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  1. Simeon sighed. "Did you actually have a plan here?" Before Dracian could answer, the old alchemist cut him off with a wave of the hand. "Rhetorical question. This is why I have to take care of you like this. Fortunately, I do have an idea. Wait here and don't do anything stupid - no, no, what am I saying. Do nothing." The old alchemist plodded off back into town. Some time later, as the negotiations looked like they were finishing, that was when the roaring blond hulk of an Aesir charged into the scene.
  2. "I'd hope that not happens." Simeon drawled. "Silly as it is, I do have some fondness for him." He refilled Freya's cup. "Wounds on the mind and soul run deeper than any physical one, and thrice as hard to heal. And to be honest, you'd need a very good plan in order to take that foe on, Dracian with you or not."
  3. Whom came out was a man certainly giving some impression of the occult as men imagined it. His hair was bedraggled, black with skeins of gray cutting through from top to beard. Narrowed gray eyes too, with robes of black and red upon his aged but still vital frame. Simeon sniffed as he set eyes on Dracian. "Hmmph. And here I thought you'd finally brought yourself to an end courtesy of the Viscount's daughters." "So you heard." Dracian acknowledged. "Well, I couldn't let my story end there, of course." Simeon let out a grunt as he sidled up to the plank-counter and fixed the thief with a stern eye. Then his companion, tall, long red tresses and very much a warrior woman. "And you, lass?" "Freya." The Vanir introduced herself simply. "I am Simeon, once of Koth." The old alchemist answered in turn. "So. What brings you here, again in Dracian's case?" "Well," Dracian began explaining in smooth fashion, "I agreed to help Freya find this man they have locked up-" "Say no more." Simeon cut him off with an assured wave. "I'll start making the tonic." "Tonic?" Dracian was thrown off by this. "Well, no, I was thinking-" "You just escaped from prison and execution, and now you plan on breaking in again." Simeon summed up. "Hence the tonic, to cure your mind of its distemper and madness."
  4. Simeon of Koth Gender: Male Age: 42 Homeland: Koth Caste: Merchant Story: Profits from the Road Trait: Well-Traveled Archetype: Alchemist Nature: Academic Education: Family Footsteps War Story: Survived a Duel Languages: Kothic, Argossian, Zingaran Skills [Expertise/Focus/Total]: AGILITY: 7 -Acrobatics – 0/0/7 -Melee – 0/0/7 -Stealth – 0/0/7 AWARENESS: 10 -Insight – 1/1/11 -Observation - 1/1/11 -Survival – 2/2/12 -Thievery – 1/1/11 BRAWN: 7 -Athletics – 0/0/7 -Resistance – 2/2/9 COORDINATION: 7 -Parry – 1/1/8 -Ranged Weapons – 0/0/7 -Sailing – 0/0/7 INTELLIGENCE: 14 -Alchemy – 4/4/18 [Formulas: Exploding Powders, Blinding Powders, Burning Liquids, Reinforced Fabrics, Lotus Pollen] -Craft – 0/0/14 -Healing – 2/2/16 -Linguistics – 1/1/15 -Lore – 3/3/17 -Warfare – 0/0/14 PERSONALITY: 7 -Animal Handling – 1/1/8 -Command – 0/0/7 -Counsel – 1/1/8 -Persuade – 2/2/9 -Society – 2/2/9 WILLPOWER: 10 -Discipline – 1/1/11 -Sorcery – 1/1/11 Talents: Ancient Bloodline - Blood of Bori: While not as ancient as the lineage of sunken Atlantis, or the mysterious Zhemri of Zamora, those descended from Bori give name to this age. It is the Hyborians who rule in the West, having risen from barbarism to form the civilized world. When a character with this talent fails a Personality test, they are filled with pride and disdain for anyone who would question the blood which made the world (as they see it). Pay the GM 1 Doom and add a d20 to your test (unless you already rolled 3d20). Alchemy – Alchemist: You may re-roll one d20 when attempting an Alchemy test, but you must accept the new result. With this talent, you can also substitute Alchemy for ranged weapons when using an alchemical weapon. Alchemy – Dabbler: Having studied many alchemical formulas, you are comfortable with making your own discoveries through experimentation. You are not restricted as to which petty enchantments you would make but doing so is very expensive. You must spend three times the number of reagents needed before making any alchemy test to build a petty enchantment for which you do not have the Master of Formulae talent. Alchemy – Poisoner: You’ve made a study of toxic plants and animal venoms and can distill their essences down to a single dose, to be administered by mouth or at the end of a weapon. You have access to lotus pollen petty enchantments and all other venoms. Strife: With fractious nobles and near constant civil war, it pays to be attentive. Each day when in your homeland, you can make a free Simple (D0) Lore test. Each point of Momentum gives you a general idea as to whether there will be a major disturbance that day. While matters can take a turn at any point (and this doesn’t account for the actions of you or your