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Aberrant: Children of Quantum Fire - New Game: Children of Quantum Fires


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The following project has been something I've been working on for quite a while, over the last couple of years, actually, crystallized when I read a Breed Apart, and altered bit by bit as a worked on it. I've wanted to do it for a long time now.


With the first appearance and rise of the Nova’s, the secret hand of Project Proteus sought to sterilize the Nova’s in order to make them more controllable, and to keep the Nova human subspecies from outbreeding humanity.. For a time it seemed as though they had succeeded, even as the number of Nova’s among humanity began to increase; but in truth, their success was only a temporary one, and in many individual cases, they had failed. They thought they only failed by a little, that no more then 10 to 15 couples with children existed:

However, the actions an extremely powerful Nova, Sophia Rousseau, who was to become the leader the Abberants, had actually made it so that the supposed experts on the numbers, were wrong, there was close to 10 times that many nova families who where fully fertile and capable of having children, and the number is actually increasing. Sophia was a nova who erupted some time before the appearance of the first public novas, and she is a nova who possess the supreme ability to manipulate chaos, chance, entropy and probability, whose mind was too powerful even for the strongest telepaths to get through.

Mme Rousseau has turned the odds inside out, and you and your family are the result, now, in 2027, you are 17-18 years of age, having been born around 2010, and gaining vastly greater quantum power, though during your youth this was not as great as it has become now, you are about to come into your own, and make your mark on the world.

Of course, matters are not simple, for realizing around 2017 that some nova’s had escaped their control, and that the god-like nova children they had sought to prevent were appearing in small numbers, Project Proteus began to hunt and down and eliminate them. Again, the actions of the Mistress of Probability has caused certain unexpected and unrealized results, those who she disapproved of were found and sometimes eliminated, while those she approved off (usually low levels of taint), escaped detection, or were rescued before being eliminated. Unknown even to Sophia, between this, and the actions of Teragen, it has cause a split in the nova subspecies, creating in essence, 3 different strains.. in essence, 3 different genetic drifts… The True; the Terat; the Trog.

In the midst of this mess, other Nova’s also changed the odds one way or another, and in particular in your case, another Nova, known as the Traveler, a master spatial relations, a precognitive as well as a remarkable Watcher and Sphinx, rescued each of you in your childhood, when the hunters came for you and your families. In this mess, your parents were either killed, or captured, or possibly left you in his care, believing he could better protect you. A student of the nova known as the Sufu, and a true independent he gathered you all together in a hidden location on some volcanic island somewhere in the artic. When asked his reasons, he said you will be the ones to shape the future for both nova’s and baselines.

The Nova golden age is drawing to a close, with strong possibilities of war between the two human sub-species looming in the distance.. but, you and your peers may make the difference, one way or another…

Born in the nova age, you, your siblings and your peers are vastly more powerful then anyone realizes, yet. You are about to step into the ranks of the worlds most powerful novas, your parents were reborn in Quantum Fires, but you are the Children of the Quantum Fire..

Timeline – Events are somewhat more stretched out, the destruction of the Amp room, for example occurred in 2019, making it more recent in history, and pushing the Abberant War a bit further into the future (if it happens at all, you may make the difference). Ibiza and the Amp Room were completely rebuilt, from the ground up, the Amp Room, with its re-opening, the Nova Idol, artist, singer and musician, known as Harmonic has appeared on the scene, and somehow managed to soothe tensions between baselines and novas on a global level, though matters remain tense.

NOTE: This is a White Wolf game, which can touch upon mature themes, and I intend to allow the players freedom to go in any direction they choose. Second, as a 2nd Gen Nova, you will be hunted, sometimes by other Novas, so I generally recommend you have some way of defending yourself, or getting away fast.


Character Creation

Material from any of the following books is allowed: Any of the Main Books (Powers from anything other then Main, PG or Terragen need to be sent to me as a message)

Also: A Breed Apart, Forceful Personalities, Brainwaves, A New Flesh, Aberrant Compendium

Provisionally: Other Fan created stuff will be considered on a case by case level. <br>

Special Case: Self Designed Powers – You want a power similar to one in the book, but the general rules don’t cover it, we can work on it together

Free Stuff: You are all Trues, with all of the advantages and disadvantages of being such. You start with Quantum 5 and a Quantum Pool of 50, Quantum can do no higher.

