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Found 532 results

  1. Wow, I'm a nova! I had not really though about what it would be like before my eruption, but now that it's happened, the world looks very different. Things that seemed impossible are now possible to me. I must admit however, that I feel some loss. It is a loss of dreams. I didn't lose the, you know, like, the sleeping kind of dreams. I have lost the dreams that I have worked hard to accomplish. Now I fear, that as a nova, I will not be able to fulfill those dreams. You see, I play baseball. I played it all my life, and I was good at it too. I was good enough to make the pro's. Now that I am a nova who can out-run, out-hit and out-play all the professionals, I am no longer able to join the professional leagues. So far, I have not found a nova's only baseball team. I guess what I'm saying, is that I now have to find a new direction for my life. And it scares me. Does any of this, frighten anyone else?
  2. I just saw the 2000 film "Unbreakable". It gave me some insight into the reasons to be a 'secret' nova. I like the way the relationship between the hero, his wife, and his son developed. I know it came out at the Dawn of the Nova Age, but I found it relevant and interesting. Anyone else?
  3. The Ragtag Theatre on Hitt Street in Columbia, MO has a rather unassuming exterior. It is painted darkly with a small window-front; the building used to be a pizza place, and a t-shirt shop before that. The owners of the Ragtag have done a lot of work to create a premier Independent theatre, and it's succeeded. And, they also sell beer, which may help their popularity. Tonight, the perverbial red carpet has been unfurled, and it's perverbial only because the Ragtag doesn't have a red carpet. The small foyer has been given a good cleaning, and the doorman is gently but firmly turning away everyone who isn't a guest of Kara's. An hour before the novas are due to arrive, the police are called to control the gathering crowd, who have caught wind of this. For some, this is their best chance to see a nova in their city, and they don't want to miss it. People are trying to sneak or bribe their way into the movie, with little luck. Because people are gawking through the glass, arrangements are made to serve the novas in the theatre rather than make them go to the foyer for refreshments. It's all going on Kara's tab anyway, so it really doesn't matter. As people struggle outside, a small window is left open, in a room that no one is monitoring. The manager of the Ragtag isn't sure why he needed to leave his window open, but Ms. B'nath asked him to, so he did. A small black cat crawled in through that window, its body changing as soon as it leapt from the window. Kara landed on the floor, grinning. She never really got tired of that. It looked as though everything was ready. Eagerly, she exited the room to see who was here already.
  4. There was a loud roar asnd clash of metal as the two Gigantic Capricorn-type monsters attacked the fifty meter tall Talwar. Metal and flesh impacted repeatedly as Claws rent hardened Titanitum armor and Massive battleshod fists, cracked carapace and snapped muscle and bone. Upon of of the creature's backs hung the fifteen meter Shrike Piloted by Warner VonBraun. he was a leading computer engineer and one of the top researchers in the world. The Shrike was mostly an infiltration model, but for this it mounted heavy armaments of missiles, grenades and a large one ton sword. The two Mecha pounded and cleaved taking off limbs and yet the monsters continued on. At the southern end of the Island FANG's hovertanks gave a good accounting of themselves, cratering the hide of a trio of Capricorns, and successfully managing to kill one. At the Far North part of the Island, the thirty meter tall Tesseract locked in the massive Avenger GAU-30 Rotary gatling Canon and prepared. For most of the battle the other two robots had engaged in close combat with the capricorns that had made it through the torpedo screen the Tesseract had been laying for them and the Medusa Class aliens they escorted. It's hiding place, The massive Four Seasons Hotel had been obliterated by the Medusa's Hydro cannons, forcing the massive support machine out into the open. A fresh Capricorn was waiting for it. The huge thing had a Dragon's head, a goat's hooves, a frog's hind legs, and a long tail like a shark. It leapt into the air, its razor sharp hoof-like claws glinting in the light of the fire ignited when the ammo dump went up. It struck the Tesseract, which parried with the eighteen ton cannon, knocking it away. Its neck bulged, heralding the soon to come energy blast that obliterated a mountain outside Mexico City as it jumped for the Military's pride and joy again. "Not on my watch you Chupacabra wannabe. Suck Dragonsbreath." Specialist Steve McAllister