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  1. Just saw it, and I loved it! I had never heard of GotG before the film trailers started coming out, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I'm thinking about going to see it myself again tomorrow before work, LOL.
  2. Aradia responded to the other nova greetings as appropriate, offering her name to the group and an appropriate response to each of those that had addressed her directly. She noted the stiffness with which the tall, blonde-haired nova regarded her, but waived it off to social anxiety or something. Not everyone was comfortable at a party, after all. She watched the shadow-man and the impressively-muscled woman wander off to dance as well, then turned back to the remaining novas; Puck and Sean, the two that had introduced themselves, and the sourpuss that hadn't. She flashed all three of them a playful smirk, and motioned to the dance floor, just as it switched over to a more upbeat song. "Well? Anyone want to join me out there?"
  3. Aradia had been quietly circulating, taking it all in without actually interacting with anyone. It wasn't that she was shy - far from it, actually - but this was the first time she'd ever been in a large group of novas at the same time and it was a bit unsettling. She was dressed more elegantly than she could ever recall being dressed before in her life, for none of her jobs with that man had ever involved a fancy party like this one, and her life in the circus had been a much more casual affair except for the costumes. And while those were gorgeous, sometimes flamboyant and sometimes classy, they were still costumes - things that she wore while she was flipping around in mid-air or hanging from a bar or a set of rings high above the ground. Nonetheless, the graceful acrobat moved through the crowds the way an Olympic swimmer moved through the water. She drew looks for sure, her nova-level beauty accented by a stunning navy blue cocktail dress covered in a light dusting of tiny crystals, designed to mimic the starry-sprinkled views of their current locale. Her hair tumbled over her bare shoulders, chestnut brown streaked with deep navy and falling in loose waves against her pale skin. She'd shifted her eyes too, and tonight they were the hue of beautiful molten silver accented with smoky grey-blue eyeshadow. Her jewelry was even tamer than normal in acknowledgement of the elegance of the affair - there were still large teardrop hoops, but delicate ones made out of diamonds and white gold filagree with sparkling scrollwork detail along the bottom. She also wore a thin diamond tennis bracelet, and glided across the floor in a pair of sinfully high navy blue stilettos with a sparkly heel and a peep toe that showed off her perfectly pedicured feet. To say the least, she'd had some help with the outfit. When she'd walked into the Madison Avenue store to shop for this event, the sales assistant had cringed at her first couple of selections - ones more appropriate for a rich but slightly trashy party girl - then she'd swooped in and taken the nova under her stylish wing. She'd even suggested a jeweler that would be willing to loan out the ritzy jewelry in exchange for a well-placed paparazzi shot of the beautiful young woman shopping at his store in one of the the up-and-coming nova watcher magazines. But she was at a party, and so far no one had approached her. Observing was getting boring, and she spotted a small group of novas mingling, most of them around her age - in appearance, anyway. She made her way towards the small group, passing the pretty Japanese girl in the cherry blossom dress being led away by the super-hot dark haired nova that she was pretty sure she knew from somewhere. She flashed them both a charming smile as they passed, and then turned her attention to the remainder of the group. "Hello everyone, I hope you don't mind if I join you. I hear we're supposed to mingle, and it looks like there's some of that happening here," she commented playfully.
