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  1. Oh please, who wouldn't just kill for a reach-around from Samoa Joe?
  2. Hmmm, Endeavor and Machina in 200X. Well, we've discussed character builds to death, how about super-tech? Are we going to put a lid on the super-tech?
  3. The tough truth of the matter is that not everything is possible with Aberrant. Not it's strong suit.
  4. Introduction Questions ====================== Character’s full name: William Doughtry Character’s nickname(s): Vile Bill Character’s title(s): 2-3 word description of character concept: Semi-enlightened thug Character’s most obvious blessing/strength: Brute force Character’s greatest perceived blessing or strength: Brute motherfucking force. Source/Cause of aforementioned blessing or strength (if applicable): Being a forceful brute. Character’s most obvious flaw/weakness: Limited intellect. Character’s greatest perceived flaw or weakness: Massive lack of class. Source/Cause of aforementioned flaw or weakness (if applicable): Bad habits and bad friends. Physical Traits =============== Age: 42 Gender: MALE, with a capital schlong. Race/Subrace: Honky. Height: 6'5" Weight: 298lb Frame or body type: Thick, muscular. Skin color: Honky with a hint of redneck. Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Level of attractiveness: Roughly semi-handsome. 1. Tattoos/Birthmarks/Scars: Tatoos, interestingly enough, none. 1. Purpose/significance of above markings (if applicable): Facial hair (if any): Handlebar mustache and a neatly trimmed flavor saver. Handedness: Right Usual dress: Jewelry or accessories worn: Titanium and emerald ring. Brief physical description: The screaming nightmare of your average middle-class accountant. Hairstyle: Long and semi-wavey. Common physical and/or medical traits (deformities, chronic illness, etc.): Allergies: Vocal type (shrill, booming, musical, etc.): Deep and loud. Louder than is usually considered polite. Accent (if any): Odd mangly southern/midwestern accent. History ======= Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK Location of hometown: The butthole of America. Traumatic or defining childhood experiences (if any): Growing up poor, with no dad, one tough-ass mom and a talent for asskicking. Attribute description (using adjectives rather than numbers): How attribute scores reflect the character’s personality (high STR, low INT, for example): Hight STR and STA with only an average intelligence led him to favor blunt force trauma as the best debate tactic. Effect on character’s personal life (if any): Beating the shit out of folks gets you kinda marginlized socially. Effect on character’s professional life (if any): Hard to have a real profession when spending a hefty portion of your life in jail. Brief description of childhood: Poor white trash. Momma with a hand of iron, a heart gold and a spine of steel. Description of any childhood friends/enemies: Current location/status of aforementioned friends/enemies: Stupid childhood mistakes: Theft, robbery, GTA, assault, breakind and entering, public intoxication. Important notes on childhood toys: Evel Knievel action figure was worn out. Dark secrets from past (if any): "Secret"? yeah, right. Possible conflicts due to past: A less than friendly relationship with a number of state law-enforcement institutions. Criminal record (if any): Oh, hell yeah. Public identity (if different from actual identity): Views on history/legends of homeland: Family ====== Father’s name: Unknown. Though mom called him 'that evil-hearted son-of-a-bitch'. Father’s age: Father’s profession: Father’s current status: Description of father: Mother’s name: Angela "Angel" Daughtry Mother’s age: 61 Mother’s profession: Retired. Mother’s current status: Living the easy life thanks to Bill's kindness. Description of mother: Hard as fucking nails and sharp as a razor. She kept an eye and a hand on Bill until he turned 18, keeping his natural inclination to mayhem under moderate control. Character’s childhood guardian (if not mother and/or father): Guardian’s current status: Relationship with guardian: Guardian’s perception of character: Description of any siblings: None. Relationship with siblings: Birth position (first, second, third, eldest, youngest, etc.): Description of early family life: Mentor(s) within family (if any): Momma. Enemy within family (if any): Black sheep in family (if any): Brief family history: Character’s marital status: Single Offspring (if any): Maybe, hell, pretty likely. Description of current family life: n/a Status of spouse/offspring: Who knows. Important notes regarding any family members: Relationships ============= Relationship to any PCs:None Close NPC friends: Most of the rough and tumble crowd (but not the psychos) of Devries. Boomslang is a normal partner in the field and a close buddy off of it. Status of such friends: Reason for association:Business History: NPC enemies: Status of such enemies: Reason for enemy status: History: Other NPC contacts: Relationship: History: NPC sweetheart(s) past or present: Current status of sweetheart(s): History: NPC Allies: Reason for alliance: History: How the character feels others perceive him/her: If they're smart they respect him and are friendly or they fear him and they stay the fuck out of his face. Loyalties: Lady Anna Devries. Himself. Money. Generally trusted people: The boys who've fought by his side. Generally despised people: Uptights who forget that there are different sorts of folks and fuck with the wrong sort. General relationship with peers: Fairly friendly. General reaction to attractive members of the opposite sex: Generally wonders what it will take to get her naked. What the character would