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Primeval Thule - Combat Thread


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Malok has fallen unconsious he will remain unconscious for 7 minutes unless magically awoken

His spell cast on the girl has triggered the animation of the corpses. They will be rising from their pallets this turn and are disadvantaged untill next turn

The animated corpses initiative is 3

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[Asarasa] 12:46 pm: Sanity (Wisdom) Check
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 6+3: 9
[Asarasa] 12:46 pm: Yay!

Stunned! 1 minute

[Asarasa] 12:28 pm: Initiative
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 11+5: 16

[Asarasa] 12:30 pm: Attack Roll - Using Reckless Attack (Advantage and Disadvantage cancel each other out)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20

[Asarasa] 12:37 pm: If Attack Roll Hits, Damage Roll (+2 damage from Rage)
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 1+1+7: 9
[Asarasa] 12:38 pm: Fuck you, dice. And that just made Savage Attacker Feat a lot more attractive.

Tharra will move forward with the others, snorting with mocking laughter about the dangers of reading. But when she notices the moving corpses, she will snarl in rage at the travesty of corpses not staying decently, and will lock in place, teeth gritted not comprehending how this is happening.

Move Action: Move toward Malok, then towards the next closest animated corpse when she notices they are moving/getting up.
Bonus Action: Activate Rage
Action: Using Reckless Attack and Attack the animated Corpse with her Greatsword. This round, enemies have Advantage when attacking Tharra.

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Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 10+5: 15
    [Kaoleth] 6:36 pm: Woohoo! Sanity maintained for another day.


    [Kaoleth] 6:28 pm: Initiative is D20 + Dex modifier, correct?
[Nina] 6:30 pm: yes
    [Kaoleth] 6:31 pm: Okiedokie.
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 8+3: 11
    [Kaoleth] 6:32 pm: lol. Not a Natural one, so I'm swinging better than my usual. xD


Movement: Yngvar backs towards the rest of the group

Attack: Yngvar conjusres the Fire Bolt Cantrip

Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 9+7: 16
[Noir] 2:16 am: that likely hits
    [Kaoleth] 2:16 am: And damage
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d10: 8: 8
    [Kaoleth] 2:18 am: Not too bad for a cantrip.

Bonus: Draw's Axe and shield

Fluff: Biting back a curse and snapping the tome shut, Yngvar backs towards the main party, never turning from the newly risen corpses, with a sharp gesture a small bolt of fire kindles itself into being and is sent flying towards the nearest corpse, withdrawing his hand, he pulls his axe from his hip and shrugs his shield from where it was hanging on his back to his hand.

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Sanity Roll:

Einherjar *rolls* 1d20: 16+3: 19
[Einherjar] 10:07 pm: Yay for sanity!
    [Kaoleth] 10:07 pm: Nice roll.

Initiative Roll:

Einherjar *rolls* 1d20: 19+4: 23
[Einherjar] 10:09 pm: I'll take it
[Einherjar] 10:09 pm: Witness?
    [Kaoleth] 10:09 pm: Shiny and Crome
[Asarasa] 10:09 pm: witness


Cursing from a combination of surprise and superstitious fear before unhooking his hammer and attempting to turn the nearest moving dead thing to mulch.

Move Action: Ein will spring to the nearest animated corpse.

Action: Two-handed attack with his warhammer.

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Sanity: 19
[Kaoleth] 11:52 am: SAnity first.

[Noir] 11:53 am: Not Proficient with Wis saves, but I do have a +4

[Noir] 11:53 am: here goes

Noir *rolls* 1d20: 15: 15

[Noir] 11:53 am: 15+4 = 19

[Kaoleth] 11:53 am: PLus Wisdom, not bad.

Initiative: 13
[Noir] 12:19 pm: Gotta roll initiative anyways first

[Noir] 12:19 pm: I get +2

Noir *rolls* 1d20: 11: 11

[Noir] 12:19 pm: 11+2=13

Move Action

Neeva will position herself between Malok on the ground and the closest corpse coming at him and herself.

Neeva shall inspire her allies by pointing out how clumsy and pathetic the animated corpses are (casting Bane on the corpses closest to her/Malok and Tharra since I can get 3 out of the 4) and draw her whip to snap it for dramatic flair.

"These are naught but shambling, stumbling, hollow husks animated by uncontrolled, sorcerous power! Do not be deceived into thinking they have life once more. Fear them no more than the branches of a tree moving by the wind and strike them down like the straw men they are!" she says as she snaps her whip for dramatic emphasis (and in an attempt to snap people out of their stupors).

Bonus Action

Possibly Bardic Inspiration for somebody, but unlikely.

