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  1. Dr. Temnikova crouched down, opened her Portable Medical Kit (PMK) and entered some command, causing the med-computer to emit a soft beep. "Here. Zhis vill help." she said as she removed a syringe, that the computer had just filled, from the case. "I'm not letting you stick me with shit." Vasquez said emphatically, drawing another look from Shaw. "Iz not shit. Iz combat enhancer." she explained, which only cause Vasquez to look at her slightly less wearily. She rolled her eyes and sighed, "Dis iz test, da? But zat does not mean iz not lezal test." she elaborated. "Little? What the fuck do mean, 'little test'?" Vasquez asked. "Not little. Lezal. Le-zal." she tried to explained, but only drew a near bovine-esque look from him. "Deadly, okay? May be test, but could still be deadly test. So zhis vill help you. Ze better you all are fighting, ze sooner ve are done." she said, offering the needle again. "Fine. Shit. I just want out of here and there's no way this is a fucking test either." Vasquez spouted. Dr. Temnikova rolled her eyes and stuck the needle into his neck, pushing down the plunger. "Ow. Shit!" Vasquez exclaimed, though keeping his voice down. "Ow? Zat is sound voman makes. You are no voman, are you? No. You are big, strong man and fierce varrior, da?" she stated, more than asked, though it was not entirely clear if she was teasing him or not. She crouched down and placed the syringe back in the pack, ejecting the needle. "No ve go, pass test togezer." she said in her ever-present thick, Russian accent.
  2. Dr. Temnikoa covered her ears to reduce the volume and listened as she walked over to the locker and looked inside, rolling her eyes. With a sigh she strapped on the armor, ejected the magazine from the pistol and reloaded, then stowed the spare clip and knife. She then looked over the PMK, checking it's supplies and tools, removing a syringe and taking a blood sample from herself, which she safely stored. Standing up again, she picked up the pack, holding in more like a suitcase as she drew her pistol and walked to the other door, strolling out of it into the flickering light of the hallway. She could hear some hushed voice and spotted a few people just a little down the hall. She walked over and dropped the PMK casually, looking over the others with an evaluating gaze. "I am Dr. Polina Temnikova." she said, introducing herself with a thick, Russian accent before continuing. "I am medical doctor, and expert in many fields. Many PhDs." She then look around and shrugged at the environment they were all standing. "Dis is, of course, not a test." she said sarcastically. "Our clean rooms just happen to have veapon lockers vith armor.." she added and then mocked surprise, "...and look, mine happen to be only one to come vith medical kit. And you get rifle, and so on." she finished with a dismissive wave of her hand as she rolled her eyes. "So ve do obvious test, and I get my cigarettes back."
  3. Dr. Temnikova sighed after a moment, slipped from the bed and tried the doors. Just because they said clearance was required dud nit mean it was automatically so. Besides, she wanted a cigarette and they sure were not in this room...
  4. Dr. Temnikoa reached out for her non-existent cigarettes on the non-existent nightstand beside the bed, but her hand only flailed about for a moment in a futile search, which prompted her to open her eyes. The brightness was painful, so she cupped a hand over her eyes and seperated a couple of fingers from one another, making a crack for her to see out and allowing it just enough light to let her eyes begin to adjust as she looked around. 'What the hell?' she thought to herself, pulling her hand away after several moments, her eyes more or less adjusted to the brightness.. She looked down at herself and the skintight, carbon weave, medical onesie, considering it and the bed for a moment. Methodically she inspected herself, feeling for any possible injury or even pain from an injection site, but found toughing. Her mental tests were equally fruitless. The room was huge, far too big to be a cell or hospital room. Even surgical theaters were not this big. One could find entire apartments that were not even as large as this room. Why even make a room this size and sterile, just to leave it empty? And then there was a dark glass at the opposite end of the room, likely some sorts of two way mirror, or simply a tinted glass and room that is kept dark so that a person in the bright, white room could not see in. She did not appear to be harmed or even drugged, and was not restrained, The holo-ribbon suggested some sort of high-security facility though, and the fact that it was written in English suggested additional things to her. Regardless, she was not pleased about her situation. Dr. Temnikova looked to the mirror and waved with a smile before dropping it and flipping off anybody who might be watching her from behind it. "Vhere's my fuking cigarettes?" she called out in English with her heavy Russian accent and irritation evident in her voice.