roared as he stood his ground and unleashed the most powerful gun ever fired. Heavy pitons sank into the earth from the right ankle of Gunpants, as the barrels began to spin and canon locked into place. There was a gout of flame fifty meters long that errupted from the rapidly spinning gatling canon as literally dozens of shells came out a second from its seven barrels. The entire salvo walked up the body of the Capricorn from Crotch to Crown, not just bisecting it, but literally causing it to explode into a cloud or gory mist and ash. The superheated barrel spun down noisily, and sparks showered the ruins as rivers of hydraulic fluid flowed from the Tesseract's massive servo motors. The spike in the ankle retracted, sending of a shower of sparks as the massive warmachine moved towards its bretheren. Its own main gun was so powerful it caused over thirty percent damage to both arms and the right leg in a single salvo. The heavy machine gun in Guntop's chest spat a hail of bullets against whatever monster moved, all the while The Tesseract seemed to wait for the Medusas to close. If it's arms would break, then they'd break taking out the leaders. The battle shifted when the Shrike mistakenly tagged the Talwar's Helmet with a Hot Spur tracking beacon, and using his traditonal flair for unconventional tactics, Talwar's pilot Jet Jiro, removed the massive helmet and heaved it into the air, managing to land it onto one of the centermost Medusas. The Incoming tomahawk cruise missiles destroyed the oncoming Medusas in a flash of nuclear fire. They were low yield tactical nukes, launched from the USS Philadelphia, an aging Aegis class-missile frigate. The Three robots stood and watched the Explosion, with The Tesseract making its way to the survivors of the armor forces. using th massive hands it held the Avenger with, the Tesseract unstuck several tanks which allowed them to withdraw. It had jus picked up its main gun when An invader decided to appear for real. Quickly the order went up to retreat. Talwar and Tesseract covered the retreat of the survivors as the Shrike raced to recover a mysterious woman who was literally glowing. The Talwar took several near miss blasts that melted all it's rear and frontal armor, and the Tesseract's armor was raining off in rivulets of molten metal due to the heat of the radiation coming from the attacker's blasts. The three robots boarded the ship and were quarantined along with their pilots for the journey back to base to due to the immense radiation coming from the machines. The GrimDark Reactor powered robots had shown they could survive an enemy attack, and repel a large group of lesser aliens. As the screen faded out There were only a pair of voices. "The Three prototypes did well, all things considered." "Yes, next time we'll push them further, let us see what humanity can truly do when their backs are against the wall." Connor watched the credits roll and nodded, smiling. "That was alot of fun." Producer Zachary Fox nodded. "Most impressive Mr. Fontenot. After seeing your work on both seasons of Gundam Superior I knew you could handle my show, Grimdark Metal Soldiers." Fox was an American like Connor who had become a big name in Japan by financing and Directing massive live action shows and a string of hit live-action movies based off popular anime. This was his first original work, and the quality was beyond what anyone could expect. "I am honored to be a part of this. The way I'm told, eventually this show will have something for everyone, The huger super robot Talwar, The Heavily armed Real-Robot Tesseract, and the eventual battlesuit-sized Shrike. The characters are well thought out and the cast you've assembled is impressive. Everyone with speaking parts being bilingual in both Japanese and English is going to mean you can run them simultaneously without dubbing at all. The only expense is running the filming twice." "You catch on quick Mr. Fontenot. That's why I want you. I know you have Talents that can allow for a battle like the one you saw to be shot multiple times, the same way. I know you didn't use them to make the pilot and it took longer because of that, but then we told you not to push yourself. Now I want you to do so. You will be compensated fairly for your efforts as you have been since coming to Japan." "I can do that. Anything else you want?" "I want you to continue playing Steve if you will. It only makes sense to have the American robot piloted by an American. Beyond that I'll give you a month to make any other preparations, and then we start shooting in ernest." "I look forward to working with you Mr. Fox." Connor shook the producer's hand and smiled. "It's Zack, Mr. Fontenot. You're gonna make this dream reality, or break it, I figure you can call me by the name my friends do." "Call me Connor, Zach. This is gonna be an awesome project.
