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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Chapter 8: Brand New Day

Justin OOC

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It was something Akina had said needed to be done. Gathered in the rebuilt ampitheater, All thirteen CRT-s were in attendance. All of Satoshi turned out in their finest clothes, or in the case of the CRT's, their dress Robes. Upon the Stage were the officers and Five VIP's on hand for the occassion.

It was time to introduce the world to the Thirteen Captains and their Lieutenants, and Show the world what their efforts had been put towards.

Taking the Stage, the new Prime Minister of Japan, Takate Mikami spoke in clear perfect English. My fellow members of humanity, the last two and a half months have shown us how small we are in the universe, yet how important our homeorld is. We have been given revelations of great import, for good or Ill.

Through all things, the People of Satoshi Heavy Industries have striven for perfection, for excellence, and to become the best defenders of the World we have.

The Federation Armada will arrive soon, but We are ready. Thanks to the generosity of the nations of the world, their unity of strength, dedication and purpose, We have completed a number of projects far ahead of any projected dates.

I am not at liberty to say what they are, but I can Introduce you here and now to the Brave men and Women who will lead the fight against the Federation and the machines they'll use in their fight.

A massive partition fell, revealing over a half-dozen mechs standing behind the stage.

He began at the bottom and worked his way up, each pair stepping forward as they were called.

"Captain and Lieutenant of the Crisis Response team Thirteen, Avery Johnson, John Raynor." Both wore their Mjolnir armor sans helmets.

"Captain and Lieutenant of CRT-12, Goh Saruwatari, Anna Aoi. In the Ground Combat machine, Godannar."

"Captain and Lieutenant of CRT 11, Jodah Karas, Rebecca Xiang." both stepped forward wearing power armor, Jodah's looking Mystical, Rev's ultral light and weilding massive pistols.

"Captain and Lieutenant of CRT 10, Alexander Durant, Ellyssa Caine." Neither wore armor, but both had swords.

Captain and Lieutenant of CRT 9, Klan Klang, Irmgult Kazahara." Klan stepped forward in her battle armor, Irm stepped forward with the Grungust.

"Captain of CRT 8, Ryoma Nagare, Lieutenants Hayato and Benkei." One of the three larger robots stepped forward, The Shin Getter Robo, it's brilliant red and white armor seeming to blaze in the sun.

Captain and Liuetenant of CRt 7, Amane Kaunac, Lunamaria Hawke." Amane was on stage, in her silver and blue flight suit, Lunamaria in the Impulse Gundam.

"CRT 6 Captain and Lieutenant, Eiji Tanaka, Tokiko Shikane." Both stepped forward in battle armor.

"Captain of CRT 5, Raisho Ishiyama, and Lieutenant, Ryoma Ayashi." both wore their battle armor and carried their Zanpukto.

"Captain of CRT 4, Ruri, Hoshino, Lieutenant, Kaname Chidori." The two young women wore the standard robes of the CRT's, and carried no weapons.

"Captain of CRT 3 Akina, Nanamura, Lieutenant Junpei Iori." Both stood forward and bowed, wearing only the CRT Robes.

"Captain of CRT 2, Georgi Illiayev, Lieutenant Ibis Douglas." Georgi stepped forward in his Power armor, Behind him the Asterion saluted.

"Captain of CRT 1 and Overall commander of all Satoshi Forces, Kai Morisato, Lieutenant Kuzuha, Mizuha in the Grungust Mk II." Kai wore The Robes of the Amaha, Senbonzakura at his side as he bowed deeply before the assembled personnel and to the camera. Kuzuha bowed the Might grungust two as well.

"Ladies, and gentlemen, these are your Captains, therse are the brave men and women who serve under them, Let's show them our appreciation." There was a caphacony of applause and when it died, the Prime Minster began again.

"Today is also a monumental day in our History, as We enter into an alliance as a Free world, with the Dalaraan Empire. Representing the Empire, Crown Princess and heir to the throne, Princess Aksaniolily."

He motioned for Lily to take the podium and speak as people all around the world tuned in to hear the first official address of an extraterrestrial.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lily had spent a long time agonizing over how to present herself for this. She eschewed the coloring agents for hair and eyes, of course...the time for artifice was past. The question was one of clothes. She needed to project the dignity and power of the Empire, without seeming too aloof or too show-offy.

In the end she went out onto the stage in a dress that resembled the form-fitting cheongsam with a longer skirt, slit up to the knee along its side. It was crafted out of an iridescent blue-white material that shimmered under the lights, looking a great deal like a fabric of Dalaraan make. As close as Satoshi's science could fabricate at least. Her long blue hair swayed slightly, framing her cherubic face and wide amber eyes.

Conscious of the sudden silence that gripped the auditorium at her appearance, Lily made her way to the front, forcing her face to stay calm and the blush to stay away by sheer force of will.

"Thank you, Prime Minister," she said graciously.

Then she faced the world. The question had flummoxed her for a long time leading up to this. She'd written and rewritten and thrown out an endless series of speeches. Finally she'd made a decision to just improvise. To speak from her heart, even if it wasn't as polished. And now, to her infinite relief, the words flowed from her as if she'd rehearsed and memorized them flawlessly.

"The first thing I want to say to the people of Earth is...I'm sorry. Sorry that a wonderful moment like this has taken place against a backdrop of warfare and destruction. I don't want to dwell on the tragedies of the past few months, but I must acknowledge them before we can move forward. For a long time there has been a silent war waged in the space of your solar system between forces few of you ever imagined. Now peace is made, even as the enemy of both our worlds commits itself fully to this war. This peace is what they fought. This uniting between Earth and the Dalaraan Empire is precisely what the Federation feared most, and why they have sent such power against us."