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[Jeremy] 11:51 pm: SAN CHECK
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 12+4: 16

[Jeremy] 11:51 pm: INITIATIVE
[Jeremy] 11:51 pm: 1d20+4
Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+4: 18
[Jeremy] 11:51 pm: Witness?
[Noir] 11:51 pm: yep
[Noir] 11:51 pm: I sees'em


Drawing mace-axe, shield, move and attack nearest corpse that Ein isn't attacking. One handed with mace-axe, bludgeoning type.

Attack Roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20
Damage Roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 6+5: 11


Alberich's rasp was far far more annoyed than scared. "You elves and your damn flowers. One kind was bad enough." Frankly, he'd seen enough of monstrosities and magic to not blanch like a whelp. Moving as a steady but implacable wall of steel, he raised his shield and mace-axe and waded into the fray.

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[SalmonMax] 4:02 pm: Lets see..a Wisdom save, and Init roll...and some attacks at disadvantage.

SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 16+5: 21
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 11+5: 16
[Asarasa] 4:02 pm: Yay
[Asarasa] 4:02 pm: Yay
    [Kaoleth] 4:03 pm: Witnessed, Shiny and Chrome.
[SalmonMax] 4:03 pm: Uh, lets see...melee, I think, since I'm right there...
[SalmonMax] 4:04 pm: There we go
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 18+7: 25
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 16+7: 23
[SalmonMax] 4:04 pm: And second attack
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 15+7: 22
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21
[SalmonMax] 4:04 pm: ...goddamn.
[SalmonMax] 4:04 pm: She is a little firebrand.
[SalmonMax] 4:04 pm: And damage.
    [Kaoleth] 4:04 pm: Heh.
[Asarasa] 4:04 pm: Jebus, good fucking rolling
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 2+5: 7
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 6+5: 11
[SalmonMax] 4:05 pm: Sashimi's up!

Results: Wisdom save succeeded. Init is 16.

Attack 1: 23 to hit for 7 damage

Attack 2 (offhand attack): 21 to hit for 11 damage.

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Sanity Check: n/a (yay! or is it?)

Init check: 14

     [Carver] 7:46 pm: Sooooo... I failed to grab my roll from before. *sighs*
[Noir] 7:46 pm: I might have it
[Noir] 7:46 pm: Carver rolls 1d20: 11+3: 14
[Noir] 5:23 pm: what about Wisdom save for sanity?
[Noir] 5:23 pm: it is DC 10 Wisdom save
     [Carver] 7:46 pm: Oh, great. Because rolling a third time would be stupid. Of course, I'm stupid right now.
[Noir] 7:47 pm: at the VERY top of my buffer.


Move action: As far back as she can, to put the wall at her back if possible

Action: Casting Eldritch Blast, targeting the nearest corpse (she gains her Charisma bonus as added damage due to the Agonizing Blast Invocation)

Bonus Action: Shift the bag so that the Book hangs behind her rather than at her side

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I sould have been paying more attention. my bad.

The way i run combat  is i have each player post their actions in this thread then when they are all done I will compile it into a post. I was not clear as to what is needed in this thread and for that i apologize.

post initiatives, actions intended, and pertinent rolls. Also include any fluff you want included in the actual post.  Actions intended need to include the names of spells being cast, feats or features being used, etc.

Pertinent Rolls include all attack and damage rolls.

Please do a quick review of you posts in this thread, some of you don't have all the information i need and again that's my fault for not being clearer. Sorry


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Note - It's been correctly pointed out to me that Aridha can only draw one weapon as a 'free' action (sort of, it's an 'interaction done as part of another action) per round without the appropriate feat. Therefore only her first attack should count. She can draw and use her other sword next round.

Sorry about the mixup there, and thanks for the correction!

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Second Round Actions

[Asarasa] 3:16 pm: Initiative Roll (+5 mod)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 19+5: 24

[Asarasa] 3:16 pm: Bonus Action: RAGE!

Move Action: Moves towards W1

Action: Draw Greatsword and cleave W1

[Asarasa] 3:17 pm: Attacking with Reckless Attack (Grants Advantage on Attacks, Enemies have Advantage attacking Tharra).

[Asarasa] 3:17 pm: 1st Attack Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 7+7: 14

[Asarasa] 3:17 pm: 2nd Attack Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 14+7: 21

Using Second Roll Results - Attack Roll = 21

[Asarasa] 3:18 pm: Damage Roll
Asarasa *rolls* 2d6: 6+6+7: 19
[Asarasa] 3:18 pm: Maximum!

Tharra will snarl in rage and disgust at the travesty of corpses not staying decently dead, and bolstered by and the priest's exhortations and the actions of the others, she will thunder towards W1 and try to cleave it in twain with all her considerable might!

