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  1. I promise to kill you last. Click to reveal.. In all seriousness though. Dawn, you have helped me in hard times and I am grateful. For you. I wish the best and hope that everything works out. Keep writing and inspiring others.
  2. (OOC: not on my own conputer, and I can't remember the passwrd to log in with Tim.) After Travis leaves, Tim shrugs his shoulders. "What's his problem?" He's got an alien living in his brain and it's fucking with his judgement. It's best he leaves until we are done. Tim continued to survey the information, in case he lost any important tidbits. That travis and a few others left, meant little. He would help with the planning. That Travis was outside, mean that they could discuss things in the open.
  3. I was hoping to write WR's emergence from chrysalis and start reposting with him. Alas, between the PbP games and other things, I have not had any motivation left. I hope to get it done eventually.
  4. I notices something about Bastion that I am confused about. I thought that if you played a third gen. Nova, that you had to be pre-pubescent, with the flaw that goes with it.
  5. I submitted my character Netherworld to the mods. One has given it a thumbs up. Waiting for approval from the other.
  6. Can someone answer these questions for me: -Can we or can we not buy powers/quantum/abilities tainted, with a 2nd gen character, at character creation? -Do all 2nd gen characters start at taint O (Chrysalis 1 for Terat)? If not, how do they get starting taint?
  7. Two things. One, isn't half of 7, 4? And two, as a second gen Terat, you can't buy stuff tainted, even at character creation, so why bother. So...A level 3 power, at 5 dots, with Mastery 1 would cost 35 np, while with RQC is would cost 40? Or would it cost 42? Does it make a difference what order they are purchased? Also, I'm not sure I understand the whole influence thing. Do we get free dots? Do we get to choose from the different types? Is something like 'Hide' influence something separate?
  8. I am having trouble findind the NP cost for level 4+ powers. All I can find are the XP point costs. Also, since a True or Terat 2nd gen Nova cannot buy powers, Megas or Quantum, tainted, they should all start at taint 0. Am I missing something in this analysis?
  9. As I said earlier, I am very interested. -I have already anounced my desire to moderate. I will take up whatever position is needed for the board. -I plan to play a high level character. Will submit a 90 pt. character with Q6 and Elemental Mastery (Shadows). I am thinking either Teragen, Aberrant or Elite. Also, might run a moderate character as well. -Mystery and Intrigue, the occasional natural disaster, factional warfare, and NotLK. Any situations that test the players. -With Regards to 2nd Gen Chars, can I play a 15 taint Trog? I don't believe any rules were written regarding them. Also, if undergoing apotheosis early on in the course of play, can you gain a quantum higher than 6? -Would not understand the first thing about doing a Wiki anything. I'm no help in this department. -I think using unique characters is important.
  10. I was going to go the Mega-Intelligent route, but decided Mega-Perception fit better. He may still have a dot of Mega-Int, but not the original 3.
  11. At 48 xp per year, early 2010 characters should surpass 200x in another few months.
  12. Dr. R. White A Mega Mental nova, with some Mega-Charisma and Mega-Manip. Some of his powers are ESP, Teleport, Hypnosis, Psychic Shield, and Telepathic Domination. Waiting on decision about purchasing Merits, before final point allocation.
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