"They know that while we were separate, we had no chance. But together, not only can we win but we will make each other stronger than ever before. The path has not been easy, and there are more hardships ahead. I have seen with my own eyes though what the people of Earth are capable of; how adversity only makes them stronger and more determined to overcome. That spirit is something we share. It unites us across the unfathomable distances of space, and joins us in friendship and common purpose."

She felt herself smiling widely, and water building in her eyes. "You have already learned that you are not alone in the cosmos...but it is a deep and humbling honor for me to be the first to welcome you into a larger universe than you have known before. I pledge the aid and friendship of Dalaraan, and all the worlds who have joined her, to the independent, allied world of Earth."

Her hand patted the Prime Minister's shoulder ever so gently to indicate that her speech was done, and she waited to see what came next. At this point she felt so choked up and loopy she wasn't even sure she remembered her name, let alone the schedule for the night.

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Kai nodded from his place in Line, approving of Lily's speech. Valerie, Mercury, Velocity, and the American and British Ambassadors.

The two ambassadors spoke next, affirming the nascent alliance, and finally Kai was summoned to speak.

He was short and succinct, and afterwards turned it back to the Prime Minister who finished things off.

Finally the crowd dispersed from the formal assembly, everyone now free to actually enjoy the tables of food setup for all the ambassadors, and giving the others a chance to meet.

About half the officers were comfortable, with most of the Mecha pilots leaving their machines. Kai quickly began to make his way to Lily's side, Masane quicklly coming to his side. There was no end to the people wishing to speak with an officer, Kai, or Lily and Say how great this alliance would be. Indeed some were curious as to who Velocity and Valerie were, that they sat upon the stage without being members of satoshi or ambassadors of a foreign nation. Mercury was an international Star and while she really had no status to be on stage, the song she'd crafted to inspire everyone was loved the world over, So she was being honored for her achievements.

The Truth of their origins wasn't really ready for general consumption, but those present who knew took the idea rather well.

(Everyone is free to post. Do as you like, anyone and everyone is fair game. The only Satoshi officer present that ddoesn't move is Klan, for obvious reasons. The Ambassadors present are America, Brazil, Australia, UK, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Russia,Canada, France, and at least a dozen other nations. Have some fun interacting, you're all globally known now. Enjoy the party...)

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Eiji settled his power armours helmet more securely on the clips on his right hip before nodding to Tokiko and moving off amongst the crowd. Looking around at all the dignitries his first thought was for his men scattered around the meeting and its environs watching for any signs of trouble. He considered calling in to check the situation, but knew there was no real need. They would tell him at the first signs of any trouble or anything unusual.

Snagging a couple of drinks from a passing waiter (not one of his) Eiji headed over to Velocity. "How did your visit go? I haven't had a chance to talk to you about it since you returned."

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Lily stood with Kai and weathered the onslaught. She laughed and smiled, and answered what questions she could. She exchanged platitudes and pleasantries. It was a very different self than she usually projected, and a reminder of how much older she was than she looked. She'd graduated from military academy but before that she'd been schooled in the arts of politics and diplomacy, even if she hadn't really enjoyed those lessons. It was hard to square this gracious and demure Lily with the young woman who'd transformed into a giant creature of pure energy, or donned power armor to liberate the UN building.

Finally there was a break as the various ambassadors found other individuals of interest, and she made her way to the refreshment table to quickly gulp a cupful of punch...then refill it and take another drink at a more measured pace as she fanned herself.

When she spied Valerie not far away, Lily smiled and went over. "It's been a little while, hasn't it? How are you liking all this?"

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Kai and Lily were a couple, that much was obvious to everyone. Many of the ambassadors present nodded, saying he was very lucky, but also shouldered a huge responsibility. Kai smiled and nodded. When finally free he looked and found everyone else, his eyes meeting each oth theirs and seeming to beckon them to him.

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Stoically, Georgi watched and listened to the speeches and congradulations. He needed little thanks from those assembled: He did the job asked of him. As for the foreign dignitaries and politicos, he acknowledged each of them with a nod. The only ones he gave any expression to were the Russian delegations. They were his past, but not his present. Amane was his present and future.

Georgi found Amane in the assemeble group and kissed her on the cheek. "I need to speak with the Russians. I'll be back shortly."

He found the Russian delegation assembled near the banquet table, partyaking in food, drink, and conversation.

In russian, he addresses the ambassador with a smile. "I hope everything in Moscow is proceeding smoothly? There was a lot of rebuilding that needed to be done when I left."

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The russian Delegate nods. "Indeed Comrade Captain. There is one matter we would like for you to handle though. Sergei Khirghiz is an embarrasment to our nation. We would like him handled."

"Prime Minister Kiril Marchenko sends his regards of course, and wished to convey his pride in how far you've come." Kiril Marchenko, the Man who was the head of Super soldier program, now head of the nation.

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As he waited for a reply from Velocity Eiji sipped his drink and glanced around the room. In doing so he noticed Kai's subtle summons and turned back to Velocity.

"Looks like Kai wants to have a word with us. Let's talk and walk."

With that he starts making his way towards Kai, scanning the room for problems and members of his staff.

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Originally Posted By: Rorx

Snagging a couple of drinks from a passing waiter (not one of his) Eiji headed over to Velocity. "How did your visit go? I haven't had a chance to talk to you about it since you returned."

Velocity was physical present but her thoughts couldn’t stop circling around the dream she had – if it was a dream. She wasn’t so sure of that anymore. Something had changed and she could feel it but at the same time she knew the terrible truth about what happened to her homeworld. Things would never be the same again – ever.

