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  1. I'm back now, so consider me willing and able to post on a semi-regular basis: every few days or so.
  2. As if the moaned request wasn't enough, August's hands tightening in his hair as she tried to anchor herself was an imperative in itself. Declan gently leaned forwards, lowering his lover to the grass, only for her to squirm and giggle interestingly around his cock as leaves brushed sensitive areas. "Wait!" she gasped as she slowly lifted herself free of him, then turned onto her hands and knees. "Like this." she told him, reaching back and grasping his slick shaft as Declan moved in behind her. It felt right to both of them, appropriate to the backdrop of their lovemaking, fitting in so many ways. She felt strong hands taking hold of her waist and hips as the head of him brushed her and bit her lower lip as he slowly pushed in, giving an inarticulate murmur of pleasure. ,, Declan leaned over her body as he sank deep inside and kissed along the line of August's throat, his breath a hot counterpoint to the cooling breeze. She turned her head and their lips met as her hips rolled back against him with insistent urgency. "Fuck me?" she demanded as much as asked. "Oh god, Declan! Don't wait anymore!" ,, He began to thrust then, long and slow, his hands anchoring her so there was no escaping the push of his manhood. He gazed along the line of August's back as her hips worked in tandem with his, watching the way her long dark hair flowed as she let her head hang forward, hearing the sounds of pleasure she made rise in short, sharp keening noises as he picked up the pace. The pale scar where he'd bitten her showed against her tanned skin, and he leaned over again and kissed it gently before flicking his tongue over the white mark. August moaned throatily and arched her back before looked over one shoulder at him, green eyes large and wild as they met his burning silver gaze. ,, "More." she insisted, not capable of putting more words into the demand. She felt incredible around his cock, drawing Declan in with every roll of her hips, and the vargr could feel his own reserve, his fear that he would hurt her again, fading under the siren song of their mutual love and lust. He gripped her hips tighter and began to thrust harder and faster, rolling his hips with every forward motion while the rhythm sped up as though he couldn't get deep enough into her heated wet sex.
  3. "Right." Declan said tersely, casting a final glance over the three magi before nodding to Aradia. A faint lupine grin curved his lips. "See ya at the next beer, pizza and movies night, cowgirl. Be safe." He winked as he turned away from Ari's answering grin and nod, then led the newly-Changed Kat and the curious Gary away into the night at a fast walk. ,, "So what-?" Kaitlin began, then hushed as Dec pressed a finger to his lips warningly. ,, "Let's get our asses most the way home before we jaw." the vargr told her. Kaitlin, bursting with questions though she was, saw the sense in this. Declan cast a glance at Gary, who returned it calmly enough while being scrutinised. ,, "Okay, you can stay for some of the talkin'." Dec allowed. "Guess yer curious, and it ain't like I'll tell ya dick that you could either use against us or don't already know." ,, "Good to know." Gary said with a smile. Dec grunted and broke into a jog, the other two moving to keep up as he led them on a winding route towards the UCLA campus.