kill for: Money. Anger. Pride. What the character would die for: He'd prefer not to. Greatest sin ever committed against the character: Members of a rival club hurt his old lady. Special group involvement (if any): Former member of the Iron Cowboys MC (1%ers) Personality/Beliefs =================== Role models: Contemporary heroes: Michael P.S. Hayes, Harley Race (he was a kid and wrestling was REAL dammit!) Legendary heroes: Pecos Bill, Dirty Harry, Achilles, the Man with No Name Disillusion of any heroes: They aren't as cool as he is now. Dreams or ambitions: Make more money, fuck more quim and snort more blow than any man alive. Reason for dreams or ambitions (or lack thereof): Short-term goals: Make money. Fuck women. Long-term goals: Make more money. Fuck more women. Plans to fulfill these goals: Kick ass and get paid for it. Fears or phobias: Possibility of overcoming: Possible methods of overcoming: Reaction to such fears: Willingness to discuss or admit to fears: Oh hell no. Attitude regarding material wealth: You can't tell already? Level of greed/miserliness: Greed? Pretty high. Level of generosity: Very. Money is for spending. General attitude toward others: You're a cool motherfucker until you prove him otherwise. Requirements to gain the character’s trust: Not much. Introverted or extroverted: Extrovert. Brief description of personality: Biases or prejudices (for or against): Folks who don't recognize what part of the fence they're on and try to move about where they don't belong. Habits: Contradictions in personality: He's a non-racist, non-misogynist, non-homophobic thug and mercenary. Favorite food: MEAT! Favorite beverage: Crown and Coke Favorite dessert: Ice cream. Mealtime tendencies: Eat a lot. Foods the character finds disgusting or refuses to eat: Snails, I mean really, what the fuck? General tastes: Simple comfort food. Favorite color (if any): Black (he thinks it should be) Least favorite color (if any): Yellow. Musical interests/talents (if any): Rock, Heavy Metal, Country. Artistic/literary interests/talents (if any): heheheheheeh. Favorite scent (if any): heeeehehehehehe. Any animal affinity or totem: Personality “hot buttons” (actions that provoke anger, embarrassment, etc.): Don't diss his lifestyle. Views on religion: Completely unintersted. Religious/spiritual traits and tendencies: Zip. Reason for such traits: Not much of a deep thinker. Level of piety: Views on the supernatural: Hey, there is some freaky shit out there. Taboos or superstitions: Tendencies/attitudes toward killing: Depends, how much you paying? Most likely reaction to an attack: Beating offender to a pulp. Most likely reaction to theft: Beating offender to a pulp. Most likely reaction to public insult: Laughing in offender's face. Views on government: Intrusive fucks, ain't they? Most treasured possession: All of them. Lucky charm (if any): Career/Training =============== Description of education: H.S. by the skin of his teeth and the palm of his mother's hand. Important educators (if any): Um. No. Honors/awards/special considerations: Most Likely to Commit a Felony. Profession: Social Reprobate and Elite. Reason for profession: Nature, pure nature. Skill descriptions and purpose/reason for them: Highly skilled as ass-kicking and partying. Professional history: Honors/awards/special considerations: Views of friends or relatives on profession (if any): Lifestyle/Hobbies ================ Daily routine: Is he working? Then slogging mud and tearing off heads. If not, party-party-party. Likely reaction to interruption of said routine: "Fuck you." Hobbies: Bikes, broads, booze. Interests:Bikes, broads, booze. Usual mode of travel: Jet. First class. Chance of sea/motion sickness:None Travel fears (if any):Nope Usual travel gear and/or dress: Cowboy/Biker casual. Hangouts: Description of home: Largish apartment, two bedrooms, decore along the lines of "oh my fucking god". Cleanliness/prestige of home: Clean thanks to houseboy. Description of servants, roommates, etc.: Thomas, South African, 17yrs old, clean, friendly and completely devoted to Mr. Daughtry. Description of neighborhood: Devries Compound. Miscellaneous ============= (OOC) Desired goals for character: ,,
  5. 2018-Well....shit. 2010-Nope, dangit. 200X-Maybe this time?
  6. I was kind of tempted to create Zach Bronstein as a full fledged nova.
  7. Well, lets see. I couldn't play an Elite. They don't start for a couple years yet. Same for Utopia, no? Same with Teragen. So, we're all Novas, but really only some of a few hundred or so instead of several thousand. No social networks, no cultural change as yet. No Aberrants at all. No OpNet. No information on Taint. No information on Quantum actually. I'm thinking not interested.
  8. All things unofficial are Satanic Pecker Tracks. Without exception. Evil. All of it. Death to unofficial.
  9. Could someone who is sane and not a disgusting, unbalanced, retarded, shit-flinging, socially-fucked dickhead explain to me logic in the following? ,,,,,,,,Someone insults someone, using outright attacks and perjoratives. The object of that attack gets offended. The offender then gets a wide-eyed, faux-innnocent look on their face and says "But they're just words. How can they have any effect." in a passive-aggressive attempt to place blame on the victim. ,,,,,,,,,,Now, why would the offender use that type of communication (ie insults and attacks) unless they thought it would have a specific effect? So, is the offender truly a sociopathic little shit-stain or is he simply a fucking moron?
  10. I'm going to do Vile Bill. Same basic guy, still a brick but no poison powers. Something diffrent.
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