Eiji’s voice barely reached her conscious self and Velocity nodded absentmindedly trying to formulate some kind of sensible answer to his question. “What did you…?”, she was about to ask when he followed up with another suggestion.

Originally Posted By: Rorx
As he waited for a reply from Velocity Eiji sipped his drink and glanced around the room. In doing so he noticed Kai's subtle summons and turned back to Velocity.
"Looks like Kai wants to have a word with us. Let's talk and walk."
With that he starts making his way towards Kai, scanning the room for problems and members of his staff.

Kai? Velocity wondered and looked at the direction Eiji was guiding them to. Abel!, her face lit up all of a sudden and she increased her pace to reach him but after a few steps reality caught up with her. Abel wasn’t alone… he was with that other girl… Lily. And he wasn’t Abel...

„Oh…“, Velocity said looking embarressed at Eiji. „I… apologize. I just thought I…“, her eyes were still glued on Kai’s handsome face while her heart skipped a beat. Her cheeks would have flushed bright red if her skin wasn’t made of that sharklike/Kevlar quality giving her a rather pale greyish complexion.

„What was your question again?“, she asked Eiji trying to refocus her attention on him but he could tell that she was very much distracted by Kai’s presence.
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Eiji sees a parade of expressions cross Velocity's face as he tries to talk to her, and as before Kai seems to be the cause of them.

"I asked what you had been up to recently. I haven't had a chance to catch up with you in the last couple of weeks. But that can wait for a while."

They had arrived at Kai and Lilly, "You wanted a word Kai?"

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Kai smiled as everyone gathered around. "Just to congratulate you on being promoted to Captain, Eiji, you and Georgi both."

He looked to Valerie and Velocity. "I figured that neither of you was really suited to being in Satoshi, but under our current agreement, you are considered a special team, You and our other otherworldly allies." He looked at Lily and back.

"After this meeting we'll be going up onto the ships. We'll meet the Federation in Space, and try one last time to prevent Genocide, If we fail, then we will face the full fury of their armada."

He looks over to Mercury. "I'll be counting on you too, Your songs inspire everyone, as does your example."

He looked calm and serene resplendent in his Amaha robes, Masane standing behind him now, not intruding, but the only other person wearing the same style.

"Teams Four, Five, Ten, and Eleven will Remain planetside as a reserve here on Earth, Team Seven and Team Twelve and Thirteen will go to Luna Base as our secondary position. Teams One, Two, Three, Six, Eight, and Nine will be our first wave. We will Sortie In the Macross Quarter and the Nadesico, leaving the Macross and Archangel here with the second Line and two thirds of our ships."

He looked at them. "This will be a space battle, and I'm counting on each of you. Should my proposal be accepted then You all will be the ones I choose to Champion our Alliance."

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Mercury stiffened as she heard a soft beeping noise. She was glad she hadn't moved much closer to the others, now. Of course, none of that helped her decide what to do. She'd been struggling with this for days. She hadn't been able to decide what she was going to do, yet.

But now she had to decide. There was no more time for consideration or thought. She had to choose.

Silently, she crushed the beeper, feeling sick. She's feel this way no matter which way she choose, but she sensed she could look herself in the mirror after making this choice.

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Valerie looked at Kai, the image of her dream from the previous night too vivid on her mind sent a pang of jealousy through her when she saw him with Lily, as he called for her during his speech.

She was up there on the stage where Kai and Lily had given their speeches, she was nobody important and was against it from the beginning but Kai insisted on her being on the stage, it had made her a nervous wreck thinking that just standing around was going to cause some horrible disaster to strike her friends, it seemed to happen a lot when she was around Kai.

Still, she was mentioned but not directly pointed at, and since all the photographers preferred to take the picture of the main couple she was left off to the side, which was good by her, too much of this and she wouldn't be able to cope, she better distract herself with something.

On the distance Valerie saw Coach, no Captain Georgi of the 2nd Squad, who was along with the Russian federation delegates, this brought a pang of twinge of guilt to her since it was the Meteor that did half the damage on the Moscow operation, grabbing a cup of beverages they were serving, she drank from it to refresh her parched throat and the bubbles on it tickled her tongue on the way down, she was about to leave to apologize to the Delegates when a nearby Kai called for her and Velocity, explaining that the following the party, they were going to launch into space for talks with the federation, try to avoid mutual annihilation or a genocide war.

Valerie really didn't knew how to react, she knew she could pilot the Meteor, and if need arose she could herself take flight in the outer space with her Bankai, she just really hoped the need would never arise.

"I will be honored Kai Amaya, to represent our planet on the battlefront if that's whats asked of me." Valerie tried to look serious and solemn for the occasion, but she knew she would hook up to Ibis arm as soon as reporters stopped swamping her to go crazy about all her worries, but for now she should enjoy the cup on her hand and the rest of the party, it's going to be a LONG while befoe they get another one like this.

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Lily listened to Kai gravely and nodded as he outlined the plan.

"I'm not opposed to trying to talk," she said, "But this is a colony fleet. They mean to raze Earth to resettle it. I'm not sure what we can offer them in lieu of that goal. There aren't many habitable planets that don't already have populations of some kind on them. Not to mention these 'invaders.' I'm still not sure where they fit into all this, except that the Federation seems to be fleeing them...which is itself a sobering thought."

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Georgi eyes his fellow Russian with suspicion. He no longer did their dirty work or cleaned up their messes. What he did now, he did for himself and for his home.

"With all respect, comrad, I am not an assassin." Georgi spoke to the man in Russian. "While I agree that Sergei is a mad animal who needs to be put down, I have my own reasons for doing it. I don't work for Russia anymore."

