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Mutants & Masterminds: The Unlikely Prophets - The Unlikely Prophets OOC Thread


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The Pitch

It's thirty years after the day evil won. Humanity is ruled by the Order - a cadre of superhumans which has overseen all human affairs since the Rise three decades ago. They are currently the only superhumans on Earth; no one remembers a sixteen year span of time bridging the millennium so no one can say for sure they are supervillains, but considering that 'hero' is a four letter word now it wouldn't be a stretch. A new superhuman has not shown up in thirty years and it's been at least that long since anyone stood up to the Order.

That's all about to change.


The World

In a word, 'stagnant.' Imagine North Korea with an immortal Kim-Jong Il in charge. Despite being thirty years on, it's pretty much like it is right now in terms of science. Population is controlled by contraceptives in the air; technological innovation is heavily regulated; all religious worship is banned. Each continent sends two representatives to speak on their behalf to the Order. All this is accomplished by somewhat understandable means, but what is truly disturbing are two things; first, no one over the age of thirty can clearly recall life in a sixteen-year space of time, between 1995 and 2011, and secondly, actually innovating - coming up with a new idea, instead of applying merely minor tweaks to an old one - is impossible for anyone.

People can be arrested at any time by the enforcement arm, Knight Watchmen - mostly human with a few low-level superhumans. They are watched by Argus, the spy network. Some people know they have a boot on their necks, and take it out on each other in small and not so small ways. Others are part of the system, and are content with the limits put upon them.

The Order is composed of several hundred thousand people who oversee the massive planetary bureaucracy. To save time, every country is on a controlled economy and everyone speaks the same language now. The size of the Order's superhuman component is unknown - there are several prominent superhumans, however. The leader of the Order is Archon, a masked and armored man described as "a benevolent dictator whose control over the fundamental force of electricity attunes him with the universe and makes him the wisest of all of history's leaders." Others include Spartan, the super-tough leader of the Knights Watchmen; the Druid, who administers environmental concerns with her control over nature; Aqua, a gigantic creature made of salt water; AEGIS-1, a ruby-colored sphere that serves as the indestructible bodyguard of VIPs; the Mathemagician, who controls the massive economic and political machine of the Order; and several others who work in the background, cloaked in shadows. Movies and books and video games are made about their heroic efforts in the Sixteen Year Gap, bringing peace to the world and ending in the Rise.

The Order's base of operations is not on the planet Earth at all, but on a space station so huge that it's visible from the ground, displaying the Order's symbol to nearly everyone as it orbits the earth. Every orbit of this station reminds humanity who is in charge of its fate.


The Game

This is a superheroic game set in a future so stagnant it may as well be the present, pitting a small group of unsteady heroes against an empire that spans the globe and runs on superpower. You can have just about any origin, from technological suits of powered armor to magical spells; from psychically expanded consciousness to mutant powers; from an accident with weird science to just working out and having a grudge. The only restriction I an think of at this stage is that you must start out human; this is very much a story about the human race. My other restriction is that you must be on the side of the angels, however unsteadily.

Addendum 2: Many people have asked me how technological origins and the like work in a world where no one can have new ideas. Without giving much away, something happens in the game itself to each of you that afterwards, causes you to be able to do these things where you could not before. You can suddenly figure out that super-scientific formula, or master the perfect fighting move, or whatnot. The prelude will basically be (Normal) (Event) (More Than Normal) in that order.

The system is Mutants & Masterminds, 2nd Edition. The power level is 10; the points, 150. You will start out normal, so please be sure to define what skills, feats, and attributes you gained from whatever event unleashes your superhuman abilities. Addendum 2: Just to be clear, mind control and related powers are NOT permitted; this is for Plot Purposes.

I already have some players; I am looking for a few more (six or seven total) so don't be disheartened if I don't pick you. If you're interested in joining or have any questions, please post in this thread.

Addendum 1 (added May 19th 2009)

Additional Stuffs

The Tone

Essentially the world, by default, is 'realistic' for a given value of realism. However, the game itself is very much about the bright and shiny superheroes returning to save the world, which is obviously not realistic at all. So think of the world as realistic, and yourselves as realistic-plus - yes, you can have the flaws and fobiles of human beings but deep down you are gonna do incredible things.

Also, since you are the only superheroes out there, I'd like to keep things somewhat archtypical - a mage will be THE mage, a battlesuit wearer THE battlesuit wearer, a psychic THE psychic superhero to go to. You can double up on a concept, but it would be a very good idea to discuss it with whomever you're going to be sharing space with as well as with me - and I reserve, as always, the right to say 'no.'

