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  1. I really appreciate all the responses for this! It's given me quite a few ideas on how to craft some new interested combat encounters. Thank you all very much for the input!
  2. Hello RPers! Its been a long long time since I've darkened this forums doors, but when I ran into an issue regarding an Aberrant game, I knew exactly where I wanted to turn. I have been running a table-top game for five players for almost three years now and the player characters have gotten powerful. All of them are Q6+ with a pair of Q8s that are causing the trouble. How the hell do I make meaningful physical challenges for these characters? One of them has the extra of mastery on his Armor and Elemental Mastery powers which, when combined with his mega-statistics, pushes his soak over 100! If I make an enemy that can actually hit that level of damage, it becomes a bad balancing act, where I need to do enough damage to be threatening, but not enough to vaporize the character (and the surrounding city) instantly. Said enemy would also be able to flatten the other PCs or most rank and file NPCs. A further thought is that I can only pull these mystery super-attackers out once or twice or it becomes fairly unrealistic that no-one else has heard of these guys, and their popping out of the woodwork with continent-slashing attacks. I have been pushing non-combat encounters, but there needs to be some change eventually. Another worry is that the physical ninja type character is rapidly being left behind in damage by all the blaster characters. Mega-strength and claws seem to only go so far against the Elemental Mastery/Quantum bolt hurlers and I am worried they will begin to feel somewhat under gunned. Any suggestions on how I can rectify this? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!
  3. Cool. I'm finding myself a little hesitant to jump right in a possible make a post set in teh incorrect area of creation. Its in the southeast correct? And its possible the my Lunars been following and stalking the Loren Soldiers in creation for a few months? If the answers to those questions are "yes" I can put together a good first post.
  4. That would work too, a stalwart lieutenant to a great solar general. Concerned and frustrated as his orders become harsher and colder as the years pass, secluding himself in his factory manse for months at a time. When the dragons finally came for him, his Lunar brother stood with him, glad to have a final chance to stand beside his General in combat one last time.
  5. That would be fantastic. Staying at her side while the hordes at the gate howl... days turn into months and the comfort they find with each other slowly fades as both cabin fever and the great curse rise. She turns to greater and greater acts of sorcery to attempt to escape, calling on mroe and more power. Her Lunar mate stalks the rooms alone, beginning to fear for her sanity. It almost would come as a relief when the Sidereal sorcerers finally pierce the shields and he can vent his impotent rage for a few minutes before brought down by jade blades. Thats a good image... well, good as in interesting. I'm sure it wasnt fun in their little bunker.
  6. That would make a lot of sense, actually. The trauma of the Usurpation would be even greater if the Lunar (he or she) actually cared about the Solar (male or female). Watching them descend into the Great Curse until they were caught unaware by a Dragons blade... that would leave an impression.
  7. He's a barbarian of the woods. A Warrior-hunter former son of his tribes chieftan. Deeply tanned and traced with silver tatto's that mimic the scales of a snake, he is possesed of the rugged scars and corded muscle a life of hunting and fighting can give. He's young, brash and utterly convinced that the Silver Way (The Lunar philosophy that Civilization breeds weakness) is the right way. As a Lunar, he sees his task in Creation as being an Apex Predator, hunting the weak and protecting the places and people he considers "his". I'm trying to find some good pictures I can use for him. Do you guys suggest I make a new profile for him, or just modify this "Michael Peters" one?
  8. Hey Everyone! Krul has given my character the tentative go-ahead to join this game. I am going to be playing a Snake based lunar, a young barbarian male. I was looking to take the Solar-Bond background and I was wondering if anyone would mind having that kind of link? The bond can be one of romance, or brotherhood, or even just a distant connection with no real defined emotion. I was thinking of connecting with Mei-Ling with romance (if thats alright) or Saiya as a kind of warrior-brother
  9. Thanks Kyria. I'd appriciate it very much. My urge to RP has been growing steadily since the demise of Aberrant: In the Begining.
  10. Hey all. I'm very interested in this concept and I am wondering if you're looking for any more players? I don't mind starting from 0xp in a game where PC's have been around for awhile. If someone could get back to me on this, I would appreciate it. I've tried to get involved in this game twice before but I never heard back
  11. I'd be tentatively interested... but I dont know the M&M system.
  12. I think we can all assume that, without any post in a month, that In the Beginning is finished. It has been my great pleasure to role play with each of you, and a special kudos to Titan for creating a great world and to Max for trying to pick up the pieces. Keep safe everyone!
  13. I hope Titan is alright as well. Regarding the status of the game, I'm not sure it would do well as an open-world setting. I know I became spoiled with Titan and Max's excellent storytelling and I'm not sure how the world would fare without GM direction.
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