  4. Declan's answer was a rumbling growl deep in his chest that caused August's abdomen to turn to molten liquid and her breath to come in a strained gasp, her heart leaping to a thrill that went way beyond fear. Her hand on his cock was too much for the werewolf, abstinent as he had been for at least a month. He didn't care about the tent, didn't care about the meat slowly cooking over the fire, didn't care about anything except the warm scent of August in his nostrils and the taste of her lips and skin on his tongue. ,, He kissed his way down from her lips to her shoulder, opening his mouth against her skin and pressing his teeth there, just lightly, just enough to let her feel them. August moaned and wriggled herself closer, her free hand gripping the thick hair at the back of Dec's head and tugging his lips back up to hers. ,, "Tent... or... here... you monster. Before I explode." she whispered harshly against his lips between kisses. "I want-" What she wanted was lost in a loud throaty moan as Dec, supporting her weight easily with one arm, unfastened the snap on her shorts and slid his fingers down under the thin material of the bikini briefs, finding the wet outer folds of August's sex and slipping a fingertip inside her. For a moment, she arched against him, her breath coming in short pants, then she struggled free of their embrace, planting her feet either side of Declan's thighs and standing, moving back and letting her eyes devour him. He was naked, her on-fire brain supplied. Naked was good. August quickly stripped off, throwing shorts and bikini parts to the various winds. ,, This was where it had gone wrong before. When she'd been undressing, and Dec had come up behind her, working them both up to a fever pitch, and then he'd bitten her. Declan watched as she turned her back to him, saw the pale scar on her shoulder, saw August glance over that shoulder at him, green eyes wild with raw lust and invitation as she swayed her hips tantalisingly. ,, "Guess no tent, then." Declan smiled at her. The brunette beauty smiled back and turned, stepping closer to him, sinking to straddle his legs again as her arms draped around his shoulders. ,, "No tent." she affirmed with a naughty smile, kissing his lips, then his jawline, then his shoulder. This time, she bit him, but lightly, her teeth making small red marks as she heard his breath hiss. This time his hand firmly gripped her hair, bringing her face up to his, his silver eyes shining in the sunset as they gazed into her green ones. For a moment, Declan couldn't hear his own breathing, couldn't hear or smell or see anything except August as she shifted, her hand going around his length once more, lifting herself up a little to position them both... Declan licked his lips, suddenly aware again of his heart skipping a beat as the words emblazoned themselves on his forebrain in fiery letters. They were looking into each others eyes still when he spoke, his voice low and husky with desire and emotion, his heart in his argent gaze. ,, "I love you."
  5. He caught the stare, caught it and returned it as the hunger in August's gaze set a similar fire in his own belly... and lower. His body's reaction was immediate as it was unabashed, and August blushed slightly, but didn't look away. ,, "Yeah." Declan said softly. "I'm hungry." There was a hint of a growl in his voice that sent thrills through her, but it wasn't scary to the green-eyed girl. Not at all. ,, "I meant for food." August managed to say through the rushing sound in her ears. ,, "I didn't." Declan said, gliding a step towards her. August took a step back, her eyes bright then turned, black hair flying, and ran. ,, She didn't, at first, know why she was running. It wasn't from fear, that was for certain: Declan wouldn't hurt her, she was confident of it. She was running because Declan was chasing her, and he was chasing her because she was running. It was an old prelude to the oldest dance, the female testing the male, playing a game, being chased because she was desired, and wanted as a female. ,, Modern society, with the mores, restrictions, and refinements of such, has a different version of this dance. But it is the same dance, all considered. August had pursued Declan almost from the first, by turns inviting his attention and focusing her attention on him. Whether playful, such as the first flirtatious eye contact on the UCLA grounds, or serious, such as when she had thrown her arms around him and begged him not to run from L.A... and her, she realised now that she had done a lot of chasing. ,, Sometimes, it's just plain good to be chased in turn, chased by someone who cares about you, who desires you in that most positive and primal of ways. ,, Declan was half a body-length behind her, admiring the way the woman ran, taking some small pride in having shown her how. She was running seriously, watching her footing, not looking behind her even though she couldn't hear him, tanned legs flashing in the evening sun as she stretched them out. He loped easily while watching August's ass and smelling her excitement. He'd catch her soon... before she got too out of breath.
