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  1. I have the first d20 Star Wars book, but that is it. So it looks like I will need a little assistance with any changes to the newest version.
  2. Well, my character has Wanted. The Wyld Hunt does not know she is a Solar, so she is wanted for aiding a Known Anathema (her borther). Their family has been trying to take care of things has quietly as possible to minimize any loss of face and blowback from this unfortunate event.
  3. Not sure if it is still open, but after sleeping on in and rearranging some tings this morning I freed up the time for the game. I think (with Dave's help) my character could become a Zenith with minimal change as well
  4. You know, I think I got ahead of myself in wanting to play just because I have been aching to play the character. I do not think I really have the time atm to devote to the game. Sorry for the hassle everybody.
  5. Well, my character is already made. The 2nd Ed. game she was going to be never even got started so I would really like to play this character. But in all fairness, you called Eclipse first so it really is up to you Lou Anne.
  6. I didn't mention anything about the difficulty to hit because that does not change regardless of how you read the soak bonus. Heh.
  7. Regardless, if you play it so it replaces the +3 with a +4, it means, at most, 1 extra soak over the lump sum +4 (if you have Armour 5), and at worst 3 less than the lump sum +4 (if you have Armour 1). So replacing the +3 with +4 is better if you have Armour 5, but worse if you have Armour 1-3. So to me it is a matter of flavor for your game.
  8. "The Transporter 1 & 2" "Quigley Down Under" And and also arguably the first and second "Crocodile Dundee" movies as well.
  9. I have no real problem with it. Seph pretty much nailed it as is. If you -really- want to compromise than I am pretty sure most would be fine with a mention that she made the list without stating exactly where on the list she was. And I would also point out to people that list was "sexiest" and not "Most beautiful". A bit of a difference there. I know people who are not stunningly beautiful and even downright average in the appearance department, but are sexy as hell. And like Seph said, you then have all the bias and subjectivity of Forbes slapped on top of it.
  10. It might be neat to see a Inca World version of Stellar and/or Noir. Fell free to use the AU versions if you like.
  11. Stellar looked into her drink for a moment and shifted a little, letting her diaphanous gown sway and dance lightly along the faint currents made by the moving bodies on the floor, each small movement of the material offering a faint promise of exposed flesh, though it always managed to keep her just teasingly concealed. “Old habits, eh? So how is it that I have managed to break you of some of those old habit? I mean, I have even managed to coax Vulcan from his cave, and that is something that I seemed to gather was no small feet, especially given you general disdain for most of the population.” Stellar grinned faintly as she looked at Machina and took another drink of her mojito before lifting the glass to press it to her temple, enjoying the cool caress of the glass on her flesh warmed from the dancing. “You picked me up with your nifty belt and did the whole hot rod thing on the way in. We’re here and have hardly said a word and I have danced by myself/ So level with me. What’s the deal? Just shy? Or are you just a slow starter who needs some time to feel comfortable before he can relax a bit and have some fun?” Stellar asked as the small stars sparkled around her, warmly lighting her face making her look almost like some angel or a dream given flesh as she smiled warmly.
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