"Tell Comrad Marchenko Thansk, and that while I still love my nation, I am working for the survival of the human race." Georgi winked at the delegate to show his good natured humor. "I'll come home to Russia to pick up my medals when all this is done. Maybe they make a statue of me in Moscow too."

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It was indeed too good to be true. On the left wrist of each male officer, and the neck of each female officer, a bred light in the band there turned on. Akina responded first. "Dammit."

Ruri looked to Kai. "Captain Morisato, Observation reports fold reaction in upper atmosphere, signs of a Circinus warship leaving orbit. We have massive warpgate readings in Martian Orbit. Signs point to the Circinus armada." her eyes were a myriad of datastreams.

"Kai looked to those around him. "Officers of Satoshi you know your missions. See to the delegates and get to your teams. I want all teams deployed in their positions within the hour."

He looked at Lily and smiled, before kissing her. "Looks like our "Era of Peace is going to be tested within hours of it's establishment."

He looked to Georgi, Eiji, Vanessa, and Valerie. "I'm counting on you all. It's time to go to work, and hopefully prevent needless bloodshed."

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"Invaders? You mean like that crazy man with the tentacles that attacked us before? You mean there is a whole race of things like that?" Valerie shuddered. "If the Federation is fleeing them, can't we try to create an alliance with them based on a common enemy? If they came in this direction following the Federation who is trying to take Earth over, what will stop them from taking it over for themselves if the Federation is fleeing them?"

Valerie was a nervous wreck, the whole party itself and the impeding sounding space trip took a toll on her almost immediately, she had to take another another cup from a beverage and the bubbles on it kept tickling her tongue and throat on the way down, the tickling was helping calm her down, it was sligthly soothing really, and Valerie desperatly needed mellowing down. Too bad she wouldn't be given the time to enjoy her half drunk state.

The watches and collar lights lit up for the captain and inside of Valerie's head, the readings and data from the warp gates started streaming into her consciousness as fast as the Satoshi's Super computers could process it. She had the feeling of her heart tightening inside of her chest, preposterous for she lacked one, but at the same time, she was filled with a purpose, she would not let what happened to Tokyo to befall the rest of the world, she simply could not. She drank the rest of her cup in a single swing, and turned to Kai. "Need me on the ship, or should I go board the Meteor with Ibis Captain-Commander?"

[OOC: Spelling is atrocious, will fix when I get home.

XD Can't Believe I got Ninja'D by the ST]

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Minutes later the delegates were safely on their way to safety and the various Captains were rallying their commands for Operations. CRT's One, Two, Three, Six, Eight, and Nine, met apoard various warships, Teams One and Nine on the Macross Quarter, The rest on the Archangel.

"Establish secure comms with The Fleet and move us out Captain Wilder."

"Aye Sir. Once links were forged, The twenty-two ship fleet began to head from the upper atmosphere to the jump ppoint for mars.

Kai gave his speech to his CRT, and then returned to the bridge, where Lily and Valerie and Velocity were. "I've had Armor made for each of you, just in case."

MErcury he'd sent on earlier to the sizing chamber. She'd be returned to normal size So she could participate, against Akina's orders.

(OOC you can all post here, Georgi and Rorx if you would give a rousing speech to your troops. (Roll me a Soul check DC Min 12 success by more than five is exceptional) Everyone else you have the option of fighting in Satoshi power armor, or not. Mercury you are being resized and allowed to sortie.)

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"...Armor? Do I really need armor Commander?" Valerie looked at Kai incredulously, unless the armor was made of whatever the Macross was made of, her shielding was already tough enough to stand a direct cannon blow, which really made her restless about just WHAT they might be fighting up there.

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Mercury smiled as she felt the familiar energies of the resizing chamber finish their magic. As always, it felt good to be big again, to be what she was supposed to be. She stepped out of the tank, flexing and stretching, smiling widely.

And there was her suit. She paused a moment to relish it looking so normal compared to her; then she slipped into it and started to buckle in. She'd made her choice - time to live with it.

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Eiji sends his CRT off to their assigned places, the Mechs to the hangar, vehicle and mechas bays while the troopers went in squads to the ships critical areas and junctions. As they take up their posiitions Eiji addresses them over the general CRT6 channel.

"We are Security, and without us the normal people can not go about their business in peace. Our collegues need the security that we WILL give them to carry out their duties, and together we WILL protect our planet. Because above all else we are Satoshi and none can stand against us!"

Click to reveal..

Spirit Roll for speech

(19:26:59) ChatBot: (Eiji) rolls 2d6 and gets 6,6.+7 = 19

Is that a critical success?

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Lily nodded at Kai. "I'll go get suited up. Valerie, come on you should come too. In battle any edge you can get should be grasped and used."

She beckoned the younger girl/cyborg to follow her, then ran off to the nearby armory to get her gear on.

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THE CRT's were in high spirits thanks to the speeches made by their commanders, and when the others returned to the bridge, Kai was their clad in his Amaha robe. There was a shudder and the massive warship and fleet vanished jumping into Martian orbit.

"Captain Morisato. Enemy Fleet is coming into range. They're clearing the Asteroid belt now."

"Bring it up on screen."

The main panel showed a secition of the Asteriod belt ablaze with fire as ten thousand ships blazed a path through it. At the center of the formation, wer the Four ArcShips, and their Tenders. The Frontier, the Galaxy, The Nebula, and The Eternity.

Kai squeezed Lily's hand and spoke into the open com. "Home Defense Fleet of The Circinus Federation, I am Kai Morisato, First Captain of Satoshi Heavy Industries Crisis Response Team Division, Commander of the Forces Defending Earth. I seek an Audience to discuss an end to this war."

