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  1. Just saw it, and I loved it! I had never heard of GotG before the film trailers started coming out, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm thinking about going to see it myself again tomorrow before work, LOL.
  2. Aradia chewed on her lip slightly, then frowned and sighed, looking a little distressed. "Girl, if you're gonna make it that long, you're gonna have to ease up a little." ,, "Who says I wanna make it that long?" Oneca downed the rest of her second drink in a long swill, and August and Aradia shared a deeply concerned look this time, before Aradia walked over, and started pulling the alcohol bottles and putting them away. ,, "Look, I guess I'm just gonna have to get straight to it. I didn't plan this to be an intervention or some shit - hell, I brought the alcohol. I guess I was hoping being away from the bitch for a whole month would have mellowed you a bit, but I see I was wrong. But you've been home for ten minutes, and you're halfway to plastered already. So we can get back to this later if you want, it's your body, cuz." She tossed the last of the hard liquor into the bar cabinet, and handed Oneca a mojito. "Here, if you need to drink during this conversation, fine. But I need you a least partly coherent for a few minutes. Then if we wanna forget all this shit for now and drink and eat and look at pictures of hot Grecian guys, awesome. If you want me to fuck off, well, I guess that's fine too. But everything that's fucked up in this house is tied to weird. You know it, I think August knows it, I sure the hell know it - you just didn't know that till now. I know you drink because of Saja, I know she's not right." ,, Oneca rolled her eyes, looking flippant. "No shit." ,, "Don't get snippy with be, damnit - she's not human. I can tell." She rounded on August, her brow furrowed. "And there's something wonky with you too, girl - I can see it! But neither of you are mages.. so what's going on?" She sighed, taking a gulp of her mojito, and sat it down, looking apologetic. "I'd like to know what I'm living in the middle of here."
  3. "Wait a minute. No, we are not mage hunters, Kaitlin." Aradia scowled slightly, looking a little frustrated at the tension that was suddenly mounting between the parties. She gestured to Gary slight with a small shrug. "I don't know about this guy, and since he's not willing to tell us anything about himself either, then whatever. But Kaitlin's my roommate, and Dec is my other roommate's boyfriend, and they're not hiding anything. These are my friends, Imriel - isn't there anything else we can tell them about what's going on? I mean, they were kidnapped, treated like lab rats." ,, "I did tell them what I can." Imriel frowned at Aradia but he wasn't angry, that was clear. He was concerned about her words, as if talking to them meant more than sharing secrets. She chewed on her lower lip, looking a little upset, then sighed and shrugged. "Sorry guys, you basically know what I know anyway, except it has something to do with politics and war." Her voice took on a sardonic tone. "Phenomenal cosmic powers!!! Aaaaaand, here's your war."
  4. Hey guys, I would like to get a post up in Rest Home, if you don't mind. I'm just at work right now.
  5. Aradia shot August a small, concerned frown behind Oneca's back, as the other girl bypassed the fun girly drinks and went straight for the hard liquor concoction, as usual. She had been hoping some time away from Saja would stem her newfound cousin's destructiveness a little, but it wasn't looking that way so far. She grabbed a mojito herself and twisted the cap off, taking a short drink. "Well, I was just thinking a catch-up night, y'know? Hang, drink, eat, watch some movies. I swung by a Redbox and grabbed a few I thought you two might like." ,, She walked over and picked them up, flipping through them and tossing them onto the large cocktail ottoman as she read them out loud. "Let's see, I got Avengers for the hot guys, Hunger Games looked kinda cool, Cabin in the Woods is some kinda horror flick, the new Bond movie, cause Daniel Craig. Django looked fucked up, but everybody said it was awesome. And Bachelorette looked pretty raunchy." She tossed the last one down, and flopped down into the big chair and a half, curling her legs up into it. "But screw movies for now, I wanna hear all about Greece, and how many times a week Dec is good for."
