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  1. he vanished, and grabbed up several of the weapons, then reappeared holding her hand. "Go." He had her go through the portal, straight into the Department Zero briefing room, with the new Director Ishima standing there. She was quite surprised to see the two of them, and then Long dropped the armload of novatech weapons, and pitched forward to his side, letting go of Sasha's hand. His whole stomach and chest were burned and bleeding, and he seemed to be completely out of power... ,, "Director Nishima pulled out her phone "I need a Medical team to the briefing room, immediately, we have a nova injured." ,, She looked at Sasha. "What the hell happened?"
  2. "I'll be fine, just stay behind me." She could see him outlined by light and he grunted again, obviously he'd been shot again, then there were screams and bullets, then nothing at all. The whole world was silent, save the crackling flames, and the deep breathing of the Tiger warrior before her. ,, "Dammit." ,, "If you do not wish to see blood and gore, then do not look beyond me." Even saying that, and glowing as he did, she could see he bled from several wounds. "I have to take you to headquarters." He opened a gate behind them. She couldn't see any copies of him. "Go now, I'll be right behind you."
  3. Long saw red, as she was hit, with a spattering of bullets hitting him to no effect. Then the blaster shot hit him, and knocked him onto the balls of his feet, Even as his shield flickered to life. He growled and the one who had been standing next to her was sent flying into the spinning blades of the helicopter by a lash of his tail. It was quite a mess from there, and she could see long claws emerge from his hands, even as he seemed to blur, then three copies of him shot forth, moving to silence the others. ,, From where she lay, she could see him move to cover her, protecting her, even as another far larger blast him him full in the chest, getting a grunt of pain from him. "Sasha, are you alright?" there was concern in his voice, even as she heard the screams of the three copies going to work on their attackers. "Leave at least one alive if you can.."
  4. Long scowled, it was far too quiet, and he just knew this was bad. Still he had to check the warehouses, and for the next several hours they did so, then he heard it, a helicopter. "outside, now..." ,, He moved quickly, not leaving them behind, because he wasn't about to let harm come to Sasha... There were men there, obviously of the unsavory sort, sporting some standard AK-74s, and he frowned. They weren't the threat. Several crates from the last warehouse in the complex were being brought out. over a dozen, with twice that many men. he drew himself up, his shield flaring to life. "Hands where I can see them! Lay down your arms, you're all under arrest." ,, He looked ferocious, even as a dozen men turned towards him. It was then he heard the cocking of a trio of hammers, one from their guide, with a nasty looking pistol to Sasha's Temple, and two more above them, with weapons he could only assume were novatech blasters he was here to find.. ,, "Hell."
  5. Life continued easily enough in Japan, the addition of another nova greatly helped, even if she was an outsider. It was just so hard for many to not like Sasha, though of course the rumor mill was always in overdrive regarding who she spent her nights with, whether it was true or not. ,, There still existed a great deal of tension between her and Ryu, but work had been good enough to largely keep them separate, save for a couple nights of eating together at small restaraunts out of the way. ,, This evening found them together again, but on business. Sasha was there to put their hosts at ease, and Ryu there as the muscle. An anonymous tip came into DSA HQ stating that one of the local shipping companies was undertaking some highly illicit trade in restricted Nova-tech, and They wanted the two novas to go in, and see what they could see. ,, The company had largely proven intractable but within a few moments, Sasha had easily gotten them inside the warehouse compound maintained south of Tokyo. ,, Long was on full alert, there was just something that didn't feel right as they were being led around and inside the massive warehouses.
  6. He couldn't help but watch her saunter away, his senses attuned to everything, with acuity that missed nothing at all. He shuddered once she was gone, knowing he should stop this before it went too far. He could hear the water on her skin, smell the soaps she lathered herself with, the scent mixing with her own, and felt his control slipping, even as he tried to cordon off the feeling she stirred in him. ,, I should leave, right now.. The thought played through his head, even as his body began to betray him, starting to sit down, when his commlink crackled to life. "Long, there is a disturbance in Shibuya, Tarayama plaza, We've got shots fired. I need you there immediately. Drop our new liason at home, and get there on the quick." ,, Thank all the Gods.... ,, "I'll be on my way." he keyed it off and nodded. He was so relieved. He moved by the door to the other room. "Sasha, much as I don't want to, there's a disturbance I have to respond to. You stay here, we can do this again if you like. I have to keep my promise after all." ,, As he was leaving through another gate. "Thanks for a wonderful evening.." Then he was gone, out to the disturbance, leaving her alone, and all their fantasies unfulfilled, simply deferred for now...
