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  1. Ira's eyes flicked back and forth as he followed Lien's glance at Uriel. Yeeeeah. Somethin' ain't right here. Gotta play it cool. ,, Ira mentally paused briefly as he considered what to say here. ,, Chicks dig guys that smoke. ,, Ira took a drag on his Newport and answered Lien's question on the exhale, "Yeah, sure, I may or may not remember you." He intentionally did not answer the second question. Unless he was under arrest, he had no reason to reveal more information than necessary and even then, his lawyer would be answering questions. "I see you've taken to hanging out with douchenozzles."
  2. Ira gasped in surprise and then accidently swallowed the mouthful of tobacco-laden air. He winced as it went down painfully, choked, and coughed as he did mental acrobatics trying to make sense of things. ,, What the hell was I smoking last night. ,, He gained control of himself and glanced at the group, arched an eyebrow at Lien and Uriel. ,, Do I even wanna know why those two are together? And why do they have a posse? I am either over-thinking or this is God's way of going in dry. ,, Ira took a drag to further calm himself and approached the group, "You all mind if I squeeze by?"
  3. ,, Christ fuck me with a pineapple, I am losing it. ,, Ira stripped and stepped in the shower. If he was going to complain to management about cocaine smoke machines in his pipes, it was probably better to do it sans the stench of Doritoes and Johnnie Walker. He occasionally glanced back as he soaked himself, worried about what else might come oozing out of the fixture. He tossed an empty bottle of Captain Morgan over the curtain rod and numerous bars of hotel bar soaps from his caddy, where the hell did I get all these, before finding a bottle of Dove. It performed as shampoo, body wash, shaving cream and lotion before the water was turned off. ,, He dried off with a reasonably clean towel and scavenged among the clothes until he found what he thought were clean jeans and a white t-shirt. I need to fire the maid...do I have a maid? If I do, they are fucking terrible. He eventually found socks, but gave up on underwear and decided that the upcoming confrontation required going commando. He finished off with styling wax in his hair, cologne everywhere else and double-taked when he thought he saw a small puff of white come out of the sink faucet when he wet his toothbrush. ,, You are not insane yet. He couldn't locate any toothpaste, so he brushed without and vowed some impromptu mouthwash with Mr. Daniels. ,, His mundane routine finished, he scavenged for his wallet and keys before leaving the apartment. God I need a vacation, my life is hell. He closed his door behind him, fished a cigarette out of his back pocket, guess they weren't that clean, and lit it with his ever-present lighter before heading for the stairs.
  4. (Formatting stolen from Max) Name: Ira Sagebrush Song Inspiration: "Hurt" Johnny Cash cover of NIN Concept: Good Looking Trust Fund Baby Trouble: High-functioning Junkie Phase One: Ira was almost 18 and two shakes of a prostitute's ass from being kicked out of his family's house. Then it happened. He received a certified letter from the family attorney stating that his grandfather had set up a trust fund through his will. It had a balance with more digits than had a right to be a numerical figure relating to money. Ira went from the private school drug dealer that knew how to get what you wanted to pharmaceutical entrepreneur. He implemented the nugget of wisdom his friends had brainstormed while high and formed a shell corporation off-shore to import pills at a drastically reduced rate which were then repackaged and shipped into the states disguised as legitimate goods. Soon Ira would be out from under the thumb of his family. Aspect: My Way Or The Highway - Invoke to resist persuasion. Compel for him to ignore good advice/rationale. Touchstone: A chrome-plated lighter with the company logo dot-etched into the surface. ,,Phase Two: Ira met James at an after party for one of the movie adaptations of James' books. Ira; high, drunk, and starstruck convinced the author to accompany him to Vegas (James Phase 3) to 'paaaaarrrrr-taaaaaye'. He also made sure that James had access to a wide sampling of