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Aberrant: 2011 - OpNet - 2008: Approved Systems Poll #2


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Many people have been talking about the use of expansion products created online as well as implicitly touching upon the expansion section that already exists here. Hence, this poll is focusing on narrowing that issue; if it is agreed that we should use a system to include expansions we will need to do a later poll to select the method of approving expansions. Due to its limited nature, this poll will be open until 10:00 PM Wednesday, September 13th.

And don't forget: if you do not record your votes in a reply to this thread your votes will not be counted and please limit your reply to only your vote.

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Post additions for a review, get 2 other people as well as yourself to say it's ready for prime time, stick it in a poll, then if it gets a super majority (say 2 thirds), add it to the "House Rules" thread.

You can put as much or as little as you want in your proposal, but be warned the bigger the proposal the less likely it will be to pass. For example pieces of Forceful Personalities would make good additions, but adding every single bit of it at once is probably a reach.

Suggested House Rules:

1) Puny Human is, IMHO, a good thing.

2) Ditto the App rules from A! (i.e. that you don't need a very low App to be Ugly). This would get rid of the "sometimes a zero is a 5" oddness.

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