Characters are created as normal; however, there are some changes.

First off, Theme is required for your character, like Fire Elemental, Physical Perfection, Weather Lord, Illusionist, Creator, Electromagnetics, Destroyer, etc. Your powers and Mega-Attributes should focus on that theme, and as such, costs are changed for stuff that is in theme.

Nova Points: 60

In Theme Costs, ½ of your points must be spent in theme.

Quantum Pool: 1 NP per 5 (Max 100)<br>

Mega-Attributes and Enhancements – 2 NP per dot/enhancement<br>


1st Level - Cost: 1 NP per 2 dots

2nd Level - Cost: 1 NP per dot

3rd Level - Cost: 2 NP per dot

In Theme Body Modifications – 1/3 normal cost.

You must have 1 Power/Mega-Attribute at level 5, and another at 3.

Out of Theme Costs: Standard

XP Costs: Use the True XP chart, only for stuff that fits in theme however, everything else counts standard costs.

Other Requirements

You also must inherit at least 2 minor aberrations and 1 moderate one, but you can have more, even up to a single Major aberration, but you shouldn’t inherit more then what you would get from a pair of nova parents, at least one of whom should be low to middle taint. Abberations outside of the ones in the books, self designed, will also be acceptable.

Powers must be personalized.. instead of Quantum Bolt, I should see something like Flame Blast (Quantum Bolt), or Magma Strike, etc.

Plot Hooks – I want to see at least three potential hooks, that you would like your character to experience.

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Originally Posted By: Voltage
Just to clarify: the inherited aberrations are 'false' aberrations, correct? Not Taint-caused, but inherited traits usually taken as Flaws?

Absolutely correct, these aren't taint caused.. at least in you, they are aberrations inherited from your parents that are attached to your genetic quantum structure, for you, they are normal, if perhaps, odd.

On another note, after some thought about past discussions with folks, I'm also adding in the following change.

With regards to Mega-Attribute, you get a enhancement every odd number of dots.. at 1, 3, 5, 7, and 9. Meaning if you have say Mega-Perception of three, you have two free enhancements, rather then one, or Three if you have Mega-Perception at five.

Originally Posted By: Darrik
Hmm. Call for advice: for Darrik's theme, I want to reference shadows in some fashion, the options are:

- Lord of Darkness and Shadows
- Shadowy Sphinx
- Master Ninja

Which would people prefer or like more?

Actually, Darrik.. if you go with the Shadow & Darkness theme, you can manage to do them all, though perhaps not as well as if you focused.
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Is "Absolute control of matter and energy?" too broad for a theme? smile

I was thinking Matter Control, Molecular Manipulation, and some ancillary things like Armor (to create body armor) and q-bolt (to create improbably huge guns).

Valid? Laughable? Makes you want to shot me in hed?

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What you've named so far, sounds like Matter Manipulator then energy, I see nothing in there related to energy, even that sort of quantum bolt is matter related, and that's not too broad, As to Matter Control.. I assume you mean Matter Creation? Of course, both matter and energy would be a little too broad, I'd want you to narrow it down a bit.

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Matter Creation, yes.

And I'm kind of in Relativity mode where matter and energy are one...but yeah, this would be more just matter.

Not saying I couldn't pop out a Van De Graff generator, or a flamethower with Matter Creation, but that's still matter that then spews energy...not direct creation/manipulation of energy (except in a relativistic sense).

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Ok.. this is what I have so far

Justin - Superman or Paragon of some kind

Courier - Master of Warps

Darrik (Jeremy) - Lord of Shadows

Voltage - Interest

SalmonMax - Matter Manipulator

iGod - Luck/Entropy Controller

envoy - Scout

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So, I nailed off my 1st draft profile/backstory to you, krul, but realized something after the fact... I was talking to jeremy on chat, and we're both under the impression that this little band of teenage godlings is a psuedo foster family with all that implies. Is this true? what have their reering conditions been like under the Traveler?

