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  1. Valerie saw the Crusade jump over a building, figuring any attempt at stealth on this area was done for, she decided to take the most direct approach, and shot like a bullet through the building the Crusader had just skipped over, the preternatural speed and strength the Witchblade granted her as she barrels from the other side of the building hoping to flank the Crusader. Click to reveal.. Just waiting on Long to see if it's there >_>
  2. Sorry, I tought she was unconcious, but then again she was a different kind of unconcious Am I the only one who remembers how this mechs needed gundams to bring down last time and we aren't exactly about to do bankai in the middle of a stealth mission?
  3. "Princess, I want save you really, but we are on enemy soil surrounded by soldiers, fighting right now this Mechs that won't go down easy and won't go down quitly is asking to be delayed and found out as much as possible. It's on our best interest to get the hell out of it so ´wake up´to the situation and put a move on it teleporter girl." Valerie was a bit exhasperated that the princess had this hard a time realizing the severity of the situation and it came through a bit on her tone. "We can hug, kiss and paint our toe nails when we are not on the line of fire."
  4. Valerie jumped towards Lily, catching her in mid air and going into high alert as she jumped back with her newly acquiered prize. "Wake up Princess, hauling you through an alien planet is not my idea of fun." Click to reveal.. Obvious move towards Lily's position, pick her from the air and move back away from the Mechs. I will cry as soon as we get nuked anyway >_>
  5. "So you call this free forming it Franics?" Valerie was about to make another sarcastic remark when the skies parted over him and Lily limply fell from it. "Lily!" Valerie dashed to the falling princess, Kai's last orders still on her mind. "Francis, Sakura, we gotta high tail it out of here before we move on." Click to reveal.. (01:36:16) ChatBot: (Valerie) rolls 2d6 and gets 3,4. (01:36:19) (Valerie): +17 for Init (01:36:32) (Valerie): 24 Init
  6. "Sounds good cap, you going to trace a route beforehand or are we going to free form it as we go? Got any way to check for traps?" Valerie was asking routine questions by now.
  7. "Even droids have heat signatures, if there are absolutely no heat signatures either they are turned off and are waiting on a sensor to turn on, or they literally are going to do a scorched earth strategy." Valerie looked at the city, she lacked the sight amplifications that Francis had, but she at least had good enough eyesight to detect movement within the streets. "Our best bet would be to move in between the buildings, but where to?" Valerie sighed "Spaceport is not the best area to keep high rank prisoners, which could explain why they have so many defenses on it, but I don`t do subtlety a lot as you might have learned Francis, so it`s your lead right now, Palace or Starport?"
  8. "Several captains and Luitenants, hell entire divisions, left with them when they abandoned Earth to the demons. I can`t remember any right now off hand, they were barely around when I first came to know about Satoshi and was kinda busy digesting the whole Ninja clan/International Business turned Military/Demonic Invasion." "Kai would be better suited to tell you, or Captain Hoshino. Ryoma would know too, but why not go for the obvious one? Try what Kai did, fight yourself, nothing to force you to improve your reaction times that fighting somebody with exactly those reaction times. Don`t you think?"
  9. "Don`t worry about it Francis, to be honest I don`t have a Shikai either, unless you count the witchblade itself, and my Bankai was lost when I died earlier today." such a cruel statemet was tossed casually by the girl who seemed to have no regrets or grief about having done so. "I haven`t tried to access it since then for a lack of a need, but seeing how incompatible my Bankai is with this body I wouldn`t find it weird to have actually lost the ability." Valerie ran her hand through her hair, putting it behind her ear. "While it is a power up, most of them are not like Lily`s or my old, and are more like Kai`s where they power up your attacks and leave your defenses the same, an opening is still an opening, the fact that Hizashi is made of `Iwinium` does not mean he has no weak points, Skye, Lily and myself managed to make him bleed, so he is STILL human, just a really tough one." "What I have been trying to say with this rambling over all, you are still a great asset Francis, and right now we need as many assets as we can gather."
  10. Coming inside the room Valerie interjected. "But transformations and power boosts are such an integral part of this fights we like so much, at least we have yet to be able to stop a Shikai or Bankai from going through." Valerie looked over Francis and Kai. "You two look like somebody ran you over with a gundam, you sure you should be up to this this close to a major mission? I didn`t say anything back on the planning stages but with every available captain and ship on combat, we will be extremely exposed. A single misstep is certain death awaiting for us and the prisoners. You shouldn`t be forcing yourself for now." Valerie looked more at Kai than Francis when talking, but it was pretty obvious that it was directed at both. "Or at this pace, you will end up running over to the enemy base on a limp." Valerie`s face was different that earlier, a soft and warm expression that betrayed nothing of the Witchblade she carried within her.
  11. Valerie followed the Captain, all the while wondering just how she kept dancing around in Satoshi without actually entering their hierarchy at all. "Captain, just wondering. As the official Servant of the Captain Commander, does the Witchblade enters the Satoshi hierarchy?" Valerie walked besides the petite Captain "Always made me wonder, never had the chance to ask Masane. Figure I have no actual authority but I want to know whose orders I can disregard without getting into trouble." Valerie`s grin was an authentic shark grin rarely seen outside of battle on her face.
  12. The witch blade was a primeval force of passion, it joined with a human host and intensified all of their feelings several times over, how Masane kept her cool will forever amaze Valerie de Quebedo, the new Witch blade on the service of Satoshi Industries Captain Commander, Kai Amaha. Right now, the witch blade was entertained by fanning the fires inside of Valerie´s head, right now anger was clouding her better judgement for a moment, all of it directed at the petite form of Captain Klang. As soon as Kai was out of sight, a clawed hand shot in front of Captain Klang, "I would appreciate if you, at least KNOCKED when you want to go inside my room Captain, certain...situations, could be happening that its better nobody else is to be privy to." Valerie looked into Klan´s visage, as a captain of a Satoshi division she had seen more than her share of combat and looked unfazed. "Valerie, I understand your need for privacy in such situations, but unfortunetly Kai is a very important part of our operation, we need him to be available, and if this means we have to interrupt you, as much as it would pain me, so be it." Valerie looked directly at the eyes of Captain Klan, and burst into tears instantly. "It took me forever to get there Klan, I...I don´t think he would ever go for it again." Valerie leaned on the surprised Captain and sobbed for a bit, hoping nobody would see her, after regaining her composure he fixed her face slightly. "Let´s...lets keep this between you, me and Captain Hoshino, she probably already saw on a camera hidden somewhere." breathing a sight of relief, the maelstrom that was Valerie´s head cleared up slightly, the witchblade more under control now. "Shall we go to the meeting now?"
  13. Valerie almost growled, at the interruption of what she was quickly finding to be a new favored activity. "But...Kai..." she tried her best puppy eyes on the young captain-commander, not that it would make much of a difference, he had put on his serious face and that usually meant he closed off his mind to pretty much anything else. Cursing her luck, and possibly her companions on getting captured. "Forget it." Valerie`s nails grew into large sharpened claws that sparked as she dragged them down the wall near the bed where was sitting, "I will get Takashi for this, and Hizashi, and every damn last one of them." picking up her clothing from where she left it and getting dressed quickly in the pants of a battle suit with a white tank top undershirt, she started moving towards the door "...but first, I gotta talk to Klang about entering my room without knocking first." she opens the door and walks right out.
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