  6. The tunes were kickin', but Aradia had only been dancing for maybe twenty minutes - about three or four songs - and she had already been groped several times. She also wasn't finding out much about the place by hanging out in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by sweaty guys, most of whom were at least six inches taller than she was. ,, One of the skeeziest of the bunch, a thin but ripped white boy with long dreads pulled back in a ponytail, pressed up against her from behind, his hands moving to her hips and up over her stomach as they danced. He was wearing a black wife beater t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants, and was actually pretty hot. But this was the third time he'd tried to slide his hands up under her shirt, and she could feel his erection as he pulled her hips back into his with the dance. This time he leaned down into her ear, yelling to make himself heard over the music. "You wanna step outside, sexy? Kinda hot in here!" ,, She pulled back, and flashed him a smile. "Thanks, but I'm gonna grab a drink instead! My friend is over there - that's her, see her?! - she'll love your moves, and I'll find you in a minute!" He nodded and moved towards the poor girl she had picked randomly, some sucker in a glow-in-the-dark minidress that was about to receive a lot of unwanted attention. She made her way towards the bar (she hadn't been lying about that part!), and shouted her order at the bartender over the din. She leaned up against it as she waited, and after a moment her eyes settled on a familiar face. ,, Holy shit, what's Imriel doing here? ,, The bartender handed her the drink, and she handed him the cash. Then she stepped up behind Wakiki, who was leaning against the bar, being chatted up by some drunk-as-shit bimbo in a neon pink number as he waited for the bartender to make it this far down the bar. "Hey sexy, nice glasses!"
  7. Ironically, an almost identical thought process was going on inside Aradia's head as she eyed Dec up and down, remember the last time she'd seen the attractive but rugged man. He'd been wearing nothing then, too, but for a very different reason. She remembered the growling, the belt buckle, the -- Down, girl! You're here on business!. Even as she remembered that, her attention turned to Kaitlin, and her eyes widened in true surprise. For if finding out your one-night-stand and roommate's friend/personal trainer was a fucking werewolf was cause for a double-take, finding out her other friend/roommate was a were-cat came as a total shock. She crossed the distance between her and the other (admittedly slightly freaked-out) girl, gave her a hug, and pulled back to eye both her and Dec. ,, "Holy shit, you two.. how long have you two been here? I just saw you, like, three days ago, chica. What the hell happened?" Kaitlin shook her head at Aradia, memories of how long she'd been here and what had happened to get her there still fuzzy, and a little mixed up with the predatory impulses of her first hunt. Aradia turned to Dec, her expression concerned and worried. Twenty minutes ago they were supposed to be rescuing random supernatural creatures from a bunch of Seers. These were her friends, dammit! "Are you two okay?"
  8. "Oh my fucking god." Aradia hopped out of the bed and hurried over to the door. She slammed it shut, clicking the lock into place, and then turned around to glance at Dec. He had turned over and propped himself up on his elbows, and they stared at each other for a brief moment before she burst out laughing. "Damn, how much of the show do you think she caught?" ,, He shrugged, smirked as he sat up, and moved to the edge of the bed, the smooth languidness of his movements a sharp contrast to the sexy roughness of his manner and appearance. "Dunno.. I was kinda focused on the actual performance." He reached for his pants, but she pushed off from the door, crossing the room smoothly and nudging his clothing away with a foot. ,, "What makes you think I'm done with you, bucko? You look like you're good for more than one ride a night. Or are you planning to move on to a different filly?" She slid down between his knees this time, her hands moving over his thighs and down the backs of his calves as she pushed his legs apart. Then she glanced up at him, her eyes full of a sort of lazy mischievousness now that the initial hunger of their drunken coupling had been satiated. She looked a little more sober now, although certainly still tipsy - but having someone walk in on you post-coitus was bound to bring anyone around, at least a bit. Her fingers slid back up, lazily trailing along the backs and insides of his thighs, and then briefly over the sensitive tip of his cock. She felt it twitch slightly under her fingertips, and a slow smirk curved at the corner of her lips. "Well?"