  5. I'm sorry for my quiet lately. I've actually been testing what I can do. Figuring out this whole quantum power thing takes some time and time is a thing that ticks away fast when you're learning about yourself. Anyways, I'm back on dry land, and I'm reconnecting with everyone. What's the news topside?
  6. This may not appeal to our younger viewers, but for us older folks, what is your opinion on marriage? If you erupt, what are the new stresses on an existing relationship? Would you marry a baseline now that you are a nova, or does your node even enter the equation? Or, would you be/feel limited to the nova population?
  7. The following characters: Gabriel Law Summer/Autumn Astovik (a.k.a. Solstice) Primal Jaunt Are hereby removed from play in the 2010 universe. 2010 was never really easy for me to 'get into' and try as I might it's repeatedly left a bad taste in my mouth. The characters remain my intellectual property. Since no character of mine is any longer a part of the 2010 universe they are not, and will not adhere to the any rules set forth by the Charter. Some may read this as "Dave just wants to play them in 200X.". This is not the case. There are four characters being removed and I only one slot avail to me in 200X for this year. I hardly have the time to write for the two characters there, bringing over four more would be stupid of me and do the players in 200X a great disservice. The fact is, I just don't like 2010. The Charter was a nice idea but ignored, the moderation was poor, the character creation was out of whack and the place was completely saturated despite the regulations on introducing new characters. I wish those who enjoy the setting the best of luck and all that other positive reinforcement that's expected after a negative post like this. Seriously, have a blast, but it just isn't my thing. The character sheets will be flagged as "Removed from play", since I do not have authority to delete them. Have fun 2010.
  8. Has anyone flown across the Pacific from the Phillipines to the California coast? I've been plotting our a route, but it would be wise to get the council of anyone who has already done it.
  9. The last of the snow is melting away, the temp is in the 60's and I'm ready to go driving around with the top down. Were has all the bitter winds and waist high snowdrifts gone?
  10. Hello to all you forumgoers out there. I'm Joseph, also known as Soap. I'm intrigued by your thriving(?) little(?) community here; it looks to be a valuable resource, especially for newly erupted novas such as myself. So...I suppose this being an introductory thread, I should say something about me. I'm a 43 year old 7th grade schoolteacher from Kansas. Naturally I never expected to erupt, and I don't know what I'm going to do now - go on teaching? I suppose, though the pay isn't great. And of course I may possibly be sacked. And the relationship with my students has certainly changed. But that's life for you. Anyway, hi and how you doing?
  11. Basically the topic says it all. I was just wondering if any of you have had a case of wanderlust since becoming novas. Before I errupted I'd always wanted to go to Japan, thankfully I've been able to live out that dream.