Ira's products. Ira had hoped to leash the author somehow and thereby gain a client and a contact. Who knows, perhaps an acting gig in the guy's next movie? Aspect: First One's Free - Invoke to tempt others to action. Compel to rouse Ira's chemical addictions. Touchstone: Black chip from the casino Ira stayed at. Phase Three:[inviolate] Ira's father, suspicious of his otherwise worthless son's success, hired Uriel to investigate the relatively new corporation and its operations. Ira, having made no effort to particularly cover his tracks, nor even the personnel to do so, made it quite easy for Uriel to discover the true nature of Ira's business. It was child's play to discover the depth of Ira's trust fund. Choosing instead to blackmail Ira versus revealing the drug running to Ira's father. Uriel began to bleed Ira. Every two weeks a payment was due, and every month the amount increased until Ira was forced to fold the operation. Settling with his investors (not getting shot) required cashing out everything and left him with only half his trust fund left. (All but destitute in his mind.) Uriel finished his job and reported Ira's activities to the family. This was the final straw and Ira was left to seek refuge in needles, pills, and the bottom of bottles. Aspect: It can't get any worse - Invoke to resist mental attacks. Compel (or can it?) to daze in mind-crushing despair. Touchstone: A checkbook register for his trust fund. Bonus Phase: While abroad doing 'research' on forming his shell corporation, Ira decided to partake of Oktoberfest in Germany, and stereotypically, it was filled with more foreigners than Germans. Already one sheet to the wind, he happened upon the bar in which Lien and her friends were celebrating their one last hurrah. Through guile, good looks and a willingness to pay for anything the women asked for, Ira became the escort as they bar hopped, sang karaoke, and got wasted. At one point towards the end of the night when they were all well beyond tipsy, a scavenger hunt was brought up as a brilliant idea. Ira assured them all the cars were his and proved it by popping off the first one, laughing hysterically and shoving it in his pocket. The party ended at a hotel, not the one Ira had been staying in since they couldn't find it, but a nice one and Ira was fleeced for took the Presidential Suite as that was all they had open because of the festival. Ira got very laid that night - not by Lien, but by several of her friends. Aspect: How you doin'? - Invoke to charm those who may find him attractive. Compel to charm anyone else. Touchstone: A Rolls Royce 'Spirit of Ecstasy' hood ornament. Roughly the size of a green army man. Skills +4 Deceive +3 Rapport, Resources +2 Empathy, Provoke, Notice +1 Fight, Contacts, Burglary, Athletics +1 Clarity Stunts: Mind Games - You can use Deceive in place of Provoke to make mental attacks, as long as you can make up a clever lie as part of the attack. Okay, Fine! - You can use Provoke in place of Empathy to learn a targets aspects, by bullying them until they reveal one to you. The target defends against this with Will. (If the GM thinks the aspect is particularly vulnerable to your hostile approach, you get a +2 bonus.) Lie Whisperer - +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether theyre directed at you or someone else. Refresh: 3 Ira's Apartment: Seventh Floor - (description) Aspect: U mad bro? - Conflict seems overly dramatic and unwarranted. Aspect: 24k pig sty - Top shelf everything, but with the organization of a 14 year old boy.
  5. That is much better wording and implies what I had in mind. Thanks I'll wait on Mike's feedback at this point.
  6. For easier discussion: High Concept: Black Sheep, Trust Fund Baby Trouble: High-Functioning Junkie You have stated that you like the concept but worry about being able to utilize the High Concept Aspect in the game. I am guessing you have brought this up because it is mostly a social aspect which you stated for others in character creation would have little impact considering the setting. This is definitely a valid point, so I wonder if I am able to just slightly modify to something akin to: -Trust fund baby who modeled underwear Alluding to looks which would allow from some Aspect usage. Thoughts? I am open to feedback from anyone.