For a few moments there was no answer.

A picture came up of an Older Man, clad in the brilliant Scarlet of the Federation High Command. "I am Admiral Kyohei Yasegawa, Commander of the Home Defense Fleet. In respect for your lack of weapons lock on our ships, I have deactivated my fleets targeting. We will meet with you on Mars, at Galina base to discuss a way to resolve this to everyone's liking."

Kai exhaled after it cut off and he looked around. "Well that went well."

(((Soul checks for everyone DC 15 if you meet or exceed then you get a sense that this may be a trap.)

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Valerie was suited up on the protective armor that Kai had sent to be designed for her. "I just hope that we can have peaceful negotiations, I mean, what's the worst that can happen?"

Click to reveal..

Soul Check

[2,4] +6 = 12 Soul

(00:40:11) ChatBot: (DrKultra) rolls 2d6 and gets

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Closely following Valerie out of the prep room was Lily, clad in an elegant suit of powered armor that followed the contours of her body rather flatteringly, with few of the angles and obvious weapons that characterized mobile battlesuits. It was modeled on Dalaraan designs, though was of Satoshi's engineering, and Lily seemed comfortable in it.

"The worst would be an overwhelming ambush in which the entire delegation we send is completely wiped out by capital ship primary weapon fire, or antimatter explosions," Lily answered darkly. "I know the Federation has notions of honor...but they're also ruthless, and their honor sometimes has loopholes you don't see until it's too late."

She frowned. "We need a contingency plan."

Soul Check: 16


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Kai nodded. "I have one."

He smiled. "I will go with Ryoma in Shin-Getter. The rest of you will remain here, in case they double cross us. We can stand to lose two of us, The rest of you can return and fight them with the others."

Akina walked the three steps separating herself and Kai and slapped him hard. "You are not dispensible!"

Kai looks to the others. "Fine we'll all go and face whatever's there together." He nods to everyone They head for the Hangar. IT as cramped, but Valerie and Lily rode with Kai in the Meteor, Georgi took the Dynames, and Mercury carried Eiji down to the surface, While Akina carried Velocity. Ryoma was left in overall command of the ships. On the sealed environment of Galina base , they found the Circinus Delegation. There were 3 full size mecha, and a quartet of smaller ones, with a single man at the center, easily identified as the Admiral.

"I see you are punctual and you bring such interesting choices of personnel. It was an obvious dig at Mercury, considering Natasha's quadrono was one of the mecha also on the circinus field."

"You wish to discuss an end to war, I tell you this, our goal is simple. We will have Earth. It shall be our new home. I will give you a simple choice, an option that most never get."

He smiled, and it was a wicked one. "You may evacuate your populace. We'll give you a full Earth Day to do so. Or, you can fight us with your pitiful Armada, and we will extinguish every human life."

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Eji shifted slightly, the ultimatum was no surprise, nor was the arrogance. Now he just waited for Kai's responce, which he guessed would be something along the lines of a battle of champions as it would unlike Kai to waste the lives of others unnecessarily.

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Valerie had the feeling this was going to happen, she just wished her feeling was wrong. They had two combat mechs, he witchblade, Mercury, Velocity, Kai, Eiji and Lily.

They could easily take down this advanced guard, the admiral would probably be scared but the size of their armada was beyond the scope of a single fight, even if the admiral was taken prisoner, the federation would just send in a different one or the next one in the chain of command would take over.

Kai would think of something that Valerie was probably missing at this point, and her only job was stand near him and keep him out of harms way, the man was too good to do it by himself, Valerie held tightly onto the Stock, and really hoped she wouldn't have to unleash herself here.

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"I told you," Lily says to Kai angrily. "This whole thing was just to lure us out. Even if we were going to consider the offer it wouldn't matter. There's no way Earth could be evacuated in one day."

Her eyes narrowed. "Federation 'honor' has always been situational at best."

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"If that's really what you think, thenI'll retract my offer."

Kai held up his hands. "Wait."

"In our position as the custodians of Earth We of Satoshi Heavy Industries challenge the Circinus Federation to honorable combat."

The Admiral looked at him and frowned. "What makes you thin you're honored enough to call for such a thing?"

"You're here aren't you?"

"He laughed, then looked to the young Captain. "Very good Captain. The terms?"

"Best of thirteen..."

"Best of nine is the most I'm willing to go, two may be pairs."


"All involved may only fight once."


"The stakes?"

"If the Federation wins, I and all my forces will leave after twenty four hours, and the Earth will be yours."

"That's not enough. If we win, your forces may leave, but Kai Morisato, shall remain. Your world is worth much less without a Key."

Kai grimmaced, but then nodded. "Agreed. If We win, the Federation will sign a formal truce with Earth and will never again seek to invade or destroy her people."

The Admiral though, then nodded. "Acceptable."

He looked to them. "I choose this world as the venue for this tournament. We will exchange dossiers on the participants in one hour. That should allow you to choose the best, you have, as I shall do."

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Within the Hour They'd managed to Hammer out who would be fighting. 5 Satoshi Captains and a Lieutenant, with their allies vs eleven of the most Elite Circinus Aces.

It took a little doing, but they figured out who would be fighting who, though Ryoma sought to fight to at once, but couldn't.

Lily would be fighting An Elite known as Guyver, wearing some sort of technoorganic armor. The Dossier boasted of dozens of full size mecha kills, and eight major commendations for skill and prowess.

Mercury would Be dueling Fellow HG trooper Ace Nastasha from the First Fleet. They'd be doing battle in their custom Quadrono armors.