  12. Preamble – We the undersigned participants present and adopt this charter in the interest to create and maintain a consistent, fair, and enjoyable shared online reality for all participants. Article 1 – Setting and Mechanics Section 1, Clause 1 – The OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction area shall take place in the collective “Aeonverse” timeline as found within the published White Wolf product lines of Adventure!, Aberrant, and Trinity. Section 1, Clause 2 – The published Aberrant books as well as the publicly distributed supplement “Brainwaves” shall be the approved materials to be used in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 1, Clause 3 – Events in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas shall not contradict events found within the “Aeonverse” timeline as presented within the approved materials as well as the events found within the Adventure! and Trinity books published only by White Wolf. Section 2 – Dates within the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas shall be two years ahead of the current year, ignoring the offset of days during leap years. Article 2 – Characters Section 1, Clause 1 – Characters shall start as novas who have erupted within two months of the character’s introduction to the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 1, Clause 2 – Characters shall be created using the standard character creation rules found within the Aberrant core book and in accordance to any options and restrictions provided in this charter. Section 1, Clause 3 – Powers, Abilities, and Backgrounds found within all approved materials are available during character creation. Section 1, Clause 4 – Characters shall be limited to no more than ten (10) points in flaws. Section 1, Clause 5 – Characters shall begin with no more than five (5) permanent dots of Taint. Section 1, Clause 6 – Characters shall not be direct copies nor substantial copies of characters already found within other sections of the N!Prime site. Section 2, Clause 1 – Characters shall be distributed four (4) experience points on the first (1st) day of the month following an active month in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 2, Clause 2 – Characters shall not be able to purchase a Quantum trait greater than five (5) until the real date of January 1, 2010. Article 3 – Posting and Interactions Section 1 – Posts made within the OpNet – 2008 Board and the OpNet – 2008 Fiction areas shall be a part of the same continuity. Section 2, Clause 1 – Arbitration in a character interaction within the OpNet – 2008 Fiction area shall be initiated if an absolute majority of the player/writers participating in the character interaction agree to use arbitration. Section 2, Clause 2 – Arbitrators shall be selected by only the player/writers participating in the character interaction. Section 2, Clause 3 – Arbitrators shall not have any in-character or any out-of-character interest in the results of the character interaction in which they arbitrate. If no other arbitrator can be agreed upon or found, the arbitrator shall review the character interaction with a detached and disinterested point of view. Section 2, Clause 4 – Participants shall be able to leave an arbitrated character interactions if the arbitrator has found that there are mitigating circumstances. Article 4 – Moderation Section 1, Clause 1 – Three (3) moderators shall be selected for the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 1, Clause 2 – The identities of the moderators shall remain private unless a unanimous decision has been made by the moderators to reveal a moderator’s identity. Section 1, Clause 3 – Moderators of the OpNet – 2016 area shall not be moderators of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 1, Clause 4 – New moderators shall be selected by current moderators. Departing moderator(s) shall be apart of the selection process as if they are current moderators if possible. Section 2, Clause 1 – Moderators shall be responsible for maintaining the balance, continuity, and integrity of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas, including but not limited to the setting and timeline. Section 2, Clause 2 – Moderators shall be able to add further restrictions to the character creation process and elements available to all characters. Section 2, Clause 3 – Moderators shall make the determination whether a character may purchase a Quantum trait higher than six (6). Section 2, Clause 4 – Moderators shall review and approve of proposed expansion Powers, Backgrounds, and Rules that have been submitted by a player/writer who is not a moderator and supported by at least three (3) other player/writers who are not moderators. Section 2, Clause 5 – Moderators shall be able to review and modify decisions by arbitrators within character interactions, giving deference to the decisions made by the arbitrator and only overturning a decision that is clearly erroneous or is found to be inequitable. Section 2, Clause 6 – Individual moderators who act as an arbitrator in a character interaction shall excuse themselves from a review stemming from their actions as an arbitrator. Section 2, Clause 7 – Moderators shall determine which players/writers are participants within a character interaction solely for the purpose of determining whether an arbitration shall be used within said character interaction. Article 5 – Authority, Amendments, and Approval Section 1 – This charter shall be the supreme rule of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Rulings made by moderators and decisions made by arbitrators and actions made by characters and players/writers that contravene this charter shall not have any power. Section 2, Clause 1 – This charter may be amended by the players/writers of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. Section 2, Clause 2 – Proposed amendments shall first be submitted to the moderators for approval. Moderators shall be able to modify the proposed amendments. Section 2, Clause 3 – Proposed amendments that have received moderator approval shall be presented publicly to the players/writers of the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas. A publicly presented amendment shall be adopted if three-fourths (3/4) of the active and non-moderator players/writers approve of the amendment. Section 3 – All players/writers shall post a statement with each and every of their characters in the appropriate thread stating they agree and will follow the entirety of this charter and the rules made pursuant to it before their characters can participate in the OpNet – 2008 Board and Fiction areas.
