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  1. Machina

    [OpNet] Holidays

    Whoever said I wasn't "suffused with holiday cheer"? I've got six bottles of holiday cheer in the fridge, and two hookers - who I was lead to believe when I contracted their services, operate under the team name of "Holiday Cheer" - on their way over right now. Don't you worry about me. By the time the weekend is over, I'm going to be fucking stinking of holiday cheer. I'll have three flavors of it on my breath.
  2. Machina

    [OpNet] Holidays

    Originally Posted By: Lou Anne BurgessMachina, seeming to admit that you don't know all? Ah, it must be in the spirit of the season. <Screenshot saved> for the photo album. Cool. Title it "I don't recognize a rhetorical question when I see it". Even if I didn't know Danny Deader's birth name - and I do, as well as several aliases he's used, because it is what I fucking do - any yahoo could have nailed it down just by taking note of the location, post count, or, I don't know, the fact that all of his old posts have changed their fucking name. More to the fucking point, I'm wondering why the cocksucker decided to ditch his moniker, and lo and behold: Originally Posted By: Warren J. VeronaI'm Warren J. Verona. I guess now is a good a time as any to let everyone know. Everyone knows me as 'Revenant', but I'll no longer be using that name, now or hopefully ever again. Revenant is buried. The day I left the Knights I dormed and since that day I promised myself I'd never again walk as Revenant. I'm a normal guy now, just like any Joe on the street, save that I have a chance to actually do something with my life as a baseline. I have a wonderful woman at home and a life that is becoming more and more normal with each passing day. That's what my life was missing I guess: normalcy. At any rate, I suppose this is my Christmas present to the world, no more Revenant. Allow me to translate: Originally Posted By: RevenantNow that Wakinyan's dead, there's a vacuum of self-flagellating drama sluts in the world of tin gods, and it looks like I was candidate numero uno to step in and close the gap. Since I'm not a rapist psychopath who grapples with immaturity and fabricated inner demons, though, I figured it'd be a fun twist if instead I decided to totally ignore who I am and pretend that by turning my back on my life it'll vanish as though life itself were some easily-denied grown-up game of peek-a-boo writ large. I have it on authority from several Hollywood films that former tough guys trying to make a fresh start and putting their violent days behind them is a virtually foolproof plan that always works, because usually the past doesn't come back to haunt you or anything like that. Anyway, this sophistry will go on until I get bored and realize that having all my powers is "FUCKIN' AWESOME!" or until cracks start to form in the high-school-Ceramics-I-class bong of a life I've built for myself, at which point I'll realize what a whiny cunt I'm being and will spend the next few months being mocked by Machina for being such a pretentious fucking twat.
  3. Machina