  7. "Actually..." Drage said, accepting Ausar's offer. "If it be no trouble, I would like to borrow this cup." He hefted it before finishing off the tasty beverage. "I do be thinkin' I could derive its secrets for use." "I will do you one better." Ausar replied, plainly still happy with his vision. "Haru, would you please fetch, 'Niri'kin'kana'we'." "Yes, Father." she said, moving to head downstairs. "That be Fen, or I be the son of a Takrok." Drage mused. "But I do no understand the translation." "You are correct. Some things have managed to survive the war, and I have been able to procure some of them. It is a copy of common tattoos for use in instruction. A plethora of Pattern magic uses. You will find that your Engraving is quite similar in design and I believe you could glean much from it. The design on the cup is a Pattern." Drage nodded. He had known of the parallel lines the two magics had taken, though he had never bothered to investigate Engraving's close cousin. "What price for it?" "It is priceless, or soon will be, no doubt." Ausar said, waving a hand in dismissal. Drage's face scrunched in dismay, wondering what toll the lich would ask. Ausar noticed and immediately shook his head. "Oh, no. I don't think to ask any such amount. Take it, as a gift, for your part in the news I have received today." Gral's eyebrows went up considerably and he looked over at Drage, "A distinct gift indeed." Drage's mouth was open in shock and his one eye showing the white of surprise. He gathered his wits and responded, "Gracious indeed, but I can not accept such a thing without trade." "Make logic of it how you will. Consider it loaned, or gift it to the Temple, or pass it again to one who may learn the craft, I do not care." Ausar said, dismissing the objection with a kindly tone. Drage nodded, his mind already working the logic through. Accepting gifts from liches today, tomorrow I do be sharin' a mug with the Horde. Haru returned with the book as Gral finished his blessing. Drage gingerly took it, though it looked like it had been bound yesterday. No doubt one of the many designs over its leather cover had something to do with its preservation. "Barring objection, I say we head out with the Twin's slumber. A few hours to prepare and a bit cooler to start."
  8. Die?! No need to wait. Can be solving your problem now. "Congratulations?" Drage offered. He didn't really care. He didn't really want to know, or even ask, polite or not. The word 'exile' keyed in his ears and would probably explain why Ausar didn't fit Drage's mental picture of what a lich should be. He be the gem within the slag. Not that Drage thought any better of him, but if the liches exiled this one, then perhaps he wasn't all bad. "Be that as it may. We have signs to be lookin' at. Barring sound advice from the lot here, I be plannin' at walkin' straight for the maelstrom."
  9. "I am last of the Kith and Kin, what I think does not matter, only what I can do in these last days." Drage waved off the whole matter, it not really being worth the energy to stir emotions. An apology was the last thing Drage expected and the whites of his eyes gave away his surprise. Ausar's previous confidence had left no room in Drage's opinion of him for any meekness. The question interested him, moreso the answer. Drage had already made up his mind to head for the storm. Too much could be at risk again and he doubted there was anyone on the isle as qualified as he or aware of what could be the burgeoning forces of Chaos' attempt at a foothold. But a vision of possible futures could affect his decision. That thought kept him silent as he pondered the meaning of a prophetic vision changing his mind and eventually the paradoxical maze-cake his mind became led him to give it up and listen to Ausar.
  10. "That be it though, their religion says as much. If we'd been losing the battle at the Pass, then we'd all be singin' different tunes of Chaos, I expect. How the, 'One True Way' was in fact, 'The Way' instead of the route to the end of everything. It no make it true." Drage said, trying not to get his hackles up about being laughed at. "One person sayin' somethin' often only be a liar, a small group be a cult. Everyone say it and it be the truth of history. Next you'll be tellin' me ya believe the tales of blizzards in Thousand King Sands or that we be born of Kaer." "They be Thayim or no, what they do be not right. Even if it don't last forever. There once be a man in my village that everyone do say was a model to strive for. What a Murg should be. Then it was found that he be going out and hunting Lenai! Not every candied nut be good, sometimes it just be a bitterbean."
  11. While 'Haru' was gone and Ausar busy, Drage whispered back, "Their appearance be only part of the problem, dear Brother. This magic they practice, it is not right. Though I be thankful for what they have done and did for Iannin. I will not be comfortable with those who do to the dead that they do. It be not right. It not be the design of the circle of things to anchor those here when their bodies belong to Elan and their souls with their Gods." Drage's eyes wandered over the engravings, attempting to understand them and at the same, memorize them. He took a drink of the refreshing coolness as he continued to mull, but with a smack of his lips, he gave up. Perhaps he will let me borrow the cup. He looked up at Gral, "It be big enough, it'd be hard to miss, yes. Long as it be on the Isle, the source be trackable. If it be off in the waters, or to the mainland...or some place...else? Well, then, it will require more planning." He nodded, and licked a finger of crumbs. "My services, I not be doubting. I more be anxious to be able to defeat or solve what be the origin of the maelstrom. It do be significant and my skills less so." I iz so smrt Pattern Magic Expertise to understand the cup. 1d20+3=7 Result is why he mulled asking to borrow it.
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