemingly out of legend, akin to the white-furred monstrosity merrily ripping things apart behind her as she looked down at the leech. "What the fuck..." Cormick managed and then spoke no more, as Sarah bit into his throat and then ripped it - and a couple vertebrae out of his neck. He fell like a wet sack of cement to the floor, and the Dead-Wolf howled - a long and echoing howl not so different from that she'd heard from Swara's victory a few weeks before. ,, Between them, the two monsters made relatively short work of what was left in the room. Both were teetering on the edge of any real control, and the screaming fools who'd dared take them on made perfectly fine targets on which to vent their fury - an ugly task that needed doing, as they'd seen that which both the Oath and just plain common sense said that mortal man was never meant to see. As the last of them went down, the white-furred monster and the wolf-woman turned to face each other. Both struggled with their separate inner demons before their respective grips were regained, and they both shrank back to gore-smeared versions of their usual selves. ,, Tired didn't cover it. Swara was all but exhausted after so the energy-intense experience of the Gauru form. And Sarah had manifested something she'd heard about but never experienced before: the Wolf-Man shape - somewhat akin to her Uratha cousins' Dalu form - that was the heritage and legacy of the Dead-Wolves. ,, As the last of the red cleared from her eyes, Sarah licked blood from her hand and warily asked, "You OK?"
  13. Entirely unhappy with the current state of affairs, Sarah whispered, "Let's get the damned thing and get out of here." ,, "Yeah, but where?" The uratha whispered in reply? ,, Sarah paused, looking around. Then she closed her eyes and turned around, slowly, before stopping and pointing. "That way?" ,, Swara tilted her head to the side, looking off into the darkness in the direction indicated by a very pale finger, then back at the vampire. "How do you know that?" ,, Without hesitation, Sarah said, "Because that way feels shittiest." She didn't wait for agreement, stepping as quietly as she could across the littered floor. With a shrug, Swara followed. ,, "That way" turned out to lead to and down a corridor lined with peeling paint, cracked plaster and more than a few hints of the vermin that had taken up residence in the decaying remnants of the asylum. Water had seeped into the building over the years, leaving brown streaks down the walls and taking a toll on what metal remained in the building. Here and they the pair would come across a reminded of what this facility had really been about; a rusted wheelchair, a decayed hospital bed with restraining straps hanging loose at the sides; discarded syringes. ,, One of the doorways showed a bit of light as they passed, moonlight shining through a shattered window upon an immense tub of marble and steel, filled to the brim with murky water. At Swara's glance, Sarah whispered, "Hydrotherapy. The shrinks used to use it to make patients more docile." She glanced around; forms flitted at the edge of her vision, and she could swear she heard gentle splashing. "What passed for psychiatry back then was pretty much torture. Prob'ly why some of the inpatients may have... not exactly left." ,, Both werewolf and vampire shuddered, then pressed on.
  14. Sarah had started the little meeting with a frown. A good part of the reason for that frown was her utter inability to do a single damned useless thing during the day, stuck sleeping under the dirt and waiting for the sky to stop being deadly. ,, Swara's description only deepened the frown to a full-fledge scowl. ,, "Good idea? Oh, I figure it's gonna suck. But if that book is how you describe, we gotta get it outta the hands of these leeches." Somehow, the scowl softened, showing tinges of sadness. "An' then, we gotta get rid of it for good." ,, Swara took a few seconds to catch on to Sarah's drift, and protested. "But the deal to get info on my curse..." ,, "...isn't worth putting that kinda corruption an' power into the hands of vampires who are already well-informed about spirits in general," Sarah answered. "Think 'bout it. You give 'em that thing, an' we've gone an' made a bigger problem. 'Cause that thing will let 'em drag all sorts of shit over here that is just plain warped. Maybe even let 'em do to others like was done to you." ,, She let that sink in for a second. "We gotta get rid of the book. Destroy it." As disappointment filled Swara's eyes, she added, "An' then we'll find a way to deal with your curse. The right way. A way we won't feel guilty 'bout 'til doomsday."
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