  7. He nodded. "I thought of the mountain mostly because it was unique, and private. Though I suppose I do know of a place that will be warm, and private as well." At least stopping at her place would give him a chance to think of something else, if she didn't like that.. "Alright, I'm sure i can think of something that we'll both enjoy." The way she stroked and teased his tail did little to calm him, and the bigger nova sighed inwardly. He was nearing the end of his restraint. ,, The rest of the meal went well enough, the food and service were excellent, and Long left a sizable "Gift" for both the waiter and the proprietor and chef. As they finally stood to leave he offered Sasha his arm, which she took, before walking outside, and opening a gate back to the interior of her apartment.
  8. "I could take you there easily enough, though it would cause an incident. Novas don't have the freedoms in europe we do elsewhere." He looked at her, and his tail had begun stroking her calf idly. "Where I would like to take you then, Perhaps the top of Mount Fuji, to give you one of the best views in Japan." ,, He smiled at her. "Though for me, I have that already here where I sit." The larger nova continued to eat, his movements were precise and meticulous, he was a very clean eater, wasting nothing at all. ,, "I think though, Where would You like to be taken, Sasha? is a better question at this point."
  9. He nodded. "Yes, I think you're right there." He would have to leave fast, or it'd be impossible to leave at all he knew. He could smell her desire, and it served to only make leaving harder. Damn. Soon enough though, the food was brought, and he thanked their host politely. He dug in, letting the food distract him from the unspoken offers and promises of the evening, should he only let it happen.
  10. His dark blue eyes narrowed. "I certainly could. I could show you anything in the world you wish to see, or the world from the moon, if you wanted." He shook his head, and pulled back. he was visibly fighting back his desires, his fur bristling slightly. "I think, that once we have eaten I should take you back to your apartment. Tomorrow will be a new day.." ,, ,, He didn't like the words, what he wanted was to take her away and spend the evening giving her all she asked for.
  11. The much larger nova looked at her, and nodded. "Ryu will suffice between us, Ms. Mewes. That name is for the public, the persona they need to see. The name I've just given you is the one my friends use." ,, His tail flicked beside him, a hint that there was more left unsaid. He poured more Sake for them, and sat with her admiring the view, both inside and through the window. "What of you? I have read the dossier provided by the DSA, but that is such a dry thing, it tells little of the soul of the woman it speaks of. I would like to know more."
  12. He smiled. "There's much that is not in my Bio. I kept work and pleasure separate before becoming a nova." Seeing his big teeth would intimidate most, but it was actually a friendly smile. ,, "This is no dream, though I admit a certain amount of thought in that direction myself, I'm enjoying an evening meal with a lovely young lady, something I'd not expected to do again." ,, he poured the sake for them both, toasted her. "To good company." and drank. Alcohol held no effect for him, but it was a comforting taste. "There's actually not much to tell. I was an only child, and decided to not follow my father 's buisness concerns, and be what I always wanted to be, a police officer." "After they died, the Force was my life, I lived in a relatively nice apartment while my home went unused. An old family friend looked after it and everything else to our mutual benefit."
  13. He chuckled. "Nothing to see in there, save more of what you see now, and a suit, and tux." ,, He nodded. "my mother brought be here when I was young. Sogen taught her to cook for my father, and later for me. He even taught me to cook, when i expressed interest in learning." He smiled, aware that he was showing some of his large, predatory pointed teeth. "Still, I do love to come back here and eat his cooking, it reminds me of simpler times." ,, No sooner had he finished speaking, Sogen turned the corner and smiled. "You were an apt pupil, your cuisine is quite good, Ryu." ,, "I prefer the master's." ,, "You are kind to an old man. It will be abit over half an hour to prepare everything. I assume you want the normal portions for yourself, and will the lady be taking her meal nova sized?"
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