Irm would be fighting The Giant Robot known as Gaogaigar, An ancient entity the Federation had awoken and enslaved.

Latooni and Ryoma would fight side by side against Yuuki in his Randgrith and Wodin Ymir in Thrudgelmir. Wodin was a younger clone of Sanger Zonbolt with an even more impressive war record than his genefather.

Georgi Would be Fighting against a huge armored Behemoth called the BIg O.

Valerie would be fighting the awesome Valisone-Kai. This mecha boasted taking three planets alone The implicatin of its power were staggering.

Eiji and Velocity would be fighting against Battlearmors named Blurr and Teknoman. By far that was one of the more evenly matched matches, next to Mercury's.

Akina would take on the Banpreios, a Super robot responsible for subduing three worlds.

Kai wold be fighting Haken Browning Piloting his Gesphent Phantom. He was among the to rated Elite, like the Guyver and Yuuki. Haken was an incredible marksman missing targets by less than millimeters.

They assembled on the field and The Federation Elites all stood in their mecha or combat armor. "Who wants to go first."

Guyver walked forward. "IF the Dalaraan Princess agrees, then I would like that honor."

Kai looks to Lily and nods.

(OOC fights will be handled via PM then posted)

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Round 1: FIGHT!

In a basin of red dust, in the shadow of a low slung, long abandoned building, a single man dropped to the surface of Mars. Rockets fired from his back to slow his descent, digging up plumes of scarlet fog that drifted slowly up and around his landing spot. Calling him a man was generous; he had the form of a human being, but was covered in what looked like an organic carapace laid over a fibrous network of tendons and veins. Any hint of who or what wore the biosuit was entirely obscured. Even its helmet was a shell, with a pair of gleaming red feral eyes and a bone crest on top. A silvery sphere was set into its forehead, like a third eye.

He waited.

The wait wasn't long though. There was a blaze of blue light that crackled over the red sand of Mars on the opposite side of the basin. It resolved into the shapely female figure of Aksaniolily, the First Princess of Dalaraan, and Heir Apparent to the Empire. She wore a tight bodysuit of Satoshi manufacture, but had the emblems of the Dalaraan Empire put onto it. Her flyaway hair was its natural blue shade. The time of pretense was over.

Lily cracked her knuckles as she glared at her opponent over them.

The guyver seemed ready, and there was an electric hum as servos whined and some alien powersource spun up to life. "I will not go easy on you like the others Princess. Show me your best, your true strength, or I will bury you in this red soil."

Here's the irony...the Dalaraan Empire has a doctrine of peaceful expansion, but we are a warrior people, and our Emperor...and our Empress to be...are warriors. Maybe this is why.

She couldn't think of anything to say, so she just nodded at her foe.

The symbiotic armor seemed to take that as a signal, as the rockets in its back fired at the same time wicked chitinous spurs snapped from its forarms curving forward of its fists like long long sword blades. Lily leapt into the air and streaked towards it as well, a shining blade of pure energy coalescing in her hand.

The two warriors clashed over the center of that shallow depression in the Martian surface, and Lily's energy sword swung and clashed with the seemingly unending array of spikes and spines that the guyver sprouted as it did battle with her. There were no safe places on it, no room for error in parrying...as she discovered when what she thought would be a quick feint turned into a vicious swipe. Serrated bone claws ripped through her energy defenses, slicing ragged lines into her bodysuit, and slicing a shallow cut into her all but impermeable skin.

Then the two were past each other and whirling around.

The man in the guyver chuckled darkly. "Your reputation is inflated, Princess. I'll leave you in ribbons all over this crater if that's the best you can do."

Idiot, Lily thought to herself as she turned around to face him again. He barely hurt me at all, and now I know what to look out for.

"Do all Federation warriors talk as much as you?" she asked. "You're practically a diplomat."

Extra spines snapped out of the guyver at that, and she fancied the ruby red eyes of the symbiot narrowed. "So be it. Let those words be your last!"

Rockets flared again, and Lily leapt up from the sand, both leaving curling contrails of that ever-present scarlet dust in their wakes. Under the carapace of the guyver's helmet, its pilot grinned confidently as he drew back his arms for another attack like the one that had bloodied her before.

With lightning speed, enhanced by alien neuromusculature, he raked a vicious swipe...only to realize that the Dalaraan Princess wasn't there anymore. In the instant it took him to realize she was behind him there was an impact that knocked him forward, and warnings went off in his ears. The suit squirmed around him and keened, and left a trail of little globules of black, oily blood behind to patter down into the Martian soil.

Not wanting to show his back again, the Circinus warrior applied his rockets and swooped around to face the Princess...only to find that again she wasn't there. He sputtered a curse and jetted forward, but just an instant too slow to avoid another slash from that sword of azure light she used. This time it carved a line down from his ribs to his thigh, leaving a smoldering divot in the armor and severing yet more of the guyver's nerves and neuromuscles.

Damnit! he thought as he twisted the falling guver to take the impact on its shoulder and tuck into a roll. She's fast! On sudden intuition he came out of the roll and immediately spun around...and there was Lily! There was no time to raise his arms, even in defense. He took the slash to his thick chestplate while the guyver fired a blast of energy from its 'third eye.' straight at her head! She winked out of existence though, just as the laser beam slashed through the air where she'd been. Far above, the atmosphere shield of the old Satoshi base flared as it absorbed the energy.