    [OpNet] Holidays

    Fuck each and every last one of you and your charmed fucking existences. Who the fuck is Warren J. Verona?
  4. Originally Posted By: WardPlease do not think me forward but I am an engineer with more mental time than necessary to meet my responsibilities. Would it be possible to examine your hands? Do not be overly concerned with Machina or Jager. Neither seem to be bad men. They simply warn each other away with varying degrees of subtlety. Reasons unknown. Oh, that's cute. It thinks it's an engineer. Jager's a pretentious fucking jerkoff, not an inch more or less. My enmity for him stems from the vast wellspring of hatred I have for every Big John mutant stud who believes himself to be vastly more important than he is. Jager is a goddamn fraud. He's a fucking counterfeit comic book character, and I'm sick of his bullshit, false egalitarianism.
  5. Aw, you're no fun, Tick-Tock-Tina. Forward me the design schematics, I guess, but I'm more of a hands-on type, myself. You should understand, as a fellow engineer; you gotta get your hands dirty to really understand a thing. Originally Posted By: JagerDeep, mystic bullshit.Jesus tittyfucking Christ, would you shut the fuck up, you pretentious fucking windbag? Every time you talk it's like someone vomiting partially-digested feces in my lap. And I know what that's like, I've been to Singapore.
  6. Sexual innuendo out the window, I gotta take a look under your hood and see what makes you tick-tock, kitten. You know, on second though, let's bring the sexual innuendo back in. I like it better, that way. A clockwork dame. This, I gotta see. You should come over to my lab, sometime, darlin'. I'll show you my Tesla coil.
  7. Originally Posted By: JagerDidn't know him, don't know about him, never even bothered ... I learned more before my morning tug today than will ever fit inside that pretty little head of yours. Sticks and stones, blondie. What you don't know about who and what I know is just about the inverse of what I do know about you and yours. Staple it down before I open a closet, fucko.
  8. Originally Posted By: JagerI'm someone who bothered to get to know him, you moron. Crawl back in your hole and fester. Its all you good at. Be fair. I'm good at lots of things. Granted, being the living personification of self-fellatio isn't one of them, so I can understand why we can't relate, but surely you can look up from your urethra-contemplating enough to see otherwise. If you still can't, try stapling down your testicles so they stop flapping against your eyes. You didn't need to meet Waki to know him. Motherfucker was as transparent as a vacuum. He wore everything on his sleeve. Originally Posted By: Mr. SoulWords! Who the fuck are you? Did you say something?
  9. Originally Posted By: RevenantYou got something in mind? You know, I just might. Let me think on it a few days. Need to see where my lines are at, which ones are getting tugged on.
  10. Might want to qualify that shit, man, before I contract you for a hit/snuff film. I've been letting my ire for a few American celebrities simmer for too damn long.
  11. Quote:Oh, that's right. I forget. You guys are such bad-asses that things like respect for the dead, emotion, and a little consideration are alien concepts. Screw feelings, right? Emotion and consideration I can muster. But being dead don't garner you any more respect than being alive. Sorry I don't automatically buy into your "veneration of the carcass" bullshit, but being dead doesn't make anyone a better person than they were in life, and I don't see a whole lot about the deceased in question to exalt now that he's gone. You criticize me for taking potshots at him now that he's dead, but who the fuck is that hurting? You? Wu? It sure as shit isn't hurting Waki, seeing as how he's, you know, dead. I didn't know Danny, you know. I ain't saying he was all bad. Shit, his development was so arrested...it didn't take a psychologist to see that Danny-cum-Waki was a kid who had the misfortune to get the world handed to him on a plate, and like any typical teenager, he didn't know what to do with it and acted like a fucking jerkass. But I think it's pretty important not to lionize him just because he was killed. It doesn't make anything he did a fucking inch more noble or what he did with what he was given an inch more worthwhile. At the end of the day, he was a prick. I think it's important to remember that. A reluctant monster of dubious personal importance to a few tin gods is mourned, and across this Earth, a hundred good men will die today, and nobody will know their names. One death is a tragedy, a million a statistic. Waki should count himself as lucky that he had the very good fortune to be not hated by even one person who matters in this world. Originally Posted By: JagerWords Who the fuck asked you? Sit the fuck down.
  12. Originally Posted By: VelvetI'm not going to ask you to pull punches... you'd ignore the request, and it wouldn't be fair to try and force you to behave against your nature, anyway. I just thought better of you, that's all. So much for high expectations, I suppose. S'alright, Vee. Frankly, I expected better of you than to get all misty over the monster just because somebody finally committed to the only possible outcome of the clusterfuck that was his life, so I guess we're square. Never figured you for the sentimental type, but then I remember, you're a woman. Getting weepy over repentant bad boys is basically what broads do, so I'll spot you a mulligan.
  13. I love how smoothly negotiations run when the other guy is looking down the barrel of your pistol.
  14. Originally Posted By: LongI don't eat people that's just a rumor that for some craaaaaazy reason I haven't been able to shake in over ten years. Oh, that is too fucking good. I'm not an asshole, either. It's just a vicious rumor I haven't been able to shake my entire adult life.
  15. Originally Posted By: JuggsThat was poor form, even for you, DX. It's not like the guy can speak up in his own defense. He hasn't been here to speak up in his defense for a long fuckin' time, and that's never caused me to pull my punches before. What, he gets a free pass, now, because he took a dirt nap? Fuck that. Like Beezy said, this is nothing I wouldn't - or haven't - said to his face. And you're goddamn right it was a low blow. WakiToDan was a low dude, and fuck knows that below the belt is the only place that retard had any sensitivity. Originally Posted By: SquawI ask that you please let the memory of my mate rest in peace. I have been striving for the past month and more to get others to do so. Sorry for your loss, sugar, but no dice. Some people are bound to remember the kid with fondness; some'll curse his name until they're dead. That's how it goes. Being a grieving widow doesn't mean you never have to hear a word spoken against him for the rest of your life. Take a hint: the fact that there are so many people willing to motherfuck him after he's six feet under should tell you something, shouldn't it? Originally Posted By: BeezyI just don't change my mind about sumone cause their dead. Damn straight.
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