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  1. I think the disconnect here is that Aberrant, like other systems such as Champions, is based around the idea of "player defined special effects." In normal Aberrant, TK could be TK (which is to say mental manipulation of matter/motion), or it could be force constructs or whatever. However, in Krul's world this is altered, and TKs are defined in the pure, Jean-Grey like form. We have more powerful characters, but their powers are more strictly defined.
  2. yeah that's the one (or a variation thereof; I have a few different versions). If you have time, please PM me back with more of your thoughts, and any suggestions.
  3. Yeah my current idea is for a person who was born and raised in space.
  4. I would definitely like to hear more info from Krul, but as I understand it, sometime between 2030-2040 Eidolon, an Alpha class erupts and eventually forms the first super-team the Guardians prior to the end of the decade. In 2040 the first Conflagrations erupt. Presumably those with the right moral stuff would also be invited to join in with the Guardians. According to the timeline Eidolon forms the Paragons in 2050, but IIRC Krul said something about it being possible to have joined up as early as a year prior, so 2049. I'm liking the idea of playing one of the first Conflagrations to have erupted, so for the last decade has been active, and it seems like being heroically inclined, the people to ally with in the interim would quite naturally be the Guardians, though I think other possible super-affiliations might be possible? Someone, can't recall who, also said something about the Paragons being to the Guardians, what Team Tomorrow is to Utopia, though I'm not sure if that's official. Anyway aside from my burning desire for more setting info, I was also curious how Krul would like to handle the Backing background, with regards to these interconnected organizations/communities.
  5. Could we please have a bit more detail/info about the Guardians? If we were a member of the Guardians asked to join the Paragons would we need to take separate Backing for each?
  6. I would take it all back if I could...

  7. Since Long decided to go for a Scrapper, I'm tinkering with a Gravity-Brick. Also toying with am Extremis-Inspired Plasma-Blaster.
  8. Good. Dragons should not be pushovers. Not sure why they have to be linked to the proverbial Devil though. Do the asian cultures not revere good dragons as well?
  9. I would be interested in playing in a game in that setting. Sounds great! What kinds of beasties are there? Does it have dragons? Edit: 6,000th post!
  10. It's there. Both Cassidy and I quoted the relevant section. First post, bottom of setting specific rules.
  11. From the 1st post, under "Presently available technologies." (bolded for emphasis)
  12. I believe it was described as being a geodesic sphere.
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