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  1. Ben looked at the man, now strewn on the floor. This is past the point of pointlessness, Ben thought. This man will not give us anything but an excuse to kill him. Ben had a complex relationship with death. In his four years of Inspiration he had been to many place, with many different people. He had encountered much danger, both human and otherwise, and a lot of good people had fallen in those journeys, too many in Ben's mind. A lot of bad people had fallen too, more than a few by Ben's hand, either directly or indirectly. But Ben was not built for killing. He hated when a situation escalated to kill or let die, and he gained no pleasure in killing another, even if that other had killed another, or otherwise deserved it. Ben was not a pacifist by any means - Ben was well aware that violence was often the only solution. But death? Rarely was the taking of a life worth the benefits to him. So when a situation escalated, Ben's mind was always thinking, planning, calculating. Feints, maneuvers, workarounds, anything to make sure that his allies stayed unharmed, his objectives stayed achieved, and his enemies stayed neutralised without the need for lethal force. Ben was actually mildly surprised that this situation hadn't hit a lethal note just yet. Arch was a man of combat, he had the will and drive to take down his enemies, Ben had seen that during their partnership. Arch was no cold-blooded killer, but he was a fighter. And Ben had seen men like Janos, men of war who did not share Ben's distaste for death. To them, the cost of life was far cheaper than it was for Ben. And Daphne? Ben had an inkling that Daphne's child-like exterior was just that - a candy-covered shell hiding a very dark centre. Ben had encountered a demon from Hell before, on a previous adventure, and that had taught him that Hell had a habit of leaving a mark on it's inhabitants. No amount of civilisation was likely to excise that mark. Ben simply hoped that no situation would require that Daphne take advantage of that mark. A naive thought, maybe, but Ben was smart. Perhaps he could delay the inevitable. "Ladies and Gentlemen," said Ben, seriousness and a slight hint of boredom in his voice. "I think we're done here. I believe we had an errand to run, I think it's best if we work to get it done before dark."
  2. Okay, so I'm seeing the following: Original Realm Score (-3 points) Landlord (-2-3 points?) Magical Creatures (+1-2 points?) Important (0 points) It looks like you're mostly running for Magical Inhabitants and Resources for the main positive properties, but you should probably choose what level you want for them. The following should help that: Magical/Hypertech Inhabitants Some Beings with Earthly magics/hypertech: 1pt Many Such Beings: +1pt These beings can be used as Anchors: +2pts Some of these beings have Anchor-like resistance to miracles: +2pts Some have Anchor-like resistance to miracles and Auctoritas: +3pts Some have actual miraculous powers: +5pts Resources Magic and modern technology are nearly unknown in chancel: -1pt Technology in chancel, even simple things, will not function outside the chancel: -1pt Technology from outside chancel will not function within the chancel (within limit of your choice): 1pt Chancel has access to Extrapolative technology (stuff you'd conceive of RL us coming up with in the next 100 years or so): 2pts Weird Science: Technology that's several quantum leaps away from our tech (things like psionics, dimensional science, etc): +1pt per weird science Normal Magic (is equivalent to modern tech but cleaner and generally more effective, but highly draining for users): 3pts Weird Magic: Magic in a similar vein to Weird Science - magical stuff that's quantum leaps ahead in effectiveness of modern technology: +1pts The main difference between these two properties is it's scope - Resource properties can be used outside the chancel, while the power of Magical Inhabitants are traditionally restricted to within the chancel. Also, finally, Here's a list of Imperator properties that I think would be useful for the group (the full list starts on page 144). Remember, you have 0pts to spend, so any positive property needs to be paid for by a negative property: Positive Properties Granted Gift: Your Imperator grants the entire familia a 1pt Gift with a 1pt Handicap. Harvest: Your Imperator has entrusted you with collecting power for him, in whatever way is granted, and you may thus gain extra dynasty points per "session" when you gather that power for him. Dynasty points serve two purposes - they serve as a group-wide reserve of miracle points. They can also be used to pay for extra Imperator points later down the track, at a rate of 25 points per Imperator point. Without this property, you'd naturally gather a small amount after each story, and you'd gather more by stealing power off Nobles and Excrucians. 1pt Doubles the natural rate, 2pts quadruples it. Clear-sightedness: Your Imperator sees the world and those within it with exceptional clarity. Thus, your Imperator will not normally set you tasks beyond your capabilities. You gain the further benefit of being able to see hidden things within the world. 1pt for this property. Sympathetic: Your Imperator can feel the emotions of those around them as easily as their own. They may still do callous things, but never unknowingly or uncaringly. Their powers share part of this insight, and gain insight into the motivations of others. 1pt for this property. Mastery: The Imperator takes a day (or two, if they enjoy the subject) to learn a skill completely and utterly, thus their Nobles can perform feats an extra Aspect level higher without cost. 1pt per skill for +1 Aspect, 2pts per skill for +2 Aspect Incomprehensibility: The Imperator doesn't quite understand their own existence, for whatever reason, and thus is entirely incomprehensible to itself and others. The bonus for their Nobles is that they too share a bit that incomprehensibility. 