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  1. Given a Hickey? Yes, but she doesn't like to be bitten so I've stopped. Had a one night stand? Yep. Shortly after I got my powers Vile Bill and I went out drinking and he introduced me to some of his "friends". Made someone cry? Probably. I accidently wiped out most of a village so I assume some of them cried afterwards. Opened your Christmas presents early? No. I'm not sure if it's ever even occured to me. Been online for more than 10 hours in a row? Sure. I don't sleep much and have multiple selves around, so it's something that happens a few times a week. Pretended to be someone you weren't online? I've strongly avoided mentioning that I'm a nova much less Dr. Troll, and have simply been a generic guy. Eaten food that fell on the floor? Tried this as a baseline with a piece of pop corn and got the stomace virus. Since eruption I've done it a couple of times without a problem, but the rule in the household is that if it falls on the floor then it belongs to the dog. Been caught cheating? No. Not sure if this was ethics or lack of opportunity. Not much point copying from someone else's homework when you expect yours to be better. Been caught naked? Yes. My kid has walked in on me and I've let my wife "catch" me on several occasions. Flashed someone? Nope. Gone out without underwear on? Nope again. Got into a fist fight? Yep. Many times, when I'm green I love it. Swallowed bath water? Not since I was a kid, if then. I've had showers as long as I can remember. Peed in the pool? No... Thrown up in public? Yeah. I had a weak stomace as a kid... and pre-eruption for that matter. I've gotten litteraly sick in public at least 3 times. Been so drunk you can't walk? No... as a baseline I'd start throwing up before I'd lose the ability to walk. Now I'm not sure I can get that drunk. Peed in public? Nope. Broken wind and blamed someone else? No, but I have just ignored it. Done something mean you regretted? I think killing hundreds of people counts.
  2. Quote:There isn't enough money in the world for me to want to fuck me.Interesting. I've thought of killing myself but not of having sex with myself. The idea just never occured to me until this thread. I wonder if this means I'm repressed? Quote:You find yourself compulsively asking for directions, wanting to shop every goddamn day, beginning all your sentences with "I feel..." and merging into freeway traffic at 20mph without signaling?Ouch.
  3. Originally Posted By: TrooperNot everyone dorms you dumbass.True, including me... but ask that question of me and I'll say I've got no desire or reason to learn. If she can say the same then that answers many questions.
  4. Originally Posted By: Madison 'Vali' WestYou want to be seen as your Brother's Keeper. Good for you. Terats don't...Not being my brother's keeper was the excuse made by Cain to try to hide that he'd killed his brother. It wasn't much of an excuse then either. Originally Posted By: KnockoutYes, pre-eruption, I was a man. Yes, I'm decidedly not one any more.Ouch. Ah... what happens when you dorm? Originally Posted By: KnockoutAs you can see in the video, my entire jumpsuit got burnt off live on TV.Sounds like you need a stronger costume. Originally Posted By: KnockoutWhat am I going to do now? I have no idea. Right now I'm a mess and not in the right frame of mind to make big decisions.Sounds wise. Quote:No, I will not take my top off and put a shoe on my head. (This is more frequent a question than you'd think.)???
  5. After looking everything up and re-reading it... Originally Posted By: John Galtmastery? so control, but what would you do if you had control over microscopic life? Mastery in this case refers to "Animal Mastery" and not the elemental type much less the extra.Further, to a large degree basic Animal Mastery doesn't actually give you "control". You can make suggestions and neutral animals will be inclined to follow them, but they don't actually have to. With plants you have animation, but they can't uproot and follow you around. So basically you're limited to what's there. Originally Posted By: John GaltMaybe manipulating the natural bacteria in the body?You could do this for sure... but... you're going to be limited to what's there. Poison the power would allow you to create ebola and the like, this power would only let you do that if someone already had it.So it sounds (at least to me) like it's going to be a poison with limited effects, unless they already have something in which case you'll be able to add to it (see Increase/Decrease). On the other hand... 1) The range is insane. 2) You'll be able to communicate, which implies identification. 3) You can probably ask diseases to stop being so nasty. Just off hand this would work really well with "Poison". Give someone a rare disease that doesn't do anything, then within a 2km radius you can send out a call asking where it is.
