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Adventure! RPG: Dark Tidings - Adventure! - interest check?

jameson (ST)

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Hey folks. Last year I attemped to launch an Adventure! game with a little supernatural twist. At the time the site was getting less traffic and I wasn't able to drum up enough players to keep the game alive. You can visit the archive HERE ...

I'm willing to try again, due in no small part to the rapid expansion of the site lately and by the return of a dear old freind of mine, Dr. Henry Jones Jr. That said I'd like to hear from people who would be interested in playing. The rule book is available HERE for $12 if you don't have it. I'll be using much of the material I produced for Dark Tidings for this game as well, including some of the character creation changes (altered rules and new skills and organizations).

Let me know if you want in or if you have any questions.

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*jawdrop* Holy smokes dude I thought you were long gone from the site! Good to hear from you!

I'd certainly be interested in seeing a version of Janos for this game, being that I'm taking a decidedly more mystic/supernatural angle than the core book his origins may need to be udpated, but yeah that'd be sweet!

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Well, yes, it is. But I'd probably set up a different character for this sort of story, I've noticed that Locky is such a specialist character that you basically need to adjust any story he's in to make him useful.

Nah, I have another completely different character in mind, oh yes...

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Taking an accounting here ...








Neil were you interested or just asking after Locky? Were you part of Alex's orginal Adventure crew?

I'd like between 4 and 6 players optimally. But per the usual for me any number of people can apply and I will accept those who have the most interesting PCs.

Thematic influences:

Indiana Jones series

Mummy series

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

The Shadow (both the radio show and the movie)

The Dresden Files (book series)

Reaper (TV)

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Eee...that list of inspirations is too much fun.

I'm in. I'll make it work. smile

So there's stalwarts, daredevils and mesmerists, if I recall correctly.

Stalwarts being physically empowered...strong and tuff and capable of astounding feats. Daredevils are...daredevils. The Indiana Joneses, who have m@d skilz and are just plain lucky. Mesmerists are basically psychics, though I recall they're scaled down so as to fit in with the rest...psionics aren't the path to overweening powah that they are in many games...

I am interested in a psychic...perhaps revisiting the well traveled trope of one who is not fully in control of his or her powers...

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One additional change that is not noted in the old Dark Tidings threads. For those familiar with the game super science usually allowed you to create Advancements AND Innovations. I am pulling Innovations out and making them their own type of "super science" To create an Innovation you must be Stalwart or Mesmerist (as normal) and also have Ability Mastery in Occult - basically you will be creating magic potions, enchanted weapons or mystical body alterations.

At this point I think we have enough intrest I will ask Chosen to reactivate the forum and I will begin to update the threads for the new game.

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Originally Posted By: Katalyst
After reading the Dark tidings thread my interest in playing this has risen. Is there room for more players?

Katalyst: Short answer - yes.

Long Answer - Currently there are at least 6 people fully interested with a couple more looking. All are welcome to submit characters for the game. I will accept or reject based on the quality of the PC submissions. I am looking for around 6 players but I may expand if the submissions are great.

a few last bits before I bound off to our new old forum:

  • I don't care for power gaming min/maxing - a good concept will go further than an Uberman with a boring story.
  • I'm very hands on during Char gen so do not be suprised if I make comments and/or suggestions
  • I ask that you be prepared to meet a certain level of dedication ot the game, as ST I will do my best to post as often as need be (average 3 times a week most times) and ask that players make the same effort, This is as much to help the game move as to help keep ALL of the players happy and not waiting around for just 1 or 2 people.
  • Understand that this is a ROLE-playing game and as such I will reward players accordingly, interesting well written and descriptive posts add to the game, I'd love for this to read like a novel and less like a chat log.
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