  5. Dr. Polina Temnikova, M.D., PhD Personal Information Real Name: Polina Temnikova Nicknames: (various expletives) Nature: Explorer Origin: Pioneer Marital Status: Single Known Relatives: Nikolai Temnikova (Father), Katja Temnikova (Mother) Date of Birth: June 24th Nationality: Russian Occupation: Researcher, Medical Doctor Allegiance(s): Section Minerva Physical Traits Gender: Female Ethnic Background: Russian Age: 25 Height: 1.65 m (5'5") Weight:60 kg (132 lbs). Eyes: Brown Hair: Platinum Blonde Handedness: Right Appearance: Polina is slender woman with a lean, toned build and short, platinum blonde hair. When in the lab, she usually wears slacks and a blouse topped off with one of her grandfather's white lab coats (some of the very few sentimental objects she possesses). Outside of the lab, her wardrobe is usually expensive, finely tailored clothing. Her calm, brown eyes observe the world around her, often giving the impression that she is in cold calculation. She can usually be found smoking (even in places which restrict it), or at the very least has an unlit cigarette between her fingers or at the corner of her mouth. Personality: Dr.Temnikova is often somewhat quiet. Originally a side effect of being so intelligent while among classmate who were much older than her, and many were jealous, or just thought her weird, so she had difficulty making friends most of her life. Now though, she simply feels that most people are simply idiots and incapable of keeping up with her. She has no problem stating her opinion though (even when it is not desired), often in blunt, uncaring terms. She is quite forward and blunt, (even by Russian standards) when she wishes to be or something catches her attention. The truth is that she simply sees little need for pleasantries most of the time, especially when there is a problem that needs fixed. Those that get to know her come to understand this and realize that the fact she is spending her time and effort on somebody, or something, is often how she shows she cares. Every child of her family was encouraged to participate in the arts in order to be a 'complete person'. Polina was drawn to the soothing and somber sound of the cello and to this day often plays to clear her head, or for simple relaxation (in addition to casual sex). Background: Polina was born to a reasonably well off family of academics and medical doctors in Saint Petersburg. Clearly a wunderkind, in school she was especially drawn to chemistry, medicine and life sciences as she raced through school and into university. It was while attending university that Polina fully came to grips with her intelligence and how it would set her apart from so many for the rest of her life. Where she once felt like an outcast and even occasionally embarrassed to be so young while attending university, she instead embraced her mind. If others could not keep up with her, or felt dumb around her, that that was their problem. She became outspoken and blunt, having grown tired of trying to be nice just so spare another's feelings due to their own inadequacy. She applied herself and attended medical school as well, simultaneously earning her M.D. and multiple PhDs, graduating summa cum laude and valedictorian before the rest of those she had entered university with had even graduated. Her valedictory address is still talked about to this day. Polina's colleagues at the city hospital, where she completed her residency, were less than impressed with her bedside manner (or lack thereof). She had a blunt demeanor toward patients and tendency to treat the injury or affliction like it was a simple problem to be solved, preferring her time in the lab or field to that spent at a patient's bedside. Regardless though, she completed her residency (possibly just so the hospital could be ride of her) and attained her medical license. Diving quickly into reasearch Dr. Teminkova published multiple papers rather quickly, gaining the attention of the rest of the medical and academic community where she was quickly, even begrudgingly, acknowledge as an expert in many fields of medicine and life sciences. It was then that she garnered the attention of Section Minerva. They made her an offer and she jumped at the chance. She could explore and further the boundaries of science, challenging herself and blazing a path through scientific history as she travels across the stars. Rarely does such a scientific opportunity present itself, not to mention the chance to match wits with the AI's, and she was determined to take every advantage of it, even if it meant having to stitch up some psions from time to time. Her brand of medical care would just be something that they would have to get used to.