  13. Has anyone ever done something new with their node and afterwards noticed something different about themselves? Does it start out as something mild and become something greater?
  14. Missoula, Montana - 04/12/09 - 3:45 AM It was Sunday. Brit had spent the last few days at home, in the wake of grappling with the terrible thing she'd done with Cyn, the worry and sadness she felt over what happened with Robert, she hadn't even the strength to leave the house. Her parents had begun to worry, and Benny had called her a truly interminable number of times, trying first to find out whether she'd approved the latest update for the LiberTeen opnet home, and as it became apparently that she wasn't really perpetually busy, then attempting just to find out what was wrong. None of it helped. She could barely stand to look at herself. She felt ugly. She felt digusting. She hated herself for enjoying what she had done. She hadn't had a self-loathing day in her entire life: no bad sex, no alcohol blackouts, no schoolyard taunts that she took to heart. But now, after eighteen years, she at last knew what it was to dislike oneself, and the unfamiliarity of it wracked her, twisting her in strange and unhappy ways. In low spirits, she'd logged on to the forum she frequented earlier that day and found a surprising new arrival; Melissa Stutzenbach, the recent eruptee from Iowa calling herself 'Pew Pew Pew'. Brittany had glanced a news clipping about her, but didn't know much of the girl herself. She welcomed her, as was customary, and to her delight, they began to talk, especially about Missy's plans to not attend her senior prom. She'd asked Brittany, in a flirtatious pique, if she'd ever been to Iowa, and remarkably, Brittany found out that she was feeling good enough to meet her halfway and extend an invitation to herself. ---------------------------------------------------------------- from: liberteen@nprime.op to: pewpewpew@nprime.op subject: I'm coming to Iowa soon... time: 04/12/07 03:50 AM Hi, Missy! As it happens, I'm going to be in Iowa pretty soon, and I was wondering if you wanted to get together and hang out some. I admit that after meeting you here, I went and read the reports about your eruption, and WOW! Aside from getting some really neat powers, I think we'd get along really well. So, without sounding too ham-fisted or anything, I just wanted to say that I'd like to get to know you. I think we could make great friends, is all. Forgive me for being so blithe? I'm just not used to couching my words in sly rhetoric or irony. Let me know what's up, kay? No problem if you'd rather stay in, too. -Brit ---------------------------------------------------------------- And for the first time in a few days, the world was once again lit up by Brittany Brown's smile.
  15. I don't know if this has been posted before, but what the hell. Are good and evil objective or subjective? That is, does a universal standard of good and evil exist, or are the standards simply defined by the culture you're a part of and have no greater meaning? It's an old question but one I feel like trotting out.
  16. The issue of how old someone has to be to erupt has come up. My impression is that you can be *any* age, but teenager is most common, however I haven't found any book support for that. So, is it possible for someone to erupt at age 10? 5? Baby? Note "possible" is not "common". I'd think there would be a bare handful of superpowered babies out there.
  17. CN: R2383006 AAN: WT199g#j E here. We have a mission. The first installment has been wired to your account. Mission Spec.: -You are to remove one Sebastian Juarez (file uploaded), who is currently in US Federal Custody. Up to date information will be provided from a pre-arranged staging point. -You will be provided with up to 4 other operatives and E as needed. You will meet them at room 416 at the Groves Palm Resort, Miami Florida, USA. Meeting time at 10am EST three days from reciept of this message. -From your arrival, you will have 48 hours to remove the target. -Limited collateral damage is needed, but not required. Target takes top priority. The remainder of your fee will be sent to your account upon verification of Mr. Juarez's death. In your case, his not being able to testify. Sender- CN: E4520937 AAN: END06h!Y Emerald hit send. She sat back in her seat and smiled. This was going to be fun. Dangerous, oh so dangerous, but wasn't that the best kind of fun? She took a sip of wine. It was good to be working once again. She had been working her cover job a lot lately and that was too terribly boring. Emmy stood up and walked out on the balcony. The sea breeze came in and billowed the gossamer curtains. He white lingerie looked glowed in the moonlight. She liked the feel of lace upon her body ... and not much else. She looked back at her computer. She wanted Dustie to respond right now, but she knew that was too much to ask. She would have to wait.