allies) this test should provide accurate — if nonspecific — information about the general feel of the region. Survival – Herbalist 1: A character with the Herbalist talent can use the Survival skill to forage for herbs and other plants for a variety of uses (see The Book of Skelos for more details). Tradesman: You have passed apprenticeship with a tradesman or within a guild. While your talent may be mediocre or worse, at least you have a fallback plan. When Carousing, if you do not have sufficient Gold to pay your Upkeep, you may offer your services to a tradesman or to a guild in order to cover your Upkeep. However, you may not take any other actions during that period of Carousing. Vagabond: The road is more home to you than any town or city ever has been. Whether a nomad by choice or necessity, you can reduce the Difficulty of Survival tests by one, so long as you are on a maintained road. This may reduce the Difficulty of tests to Simple (D0). Attacks: Brawl (M): - Shortsword: Reach 1, Size 1H, Damage 4[CD], Parrying, Enc 1 Soak: 2 -Armor: Reinforced Clothing -Courage: 0 Stress/Harms: Vigor: 9 | Wounds: Resolve: 11 | Trauma: Fortune Points: 2 Social: -Social Standing: 1 -Renown : 0 -Gold: 9 -Upkeep: 4 Other Belongings: Alchemical field laboratory Personal library Healer's Bag Seasonal clothing Traveling gear 3 ingredients Mule A solid, well-crafted armband made of copper Cheap fabrics richly dyed in the fashion of the nearest town or city Background: Simeon comes from a long line of peddlers and dealers in all sorts of concoctions. Some were out and out charlatans, but his branch acquired an alchemist a few generations back, plus herbalists, so he was tutored in the carefully guarded family lore. Of course, Koth is not exactly a safe place for traveling... well, more so than other civilized nations in this Hyborean Age are. This, plus an unfortunate case of challenging – where a young blood of upper class origin accused him of selling his father some false curative – THE IDEA?!?! Well, Simeon made it out alive... mainly by bribing someone to put a certain something in the youth's drink, all to look perfectly like a case of lethally impairing hangover upon the dueling ground. That was easily fifteen years ago at least, and he's been moving along all these years...
  5. David shifted on his seat, trying to keep warm, but also observing Jadzia's work on the computer. When she struck mental gold and displayed it for all to observe, David peered towards the screen as best he could. He didn't understand computer code, but the last few lines were clear enough for him to make the connection to Jadzia's words. His brow furrowed. What did this mean, and how much could they do? It was the second part of that question that encouraged him. "Jadzia, can you see if you can whisk up a paper with a detailed explanation of threats to the world? I really want to understand what Mulligan was going on about."
  6. David sat at the fire, letting the warmth work out and restore the vitality in his bones while he listened to the discussion about the group's present situation. He noticeably scowled at the mention of Mulligan- he still blamed the crazy old man for popping up and dragooning him into that pledge- and then went back to nodding quietly as he put the pieces together and made a guess. "Correct me if I'm wrong," he said finally, a little dull from the cold, "but I'm going to guess something like this happened to all of us, because the following certainly happened to me. I was on the boat- and I didn't see you guys there- and out comes the super storm. Leaving aside what did precisely happen, the water comes up, and I land in... a significant memory of mine. Then, in comes a crazily dressed man named Mulligan. Without giving the Who, What, When, Where, Why or How, he asks me to save the world. Somehow, I agree, and then in short order I wind up here. Slipping on the rocks while going to help at Jadzia's request was just the icing on the cake."
  7. A wheeze, and water gushed out. It still felt like an ocean remained in his lungs. Another rough movement of chest, mouth and lungs, and more cold water came out of the air tube, splattering eventually onto the hard ground. David's eyes fluttered open, as his continued retching of water came repeated, a rough pained sound, seemingly in rhythm with his uncontrollable shivering. Finally, at last finally, his lungs felt clear and as David sputtered, he drew in a row of rushed breaths of air. For a survivor of near-drowning, he couldn't get enough of the air. Finally, he settled, though still shivering. "I-.. ddd-don't... think I could ever go to the pool again after this... Ccc-cold." David gasped, strained words coming from a still quite tight-feeling throat.
  8. Just fyi, Alexa, you have 3 successes on the second Medicine roll, not 2. Just saying, especially because it's my character's life on the line.