  6. "Your professionalism is an unwavering rock in this sea of chaos." she said sarcastically back towards Henry as he walked out. "No posmotrite, kto seychas delayet to, chto ya skazal, oni dolzhny delat'.1" she said smugly to herself, in her native Russo-Euro, as she put her medkit away. "Dizzy? You should not have the dizziness." Dr. Temnikova said as she examined him once more. She checked his eyes, pulse and heart the old fashioned way, with her penlight in his eyes, taking his pulse by his wrist, and checking his heart and lungs with her stethoscope before using the more modern diagnostic devices in her medkit. "High blood pressure is all." she told him with a frown, almost disappointed. "Calm down. You panic like small child who sees spider. Is just bug. Relax." she she told him. "Uh, Doctor?" Talina asked. The unexpected voice caused Dr. Temnikova to turn around to see Talina standing there, cradling a small, furry animal in her hands. "I found him and I gave him some of a ration bar. He really liked it then he stated convulsing. Can you help him?" Talina asked with a hint of fear in her eyes. Dr. Temnikova looked at the animal quizzically for a moment and then opened her medkit once more. She could not help but smile a bit as she examined the little ball of fluff and eyes in Talina's hands, letting her hold him the whole time. The animal's shakes gradually subsided as she examined him until she finally finished and gave him a little scratch behind the ear. "It is... what is term... sugar shock. Severe sugar shock." she told Talina, doing her best to reassure her. She knew that with the situation now and the girl's reactions before that she needed something to distract her at the very least. "Will probably be fine. But no more of our food for now. He has probably had many, many calories for the day now. His reaction suggests that there is not much sugar on planet as a high-calorie source of food. You do not want to stress his system anymore right now." she told Talina with a stern, but strangely warm smile. Translations 1"But look who is now doing what I said they should do." Actions [Noir] 4:48 pm: Carver - So Jamie is dizzy. Medicine roll? [Carver] 4:49 pm: Yes. [Noir] 4:49 pm: okies. here goes. Noir *rolls* 4d6: 6+6+3+5: 20 [Noir] 4:49 pm: woo! [Carver] 4:50 pm: Well done! His BP has spiked sharply. Could be stress. [Noir] 5:05 pm: And Talina wants to bring Puff to the Doc due to his convulsions. Is it just sugar or something? Roll to check him out? [Carver] 5:06 pm: She can roll Xenobiology to make an educated guess. Noir *rolls* 5d6: 1+3+3+5+3: 15 [Carver] 5:10 pm: She can guess that Puff is experiencing sugar shock.
  7. Dr. Temnikova looked away from the people across the artificial chasm and over her shoulder at Jamie as he addressed her. "Hm?" she asked quizzically before she saw the remains of Jamie's insect attacker on his hand and shoulder, causing her to sigh and shake her head faintly. "YA klyanus', chto Vy chelovek budet nayti vse vrednyye ptitsy, zverya i oshibki.1" she muttered to herself in her native Russo-Euro as she pulled out her medical kit once again. She looked at the wound and frowned for a moment before inspecting it to ensure the stinger or any deposited stinger with venom sac was removed. "Uyazvlennyye neizvestnykh vidov nasekomykh s neizvestnym yadom.2" she spoke softly to herself in a clinical tone, thinking aloud as she reached down and used her medkit to mix a cocktail of anti-venom and other drugs based on the reaction around the wound. Without warning Dr. Temnikova injected injected the cocktail, sprayed the wound with an antiseptic and then a spritz of pseudo-skin. "There. Tell me if pain persists." she told Jamie with a nod. "... or if you have swelling in throat... or rapid heartbeat... or blindness." she added. She then looked over his hand, cleaning it while she did her best to preserve some of the sample for later examination, and made sure there were no additional bites, stings or skin reaction. Translations 1 "I swear you people will find every harmful bird, beast and bug." 2 "Stung by an unknown species of insects with an unknown poison."
  8. "Bal'shoye spaseeba1. You make it clear why your job is being... what is term... speed bump for bullets and beasts." Dr. Temnikova replies. "It must feel good to be useful. Keep up the good work.". she adds with a smug grin, giving Henry a pat on the shoulder. She goes to turn when something catches her eye and she looks back across breach, waving her arm at the new people she's spotted. She taps at her ear with a broad pantomime motion and points at Henry. Translation 1Thank you very much.
  9. Dr. Temnikova's brow furrows ever so slightly as something about the interchange between Henry and Talina just did not sit well with her. "Bozhe moÄ­1." she groaned with a roll of her eyes. "There is time for hormones later." she says in English with a small annoyance in her voice as she gave Henry a disapproving glance as she slung the rifle over her shoulder and knelt down to start feeling Henry's leg. "I did not notice leg injury." she comments, examining his leg for a moment. "I mean, why else would be standing here.. instead of walking to the terminal?" "Go a bit higher, Doc." he said down to her with a wolfish grin. "Sure. Bend over and cough. I'll get glove." she replied back to him with her voice conveying her lack of amusement. "Oh sorry. Out of lube." she adds with a sarcastic smirk and narrowed eyes. "No stop flirting and playing the games like sports jock and do job, like professional." she scolded him sternly. Translation 1 "Oh my god."