  6. Sounds like more of a theme than a power. A.M. lets you talk to non-human things. Although the micro-life extra would presumably let you id which bug some has...
  7. I guess that settles whether Knockout came out of the closet or was outted.
  8. Originally Posted By: SandcasterDr. Troll, I can think of at least two municipal defenders that are Terats. Neither has, to my knowledge, ever claimed a right to kill people.Well, good for you, and good for them (I'm quite serious). That does however support what I said. Originally Posted By: Madison 'Vali' West does this mean we should hold all Utopians complicit in Saxon's actions?That depends. Did the rest of Utopia boldly step forward and say that he was brutish but had the right to act as he did? I'm pretty sure we arrested the sick son of bitch and put him in a cell. Quote:Why don't we judge each member by his/her/its actions instead of lumping everyone's individual actions on the group as a whole?It depends on whether the group backs the individual. There are serial killers who are also Eagle Scouts. The Scouting organization doesn't take it back, and we don't hold all Eagle Scouts guilty for that member's actions. But I expect other Eagle scouts would, if they found out what their fellow member was up to, do the right thing and have him arrested. As I understand it, the one belief all Terats appear to hold in common is they can't do that. They will not or can not police their own ranks. Worse, they appear to take offense at the idea of others doing it for them. It's individual responsibility without the responsibility.
  9. Originally Posted By: ProcyonHe won't need to announce his right to kill people. All he'll need to do is state that his trashcan isn't for the whole world to come and take a dump in, and T2M will be carrying out an 'active intervention' in 0.3 seconds. Before he knows it, Oscar will be sequestered in Bahrain for "Quantum Backlash treatment" and "social rehabilitation".My home isn't for the whole world to dump in. ::Crickets Chirp:: I can say that (so can Oscar). It must still be a free country. I guess the problem really does come with the killing people thing. Not that it isn't entertaining watching terats dance around that.
  10. Originally Posted By: HuginI eagerly await the spectacle of Caestus Pax beating up Oscar for failing to share the Utopian Dream.Somehow I doubt Oscar will be boldly announcing his right to kill people.
  11. Originally Posted By: Tori 'TK' KryzchiDefine issues. I am positive that most guys would try and do themselves if they could.And kill themselves if they couldn't?
  12. Originally Posted By: N News ServiceTOMMY ORGY'S BODY FOUND Tommy Orgy Holds Day of Mourning For Dead Duplicate ...Reports indicate that Tommy Orgy's duplicate had died of autoerotic-related spinal trauma when, unable to re-replicate himself and copulate, he tried the next best thing.Granted, being a clone means you can be a little more careless with your life... but I suspect the man has serious issues.
  13. Originally Posted By: Doctor Nova MadiganI have a feeling, and it's something I cannot quantify, that there is more to this situation than anyone knows. The pieces of the puzzle don't add up to a whole picture, and they don't fit together correctly anyway. It's not tidy. There's no solid cause and effect, or motive and action. I am left wondering why Timeslip did the things that she did, and there is no motive or compulsion or sequence of events--no matter how byzantine--that I can hypothesize which would re-create what actually happened.And so the conspiracy theories start. And of course one wouldn’t want to give undo weight to something as slight as a trial and the judgment there of, especially when compared against something as solid as an unquantified feeling not shared even by the accused. Excuse me, “the convicted”. Originally Posted By: SandcasterSeventeen days since she ran... and not a single sighting of Jager since. Dollars to donuts that she dragged him off to some other damned universe. Post hoc ergo propter hoc – After this, therefore because of this. I think Jager is known to be mysterious, sometimes for the purpose of being mysterious. Originally Posted By: Doctor Nova MadiganYeah, it would sure suck to be imprisoned in an entire universe. Beats the hell out of a 2-meter cube in Bahrain with an ice pick in your node, though, doesn't it?Sure, after all, it’s not like she was running around picking fights with law enforcement and then killing them… oh, wait…
  14. Originally Posted By: Mithril (was GMoT)I don't have a better alternative. I don't always know what's best, but I know that this wasn't it.I very delibrately didn't say this earlier to TS, but given that what happenned was exactly what she said happenned, she was guilty. Thus if the trial was fair, it would reflect this. Her problem wasn't the trial wasn't fair or T2M is respected, her problem was that she was guilty. She knew that there was a dangerous, in her words "feral" nova running amoke. She knew T2M was there to stop him. Knowing this... she jumps into fight against T2M in an effort to stop them. Then, shock, a member of T2M responds to this by throwing down on her and she "has to defend herself". The solution would have been to not put herself into a situation as messed up as it was, or, having placed herself into that situation, she could have helped the agents of law and not attacked them.