  4. Personal Information Real Name: Aradia McConnell Nicknames: Ari (prounounced "Airy") Nova Name: Masque Concept: Ex-circus performer/ex-thief. Template: Shifter Virtue: Courageous Vice: Arrogant Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: None Date of Birth: July 31, 2030 Date of Eruption: October 7, 2044 First Public Appearance: As a baseline performer, 5/15/36. Word of her nova status spread gradually with performances following her eruption. No public appearance to date in any official capacity. Citizenship: United States of America, Eden Home Region: United States (Birth State: Arizona, Place of Residence: N/A, moved frequently) Occupation: Paragon Allegiance(s): Paragons, Matthew Butcher, Beau Cirque Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Caucasian Age: 19 Apparent Age: Late teens Height: 155 cm/ 5' 1" Weight: 47 kg/ 105 lbs. Eyes: Stunning bronze irises with a rich and varied metallic sheen. Hair: Long brown hair, often streaked with other color(s). Handedness: Omnidextrous Appearance: Known Powers: Aradia is incredibly athletic and dexterous, a highly-skilled acrobat and circus entertainer in her former life. She's also inhumanely attractive, with metallic-sheened eyes the color of burnished bronze and a lithe, graceful figure. Less known to the general population - at least so far - is her shapeshifting abilities, although the Guardians (and by proxy, the leadership that organized the Paragons) are familiar with them based on her evaluations. Aradia can shape-shift into almost anyone or anything you could possibly think of. Abilities/Special Skills: Not only can she perform amazing feats of acrobatic prowess (and holds a couple of world records), but she's also a skilled thief and con-artist. Personality: Aradia is generally outgoing and lively. She gets along well with others, and has a bit of a wild streak. However, she also has her own moral compass that she adheres to. It might not make sense to everyone, but it makes sense to her and that's all that matters. Background: Aradia Pandora McConnell was a circus orphan at a young age. Her mother, an acrobat herself, was killed in an accident when Aradia was only three years old, and from that point on the circus was her family. They took her in, raised her, and taught her to follow in her mother's footsteps. As she grew up she became the star of the show, first as a precious little girl who could captivate and enthrall audiences at a young age, and eventually as a high-flying acrobat with grace never dreamed of. She erupted as a nova at the age of fourteen, and from that point on her talent was unstoppable, and both she and the Beau Cirque were on a fast track to the big time. When Aradia was seventeen years old, the circus was approached with an offer from an investor. His name was Alex Cross, and he wanted to take Beau Cirque international. He wove a wonderful tale, full of marketing budgets and powerful contacts, and after a very small amount of debate, Beau Cirque sold themselves over to him, expecting him to take them all the way. He had every intention of doing just that, however the stunner came after the papers were signed, when he informed Aradia that she was being released from her contract, and that her performing skills were no longer necessary. To say that Aradia was incensed would be putting it mildly. After an initial moment of stunned disbelief the petite acrobat flew into a rage, screaming and sobbing, and had to be held back by a couple of her fellow stunned performers. Alex Cross, it turned out, had acquired the circus as a platform for his daughter's success. Elizabeth Cross was a talented baseline teenage gymnast who was too much of a diva to make it through the grueling training required of an Olympic athlete. She wanted to be a star, and she didn't want to have to compete for it. Because she was Daddy's little girl, she didn't have to. This exchange was overheard by not only a few of her fellow performers (including the ones holding her back from assaulting the rich bastard), but by two others; Alex Cross's twenty-three year old son Ben, and his slightly older assistant, Marcus Burrows. As Aradia was escorted out, Marcus stepped in to 'assist with the process'. He made his sympathies known to Aradia, explaining that he had been taken advantage of by many men like Alex Cross, and encouraged her to meet with him that evening to discuss an opportunity to get back at the bastard who'd ruined her life. Aradia was equal parts furious and heartbroken, and as a result figured she had nothing left to lose. She met with Marcus that evening, and learned about his secret life as a thief, seeking his fortune by ripping off the rich bastards of the world like Alex Cross. He explained how he'd been taken advantage of as a young man, not much