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  1. I would take it all back if I could...

  2. Good. Dragons should not be pushovers. Not sure why they have to be linked to the proverbial Devil though. Do the asian cultures not revere good dragons as well?
  3. I would be interested in playing in a game in that setting. Sounds great! What kinds of beasties are there? Does it have dragons? Edit: 6,000th post!
  4. TOTALLY agree on the finer points of playing a Jedi. Our DM (who was nothing at all like some of these horror stories) would make life *very* hard on any Jedi characters, and hold them up to the highest standards. Not giving out DSP for questioning orders, but he presented moral quandaries that were really very tough, where there was no easy way out without seriously compromising on principles.
  5. The thing is...I love gaming almost as much as life itself. Stories make me giddy. I'll get choked up and start to cry during some movies/games/shows. Not because I'm sad but because what I am seeing is just so conceptually awesome that I'm moved to tears. Pen&Paper RPGs (can we even really call them that anymore? With PbP my main format I can't really say "Tabletop" either. So what then...Imagination Engines? Like a computer engine, but for our minds, the game systems and settings provide the framework for a variety of virtual experiences) and video games especially, though certain shows (Game of Thrones, Fringe, The Last Airbender series, the recent Thundercats remake), and movies (V for Vendetta, The Prestige, Scott Pilgrim vs The World) will hit me like that.
  6. Wow. ^That^ sounds so terribly awesome! Just like a good Star Wars game should be...super-high stakes and non-stop action. Remember that at it's core Star Wars is space pulp at it's finest! Also, d6 rules. Wouldn't touch d20 Star Wars with the 10 foot pole from the D&D 3.5 Player's Handbook...
  7. Our game took place concurrent with Empire Strikes Back, but we never had any kind of interaction with either the cast o story of the films. I was playing a rare force sensitive Barabel who was inspired by the Jedi order's influence on his people (a Jedi saved them from civil war ages ago), and left the planet to join Rebel as a special ops/heavy weapon specialist. We had some pretty amazing adventures in the extended universe, and eventually my character even found a holocron as learned a single die of sense. Never learned to make my own lightsaber, but I did manage to steal one from a villain.
  8. We played a lot of D6, always concurrent with the original trilogy. After all, the Galaxy is vast, and there is much rebel activity happening outside of the films' focus.
  9. This doesn't sound like my particular cup of tea but I'm glad games are happening.
  10. I'm not mad. I'm sad. ,, Frankly your health situation sounds like a nightmare so I'm surprised you held out this long! I was hoping things would pick back up though, and that your recovery would be swift and complete. If anything, I'm sad because Aberrant has fallen so far by the wayside. ,, I'm going to be posting up an ad on a couple other sites with far more massive memberships, to see if I can find an ST for some Aberrant. I'll still be around here of course, but if any of you would like to join me in the case that I find an ST, you are welcome. I'll put forward the notion of hosting the game here, but people tend to be a bit attached to running their games in one place, so we will see.
  11. Just have to change the trademarked names.
  12. It was the first thing that pooped into my head with "mobile quantum zone heading to Japanese shoreline." Plus I figure Justin needs to make up for the letdown that was the conspicuously recent film...
  13. Well I'm fairly confident Rev will be back...probably just dealing with gearing up for his new law enforcement gig. I haven't seen really anything from Chang/Envoy since a brief post in the prologue/expo thread. ,, Of course Dawn has been getting kicked in the life-balls for awhile now.
  14. ,, ,, Absolutely NOT! Mr. Fox and I were surgically separated at birth and have been our own people ever since, thankyouverymuch. ,,
  15. I think you mean "impossibru."
  16. I mostly agree with you, though I enjoyed watching the film. ,, Bryan Cranston was fantastic, but his death felt odd and anticlimactic...they make it seem like he is going to pull through, then a couple scenes later it's like, nope...zippin' up the body-bag. I LOVE Ken Watanabe, but he was criminally underutilized...and while Aaron Taylor-Johnson IS actually a fine actor, the script gave him little to-do and he pretty much survived/got where the story needed him to be through luck/fiat. Same goes for Elizabeth Olsen...a fine actress with little to do. ,, I didn't mind the teased-out reveal of the monsters...a glimpse here, a tail there...I thought that showed remarkable restraint actually (unlike say, Pacific Rim), and the effects of the creatures themselves were just super photo-realistically top-notch. I just wish that they could have skipped the four-quadrant lame love story, and just had the main through line human characters been a team-up between Cranston and Watanabe. Because Hollywood INSISTS on there being human characters in these movies (a la Transformers).
  17. So, Justin...did it live up to your expectations?
  18. Only 1 dot for now. Going to buy up to 3 dots as soon as I'm able. Not that 1 dot isn't plenty to chuck Li'l Saku though... ,, But, if I chuck you you wouldn't have the protection of my force field.
  19. I grew up with Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, but those seem rather generic to me now. I have a serious love-bug for Pulp, so my favorite DnD settings are Eberron, with it's Steampunk Trappings, and Dark Sun/Athas, for it's refreshing Barsoomian take on DnD, in the vein of Robert E. Howard, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. ,, Also a huge fan of Warhammer Fantasy, even if it's systems are a bit simplistic and dated by DnD's standards, the setting is amazing. ,, Fun Fact: By piecing together some of the clues in the Realms of Chaos books, I have deduced that the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay setting is actually a post-apocalypitic setting that takes place far in the future AFTER Warhammer 40k. You can be playing the fantasy game, and stumble across ancient starships and blaster weapons, among other relics of the progenitors... ,, Which makes me love it all the more.
  20. Attunement means I can literally wrap you in my force field if need be.
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