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Powers in Tara

Dawn OOC

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You've all been wondering about this, I'm sure. We'll be releasing the Fifth Column for Tara in the coming weeks but first, I need the players to make some choices. I've already asked one of you about this but everyone other than Jer now needs to make the same call.


Which of the following three paths do you want to take with your PC?


  • Aggressive
  • Defensive
  • Stealth

Your choice can be secret; just put it in your PM. If you don't care about secrets, just post to this thread or tell me in chat. Your decision needs to be made by next Wednesday.

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Hm. Man, I hate to jump onto a train as the caboose, but I like the surprise idea. Rochelle could easily be defensive or offensive...indeed, in my head it's kind of a combination of the two. Was shocking the beastie a defensive thing, or an offensive thing? Of course that one incident doesn't define her, but it was nice because it opened a window into her head for me.

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