older than her, used for his skills and then tossed away once the company grew successful enough that they no longer needed him. He worked for these types of men, got close to them, figured out what kind of men they truly were, and then robbed them blind. With Aradia's help, and her supernatural skills, they could make a real living out of it. He wouldn't have to hide behind the disguise of the loyal employee any more, spending months trying to look for the perfect opportunity. She would have an opportunity to get back at the kind of men who had robbed her of her family and her place, starting with Alex Cross himself. It sounded like an excellent plan to the wounded young woman, still fresh off her firing and brimming over with pain and fury. Together, they became an incredibly successful team, a sort of upper-crust Bonnie and Clyde. Aradia's skills combined with Marcus's training got them easily into homes, cars, businesses - you name it. Unbeknownst to Aradia however, it was all a clever front for a much darker purpose. One day when watching the news on TV, she recognized the teenaged son of one of the mansions they had recently robbed. His death was being investigated as a homicide, and as she followed the case on television a disturbing pattern began to reveal itself to her. Multiple murders began to surface, all of them apparently accidental until someone began digging a little deeper. And when Aradia recognized several of the victims as young men or teenage boys related to the families they'd robbed, a horrible suspicion began to settle in her stomach. She denied it to herself initially, even as she began to investigate further. Her probing eventually led her to the undeniable truth, but it was too little and too late for Marcus's latest victim - it was his death, and the evidence Aradia stumbled across before the police even discovered the latest crime scene - that finally convinced her of Marcus's guilt. She wrested with it briefly, but the guilt of another death weighed too heavily on her shoulders. She might have felt somewhat responsible with the others for not picking up on it, but this time it was her desire to bury her head in the sand and deny what was right in front of her that had caused another man's death. Aradia knew her options were limited. She was the connecting piece, she was the one who knew not only who he was, but how he did what he did and where he would be doing it next. So she did what any moral living being would do - she turned herself over to the police, to a detective named Matthew Butcher who was working the string of murders that had come to be known as the "Trust Fund Killer" case. Though she willingly told him everything she knew, they were still without any significant proof, and they knew the case they had against him was weak - a case of he said/she said where the accuser was also an admitted thief and con-artist. A nova was called in due to the seriousness of the case and Aradia's testimony regarding her former partner's nova abilities. Synergy was the nova sent to deal with the situation and she suggested a sting. Aradia offered her abilities and assistance in apprehending Marcus in the midst of his crimes, and despite initial concerns about putting her in danger, they came to the conclusion that no matter what happened Marcus would know Aradia had betrayed him, and she was willing to take the physical risks to capture him so they proceeded with the plan. It worked, and the Trust Fund Killer was captured and found guilty due to the strength of the case against him. In the end, Aradia's willingness to come forward, and to help in the apprehension of Marcus Burrows worked in her favor. A plea deal was reached prior to the bust that Aradia would plead guilty to all charges of breaking and entering, but instead of jail time she would return any items that she was still in possession of and help track down or replace the ones that she had gotten rid of. She would also agree to a period of community service, to be served as part of a new elite team of novas called the Paragons. All things considered, she's more than happy with that plea deal. She feels a strong need to atone for the sins she unwittingly helped commit, and also hopes that her involvement with the Paragons will help her put Marcus Burrows back behind bars (since he escaped almost immediately, of course). 