  15. Hate? Hate implies a lack of reason, and I don't see that.
  16. Originally Posted By: Gerald HaneySo, the murderer gets her own way, a trial like no other, based on her own supremacist doctrine and then she boogies because it didn't work out the way she wanted?I wonder if she ever realized she was guilty, even by her own rules? I wonder if she realizes it now?
  17. None of the above really. It's possible to build a 30 nova point PC who will give Pax a hard time (but not win). Rules of thumb: 1) Is the NPC a specialist? I.e. combat-machine, social-machine, int-machine, whatever? If so, is it relevent? I.e. a combat specialist should win in combat against a specialist in something else... unless there is truely a huge amount of points seperating them. 2) Is the NPC a generalist? Is he built on enough points that he's almost a specialist in everything (or in several things)? Many generalists, especially with more points, can beat any non-specialist in combat or whatever. Truely impressive generalists can even defeat a combat specialist in combat. The question becomes how hard they need to work at it.
  18. Hmm... that would be two -5 weaknesses... did we just drop this to a level 1 power?
  19. My intuition tells me the problem might be slightly worse in abby. Basically a combination of other things to pay attention to, and people with inferiority complexes would *really* feel inferior in abby with novas around and then taking it out on someone they can feel superior too. And one of the problems the Indians have with this issue is it isn't a good thing to be dependant on the government if you don't have a lot of political power.
  20. Whoops. I posted without seeing this thread. ...Obviously if the thread is killed my post will die, but other than that I don't see the need to kill it myself.
  21. Define "left alone". Last I heard the 1st amendment covered such things as salesmen, nova recruiters, and noisy neighbors who want help moving furniture. I suspect Denver's city fathers are trying to recruit novas.
  22. Eh, the idea behind the 2009 chars is that everyone has a sheet and it has to be public... I think that's, open to mod view. I pm'ed mine to the Director. Where we run into problems are meta-gaming and ooc knowlege. For example Character "X" wants to keep his secret afiliation to Project Pro... well... secret. Thus if character "Y" reads his mind, he doesn't automatically know all his secrets, he actually has to remember to ask. For another example Player "A" may intend to try to kill Character "Z"... and wish to build a character around the character's weak points. However I will say that I don't feel strongly about this so if the board wishes to go public I'll follow suit.
  23. Originally Posted By: Chance...It seems pretty apparent from the reaction so far that a majority will not want the xp rules to change.The XP rate was one of the most hard faught issues of the board's development. We ended up with a three way tie with one third of the voting board wanting 4, one third wanting more, and one third wanting less. IMHO the rate is a can of worms best left unopened. Originally Posted By: ChancePersonally, I don't think this is a good idea because then people will be advancing at unpredictable rates, which I understand is one of the reasons for setting up 2009 in the first place. Plus you will end up with people getting their feelings hurt because their totally awesome post didn't earn bonus xp, and the arbitrators will be getting pestered to give it out.Agreed and well put. It's like tossing out a gold apple with the words "for the fairest" on it. And note there are other reasons not to do this on top of these, the overhead and upkeep on this sort of thing would not be small.
  24. Originally Posted By: Andrew MurphyCould this woman be Thetis?Well thought. What Steve said was in Blue.
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