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  1. Love to, didn't and don't have the time. Thank you... for perspective. Diameter of Milky Way Galaxy (i.e. ours): 19 Succ. (120,000 Light Years) Andromeda Galaxy (Closest to our own): 20 Succ. (2.5 Million Light Years) Past the assumed edge of the Universe: 24 succ. (14-ish Trillion Light Years) :Cough: A certain twinked out warper averages 23.4 without willpower or powermaxing or anything. Feel free to use Warren as a plot device &/or minion. If RL lets up I'll be back more regularly.
  2. Dressing up as ‘Lord Humungus’ had been a mistake. After a few looks of fear from children James pushed up his hockey mask. They weren’t old enough to get the reference and he was too good at being a big scary guy. That fixed that problem, but he wasn't sure what to do about Anna. She'd drop to her knees and start undoing his pants if he gave the word. That was... disturbing? Interesting? Exciting? He wasn't used to being chased, guys were supposed to chase, girls were supposed to be chased. That was how it was supposed to work. That was such macho crap. Remember JoAnna? V? That group of women back at Fox’s? Who was chasing whom was a half assed effort to dodge the issue. He’d booted the other women because it wasn’t workable. Ayanna on the other hand… was pretty enough, and certainly willing enough, to join the family. A dark part of his psyche suggested she could 'audition' for a place. That was against the rules. No sex without commitment. A small voice inside him whispered 'Violet' and he hushed it like usual. Any day now he would forgive himself over Venus. Shockingly the goddess of love, lust, and beauty was able to roll him, perhaps even accidently. ‘Consent’ was a problem where she was concerned. Not a good thing, but V was an exception to the rules, and Anna was not. She wanted him on the usual terms. Marriage or whatever you’d call his family situation. She was willing to tolerate the other women and him warning away other men. He wasn’t willing to share women, but luckily most women didn’t want to be shared. It was easy to picture Anna under him, but he needed to think with his other head. What was possible here? Was Anna ‘wife’ material? Maybe. She hit the radar as old enough… please god let her be old enough… although if she were jailbait then that’d take the choice out of his hands. She certainly looked ‘adult’, especially naked. He’d ‘accidently’ walked into her showering a few days ago. He wanted her. Not enough to lose control, not enough throw out his family, but she’d be a fine addition. If she’d been on the radar earlier, back when it was just him and Jo, they would have extended her an offer. Would the community raise a fuss about him picking up another women? No. No, they wouldn’t. Rumor already had him in bed with Anna. The mortals would congratulate Anna, the other gods wouldn’t care. He was liked, valuable, and the god of battle. No one would pick a fight over a mortal. Would Anna want him if he weren’t a god? Probably not, that was a big deal for her. So… what happens if that question is asked with regards to Nashwa? JoAnna? All the others? If the situation were different, then things wouldn’t be the same. The whole ‘if… no powers’ question was up there with ‘if… no z-day’. Not useful. Children. Now there was a problem. Presumably Anna was sterile. Right. Just like all of his other women, maybe including Nashwa. The whole ‘children’ issue threatened to drag in both V and JoAnna. V because he needed her help to have kids and JoAnna because she didn’t want them. Assume V would help and JoAnna would eventually change her mind. Or maybe he could assume he’d eventually figure out however V did her thing. Now there was a thought… he had a tattoo for armor, maybe there was one for… Off topic. So... what should he do? His choices came down to... Replace her. Get Nashwa a different helper. Because them being friends wouldn't matter, and telling his family he couldn't keep it in his pants wouldn't cause problems. Family came first. Nashwa was seriously pregnant, and making her feel comfortable outweighed him being uncomfortable. Sleep with her. Let her find out the reality of what he was like and maybe she’d drop the matter. Right, because this would be ethical, no one would find out, and it wouldn’t cause other problems. You make a cat go away by giving it bowls of milk. She was living with the family, she had a good idea of what his sex life was like. Marry her. Because if he could juggle four women then he could do five. Or six. Or a thousand. Try to spin too many plates and sooner or later everything comes down. Ignore the situation. Pretend he wasn’t attracted to her. Pretend she wasn’t after him. Right, Pat knew. And if she knew… probably everyone else did, and probably this wasn't news for anyone. Pretending he was subtle and good at hiding things wasn’t a plan destined for success. Little Red Riding Hood’s cleavage is an eye magnet. Oh yes, it’s a hard life being a super. Trying to figure out which women will be under him tonight. How about he stop thinking quite so hard? He wasn't especially good at it… when you don’t know what you’re doing, what is it you should do? Right. Don't pretend you have all the answers. James said, “I was thinking I need to talk with you about… eh?” James looked around, trying to see whatever was spoiling the party.
  3. :sigh: Not dead, but still amazingly slammed. I'll be posting if and when I can.
  4. Can we hurt them? (And I'm slammed at the moment, I've got a long post in mind though).
  5. Warren smiled with a grim glint in his eye and replied, "One stone, multiple birds, and ever since a few months from now. I'm not hiring out so I'll be a joke until the war. But soon they..." Warren waved his hand at the world indicating Proteus, Utopia, the Directive, and mother hunters in general before continuing, "...will try to destroy our only public sanctuary. We won't let them. I don't care if it takes decades of subjective work. No unmasking. No rules. I'm not stopping until we win, and I don't think they can kill me. We're going to win, there's no other option." Warren said, "We'll destroy whoever the other side is. So, if you were Proteus, who would you want that to be? Who would you place on the other side?" Answering his own question Warren said grimly, "DeVries. Whoever wins, the 2nd generation loses. So I gave Anna a carrot, stick, and warning. Hopefully she didn't need it, but whatever. If I'm not her biggest earner then the girls are. She's not going to trade that for a train-wreck of a war." Warren looked away from a grim future and was Warren-the-hippy again. He said almost apologetically, "We're going to make an example out of someone, but it shouldn't be her."