1pt makes the Nobles invisible to Noble Sight, and impossible to detect for lies. 2pts adds the benefit of being entirely indescribable, any attempt to describe the Nobles is about as useful as a description of a toddler that doesn't include their age.Negative Properties Granted Handicap: Your entire familia gains one particular Handicap, with no further benefit. -1ptDemanding: A popular negative property, Imperators with this property are constantly asking things of their nobles, piling up problem upon problem, rarely getting peace.Cruel: These Imperators are vicious, caring about feeling and emotion only enough to enjoy inflicting pain upon them. Nobles aren't a target of this cruelty, but such Imperators are likely to push their Nobles beyond their capabilities with their lack of empathy. (-1pt, this property is incompatible with Sympathetic or Clear-sighted)Untalented: There's one important mortal skill that the Imperator simply cannot learn, and their Nobles share this problem - in that one skill, they are completely incompetent. -1pts per skill.Cold: Imperators with this Property care for a certain Affiliation greatly. As such, as well as their own affiliation, they will lose points if they go against their Imperator's affiliation as well. -1pts
  3. Ben pretended to understand what Daphne just said, and then shook his head at the man sadly, almost as if his fate was already sealed. This was not the first time Ben had worked with this sort of feint before - being such a polyglot meant that even people who had only just met him could never know just what he understood and what he did not. The simple resigned shrug of the shoulders completed the image that Ben had now written off the man's life. Ben did have to admit to being a little hesitant about pulling the feint without prior warning though - especially with the group of people he was with. Daphne, certainly, was a wildcard, and he had no desire to actually kill anyone today. Well, here's hoping, Ben thought to himself as the action went on.
  4. Sorry about the lack of posting everyone, I sprained my ankle later on in the week, and have not been around internet since that point, since I've been staying at my boyfriend's place (he's on the ground floor, I'm on level 2. Going to my place on a sprained ankle is kinda daunting, really). Hopefully I'll be getting back to work tomorrow, and I'll be able to talk to you guys then.
  5. Sorry about the lack of posting everyone, I sprained my ankle later on in the week, and have not been around internet since that point, since I've been staying at my boyfriend's place (he's on the ground floor, I'm on level 2. Going to my place on a sprained ankle is kinda daunting, really). Hopefully I'll be getting back to work tomorrow, and I'll be able to talk to you guys then.
  6. Ben, almost without thinking, grabbed Catori by the forearms, ready to steady her. "Steady there! Nothing to be concerned about, it's only Mia firing a bullet into her head." It is perhaps a testament to Ben's experience in these matters that this statement was said without a trace of irony or surprise. In fact, what surprised Ben much more was watching his sister perform a quite powerful and precise strike to her captor's... vulnerable regions. Well! thought Ben, I certainly didn't know she could do that! Although now I think about it, it doesn't surprise me in the least! Ben had to admit, watching the proposed mugging get voted down by both the interested parties with significant majorities was quite entertaining, even with the stakes. How they thought we'd be easy marks is absolutely beyond me...
  7. Quote:Knew I should've taken a dot in Realm...>.> So few players recognise the value of Realm, I've found.
  8. Alright, so now that we have a general theme, it's worth looking at the kinds of properties that would be appropriate for the Chancel and Imperator. To recap, you have I believe 3 Chancel points between the three of you, to spend as you wish. Here's a list of Chancel Properties that seem appropriate for your position. If you want to look at the whole list, they go from page 136: Accessibility - This chancel improves your Chancel's connection with the outside world, allowing you to access more places than otherwise. 2pts will give you more openings (say, the chancel being accessible from any state library), 6pts makes the chancel accessible from literally Anywhere, 7pts makes the Chancel mobile, capable of moving from one place to another. Generally, these don't affect the security of the chancel - the roads are still secret and winding, and outsiders will find it difficult to enter without permission. Alternatively, you can get some points back by leaving the Chancel wide open with the Open property - anyone can just enter or leave as they wish.Banes - a nasty negative property that creates a dangerous enemy within your Chancel, chomping at the bit to destroy you and the Chancel. -1pt for each enemyLandlord - A landlord is an Immortal non-noble who has been granted a Realm Score, and thus can assist in protecting the Chancel. This is quite useful, but it is also a Negative property - The higher the Realm score of the landlord, the more forceful they will be about exerting their control. You get as many points back as your Landlord has Realm levels.Magical Inhabitants - You have creatures with magical abilities. They aren't miraculous, so they can't harm Nobles directly, but they're perfectly capable of affecting mundane things within the Chancel. This is 1-9 points, depending on how many there are and how useful they are.Resources - This is a generic property that determines technology and magic level within the Chancel. The question of whether you want Super-tech or Magic in your chancel, and whether you want that to be useable outside the chancel, rests on this property. This property also includes negative properties, such as the Deviant Technology property, which makes any technology in the chancel fail to work outside the chancel I've already mentioned the Important property - basically, your chancel is well-respected because of a particular service you provide to the Noble community. Nobles will generally hesitate to cross such a chancel. Should you want it, it's on sale for 0pts this game.As for your Imperator, I think we're getting an idea of the sort of creature they might be, but alas I've not a lot of time to elaborate totally. However, their properties are in the same chapter, feel free to look around at any that seem appropriate. When I get time tonight, I will give a list of properties that might be appropriate.