  9. Aradia glanced around the deserted street nervously. Kick-ass magic slinger or no (and in her opinion, she wasn't that kick-ass yet), walking around a run-down, deserted industrial in L.A. as a nineteen year old woman dressed for clubbing seemed like a bad idea. She was dressed in Oneca's smallest pair of leather pants, the ones Aradia couldn't quite figure out how her curvy cousin managed to squeeze into. They were almost capri-length on the goth girl (and who the hell had ever heard of leather capris before?!), which put them at just about the right length for Aradia, and loose enough for her to move in while still looking decent, and ready to party. Over that she'd thrown a tight tank top and a thin, too-large t-shirt advertising an obscure punk band. It had come pre-ripped from the thrift shop, but Aradia assumed that added to the effect. Her hair was down, she'd changed the streaks to various shades of bright pinks and reds through the brown, and altered the cut to look straighter and edgier. She'd styled it with the part off to the side and teased to high heaven, and slid at least a dozen multi-colored glow-stick bracelets on each wrist, a pair of boots with four-inch thick soles that were laced over the pants with cheap LED fiber-optic shoelaces she'd found locally. She'd topped it all off with a half a kilo of fairly dark glitter-punk makeup, and hoped she was dressed well enough to blend in without standing out. Latigo was nearby, wandering along out of sight, ready to warn her if he saw anything dangerous. Finally though, she found the place. It was, at first glance, not even worth a look. Only the loud noise emanating from the old subway entrance gave any indication that there was more than rats scurrying around in the abandoned station. As she descended down the stairs, the darkness gave way to the glow of black lights and hundreds of glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark raver clothes, and LED accessories. At the bottom of the stairs were the bouncers, but they waved Aradia in without even glancing at the fake ID she'd been ready with. At one time (before some official rerouting cut this section of the city off from the subway lines), this had been a very utilitarian station. Once you decended the stairs, there was a very long stretch of flat concrete, with pillars on either side overlooking the opposing train directions. But in the time since, heavy-duty surfaces had been fabricated that stretched over the subway tracks, almost like a flat bridge to nothing except barren wall and the short ledge on the other side. These were referred to as the dance bridges, where hundreds of young men and women writhed and raved, their emotions high on the music and their bodies high on drugs and cheap booze. The bar was a half-circle set back near the blocked-off back wall, where the station stopped and the tracks kept going. It extended out from the DJ booth, which was built high up off the ground and required climbing a short ladder to reach it. That modification had been made after the third or fourth DJ had been ripped away from his audio controls by an irate mob unhappy with his song selections, and bouncers also guarded the ladder leading up to the sound booth. In the ceiling, the original fluorescents had been replaced by an elaborate track lighting system that flashed colored spots all around the dance floor. Flush with the back station wall, heavy black barricades had been constructed blocking off the remaining tracks, and no one was allowed through the doors that had been built into them. The barricades were guarded by even more bouncers - burly men in plain black t-shirts and pants that didn't bother blending into the throng of dancers. No one knew exactly who ran this place. It was officially called Le Sousterrian, though everyone called it the Sous. No one knew how it had become an actual place, either.. at least one that the cops didn't shut down. Either way, it was well known amongst the music scene as the place to go for a wild fucking time. Aradia knew Latigo would follow somehow, staying out of sight in that mysterious way of his that sleepers never noticed. But she danced her way into the throng, doing her best to blend into the madness so she could get a good look at the place. Her latest tip regarding missing people had led her here, and at this point, it was the only lead she had. Of course, she had no fucking clue what she was looking for.. but at least it was something. Livy, girl, I haven't given up on you...
  10. It was Thursday night. Saja had left for the duration of the summer, headed to San Francisco for an internship. August had made her first appearance at the house that same day, for the first time in the month since Oneca had left. Earlier today, Aradia had received a text message from Oneca that she was heading back into town as well. They were about to spend an entire summer together under the same roof - thankfully a Saja-free one - and still her two roommates were keeping her in the dark. August had spent most of the last month with Dec, the hot-as-hell werewolf. They had a shape-shifting were-cat 'crashing' (Hah! - She'd been living there just barely shorter than Aradia had, at this point!) in one of the spare bedrooms. Yet, all of the life mage's attempts to extract who (or what) her roommates were up to now had been rebuffed, ignored, or flat-out rejected. It was like living in the center of a minefield, and yet everyone kept insisting it was a city park. She stepped back and surveyed the battlefield that was the den. Fruity drink mixes were August's favorite, and the add-your-own alcohol versions allowed for Oneca to get as plastered as she so chose. She'd sent August a text with the time to be here by, stating vaguely that they "should hang out, since Oneca was gonna be back". She knew August loved Greek food, and there was enough pita bread involved there to keep Oneca from getting wasted too quickly. The delivery guy had just dropped it off, and she'd laid it all out on the huge cocktail table that was centered between the deep-seated, soft, curl up in it upholstered furniture that outfitted the entertainment-centered room. She'd rented a few movies from Redbox, a variety of different things meant to appeal to whatever random mood the other two were in, although honestly Aradia didn't care if they got around to watching any of them. She took in a deep breath, and then checked her phone briefly for the time. August should be arriving any minute, and Oneca shortly after that. If I can't get them to talk this way, I'm going to have to resort to more extreme measures.