Along these lines, I don't plan on running an everyone-is-scattered-everywhere narrative a la Heroes, so you are gonna be grouped up; consequently you should put some thought into how you are going to get along with your teammates. (Ideally, well enough to hold together no matter what bumps in the road you encounter.)

Important: Since you are not on the rulers of society's good side, it might be a really, really fantastic idea to have a normal human form of some type, or some kind of ability to look normal if your default body is something decidedly abnormal.


I'm keeping post-Rise history somewhat loose, because I want to shape it to fit character backgrounds. Most people are ignorant of history because people who dig around a bit too much - especially into the Sixteen Year Gap - tend to disappear.

Order Structure

Due to stagnation, things can be much like they are today - or better, or worse, depending on what sort of Order attention a given area receives.

Things are run entirely by appointee. Your town is run by a mayor, who reports to the regional authority, who in turn reports to the appointees for the continent. The lines of power can shift slowly, or very quickly indeed. Favor trading and back-stabbing is common in the Order's bureacracy. Economy is a controlled one, with allowances for citizen-owned buisnesses as long as the citizens understand that the Order is only lending them the privilege and can revoke it at any time.

Game Mechanics

I am going to try to keep posting rates high; consequently if I don't hear back from you within three day's time on any group thread, I will forge on ahead without you. This is also why I want to keep the number of players small, so the chances of us landing a slow poster are decreased.

We'll be using Invisible Castle (http://invisiblecastle.com) to roll.

By default, any attack can be lethal or nonlethal as the PC deems it, even if you're attacking with a weapon.

Dramatis Personae


The Order's insignia


Knight Watchmen (male & female)




The Mathemagician


The Druid


AEGIS-1 protecting a male subject


Archon, leader of the Order and ruler of the Earth

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Guest Jayj OOC

I'll probably be in if I can figure out which one I want, a power armor user or a telekinetic psion.

The character himself will probably be a dark hero type who's technically on the side of good even if he doesn't think that noble methods will work at all against the Order. He doesn't want to just kick Archon in the balls from a dark corner. He wants to get some other chump to go do it first. And then kick -that- guy in the balls so he gets in good with the Order so he can tell someone closer in to kick Archon in the balls, only to see the guy get killed... which gives him an opening to kick Archon in the balls himself and run away before he can get caught.


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To give folks an idea of the powers I've taken in the first build (this is Dawn's character, BTW):

Additional Limbs

Darkness Array (Darkness Control, Drain (Traits), Fatigue, Insubstantial, Suffocate and Teleport)



I am in no way claiming these powers; I don't mind overlap, as M&M allows such specialization. smile

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Right now I'm looking at a sort of 'sorceror supreme' concept...a Dr Strange sort of super. My character discovers an old family heirloom, an ancient locked tome that turns out to be a powerful book of spells. Possibly even a sentient book.

I'll most likely build the book as a Device that has an array in it. The character will have a small personal array of very basic spells mastered sufficiently to cast without the book as well.

The spells will tend to be powerful, but have odd quirks or funny limitations...for example, a Teleport spell that creates a portal leading to anywhere on Earth but that can only connect two doorways together. So if you're not near a door, or want to go somewhere that there isn't a door in (middle of the ocean or desert for example), you have to settle for 'as close as possible.' I'll probably adjust my final spell list as people fill in the blanks with their characters.

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I'd be building a brick-type PC if someone asked for Archetype. Most likely mutant or (science) accident thing in terms of background/how powers were achieved.

I'm not that much familiar with M&M 2nd Ed but I got a copy back home which I will look into once I'm there. After that I can give you more details in terms of powers/stats etc.

Summarized in short - superstrong brick type. Not much more beyond that probably. (No flashy stuff that means)

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Someone didn't email me this link (thought admittedly Mike did ICQ it to me), so I'm just responding now. ; )

I'm in! My char concept is:


In MMOG terms, I'm thinking agility-based melee DPS'er, but I can go tank if I must. For powers, he's a short-range, fast-paced, probably-combat teleporter type with melee-, movement- and physical skill-enhancing powers. Maybe something ranged just so he's not useless there.


Paladin. The way they should be played. He's not an arrogant, lawful-stupid, 'EVIL! KILL!' type paladin. But he is very much on the side of strong moral fibre, protect the innocents--period, and no you don't have to break eggs to make an omelette thank you very much! For those who have read the series, I would be borrowing liberally from The Perfect Paladin Ever Written: Bahzell of David Weber's War God's Oath series.