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Second Round Actions

Bonus Action: None

Move Action: Neeva stays in place and continues to stand guard over Malok, between him and the corpses.

Action: Neeva will swing her whip overhead to slap one of the oil lamps from the ceiling and slam it down onto the corpse (W2) by Aldor.

[Noir] 5:34 pm: okay, Neeva will snap the whip at an oil lamp and bring it down on the corpse by Aldor

[Noir] 5:35 pm: no prof bonus, just +4 from Str
[Noir] 5:35 pm: so rolling
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 15: 15
[Noir] 5:35 pm: +4 makes it 19
[Noir] 5:35 pm: witness?
[Jeremy] 5:36 pm: Y
[Noir] 5:36 pm: cool


Fluff: Neeva snarls, "Let me speed you on your way to the flames to which you belong!" as she stands firm and swings her whip overhead, slapping one of the oil lamps hanging from the ceiling with the force of the swing, sending it flying at the corpse where it (shatters/spills) it's contents, setting the corpse ablaze.

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Second Round

Another attack on the W1 corpse Alberich is already fighting.

Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 17+7: 24

Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 5+5: 10

[Prof Flux] 7:28 pm: sure witness

Alberich raised his mace-axe, and buried the sharp end of his weapon in the neck of the damaged corpse, pushing to cut through the bone remaining so he could behead the stinking thing and put it to full care of Nergal.

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Second Round Actions:

Casting Chromatic Orb with a damage type of fire.


Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 17+7: 24
    [Kaoleth] 12:32 am: Huh. That'll do pig.


  [Kaoleth] 12:32 am: And now damage:
Kaoleth *rolls* 3d8: 3+2+5: 10
[Jeremy] 12:32 am: Witness
    [Kaoleth] 12:33 am: Ta. =)


Noting the effectiveness of the fire from his last spell, Yngvar draws himself up to his full height and murmers a single word, causing the crystal attached to his belt to glow an angry cherry red, an orb of the same hue manifests itself, floating at chest height. With a casual gesture, he sends it flying once more to the nearest zombie.

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Aridha lays into the moving corpses, her lips peeled back in a feral snarl! She slashes to slice the tendons of a zombie's knees, and as it falls she leaps onto it to drive the other sword into its back and out its heart!

[SalmonMax] 5:21 pm: Aridha attacketh
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 13+7: 20
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 4+5: 9
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 19+7: 26
[SalmonMax] 5:21 pm: So close!
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 1+5: 6

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Move action: none

Action: Casting Eldritch Blast, targeting the nearest corpse (she gains her Charisma bonus as added damage due to the Agonizing Blast Invocation)

Bonus Action: none


The Book was as safe as she could make it in the middle of a fight, so Gidum turned her full attention on the corpses. With another quick gesture and a muttered word of power. sent a lance of blue-green energy into another one of the stolen bodies.


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  • 1 month later...

We are not in combat at the moment but I wish to establish initiative now.

once you have all posted your initiative we will commence entering the building and i will then describe what you see. If you have any particular fluff  or posting you wish to do before we enter now is the time to do it but do not enter the building.  make sure you include includes any preparations you have made and prep spell casting you may have done.

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[Kaoleth] 11:57 pm: Ty. Witness Initiative for me?
[Noir] 11:57 pm: sure
Kaoleth *rolls* 1d20: 5+2: 7
[Kaoleth] 11:57 pm: Not as good as the last time. Ah well. Damage is all I *really* care about.     
[Noir] 11:57 pm: you can post in the IC any preparations you make before entering too


So going on an Initiative of 7 for now.

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Post your actions, dice rolls and fluff here

initiative is as follows

Alberich 20

Cult leader 19

Neeva 12

Aridha 7

Yngvie 7

Tharra 6

cultists 4


You are all at the bottom of the stair and undetected and if the ointment is working undetectable.

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Tharra will only take a glance at the night sky when it first comes into view to get a rough idea of how long it took them to get to the top of the tower, then otherwise keep her eyes on the enemies/their surrounds, where the danger actually is (at least as far as she knows).

Testing the efficacy of the concealment goop, Tharra will try to sneak around the guard, giving him what distance she can, but keeping an eye on him and if he seems like he is going to react to her/their presence, she'll hack him down with her Mace-Axe and try to silence any outcry he might make.

[Asarasa] 5:52 pm: Wisdom Save, DC 8 (If Necessary)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 13+3: 16 Success

[Asarasa] 5:54 pm: Potential Stealth Roll (If Concealment Goop doesn't prevent the guard from seeing Tharra or the rest of the group)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8
[Asarasa] 5:54 pm: Seriously? Another 1? Sigh...