  6. One moment, Declan was giving Imriel the benefit of a silver-eyed gaze that declared, with no particular rancor, that he was trying to figure out which side they were on and wouldn't much care either way. It wasn't particularly hostile. It wasn't particularly friendly either. It was utterly neutral, a wolf's stare that said "You communicated a thing, and I know by your tone and scent that you aren't my friend. By your words and deeds, you're not my enemy either, and so I'm figuring out what I need to do about it. Make no sudden moves, as being bitten may offend." ,, Perhaps the most chilling thing about it was that he wasn't trying to look mean or throw his weight around right now. He was being what he was - an apex predator with human intelligence. ,, The next moment, Kaitlin blurted out everything that had happened. Declan nodded once or twice in confirmation as she spilled the beans, then the newly-fledged shifter summed up with... ,, ,, ... and the vargr gave her an incredulous look before starting to laugh, impassive alpha-wolf stare gone. It started with a snort, then a chuckle, then a bark of laughter that dissolved to a grin and a shake of his head. ,, "No, kid, they didn't turn you into anything except a scared 'shifter. You already were one of us..." he paused. "Well, I say 'us', but I ain't a cat. But you know what I mean." ,, "No. I don't know what you fu- ... What you mean." Kaitlin corrected slightly as she met his eyes. There was a time and a place for profanity: more to the point there were people you could cuss at, and people you shouldn't. Besides, he might be the only guy here that could tell her what was going on. ,, "I'll tell ya... Later." he said, giving the mages a significant glance. "Seems the theme of the night is to keep our own damn counsel, so that's what we'll do. Right?" The question was directed at Kaitlin, but the mages were, being 'wise', well aware that it was for their benefit also. He bent down and picked out the swim trunks and the sleeveless shirt from Kaitlin's bundle, then dressed with swift economy before straightening up. ,, "So there it is. There's likely no-one left inside, we're all outside, and I'm ready to hit the road 'less there's a good reason to stay." The statement was not-quite a challenge. He looked at Kaitlin appraisingly. "You got a choice to make, frail. You can stick around - I'm sure Aradia will help ya out - or you can come along with me and I'll tell ya what I can. I ain't gonna be an asshole, though. If you stick around here, you can hit me up later for the do's and dont's."
  7. "Izzat fuckin' so?" Declan considered Wakiki, then glanced at Aradia, one eyebrow raised. He pondered for a moment, then shifted that silver-eyed stare back to Wakiki. He scrutinised the magus for a long moment, considering before he spoke. ,, "I'm bein' nice, and askin' nicely, because you're obviously a friendly, nice guy who came to help us poor schlubs out. I owe you guys one. So why don't ya tell me what you feel you can tell me, like who the fuck these fucks were and why the fuck they wanted to cut us into still-quivering chunks." Declan's voice lowered into a faint growl, the type of noise that made people reevaluate food chains as he added. ,, "Pretty fuckin' please."
  8. "Peachy." Dec said, his own surprise at finding Aradia with the others had been well-concealed behind wolfy features, as he had smelled her scent before even coming around the corner. Still, it was good to see a friendly face with all the strangers. He smiled and gave her a quick, unselfconscious hug. "You look like you've been dragged through a hedge ass-backwards, though." ,, "Always the charmer." Aradia said with a small laugh, blushing a little at the naked hug. "So you're okay?" ,, "We're okay now." Dec said. "You guys came in the nick of fuckin' time." He glanced at Wakiki and Gary. "I'm assumin' you're one of these guys, that is. Not a prisoner?" As Ari nodded, Declan gave an eloquent grunt. ,, "Alright then. They holdin' anyone else here? How'd you guys get involved?"
  9. "Hey, as long as it's not burnt to a crisp, it'll do me." Declan shrugged, affecting insouciance. August grinned back. ,, "I make no promises." She giggled as Declan stuck his tongue out at her, then trotted away to wash up, leaving her behind to get distracted by his bare ass disappearing into the bushes. ,, The vargr trotted down the game trail, the thick soles of his feet not noticing sharp rocks, or thorns, or other inconveniences as he moved easily and quietly, pack dangling from one hand. It felt so good to be away from the stench and clamor and overwhelming tension of the city - that was why he tried to come up here once a month by himself. Having August along was different, somehow. Less like an escape, and more like... fun. ,, Heh, Lise. I owe you a drink. And possibly that introduction to Lucien Hunt you wanted. Declan grinned to himself as he crouched by the stream and began to wash himself, rinsing off most of the blood in the cool water before breaking out the bar of herbal soap that was about the only thing he'd found that didn't make him sneeze and washing properly, scrubbing himself clean. A vigorous toothbrushing later, and the burly vargr towelled himself off, dressed in shorts and a tight tank-top, and headed back to the campsite. ,, Mostly there, he paused and grinned to himself as an idea for mischief occurred to him, the vargr's sense of humor being somewhat... robust. Like the rest of him. He stripped off and set his clothes by a tree, then shifted into his lupine form and began to slink closer to the camp. He could hear the crackling of the fire and smell the cooking meat, a scent that made him salivate as he ghosted through the trees with a silent tread eerie in a creature his size. August was sitting near the fire, but not uncomfortably so in the heat, her attention mostly on the meat and partly on her Kindle as she waited for his return. The vargr drifted up behind the girl and judged the distance between her and the fire to make sure she wouldn't a] jump into it or b] throw her Kindle into it in fright. Moving in inches, then half-inches, the huge wolf reached out and placed his cold, healthy wet nose right on the back of poor August's neck.