Still hashing it out. But essentially he worked for the Bad Guys as a bodyguard/police officer/special ops man, something like that. But he thought they were the Good Guys. Then Something Happened, and now he knows the truth, and he's vowed to bring the bad guys down. I'm told that Gloom has a similar background in mind. Gloom, I really want this bg, but I'm flexible on many of the details, and I don't have to be the only one with it if you're okay with sharing...; ) Maybe we can even combine ours!

Anyways, that's it for now. This is a quick whip-up, but hopefully enough to give you an idea. More details as they come.

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Originally Posted By: IndyPendant
Still hashing it out. But essentially he worked for the Bad Guys as a bodyguard/police officer/special ops man, something like that. But he thought they were the Good Guys. Then Something Happened, and now he knows the truth, and he's vowed to bring the bad guys down. I'm told that Gloom has a similar background in mind. Gloom, I really want this bg, but I'm flexible on many of the details, and I don't have to be the only one with it if you're okay with sharing...; ) Maybe we can even combine ours!

I don't mind sharing, and this is the kind of background that shares well. I don't know that your concept will work well with my trigger (an incident where a creature from another dimension infects her), so I don't know that we are/were in the same unit. But we could easily know each other, had shared a poker night, or something like that. At the least, we'd have the whole Brotherhood of Defenders working for us.
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I was inspired partly by Unbreakable - basically your average Jane Doe that leads a regular uneventful life which borders on causing her relationship/family to break under the same shit different day routine(s).

Her only spare time/hobby activity is working out at the gym and that started only because a friend of hers asked her to be her training partner. Her friend is very dedicated and eager to compete while she is just along for the trip and because she has nothing better to do in her freetime.

So one fateful day after an argument at home with her husband (who works a heavy shift and is scarcely home) she starts to work out "for real" trying to vent some of her anger and frustration - and that triggers her change/powers.

That's my rough outline of the background/theme.

Powers will all revolve around Superstrength, Feats of Strength etc.

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ok I've got a concept:

A young Japanese man returns home after the death of his father. The young man's mother informs him that his father's will stated explicitly that he be given possession of an old box in the basement and the contents therein. The man opens the box and finds it contains an ancient Katana, a genuine Muramasa (in fact _the_ Muramasa). Upon drawing the weapon the man is confronted with his father's spirit who tasks the young man with guardianship of the sword.

The sword is a device that provide him with combat abilities, summoned armor, and other powers.

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My concept is a descendent of the Nephilim, the blood is thin, but still enough to give her some decent abilities.

Long and short, she was a professional messenger, amatuer freerunner who receives a one-time vision that gives her a little of the lowdown and tells her to fix it. Upon awakening, she has her powers. Speedster/cling to surfaces/fly (though reluctantly, emerging wings are a tad painful)

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Okay, it's time.

I appreciate everyone who submitted, and I hope no one is upset at being excluded - but I'm not quite up to running a sprawling every-player-everywhere super-game. I have, however, decided to bump the number of players up to eight - since this is a play-by-post the time constraint issues should be less of a problem than they would be in a live game. The eight are:

- Max

- Phasmus (not posted in the thread, we've talked via Email)

- IndyPendant

- Forge

- Dawn

- Jameson

- Justin

- Joani

Congrats to the eight of you. Adrian, Asarasa, I'll keep you both in mind should anyone drop out. Those of you who haven't sent me sheets, please do so by next Saturday - I will be looking them over this week, then once our ducks are in a row I will PM Chosen and get this ball rolling.

The Order is Forever.

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People have asked me how the Gap works. It works like this: if you're old enough to remember time during the Gap, it is a distant and difficult and inconsistent memory. You are most likely to remember the people who are close to you - though if you cross-reference this with historical documents and other's experiences this may not match up (though for most people it will.)

Where it gets opaque are remembering world events - no one recalls who the President of their country was, for example, or any wars fought, or any other large event that would touch everyone. After thirty years of living with this, and after thirty years of subtle and not-so-subtle cohesion from the Order to let the Gap be, most people have taken the hint. Most people, but not everyone.

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Originally Posted By: IndyPendant
Still hashing it out. But essentially he worked for the Bad Guys as a bodyguard/police officer/special ops man, something like that. But he thought they were the Good Guys. Then Something Happened, and now he knows the truth, and he's vowed to bring the bad guys down. I'm told that Gloom has a similar background in mind. Gloom, I really want this bg, but I'm flexible on many of the details, and I don't have to be the only one with it if you're okay with sharing...; ) Maybe we can even combine ours!

Indy, ready to work on background ties?

I'd be willing to do background work with anyone; just contact me and I'll see if we can scrounge up some kind of interaction. I find that having ties really gets me into a game, and I suspect it's the same for all.
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I already offered it in chat - I'm open for background connections, too. My PC isn't a professional, though. Normal housewife background and unemployed for the third year in a row.