  9. It would have helped to to have music to work to. But when the only closest thing to a beat was the ticking and grinding sound of the massive wheel that Ixion had been chained to by his hands and ankles, you knew you were in hell. Or Hades, as the case was. David, the late king of Corinth, supposed he couldn't have put off his death, though he had eliminated many more issues and entanglements before. Maybe he should have kept his mouth shut and not told the river god about Zeus running off with one of his daughters. And maybe a goat would kill and eat a lion first. It was a habit of David's that he simply couldn't pass up his chances to trick, even versus the gods. Gritting his teeth, stripped from the waist up, he gritted his teeth and focused. Well, he'd show the Olympians! This time the boulder would get to the top! With a grunt, his hands pushed hard against solid stone, and the boulder began to slightly inch forward. David strained with all his strength and the rock picked up with increasing acceleration. It took a bit, sweat breaking out all over himself, muscles groaning, but he got into the rhythm. After a long while of time, not countable even in ticks of Ixion's wheel, David had gotten nearly there. Joy broke out over his face as he continued to push it forward, the butte top of the hill damn close. So close, closer than he'd ever been before. Tithyus, the giant whose punishment was to have his liver eaten and then regrew to repeat for eternity, howled again in the distance. David smirked. See you later fool, once this is done- His foot shifted a little as he pushed upward, and he slipped. The boulder bowled over his legs, which although not crippled, ached in immense pain and injury, and David watched with shocked and pained eyes as the big rock rolled down the slope very fast. It wouldn't take long to reach the bottom again. And then, to add insult to injury, he could hear Zeus laughing like a thunderstorm, booming voice.... David awoke to find the numbers and letters 3:23 AM on his clock. After a few groggy minutes to make sense of this dream, he came to the simplest conclusion. "These test anxieties are getting weird."
  10. 1. What is your name? David Brown-Helton. 2. What is your quest? Is this Monty Python? To enjoy myself while getting a business degree from college. 3. What is your favorite color? Red. 4. What primal element do you identify most with?(for example; Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Acid, Lightning, Light, Shadow) Lightning, it's exciting stuff, and honestly, people are hurt by it only rarely if at all. 5. Who is your favorite band/artist? Kesha, she's got the right attitude. 6. Which cultural time period do you wish you lived in? Now. This is as good a place as any. 7. Are your Grandparents still alive? Thank goodness, no. They were more straitlaced than Dad, which was a problem. They're probably spinning in their graves over what I've been up to. 8. Who is your favorite TV personality/celebrity? I don't have any real favorites. 9. What TV channel do you watch the most? Spike. They mix all sorts of intellectual information in with everything, and it's never boring. 10. What is your ringtone? Take It Off by Kesha. 11. What is your favorite movie? Star Wars: Episode 6. I'm sure you could guess what the reason is. 12. Are you a smoker? No. 13. What is your favorite animal? Parrots. It's funny how they can talk back and not get in trouble. 14. What is your favorite fast-food place? If there's one thing I try to avoid, it's eating fast food, unless there isn't much else that I can get. 15. If you could be anyone, who would it be? Hugh Hefner. 16. What is your biggest pet peeve? People who are utterly serious. 17. What is your dream car? A nice sports car in black. 18. How do you keep up on current events? Or do you? I usually peruse the websites of major newspapers. 19. If you were a DnD character, which of the classic alignments would you assign yourself? Chaotic Good. 20. What is your desert island item? Magic lamp with a genie and one wish. What, you think I'm going to stay on the island?
  11. David swallowed, as he noted the expanse of the river, which he could most certainly not swim across. Suddenly, he spied a large rock which if he could leap onto, he probably could leap off of onto the other side to help. Swallowing his fear, he started and put an (for David) inordinate amount of physical effort and leaped out onto the rock and continued onward for the second leap. But the rock was slippery from all the water washed over by a strong river, and losing his balance, he toppled unceremoniously forward into the painfully chilly waters. Gasped and teeth chattering, he barely managed to grab an outcropping to hold onto before slowly pulling himself onto the next rock. Or not so slowly, as desperation made his forehead suddenly meet the rock in a rough fashion. His hands loosed their grip, and the last thought going through David's head before he lost consciousness was: Splendid idea, mate. Click to reveal.. (16:39:31) (David): Str+ Athletics (None) = 2 dice (16:39:41) (David): spending WP for first roll (16:39:52) ChatBot: (David) rolls 2d10 and gets 10,5. (16:41:06) (David): 2 sux. Reaches first rock (16:41:18) (David): second roll (16:41:22) ChatBot: (David) rolls 2d10 and gets 1,5. (16:41:28) (David): botch
  12. Where's Damon? I hope he hasn't vanished off the edge of the Earth, it's a long way down from there with no stop...
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