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Traveler has been something between uncle and teacher, he's not tried to be a parent, more of a guide. He's provided a safe haven for you to grown up in, with the arctic isle, as well as the opportunity to train and explore your powers.

And yes, you've been raised as a sort of pseudo-family, so you have that right.

I gave you a hint of his powers in the beginning thread, but here's his look.. Traveler, a master spatial relations, a precognitive as well as a remarkable Watcher and Sphinx (Meaning he never surprise him), he's also a student of the Sifu, making him a remarkable martial artist.. yes, he knows the Qi Meng Style, and can teach it, as well as Kung Fu, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, and Bojutsu, if you indicate interest, meet the proper prerequisites, and prove worthy of the style.

As a teacher, he can be hard or kind, he tailor's his style of teaching to the individual. For that matter, due to his teaching style, you folks were taught at very different paces. Actually, his teaching style is very unique, and very unusual, if one of you was very good at something.. like Athletics or Science, he had you teaching.. mostly he took a supervisory roll, except with regards to Martial skills (Martial Arts, Brawl, Melee) He's very much an advocate of balance in all things..

Traveler is Taoist in his beliefs, generally, holding to a monotheistic view of the Tao, and has a deep respect for different religious beliefs and thoughts.

Here's his appearance, he's a bit older then he looks in the following picture, picture a bit of white in his hair, giving a more distinguished look..


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Been asked for a Timeline.. so here's a general breakdown..


Corbin Trial - Corbin was exonerated, a shadow organization called Proteus was momentarily revealed, though details were not found, and Chiroben was fingered as the actual killer. Proteaus faded into the shadows in the years after, taking care to be even more subtle then before, and was soon enough, forgotten, except by some novas.

2017 – Project Proteus discovers that a larger number of fertile novas exist then known, and create their Mother Hunter Program, sending out nova’s and well equipped baselines, who believe in their ideology, or are jealous, to kill them and their offspring.

2018 – The Ibiza Event happens now, rather then 2015, the end result is the Pheonis room, and the debut of the nova Idol, Harmonic, who uses her capabilities to sooth nova-baseline tensions.

2020 – Artifical Spidersilk appears on the general market, Neofiber becomes available to nova’s, in the last few months of the year, though it remains rare then it’s eufiber cousin, it’s differences are taken note of.

2023 – Harmonic explodes on a world tour, unleashing three new albums in a 6 month period, her popularity amongst nova’s and baselines increases, though she remains an enigma to those who wish to know more about her. During her tour, she demonstrates a deep understanding of sound and music, and one of her albums is meaningless to those unable to hear high frequency sounds. Folks listening to her music say that it makes them feel.. in the zone, but top secret agencies, like the Directive and Proteaus start forbidding their agents from listening to it, as it seems to make their agents more likely to ignore them, or go rogue.

2025 - Cyberware becomes more available and viable to the general public, though some of it remains considerably restricted by government agencies. Some baseline mother hunters become much more dangerous due to Proteaus and the Directive’s cyberware divions.

2026 – The first few second generation novas, who actually claim to be 2nd generation, begin to appear on scene, of all three clades, they prove to be more powerful then the average nova. Some prove more dangerous then others, and various groups begin to try to exploit them to their advantage, or destroy them.

2027 - Now

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Sense I've been asked about her.


Harmonic, Nova Idol of the Decade, the Crystal Angel... little is know about her, other then that sound, crystal and light are her's to alter as she chooses. Her voice and beauty are both divine, and plenty of nova and baselines enjoy listening to her music. People love her company, something about her draws people like flies to honey. Some people will sometimes spend hours just listening to her, also, she's incredibly, impossibly beautiful, and completely seems completely unattainable and untouchable.


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Beginnings of Sheets from the following

Courier - Fractal - Master of Warps

Jeremy - Darrik (Shadowheart) - Lord of Shadows

SalmonMax - Alexandra - Genesis - Matter/Tech Manipulator

envoy - Coraline - Scout/Escapist.. flyer/bodyshifter

Concepts mostly for these

Justin - Paragon in the Works

Abyss - Water/Ice Manipulator

iGod - Luck/Entropy Controller

Interest only indicated.

Voltage - Interest

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Then I would like to try to make a character for it.