Lily kept the pressure on. She knew the guyver was fast enough to keep up with her if she let him get his balance back. In an eyeblink she was back on him, appearing directly in front of him now and throwing his instinct to turn around off. Her sword found it's mark...then she blinked out as he furiously counterattacked. He whirled to attack again when she appeared behind him, but she managed to parry with her own sword. She waited until he tried to overpower her...then vanished again, and gave the armored suit another strike as he stumbled forward for a brief instant. Feeling flush now, she appeared behind him again, but this time he seemed to have her timing down, and ducked to avoid the strike. As he tumbled forward, the carapace over his chest seemed to lift up slightly, then cracked into two halves. Underneath was a pulsing blue sphere connected to a vast multitude of tubes and veins and nerves. She had just enough time to realize she'd been had when the guyver emitted a gigantic flood of energy that engulfed her completely! In desperation she poured all the power she could muster into her shield...knowing that letting it down even for the instant necessary to teleport could result in her death. The energy parted around around her, like a raging river around a rock in the middle of it. She felt it ripping at her defenses...but not quite penetrating. As its fury abated, she realized that the beam had scorched a long trough in the surface of Mars all the way to the edge of the atmosphere shield...kilometers away!

For a moment the two duellists took stock of themselves, and each other. A thin breeze tugged at them, swirling charnelhouse red dust around their feet. Then, as if on a mutually agreed on signal, both exploded into a sprint straight towards each other. Lily winked in and out, her attacks nearly impossible to anticipate. But once again, like before, the guyver's pilot managed to get her rhythm at the end and land a massive, spiked punch that sent Lily flying back to smash into an outcropping of sand-polished basalt. The ageless stone shattered under the force of her impact and sent her sprawling to the ground...for a bare instant before she vanished and reappeared on her feet, sword ready. She grinned. The wound was already closing. Her first wound had already healed. Meanwhile, for every hit the Federation warrior landed, she got three in.

She was sweating a little, but smiling confidently. She was winning this and knew it.

The guyver seemed to know it too, because he chose that moment to change the rules of the game. The bio-armor's red eyes suddenly lit up like tiny lanterns, and the whole suit became outlined by pale blue light like St Elmo's Fire. The cracks in the carapace started to slowly fill back in as Lily watched. And when the guyver started charging her again, it was already halfway across before she could react, so fast were its movement.

Even with its new mode, the guyver was just not fast enough to keep up with Lily's teleportation...but it was worryingly closer. Somehow the Federation war machine managed to anticipate her jump in time not only to give her a counterattack she wasn't expecting...but to throw itself sideways in time to avoid her own attack. Not to mention the blue light seemed to be some kind of primative biological force field...it sapped away the energy of her blows, reducing their damage. Even so, it couldn't get away without sporting two new wounds...and if they were starting to regenerate, they were still doing so slowly enough that they couldn't compensate for the new damage.

"You're just buying time," Lily said. "I'm still faster than you." She felt a sting though, and looked down at where the guyver had struck her. The wound was healing...but it was fairly deep as well. With a little dismay, the Princess realized her defensive aura was starting to falter...blocking less and less of each attack, leaving more and more to hit her directly. It wasn't serious just yet...but a few more hits and it would start to be.

"Time is all I need," rasped the guyver. It had been damaged as badly as he could ever remember. But in the end it didn't matter. No one and nothing could resist the force at the guyver's command. He had only shown a fraction of its power before. Now he would hold nothing back.

Before Lily's eyes, the hideous machine underwent another transformation. The bony spines along its arms blazed with lambent blue flames, and the light that surrounded it grew even brighter. She sensed that this mode was probably possible only for a limited time, as it rapidly expended the unit's energy...but she also doubted it was -needed- for very long either.

She soared into the air, and the guyver bunched up and leaped after her, not even deigning to fire its rockets. Lily flickered to avoid it's attack as it drew level with her, and managed to rapidly carve an 'X' into its side and shoulder before the thing whipped around with unthinkable speed and slammed its plasma-wreathed claw straight into her belly. Stunned momentarily, she found herself hurtling backwards...and NOW the guyver used its rockets to fly even faster than her, getting behind her before she could stop her motion...and strike again, now from above!

Pain ripped at her, as blue fire ate at the wounds the guyver's spines tore into her flesh. She howled and writhed as she fell like a meteor and slammed into the Martian topsoil hard enough to make an explosion of dirt and sand...a new crater in the surface.

Lily coughed and spat out red dust as she pulled herself out of the bottom of her crater. Her stomach and shoulders felt like they were on fire...the wounds were deep, the flesh abused and healing slowly...too slowly. Another hit or two like that and she'd be done...her aura was too weak now. Dimly she realized that it had been saving this technique for this moment. After it had managed to land a few normal attacks...after it had managed to wear her defenses down.

Behind her she heard the sound of rockets descending. A heavy thump.

"I admit, Princess," came the reluctantly respecful voice of the guyver. "You did better than I expected. It's been a long time since I had to enter Omega mode. I normally save it for destroying planets...not single combatants. Consider this a gesture of admiration then, your Highness. And give my regards to your family."

The carapace chestplate opened again, revealing again that pulsing, heartlike blue energy core. This time though the abdomen sluiced open as well...to show another core much like the first. They pulsed in unison...faster and faster...

Family, thought Lily weakly. Sasami and Hayato. Father. My friends on Earth. Kai. I can't lose this. I won't!

"True blood of Tsunami," she whispered into the soil. "Burn."

And then the world was consumed in annihilating energy.

The guyver blazed like a tiny star, pouring its very heart out onto the surface of Mars. Sand fused into glass in a long line that led straight through dune and plain alike to the edge of the atmosphere shield. The shield, built to withstand orbital bombardment and meteoric impact, screamed and howled...and burst under the irresistable tide of destruction that was the guyver's most devastating attack. Tuned correctly, the beams could pierce to a planet's core and out the other side. Here, most of their power was wasted, radiating out into space. When it was over though, there would be no trace of the Dalaraan Heir. Not even atoms.