'Allies & Contacts:' Matthew Butler (Ally) Matt Butler was the detective working the "Trust Fund Killer" case. There were a lot of late nights and dead ends, until one day a young woman walked into his office and handed him the case on a silver platter. When she offered her help putting him behind bars, he did his best to work out a decent plea bargain for her, getting her on probation and working with the Guardians to find a way for her to repay her debt to society through public service - namely, with the newly-formed Paragons. She considers him a friend, and knows he'll do what he can to help her out if she needs it. Beau Cirque (Ally) Aradia retains close ties to all the members of her old circus, except for it's new manager Stephen Cross and his daughter Elizabeth. They're like family to her, the closest thing she's had since her mother died when she was only three years old. They fed her, clothed her, raised her, loved her. They even taught her to fly, and for all those things, she will always be forever grateful. She even has the friendship of the manger's son, Benjamin Cross, who disagreed with his father's decision to fire Aradia and replace her with his sister Liza. He argued on her behalf, and was thankfully passed over by the Trust Fund Killer as a victim because of his actions. Alissa Zimmer (Contact) A member of The Carnival, Alissa saw Aradia perform once and was entranced by her skills. She has a bit of a crush on the shapeshifter, and has tried to convince the acrobatic Nova to join The Carnival, stating that it's "fate" because of the "circus link", and because her beautiful copper eyes are a sign that she will eventually become even lovelier as she sheds her baseline appearance and gains more physical nova characteristics. They're casual friends, and Aradia can call on her occasionally as a source of information. Character Sheet Name: Aradia McConnell (Mostly Complete) Nicknames: Ari Concept: Ex-circus performer/ex-thief. Personal Motto: "Live life in a way that you won't regret." Virtue: Courageous Vice: Arrogant Allegiance: Paragons, Beau Cirque, Matthew Butcher Theme: Former Circus Performer Nationality: Caucasian/USA HT: 155 cm/ 5' 1" WT: 47 kg/ 105 lbs. Hair: Long brown hair, often streaked with other colors. Eyes: Aradia's irises are a stunning bronze with a rich and varied metallic sheen. Age: 19 Birthdate: July 31st Attributes STR: 4 (Athletic) DEX: 5 (Acrobatic) STA: 5 (Unflagging) PER: 4 (Observant) INT: 3 WIT: 4 (Cunning) APP: 4 (Intriguing) MAN: 3 CHA: 4 (Outgoing) Mega Attributes and Enhancements Mega Dexterity ●●●●● *Catfooted: Core Rules, p. 159 *Omnidexterity: Player's Guide, p. 102 *Perfect Balance: Player's Guide, p. 102 Mega Stamina ●●●●● *Adaptability: Core Rules, p. 160 *Health: Player's Guide, p. 103 *Tireless: Player's Guide, p. 103 Mega Appearance ●●● *Appearance Alteration: Core Rules, p. 171 *Seductive Looks: Core Rules, p. 173 Abilities Physical- Brawl: Might: Throwing: Archery: Athletics: ●●●●● Drive: ● Firearms: ● Gunnery: Heavy Weapons: Legerdemain: ●●●● Martial Arts: ● Melee: ● Pilot: Ride: ● Stealth: ●●● Channel: Endurance: ●●●●● Resistance: ●●●●● Mental- Artillery: Awareness: Investigation: Navigation: Academics: ● Analysis: Bureaucracy: Computer: ● Demolitions: ● Engineering: Intrusion: ●●●● Gambling: ● Linguistics: Medicine: Science: Survival: Tradeskill: Arts: Biz: Mediation: Modulate: Rapport: Shadowing: Tactics: Weave: Social- Disguise: ● Intimidation: Style: ● Interrogation: Seduction: Streetwise: ● Subterfuge: ●●● Animal Training: Carousing: ● Command: Etiquette: Instruction: Perform: ●●● Backgrounds: Allies: ●● Attunement: ● Backing: Cipher: ● Contacts: ● Dormancy: Equipment: Manifestation: Favors: Followers: Influence: Mentor: Node: Rank: Resources: ●●● Reputation: ● Sanctum: ● Adversarial Backgrounds: Fan Club/Cult: size / devotion Media Exposure: Suitors: Quantum: ●●●●● Quantum Pool: ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● ●●●●● Taint: 0 Temporary, 1 Permanent Willpower: ●●●●● Initiative: 9 Powers (Level 1: Violet, Level 2: Blue, Level 3: Green, Level 4: Yellow, Level 5: Orange, Level 6: Red - In Theme BOLD) Shapeshift: ●●●●● (Stamina + Shapeshift, Duration: Maintenance) Merits & Flaws Overconfidence (1 pt) Obsession (2 pt) Acute Sense/Vision (1 pt) Aberrations (Low: Violet, Medium: Blue, Severe: Green) Altered Biochemistry (The New Flesh, p. 214) Sex Object (Forceful Personalities, p. 70) Aberrant Eyes (Core Rules, p. 151) Known Languages Native: English Others: Movements Walk: 7 m Run: 17 m Sprint: 35 m Soaks Base Soak: Healing Rate: Health Levels: Dice pool penalties due to injuries and pain reduced by 3. Unhurt Bruised Bruised Hurt Injured Wounded Maimed Crippled Incapacitated Dead CC Log Bonus Points: 25 Total -8 (Willpower to 7) -1 (Background: Resources 3) -6 (Skill Points: +3) +1 Flaw: Overconfidence +2 Flaw: Obsession (Tracking arch-nemesis and his followers) -1 Merit: Acute Sense (Vision) -2 (Backgrounds: Contacts 1 & 2) Personalization Points Personalization Points: 25 Starting NP -15 (M-Dex to 5) -6 (M-Sta to 5) -2 (Skill Points: +12) -2 (Abilities: +6)
  5. Krul, I've got Ari's character sheet and basic history PM'd to you. Let me know if I'm missing anything, or if it needs work.
