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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Monster Academy - The play

Justin OOC

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Okay guys here's another chance for bonus points

What I want is a play with at least 8 distinct parts for various PC's to fill. I'm not asking for 10 pages, but a general outline is all. You don't need to write dialogue, though you can if you want.

Keep in mind these plays can be anything, though it should have no more than a PG-13 rating

everyone may submit once.

A submission is worth 5 points

at the end we will have a vote. the play that wins, the player who submitted it will get an extra 10 cp

Sound good? You don't need to worry about casting, just create the play and the parts themselves.

This contest goes from today, through next saturday.

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A Midsummer Night's Dream

I picked this one purely for the hilarity value, especially with a little creative casting... For the unfamiliar, a synopsis can be found HERE. Finding a script for the play will be easy, so we can work it into post where characters are rehearsing lines and performing.

My suggestions for the cast are:

Kurosoroshiimaru - Lysander

Kyohei - Demetrius

Skye - Hermia

Delilah - Helena

Kozue - Oberon

Tanricasi - Titania

Yuuki - Fairy Mustardseed

Kozakura - Fairy Peaseblossom

Kyradathea - Fairy Cobweb

Aria - Puck

Darrick - Bottom


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Into the Woods

This is a musical play and really cute; it's based off of several fair tales, which might be a nice pick for the MA Theater group. The wikipedia entry for it is here.

I don't know the PC's well enough to cast them yet, but this play has the following characters:


Young Girl (Little Red Riding Hood)


Jack's Mother/Spirit of Cinderella's Mother/Grandmother


(minor characters: Father, Stepmother, Stepsisters)

Older Prince/The Wolf

Younger Prince


The Witch

The Baker

The Baker's Wife

(minor characters: voice of the Giant's Wife)

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There's nothing quite like Shakespeare to really evoke "high school drama" fun in my view.

And while I lingered over Taming of the Shrew, I think I'm going to have to go with Much Ado About Nothing as my choice. For one, it's a piece in which Shakespeare satirizes himself to some extent, mocking his own penchant for overly complicated scenarios involving apparent deaths. It also has not one but TWO couples, an almost-tragic "serious" romance, and a hate-hate-leads-to-love Shrew-esque romance.

More couples means more roles for the ladies, which can be somewhat lacking in the Bard.

There's also an unusually strong supporting cast, with a pair of Princes, an old provincial governor (and father of the bride), and of course a babbling and incoherent guardsman who believes that the first duty of the guard is to be quiet and not offend, so to sleep on the job is the mark of a fine watchman.

There's a version of it that Kenneth Branagh directed starring Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson, Kate Beckinsale, Kenneth himself and...wait for it...Keanu Reeves. Oh yeah. It's a great movie and is well worth a rental or whatever if you want to see what it's like. Once you see it, I think you'll agree it'd make a great school play.

Midsummer's Night Dream is another classic, and it'd get my vote if Much Ado fell through. Possibly not with that casting though. smile

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Don't know how many of you are Buffy the Vampire Fans, but there was a musical episode, one which I've seen done by high school groups a few times. 'Once More With Feeling' is the name, awesome music. The irony would be amazing, too. laugh



Buffy-the Vampire Slayer

Spike-Vampire and Buffy's on-off love interest

Willow-Witch and Buffy's friend

Tara-Willow's witch girlfriend

Anya-former vengance demon turned Xander's fiance

Xander-Buffy's ally and friend

Sweet-Tap dancing demon behind the whole mess

Giles-Buffy's Watcher(aka mentor figure)

Dawn-Buffy's younger sister

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Okay, I'm personally not one for Shakespeare or plays - just never been all that interested in them - but I'll toss my hat in with Wicked, a book I read that was turned into a Musical. It's a retelling/prequel to the Wizard of Oz, from mostly the Wicked Witch of the West's point of view. I think it could work, with some inspired recasting and needing to add a part or two for the rest of the PCs.

Glinda - Delilah (she's all about the popularity, but is good at heart)

Elphaba - Skye (the odd one out who actually fiercely protects what is right)

Fiyero - Kuro (a prince, who ends up as Elphaba's love interest)

Oz - Darrik (I find it wryly amusing for the Warlock to play a wizard who doesn't actually have any powers, other than being a con artist)

Madame Morrible -

Nessarose -

Boq - Krag (Boq is a munchkin, so for irony, let's have the Troll play the part)

Doctor Dillamond - Yuuki (in the book/musical, the Animals are being oppressed, and losing their voices, that can be switched to Trees - or both - for the Theater Club production)

I can't decide yet between Aria, Rica, and Kyra which would be better for the parts of Madame Morrible and Nessarose, and we can always add in another part, or make one bit parts larger.

Failing this, Delilah would totally suggest adapting a script from Melrose Place or The O.C. or something. smile

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The musical based on the unfinished novel by Charles Dickens. Plus, plenty of drama and comedy mixed into the batch. And meta-theatrical, plenty of room for the audience to vote and amusing stuff. Could be adapted to that of a monster's mixed town and theatrical company simultaneously. And we may need more roles:

Suggested roles listed with the original names, and notes given.

Mayor Sapsea/Chairman William Cartwright: Krag (No offense, but the troll's aren't pegged for intelligence, and Sapsea is a bit scatter-brained)

Edwin Drood & the first Datchery/Miss Alice Nutting: Kurosoroshiimaru (The actor in the original is a female impersonator, but we'll fix that. And of course, he and Darrik are meant to clash.)

Rosa Bud/Miss Deirdre Peregrine: Yuuki (Innocent at first glace, but sharper than you think)

John Jasper/Mr. Clive Paget: Kyohei (He's got a lot of dirty secrets, eh?)

The Princess Puffer/Miss Angela Prysock: Delilah (oozing sensuality like she does, and sin too, it's obvious)

The Rev. Crisparkle/Mr. Cedric Moncrieffe: Kyra (Again, gender swap, but her protectiveness looks good for once)

Neville Landless/Mr. Victor Grinstead: Darrik (Everyone hates him for being 'inferior.' Ring a bell? Plus the attitude is not far off.)

Helena Landless/Miss Janet Conover: Skye (To be blunt, she's got the bitchiness to pull this off)

Bazzard/The Waiter/Mr. Philip Bax: Rica (Well, she isn't the lucky sort anyway... the only consolation...)

Durdles/Mr. Nick Cricker: Kozue (is this: Playing the idiot drunk... he deserves it.)

Deputy/Master Nick Cricker: Kozakura (and this: gender swap numero tria. She had it coming too.)

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I have been somewhat struggling here, Milton's Lost, Faust and Dante's Inferno were all considered and discarded.. though I imagine the various creatures of the monster realm love to make fun of those particular stories..

Four Rooms was also considered, for comedic value, but in the end I discarded that one too. I also thought the story of Puss in Boots would be really funny with Kuro playing the part of the Cat.. but tossed that out also. I also considered and tossed out Hoodwinked as a possibility..

In the end, I decided on The Princess Bride, sense I love that movie, and thought with some adaptation could work for everyone, and it has enough parts in it, I believe.. not to mention some great lines.

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