  10. "Mebbe you should" Declan replied. His first reaction to Zoe's transformation had, thankfully for all involved, been repressed. He'd almost shifted, and whilst he might not have actually hurt the girl (?), he would have likely escalated an already-tense situation. And scared the frail even further out of her mind. ,, "Wait, chantry? What's a chantry? Why are you calling them?" Zoe asked, tears shining like jewels on her flawless cheeks. Dec tried not to stare and, more so, tried not to be swayed by the very definition of 'a pretty face'. The "help-a-maiden-in-distress" instinct was strong in the vargr, despite his wariness of those of obvious supernatural bent. ,, "They're a buncha folks who know about weird stuff like people disappearin' and coming back decades later." he told Zoe. "If they don't know it, then it's fu- uh, damn obscure. They're like a club." ,, "Are you part of the club?" she asked him. Declan shrugged as August picked up her phone and stepped away from the table. She watched August for a moment, then looked back at the silver-eyed man. She was feeling pretty adrift at the moment, and if anyone radiated solidity in huge reassuring amounts, it was Declan. He was somehow more real than everything around him to Zoe's currently-fragile state of mind. ,, "Nah. I'm a hanger-on. I go and hang out at the barbeques and try not to stick out among all the brainiacs." he shrugged, nodding towards August. "She's kinda sorta part of the club, though."
  11. "No plans at all." Dec looked a little surprised, though not unpleasantly so. "Just figured... y'know, you'd be all mad or embarrassed." He looked into Aradia's eyes and smiled back. "Glad to see I was wrong." ,, "Embarrassed, yes. Mad at myself? A little." the young mage admitted, then smiled warmly as she wrapped her fingers around his cock, her voice dropping a notch. "But not with you, stud. Are you ready again already?" She feigned shock as she looked down, her fingers moving along him, then grinned up into those silver eyes. ,, "Must be the company." Dec quipped with somewhat clumsy gallantry. ,, "Mmmhmm. Or maybe all that fresh air and exercise you get? Or maybe the thought of an audience, hmm? That do it for you?" Aradia laughed as Dec grinned, a little abashed. "Well, I hope your performance won't suffer in private." she continued, slowly sliding up, her body brushing his at every opportunity, until she was standing between his legs looking down at him. ,, "Don't reckon that's likely." he replied, his hands sliding up her thighs and around her hips, pulling the girl closer so he could nuzzle at her breasts. Aradia arched her back against him and half-giggled, half-sighed as she felt his tongue flicking over her taut flesh. Draping her arms around his shoulders, the agile magus placed first one foot on the bed then, feeling the man's hands tighten, smiled and lifted the other up too. Dec's arms tensed, but readily held her weight, gently lowering her so she was straddling his lap. Their lips met in another tongue-tangling kiss for a long moment before Ari broke it off, panting slightly. ,, "My turn." she told him with an arch of her brows as she shoved at his shoulders, rocking the vargr back enough that her weight completed the transition. They grinned at each other, Aradia astride Dec with her feet on the bed and her hands on the taut muscles of his chest. "I don't think you're broken-in yet." she teased, wiggling her hips a little against him. "Mmm, not sure if it's doable, but I'm sure am aim'n to try." ,, "Ain't stoppin' yer." Declan growled, rolling his eyes and smiling at the cheesey cowboy lines. One came to mind that he couldn't resist, though: "So saddle up."