  6. Looking through the character stuff. Do we have any automatic background points in backing for being part of the Paragons? I couldn't find that referenced, but for some reason I keep thinking we do... Edited: Actually, is there just a character creation thread I'm missing? I found the one that gives the general templates and such, but I feel like I'm missing some info somewhere.
  7. I should have time to work on a character sheet tomorrow,. Not sure if I'll be using this account or my Cirque account, though.
  8. Confirming that I'll be playing Aradia as a shifter! Looking forward to the game!
  9. Aradia chewed on her lip slightly, then frowned and sighed, looking a little distressed. "Girl, if you're gonna make it that long, you're gonna have to ease up a little." ,, "Who says I wanna make it that long?" Oneca downed the rest of her second drink in a long swill, and August and Aradia shared a deeply concerned look this time, before Aradia walked over, and started pulling the alcohol bottles and putting them away. ,, "Look, I guess I'm just gonna have to get straight to it. I didn't plan this to be an intervention or some shit - hell, I brought the alcohol. I guess I was hoping being away from the bitch for a whole month would have mellowed you a bit, but I see I was wrong. But you've been home for ten minutes, and you're halfway to plastered already. So we can get back to this later if you want, it's your body, cuz." She tossed the last of the hard liquor into the bar cabinet, and handed Oneca a mojito. "Here, if you need to drink during this conversation, fine. But I need you a least partly coherent for a few minutes. Then if we wanna forget all this shit for now and drink and eat and look at pictures of hot Grecian guys, awesome. If you want me to fuck off, well, I guess that's fine too. But everything that's fucked up in this house is tied to weird. You know it, I think August knows it, I sure the hell know it - you just didn't know that till now. I know you drink because of Saja, I know she's not right." ,, Oneca rolled her eyes, looking flippant. "No shit." ,, "Don't get snippy with be, damnit - she's not human. I can tell." She rounded on August, her brow furrowed. "And there's something wonky with you too, girl - I can see it! But neither of you are mages.. so what's going on?" She sighed, taking a gulp of her mojito, and sat it down, looking apologetic. "I'd like to know what I'm living in the middle of here."
  10. "Wait a minute. No, we are not mage hunters, Kaitlin." Aradia scowled slightly, looking a little frustrated at the tension that was suddenly mounting between the parties. She gestured to Gary slight with a small shrug. "I don't know about this guy, and since he's not willing to tell us anything about himself either, then whatever. But Kaitlin's my roommate, and Dec is my other roommate's boyfriend, and they're not hiding anything. These are my friends, Imriel - isn't there anything else we can tell them about what's going on? I mean, they were kidnapped, treated like lab rats." ,, "I did tell them what I can." Imriel frowned at Aradia but he wasn't angry, that was clear. He was concerned about her words, as if talking to them meant more than sharing secrets. She chewed on her lower lip, looking a little upset, then sighed and shrugged. "Sorry guys, you basically know what I know anyway, except it has something to do with politics and war." Her voice took on a sardonic tone. "Phenomenal cosmic powers!!! Aaaaaand, here's your war."