[Asarasa] 5:56 pm: Possible Attack Roll (If Concealment/Stealth
fails horribly)
Asarasa *rolls* 1d20: 20+7: 27
[Noir] 5:57 pm: well, at leasts there's that

[Asarasa] 6:06 pm: Damage Roll - Crit with Mace-Axe
Asarasa *rolls* 2d8: 7+2+5: 14

Tharra glanced up at sky as it came into view - by the position of the stars and moon, not much time had passed as they had worked their way up the tower. Then her eyes focused on the guard. Still uncertain about the claimed properties of the goop smeared on her skin, the giant woman crept up the stairs to test it, giving the guard as wide a berth as possible, but her heavy, bronze mace-axe glinted dully under the starlight as she kept it poised above a massive shoulder, ready to strike if the guard seemed to react to her presence.

(Can't really write more without knowing what is happening/going to happen, thanks to Tharra's lack of initiative :p)


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Neeva looks up at the stars for a moment, furrowing her brow before shaking her head and continuing. At the sight of the guard Neeva taps Aridha, pointing to the halfling's bow. She knocks an arrow and looks to the halfling, waiting for her to follow suit (if she wasn't so prepared already) and nods, takes aim and fires in time with Aridha at the guard, hopefully taking him out silently to maintain their stealth.


Neeva is holding her action to shoot at the same time as Aridha.

[Noir] 3:08 pm: Bows use Dex, right?
[Asarasa] 3:09 pm: Yes
[Noir] 3:09 pm: okay. making my roll to shoot the guard, though holding action to shoot at the same time as Aridha.
[Noir] 3:10 pm: how do you add the +2? "/d 1d20+2"
[Asarasa] 3:10 pm: yup
[Noir] 3:10 pm: rolling
Noir *rolls* 1d20: 19+2: 21
[Noir] 3:10 pm: sweet
[Asarasa] 3:10 pm: Nice
[Noir] 3:13 pm: damage is 1d8
[Noir] 3:13 pm: and there is not added damage, right?
[Asarasa] 3:13 pm: Plus Dex
[Noir] 3:13 pm: sweet
[Asarasa] 3:13 pm: Add your Dex Modifier to the damage
[Noir] 3:13 pm: rolling damage
Noir *rolls* 1d8: 2+2: 4
[Noir] 3:14 pm: meh

So 21 to hit and 4 damage.

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The oil was disagreeable, but one couldn't argue with the results. It wasn't that different from the paints hunters used to hide in the brush either.

Aridha had to stifle a giggle as she scurried forward, concealed from view, towards the sentry. An arrow whirred over her head, and she realized there was no TIME to do anything but follow it up. The arrow took the sentry in the shoulder, but even as he drew breath to cry out, Aridha reared up and planted one of her swords in his midsection, cutting through armor and bone, lodging in his hip.

She leapt up onto the sword, using it as a springboard to launch her higher and drive her other blade into his neck; turning his scream of pain and alarm into a choked gurgle that quickly ended.

The halfling used her momentum to swing over his shoulder in time to catch his falling corpse over her back, and ease it slowly to the ground.

Aridha looked up at the others, smeared with blood, and yanked her swords free.  She nodded.

It was safe to proceed.


[SalmonMax] 8:50 pm: So dual attack with advantage!
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 8+7: 15
[Dave] 8:51 pm: No bow silencers!?!  Talk roughing it.
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13
[SalmonMax] 8:51 pm: First attack
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 12+7: 19
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d20: 15+7: 22
[SalmonMax] 8:51 pm: Second attack
[Jeremy] 8:51 pm: I hate shat.
[Jeremy] 8:51 pm: *chat
[SalmonMax] 8:51 pm: 15 and 22.
[Noir] 8:52 pm: you get to roll twice for eah attack
[SalmonMax] 8:52 pm: I did.
[Noir] 8:52 pm: if we have advantage
     [Nina] 8:52 pm: no "If you rub this on the skin that is exposed it will conceal you from those who do not know you are there."
[Noir] 8:52 pm: ohh, I see
[SalmonMax] 8:52 pm: I rolled a 15 and a 13 for attack 1, and 19 and 22 for attack 2.
[SalmonMax] 8:52 pm: Nina, any hits?
     [Nina] 8:53 pm: lol
     [Nina] 8:53 pm: yes
[SalmonMax] 8:53 pm: One? Two?
[Noir] 8:53 pm: I must have read that totally wrong thing
[Noir] 8:53 pm: *then
     [Nina] 8:53 pm: both hit
[SalmonMax] 8:53 pm: Damage!
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 2+5: 7
SalmonMax *rolls* 1d6: 6+5: 11
[SalmonMax] 8:54 pm: 18 damage
[SalmonMax] 8:54 pm: Angry hobbit goes ssssssssssstab

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