  10. Dr. Temnikova shook the woman's hand and nodded to her with a small smile. "Is good to be meeting you, Dr. Madaki. I am Dr. Polina Temnikova, medical doctor, biologist, botanist, pharmacist... many things." she said in English as she took stock of the woman for a moment. "Nothing is serious though. Minor lacerations, abrasions and contusions mostly, unless person down there is hurt badly." she said as she turned back to the doorway, watching Jack descend. "Careful, Jack. Animal might only be stunned." she commented down to him with a faint, wry smirk on her lips. She then looks around the room for a moment, considering the situation thoughtfully. "Does anybody have radio? Intercoms working? Computer terminal to be sending message to bridge?"
  11. Dr. Temnikova looked down the shaft, watching the bullets and bird miss the creature until Henry's shots hit it to no effect. A frown crosses her face as she thinks quickly, trying to come with an alternative. The sudden surge of sparks catch her off guard and she looks back back down at the beast as it arches and then falls limply away. "Hmm.. Seems electrical system has.... problem." she comments in English before looking to Jack. "Are you sure you know how to use a gun?" she asks teasingly with a grin before turning her attention back to the shaft, trying to assess the damage to the best of her ability. Just then she notice the form below. "There is person, down there." she said, pointing at the person below. She pulled out her pen light and clicked it, trying to flash the person and get there attention, motioning for them to come up.
  12. "Da, da. YA besserdechnaya dama pytayetsya lechit' lyudey i derzhat' ikh v zhivykh.1 " Dr. Temnikova mutters at Talina's reaction to her as well as Jack's glare. When she hears the roar from the lift shaft she closes her eyes and sighs. "Eto prosto stanovitsya luchshe i luchshe. Bol'shoye spasibo , krasnyy .2 " she groans in her native Russian. With a pivot on a heel she turned to look around. Spotting one of the dead birds she grabbed it by the neck and casually tossed it into the shaft knowing there was a good chance the creature might go for the easy meal instead. Action Trying to toss the bird close to the beast. [Carver] 9:27 pm: Noir: To land it near the thing, you can use your Fighting skill, which is 2d6 Noir *rolls* 2d6: 6+6: 12 [Noir] 9:29 pm: Woo! Translation 1 "Yeah, yeah. I am the, bad guy. You know, trying to treat people and keep them alive." 2 "It just gets better and better. Thanks a lot, Red."
  13. "Bozhe moÄ­*." Dr. Temnikova groaned in her native Russian while rolling her eyes. "This is triage station, not house of coffee. This is not time or place for that." she said in English with irritation noticeable through her heavy accent. "Put it away. We do not need to be attracting more attention from native fauna." she added in a firm, irritated tone as she continued to check the wounded. Thankfully she was seeing little more than minor cuts and scratches so far. "And the birds were not eating people."she clarified. "Most animals interact with world using mouth. Birds are probably trying to figure out just what we are." she continued.. "Like shark." she said, using an example that was probably not the most comforting. "When shark bites person, it is because curiosity or confusion. Rarely it is predation." she pointed out matter-of-factly. Translation * "Oh my god."
  14. Dr. Temnikova gave a wry grin and nods to Hiroki, outstretching one hand as the other returned the metal 'stick' to Jack without even looking at him, letting go of it a split second before he took it from her. She accepts the rifle, inspecting it for a moment, ejecting the magazine and checking it, then slapping it back in and readying the weapon before looking down the sights. "Very nice." she says approvingly in English with her thick accent. Jack looks at the Dr Temnikova in surprise. He looks down at his stick and looks back at the her and then at Hiroki. "I know how to use a gun too." he commented. "Too bad I only have two." Hiroki replies as he tightens his grip on his Glock protectively. "And yet.. you have stick." Dr. Temnikova added amusedly. "No one thinks less of you for having a stick." Hiroki says with a smirk at Jack "But I have medicine to be doing." she comments, handing the rifle to Jack, barely waiting for him to take it before walking over the girl Hiroki brought in with him. "I will look." she says to the medic, moving past him to girl. She checks her arms first, examining the scratches and spraying them with the clotting antiseptic spray. She then ignites her penlight, checking the girls eyes. "Hmm.." she mutters to herself while slipping on her stethoscope. She presses it to the girls chest and torso. "Borderline malnourished. And in mild shock, yes. Probably due to rapid awakening from cryosleep, in part." she comments while considering her examination.
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