  6. Warren nodded to Butch and said, "Please keep me informed." Warren tried to tell himself he wasn't looking forward to the war, but... he liked smashing down mother hunters and their ilk. He doubted it was healthy, but he liked it anyway. When the war came... when the war came he'd need to really watch himself. To Alex he remarked with a smile, "Otherworld base, Earth-like planet." He knew, and Alex knew, and they knew they knew and so forth, all the weaknesses in that plan; and that Warren liked the idea just because he liked the idea. It was a solution in search of a problem and he was quite happy to trot it out as a cure for pretty near anything. To Cora he said, "It's good to have you back Cora. New eyes or no."
  7. Warren frowned and said, "Oh heck. No, I haven't. I've been..." Warren's voice trailed off embarrassedly. 'Busy' wasn't the right word, he could 'make time' enough for anything. The problem was he was attracted to women with wings and having relationship problems with Pip. He'd been avoiding their beautiful winged passengers. On the other hand, just because he was walking on egg shells with Pip shouldn't mean they were stuck inside a boat. He should be able too... Warren said, "Cora, would you come with me and we'll ask them out?" The word was 'Chaperon'.
  8. I must be missing something obvious, can anyone please point out where is the thread with our winged NPCs that we saved from Project Pro? I'd thought it was with Eric and Zia, but I can't find it.
  9. Not disagreeing with Cora's comment about 'Independents', Warren continued to review what had been said and realized he'd missed something else. He added, "Cora, I'd love to help with the Abbies. On a side note, your eyes? Qi Meng? How is that possible, I thought our... differences... were purely genetic?"
  10. Warren finished his examination of infinity without noticing anything relevant. Uncle Shen made it look easy. Without knowing what specifically to look for... if there was anything to look for... With a start Warren noticed the conversation had gone on without him and he replayed what everyone had said. Warren said, "Money, right. I took a job with Anna. It's piecemeal work so I guess I'm blue collar." Warren nodded to Alex and Darrik and said, "Advice would be appreciated, I'm a little out of my depth. I didn't plan this beyond 'get rich' and at a couple of Billion a month that's done. Oh, and I'm registered as a maskless elite and I'm pretty sure Anna won't be supplying elites against the Congo."
  11. Warren inhaled deeply and said, somewhat shakily, "Sorry, that was dumb. It's just... it sounds like he's giving up, and he's been doing this for a lot longer than we have. Progress. Right... the moment the war breaks out I'm going to launch continuous attacks simultaneously against all targets. There's fights I just can't win, but anything that can be won will be. In subjective time I haven't been going back after mother hunters recently, but I have been making a list of promising targets and/or disappearances. I think that's going to resume retroactively. And I've been working with Alex looking for..." Warren's voice drifted off as he lost focus. Could Alex be right? The best future was with Shen dead? Looking into the future... the whole concept wasn't reliable. Either you lost free will or you changed what you saw so it didn't happen. Still... the future was just a different direction in time.
  12. (This takes place the day after: Visiting Gods and Demons (Mature) It was right after/during breakfast, James had arranged for the family to eat in their room, including Ayanna. This wasn’t exactly a family meeting, or maybe he was avoiding making it a family meeting. A small part inside him wondered if he was easing her into a new role. James cleared his voice and said, “Yesterday I had a dust up with V. I wanted her help dealing with Vulcan …and… I didn’t get it. I was being too clever; my life would be simpler if those two hit it off. And all that is a distraction from the real topic which is I’m hoping Vulcan can help me kill someone.” The room looked surprised and a little alarmed at that and James sighed and said, “Open mouth, insert foot. Let’s start over.” James nodded at Pat and said, “Pat, I wanted to investigate more before telling you, to be sure, but it’s unfair to wait any longer. I'm convinced the destruction of Norman wasn’t your fault. I don’t mean it was an accident or you couldn’t have known. I mean it wasn’t an accident. Someone deliberately killed the city, but they sadistically let you take credit.” James held up a hand to forestall questions and said, “Norman has a death field, zombies run away from it, the field slowly inflicts injuries only Myf can see. The field is unstable and the zombies act odd in other ways. That's what we know.” James continued, “A few days ago I realized ‘unstable’ is another word for ‘moves around’. Then I wondered what could be in the middle of the field and I finally connected the dots. Norman was the first time we'd seen anything like this, but since then we've seen similar things.” James gestured at the world and said, “The super zombie in Vegas was smart. It could talk, plan, and was a smart sadistic monster instead of a dumb one. It herded lesser zombies around and used them like pawns. Zombies ran from the zombie blob. At the time I thought they were scared, but zombies don't get scared. Weeks later Myf told me it left injuries only she could see. Any of that sound familiar? Norman’s death field is bigger and weaker than the blob’s but that’s what is going on. There’s a super zombie. It’s making the field, the other zombies aren't acting odd, they're being guided.” James paused to see how Pat was taking this.
  13. Warren frowned. This whole 'sacrificing yourself for the greater good' thing was utter crap. His mom had done that, but in reality he knew she'd just gotten tired of running. It was another way to give up. Warren offered, "Maybe he just needs a vacation."
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