  18. Hey all. For those who don't know me, I'm also Aesira, Evan, Hero, Mister E, Emerald, and Medianoche. In a different thread Overload indicated he was interested in some collaborative fictions but didn't know were to start, so I'm creating a starting point. Post up, or PM a story idea (and give a shout out in the Box to let people know they have a PM incase, like me, they have more than one log on). I'm just trying to help out and keep this section alive. If nothing else, post an idea you think would be good for someone else's character.
  19. Anybody here has something about last year that you want to make better for next year? Love life? Luck? Addictions? Come on people, why don't you share? If you want me to start I will say two things: 1) I want to improve my job's Hazard pay () 2) I have to pull my weight around more in....pretty much every sense.
  20. Has anyone heard about some strangeness going down at the Church of the Immanent Escheaton (CIE) in Nevada? I've heard that Project Utopia, the US Army, and the ATF/FBI have been involved. I understand that branch of the Church was run by a nova up to a year ago, but the nova mysteriously vanished. Has this guy been hiding out in the desert and gone nuts or what? Anyway, its been three weeks as much as I can figure and no one is saying much about it of real value. Does anyone want to share some information?
  21. Who here has engaged in a good, old fashion snowball fight recently? Its cleansing for the soul.
  22. Johnny was admittedly a little nervouse. Sure, El Marinero was a seedy little place owned by his close friends and he was better protected here than any other place outside of his villa or the restraunt but Dustbin was still an unknown quantity. But his friends were quite interested in making more node-bearing friendships and Johnny liked the idea that it could help business as well as possibly help a nova who got a raw-deal. His message to Dustbin was to meet him around two am. Hopefully he had a watch. In communications he'd made it pretty clear he was destitute. So Johnny sat, nervous, sipping his pina colada and listening random creeks of the deserted bar and the occasional shuffle of his protectors.
  23. Robert fell antsy, earlier during the week Robert had been told that he would be released on the weekend, and that he would be able to go back stateside. He didn't feel ready for it. He felt, incomplete in more ways than just lacking an arm. When he mentioned it to Britt, she said she would go pick him up too a couple of days earlier. A couple of days earlier was now, and Robert was having a hard time feeling comfortable with Britt seeing him like this. He did the only thing he could, he waited.
  24. Hero sat with his knees almost to his chin. He was wearing his trademark light grey bodysuit. The joke was he even showered in it. His suit had been shaped back so as to expose his head. He could breathe easily enough through the eufiber fabric, but sometimes he just liked to feel the air upon his face. This was one of those times, here amongst friends. It was a night. The moon was a waning quarter and they were in the train yards near Long Beach. “You’re doing okay for what you want,” Tauron said. The aberrated nova was in a black and red eufiber costume. It was part of his elite persona, the suit, his bull like features and his powerful horns coming out of his heads. “You’ve got a rep here, your identity is still under wraps, and you’ve taken great strides with your power. Why are you so glum?” “The job is getting harder,” Hero began, looking to his mentor. “Fact is, it’s a job now and that kind of sucks. I wanted to be a People’s Hero and not someone who is associated with the LAPD.” Tauron gave out a snort. “Yeah, you can really get jumped by who ends up being your employer.” It was an elite’s point of view. Tauron admired his young friend’s convictions, but didn’t fully understand him. Tauron held to an elite’s point of view; novas existed to get famous and make money. The kid certainly wasn’t doing the latter, but was making some strides towards the former. “I don’t want to be an employee, Tauron. I want to be the guy who does the right thing.” “I understand that Kid, but right now they are going hand in hand. You’ve made a point of not taking their money and you’re still your own man,” Tauron reassured Hero. CyberSpyder had been observing the two physical novas with a detached air. After all, he viewed his arrangement with the two novas as a business proposition. They provided him with muscle and security and he provided them with his own unique