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  1. Originally Posted By: MachinaWhy do you ask? Is it your turn to set up some of the hairy-knuckled Neanderthals in your Valerie Solanas Fan Club with their weekly pinata again already? Hey, she's been hanging around me a lot as we lay down some tracks. Of course she thinks men suck.
  2. Oh shit! Someone who had the option to check out after being found guilty of murder did so! I can't believe it. Bah, fuck N! , I wanna know what Firefly was doing with those two thug-uglies at Starlords and exactly what she meant about "spit-roasted"! Get it right you bastards! Give me the important news!
  3. Oh my god! Neil Preston is trying to find the best in a bad situation! Call the papers! hehehe. Just fucking around. Hey, Fuzzy Butt, fuck other folks. You did what you did, she did what she did and your own personal Real Doll did what she did. Ain't no right or wrong, just shit between folks.
  4. Tawny? Like the color? I hear that and I can only think of hair. How come your parents named you a hair color before you had hair? What if you stayed bald? Man, that would have been a bitch.
  5. Originally Posted By: Samuel Davison If you had the choice between endless, irrational paranoia, but living safe; or just letting go and living free, to risk getting your head knocked off... which would you choose? Sorry, Skywise, I don't buy the choice. Life ain't hardly ever A or B. Confuse the fuckers and go for C.
  6. Nice to see you again, Strongbow. Welcome back to the party.
  7. New bitch: Part II from the above to start later. Would you all stop fucking chatting as every other id under the sun while OOC ? I've been trying very hard not to know who people are behind new characters but when you hop into chat as Alt#4 and act like everyone should know who you are it's hard to not find out. I'd like to treat each character as a seperate entity and I admit, I'm not good at doing that if I know I hate the motherfucker behind the new name.
  8. Well, I'm not a good guy for family. I hate my moms and pops. They suck. But, you apparently don't hate Sis. So....help her. Don't force it on her but let her know you love the chick and you're there for her. And that she's not just making decisions for her now. The baby too. It can't say "Fuck yeah! Gimme da cash!" so she's gotta think about it for him/her/it. Oh, and post #666 ! I fucking rock [devil horns]!!!
  9. Okay, I'm gonna do it. Don't read if you think you might be hurt. And feel free to fire back. Rev- I love your characters. But for someone as completely aggro as you are the minute you see something you like you pull the martyr bit way too fucking quick. If you're gonna dish it out fucking well learn to take it. Rev and Vi- For god's sake people, I'm fucking sorry that you feel people have stepped on your toes story or character concept wise but you both need to chill out. You don't have the patent on ideas. And when you've gotten upset I've only been able to see very basic similarities between characters. And for stories? Please, there are only what, twenty or thirty stories in existence? Everything is a variation on a theme. Endeavor- You're slavish devotion to anime is a massive distraction for all your characters. Heck, your last one wasn't even your character. It was a duplicate of an anime character. And no, Endeavor hasn't changed a single bit in the entire time she's been here. Except for very short lived moments of growth she's been the same character forever. Silvertalon- Silvertalon isn't a character. It's some weird furry-fantasy that is really creepy. You don't roleplay an intelligent being, you roleplay someone's cat. It's weird. Seph-Ego. Dude, sometimes it's hard to tell when its your characters ego or its your own reflecting through. Vixen- Don't be so fucking sensitive when people are a little harsh. This isn't t-ball, it's life. Sometimes folks hit hard.
  10. I gotta ask, why does anyone give a shit? I mean, she's a disturbed monkey who is rude and obnoxious, but beyond that she, at the worst, made a hunk of rock that looked like you. Is that really so fucking horrible?
  11. Wow, I'm kinda fucking embarassed. Well, I didn't lie. Machina is a shitheel.
  12. Originally Posted By: PsychePerhaps, perhaps not Muse. What I do see is a passive agressive attempt to gauge my reaction to a vague and non-commital statement. If you want to talk to me, then talk plainly. If you want to play games, then I suggest you look for someone who shares your interest in playing them. If your looking for someone to analyze you then set up a session. Oh, passive aggressive? Fuck that. Machina is all aggressive. And a massive shitheel to boot.
  13. Originally Posted By: Lynne O'Neal"I do not have any anger or hostility management problems. I have absolutely no problem with being angry and hostile with you." I told my therapist that once when I was twelve. "Fuck you, asshole!" I told my dad that when I was twelve. And then he beat the everyloving shit out of me.
  14. Originally Posted By: AquaMarine I swim in the stench of humanity's bowels voiding their chemically poisoned wastes into the nearest deep hole they can find while they fantasize happy thoughts of it being magically transformed into fairy dust instead of gushing into the oceans of the planet. And you brag about that? Nasty.
  15. Originally Posted By: Mr. Crimson 3. Why are all three Archetypes based on going away from humanity instead of towards something? Not very constructive, is it? Well, away from humanity is towards something. It's towards something else. That's kinda new. The idea that we are beyond, different. And, since we're Nova we've got a whole shitload that we can be so having a pinprick target ain't really all that helpful.
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