  12. "What? You were a brunette before?" Dec asked with a puzzled glower, faint exasperation in his voice. August gave him a Look. "Well?" he asked her. "Why else is she freakin' out over her reflection like you that time you woke up with pepperoni in your hair?" ,, "You." August poked the vargr's broad chest. "Behave." Dec playfully showed her some teeth before raising his hands in mock surrender. ,, "Okay, okay. But she's freakin' out over her reflection." he grumbled. "Woman thinks she's from the 70s and now she's spazzing over split ends or somethin'." ,, "If you'd stop being a wiseass for a moment, maybe we'll find out why." August hissed. ,, "Good idea." Dec nodded, then jerked his head towards Zoe. "You get to ask."
  13. "Damned if I had a plan." Declan confessed, shrugging at the others. "I was just tryin' to be neighbourly with other... I dunno, weird people? Supernatural types? What's the word I'm lookin' for here?" ,, "Weirdos seems fine to me." Gary said with a grin. Dec grunted, but smiled faintly. ,, "Anyways, I invite 'em here so we can just hang out, really. Talk shit over, see where our thing overlaps, how we can cooperate. And then the moon-crazies go and start with the whole 'we the master race, and y'all gotta ride in the back of the bus'." Dec growled softly, then blew out his tension somewhat with a sigh. "I'd be first to say 'Oh hell no, August, you ain't throwin' down with a vampire, don't even think that crazy thought', but they took it to the next level of supreme asshole. Anyways... Now that that's over with, we can get back to bein' sociable." ,, "I've worked with Gary before... well, I say 'worked', but what actually happened was we ended up as cellmates for some weird buncha loonies and had to bust out. Which we did, along with others that were there, and some mages who risked some shit to bust up the vivisection party." Declan shrugged at August. "I didn't tell ya much about the who else was there and so on because, well, y'know..." ,, "Yeah, it isn't your secret to tell." August sighed, but smiled a little. She was just glad he'd made it out of that horrible situation. ,, "So... I guess you run in the same circles as those 'will-workers'. Cool." Declan allowed. "They were okay folks. Patched up scrapes, and we made sure they got out okay. I was thinking, though..." he toyed with his bottle thoughtfully, brow furrowing. "For big stuff like that, it might be an idea to set up a support network with different types of 'weirdos'." he nodded at Gary, grinning. "I mean, magic an' all is fine, but one of yer willworkers got stabbed up pretty bad in a fight with a dude I'd have gone through like a bad burrito. And I can't do diddly shit about ghosts or spells or whatever, so it'd be handy to have some advice on speed-dial. And..." he paused for a moment. ,, "An' it's good to know that there's other people out there who get it. People who are different, and can do shit that'd scare the pants off of normal folk. I'm not sayin' lets start a commune or anything. But it's kinda a cool idea to be able to have people to hang out and eat pizza with who know what I am and don't mind so much." He smiled lopsidedly.
  14. Declan understood well enough. Once the berserk rage of his own First Change had worn down, he'd spent some time trying to figure out how to go from four legs to two. Luckily for Kaitlin, she had a teacher. The vargr shifted easily, fur receding, fangs disappearing, the magnificence of his wild shape giving way to the still-impressive physique of of his two-legged form. He didn't seem at all self-conscious about his nudity, wearing nothing as easily as a king wore robes. Two sets of female eyes swiveled down, then up again hastily, but the werewolf seemed oblivious to that as he did to the healing claw and fang wounds Kaitlin had inflicted in her fury. The bleeding had mostly stopped, though the shoulder wound was still oozing a little, the blood showing black in the darkness as it painted his skin. ,, "It's easy enough." he told the monstrous cat. "You gotta think yerself human. Think goin' out for a burger, think watchin' yer favorite show, think about laughin' and messin' around in the pool with Oneca and August and Aradia. Think about how it would suck to never do that shit again, how you want to stand on two legs and speak. The beast is always gonna be there in you, frail. You can bring it back just by thinkin' the opposite way. Time will come soon that it'll be second-nature, like breathin'." Dec's form blurred to wolf, then back to man over the next ten seconds. He shrugged encouragingly at Kaitlin. "Easy, see? You give it a go."
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