When I saw the concept I immediately thought of my old tt character, her true love [my st allowed merits and flaws from the other white wolf books] and the fact that they had a daughter. I think that would make a great basis for a character for this game.

I'm thinking of something like 'Mindnet' for concept. Using Psychic Link and Telepathy and whatnot.

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Ok, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to your fellows, these are the characters I've had completed sheets so far, some minor details may need work, but the specifics are done, the others have a bit more details to work though.

Courier and Long's characters are both partly finished, but I'll hold onto a profile regarding them until I have more.

At this point, I suggest working out how you relate to your fellows, this should help everyone start to get a handle on 'family' dynamics, it looks like we may have 9 to 10 trues, which as a group, is in my world, 25% of the total number of True Clade Teens in existence at this point, and 70%-80% of the trues on the edge of Apotheosis. [Note: that doesn't count the Trogs or Terats of course] Which explains part of why the Traveler thinks your so important to the future.

Darrik's 2 years is about the shortest amount of time I'd like anyone to be with the group, anyone else should be with you longer.. no one should be there before 6 years of age, like Marina.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Marina Johns

Theme: Water in all it's Aspects

Marina, the Lady of Water, able to control water in all of it’s aspects, from vapor to water, to ice, to weather, and even to become water when she chooses, she can also release a wave of pure cold with ease, enough to cool a glass of water, or even cause serious damage by touch. Water is her servant, she can freeze it, or vaporize it at will, controlling the ice or vapor as easily as the water; she can even rip the water out of her opponents in battle, causing horrible wounds, and even with enough damage, even leave nothing but a pile of dust. She sometimes has been known to walk the bottom of the ocean around your island, sometimes coming back with amazing things..

In terms of physical capabilities, she’s lightning fast and agile, graceful and quick enough that she can run across water and up walls. She’s also very tough, she can survive any environment, even the cold of space, or deep underwater, and she can regenerate from wounds as quickly as water. She is also, incredibly beautiful, gorgeous beyond human limits, and very good at getting folks to do what she wants. She’s also intelligent, quick witted, likable, and perceptive, but all of these aspects are within human limits. Caucasian, with blue on blue eyes, containing no whites at all, brown hair reaching down her back, and whenever she uses her powers, the scent of fresh rain surrounds her.

Marina has been with the Traveler sense she was 6 years old, she’s incredibly capable martial artist as a result, he’s taught her a great deal, after 11 years. She’s also learned a lot about other things, a good bit from the other nova’s in her foster family. Marina is extremely protective of her foster family, in part perhaps because of how she lost her birth family

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Darrik Reynolds ‘Shadowheart’

Theme: Shadow & Darkness

Darrik, the Master of Shadow, alias, Shadowheart, can shape and control shadow and darkness, on almost every level, he can even step though shadows and step out of a shadow elsewhere, he can also use effects he calls fade into darkness, in which he does just that, becoming invisible, or become part of the darkness, turning intangible as well, as untouchable and invisible as the darkness. On another level, he’s blindingly intelligent, smarter then most people could even dream of, manipulative and beautiful. His every word and action seems to throb with seductive overtones, even when he doesn’t intend it to do be so.. His skin is pale, his eyes are red, and his hair is a mix of red and black.

Darrik, is, after Alexandra/Genesis, the smartest of you, he can pick out the weaknesses in any system, and knows more about financial systems even then Alex, and he learns incredibly swiftly. On another level, it’s hard to know when Darrik is trying to guide or manipulate you, even when your looking for it, he is incredibly persuasive, and his arguments always seem reasonable, making a lot of sense.

Darrik has only been with the Traveler for the last two years or so, he’s more or less the newest to join your ranks. Despite that, the girls, even the ones who know him, tend to find him dreamy, most of them are also wise enough to know he’s been with countless lovers, only he knows how many, it doesn’t stop one from wanting him. He’s been the teacher with regards to finance and etiquette, and he also knows more about Attunement then any of the rest of you, even the Traveler, what you learned about attunement, you likely learned from him.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Coraline Boehm

Theme: Scout / Escapist

Coraline might be the fastest of you all, when in flight, even without exerting herself, she can fly at about 400 miles hour, or 60 meters per action, but when she pushes herself, her speed in flight becomes incredible, 2500 kilometers per hour, or 1800 meters per action, if she pushes herself even more, it can become 15,000 kilometers per hour and 10,800 meters per action. To put this astronimcal number into perspective, the circumference of the earth is 40,075.16 kilometers, and the speed of sound is 340.29 meters/second at sea level, which means she can hit Mach 31. Such incredible speed would be awesome enough, but she also has the agility to match it, even without flight, she’s fast enough to run up walls and across water, to dodge bullets, and even pluck them out of the air.