  9. And here I thought I had. Guess I should probably elaborate a bit more then...
  10. Ben looked at the beggar with absolute credulity spread across his face. And he seemed like such a practiced thug, too. How could he have mistaken us for an easy mark? He wiped the credulity off his face, and stared intently at the beggar. "<So,>" Ben spoke softly in Arabic to the man in the middle, "<I think you will be putting my sister down, calling your men off, and leaving. Quickly. Because if you hurt my sister, if you can hurt my sister, I guarantee you will not be leaving, even slowly.>" Ben carefully kept his tone completely neutral, because he had no intention of threatening the man. No, threatening would imply that Ben had control over the carnage that was likely to unfold, whereas Ben was merely making a statement of fact to the beggar. [OOC: Ben is making no defensive or offensive moves. He's going to see if the man blinks]
  11. Sorry, I've kinda been waiting for everyone else to put their input in. Guys? Anything?
  12. Ben looked at the map again. It's not like he couldn't read a map - he'd been on enough voyage to be able to navigate. But these streets seemed almost designed to confuse one, with mazes of twisty passages, all alike. The occaisional street sign appeared, but it was blind luck as to whether it was on the map. "From what I can see from this map, we must be going the right way, I'm sure we've made every turn here. That is, assuming the map is accurate..."
  13. It occurs to me that if you wish to emphasise the deal with information and stories, perhaps we could state that the Chancel's economy doesn't just include the Chancel's secrets - The Chancel, in fact, seems to just collect secrets and stories from just about everywhere on the World Ash. In fact, this Chancel could well be considered a go-to place for Nobles and others who wish to discover information about someone, hidden or not. This would have the benefit of giving your Chancel a lot of power in the world of the Nobilis - information, after all, is power. It does, however, have the downside of giving your Chancel a lot of power in the world of Nobilis - information, after all, is power. If you wanted to go with this, I'd be happy to grant you the Important Chancel property for 0 points, and make this component of the Chancel's workings a very important element of the game.
  14. Ben looked around, watching as the affluence of the market slowly petered out. "You know," Ben said offhandedly to Marion, "Your bookkeeper certainly picked an interesting quarter of the city to make his home in. You'd think he'd go for something slightly more upmarket..."
  15. Alright, my thoughts, and a few ideas thrown out: * The fact that we have both Secrets and Stories (information both told and untold) gives a few nice possibilities. One could almost set up the Chancel as a battlefield between these two Estates, between the bright light of dissemination and the dark shadow of censorship. This can go quite a few ways in terms of what genre your chancel's likely to be, as this a fairly basic theme. * Khabaka is heavily Egyptian-themed, and we could very well take that to the chancel itself (It might be the Chancel is very old and was made from part of the world-spanning Egyptian empire, and Khabaka was actually a chancelfolk before she was enNobled). * Don't be afraid to go a little silly, or a little surreal. When your Imperator took a part of the world and turned it into their Chancel, they likely have changed it to their own tastes, which are unlike any human's. So, things like a big Zeppelin City in the sky, powered by the flocks of uranium-birds that fly around it, are perfectly legitimate in a Chancel. After all, who else is going to see it? * On a similar note, things that are more abstract in the real world can take a more concrete existence within your realm. The idea of, say information being valuable can translate to knowledge being legal tender - that chancelfolk trade scraps of paper with information on it instead of banknotes. Libraries then become banks, etc. I've often used the ideas of Michael Moorcock and the Dancers at the End of Time as a yardstick for what I might see in a chancel - The Nobles' and Imperators' only hard and fast limit is their own imagination, especially in their Chancel, and of course, specific Nobles often control specific sections of the Chancel anyway, so out-of-place things can exist within a chancel.
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