  11. Hey guys, I would like to get a post up in Rest Home, if you don't mind. I'm just at work right now.
  12. Aradia shot August a small, concerned frown behind Oneca's back, as the other girl bypassed the fun girly drinks and went straight for the hard liquor concoction, as usual. She had been hoping some time away from Saja would stem her newfound cousin's destructiveness a little, but it wasn't looking that way so far. She grabbed a mojito herself and twisted the cap off, taking a short drink. "Well, I was just thinking a catch-up night, y'know? Hang, drink, eat, watch some movies. I swung by a Redbox and grabbed a few I thought you two might like." ,, She walked over and picked them up, flipping through them and tossing them onto the large cocktail ottoman as she read them out loud. "Let's see, I got Avengers for the hot guys, Hunger Games looked kinda cool, Cabin in the Woods is some kinda horror flick, the new Bond movie, cause Daniel Craig. Django looked fucked up, but everybody said it was awesome. And Bachelorette looked pretty raunchy." She tossed the last one down, and flopped down into the big chair and a half, curling her legs up into it. "But screw movies for now, I wanna hear all about Greece, and how many times a week Dec is good for."
  13. The tunes were kickin', but Aradia had only been dancing for maybe twenty minutes - about three or four songs - and she had already been groped several times. She also wasn't finding out much about the place by hanging out in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by sweaty guys, most of whom were at least six inches taller than she was. ,, One of the skeeziest of the bunch, a thin but ripped white boy with long dreads pulled back in a ponytail, pressed up against her from behind, his hands moving to her hips and up over her stomach as they danced. He was wearing a black wife beater t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants, and was actually pretty hot. But this was the third time he'd tried to slide his hands up under her shirt, and she could feel his erection as he pulled her hips back into his with the dance. This time he leaned down into her ear, yelling to make himself heard over the music. "You wanna step outside, sexy? Kinda hot in here!" ,, She pulled back, and flashed him a smile. "Thanks, but I'm gonna grab a drink instead! My friend is over there - that's her, see her?! - she'll love your moves, and I'll find you in a minute!" He nodded and moved towards the poor girl she had picked randomly, some sucker in a glow-in-the-dark minidress that was about to receive a lot of unwanted attention. She made her way towards the bar (she hadn't been lying about that part!), and shouted her order at the bartender over the din. She leaned up against it as she waited, and after a moment her eyes settled on a familiar face. ,, Holy shit, what's Imriel doing here? ,, The bartender handed her the drink, and she handed him the cash. Then she stepped up behind Wakiki, who was leaning against the bar, being chatted up by some drunk-as-shit bimbo in a neon pink number as he waited for the bartender to make it this far down the bar. "Hey sexy, nice glasses!"
  14. Ironically, an almost identical thought process was going on inside Aradia's head as she eyed Dec up and down, remember the last time she'd seen the attractive but rugged man. He'd been wearing nothing then, too, but for a very different reason. She remembered the growling, the belt buckle, the -- Down, girl! You're here on business!. Even as she remembered that, her attention turned to Kaitlin, and her eyes widened in true surprise. For if finding out your one-night-stand and roommate's friend/personal trainer was a fucking werewolf was cause for a double-take, finding out her other friend/roommate was a were-cat came as a total shock. She crossed the distance between her and the other (admittedly slightly freaked-out) girl, gave her a hug, and pulled back to eye both her and Dec. ,, "Holy shit, you two.. how long have you two been here? I just saw you, like, three days ago, chica. What the hell happened?" Kaitlin shook her head at Aradia, memories of how long she'd been here and what had happened to get her there still fuzzy, and a little mixed up with the predatory impulses of her first hunt. Aradia turned to Dec, her expression concerned and worried. Twenty minutes ago they were supposed to be rescuing random supernatural creatures from a bunch of Seers. These were her friends, dammit! "Are you two okay?"
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