mental talents. CS was the reason that Hero’s past has all but disappeared. He had gotten the costumed hero a place off the radar to hang his hat, his first real home since coming to LA. Privately, he considered Hero his only friend. CS called and Hero would come. He got the equipment smuggled into the city that CS needed to create a new Nest. For that matter, Hero was the only man who knew where CS lived and laired. It was a degree of trust he didn’t like dwelling on. “Hero, when the time comes, you and the LAPD are going to separate. The city needs them right now, more than it is oppressed by them. When they change, and the cops will change, you can go back to what you were.” Hero looked at his friend and ally with a sense of gratitude. He liked being reassured. Tauron agreed. “You have the people on your side now. They know you and believe in you. That’s priceless. They are also pretty penniless,” he added with a jibe. “But that’s how I like them, Tauron. Money corrupts values. It makes people do things they know in their hearts are wrong and I hate it.” CyberSpyder and Tauron exchanged a knowing look. They both knew Hero’s outlook, but both were too much beings of creature comforts, Devotees of Mammon. For CyberSpyder money meant the best of equipment, information, and security. For Tauron, it was pleasures of the flesh, equipment for the field, and a retirement plan with his own private island in the Bahamas. They knew that Hero had this thing against money, but it was a personal thing. He wasn’t the type of guy to hold his friends to his own, higher standards. Their friend’s own morality was one of the things they liked about him. They were silent for a few moments. CyberSpyder adjusted his glasses. His Asian features were dampened in the moonlight. Unlike the other two novas, he only had on a t-shirt and jeans. He took pride that he wasn’t a costumed freak, as well an invisible person. Technically he was invisible as far as the world was concerned. He couldn’t turn himself invisible – yet, but he was ambitious. What he didn’t want was to be railroaded into working for some government agency, or Spirits-forbid, Project Utopia. Tauron had saved him from kidnappers. Hero had ended up saving both of them and greased two unknown novas to boot. Well, Hero had taken one out with his eruption burst, and Tauron had finished off the other one while the dumb bastard was still dazed. What mattered to CyberSpyder was that he was still free and for now, hidden. “They are at least giving me more time off now,” Hero said breaking the silence. “There are an upsurge in investments as well as increased efficiency in FEMA operations,” CS added, clarifying the picture. “They might even be bringing in professional elites to help out with some of the projects – mainly architectural and engineering types. I surmise that the power grid will be up to 80% by June and the Opnet will be over 60% by April. God, I love connectivity.” Tauron nodded. “I’ve heard the same rumors about the elite involvement and all. Not only Devries, but Novelty and some independents have either expressed an interest, or have been sought out for projects here.” “Damn, that’s good news,” Hero said with a smile. It was good to hear the good news. “I look forward to not having to move rubble day in and day out. I can get back to doing more for the people that needed it.” “Anarchist,” CyberSpyder joked. “Hey now, he’s our Anarchist,” Tauron countered. “Hey now, there is nothing wrong with looking out for the guy, or gal, that doesn’t have so much first. Those with the bucks already have a staple of novas willing to help them out.” Hero playfully punched Tauron in the shoulder. Tauron punched him back, mindful of his greater strength. “Speaking of what we can do with our powers: Hero, ready to work out?” “Okay,” Hero said with some hesitation. “To be honest, I’ve been getting stronger over the past few months – more in control anyway. On the downside, it’s more tiring now that it was when I was just haphazardly throwing power around. Focus sucks.” “Well, Young One, there are tricks to the trade. Let’s see what we can figure out.” Tauron looked to CyberSpyder. “How about you record our session to give me something to review?” CS nodded. “Can do. I’ll burn myself a copy – to see if I can learn a thing or two as well.” “Don’t I get a say in this,” Hero said lightly. He trusted his friends. Still, he willed his coif and mask back into existence. Tauron took some steps away. “Let’s get at it,” he taunted Hero, and so it began.
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