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Aberrant: 2011 - OpNet - 2008: Experience Poll #1


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With the arbitration issue somewhat narrowed, we can move onto questions regarding character advancement in OpNet - 2008. There are two questions in this poll; the first is specific but not very limiting and the second is a narrowing of the topic. This poll will be open until 10:00 PM Monday, September 11th.

And once again: if you do not record your votes in a reply to this thread your votes will not be counted.

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What the hell, that should not have happened.

Ashnod and anyone else who did not have a chance to vote: please record your votes in a reply here. I'm putting the questions below.

Question 1: What method should be used to advance characters?

  • 1. Nova points.
  • 2. Experience points.
  • 3. Writers/players should be solely responsible for their character's advancement.

Question 2: If rewards are used, how should rewards be given?

  • 1. On a "flat time" basis.
  • 2. On a "by merit" basis (number of posts, completed stories, etc).
  • 3. A combination of a "flat rate" basis and a "by merit" basis.
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By my count the vote is currently...

Issue #1: 0-13-0

Issue #2: 8-01-4

I'm not sure when on the 11th the vote stops so this might be the final (assuming no errors in counting). I let Machina change his vote from 3 to 1 for issue #2, and Singularity change his vote from 1 to 2 for Issue #1. If anyone feels like having a "hanging chad" discussion I'll point out our error of messurement is smaller than the margin of victory. wink

So do we start a new thread for "how much" and "how often"?

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