I got an idea - Sandra and Bodhie could be sisters - Bodhie being the older of them (she is 36). Or maybe someone else could fit that glove? Could be a brother, too. Just offering.

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Indy is going with something else - he's not a KW any more.

I would prefer that people not know each other very well at the game's start. A couple of you can cross paths, but I'd like for the first meeting to be for the most part, "the first meeting."

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Actually, Jameson, my character's father was a scholar of history. Perhaps you knew him?

His name was Edward Taylor, and while he lived in Boston, it's likely he'd traveled and done events and so on around the world.

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Okay, this is a run down of who I've got so far and a rough idea of where you guys want to go with them and where they will start. If there are any disagreements - if I have my facts wrong, if you've changed your mind, or if you want to try something else, or add something new - let me know.



Larissa Taylor

Who She? An elementary school teacher

What She Do? She controls a book of magical spells, and can cast a few herself. She can sense magical energies, create blasts of magical energy and fire, create force fields, restricting chains and illusions, scry on her enemies, and create magical portals linking any two doorways she is familiar with.

How She Do It? As the game begins, Lara has recently come into the possession of a book she cannot open.

Where She Live? Boston

Played By? Max



Strongarm, AKA Bodhie Armstrong

Who She? Housewife and hobbyist bodybuilder

What She Do? By default, Bodhie is really strong and tough. When she is emotionally reminded of her husband, she gets really, really, really strong and tough. Pick up a tank one-handed and use it as a baseball bat strong. Tank shell from said tank doesn't even slow her down tough.

How She Do It? As the game begins, Bohdie is estranged from her husband who resents her bodybuilding hobby.

Where She Live? London, England

Played By? Joani



Gloom, AKA Sandra Murphey

Who She? A Knight Watchman, the law enforcement arm of the Order

What She Do? Controls darkness; can drain the vitality out of her targets, suffocate them, or tire them. She can teleport through shadows and turn semi-solid.

How She Do It? As the game begins, Sandra is destined to get fused with some kind of shadow creature of unknown origin whilst on assignment

Where She Live? Not sure yet

Played By? Dawn



Cyco, AKA Cyan Collins

Who She? Underground petty thief, courier and free runner

What She Do? She's fast. REALLY fast. Run up a wall, run across water, punch everyone in the room in an eyeblink, throw pens like machinegun bullets fast. She can grow wings on command, though all she can do as yet is glide with them.

How She Do It? The legendary Nephilim, descended from fallen angels, may be in her bloodline somewhere - as the game starts, Cyan is doing a courier job

Where She Live? Not sure yet

Played By? Forge



The Necronaut, AKA Norman Yan

Who He? Assistant coroner

What He Do? A conduit for the dead. The Necronaut can bring things over from the realm of the dead and forgotten, causing ghosts to manifest and assault his foes with the psychometric specters of forgotten objects. The Necronaut can turn ghostly as well, and seperate his mind from his body, thravelling into what he terms the Netherworld.

How He Do It? As the game starts, Norton Yan is fighting to keep a cemetary from being bulldozed

Where He Live? Chicago

Played By? Phasmus



The Scarlet Samurai, AKA Sanada Kenshin

Who He? History university professor

What He Do? Possesses a samurai mask which creates a suit of armor and makes him incredibly strong and tough; and a samurai sword which can attack with blinding speed, terrifying sharpness, and can spare the body but wound the soul.

How He Do It? At the start of the game, Sanada's father has just passed on, and Sanada is taking care of his will and testament

Where He Live? Tokyo

Played By? Jameson



Radiance, AKA Hikari Motarasu

Who She? La artsy type

What She Do? Controls light; can create objects out of solid light; create force fields and laser-like blasts and beams.

How She Do It? At game's start, Hikari is putting the final touches on her newest painting.

Where She Live? Seattle

Played By? Justin


(no TekTek available)

Sharatur De Vasch

Who She? Museum guide to a geological museum

What She Do? Martial artist of supreme skill; can 'slip between spaces' for short-term teleportation; mastery of many styles means she can take offensive, defensive, and mobility-related stances as needed

How She Do It? At the start of the game, Sharatur is tending to a recently transfered exhibit of rare materials.

Where She Live? Grand Canyon

Played By? Indy

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Yep! Larissa lives and works in Boston, MA.

I'm not sure if that hair/eye combo is what I'm gonna settle on though. Especially when she's 'in costume,' where she can have some elaborate effects due to the illusion she cloaks herself in.

I'll think on this and get back to you later today.

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