On another level, she is perhaps the most adaptive nova on the planet, she might not be as versatile as some shape changers, but her body can develop any minor trait she needs, from claws, to a second heart, to spinning webs like a spider, or changing her appearance to suit her, she is tough as can be, adapts even to the depth of space, and regenerates wounds with ease, she’s even developed a natural mental shield to mental manipulations. On the other side things, without concentration on her part, except for her electric blue on black eyes, that eerie chorus like voice, and that impossible grace, her features are in constant flux, today she might be pale skinned with red hair, tomorrow she could be black skinned with white hair.. there’s no way to tell, her features are in constant flux.

Finally, with regards to superhuman aspects, she’s so perceptive that she can practically detect what you ate for breakfast 3 days ago, buy scent alone, she can see into the infrared and ultra-violet, as well as always knowing when she’s being watched.

Coraline has been with the Traveler sense she was about 10, so she’s been here about 7 years, enough time to learn a lot from him, she’s a capable martial artist, but still has a lot to learn in that area. She is the resident mistress of survival, awareness and stealth, most of you learned that from her.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Jeffrey Simonon "Slant”

Theme: Luck/Probability Manipulator

Quick witted, clear headed, and persuasive, Jeffrey is both the luckiest and unluckiest person on the planet, as luck is in constant flux around him, for better or worse, he either succeeds impossible at the most difficult of tasks, or fails spectacularly, there is never an in between for Slant. Some moments, it seems that Lady Luck loves him, and other times, it seems that she despises him.

Fortunately, for him, he’s managed to learn to control the effect, with focus and quantum, allowing him to direct and control the luck around him and others. When Jeffrey exerts himself, ‘slants’ things the way he chooses, people are amazed, improbable things become likely, and likely things become improbable.

He has refined this in certain ways, as he’s grown older, lately reaching to the point that a blow never quite does as much damage as it should, as though his luck has armored him, and ranged attack’s, regardless of their nature, from a thrown rock, to a missile, tend to miss him. What’s more, luck always seems to tell him when he’s in danger, he can always tell, he’s incredibly intuitive in that manner, even if he doesn’t always know what the danger is.

He’s also very smart, though not in Alex or Darrik’s league, he’s a capable scientist and athlete, as well as very agile, capable of dodging bullets and persuasive enough to sell ice to an Eskimo. What’s more, in social dealings, he can lie so well that even those who know he’s lying have trouble, and he knows the streets like no one else among you, he’s also incredibly subtle, only Darrik is better at manipulating people to get what he wants.

Jeffrey’s been with the group sense he was 12, about 5 years, long enough to get to know him, he hates the fact he has to keep running and hiding, but doesn’t see too many other options.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Alexandra "Genesis

Theme: Mistress of Matter and Technology

Alexandra, your resident genus, the smartest of you all, only Darrik can keep up with her intellect and is very perceptive, Coraline and Warren are the only ones more perceptive, though Alexander has her own areas of expertise. No one else can see into the quantum medium as well as she can, or is aware of things around her quite as well. What’s more, Alex is almost as quick witted as she is perceptive, she can solve data and difficult puzzles that would take some folk years within minutes, she can tell when she’s being lied to, or being manipulated. Also, Genesis is slightly adaptive, if not incredibly tough, she can adapt to any environment.

On the area of powers, Genesis can create anything she can envision, turning raw quantum energy into matter, if she can imagine it, she can create it, and she’s got a very capable imagination. She can also alter and control matter that already exists, reshaping and altering it at will, reshaping with it little more then thought, animating, or even destroying it. What is more, she can also control all forms of technology in a similar manner, if it’s man made, she can shape and control it, even create different sorts of energy blasters or jet packs, and other things at will.