  11. Her hips rolled against his, settling into his movements with a sultry ease. They lingered at that pace for awhile, until the tempo of his thrusts pulled a moan from her, and he felt her control beginning to slip. Her feet slid up to his right shoulder, as smooth as liquid, her body twisting just enough for him to reach up slightly and grab ahold of her ankles. The backs of her thighs were pressed up against his chest, and he knew at that moment that it wasn't physically possible to be any deeper inside a woman. Damn, whatever this girl is.. every guy needs to do one once. The thought flickered briefly through his mind, and he ground into her then, giving it to her as thoroughly as she seemed to want it. She cried out in pleasure, and he felt her begin to pulse around him, her reactions becoming more instinctive and less deliberate. "Oh fuck, yes. Touch me, Dec - please," she gasped, and he obliged her, sliding his free hand over her left thigh and up her hip, before cupping her small, perky breast and squeezing the nipple firmly. She sucked in a sharp hiss of breath, and he continued to tease and torture her with his touch, even as he rocked his hips against hers, pressing over and over into that perfect spot until he felt her nearing the edge of euphoria. Then he pulled out of her with a growl, lowering her legs and taking her hips firmly in his hands. Her eyes flew open again, her disbelief and shock at the sudden emptiness magnifying her indignation three-fold what it had been earlier, but this time he didn't intend to keep her waiting. His silver eyes blazed as they met hers, and his words were a low snarl that she felt through her whole body. "On your knees, frail." She let out a groan, half-impatience and half-eagerness, as she turned over and lifted herself onto all fours. She heard another low growl from behind, and had just enough time to brace herself before she felt him grab her hips and thrust into her again deeply. She let out a little keening noise, and he began to move once more - shorter, faster movements this time. His breathing was ragged now, and hers was coming in little short gasps in time with his thrusts. She felt his hand slide down between her legs and his fingers move - Oh yes, right there! - stroking and massaging the small, swollen bud until she finally exploded around him, clenching and drawing him in as she cried out in ecstasy.
  12. For awhile there were no more words, only soft, appreciative noises. Her hips arched and flexed under his attention, and he felt her other leg - the one he wasn't holding onto - loop lazily over his shoulder. She was enjoying every moment of this, it had been a long time, and he was very good at what he was doing. She had started off hot for him already, but as her soft whimpers turned into gasps, and then into little cries of desire, he could taste and smell her want - her need for him - escalate sharply. She was trembling beneath him, fingers gripping the blanket when he finally pulled away from her, and her eyes flew open in surprise and outrage. ,, "What - why are you - what the hell..." she stuttered over her indignation, her voice thick and hungry with need. ,, He slid his hand down her thigh as he shifted, standing up and then kneeling down onto the bed, gripping her hips and pulling her closer to him. She saw his intent in those fierce eyes of his, and she sat up and pulled back slightly, her own eyes flashing dangerously. "Oh no you don't.. I'm not the only one getting tortured first, mister." ,, "Is that so?" he drawled, his expression still intent on conquest. He licked his lips slowly, tasting her on them, and pressed her back slightly on the bed. He was too preoccupied with the defiant look on her face to notice her hand slide down between them. "And just how d'you plan on makin' that happen, frail?" ,, She slipped her fingers briefly into her own wet center, and he saw her eyelids flutter for a moment. Then she pulled them out and wrapped moist fingers around him, her eyes locking with his as she began to stroke, slow and hard enough to catch his attention and let him know she meant business. "Like this."
  13. Finally, the mysterious Calypso made her appearance. She stumbled into the room and leaned against the doorjamb, taking a slow look at the carnage surrounding the two men. Gary could make out the hotness Wakiki had spoken of, but only barely. Her long, currently pale-green streaked brown ponytail was askew and partly undone, as if someone had yanked hard at it. She sported at least a half-dozen long, thin, painful-looking welts that were sure to turn into nasty bruises, and at least a couple gashes that, while shallow, were still dripping blood slowly down her forearm and over her cheek. ,, "Looks like you boys had a pretty shitty time of it too. Sorry I missed all this fun, but as you can see, I got invited to my own party." Her eyes rested on Imriel, and she gave him a concerned second-over. "Holy shit, you look worse than I do."
  14. She watched Whisker slip across the parking lot, then boosted herself forward through the space between the seats, leaning past Imriel in a way that was a bit distracting, as she popped open the glove box and pulled out the other gun. "Not a thing. Though I sare say 'knocking' on the front door seems a tad suspicious. You wanna elaborate on that plan a little? You know what, nevermind. I don't need to know the details, just tell me hat to do and I'll do it. I'm new to this sort of shit, after all."
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