The blinding blue-white light of the guyver's Twin Hypercannon finally died away... But the blinding blue-white light was still burning there in the crater where Lily had fallen. Rising out of that bowl-shaped impression like some kind of bizarre phoenix, was a giant female human shape, drawn from lines of azure fire. At her heart was an orb of pure light, and within that light was the darker silhouette of a person.

"Bankai," the Avatar said in a voice that made the grains of the Martian desert tremble. "Avatar of Light."

It seemed completely untouched by the fury that had boiled out of the guyver's hearts. As if that power had never been.

"Impossible!" the Federation warrior whispered. Then again, as a shout. "IMPOSSIBLE!!"

A sword as long as the guyver was tall appeared in the Avatar's hand.

"You and yours will not harm Earth, or anyone I love," the Avatar thundered. "If I have to cut every Federation ship from the sky, I WILL STOP YOU!"

The giant figure lunged at her comparatively tiny foe, who managed to remember to throw himself sideways...but a bare instant too late. The oversized weapon plunged into the warrior's armored hip, just above his left leg. It went through the supertech plating and reinforced fibers of the guyver as if they were made of cardboard and grass. It punched through the pilot's all-too human body, and then back out through another layer of super bio-armor...nailing him to the ground.

Satisfied that it was over, the Avatar then turned her back on the guyver and started to walk away.

Writhing on the soil behind her though, even with his terrible wound, the guyver was not out of it yet! He desperately pulled on his psychic link to the symbiont, calling on it to heal itself. He sat up, gritting his teeth as he grabbed the glowing sword still stuck in him, and started to ease it out of his body. "Don't turn your back on me until I'm de..."

The sword exploded.

When the dust settled, there was nothing left of the guyver or its pilot. Nothing save for a tiny chunk of the suit's head, with a small silver ball that had once been its third eye. Dust from the explosion fell down around it, over it, and finally it was buried there under the red soil of Mars.

Round 1...over. Winner: Lily on behalf of Earth.

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The Grungust was a humongous Super Robot, one of the first, and largely regarded as one of the best. Irmgult Kazahara had taken over from his genefather when he was deemed unfit to command the massive machine, and granted the privelege of gaining a real body to become even more effective.

He looked across the plain and saw his opponent, the Legendary sentien robot, Gaogaigar. All Super Robots owed their existence to it, and the Machine was even larger than his Grungust. Ryoma had wanted to fight it, but with Wodin present, they both knew he was the only one who could hope to stand against Thrudgelmir.

So Irm stood against the Father of all Super robots.

He brought the Grungust's hand up in salute. "Gaogaigar, though we fight as enemies, let there be honor here, let us show what true warriors can do."

Gaogaigar's eyes blazed crimson as it too raised a hand in salute. "Honor and Skill Irmgult Kazahara." They lowered their arms, and then the two titants took to the skies, each one opening up with eye lasers. Their armor was far too thick, and those attacks did minimal damage. They met with a thunderous crash of metal and the Gaogaigar's golden claws tore rents in the Grugust's armor and wings before sending it crashing to Mars. Before hitting the ground Irm pulled the lever and the mecha transformed entering Gruntank mode. It's twin hypercannons opened up, blasing holes in the wing radiators of the Gaogaigar, grounding it. The Gaogaigar landed on its clawed feet and drew forth the "Will" Blade, coaleceing of pure energy it was sait to be impossible to block.

Irm transformed back and quickly sent both boost knuckles towards the Gaogaigar in rapid succession, one shattering all the armor over the right arm, the other the left leg before reattaching. Not to be outdone, the Gaogaigar replied in kind, unleashing the Broken Magnum, coring through the right side of the Grungusts' chest, exposing its tronium reactor.

Irm finally drew the Calamity sword and moved in close, needing to end it. He made several swings some parried by the larger robot, others finding purchase, biting into armor and causing something akin to blood to seep from the wounds.

"I've had enough, Time to end this." He jumped back, the Tronium reactor spooling up , then surged froward with a massive leaping slash, known as Twilight Darkness, only to be met with the Protector Shade, the ultimate defense of the Gaogaigar. Fighting for control, Irm landed a good ways away, venting excess air pressure in the joints. This was what Gaogaigar had waited for.

Both the gaogaigar's fists glowed as it readied both broken magnum and protector shade. Allow me to show you my greatest move Irm, you will be the first in two centuries, the first to prove worthy. "HELL AND HEAVEN!!!!!!!!" As the great living robot roared, it shot forward, both it's fist spearing through the Grungust's torso, its Tronium reactor in its hands. "Goodbye Irm." The Reactor, free of its shielding, Exploded in a blinding white Flare. When eveyone could see again, the Gaogaigar stood alone, bits of metal that had once been the grungust littered the field, and the Giant living robot crackled with energy. Armor plates were burned away from it, exposing machinery beneath. It's Right arm was completely gone, and the Helmet it wore was shattered. It's wings were charred stumps.

A low voice could be heard. "Thank you Lieutenant Kazahara." The big Machine began the process of walking off the feild, but not before retrieving a peice of charred armor barely recognizable as part of the Grungust's left leg armor.

Those from the Federation immediately recognized the gesture of extreme respect. The taking of battle mementos was an ancient tradition, and only those battles with great meaning to the warriors would have a chance. That the Gaogaigar thought enough of him to take a peice of the Grunust spoke volumes of the skill Irm had possessed.

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