Finally, when it comes to technology, science and engineering, she has no peers, no equals; she reaches beyond you all, everything you learned about these, beyond the basics, you most likely learned from her. For that matter, if you need a specialized tool of some sort, she’s the one to go too, because she’s almost certain to be able to come up with one.

Alex has been part of this foster family sense she was 12, about 5 years now.

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Okay, this is taken from my cliff notes of many a delightful chat convo over this weekend from any of us who are going to be playing this game, feel free to correct me or point out that you weren't actually being serious about your chracter's proposed role in the family or expand on it as more of our fellow players get added to Krull's lovely sheet.

Marina-'the big sister', always having a good word of support for her foster family

Darrik-'the little brother' despite being the eldest in terms of years, the faceman for the group due to his talents and relatively normal upbringing (perhaps aided by Marina and jeffery)

Alexandra-'the emo middle sister', easily bored and complaining no one understands her

Jeffery-a team player, though not by choice, who wants to 'just keep moving' for fear if he overthinks things he'll fall apart

Coraline-'the quiet one', along with Jeffery she'll form part of the 'veto any reckless ideas about exposing ourselves to the world' comitee, amautuer artist because I had dots to spare and it made sense for a metamorph to be interested in color and form, raised off the grid in a succession of isolated 'log cabin' scenarios and doesn't get baselines and the novas who'd work for them. At all. That what her siblings can do though, so glad tidings all around which she repays as she can when she can.

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Well, I have another one for you, sense I have a submission regarding the powerhouse/paragon

Name: Maia St Croix

Theme: Paragon/Powerhouse

Having joined the foster family only a few months after Marina, both of her parents ending up dead, but Traveler having been made her legal guardian in case of such an event, several years before their deaths. Her mother was a Novox singer killed by terrorists, and her father a WXF wrestler who was killed by Team Tomorrow after he went into a insane rampage while avenging her death.

Strong, fast, tough and beautiful beyond mortal limits, Maia is a powerhouse, stronger then a god, more agile then the wind, tougher then titanium battle steel, as beautiful as a diamond, and smart as a whip, She's a capable scientist as well, intelligent enough to help Alex with some of her projects, especially one's requiring physical precision and strength. Though she doesn't intend to be, Maia is the sort of woman who can make even the most confident of women, and even men feel self-conscious and inadequate, without really trying. Stronger then any of you, she could use a battle tank as a weapon, as agile as the most agile, she could dive though a helicopter rotor blade without getting touched, and tougher then any of the rest dream of being, she can take a missile to the chest, and shrug it off like a bee sting, though perhaps not what she is wearing. It might be worse, if she wasn't such a likable young woman, which is some ways her saving grace.

You see, Maia might be a bit self-conscious herself, at times, sense her quantum signature causes eufiber to reject her, and her attunement doesn't extend to what she's wearing, though strangely she can attune more solid things, or touch something and attune it, but she has to take great care at times, just the movement of her muscles can tear her clothing if she's not careful, even if it's made of steel, requiring careful control at all times to avoid. Which means, in a serious battle, she can end up wearing nothing but rags, or even less, and there's nothing she can do about it, but simply live with it. Additionally, her strength is so great, she sometimes leave small impact craters even in rock, and her passing can leave one feeling as though the nearby air were cleaved away by her sheer physical power and speed, sometimes her muscles alone tear her clothing, if she isn't paying attention, making her lean to flexible and cheap cloths. What's worse, from her point of view, is that while she can fly, every time she does, a pair of wings tear themselves from her back, giving her the look of a Valkyrie, while tearing though whatever clothing she might be wearing, so she tends to backless garments when she can get away with them. Of course, to make matters more interesting, Maia likes fine and beautiful clothing, she envy's her siblings ability to wear things without destroying them, so this sometimes becomes more of a problem for her.

Appearance wise, she's like a Norse goddess, blond hair, beautiful green eyes, more beautiful then anyone human could be, anyone even remotely attracted to her sex finds her attractive, it would be annoying, if she wasn't so oblivious too it, only Marina matches her beauty among her foster siblings.

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