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  1. Alberich was clearly displeased with the idea, but the odds were against them. Still, as he put down his axes and shields, the whole thing rankled him deeply. Surrendering like that? Then again, the Northman was right. This did seem like a setup, and at least the others would know.
  2. Because of course I've been forgetting my Extra Attack. Attack #1: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 18+8: 26 Damage #1: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 8+6: 14 Attack #2: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 7+8: 15 Damage #2: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 2+6: 8 ---- Yngvar was looking to be a bit under pressure, so Alberich stopped playing around with these slobs. Three on him, three on the Northman. The dwarf reduced that number by a third, whipping the blunt end of the mace-axe into a skull, before slamming his shield out into the chest of a second man. That one probably had it worse, his ribs smashed inward.
  3. Attack roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 13+8: 21 + 1 = 22 Damage roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 1+5: 6 +1 = 7 ---- The group rushed Alberich, but the dwarf had his shield up to meet them, and slashed a deep cut into the chest of the closest attacker.
  4. Going to have Alberich throw a chair at the leader as a ranged attack, then drawing his mace-axe as the move action. Ranged attack: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 8+7: 15 Damage: Jeremy *rolls* 1d4: 2+5: 7 --- Alberich bared his teeth at the bastards before rising up and planting an apologetic kiss and squishing grope on Pimy. Then, faster than any of them probably ever figured a dwarf could, grabbed the hardwood chair he'd been sitting on and hurled it at the leader. Meanwhile, he bent down and drew up his mace-axe, to follow up his point with cold steel.
  5. Alberich's Initiative: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 15+4: 19
  6. Alberich raised his head and stared at the lot. Dwarf-haters, or just plain stupid? Or both. Alberich glanced at them as if at a fly that would hopefully go bother someone else. "Paying customer. Not a problem here, isn't it?"
  7. "Some people just don't care about irony." Alberich observed. "Or just don't think too hard. Anyway," he reached around to scratch an itch down low, "I'm to stay here, keep an eye out and keep the eyes on me. Anyone want to join?"
  8. "Aye," Alberich agreed, "particularly with recent... troubles between Marg and Kal-Zinan." Namely the part where Marg slavers had ambushed and taken prisoner a caravan of dwarves - including at least one Council Master. Given his choice, Alberich would have seen Marg paid hard and bloody for this offense. Yet Kal-Zinan was divided on whether or not to abandon 'neutrality.' Pah, neutrality. That meant not taking sides when humans went after other humans. When humans went after dwarves... that was different. Idiots seemed to disagree though. "'Spose I can let them keep their eyes on me while the others buy Leafstan back."
  9. "Hmmph." Alberich grunted, before coming to a decision. "Well, the others will probably go along with this. Either way... here again, tomorrow morning?" The band would be expecting the return of their supplies, and he would have to see if the halfling would be unwilling to turn away from her hunt.
  10. Alberich had been doing the freeblade business for longer than most humans had lived. Not that a freeblade of a comparative whelp's age wouldn't take this opportunity. Ygnvar definitely looked interested, and he probably could convince the ladies to come along. But, as ever, garner some information first. Basic rule of life: know what you're agreeing to. "What sort of thing we looking at here, Tuham?"
  11. Alberich turned for the rope, but before he could move, the stones ripped away by the falling body of the slain aberration came out from under him, and he fell with a hoarse gasp down through the tower with it. For a brief moment Alberich had to seriously ponder if this was the way it ended, just after completing a deed with promising rewards. Fuck you, Nergal. The impact with shuddering rock raining down, made him black out momentarily. When Alberich came to awareness, he was buried in dirt, stone and blackness. But, despite the feeling of cracked bones and the anvil weight of pain, still alive. He just needed to dig - his way - out.
  12. Attack roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 4+7: 11 [Nina] 1:32 pm: yes and dayse will get anther sneak attack sharpshoot shot Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 6+7: 13 --At this point I don't even know what to post for Alberich, only that it involves a lot of failed hitting and dwarven angrish.
  13. Dex Save: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+4: 18 [Jeremy] 7:24 pm: Anyway, mace-axe attack Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18 [Jeremy] 7:25 pm: Damage roll Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 4+5: 9 "This is like that trip with the scholar elf that didn't get drugged up," Alberich frustratedly reminisced, "but even worse." The mace-axe chopped this time, biting into the pulpy flesh and releasing slick.. fluids from the injury, but it was a minor one. And hurrah, the whole city would notice it - which was not necessarily a good thing.
  14. Alberich surged forward at the dying thing, but its thrashing tentacles bashed into the path ahead, driving him to a halt. --- The attack roll was bad. Plain out miss.
  15. Alberich's Attack Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 1+7: 8 Attack of Opportunity Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 10+7: 17 Damage Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 8+5: 13 13 bludgeoning damage --- Alberich raised his mace-axe for another smashing blow, but the shifting creature caused the angle of the blow to land at one of the firmer portions of the nightmare's skull, and the backlash through the dwarf's arm suggested it had not be fazed. --- When the beast began to surge back, Alberich seized his chance, and hammered on it some more.
  16. Attack check: Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 11+7: 18 Damage roll: Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 3+5: 8 ---- Alberich stared back at the thing that had gotten from the remains of the cult leader, determined to be unimpressed. "Yes, yes," he grumbled sardonically, "I can be loud too." He shifted his grip and brought the blunt end of the mace-axe onto the creature's skill. "SHUT UP!"
  17. Perception Check Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 14+6: 20 Again, keeping his readiness and will strike anyone who gets too close. Attack check (if needed): Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 2+7: 9 The rumble made Alberich frown and stare around from his guardian position, even as his boot lightly knocked the butchered body of the cult leader aside. The wildling trio were carving through the guards and cultists, but that left the remainder on the other side, where he and the northerner mystic were still under pressure, so he shan't move forward.
  18. Alberich will hold position and delay his action, guarding Yngnar. If any cultists or guards approach within striking range, Alberich will let em have it. For the rolls if/when that triggers: - (Attack): Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 16+7: 23 - (Damage - if guard, since cultists are auto-dead): Jeremy *rolls* 1d8: 1+5: 6 Alberich braced up, shield ready and mace-axe gripped in classic dwarven wall fashion. Yngnar counted as his 'second rank,' and the freeblade waited for any assaulter to dare head for his charge.
  19. Sure, Alberich wouldn't mind setting people up and moving in once Ygnvar does the bomb on them.
  20. Alberich kept his eyes focused on the guards and the cultists, waiting to see if they could get a more advantageous position before springing down on the lot and whatever misbegotten horrid nonsense these mad-folk were cooking up. OOC Holding action I guess.
  21. [Jeremy] 11:57 pm: Alberich's Initiative Jeremy *rolls* 1d20: 16+4: 20
  22. "Very useful." The dwarf was still digesting this information. But despite his terseness, he seemed to be grateful enough for the items. And attracted by the lure of coins. His hand clamped on the haft of his mace-axe.
  23. "The premier thieves' guild in the city, small one." Alberich informed her. "Powerful, dangerous, ruthless." As for Lythos... "We have information he'd likely find it important to know. In exchange for information from him."
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